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                      to EURO 2012
                      in Warsaw         03
                      Spain remain
                      European futsal
                      champions         06
                      Referee courses
                      in Malta          15
        March 2007
No 58 – Février2010
                                    of the president
                                                Destination number 31
                                                Since its earliest days, UEFA has chosen to vary the destinations
                                        of its congresses, visiting the countries of each of its member associations in turn.
                                        Since 1955, 30 cities have thus hosted the general meeting of European football’s
                                        governing body. The most common destinations have been big capital cities such
                                        as Rome, London and Paris, but others include cultural centres such as Dubrovnik
                                        and Dresden, and tourist hotspots such as Cascais and Limassol.
                                                From a purely operational perspective, it would, of course, be easier
                                        to bring together the delegates of the member associations in the same place each
                                        year. But moving from one city to another has its own advantages: it enables
                                        the host associations to contribute actively to one of UEFA’s biggest events and gives
                                        them an opportunity to demonstrate their organisational expertise, while raising
IN THIS ISSUE                           their country’s profile and prestige among the delegates of the other associations.
                                        For the delegates, these roaming congresses offer enriching cultural experiences,
  EURO 2012 qualifying
  draw in Warsaw                   03   as well as opportunities to see the other associations at work.
  Spain retain European                         Moving from one city to another also reflects the dynamic character
  futsal crown                     06   of European football, ever ready to rise to new challenges and adapt to constant
  Cities sign goodwill                  changes. It is also a means of reinforcing the unity of our confederation, by reminding
  declaration                      08   our members that they all have a role to play and are all equally important to the
  New European Team                     smooth running of the organisation.
  Sports association               10
                                                I look forward to joining the representatives of our associations in Tel Aviv,
  Centre of refereeing                  the 31st stop on the UEFA congress circuit.
  excellence in Nyon               12
  Referee courses
  in Malta                         15
  News from member                                                                                   Michel Platini
  associations                     16
                                                                                                     UEFA President

  The curtain was raised on the
  2010–12 European Football Champi-
  onship on 7 February in Warsaw
  with the draw to determine the nine
  qualifying groups.
  Photo: UEFA-Woods

  02        uefadirect 3.10
                                            The curtain rises
                                                     in tPoland
                                          a lot of backs age work

IT’S 12.45 ON SUNDAY, 7 FEBRUARY 2010. AT THE QUALIFYING ROUND DRAW                     A lot of sub-events
IN THE PALACE OF CULTURE AND SCIENCE IN WARSAW, THE CURTAIN HAS JUST                              As for the draw hall itself,
                                                                                        work on the design of the stage had
                                                                                        begun in July 2009 but couldn’t be
                                                                                        completed until after the official unveil-
         The spectacular 45-minute         53 member associations. As it repre-         ing of the EURO 2012 logo in Decem-
ceremony screened by 70 TV net-            sents such a rare gathering of the           ber. The ceremony was the first public
works and watched by millions all          football family, it’s a tradition to stage   outing for the final tournament brand-
over Europe heralded the first                    a dinner on the eve of the draw,      ing, so it was logical to invite commer-
major event attached to the                       which added a further dimen-          cial and broadcast partners to sample
competition. And it was a major                   sion to the Warsaw logistics.         the look and feel of it during a sponsor
event. Preparations initiated in                  All in all, some 600 guests were      information session on the Saturday
March 2009 gained momentum                        divided into various target           afternoon – one of many sub-events
when the venue in Warsaw was                      groups, rooms were booked at          pegged to the draw. Warsaw provided
confirmed a month later. The                      four hotels in the city, a massive    a first opportunity to see the strikingly
backstage teams from UEFA and              transport project was implemented,           colourful branding at work on a series
Poland met at five site visits to push     and accreditation procedures were            of products ranging from backdrops
the project steadily towards comple-       designed to cope with 1,083 people           and TV graphics to placemats and
tion, while the UEFA team assigned         divided into nine different categories.      welcome bags.
to the event gradually increased from      One such category was ‘volunteers’ –                   By Saturday, back-up services
5 to nigh on 100.                          the people who make the big events           were fully operational. Welcome desks
         These preparations illustrate     tick. In Warsaw, over 600 applied for        had been set up at Warsaw airport
that the qualifying draw is one of         places in the squad and 163 were             and the four hotels, the accreditation
the truly big dates in the UEFA calen-     selected for a variety of crucial back-      centre was in top gear, security and
dar – not least because it involves all    stage roles.                                 medical services were up and running,

