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					         Facebook fan power
            Convert your fans into cash!
                    “Custom Portal Guide”

  When you are done with this guide, you will have a
     custom Facebook Fan Page Money Portal.

Step #1: brainstorming
First you need an idea: “What kind of fan page will attract
people and eventually convert them into money?”
Think of what is popular right now: Products, TV Shows, Movies,
Music, People, Memes, Pop Culture, and Free Stuff.
Need help? Look in the METHODS & IDEAS folder to see our
ideas you can use. Also you will find 5 Complete scripts of
methods you can use.
For example, we will use “The Office” as the example in this
guide. The Office is a comedy on NBC. It has had extremely high
ratings since the show began. So we are going to create a
Facebook fan page where fans can watch the TV show online.
So either: 1.) Create your own idea or 2.) Use a premade

Step #2: creating a facebook page
You need to create the fan page on Facebook. Go to your
Facebook Home and click “Ads and Pages” on the left side. See
Then click the “Pages” link on the left side of the page.

Next, on the left side towards the top, click the “Create Page”

Now you need to select a category and enter a name for your
page. This is VERY IMPORTANT! The Page name must be
attractive to users. For example, if you are making a page for a
Farmville Guide, you would use a name such as “Farmville – Get
Unlimited Coins and Villas!” In the case of a product or service,
it’s best if you can fit the benefit in the title without making it
For my page, I am going to use: “Watch The Office online for
Popular ones from the past:
Can this Onion Ring get more fans than Justin Bieber?

MAFIA WARS – Grow Your Mafia Overnight!

1,000,000 for iTunes prices back to $0.99

Check off the box “Do not make page publicly visible”. You will
do this once the page is complete.

Now you will be redirected to your brand new Facebook page.
Step #3: Adding fbml
Now you need to add FBML to your page. FBML is the type of
coding language Facebook developer’s use. We will use it to
implement the custom script.
Open a new tab and visit:
On the left side under the display image, click “Add to my Page”.
Find your newly created page in the list and click “Add to Page”.
Go back to your new Facebook page, and under the display
picture click “Edit Page”.

Scroll down and you will see “FBML” under the Applications
section. Open the “edit” link under it in a new tab. While you’re
still on this list, click “remove application” on Discussion, events,
and reviews. They just clutter up the tab row. Go to the edit
link now.
You will now see 2 input fields. Type in a title for your tab. This
will be the first page that users see when they click your fan
page. Leave the second field blank. We will come back to that

Click the “Save Changes” button and go back to your new
Facebook page. Click the arrow button on the row of tabs at the
top, and when it expands you will see the new tab you created.
Click the title and it will be added to your row. You can now
drag it and move its position.
We will come back to this tab later on. Now we are going to
create the designs for the script.

Step #4: Script image design
The custom script consists of two images: Header & Side Box.

These images can be found in the FACEBOOK SCRIPTS >
CUSTOM SCRIPT IMAGES folder. They are templates so you can
edit them to your liking. I have created two different Side Box
templates to give you an extra option. You can create one
totally different, but I made these for your convenience.
Open up Photoshop or Gimp image software. In the Header
image, create an attractive title. You can also put a subtitle as
well to help guide the user. In the Side Box image, replace the
dark box with an image. Save them as JPG, PNG, or GIF. Make
the image related to what your page is about. In this case, I will
put a picture of the cast members from The Office:
Create those 2 images. Upload them to or . Make note of each image’s specific “Direct
Link”. You will need it later.

Step #5: Creating the landing page
This is the tricky part. Please pay close attention.
If you are creating your own idea: Open up Photoshop or Gimp
image software. Go to File > Open, and find the “Header.png”
and “Background.png” image files in the LANDING PAGES >
Open the “Header.png” file. You can change the header color,
add images, & text. You MUST put something VERY
ENTHRALLING on the header. When the window opens, this is
the part of the website they will see first. You need to make
them want to see what is hidden behind the CPA popup we will
install later on. Always mention “Below” or “Under”.

