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					Paul Joseph                            The Project                                                1

The Project
Production Script

Scene 1

Montage: Construction/Science

We see welding, grinding, metal against metal, scientific instruments (magnetic stirring device
closeup), balances, computer displays, wires, hazmat symbol, door closing. ID badge being
made. We see Fulton‟s face on the card. (Consider ID cards as credits for all principle

Scene 2 Exterior: Empty Road

We see an empty road with no street lights. A lone car travels over a hill. Headlights are just
becoming visible as darkness falls. The driver looks disheveled, wearing a wrinkled and dirty
lab coat.

Scene 3 Industrial building

The car approaches a non-descript industrial building which looks military. A sign on the
entrance reads “Baxter Research Group.”

The car proceeds down an underground entrance into a parking area. A door closes be hind him.

Scene 4 Underground Parking Structure

INT: Roadblock

We see a non-descript shelter in which a guard stands at a booth surveying the concrete roadway.
He is reading a book, but puts it aside as a car approaches. He glances at the vehicle and squints
to make out details.

The occupant of the car looks nervous but tries to hide it. As he approaches, he glances at his
face in the rearview mirror. Briefly startled by his disheveled appearance, he slicks his hair back
and rubs at his face. As he slows down, he notices a red stain on his lab coat. In a moment of
panic, he tucks the side of the coat behind him to try to hide it. Then, taking a deep breath, he
stops the car and looks to the guard, pulling a card from his lapel and handing it out to him. He
then digs into his pocket and hands him a folded piece of paper. The guard unfolds the paper and
inspects it, looking back and forth between the paper and the ID card. Then he looks back to the

                                You know this pass expires today.

           Dr. Fulton (with a nervous smile, wiping beads of sweat from his forehead)
Paul Joseph                            The Project                                               2

                                      It is still valid, isn‟t it?

                                    Guard (nodding slowly):
                         Well, normally yes, but I‟ve been advised that
                               this project code has been retired.

                                           Dr. Fulton:
         Dr. Grimes is the project supervisor. This pass was issued under his authority.

                                     Guard (shaking his head):
                I‟m sorry, Sir, but the project‟s been retired. In fact, Dr. Grimes‟
                                    code is off the renewal list.

                                  Dr. Fulton (feigning surprise):
                                 He‟s off the list? Are you sure?

                                       Guard (nodding):
                                   That‟s what the order says.

                                            Dr. Fulton:
    Oh, wait a minute, that could be right. He‟s catching a flight to Washington tonight for a
     conference. But he left some of his equipment running and he needs me to get some
                                 measurements before he leaves.

                                      Guard looks uncertain.

                                     Dr. Fulton: (with a forced smile)
                  I realize it isn‟t quite standard, but the pass should still be good.
It just says today, right? And „today‟ doesn‟t end until midnight. Tell you what - when does your
                                                 shift end?

                                         Guard: nodding
         1900 hours, but they keep this building pretty much buttoned down these days.

                                              Dr. Fulton:
                    I‟ll only be there for a few minutes. Maybe an hour tops.

                                       Guard looks unsure

                                          Dr. Fulton:
Look, I know you‟re just doing your job. If it will help, go ahead and call Dr. Grimes. He could
                                      probably clear it up.

                                       Guard (shrugging):
                        No, no, I don‟t imagine that would be necessary.
Paul Joseph                            The Project                                                  3

                                          Dr. Fulton:
                                      Thanks, I‟ll be quick.

Dr. Fulton nods and puts the car back in gear. He exhales sharply and pulls ahead several feet.

                                         Guard (loudly):
                                          Dr. Fulton!

Dr. Fulton hits the breaks and the car shakes. He looks back with concern. The guard jogs to the
car waving his piece of paper.

                         Guard (handing him the paper and his ID card):
                         You don‟t want to be going in there without this.

                        Dr. Fulton (licking his lips with a nervous smile):
                                          Thanks. Sorry.

                           Guard (resigned, giving a concerned stare):
              Well, you take care in there, then. Remember to be out before seven.

