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CNET Content Syndication Guide
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CNET helps users make sense of the CE World

With more than 100 years of combined
editorial expertise, the CNET team is
dedicated to providing consumers with
the most accurate, timely, and
unbiased information about the hottest
tech products on the market.

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What is CNET?

• We are unbiased experts dedicated to giving users
the information they need to make smart purchasing decisions.

• We review thousands of CE products using strict testing protocols.

• We produce thousands of product-related, help & how-to, and tech
news videos, generating over 10 million streams a month.

• We serve over 35 global markets in 18 languages.

CNET is the largest tech media brand in the world.

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CNET Content Available for Syndication

- Reviews (“Good, Bad, Bottom Line” & Long Form)

 - Shopping Services

 - Videos (“First Looks,” “Help & How To”, & Video Feeds)

 - Buying Guides

 - Widgets

 - Downloads

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                                                     63% of consumers indicate
- 91% of US adults regularly or occasionally seek    they are more likely to purchase
advice about products or services.                   from a site if it has product
(BIGresearch:                   ratings and reviews.
                                                     (CompUSA, iPerceptions:
- 71% of online shoppers read reviews.     ,
(Forrester Research:

- Ratings and Reviews are the second most important site feature behind search.

- 39% of those who bought from sites with reviews cite the reviews as the primary factor
influencing the purchase decision. Among first-time buyers on review-equipped sites, 42%
said they were the primary factor. (Foresee:

- Reviews not only help conversions but also drive traffic.

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Capsule Reviews – “Good, Bad, Bottom Line”

 - CNET Editor’s star rating
 - Product photo
 - Basic specs
 - “Good, Bad, Bottom Line” summary

 Available via XML feed or API access

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Reviews – Long Form

- CNET Editor’s rating
- Product photo
- Basic specs
-“Good, Bad, Bottom Line”
- The full multi-paragraph editors’ review.

Available via XML feed or API access

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CNET Shopping Services

      CNET can power your site’s CE shopping service.
    By posting CNET’s fully vetted merchants on your site,
   you get paid every time a user clicks on a merchant link.

- The CNET Shopping Services feed contains links to CNET
  vetted merchants w/ updated product pricing information.

- Content available by accessing CNET’s API

- Can be used in conjunction with CNET Reviews

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CNET Videos

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First Look Videos

                                                       - Videos are delivered as Flash files via
                                                         Media RSS feed or by granting
                                                         access to our API.

                                                       - The videos can be featured in your
                                                         own player

                                                       - First Look videos typically run from 60
                                                         to 240 seconds each.

                                                       - View videos at:
                                                         (under the “Product Videos” tab)

     Straight from the CNET editors’ mouths, First Look videos provide a brief
  overview of a product and our editors’ initial opinions on it -- giving consumers a
                 clearer picture of the product they’re shopping for.

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Help & How-To Videos

- These videos, found on, and can be
  used for your own commercial or
  marketing use.

- Videos are delivered as MPEG4
  Flash video files via FTP, API or

     CNET offers hundreds of handy “help and how to” videos for users trying to
       make sense of their CE products. Generally our videos center around
     networking, computer optimization, tips and tricks, digital photography tips,
             online/computer security, home theater, and digital music.

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“Best of CNET” Video Feed

    CNET provides a Media RSS feed of “The Best of CNET Video” featuring CE
    reviews, tech news and trends currently available on for use
                        within your own site’s video player.

- This feed contains between 10-20
  videos/week, pre-programmed by

- Videos typically run from 30 to
  300 seconds each and are
  delivered as Flash video.

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CNET Video Widget

    Don’t have your own video player? Get the code to embed CNET’s free video
                widget on your site from

- A flash-based video player that
  automatically pushes 5 daily clips from
  CNETTV’s current video library

- Topics range from tech news & trends,
  to help & how-to, to product reviews

- Available at no cost to partner

- May include ads sold by CNET

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Additional CNET Content

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CNET Buying Guides
                                                  CNET produces several
                                                Buying Guides for integration
                                                       onto your site.

                                              These multi-page in-depth guides
                                                   provide users with the
                                               knowledge they need to make
                                                smart purchasing decisions.

CNET Buying Guides Available for License:

TVs                         Wi-Fi                     Dishwashers
Surround Sound              Camorders                 Washers
Laptops                     Digital Cameras           Dryers
Desktops                    MP3 Players               Microwaves
Printers                    Headphones                Refrigerators
Monitors                    GPS Systems               Stoves

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CNET Widgets

    CNET offers a wide-array of free widgets to augment content on your site.
    From our video widget to our shopping tools, you can easily connect your
     audience with CNET’s editorial expertise within your own environment.

We offer the following widgets
(available at

“Best of CNET” video widget: a flash-based
video player that automatically pushes 5 clips
a day from CNET TV’s current video library.

Product Finder widget: to help users pick
the right CE product for their lifestyle.

CNET Reviews widget: summarizes CNET
editors’ take on a product.

Downloads widget: offers safe, secure, and spyware free free-to-try legal downloads

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  Based on ratings, reviews and most popular lists, CNET Downloads is the trusted,
    safe, and secure resource for software, music, games and video downloads.

- We provide can partners with XML feeds of our most
  popular downloads across several categories. Partners
  will surface a list of the downloads which will link
  directly to CNET Downloads.

- Visit to view our download

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        For a life gone digital™

For more information and pricing, please

Sasha Zullo
Director, Business Development, CNET

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