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					                         SAS Invoice Application

We hereby apply for and accept liability for payment of SAS Faktura.
Company name in full                                                                                            Company organisation number


Postal code                              Postal address

Company contact person                                                                                                                  Telephone

Company’s area of business                                                                       Year founded                           Annual turnover

If the applicant company is a subsidiary, state the name and organisation number of the parent company

Please select an invoicing and payment period as well as preferred invoicing model by placing a cross in the
appropriate box.

Period                     1 invoice/month, 15-day payment period
                           2 invoices/month 20-day payment period
                        1 invoice/week, 25-day payment period
                    (Payment period refers to the period from the invoice date to the payment due date).

Model 1                    One invoice for the entire company.
Model 2                    One invoice per cost centre (attach list).

Estimated travel volume in SEK per year. __________________________________________

Please attach a copy of the current annual accounts as well as documentation showing the authorised
company signatory.

We hereby apply for a SAS Faktura. We assure that the information submitted in this application is complete and accurate.
We agree to abide with all current and future standings of the terms and conditions of the SAS Faktura as altered under this
agreement. We hereby confirm that we have received and accepted current terms and conditions of the SAS Faktura.
We understand that Diners Club Sweden AB may, if necessary, retrieve information from other sources and that this application
may be declined without needing to give a reason for this. Terms and conditions as of 21 November 2005 are on page two of
this application. The applicable terms and conditions are always available on

Place, Date

Authorised company signatory                                                       Name in block capitals
                                                                                                                                                          DCM 1047 eng 090403

Please send your application to SAS Faktura, Diners Club Sweden AB, 103 83 Stockholm.
General Terms and Conditions of the SAS Faktura                                              as of 21 November 2005

