The Advantages of Multimedia Marketing
on the Internet
Many marketing campaigns for products hook a potential customer in with a catchy
advertisement. The hook may come in the form of a slogan or picture. While snappy text
and pictorial design might make a customer take a second look, it does not always
convert a customer lead into a sale. What Internet marketing tools can you utilize to
convert more sales leads into actual customers?

The answer is multimedia marketing. What is multimedia marketing? Let's define
"multimedia". Multimedia is media that involves an advertisement that "talks and
moves". For example, multimedia contains more than just text and/or pictures.
Multimedia advertisements contain audio and video elements. By adding audio and video
ingredients to your marketing campaign you will see your sales conversion rates soar.

What exactly are audio and video multimedia marketing elements? Audio elements
include voice-overs, sound effects, and music. For example, when a potential customer
visits your web page the first thing that catches their eye is the beautiful graphics and text
information. At this point your customer needs to feel an emotional connection with your
company, products, and services. This is where audio elements play a role.

You can provide music that sets the tone for your product or services. Perhaps you are in
the party planning business and you have an advertisement about planning children's
birthday parties. You can play fun, upbeat music to mimic the atmosphere of a birthday

You could also add in a button that allows website visitors to listen to your actual voice.
You can demonstrate your passion for your product and money back guarantee through
your voice. Potential customers will feel that their experience has been more personable.
This allows them to feel more comfortable with your company, services, and products. A
wonderful side effect of this safe feeling is increased customer sales.

Video elements are another tool you can employ in your marketing campaign. You can
create your own Internet commercial. You can demonstrate how to use your product
through a video. You could even video testimonials from happy customers. A video will
allow potential customers to attach a "face" to the product or services you are selling.

You are building a relationship with your customers when you make their Internet
experience rich and satisfying. Plus, did you know that adding an audio element to your
website can increase your response rate by 300%. Wow! That is a massive increase that
you just can't ignore.
Another great benefit to creating audio and video components for your website is that you
can build CDs and DVDs from these files. You could create reports on specific topics and
burn them to CDs and DVDs. Then you can sell these products to customers.

The Internet is ready to handle sophisticated audio and video files. Plus, Internet
technology is improving every day. You can create these audio and video components in
the comfort of your own home or office. It really is that simple. The effort you put into
creating your own multimedia marketing campaign on the Internet is well worth it when
your sales conversion rate skyrockets.

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