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									Gossimer Offers Telescopic Pricing to Resellers

Gossimer, the domain name registration and web hosting company has
rolled-out telescopic pricing for its web hosting resellers.

Melbourne, VIC, September 14, 2010 -- Melbourne-based web hosting and
domain name registration company Gossimer has successfully launched
telescopic pricing for its web hosting resellers. Telescopic pricing will
help resellers offer custom prices to their customers, depending upon the
number of years their customers will stay with them.

The new pricing system will also help resellers better target their
customers, which in turn will help them acquire and retain customers for
many years. The new pricing will attract more customers and create
unobstructed earning opportunity for Gossimer’s resellers by creating up-
selling opportunity for their products and services.

“Let’s say a reseller is offering a .Com domain names to its customers at
$10/year rate, which in absence of telescopic pricing will be same for
all customers, regardless of numbers of years they will buy the .Com
domain for. But with telescopic pricing, a reseller can set different
price for customers who buy the same domain for 10 years [$90, instead of
$100 for 10 years]. It means more business and more money for the
resellers,” Said Marvin Dreyer, CEO of Gossimer.

Not only the retailers, but the customers will also benefit from the
telescopic pricing. As per the announcement, the resellers can set
specific price for each of its customers. The customers availing the
specific price will be charged same throughout her stay with the company,
regardless of price change or promotion.

“In case you do not set any specific price for your Customer then the
customers will be offered the lower of the two prices [Promo Price and
Telescopic Price],” punctuated Marvin.

Gossimer offers a full-feature web hosting reselling account to its
resellers that could be custom branded. Gossimer offers also multiple
business process automation solution to its resellers. Automation
services like managing customers & resellers, sales and marketing
automation, finance and billing automation, to provisioning automation,
etc., make running and managing a web hosting company an easy affair,
even for the newbie.

The service and support offered by Gossimer is comparable to the big
shots in the industry, which makes it one of the most sought after web
hosting companies among the web hosting resellers.

About Gossimer, LLC
Gossimer is a full-feature, fastest growing domain name registration and
webhosting company. Since 2001, Gossimer is providing web hosting, email
hosting, and domain registration services from New Jersey. The company is
well known for its exceptionally responsive customer support,
knowledgeable technical support, server uptime, and attractive web
hosting packages For more information, please visit:

Marvin Dreyer
Gossimer, LLC
19 Phyllis St
Browns Mills, NJ 08015

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