                                      Dr. Fulton (relieved):
                                       Yes, yes, of course.

The car drives away from the checkpoint down a network of concrete ramps. No other vehicles
are there.

Scene 5a Long Corridor

INT: Long Corridor

We see Fulton hold an ID card up to a reader in front of a wooden door. The face on the card is
not his. The name is Grimes. We see a picture of an aging scientist. The latch clicks and he is
able to enter. The corridor itself is dark and empty. At the touch of a panel, fluorescent lights
pop to life. He proceeds down the hallway creating echoes with every step.

Scene 5b Corridor to breakroom

INTERIOR: An empty corridor.

Fulton walks down an empty corridor, footsteps echoing. He pauses at a dark room. As he looks
in, we see that this is an empty break room. This transitions to the same room but illuminated.

Scene 6 Breakroom

Paul Joseph                           The Project                                                 4

INT: An institutional break room
We see an ugly room with a utilitarian refrigerator, table, and no windows. We see Fulton sitting
across the table from the man in the picture, Grimes. They have cups of coffee, but don‟t appear
to have been eating.

                                What is it they‟re not telling us?

                               A lot. That is their job, you know.

                                    And you just accept this?

                                        Grimes (grimly):
I live with it. We agreed to the job. We‟re in it now. I asked you in here because I thought you
 could do the work. I also thought it would take your mind off what happened between you and
                                          Tammie …

 Tammie and I are done. That has nothing to do with this. This discovery, whatever it is, could
           have implications that go way beyond anything we‟ve ever imagined.

                                  Or it could be nothing at all.

                                  But what did the others see?
   We can‟t learn anything if no one lets us ask questions. Not one of them is talking. Why?

                                  Grimes (looking grave):
 We‟re not going to know everything, Neil. We can only know our part of it. The others have
                                been reassigned, that‟s why.

              Reassigned! What the hell does that mean? You‟ve heard the rumors!

                              Grimes (making hushing motions)
             They‟re just rumors. They‟ve been reassigned, that‟s all. If there is
        some kind of conspiracy or industrial accident, we‟re not going to know about it.

                                   Fulton (shaking his head):
                                    That‟s not good enough.

Paul Joseph                           The Project                                                 5

  We‟re neither doctors nor psychologists, Neil. We‟re research scie ntists analyzing specific
              things we‟re asked to. Or job is to design the chamber. That‟s it.

                          The chamber we aren‟t even allowed to see.

 Do you want to see it? Really, after everything you‟ve heard, do you really want to see? Now,
 they‟ve told us in as many words that there‟s only so much about this we really want to know.

          But you want to see, don‟t you? I thought that‟s why we‟re in this business.

                                   Grimes (shaking his head):
 That‟s not how it works, Neil. Not everybody involved with the Apollo missions got to walk on
the moon, which is a good thing because most of them wouldn‟t have survived the trip. The best
                   thing they could do was stick to their part and do their jobs.

               But at least they knew why. At least they got to see the pictures!

                                       This is different!

 Not really. We design a chamber based on specifications we get out of thin air: Lighting at no
less than 500 nanometers and yet no greater than 700 nanometers, no white light, no ultraviolet,
                                no stray electromagnetics . . .

  Yes, that‟s right, and that‟s what we were here to construct. We have all the information we
                  need to do our job. Why is that so hard for you to understand?

Because we weren‟t told why! Radio waves aren‟t proven to be harmful to any living flesh and
  they‟re pretty hard to completely screen out, especially in a facility that‟s drawing so much
  power it needs it‟s own dedicated reactor! What do they need all that power for? Even the
                ventilation system can‟t draw that much or the humidity control.

         It‟s a very specific environment, you know that! They‟ve spared no expense.

  Yes, specific is the word I would have used. Specific humidity requirements down the three
   decimal places, a delicate balance of unusual gasses like Argon and Neon. These are inert
  gasses! Why do they need Argon and Neon? It‟s a life support system, isn‟t it? It has to be!
Paul Joseph                              The Project                                              6

                    Grimes (looking alarmed and glancing over his shoulder):
   It doesn‟t matter! Neil, look, just drop it! We‟re not talking little green men here. That‟s
        ridiculous. It‟s research! Just research. We‟re not supposed to know about what.

