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									LIST OF KEY WORDS       Black-cotton soil           Construction sites        Earth pressure
IGS JOURNAL             Blast load                  Contact pressure          Earth reinforcement
                        Blasting                    Continuum hypothesis      Earthquake engineering
A                       Bond stress                 Convergence Corrosion     Earthquake load
                        Bored pile                  Corrosion resistance      Earthquake magnitude
                        Borehole                    Cost analysis             Earthquake resistant
                        Boring                      Creep                     structures
                        Boulder                     Critical gradient         Earthquakes
                        Boundary element method     Critical path             Earthwork
                        Boundary shear              Critical void ratio       Eccentric loads
                        Breakwater                  Curtain grouting          Effective stress
                        Bridge foundations          Curtain wall              Elastic analysis
                        Building code               Curve fitting             Elastic deformation
Acid rain
                        Bulk density                Cyclic load               Elastic foundations
Acidic water
                        Buoyancy                    Cyclic strength           Elastic half space
                        C                           Cyclic test               Elastic properties
Active pressure
                        Cadastral survey            D                         Elasticity
                        Caisson                     Dam construction          Elastoplasticity
                        Calcareous soil             Dam design                Electrical resistivity
Adsorbed water
                        Capillary                   Dam failure               Electro osmosis
                        Carbonation                 Dam foundations           Embankment stability
Aerial photography
                        Cargo                       Dam safety                Embankments
Aerial survey
                        Casing                      Damage                    Embedded foundation
                        Cast in place               Damping                   Embedment
                        Cavity                      Darcy's law               Empirical equation
                        Cement                      Data analysis             Energy
                        Cement grouting             Dead loads                Energy consumption
                        Cemented                    Deep compaction           Engineering
                        Centrifuge                  Deep excavations          Equilibrium
                        Centrifuge model            Deep explosions           Equipment
Alluvial deposits
                        Chemical grouting           Deep foundations          Erosion
                        Classification              Deformation               Excavation
                        Clay                        Degree of saturation      Expansion
                        Clay liner                  Degrees of freedom        Expansion joint
                        Closed form solutions       Densification             Expansive soil
Analytical techniques
                        Coal                        Density                   Experimental data
                        Coal ash                    Deposition                Experimentation
                        Coarse grained soils        Desiccation               Exploration
Angle of friction
Anisotropic materials   Coating                     Design                    F
Anisotropic soils       Cofferdam                   Design chart              Failure
Anisotropy              Cohesion                    Design criteria           Failure load
Application methods     Cohesionless sediment       Design standards          Failure mode
Approximation methods   Cohesionless soil           Dewatering                FEM
Aquifers Arsenic        Cohesive sediment           Diaphragm wall            Fiber reinforced materials
Artificial islands      Cohesive soil               Dielectric constant       Field density
Artificial recharge     Collapsible soil            Differential equation     Field investigations
Ashes                   Colloids                    Differential settlement   Field test
Asymmetry               Colluvium                   Diffusion                 Fills
Atmospheric pressure    Column                      Dilatancy                 Filter
Atrest pressure         Compacted soil              Dimensional analysis      Fine-grained soil
Atterberg limit         Compaction                  Discrete elements         Finite difference method
Auger                   Compaction grouting         Discrimination            Finite differences
Axial compression       Compaction pile             Displacement              Finite element method
Axial force             Compatibility               Distinct elements         Finite elements
Axial load              Composite                   Distribution function     Finite strip method
Axial strain            Compressibility             Down drag                 Flow net
Axisymmetry             Compression test            Drainage                  Fly ash
B                       Compressive strength        Drained condition         Footing
                        Computer aided design       Dredging                  Force
                        Computer aided simulation   Drilled pier foundation   Foundation
                        Computer analysis           Drilled shafts            Foundation construction
Barrier island
                        Concentrated load           Drilling                  Foundation design
Base friction
                        Concentration               Driven pile               Foundation settlement
                        Concrete pile               Dynamic analysis          Fourier analysis
Bearing capacity
                        Cone penetration test       Dynamic load              Frequency analysis
Bearing design
                        Consolidation               Dynamic pressure          Frequency response
                        Constitutive equation       Dynamic properties        Friction
Bending moments
                        Constitutive model          Dynamic response          Friction resistance
                        Constitutive relations      Dynamic test              Froude number
Biaxial load
                        Construction                Dynamics                  Frozen soil
Biaxial stress
                        Construction cost           E                         Full-scale test