Good Text Examples:



     “Twilight: NEW MOON movie


Here is the Header I created for The Office:

Now open the “Background.png” file in your image software.
You can change the background color to match your banner
best. DO NOT change the image size, because it is already
optimized to fit Facebook. Save it when you are finished.
Go to the LANDING PAGES > BLANK TEMPLATE folder again.
Open the “template.html” file in Notepad or Dreamweaver.
This is what you will see:
Your Header and Background images are already in the code.
What you need to edit is the Page Title and the Content.
On Line 27 – change ###PAGE TITLE### to the title of your page.
On Line 34 – change ###CONTENT### to the content of your
page. This is where you put the content that the user wants to
see. If you are doing a video site, you put the video or link to it
here. If you are doing a file download, you put the link or
button to download it here. This part is going to be covered up
by the CPA popup, so the user can only see it once he
completes a survey.
Save the code file and open it in your web browser (Right click >
Open with…) Your new landing page is almost complete. Here
is what The Office one looks like:

Step #6: CPA CODE
 Now you need to go to CPALEAD’s website: . Login with your account. You will
then see the main control panel. Click the “Widgets” button.

Once you’ve done that, click “Create Widget” button on the left.
Now you’re presented with multiple widget options. Choose
“File Download”. There are two options: “Download File or
Webpage Containing File”. Unless you are linking a download
file URL DIRECTLY (such as an mp3, zip, rar, or wmv file),
choose “Webpage Containing File”. This will be most of you.

After you select the widget type, it is time to create it. First you
need to decide if you want to use their “Popup Template” or
create your own.
If you are using one of my Complete Method Scripts, I have
provided a Custom CPALEAD popup for each method. In the
LANDING PAGES folder, each script folder has a “cpalead.gif”
file in it. Upload it to or
and copy the URL, and put it in the Skin URL box on CPALead.
If you want to make your own, CPALEAD has an easy guide:
For the sake of this guide, we will use a template they provide.
If you want to make your own, upload it and put in the URL.

Next it asks how you would like to monetize your CPALead
popup. I recommend you choose “Surveys” over Paypal. More
people are inclined to do a free survey than send you money.
After that, you get to customize how your Popup looks. Change
the colors to match your landing page and insert some
convincing text. You need to make the user REALLY want what
is behind this popup.
On the next step, it asks you about the “Access Time”. You can
change this value to whatever you want. If you want the user to
see the CPALEAD Popup every time he visits your page, then
put a low amount. Leave it at 0 if you want them to always have
access after they complete it once.

On the next page there are some more Widget Options. These
are less important, change them as you wish. Continue and
name your widget on the next page. Then on the final page,
click the button at the bottom to create your Popup widget.
Finally, you are presented with your Popup Widget. Select the
two box options, “Enable Ad-Block Protection” and “Enable
Disabled Javascript Protection”. Then click the “Generate Code”
button. Under that, your CPALEAD Popup code is displayed.
Select it and copy it.

Go to the LANDING PAGES > BLANK TEMPLATE folder, and
open “template.html” in Notepad or Dreamweaver (if you are
using a complete script method, open the method’s folder
you’re using and open the .html file).
Find this exact code in the file:
Replace the above line with the CPALEAD Popup code from
before. Save the file. Now you are ready to upload it to the web.

Now we will sign up for free webhosting. Visit and use the form in the middle. Enter in a
website address and password. Do not sweat about creating a
great address because nobody will be see it.
On the next page, enter in your details such as email etc. Go to
your email address and open the “Please Verify” email. Click
the link inside to confirm your account. Note: My email went to
my Spam folder, so check there if it does not arrive in 5 minutes.
Fill in the final information form. Click “Create My Account
Login at the top of the homepage.
This is your websites control panel. You are going to click the
“File Manager” button.

Click the “Upload Files” link. You will then see 3 slots to upload
files. Click each of them and upload the “Header.png,
Background.png, and template.html” you have created.
Once the files are uploaded they will be displayed on your
screen. Click the “template.html” link.