1. Parties etc                                          6. Payment terms and conditions                          er has been informed of the changes in writing.
The parties according to this agreement are the         Diners Club Sweden will periodically invoice the         If the account holder does not approve of the
account holder and Diners Club Sweden AB.               account holder for the current account balance.          change, the account holder must submit a written
                                                        Invoicing and payment terms are based on specific        termination of this agreement to Diners Club
2. Definitions                                                                                                   Sweden. Failure to immediately terminate this
                                                        information provided by the account holder, includ-
In these terms and conditions the terms stated
                                                        ing the information on the SAS Faktura application       agreement on the part of the account holder shall
below shall have the following meanings
                                                        form. Payment must be received by Diners Club            be regarded as approval of the change.
Agreement: Agreement refers to these general
                                                        Sweden no later than the due date indicated on the
terms and conditions.                                                                                            11. Exemptions
                                                        invoice. Account balances are reduced only
Account holder: Account holder refers to the                                                                     Diners Club Sweden is not responsible for dam-
                                                        through payments made to Diners Club Sweden.
customer who has been permitted to open a                                                                        ages arising from Swedish or foreign legal statutes,
                                                        The payment agreement that the account holder
SAS Faktura.                                                                                                     official measures undertaken by Swedish or for-
                                                        has made with SAS or other party does not affect
Account balance: Account balance refers to all                                                                   eign authorities, war, strike, blockade, boycott,
                                                        the account balance.
unpaid amounts charged to the SAS Faktura                                                                        lockout or other similar circumstances. This clause
according to this agreement as well as any applica-     7. Claims                                                regarding strike, blockade, boycott, and lockout
ble interest and rounding off to the nearest krona.     SAS is responsible towards the account holder for        applies even if Diners Club Sweden itself is the
                                                        errors in the services provided. Claims shall there-     object of or party to such actions. Damages
3. Scope and usage of SAS FAKTURA, etc.                                                                          incurred shall not be compensated by Diners Club
                                                        fore be directed towards SAS and not Diners Club
A. SAS Faktura is not for personal use; rather, it
                                                        Sweden.                                                  Sweden if Diners Club Sweden has shown general
   should only be used by the persons periodically
                                                           Claims regarding errors in invoicing must be          diligence. Nor is Diners Club Sweden responsible
   agreed upon by the account holder and SAS.
                                                        received by Diners Club Sweden no later than 30          for damages incurred because of SAS.
   Other routines that apply to the use of SAS
                                                        days from the invoice date. Otherwise the account
   Faktura, such as more detailed rules concerning                                                               12. Information
                                                        holder will no longer be entitled to contest the
   how SAS Faktura may be charged, shall be                                                                      Diners Club Sweden has the right to transfer to
   agreed upon between the account holder and                                                                    SAS all information to which Diners Club Sweden
   SAS (cf. section 4 below).                           8. Termination of SAS Faktura                            has access regarding the SAS Faktura account
B. SAS Faktura may only be used for payments in            usage rights                                          holder.
   connection with purchases of travel and other        This agreement applies until further notice. The
                                                                                                                 13. Transfer
   services from SAS. When paying with SAS              account holder may, however, regardless of reason,
                                                                                                                 Diners Club Sweden reserves the right to transfer
   Faktura some other limitations and fees set by       choose to terminate the account agreement.
                                                                                                                 the Account holder’s credit balance to another
   Diners Club Sweden may apply.                        Diners Club Sweden may, upon approval from SAS,
                                                                                                                 party. Once the account holder has received notifi-
                                                        also terminate the account agreement, regardless
C. SAS Faktura may not be used for making instal-                                                                cation of transfer of the balance, the account hold-
                                                        of reason. Termination must be made in writing no
   ment plan payments or for payments of other                                                                   er shall pay the outstanding balance to the creditor
                                                        later than one month in advance.
   debts that the account holder may have with                                                                   specified on the notification.
                                                           If the account holder fails to meet his obligations
   SAS or any other party and may not be used to
                                                        according to this agreement, if SAS Faktura is mis-
   withdraw cash from SAS. For security purposes
                                                        handled or if it may otherwise be assumed that the       Diners Club Sweden AB’s handling
   Diners Club Sweden applies certain limitations                                                                of personal information
                                                        account holder will not fulfil their obligations to
   for maximum payment amounts per payment                                                                       Personal information submitted in this applica-
                                                        Diners Club Sweden, Diners Club Sweden has the
   and payment period and reserves the right to                                                                  tion/agreement or otherwise recorded in connec-
                                                        right to terminate the agreement with immediate
   decline a transaction.                                                                                        tion with the preparation or administration of a
                                                        effect. The same applies if court action for non-
D. Changes of name, address, telephone number,          payment of debts is reported on the part of the          task (such as credit reporting, business evaluation
   and the like, shall whiteout delay, be reported to   account holder, if the account holder files for bank-    or information on card usage), shall be processed
   Diners Club Sweden.                                  ruptcy, or if Diners Club Sweden otherwise has rea-      by Diners Club Sweden to complete the task in
                                                        sonable grounds to suspect that the account hold-        question. Information is also processed so that
4. Payment liability                                    er will not be able to meet its obligations according    Diners Club Sweden is able to fulfil its own legal
The account holder is liable for payment of account     to this agreement.                                       obligations.
balances to Diners Club Sweden and is therefore            If the account holder declares bankruptcy, SAS           For the purpose of maintaining proper customer
responsible for ensuring that 1) individuals who        Faktura usage rights will be terminated.                 and file maintenance, Diners Club Sweden may be
use SAS Faktura have the necessary authorisation           When the right to use SAS Faktura is terminated       able to supplement personal information through
and authority for this purpose, and 2) the more         during the validity period because of termination of     retrieval from private and public records, such as
detailed routines, that been agreed with SAS as to      the agreement, the right to use the account for          for the updating of address details using the
how SAS Faktura may be charged, prevent unau-           new purchases is also terminated, and the account        national personal and address database SPAR.
thorised use of SAS Faktura.                            balance becomes due for payment immediately.                As a result of legal requirements and/or obliga-
5. Interest and fees                                    Account terms and conditions apply in applicable         tions concerning the agreement, personal informa-
A. If invoices are paid late, Diners Club Sweden is     sections for all debts held on the account. This         tion for the fulfilment of measures undertaken by
   entitled to charge fees for SAS Faktura payment      means, among other things, that the account hold-        Diners Club Sweden statistics and risk management,
   reminders and requests, collection costs, and        er is liable for payment of transactions completed       risk calculations models used by the SEB group to
   late payment penalties. Late payment penalties       before the account was terminated but which were         comply with capital adequacy rules, in compliance
   are calculated from the invoice’s due date until     only posted to the account after the time of termi-      with applicable confidentiality provisions– may be
   payment is made, based on the current APR of         nation.                                                  transferred to other companies within the SEB group
   24 %.                                                                                                         or to companies with which the SEB group cooper-
                                                        9. Reporting to the misuse register
                                                                                                                 ates, such as, the credit information agency
B. Interest is not charged on any existing SAS          Reporting to the misuse register may occur if SAS
                                                                                                                 Upplysningscentralen (UC), the payment processing
   Faktura account balance that is in credit.           Faktura is terminated on the basis of outstanding
                                                                                                                 agency Bankgirocentralen and SAS.
C. All fees mentioned above may be charged to           payment of due amounts on the account or
                                                                                                                    Any account holder/card holder wanting informa-
   SAS Faktura and in accordance with the charges       because the account was approved under false
                                                                                                                 tion on what personal information Diners Club
   applied by Diners Club Sweden from time to           conditions.
                                                                                                                 Sweden processes may submit a written and signed
   time. Diners Club Sweden has the right to modify     10. Changes to general                                   request for this information to Diners Club Sweden,
   fees and interest rates or introduce new fees and        terms and conditions                                 Pul, 103 83 Stockholm. The account holder/card
   expenses that are effective 30 days after the        Diners Club Sweden reserves the right to change          holder may also refer to the same address to
   account holder has been notified of such             these terms and conditions without the advance           request that Diners Club Sweden remove or correct
   changes. Information on the currently applicable     approval of the account holder. Such changes will        information proving to be erroneous or incomplete.
   fees is made available by Diners Club Sweden.        come into effect thirty days after the account hold
                                                 Additional information
                                                 about the company
                                                 Beneficial Owner