Biaxial test
                        Construction equipment      Earth fill                Functional analysis
                        Construction method                                   Fuzzy sets
G                             Interfacial tension         Loess                        Penetration test
Gabions                       Internal forces             M                            Permeability
Geodetic survey               Internal friction           Machine foundation           Permeability test
Geogrid                       Internal pressure           Marble                       Pervious
Geomembrane                   International development   Marine clay                  Photography
Geophysical survey            International factor        Marine deposit               Physical properties
Geosynthetic                  Interpolation               Mat foundation               Piers
Geotechnical engineering      Investigation               Material                     Piezocone
Geotechnical investigation    Ion adsorption              Mathematical model           Piezometers
Geotechnical model            Ion exchange                Matrix method                Pile
Geotextile                    Island Impact force         Maximum load                 Pile caps
Geothermal energy             Islands                     Mechanical properties        Pile driving
Glacial till                  Isolation                   Mechanics                    Pile foundation
Grain size                    Isotropic material          Membrane                     Pile friction
Granular material             Isotropy                    Mesh generation              Pile groups
Graphic method                J                           Meshfree                     Pile hammers
Gravel                        Jet diffusion               Meshless method              Pile lateral load
Gravity                       Jet grouting                Methodology                  Pile load test
Gravity foundation            Jetting                     Metric systems               Pile settlement
Gravity load                  Joint                       Micro pile                   Pile structure
Gravity wall                  Jointed rock                Microporosity                Pile test
Gravity wave                  K                           Mine subsidence              Plane strain
Grillages                     Kinematics                  Mineral deposit              Plastic analysis
Grinding                      Kinetics                    Mini pile                    Plastic deformation
Groins                        L                           Mixing                       Plastic properties
Ground improvement            Laboratories                Model analysis               Plasticity
Ground motion                 Laboratory test             Model test                   Poisson’s ratio
Ground water                  Lagoons                     Models                       Pore pressure
Ground-water depletion        Land application            Modulus of elasticity        Pore size distribution
Ground-water recharge         Land development            Moisture                     Pore water
Grouting                      Land information            Moisture content             Pore water pressure
H                             Land management             Moment distribution          Poroelasticity
Half space                    Land reclamation            Motion                       Porosity
Hazardous waste               Land subsidence             Mud wave                     Porous materials
Heave                         Land survey                 N                            Porous media
Heterogeneity                 Landfill                    Nails                        Portland cements
Highways                      Landscaping                 Negative pore pressure       Preconsolidated soil
History                       Landslide                   Negative skin friction       Preconsolidation pressure
Holes                         Lateral displacement        Network analysis             Prediction
Homogeneity                   Lateral load                Neural networks              Preloading
Horizontal loads              Lateral pressure            Noncohesive soil             Pressure
Hydraulic fill                Lateral stability           Nonlinear analysis           Pressure distribution
Hydrodynamic pressure         Lateral stress              Nonlinear differential       Pressure measurement
Hydrodynamics                 Laterite                    equations                    Pressure meter
Hydroelasticity               Layered soil                Nonlinear response           Probabilistic method
Hydrographic survey           Leaching                    Nonuniformity                Probability distribution
Hydrostatic pressure          Lime                        Normally loaded soils        Prototype test
Hydrostatic uplift            Limestone                   Numerical analysis           Pull-out resistance
Hydrostatics                  Limit analysis              Numerical model              Pumping test
Hysteresis                    Limit design                Nutrient load                Q
I                             Limit equilibrium           O                            Qualitative analysis
Impulsive load                Limit state                 Observation well             Quality control
Inclined load                 Linear analysis             Oedometer                    Quarry
Incremental load              Linear function             Offshore construction        Quarry dust
Individual footing            Linear system               Offshore drilling            R
Influence charts              Liners                      Offshore structure           Raft foundation
Information retrieval         Lining                      Oil storage                  Random variable
Information systems           Liquefaction                Optimization                 Recharge well
Information technology (IT)   Liquid limit                Optimization model           Reclamation
Infrastructure                Liquids                     Organic soil                 Regional analysis
Initial stress                Littoral deposit            Osmosis                      Regression analysis
Injection                     Live load                   Overburden pressure          Regression models
In-situ test                  Load                        Overconsolidated soil        Reinforced earth
Inspection                    Load bearing capacity       P                            Reinforced soil
Installation                  Load distribution           Partially saturated soil     Reinforcement
