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									                           WoW Cataclysm Changes

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                     Three Reasons You’ll Need More Gold for Cataclysm
                           Things to Do Before Cataclysm Launches
                          How Much Will Things Cost in Cataclysm?
                           Understanding World of Warcraft Inflation
                        Five Tips to Make Gold Before Cataclysm Hits

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                      Three Reasons You’ll Need More Gold for Cataclysm

 Cataclysm is almost here. You can almost feel the rapid heartbeats of 13 million rabid WoW fans
   around the world beating in tandem as they wait breathlessly for the next set of new content to
finally land. But, if this is your first expansion or if you just didn’t pay much attention the last time
   around, you may want to know that there are a few good reasons to upgrade your gold making
         efforts before the new x-pac gets here and you find yourself woefully underfunded.

                                     New Gear and Consumables

Whenever a new expansion lands there are plenty of ways to spend gold and while you won’t need
much for the first 5 levels up to Level 85, you will need some big cash the second you hit 85 to buy
  your first raiding gear, at least if you don’t want to grind on 5 man dungeons for two months.
Crafted epics can go for 1000+ gold each and yet you’ll need a bunch of them to get yourself fully
                                 prepared. Consumables are no better.

                                   Mounts, Skills Ups, and Quests

We all know that flying in the old world is coming, but how much will it cost. And if there are new
mount types, like Wrath’s mammoths, how much will those cost? The odds are that you’re going to
be spending a few thousand gold developing the skills and mounts you need just to get around. And
don’t forget all those early quests that you’ll get gouged on. Remember the Overcharged Capacitor.
         Greedy Engineers were making 150 gold a pop on those puppies last time around.

                                         Profession Leveling

   One of the first things that any Level 80+ character will want to do is to get their professions
 levelled up immediately. That requires a lot of gold in some cases, with brand new materials and
    massive demand across the board. If you’re a crafter and need herbs or ore, expect to spend
    thousands upon thousands of gold getting what you need to reach the new skill level cap.

The truth is that any new expansion pack is a huge gold sink, but with two already under our belts
and inflation nearly out of control, you can bet that Cataclysm will push things to an entirely new
 level of expensiveness. Be ready for whatever may come and have some gold on hand now and
                                          you’ll do well.

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                            Things to Do Before Cataclysm Launches

 Cataclysm is only a few months away, and that means that players are already getting ready for it.
Some players have been making bucket lists and prepping their accounts since last August when the
expansion pack was first announced. Others are just now getting excited as we get closer to the start
 of beta. Whichever camp you’re in, you likely have a list of things you want to get out of the way
                                 before the new content lands.

 Achievements – First up, there are the achievements that might disappear from the game when the
new expansion pack finally lands and the old world is changed. If you’ve yet to get your exploration
    achievements or your loremasters, you need to get out there and clear them up before your
 opportunities dry up for good and new ones are introduced. We have no proof this will happen, but
                                  you’d rather be safe than sorry.

 Gold Stashes – We all know how inflation works in WoW, so you may as well build up a nice gold
stash before the new content hits in the fall. If you don’t have a good chunk of gold set aside, things
like Old World flying, new gear, and all the professions you want to level up will be much harder to

Leveling in the Old World – Have any old world characters you haven’t yet levelled up? Now is the
 time to do it before their starting areas are changed forever. Sure, the new starting sections will be
more fun soon, but you still want to see the way it was when the game was released. Already, major
    changes are coming down. Act fast before Blizzard changes this aspect of the game forever.

Gear and PvP – If you’re a gear hound, you’d better get into the dungeons and start farming before
 the gear is made too easy to be worth your time. We all know how Blizzard likes to tone down
  difficulty at the end of an expansion and we’re getting very close to that happening. The PvP
        seasons will start wrapping up soon too, leaving you with less things to farm on.

 If you’re still working on the Lich King or just out there farming gold, consider writing up a solid
  list of things that you’d like to work on as you prepare for the launch of our next big expansion,
  because time is running short to take advantage of the content we’ve been playing for the last 18

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                           How Much Will Things Cost in Cataclysm?

 There are a lot of people out there right now trying to figure out just how much the new items and
  gear will cost in Cataclysm. While we have no clear idea what the economy will look like when
   Cataclysm launches, we can make some pretty sound guesses based on the last two expansions.
  Wrath especially saw a sharp increase in value of items and the need for massive chunks of gold.
   Gold sinks were in full effect with Mammoths and flying upgrades, but there was also gear like
Titansteel or the Primordial Saronite from 3.3 that was selling for over 1,000 gold a piece for a time.

So, what will we see when Cataclysm launches. Blizzard has already mentioned a gold cap increase
  rumor a few times – which could be a signal of really expensive gold sinks. Additionally, we’re
likely to see some highly valuable new materials that will be harder to farm than ever before due to
                                   limited space and new zones.

