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					Who is Renewable Choice and how can we help you?
Since 2001, Renewable Choice Energy has helped hundreds of organizations measure and reduce their
environmental impact. Renewable Choice offers services to help clients comply with Walmart’s Supplier
Sustainability Assessment, develop a strategy for improving their products’ sustainability and competitive
position, and communicate their actions to Walmart and their customers.

Our greenhouse gas assessment services include a full inventory of an organization’s emissions by source,
analysis of emissions data, benchmarking, and custom reporting services. Our experience in supporting clients
to measure their impact has helped us develop tools and processes to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver the
information you need to meet Walmart’s expectations and make smart social and environmental decisions.

Clients also receive the value added
benefits of Renewable Choice’s industry-
leading communications support and
access to energy efficiency and cost
savings solutions to help organizations
set and achieve meaningful reduction

   A greenhouse gas inventory from
   Renewable Choice provides clients
   with access to industry experts, data
   collection tools, emissions analysis and
   customized reporting. We have helped
   hundreds of organizations of all sizes
   and complexities understand their environmental
   impact, enabling us to perform greenhouse gas                       OUTREACH & COMMUNICATION SUPPORT
   inventories that are comprehensive, verifiable and cost                  We provide resources to help you effectively
   competitive.                                                             promote your commitment. With our award-winning
                                                                            outreach support your company will know what to
   We provide sustainability assessments and
                                                                            say about your purchase, and how to say it. From
   consulting services to help businesses understand their
                                                                            a robust starter kit designed to be tailored and
   impact and then identify and prioritize ways to reduce
                                                                            incorporated into your company’s environmental
                                                                            initiatives and marketing programs, to fully customized
                                                                            solutions - you select your level of support.
   Renewable energy credits (RECs) allow                               ENERGY EFFICIENCY SUPPORT
   companies to support renewable energy projects,
                                                                            We know that an ongoing commitment to
   achieve reduction goals, and reduce (or balance) the
                                                                            conservation is part of your business sustainability
   environmental impact of their electricity use (typically
                                                                            goals. To support your efforts, we offer our GHG
   a company’s largest environmental impact).
                                                                            Inventory clients exclusive access to the Energy
   Verified emission reductions (VERs), or carbon                           Efficiency Advisor, an online resource guide for
   offsets, allow your company to support carbon                            purchasing energy-using technology, maximizing
   reduction projects, achieve reduction goals, and                         operations and maintenance efficiencies, and
   balance the environmental impact of emissions from                       addressing industry-specific conservation issues.
   corporate travel, commuting, natural gas consumption,
   manufacturing operations and other activities.

                        2500 55th Street, Suite 210 . Boulder, CO 80301 . 877.810.8670 .

Description: Recently, a number of Walmart sustainability experts came together to offer retail suppliers a top to bottom look at Walmart's sustainability goals and supplier requirements. In this article we've offered a brieft overview of key points from the series as a whole, as well as notes from individual webinars taht matter most to your business.