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					    Guidance notes for the Submission of Casual Workers
Casual workers timesheets are completed by Casual workers in respect of the hours
they work for the University.
Casual worker contracts are issued by both Human Resources and JobLink. Workers
are set up on TRENT in the appropriate position upon receipt of all relevant

Casual workers should…
Complete a separate Casual Workers Timesheet(s) for the hours worked the previous
month in each casual position you hold. Casual workers are paid a month in arrears.
Timesheets should be submitted for authorisation in sufficient time to meet the
Payroll Deadline these are available

Pre-populated timesheets with employee name, payroll number, position title and
costing should be used and can be printed using the following link;
This allows the addition of the project code (by the Department) if the position or
costing is incorrect.
Do not print off a timesheet from this source and then alter any of the pre-completed
data as this will result in a delay in payment.

If the position has not been set up you should complete a blank timesheet using the
following link:
until such time as the position becomes available from the above. It is important your
full name, payroll number (available from your payslip) and position title are properly
For the first month when your payroll number is not known complete “new
employee” in box.

Workers should not build up timesheets over several months but should claim on a
regular basis. Timesheets submitted six months or more after the work was
undertaken must be countersigned by the Head of Department.

Complete the timesheet legibly.
  1. Record the following against each instance of work you are claiming for:
  • The date
  • The day
  • The start and end time of the period of work.
   2 Breaks must be taken in line with the Working Time Regulations.
   The minimum requirement (as at April 2010) is a 20 minute unpaid break after six
   hours of continuous work.

   3   The net hours to be paid – after deduction of any unpaid break.

   4 Notes or description of work to support the claim if required by the

   5 Sign and date the timesheet; this must be done after the last instance of work
   being claimed.

Pass the completed timesheet to the appropriate member of the Department to
authorise. This might not be the immediate manager for the worker and is
typically a Departmental Administrator.

Please endeavour to complete the timesheet form clearly and legibly. Whilst the
Payroll Office will take reasonable steps to indentify individuals and positions titles,
incomplete or misspelt timesheets run the risk of being returned.

Departments should……
Authorise the timesheet in a coloured ink to determine originality, as evidence that the
work has been undertaken for the position and periods disclosed on the timesheet and
has not previously been claimed.

Ensure that the person authorising the timesheet is authorised to do so. Timesheets
for work undertaken six months more than six months ago should be countersigned by
the Head of Department.

Forward the authorised timesheet to the Payroll Office by the appropriate deadline,
these are available at

Ensure that their list of authorised signatures is maintain and remains appropriate.

The Payroll Office will…..
Pay all correctly completed timesheets received by the appropriate deadline for that
month’s payday. Provided that the worker has been set up in the position recorded on
the timesheet.

If a worker has not been set up in this position then the original authorised timesheets
will be returned to the department, so that they might liaise with JobLink or HR over
the setting up of the position.

Contact relevant Departmental Administrator by phone or e-mail at time of receipt if
unauthorised timesheets are submitted

Check timesheet upon receipt that it has been complete as requested in the Casual
Workers section. We will return original timesheet if not complete correctly.

Timesheets not properly completed and/or returned to Departments will be
subject to the normal payroll timetable and as result such timesheets are likely to
be paid the following month.
Advance or Interim cheques will not be issued in these circumstances.

Payroll Office April 2010.