                                     The Cost of Raw Materials

 Generally speaking, you probably won’t see a massive burst in value for any single trade good.
There is no new primary profession this time around, so mining and herbalism will hold steady for
  now. However, Wrath set a precedent for prospecting and titansteel – both of which will likely
return in new forms for the rare ore in Cataclysm. We might also see more uses for the rare herbs,
         and possibly a way to finally balance out skinning and engineering in this regard.

   If Blizzard introduces gathering methods for other crafting professions as well, you can all but
          expect a huge, across the board surge in prices for these specialty farmed goods.

When it comes to gear, the prices are almost always tied to the cost of materials (set by the market)
and the availability of certain other items in the dungeons. In short, if Blizzard makes anything even
                               harder to get, the prices will be sky high.

Expect Level 85 crafted raiding epics to go for thousands of gold in the first two months. But, how
 much will they settle at? That’s a hard one to tell, and for now the only thing we can really do is
start gathering up as much gold as possible and prepare for what is to come next, when Cataclysm
                                          finally launches.

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                           Understanding World of Warcraft Inflation

With Cataclysm coming up on us very soon and the final vestiges of Wrath finally wrapping up, it’s
time that we start looking at the phenomenon that is inflation. If you’ll recall, Blizzard was eager to
 reduce inflation last time around and backed it up by trying to suck some gold out of the economy
             and cutting back on opportunities for players to farm on mobs in the wild.

 Unfortunately, it didn’t really work. Sure, eternals and furs are not worth the same as they were in
TBC, but things like Titanium were worth hundreds of gold and with costs in the 20,000 gold range
for mammoths and choppers, the value of gold dropped sharply. Whereas you could only make 250
gold an hour in TBC, players were putting up numbers anywhere from 600 to 1000 gold an hour in

   So, where are we going in Cataclysm and what does it mean for the economy? Already, we’re
 hearing rumors of the gold cap being raised by Blizzard when the new content hits. With so many
  players already hitting the gold cap (the hardcore only of course) and some players doing it on
                            multiple characters, this isn’t a big surprise.

                                       The Effects of Inflation

  One of the biggest effects of inflation is that certain old zones immediately lose all value for the
  hardcore player. Outland became a wasteland when Wrath was released because all of the items
  there were worth so much less historically than the new items. Old world items finally started to
resurge some, but we can expect the Northrend and Outland items alike to be less useful and far less
 valuable when Cataclysm hits. Even if the prices remain constant, gold value will drop due to new
                                   items that are worth even more.

In essence, if items inflate across the board and incomes go up with it, no one really gets hurt. But,
when it comes to some gold making methods, the opportunities are dwindling fast. There was a time
 when daily quests and herb farming would make plenty of gold for a player. These days, it would
    take weeks to pay for top end gear with that kind of plan. It will likely only get worse when
                                            Cataclysm hits.

  If you’re a fan of gold farming and buying the newest, coolest stuff in the game, prepare to need
 even more advanced, clever strategies than ever before to truly master the inflation curve that will
                                           be Cataclysm.

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                           Five Tips to Make Gold Before Cataclysm Hits

The secret to making gold in World of Warcraft is to anticipate what you will need and then to pour
a ton of energy into being prepared for the next big change. Just look at the volume of gold people
    made when they were ready for the Inscription change in 3.0 or the Epic Gems in 3.2 or the
   Titansteel changes in 3.3. The game revolves around being reading for these changes and then
                                         jumping in them.

So, with Cataclysm finally starting to run up on us, it’s time to sit back and consider what you need
to do to prepare for the next big change to the game. Obviously, it’s a bit early to start talking about
 what will make gold in Cataclysm. We don’t know what’s coming. But, you can start planning for
                                 the pre-launch rush on certain items.

 1.      Get Your Alts Settled – If you don’t have a solid auction house alt with enough bags, solid
enchanting skill, and plenty of data on your add-ons, now is the time to start building it up. I would
  also recommend having a couple of farming alts prepped up too. Save some spots for your new
                         Goblin or Worgen, but get those other slots filled.

2.     Max Out Professions – The big thing that always gains gold in month one of a profession is
 gathering professions and crafting professions that make top level intro raiding gear. So, get your
           professions maxed out and prepped for the new skill levels coming our way.

3.        Reduce Back Stock – If you have 300 Frost Lotuses laying around, start pealing them off as
     you can. If you made the mistake of holding on to TBC gems or skins before 3.0 came out, you
                              know how much gold can be lost this way.

 4.     Stick to Your Gear – Unless you need a gear upgrade for a specific dungeon or PvP, don’t
 spend all your gold on it just yet. You’ll be tossing that gear in the bin once the new expansion is
                                             out anyways.

5.       Leveling – Level up your alts and start stockpiling that gold. You’re going to want to enjoy
all that fun content from the old world, so you may as well kill two birds with one stone and make
                                   some gold while you’re at it.

The bottom line is this – any gold you spend right now on small things like gear upgrades or gems
will be useless when we get to the new expansion and the game switches over to the new content. If
 you’re interested in having a good, solid chunk of gold standing by, start farming, stop spending
  frivolously and have fun. Don’t forget – Azeroth will be irreparably changed as of this Winter.

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