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					Ozzy Ozbourne
2008-Jan 26
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
The Metro center
"Rock'n'Roll Rebels...Night 1"

lineage: My own custom homemade mics-->my own custom homemade battery box with 250hz roll-off
filter---> Sony MD-->SoundForge8-->PC-->Volume adjust-->FLAC8-->MP3

Here I give you another of my master recordings.

Recorded from the right hand side of the lower bowl, directly beside the curtain that hides the stage from
the crowd.

Soundwise, I would give this show a 7-7.5/10 Definately not my best work.

Sorry, no samples will be posted. I don't believe in posting them.
If you are a fan, get it. If you were there, get it.

After transfering this show, I realised that it sounded bassy at times, tinny at other times and great at
other left the audio UNTOUCHED except for a slight volume adjustment.

For his first ever show in Halifax, the crowd was totally nuts. Too bad that I was unable to capture the
craziness more.

Ozzy's voice was good, although you can hear a few places where it breaks.

Zakks solo was good, but I'd rather have heard a few more songs.

Please see the artwork for the tracklisting and cd break point.

I made the artwork myself with thanks to Doolang for his photos (taken from the show except for the
center 1 of Ozzy on the back)

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