Instrumentation               Load duration               Particle distribution        Relative density
Intake structures             Load factor                 Particle interaction         Relaxation
Integrated system             Load resistance             Particle size                Remedial action
Intelligent structure         Load test                   Particle size distribution   Remoulded soil
Interactions                  Load transfer               Passive pressure             Repeated load
Interface shear               Loading history             Pavement                     Residual soil
Interfaces                    Loading rate                Peat                         Residual strength
Residual stress         Soil anchors                 Strength                     V
Resistivity             Soil cement                  Stress                       Vacuum
Resonance               Soil chemistry               Stress analysis              Validation
Resource management     Soil classification          Stress concentration         Variance analysis
Retaining wall          Soil compaction              Stress distribution          Vector analysis
Risk management         Soil condition               Stress history               Velocity distribution
Rock anchors            Soil consolidation           Stress intensity factor      Vertical force
Rock cores              Soil deformation             Stress measurement           Vertical load
Rock fills              Soil dynamics                Stress relaxation            Vibration
Rock joints             Soil erosion                 Stress strain relation       Viscoplasticity
Rock mechanics          Soil exploration             Structural analysis          Void ratio
Rock Roughness          Soil gas                     Structural failure           Volcanic deposit
RPIM                    Soil grouting                Structural response          W
S                       Soil liquefaction            Structural safety            Wall
Safe bearing capacity   Soil loss                    Structural settlement        Wall friction
Safety                  Soil mechanics               Structure                    Waste management
Safety factor           Soil mixing                  Strut                        Waste treatment
Saline ground water     Soil modulus                 Subsidence                   Water
Sample disturbance      Soil moisture                Substructures                Water content
Sampling                Soil nailing                 Surcharge                    Water pressure
Sand drain              Soil permeability            Surface roughness            Wave equation
Saturated soil          Soil pollution               Surveys                      Wave equation
Scale effect            Soil porosity                Suspended load               Wave force
Sea wall                Soil pressure                Swell pressure               Weathered rock
Sediment                Soil properties              Swelling soil                Weathering
Sediment deposits       Soil resistance              Symmetry                     Well foundation
Sediment load           Soil sampling                system                       Well graded soil
Segregation             Soil settlement              System analysis              Wind force
Seismic analysis        Soil stabilization           T                            Wind load
Seismic design          Soil strength                Temperature                  Wind pressure
Seismic effect          Soil stresses                Temperature distribution     Wood piles
Seismic survey          Soil structure               Tensile load                 X
Seismic test            Soil suction                 Tensile strain               X-ray analysis
Seismic waves           Soil surveys                 Tensile strength             X-ray diffraction
Sensitive soil          Soil tests                   Tensile stress               Y
Sensitivity analysis    Soil treatment               Tension                      Yield
Service load            Soil water                   Test equipment               Yield stress
Settlement              Soil water movement          Test procedures              Yield surface
Shaft                   Soil-pile interaction        Tests                        Young's modulus
Shaft resistance        Soils                        Theories                     Z
Shake table tests       Soil-structure interaction   Thixotropy
                                                                                  Zero air void
Shallow foundation      Solutions                    Three dimensional analysis
Shear                   Spatial analysis             Three dimensional models
Shear deformation       Spatial data                 Time series analysis
Shear distribution      Spatial distribution         Topographic surveys
Shear failure           Specific weight              Topsoil
Shear forces            Spread footing               Transducers
Shear modulus           Spread foundation            Transient load
Shear properties        SPT                          Transverse load
Shear resistance        Stabilization                Transverse shear
Shear strain            Standard deviation           Triaxial compression
Shear strength          Standards                    Triaxial load
Shear stress            State-of-the-art             Triaxial shear
Shear tests             Static cone tests            Triaxial tests
Shear wall              Static load                  Tropical soil
Sheet pile              Static test                  Tunnel construction
Shells                  Steel piles                  Tunnel lining
Shrinkage               Stiff clay                   Two dimensional analysis
Sieve analysis          Stiffness methods            Two-dimensional models
Silt                    Stiffness test               U
Simulation              Stochastic model             Ultimate bearing capacity
Site investigation      Stoke's law                  Ultimate load
Site selection          Stone column                 Ultimate strength
Site survey             Stones                       Underground construction
Size effect             Storage tank                 Underpinning
Skin friction           Strain                       Undisturbed sample
Slaking                 Strain distribution          Uniformity
Slenderness ratio       Strain gage                  Unsaturated soil
Slope stability         Strain hardening             Unsymmetrical footing
Slurry wall             Strain measurement           Uplift pressure
Soft clay               Strain rate                  Uplift resistance
Softening               Strain relaxation            Urban development
Soil analysis           Strain softening

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