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study material for class 9,10,11,12

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									                                FRENCH (General)
Time - 3 Hrs.                                                               M. M. 100

I.     Grammar
       1.     Revision of grammar covered in class XI.
       2.     Verbs.                       -     tenses future anterieur and the plus
                                                 queparfait in the indicative mood.
                                           -     Present and past conditional.
       3.     Adjectives :                 -     Indefinite
       4.     Pronouns :                   -     Indefinite
                                           -     relative : “dont” ?
       5.     Expression of duration.
       6.     Expression of consequence.
       7.     Expression of apposition.
       8.     Preposition and adverbs of place.
       9.     Time : situation and unfolding of an action.
II.    Civilisation :
       -      Historical highlights of France
       -      Elements of French literature (covered by the textbook in the following
       -      Baudelair (XIX)
       -      Paul Eluard (XX)
       -      Eugene Guillevic (XX)
       -      Arthur Rimbaud (XIX)
       -      Victor Hugo (XIX)
       -      Jacques Genet (XX)
       -      Albert Camus (XX)
III.   Communication :
       -      to meet
       -      to report a speech made earlier
       -      to express the possibility and probability.
       -      to give an explanation.
IV.    Translation of a passage from French to English and of a passage from English
       to French.
V.     Vocabulary (covered by the text book)
VI.    Textual Material -
       1.     Unit 3 and 4 of the Le Nouveau sans Frontiers Part II : by philippe
              Dominique Jacky Girardet - Michele Verdelhan Michele Verdelhan.
              Published by Cle International publishers (Paris).
       2.     Recommended Dictionaries :
              Collins- Gem : Published by Robert :
              Dictionnaries compact, Published by Larousse.

Note : The changes :
       -     Introduction to the tenses : future - anterieur, plus -que - parfait in the
             indicative mood.
       -     Introduction to the present and past conditional.
-   Introduction to the study of the relative pronoun “dont”?
-   Suppression of the study of the passe - anterieur and the simple past in
    the indicative mood.
-   Suppression of the study of the subjunctive plus -que - parfait.

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