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Ma Ja Kietzke Vol by FDADocs


									Dear FDA Commissioner,
I am writing to express my oppo
proposed new rule and guidance
engineered (GE) foods. We oppo
agency’s voluntary labeling and #otificati&t,?              a%+-“- -lfihz.,m. ,~.
proposals in support of all the pomts in the,               C-       --*s??m&. _
      n’s petition currently before the z@?$$               c
         No. OON-1396, and OOD-fl98).
                                                 FDA Commissioner
   All GE foods should be labeled so I am
    rmed and have a choice.
   GE foods should not be assumed to be
Ygenerally recognized as safe” and should        5630 Fisher’s Lane, rm. 1061
ha e mandatory pre-market safety testing
cl There should be a moratorium on GE foods
until long-term studies show they are safe for
                                                 Rockville, MD ZOS&
                                                 RE: Docket No. OON-1396, and OOD-1598
human health and the environment.

                                                     labeling - Mad 19, 2001
                                                    avket Thstii~g - Apn7 3, 2001

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