                                        Fulton (sighing):
                        But you do want to know. You‟re aching to know!

                           If I am, that‟s my problem. We have our orders.

Fulton sits back and massages his scalp in frustration. He looks at his hand, seeing a clump of
hair. He leans closer to Grimes and thrusts it out in front of him.

And how can you explain this? There‟s nothing we put in there to cause this. Maybe that has to
   do with the small part somebody else plays. The little piece of the puzzle they don‟t ask
                                      questions about.

                                         Grimes (sighs):
    There is a price for the kind of work we do. That‟s a small one. There‟s also a price for
                                         knowing more.

Fulton stares at Grimes.


Scene 7 Security Door

INT: hallway

The lights fade out now, but the refrigerator hums. Fulton steps past the door and sees no one.
He continues down yet another corridor. A mark is drawn on the floor with a caption
“Authorized Personnel Only.” He steps past the line. The door he comes to next requires him to
hold the card up to the reader again. He looks at the card for a few moments before continuing.
He holds the card to the scanner, but the red light remains on the panel. He looks down at the
card in disappointment and perhaps relief. He begins to turn away. Above him we see a security
camera. The lock flashes green and the door clicks. Fulton swings back in the direction of the
door. He regards the security camera above, then pauses to look at the face on the card.

Scene 8 Well- lit Hallway


INT: The same corridor more well lit
Paul Joseph                             The Project                                               7

Tortured screams can be heard. Two military police officers dressed in hazmat suits struggle
with a man on a gurney. He wears a white coat now stained with blood from self- inflicted
injuries. His hands are secured to the sides of the gurney as are his legs. His head is braced
against the headboard and his eyes are covered with gauze. Blood drips through soaked
bandages. He struggles with his bonds and wails in agony. An arm gets free briefly, causing the
guards to wrestle with him. Fulton runs to confront the men.

                                               Get out!
                                    Stop it from looking at me!
                               I‟ve got to hide! I can‟t let it see me!

                           Fulton (Running to approach the gurney)
                           Matt! What happened? What‟s going on?

                                            Lead MP:
                                          Keep back, sir!

                                       Matt! What the hell?

For an instant Grimes‟ hand finds Fulton‟s lab coat and holds on tight. One of the suited figures
pulls his hand back and secures it to the gurney. At this point, we notice a strange mark carved
into the back of Grime‟s hand, which appears to be self inflicted. Fulton notices the wound and
compares it to the beginnings of a similar mark on his own hand. He regards the mark with a
brief look of dread. The lead MP pushes Fulton back.

                          Lead MP (holding out his arms in warning):
  He can‟t hear you, sir! Let us do our jobs. Just stay where you are. You didn‟t see this, you
              don‟t know anything about it. Trust me, that‟s the way you want it!

The gurney is wheeled past but the wails continue. Fulton glances down at the floor. He sees
that Grimes‟ ID card was ripped off during the struggle. He glances up and down the corridor
before retrieving it. Attached to the card is a metal key.


Scene 9 Corridor to elevator

INT The dark corridor:

Fulton continues his journey, now stopping at an elevator. The card accesses the lock and the
door slides open. He presses the button for the lowermost floor. The door opens and he
proceeds down a darker corridor.
Paul Joseph                              The Project                                          8

Scene 10 Lobby


EXT: The lobby of the research facility

Fulton stands at the entranceway. The Lieutenant stands between him and the door.

                                     But that‟s just not possible!

  Dr. Fulton, I‟m giving you exactly what I was told. Your project is completed. Dr. Grimes
          signed off on it and he‟s scheduled to catch a plane to Washington tonight.
                              I strongly suggest you leave as well.

                       He‟s getting on a plane? Are you saying he‟s all right?

                                        Lieutenant (nods):
                         As far as anyone knows here, he‟s doing just fine.

                   As far as anyone knows? So, what happened this morning . . .

