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					Corporate Presentation
Sage Software GmbH – Germany
The Sage Group
     Who we are:
     Sage boasts over 6.2 million customers
     worldwide, making to globally the #3
     vendor of ERP software and services

     Our customers:
     Sage offers ERP software and services
     to enterprises of any size from
     micro-companies through to
     established SMEs.

     Our solutions:
     Sage’s solutions are developed
     specifically for local market needs,
     helping our customers boost the
     efficiency of their business management
Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Sage Group facts & figures
Headquarters: Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Shares listed on the London Stock Exchange

     Ca. 13,100 employees
                                                                                                    “We are convinced that SMEs
                                                                                                   „We are convinced that SMEs
     Over 6.2 million customers                                                                     need software solutions which
                                                                                                   need Software Solutions that
                                                                                                    perfectly address their local
                                                                                                   perfectly address their local
                                                                                                   needs. For this reason, Sage´s
     €1.640bn sales*                                                                                For this reason, Sage´s national
                                                                                                   national subsidiaries assume
     (per FY end, 09.2009)                                                                          subsidiaries for the
                                                                                                   responsibilityassumeentire value
                                                                                Paul Walker, CEO
                                                                                Paul Walker, CEO    responsibility from the
                                                                                                   added chain –for the entire value
     €395.7m profit                                                                                 added chain and sales
                                                                                                   development – from the &
     (per FY end, 09.2009 EBITA)                                                                    development, sale and
                                                                                                   marketing of the software to
                                                                                                    marketing of the software
                                                                                                   service and support .“
*    Currency fluctuations were taken into account to improve comparability.
                                                                                                    through to service and support.”
     The Sterling/euro exchange rate corresponds to the average exchange rate
     for the financial year from 01.10.2008 – 30.09.2009: £1 = €1.14.

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Sage worldwide
          UK and Ireland                           Mainland Europe                                North America                      South Africa/ Australia

      Sales: £242m*                              Sales: £521m (35%)*                          Sales: £576m (39%)*                     Sales: £100m*

      35%** margin                               21%** margin                                 18%** margin                            24%** margin
      UK and Ireland                             France, Spain, Germany,                      USA and Canada                          South Africa, Australia,
                                                 Switzerland, Poland, Portugal,                                                       Singapore, Malaysia, China,
                                                 Austria, Belgium, Italy                                                              India, United Arab Emirates,
                                                 (+ subsidiaries in Brazil and Morocco)                                               Saudi Arabia
      800,000 customers                          1,600,000 customers                          3,100,000 customers                     500,000 customers
      2,300 employees                            5,200 employees                              4,000 employees                         1,700 employees

FY 2009 results. * At constant exchange rates. **Earnings before interest, tax and amortisation of intangible fixed assets (EBITA)

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Unabated growth of Sage Group plc
       Sage Group plc sales                                                                                   Sage Group plc profits
       (in £m Sterling*)                                                                                      (EBITA, in £m Sterling*)

Sales and prof it f igures translated to pounds Sterling based on the av erage exchange rate f or the y ear concerned.

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Leading ERP vendors worldwide
                                         Sales (in $m)         Market share                                     Growth
      #              Company
                                      2008         2007      2008                   2007                           2008

      1              SAP              5,732.3     5,730.1   26.8%                   28.3%                              0%

      2              Oracle           2,718.9     2,608.3   12.7%                   12.9%                           4.2%

      3              Sage             1,695.7     1,459.5    7.9%                     7.2%                        16.2%

      4              Infor            1,312.6     1,239.6    6.1%                     6.1%                          5.9%

      5              Microsoft         795.9       778.9     3.7%                     3.8%                          2.2%

      6              Other vendors    9,114.2     8,441.3   42.7%                   41.7%                           8.0%

                     Total           21,369.5    20,257.7   100.0%                100.0%                            5.5%

                                                                 Source: Gartner (June 2009): ERP Software Revenue, Worldwide, 2006-2008

Sage Unternehmenspräsentation
Our corporate principles
Simplicity                                  We’re passionately innovative to surpass
We believe in the power of                  our customers’ future needs and expectations
simplicity. The simplicity of our           at all times. We’re the first to market, always
entire portfolio makes it easy              with creative solutions for addressing our
for our customers to use it.                customers’ challenges.

