; LCD TV and Plasma TV
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LCD TV and Plasma TV


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									                   Differences LCD TV and Plasma TV

Technology Comparison of LCD TV and Plasma TV

Plasma TVs use a screen consisting of several cells. In each cell there are two glass

panels separated by narrow gaps. When the manufacturing process took place, on such a

narrow slit of neon-xenon gas is injected and sealed in the form of plasma. While the

LCD TVs, two layers of transparent material attached to one another and created

polarized. One layer is coated with a special polymer that touches each of liquid crystal.

At Plasma TVs are used, gases are given an electric charge at certain intervals. Which has

been electrically charged gas that emits a red phosphor, green, and blue. The colors

produced are called pixels or picture elements which form the next image on a television

screen. The process to produce different images on the LCD TV with Plasma TV. At the
time of LCD TVs in use, the electricity will flow through each liquid crystal enables the

crystal pass or block light to produce images.

The combustion of phosphorus that occurred at the Plasma TV to produce the image will

result in thermal effects on the plasma TV. Meanwhile, the crystal in the LCD TV does

not have their own light, so that the LCD TV requires an external light sources. However,

this can reduce the effects of heat when the LCD TV is being used.

Based on the technology and the workings of these two types of television, LCD TVs

have the advantage over plasma TV. The absence of phosphorus makes the LCD TV only

requires less power than Plasma TVs. In addition, an external light source in the LCD TV

produces a smaller heat effects than Plasma TVs.

LCD TVs still have advantages to consider. Increasing the sharpness of images produced

by LCD TVs can be other reasons for choosing the most suitable type of television. LCD

TV product that is lighter than Plasma TVs in the same size can determine the type of

television best among all the products offered.

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