              Nothing happened this morning, and I mean NOTHING. Grimes is fine.
                      He‟s on his way to Washington and that‟s the end of it.

           Well . . . What about the final report and the summary? Don‟t I have to __

          There‟s nothing left to be done, Doctor. Baxter Labs appreciates your work.

                          But what about Dr. Grimes? Where‟s he going?
                                     How can I contact him?

                                     Lieutenant (growing impatient):
              Sir, that‟s classified. If he needs to contact you, you can be sure he will.

                                  Fulton (becoming agitated):
         What flight is he taking? What airport? Did you see him leave this morning?
                  Did anybody? Nobody really knows where he is, do they?
Paul Joseph                            The Project                                                 9

      Dr. Grimes has been reassigned. Anybody who needs to know more than that does.

                He got in there, didn‟t he? He saw it! He knows what‟s in there!

                                  Lieutenant (face hardening):
 Nobody here wants to know about things like that. Smart people stay out here where it‟s safe.
 Now, that‟s the friendliest warning you‟ll ever get from me, and it‟s also the last one. Are we


Scene 11 Elevator

INT: Elevator

The door to another elevator closes with Fulton in the cab. The lower most floor has no button
but a keyhole. Fulton inserts the key. The elevator moves. He looks at it in amazement. The
door opens to reveal a dark corridor. The walls are cement and very dark. No features exist. He
begins to walk down the narrow corridor. Finally, he is confronted by a large door, well
fortified. A stern warning sign appears on it. Fulton stands in front of the door and examines the


Scene 12

INT: Design Room

Fulton and Grimes are looking at a screen with the designs for the chamber. The fortified door is
featured at the edge of the main lab. The chamber is immediately opposite this door.

                    Grimes (tapping the area surrounding the chamber itself):
Airlock, lightlock, EMI- lock. Twenty stories of concrete down, reinforced on all sides. A lot of
 power being used there. This zone is completely isolated. Once inside, the environment is in
                      Inner chamber there. The holy of holies, if you will.

                                  How did you get these plans?

Grimes ignores him. Fulton, seeing that Grimes is not going to answer, takes a longer look at the

                                     Fulton (taking interest):
Paul Joseph                            The Project                                               10

                         Standard access lock. Doesn‟t look very secure.

    Apparently, they‟re not too worried about people breaking in. And they don‟t seem to be
                            worried about anything getting out either.

                              The door to the zone is a combo lock?

All programmed. The combination itself changes periodically based on some sort of algorithm.
                              Haven‟t figured that out yet.

                                        Are you trying to?


Scene 13 Deep Tunnel

INT: Inner corridor

Fulton walks the last few paces towards a smaller metal door. In it is a window looking into
darkness. Fulton Peers in.

Scene 14 Fulton Home


Fulton‟s home. Morning. A telephone rings. We hear water running in the bathroom.

Voice on Machine:
Hi, this is Neil . . . And Tammie . . . We‟re not at home. You know what to do!


Voice of Caller:

Neil? Neil, are you there? It‟s Grimes! I‟ve got it! We need to talk! I figured it out last night!
You were right, Neil, the others weren‟t reassigned! They were promoted, Neil! They were all

Fulton rushes to the phone. He is half dressed and has shaving cream on half of his face. We
can see that the bed has not been made. He picks up the phone and puts it to his face, coating it
with shaving cream.
Paul Joseph                            The Project                                             11

Matt? Matt, what are you talking about? I can‟t . . .


There‟s nothing in there, Neil, there can‟t be! All this was some kind of mind game. The others
weren‟t hospitalized! There weren‟t even any paramedics on the scene. Whatever happened was
just for show! That‟s why the environment isn‟t harmful to us. Those suits are just for show

Fulton (wiping off the receiver):
What about the environment?

I‟m going in there, Neil! I‟m going in there now. I know the door code. It‟s easy. It changes all
the time, but it‟s predictable. It‟s the date, Neil. You just punch in the date backwards! Isn‟t
that nutty? But that‟s what they did!

Matt, I‟m coming. Let‟s talk about it, Matt. Matt? Hello?