                                                               A meeting
                                                               of the

                                                                     A special


                                                                   textile was

                                                                                                                  G. Turner
                                                                  used for the
                                                               country names.

 hospitality areas were being set up and                                                   The first
                                                                                                                              it was felt that the pots could be
 equipped, and all the behind-the-scenes                                                   issue of Alive,                    better positioned on the two tables;
                                                                                           the official
 operations, such as catering for the                                                      EURO 2012                          presenters Masha Yefrosinina and
 volunteers, were also up to speed. This                                                   newsletter                         Piotr Sobczynski looked slightly differ-
                                                                                           published in
 all added up to a grandiose operation.                                                    English,                           ent from their Sunday lunchtime
                                                                                           Polish and
                                                                                                                              versions (but equally relaxed) in their
 Big challenges                                                                            was distributed                    winter street clothes; and, in the
                                                                                           in Warsaw.
           Grandiose might also be a good                                                                                     dummy draw, there was laughter
 adjective to apply to the Palace of Culture                                                                                  when England and Scotland were
 and Science as well. To give the enor-                                                                                       drawn together in Group F.

 mous monument a EURO 2012 feel, the
 signage teams had been at work since                                                                                         Tournament ambassadors
 the previous Monday. The media dimen-                       Two rehearsals                                                            Michel Platini, one of a hand-
 sions of the event were highlighted by                                In the auditorium, serious pre-                        ful of spectators at the first rehearsal,
 the two compounds for high-definition                       parations for the draw ceremony began                            braved the sub-zero temperatures
 TV broadcast trucks and satellite uplinks –                 early on the Saturday morning. In a small                        to record his welcome message on the
 one inside the massive structure and                        backstage room, the names of the 51                              steps of the palace and, in the after-
 the other amid the heaps of snow out-                       national associations going into the draw                        noon, faced dozens of reporters and
 side. The dimensions of the building had                    were carefully rolled up and inserted                            19 TV cameras in the press conference
 thrown up challenges that the viewing                       into the plastic balls. This time, instead                       room. In the meantime, he had found
 public would never dream of. For exam-                      of paper, a special textile material was                         the time to watch the second rehearsal,
 ple, the kilometres of cabling from the                     used so that, when the name was dis-                             at which, instead of TV personnel
 broadcast compound to the draw hall                         played to the audience and the cameras,                          with huge name tags on strings round
 had to be minutely plotted and woven                        it didn’t appear creased and crumbled.                           their necks, the genuine tournament
 like skeins of wool to avoid them disrupt-                  Three complete sets had to be compiled –                         ambassadors were on stage to help
 ing normal life in parts of the building                    one for the draw itself and one for each                         UEFA’s general secretary, Gianni Infan-
 which were unaffected by the big draw.                      of the two rehearsals scheduled for the                          tino, with the draw. This time, Zbig-
 As at EURO 2008, UEFA Media Technolo-                       Saturday.                                                        niew Boniek, Andrzej Szarmach, Oleg
 gies were in charge of producing the TV                               At the first, lighting levels were                     Blokhin and Andriy Shevchenko raised
 signal – this time in conjunction with Pol-                 scrupulously tested; it was decided that                         a laugh by drawing France and the
 ish network TVP. In the gallery just up the                 the trophy was better positioned on one                          Republic of Ireland into the same
 stairs from the draw hall, a spectacular in-                side of the stage rather than the other;                         group. By early evening, the ceremony
 terview area had been constructed for 70                    the departure of the AudioFeels group                            looked good enough for efforts to
 rights-holding TV and radio stations, 72                    (as impressive in rehearsal as during the                        concentrate on helping the guests to
 non-rights holders, 46 photographers and                    ceremony itself) from the stage through                          enjoy the traditional dinner in the
 166 written-press and website reporters.                    the audience was slightly reorganised;                           impressive Polytechnika building.
                                                                                                                                       But there were few late nights.
                                                                                                                              At 06.30 on the Sunday morning,

                                                                The cameras are
                                                                levelled at the stage.

