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This form is to be completed by Executive Branch employees who are contacted by registered lobbyists
regarding policy issues concerning the Recovery Act. This report includes a written description of each
contact, the date and time of the contact, and the names of the registered lobbyist(s) and the employee(s) with
whom the contact took place. The information on this form will be available to the public on the Executive
Branch agency’s recovery website.

To be completed by the employee contacted
  Date and time of contact:                Name of the                                   Brief description of the contact:
                                      Employee(s) Contacted:                          (attach separate sheet if necessary)
                                        (Name and Title)

                                   Eric J. Amis, Acting Director,    Dr. Gibbs began a phone call by saying that the expected New York State
3/24/2009 2 PM CDT                 Materials and Science             funding for JPSI (Joint Policy Photon Sciences Institute) at Brookhaven's
                                   Engineering Laboratory            National Synchrotron Light Source II was potentially unstable because
                                                                     the economic conditions and he asked me if it would be appropriate to
                                                                     contact NIST Deputy Director Patrick Gallagher about the possibility of
                                                                     ARRA funding for the project. I asked if he was a Federally Registered
                                                                     Lobbyist and when he said he was, I referred him to the public NIST
                                                                     Recovery Act website, informed him that his questions would need to be
                                                                     received in writing, and ended the conversation.
Name of the Employee(s) who prepared this form:                                                              Date

Eric J. Amis, Acting Director, Materials and Science Engineering Laboratory                                  4/14/09

Registered Lobbyist(s) Name:       Title:                            Firm or Organization, if               Client:

Dr. Doon Gibbs                     Deputy Director, Science          Brookhaven National Laboratory,        Brookhaven National
                                   and Technology                    Upton, NY                              Laboratory, Upton, NY

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