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									                   Promote Your Site to be No 1 on Google

         When someone does a Google search, they are presented with about 12
results per page. For each result, the searcher sees a Web address and a bit of
introductory text about the site. Where do you think the text comes from?
         If a site owner has prepared a meta description, the introductory text comes
from this description. If the site does not have a meta description, the search engine
chooses the introductory text at random from pages on the site and most of the
times it will not make a lot of sense.
         For the savvy site owner, the meta description, while hidden within the
administrative part of the site setup, will be a promotion or sales message to
potential visitors. It will be the hook that lures a searcher to make the click on their
link and not a competing site. Strong and clean copy, a type of hypnotic writing, is
the key; it will seduce the searcher to take the first action step and click through to
your site.
         How does a site owner use a powerful metadata description to promote their
site to the search engines to be No 1 on Google? It involves the strategic use of a
title, a meta description, and content loaded with keywords.
         The site title is the most appreciated, and highly regarded, information used
by the search engine. It is the text that appears in the searchers web browser and
provides confirmation to the searcher that they have arrived at a site that has what
they want.
         If you had a site selling rare coins, you would want the title to reflect
something like this, “rare and hard to find coins, for serious collectors, delivered
within 24 hours.
         Supporting the title is the meta description of the site. This is a one or two
sentence description of your website. It contains the hypnotic writing with a
message to potential visitors to take the action that you want them to take which is
to click through to your site.
         Next are the keywords, as they are part of the site setup and included in the
content on the site. These keywords are the words identified during the keyword
search activity and the words for which you feel your site should be ranked.
         Finally, there is the body, or text, part of the page. The classic problem most
website owners have is coming up with a great list of keywords and then repeating
them on every single page of the website. Don’t do this; do not repeat every
keyword on every page; keep it specific. Use a keyword on a page only if that word is
used within the text body of the page.

Here is a tip for you to do early in your efforts to become an Internet Marketing
        Prepare a one-sentence description of the information, products, or services
that a user will find on the home page of your website. Review and revise the words
in the one sentence description to be very specific and descriptive; remember that
less is more. This sentence becomes the meta description of your site and it
promotes your site to the search engines to generate No 1 page rankings.
        While this was discussed in a previous post on this blog, it is worth repeating
here. The keywords and phrases in the descriptions of your site, and text pages, is
referred to as On-Page SEO. You must prepare these items so that your site and
content is optimized for the Search Engines. The words and phrases that your
customers are using to find you need to be part of the title, descriptions, and text
pages. This helps a Google search query to easily find you, serve up your site, and
improve the ranking of where your content is displayed on the pages of search
         The Off-Page SEO activities are associated with having other Internet users
and sites creating interest and buzz on the Internet about your site and content. The
more links, the more implied interest and buzz about the content, and a higher Page
Ranking in the Search Engines.
         In order to help you, I will continue to post (on this blog site) tips and
techniques I have obtained and learned from My Go-To-Market Partners as I became
an Internet Entrepreneur and built aspenIbiz, my online business, along with my
various Web 2.0 properties and affiliate web sites. Together, these tips will provide a
traffic formula that will improve your ranking and drive qualified leads to your web
         In closing, be sure to meet me at my website, WhoIsMikeFarrell, read
aspenIbiz blogspot that has more posts about my Internet Marketing business, and
learn how to be savvy with your money, like the insiders, at aspenIbiz the Conspiracy
For Your Money blog.

       Writer : aspenlbizMike

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