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study material for class 9,10,11,12

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									                              FRENCH (General)
                                  Class X
Time - 3 Hrs.                                                           M. M. 100

       Textual Material :-
       Unit 3 and 4 of the Le Nouveau Sans Frontiers Part I :
       By Philippe Dominique - Jacky Girardet - Michele Verdelhan - Michel
       Verdelhan Published by Cle International Publishers (Paris).
       Distribution of marks (one paper)                            Max. Marks 100
       1.     Applied Grammar                                              30 Marks
       2.     Civilisation                                                 20 Marks
       3.     Communication (oral)                                         20 Marks
       4.     Translation                                                  20 Marks
       5.     Vocabulary                                                   10 Marks
                                                                    Total 100 Marks
I.     Grammar :
       1.     Revision of grammar covered in IX th class.
       2.     Pronoun :
              Personal Couplement (direct and indirect object pronoun) :
              Position of these pronouns.
              use of conjuctive “y” and “en” relative.
       3.     Numbers : use of ordinal numbers from 1 to 100.
       4.     Verb : conjugation of verbs.
              near future
              past (paste compose)
              past continuous (impart fait)
              present continuous.
              recent past
       5.     Degrees : use of comparative and superlative degrees.
II.    Civilisation :
              different regions of France
              different social levels.
              administrative and regional life
              economic and ecological problems
              tradition and modernity
III.   Communication (oral)
              to meet and report
              to give one’s opinion
              to complain and justify
              to request authorisation
              to explain and justify
              to forbid
              to make plans
              to discuss and debate
IV.    Translation : of simple sentences from English to French or a passage from
       French to English.
V.     Vocabulary : covered in the text book.
Note : the changes :
       introduction of a new tense : I “imparfait (past continuous)
       suppression of the groups of verbs.

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