                                                                         We not only focus on our results, but also on
                                                                         how we attain them. Our customer, supplier,
                                                                         shareholder and internal staff relationships
                                                                         centre on credibility and mutual respect.

Our unparalleled agility keeps us one
step ahead of the rest! Thanks to this
flexibility, our products and services
undergo continual improvement in                    Trust
response to the market’s needs.
                                                    Sage is synonymous with trust and reliability,
                                                    meaning our customers can rely on us to
                                                    deliver unwaveringly on promises at all times.

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Think global act local – Sage Germany
Single-source value added… from software development to sales & support

        650                                250,000                            Sales
      employees                           customers
                                                                          €89.3m in 2009

                                                                      €17.5 m in 2009
    Continual growth – Sage Software Germany
          Sage Software GmbH Sales          Sage Software GmbH Profits
          (in €m )                          (EBITA, in €m)

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Leading ERP vendors in Germany
                                         Sales (in €m)         Market share                                       Growth
      #              Company
                                      2008         2007      2008                      2007                          2008

      1              SAP               828.2       795.6     59.4%                     58.6%                           4.1%

      2              Sage               96.7        80.7     6.9%                       5.9%                         19.9%

      3              Infor              88.6        87.3     6.4%                        6.4%                          1.5%

      4              Microsoft          50.3        52.8     3.6%                       3.9%                          -4.6%

      5              Oracle             29.8        29.3     2.1%                       2.2%                           1.5%

      6               Other vendors    248.1       263.5     17.8%                     19.4%                          -5.9%

                      Total           1,394.5     1,358.4   100.0%                  100.0%                             2.7%

                                                                     Source: Gartner (June 2009): ERP Software Revenue, Germany, 2006-2008

Sage Unternehmenspräsentation
Software portfolio – Broad coverage

Sage Software GmbH
Corporate Presentation
Strategic market segments – Custom made for the SME sector
 Target Group

                      Small                 Small & medium-          Established            Handicraft                 HR
                    Companies               sized companies             SMEs                businesses             management
                   1-20 employees           10-200 employees      150-2,500 employees      1-100 employees        1-1,000 employees

                   PC-Kaufmann,                Classic Line,        bäurer TRADE               HWP,                 Payroll, HR and
                   GS-Programme,               Office Line,       bäurer INDUSTRY,            PRIMUS,                timekeeping
                    Sage Lohn,              Personalwirtschaft,   bäurer WINCARAT,           Sage Lohn,            management incl.

                                              Zeitwirtschaft,       Sage ERP X3,                                  applicant-, training-
                        ACT!                                                                   ACT!
                                                                                                                    and travel-cost
                    einfachLohn             ACT!, Sage CRM,          SalesLogix,
                                                                                                                 management, labour-
                                             Sage,            Sage CRM
                                                                                                                  cost management
                                                 Sage BI

                     Direct sales,                                    Direct sales,

                                       Sage business partners                           Sage business partners   s+p business partners
                Sage business partners                                Integrators

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Sector proximity
     Large functional scope of off-the-shelf
     package for broad sector coverage.
     Maximum product flexibility and adaptability.
     Over 150 qualified industry- and process-optimising
     partner solutions.

    Selection of industry solutions:
    Automotive, electrical and electronics, property cleaning, crafts, car
    part retailing, plastic processing, foodstuffs industry, logistics and
    transport, engineering and terotechnology, metal processing,
    technical retailing, …
    Click here for the Sage Industry & Special Solutions Guide
Sage Software GmbH
Corporate Presentation
Product portfolio
         5             10              20    50    100      200            500    1,000    2,500

                                                              Sage ERP X3

                                                              bäurer INDUSTRY
                                                              bäurer TRADE
                bäurer WINCARAT

                Office Line Evolution
                Classic Line

 HWP/PRIMUS handicraft solutions

 GS Line

              Sage Business Intelligence
 Payroll                            Personnel management, timekeeping
 CRM solutions: ACT!, Sage CRM,, Sage SalesLogix