Fulton hangs up the phone, still covered with cream. He grabs a shirt and runs from the

14a Grime‟s Office

INT: small office with clutter everywhere. We see drawings on the wall behind him that
resemble the mark seen previously on his hand.


INT: Tunnel

We see the keypad up close. Fulton glances at his watch and begins to e nter in numbers. The
door draws in and slides open.

Scene 15a Main lab

INT: Main Lab

Fulton steps out into a spacious lab with the chamber at its center. Lights begin to glow in
response. Tables of scientific equipment circle the main chamber. The entrance to the chamber
is at the end of a narrow tube with translucent walls. We hear a low rumbling sound throughout
and see some distortion in the walls themselves.
Paul Joseph                            The Project                                              12

Fulton approaches the outer hatch to the airlock. With some hesitation, he uncages a mechanical
switch that releases the door control. The airlock door slices open revealing a narrow tube. As
he walks in, the outer door shuts behind him.

Scene 16 Airlock

INT: Narrow airlock tunnel

Fulton walks through the airlock, steam hitting his face from a decontamination spray. We also
see light dancing on him, lighting him up from different directions. We also notice that the steps
he takes in the airlock don‟t equal the distance he travels. The airlock begins to look more
elongated and the door to the chamber gets larger the closer he gets to it. As he approaches, the
door opens.

Scene 17 The chamber

Fulton steps into the inner chamber and reality returns to normal. The room is deep red and
everything in sight looks strangely stable. In one corner we see what looks like a massive spider
web. In it, something shifts. Fulton picks up his digital camera and looks at the thing in the web.
It shifts again. We can make out the form of a huddled creature, his head supported by his
hands. We see the infra-red effect of the camera lighting up the creature like a search light.
From the web‟s perspective we see a blinding light come out of the camera.

The creature shifts again. A head moves and faces Fulton. The eye opens and the scene distorts
instantly. Crash- zoom into Fulton.

His eyes open wide and he screams. We see his face deconstruct to reveal musculature and
bone. The eye moves down like a searchlight revealing his internal organs.

Back to his face. We see spidery-thin fingers grip Fulton‟s head and we zoom madly into his
eye. The screaming continues.

Scene 18 Baby Fulton‟s room

We see a little boy crying. He stands in front of his bed. A woman, presumably his mother,
glares down at him, but her face is in shadow. We see her from his perspective. She looks larger
than life.

Waaa, Big baby! You peed your bed again, didn‟t you? Don‟t lie to me, I can see you! Get back
                   in bed! I don‟t care of it‟s wet, you made it that way!

The boy looks up at her, still crying, but does not move. The mother advances on him, stepping
out of the shadows.
Paul Joseph                             The Project                                                13

You‟re disgusting! How many times do I have to tell you? Well, this time you‟re going to sleep
                                          in it!

She glares at him, but now we can see that she has no eyes. Fulton screams. We hear
whispering from the side. He turns to see. He finishes the turn in the next scene.

Scene 19 Classroom

INT: classroom:

Fulton is teenaged now, with a group of other teens in the back o f a classroom. The teacher is
writing on the blackboard constantly.

                                            Is it loaded?

The whispering boy next to him has a gun in his hand.

                                           Another voice:
                                           Of course not.

Fulton looks down as a gun being passed between members of the group. He takes it in his hand.
We see erratic camera movement and we hear a gunshot. On the floor lies another boy clutching
his stomach. Other students turn to face him. They have no eyes. The teacher continues to write
on the board.

                                         Young Fulton:
              It was an accident! Somebody get some help! I didn‟t know it was real!

Everybody looks at him silently as he pans the room with his eyes. The teacher continues to
write on the board. Wee see that she is writing “I can see you” multiple times. The chalk
breaks. We hear the sound of a gavel.

Scene 20 Court Room

INT: A courtroom

We see Fulton looking up

                                   Did you hear me, Mr. Fulton?