                      Owing to applicable legislation regarding identification of customers for the banking and financial industry
                      we need additional information about the ownership structure to enable us to process your application.
                      Please complete the information below and send in this form together with your application.
                                                                                                                             Date of company registration
                      (NB: The form does not need to be completed for additional orders.)

                       Company name                                                                                             Corporate ID number

                       Country of headquarters of board (if other than Sweden)                                                  Contact person, telephone no. (incl. area code)

                       Beneficial Owner is defined according to law as the physical person(s) who own or control more than 25 % of the company. If the company is part of
                       a group, or in any other way has legal persons as owners, the names of the physical persons who ultimately own or control more than 25 % of these
                       owner companies must be stated

                             There is no physical person who owns or controls more than 25 % of the above company, or its owner company.

                             There is one or more physical person who owns or controls more than 25 % of the votes or shares,
                             directly or indirectly via other legal persons in the aforementioned company.
                             Please enter any such persons below.

                      The following person(s) are the ultimate owners of the company, directly or via other companies
                       Name                                                                                                     Personal ID no.                         Equity interest, %

                       Address (including country)                                                                              Corporate ID no. (if different to applicant company)

                       Name                                                                                                     Personal ID no.                         Equity interest, %

                       Address (including country)                                                                              Corporate ID no. (if different to applicant company)

                       Name                                                                                                     Personal ID no.                         Equity interest, %

                       Address (including country)                                                                              Corporate ID no. (if different to applicant company)

                       Name                                                                                                     Personal ID no.                         Equity interest, %

                       Address (including country)                                                                              Corporate ID no. (if different to applicant company)

                      The company hereby confirms that the above person(s) are the Beneficial Owners of the company,
                      with regard to the funds that will be used to pay charge card invoices issued to the company or employees of the company
                      or other remuneration paid to Diners Club Sweden AB.

                      If any changes occur to the above information, the company is obliged to inform Diners Club Sweden AB in writing
                      within four weeks of the change having taken effect.

                      The information submitted will be processed by Diners Club Sweden AB in order to perform the current task
                      and to enable Diners Club Sweden AB to fulfil its statutory obligations.

                      By signing this form you confirm that the above information is true and complete.

                       Location, date

                       Signature of authorized signatory
DCM 1048 eng 090403

                       Name in full and title

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