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					Careers in PHP

    PHP is among the most popular
      programming languages
That's not because it's free - it's because it's a very
flexible and efficient tool. PHP can be used for
applications as easy as colour and font control to
handle accessibility issues, through to complex
online ordering and tracking systems.

For programming Web 2.0 applications, PHP is certainly the
number one language.

About 20 million sites use PHP2,
among them some of the biggest names in
the Web 2.0 sphere like Yahoo!, Flickr,
Facebook, Friendster,Technorati,

Moodle, Drupal and
WordPress all use PHP.

PHP jobs are on the rise

   Source :
          PHP-SQL can work in a wide
           canvas of applications
Any application that needs

   A database for storage of user data and
   A browser as the primary user interface,

it’s a good chance the PHP-MySQL
      combination will work for you !!

Wait a minute, isn’t this open
source ?

But open source is mainstream today

   Google has not one but two open-source operating
    systems: Android and Chrome OS.

   Apache remains hugely popular among web servers.

   Red Hat is a successful public company posting
    strong financial results with its business model of
    services and support for open-source software.

   Firefox is taking away market share from Internet
    Explorer every month. The list can go on…

    Some of the cool things you can
             do using PHP
•   Build a search engine that responds to user queries.
•   Record user input provided through web forms and
    save it for future reference.
•   Create web sites that dynamically update themselves
    with new content
•   Manage a blog (or more than one)
•   Process electronic payments and track customer
•   Build customized bar graphs, pie charts, and other
    statistical reports from raw numeric data
•   Carry out online surveys and polls, and create reports
    of the results
Its particularly easy to write
PHP code that is hard to
maintain !
    The code needs to be secure, reliable,
    and easy to enhance, which is the
    challenge !

It’s a good idea to learn
SQL along with PHP

       So that you can leverage the immense
      number of freely available PHP/MySQL
      applications to reduce development and
                  deployment time.

And this is where our
programs come in 

Some of the things which would be
covered in the program
   Introduction to object-oriented programming.
   PHP conditions, loops, functions.
   PHP Arrays
   mySQL basics, using it with PHP
   PHP and sessions
   Using PHP-SQL to build applications like
    content management system, system
    architecture, payment processing, etc..
     Whom is this course targeted
•   This course is intended for those with prior
    programming experience

•   Business professional looking to reduce your
    software costs by using open-source tools.

•   Developers interested in creating database-backed
    applications for the Web,

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