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					SBL - Document Management

 Document Scanning Services
 Document Indexing Services

 Document Storage Solutions

 Document Retrieval Solutions
Document Scanning Services
  Document Management Services draw in digitizing
or scanning of paper documents or microfilms
and preparation of data recovery solutions for
smooth recovery of scanned data. SBL's
document     scanning      services   offers  old
documents scanning, books scanning, microfilms
scanning, microfiche scanning, aperture cards
scanning, etc. Digitizing and scanning has the in-
distinctive characteristic     of altering paper
documents into digital representations, which
helps to spread out your cranky office space into
spacious boardrooms.
 Document Indexing Services

  Scanned documents can be maintained in digital
formats and e-spaces helping in quick retrieval of
data .Digitizing the documents helps in saving of
documents, thus providing a long lasting,
consolidated back-up of your paper files.
Compared to paper records, digital documents are
durable and long lasting.
 Document Storage Solutions
   Storage of the scanned or digitized documents
includes indexing, keying and archiving. These
methods are helpful for the easy recovery of
scanned      documents.     Indexing,keying  and
archiving processes are some of the effective
methods in document management services,
which helps to choose right file from chunks of
files. SBL offers Document management
services, Document storage services,Document
retrieval services, microfilm scanning etc.
Document Retrieval Solutions

 Retrieval solution provide the clients to retrieve
their stored data from the storage area. SBL
provides automated data retrieval solutions for
quick and easy retrieval of stored data from the
storage areas. SBL’s customizedocument retrieval
solutions helps our clients to search a specific data
from chunks of data.
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Description: Imaging and Document Management Services are mainly divided into Services and Solutions. Document scanning and document indexing are the main services. While Document storage and Document retrieval are the main Solutions. SBL one of the famous Imaging and Document Management Service provider and we offers Document management services, digital document service, Document scanning, Document storage, Document retrieval services, microfilm scanning etc