         5             10              20    50    100      200            500    1.000    2.500

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
      Partner sales for small enterprises and SMEs

                                                              Nationwide 1,000 partners supply our
Degree of competence

                                                 Software     customers with diverse services
                                                 Authorised     Installation
                                        business partners       Customizing
                                                                Hotline & maintenance
                                       Business partners        Comprehensive developer partner programme

     Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Broad spectrum of services
     Bespoke consulting
     Highly specialized consultants support our partners and
     customers in implementing and tuning their software.
     Training & seminars
     Weekly events covering all products
     and business-management topics.
     Premium services
     Extensive services for your corporate success through
     hotline, remote maintenance, web-based online conferences
     Customer hotline
     Technical support by phone, email or fax.
     Same-day Internet updates and upgrades to
     ensure customers’ ongoing legal compliance
     at all times.

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Customer proximity
Entire value-added chain covered in Germany:
development, support, sales
Near-time implementation of statutory amendments /
requirements in the software. Examples:
     European automated payments
     (SEPA – Single Euro Payment Area)
     German Balance Sheet Modernisation Act
     (BilMoG) 2009/2010
     Financial Reporting via XBRL
     Immediate national insurance notification
     (since 2009)
     Electronic billing in compliance with the
     Digital Signature Act (SigG)

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Innovationen, die Ihr Geschäft voran bringen
     Launch of innovative online payroll portal in May 2009
     Bäurer solutions on BOA platform
     (flexible on open source technology-based platform
     bäurer open access)
     2008 launch of as
     web-based CRM solution in Germany
     2009 launch of Office Line Evolution as
     market’s first .net-based ERP system
     Launch of the international ERP solution
     Sage ERP X3 for established mid-market
     clients with up to 2,500 employees
     Web-based training and seminars
     Internet-based remote maintenance

Sage Unternehmenspräsentation
Many excellent reasons for choosing Sage

                                                                         Locally developed software
                    Business processes become             Customer
    Efficiency                                                           solutions developed for local
  improvements      leaner, more transparent,                            requirements.
                    more integrated.

     Excellent product diversity and                    Over 25 years’ experience,
      highly integrated solutions for   Adaptable                                     Investment
                                                              250,000 customers,
    realizing bespoke requirements.                        part of Sage Group plc.

                   Sage products are tried and tested      Service
    Reliability                                            diversity
                   and extremely user friendly.                          Customers award Sage top
                                                                         points for service & support.
Reference customers (small businesses)

                                       “In the past, writing
                            invoices was always very time-
                            consuming and seemed to
                            restrict our creativity. ‘GS-
                            Auftrag’ made the whole
                            process much simpler and
                            manifests itself in a real time
                            saving for us.”

                                 Dr. Heike Bähre

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Reference customers (small businesses and SMEs)

                              ”With ‘Office Line’ we acquired a
                       future-proof software package which,
                       over 4 years, coped effortlessly with a
                       100% increase in revenues but a static
                          Axel Meyer, responsible for
                        production handling and IT
                          at Repro Elektronik GmbH

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
      Reference customers (established SMEs)

                                    “Excellence and service quality
                            are our mantra. With ‘bäurer TRADE’
                            we’ve got a uniform ERP system at 30
                            locations across Germany, helping to
                            model each of our clients just as we
                            see them: individually.”

                                 Wilfried Gast,
                                  GRAVIS AG

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Reference customers (crafts)

                                               “With HWP, I now
                           have an all-round package which not
                           only fulfils my own, but also my
                           employees’, expectations. We can now
                           complete tasks such as preparing
                           quotes in a fraction of the time.”

                                    Dietmar Ahle, master painter
                                      Ahle GmbH, Paderborn

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Reference customers (HR management)

                            “HR now has all the
               necessary information at its disposal
               in a fraction of the time. By using this
               tool in payroll accounting, we have
               been able to cut the cost of HR
               accounting personnel by ca. 30
                     Jens Meyer, GM of the
                       SPA & Wellness Resorts
                        “Romantischer Winkel”

Sage Software GmbH Corporate Presentation
Thank you for your attention!
Sage Software GmbH
Company Presentation