Fulton sits at a desk facing the judge, a woman is sitting in the plaintiff‟s table with her arm
around her daughter, who stares at Fulton, though he does not have eyes.
Paul Joseph                             The Project                                               14

                       Do you have anything to add to your wife‟s testimony?
                           Do you have anything to say in your defense?

                              Fulton (Shaking his head and trembling)

We see the wife stare at him coldly, sobbing, tears flowing where her eyes would be. In the
background we see a dark figure of a little girl. Blood is running down her face from her eyes.

                                       Little Girl (singing):
                                             I see you!

Fulton looks down at his wedding ring, flexing his fingers. He takes it off and sets it on the

Scene 21 Romance Room

INT: Bedroom

We see him pick up the same ring and look at it. We see Fulton naked from the waste up coming
out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him. Mistress is in the foreground facing a
mirror. Her hair is in a towel and she is drying her face. Fulton approaches her from behind. He
looks confused.

                                     What are you looking at?

                    Nothing, but I can see you. Neil, don‟t make me do this.

                                             Do what?

                                    Mistress (more emphatic):
                                     Don‟t make me do this!

Scene 22 Abortion Clinic

INT: Abortion Clinic

We pull back to see the mistress on a hospital bed, her feet tied into stirrups. Camera pulls back
to reveal Fulton standing in the clinic.

                                       Mistress (screaming)
Paul Joseph                             The Project                                            15

                                   Neil, don‟t make me do this!

The doctor is standing in the background with a tray full of tools. The nurse appears in the

                                       Nurse (off camera)
                             The doctor can see you now, Mr. Fulton.

The doctor walks between her and Fulton. Nurse turns to face Fulton. She has a clipboard with
the mistress‟s chart. She brings the chart down, pulls up her glasses (no eyes)

                        Don‟t worry, Mr. Fulton, she‟ll be done in a jiffy.

She draws the curtain. We see Fulton‟s face horrified. We see the airlock door behind him. He
pulls aside the curtain to reveal himself with no eyes.

                                           Other Fulton:
                                            I see you!

Fulton screams. We crash zoom into the eye. Screaming continues.

Scene 23 Main Lab


Fulton stumbles out of the airlock screaming in terror. Ghost images appear in the lab.


                           How could you do that? You‟re a monster!

We see a collage of faces of the mother, the wife, the mistress, the dead teen, etc.

                                    Mother (cool seductive voice):
           It‟s all right, Neil, we‟re done for now. I see you now, Neil. I know it all!
                           I‟ll always see you! You can never hide again!

Screaming continues but the ghost images fade. Men with chemical suits replace them, rushing
to catch Fulton. Slow dissolve to lights going by from the point of view of the gurney. We see
distorted faces of MPs each with their own version of the eye staring at him.

                                     Lieutenant (distorted):
          Had to do it, didn‟t you? Couldn‟t leave it alone, could you? What an idiot!
Paul Joseph                           The Project                                              16

Scene 25 Monitor Room

INT: a dark room with surveillance monitors. The Lead MP sits at the controls. The Colonel
stands behind him.


                                           Lead MP:
                                            Yes sir!

The Lieutenant touches the screen and displays the image of Fulton‟s struggle with the guards as
they wheel him down the corridor.

                                           Lead MP:
              That‟s all six of them now. All the ones that worked on the chamber.

                                          Their choice.

                                         Lead MP:
                   Was it? Too much of a coincidence, don‟t you think, Sir?

I don‟t advise you to think. It gets you into trouble around here. Get him down to the lab. Let‟s
                    see what we can learn about him. I believe he‟s expected.

                                           Lead MP:
                                           Yes, Sir!
Paul Joseph                             The Project                                                17

Scene 25 Security Door - Chamber

We see the ceiling tiles roll away as the gurney is rushed along the corridor. We then see
Fulton‟s tortured face, as his hands gouge at his eyes. The face morphs into a reflection in a red
jewel in the hand of the alien. Its narrow fingers guide it into a tray with five others. We hear its
breathing become more relaxed and it moves again, settling itself in its web.

INT: Security Door

As the lieutenant reaches down to grab the badge and we can see a mark on his hand, which
resembles an eye.

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