Your landing page will open in a new window. Go to the
address bar in your browser and copy the URL. Save this URL
because we will be using it later.

Step #8: Adding the custom script
During this step be careful to pay attention to details. Dealing
with code can get messy and confusing, but I will make it as
painless as possible.
Open up Notepad or Dreamweaver. Then open the
This is the code that will make up your custom fan portal.

First, we will place the images in the code. Grab the “Direct
Links” of the two images you uploaded to the internet.
On Line 4 – Replace #HEADER IMAGE URL# with the URL of the
Header image.

On Line 59 (near the bottom) – Replace #SIDE BOX IMAGE URL#
with the URL of the Side Box image.
Second, we will place the URL of the landing page (or affiliate
link) into the code. There are two spots for it, one links Step 3
and the other links the Side Box image.
On Line 46 – Replace #WINDOW URL ADDRESS# with the URL of
your landing page.

On Line 60 – Replace #WINDOW URL ADDRESS# with the URL of
your landing page.

Third, we add your unique Facebook page number into the
code. Go to the main window of your Facebook page on
Facebook. Look at the URL in the Address Bar in your browser.
You will see a string of numbers, copy it.

Go back to the Notepad window code.
On Line 15 – Replace ########## with the string of numbers.
On Line 24 – Replace ########## with the string of numbers.
You are now finished editing the Advanced Script code. Sit back
and relax for a couple of minutes.

Step #9: Adding/Testing the script on your page
Go to your Facebook fan page main window. Click “Edit Page”
on the left. Then go to “Edit” under your FBML title box.

Go to your Notepad window and Select ALL of your code. Copy
it. Now go back to the FBML Edit page and paste the code into
the “FBML” box.

Click “Save Changes” at the bottom. Go to your Facebook fan
page and click the tab you made. You will see your new money
making portal!
We now need to test the page to make sure we didn’t mess up
in coding:
   Click the “Become a Fan” button. CHECK
   Click the “Click Here to suggest to friends” link. Box pops up.
   Click the link on Step 3 and the Side Box to test the integrated
    window. Window pops up at the top. CHECK
Finally, we will change the setting to make this new custom tab
the first part of your page every user sees. Go to the main page
window and click “Edit Page”. Then go to “Wall Settings” and
click “Edit”.

Look at the “Default Landing Tab” option. Change it to your
new custom tab.

Uncheck the box under “Fan Permissions” for “Posting Ability”.
We do not want fans posting on the wall.

Save changes.
Step #10: Finishing touches
On your Facebook pages main window, click the picture box at
the top right. You need to add an image there. If your page is
about the Apple iPad, put a picture of an iPad. If it is for Mafia
Wars, put a picture of a mafia boss with cash. Since my page
was The Office, I might put a picture of the cast. You could also
put short text over the image to quickly describe the page. It is
not necessary though as almost everyone will just go to your
custom part of the page.
Under that picture box, there is a box with text saying: Write
something about *Your Page Title Here*!
In this part tell the users to go to your custom Facebook page
tab. That is where you want them to be.
Click the info tab and you can edit more information there.
Once again, I would tell the users to go to your custom
Facebook page tab.
Finally, go back to your main Facebook page. At the top is a box
asking you if you want to “Publish this page”. You can now click
this link to make your page public.

Step #11: Maintaining your page
There is hardly anything you must do once you finish making
your page and share it with your friends (advertise). Read the
Advertise Your Page PDF that came with this guide for some
simple ways to market your new page to make more money.
Two things I strongly recommend are:
   Go to your Facebook Pages main window and make
    STATUS UPDATES at least once a day. This will make the
    page show on everyone’s feed. More exposure = more
   Check up on your custom page once in awhile to test the
    images, links, and landing page. It is always a good idea to
    make sure they still work.

                 Thank you for purchasing

         Facebook fan power
   If you run into any problems with this guide, please
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