                                                                                         The UEFA president,
                                                                                         Michel Platini, recording his
                                                                                         welcome message


 04          uefadirect 3.10
                                                          The tournament                                                                                   The position
                                                          ambassadors, Ukraine’s                                                                           of the trophy
                                                          Andriy Shevchenko                                                                                on stage
                                                          and Oleg Blokhin and                                                                             was a matter
                                                          Poland’s Andrzej Szarmach                                                                        of much
                                                          and Zbigniew Boniek,                                                                             deliberation.


                                                          helped to conduct the draw.

     GROUP A                           GROUP B                                   GROUP C                            the eight host cities displayed what
                                                                                                                    they will be able to offer to the fans in
     Germany                           Russia                                    Italy
                                                                                                                    just over two years’ time.
     Turkey                            Slovakia                                  Serbia
     Austria                           Republic of Ireland                       Northern Ireland                   Press conference
     Belgium                           FYR Macedonia                             Slovenia                                     In the draw hall, UEFA’s team
     Kazakhstan                        Armenia                                   Estonia                            of media officers marked out positions
     Azerbaijan                        Andorra                                   Faroe Islands                      for photographers and rehearsed all
                                                                                                                    the frantic post-draw manoeuvring
     GROUP D                           GROUP E                                   GROUP F                            aimed at getting the coaches on stage
     France                            Netherlands                               Croatia                            for group photos immediately after
     Romania                           Sweden                                    Greece                             they had discovered their opponents
     Bosnia-Herzegovina                Finland                                   Israel                             and then moving them upstairs to
                                                                                                                    place them in front of the right cam-
     Belarus                           Hungary                                   Latvia
                                                                                                                    eras, microphones and reporters at the
     Albania                           Moldova                                   Georgia                            right time. At 10.00, the TV commen-
     Luxembourg                        San Marino                                Malta                              tators got together in the press confer-
     GROUP G                           GROUP H                                   GROUP I                            ence room to run a fine-tooth comb
                                                                                                                    through the ceremony running order,
     England                           Portugal                                  Spain
                                                                                                                    to check access routes between
     Switzerland                       Denmark                                   Czech Republic                     commentary and interview positions,
     Bulgaria                          Norway                                    Scotland                           and to pass on their requests for
     Wales                             Cyprus                                    Lithuania                          post-ceremony interviews.
     Montenegro                        Iceland                                   Liechtenstein                                By this time, the big names
                                                                                                                    were arriving. Joachim Löw and Berti
The group winners and best runners-up qualify automatically for the final round;
the other eight runners-up will contest play-offs for the remaining four places at EURO 2012.                       Vogts were saying hello, unaware that
                                                                                                                    they would be drawn into the same
                                                                                                                    group. The same applied to Bert van
stewards, volunteers and medical staff                          rooms where administrators of the                   Marwijk and Erwin Koeman. And, as
were being briefed. By that time – bear-                        teams in each group could sit down                  the guests made their way into the
ing in mind that the Polish prime minis-                        after the draw to thrash out fixture                auditorium, Giovanni Trapattoni was
ter, Donald Tusk, was among the big                             lists and logistics. Waitresses, beauti-            busy greeting coaches who had once
names involved – tight security was in                          fully dressed in traditional Polish style,          been his players. At 11.45, everybody
place. By 08.00 the huge media centre                           worked with caterers to bring the                   had somehow been persuaded to take
and broadcast compound were open.                               hospitality areas to life and welcome               their seats and, spot on 12.00, the
Staff were checking the nine meeting                            visitors into a custom-built area where             first-night nerves were finally calmed
                                                                                                                    as the show got under way. The rest,
                                                                                                                    as they say, is history…
                                                           UMET was in charge
                                                           of producing the images.

                                                                                                    Fabio Capello answers
                                                                                                    journalists’ questions in the

                                                                                                    mixed zone.

                                     The third-place                                                Michel Platini

                                                                                                                                                                G. Baricsa
                                     play-off                                                       presents
                                     between the                                                    Spain with
                                     Czech Republic                                                 their winners’
                                     (Martin                                                        medals.
                                     Dlouhy, in red)
                                     and Azerbaijan


           European Futsal
Championship einnHungary
 Spain make it fiv i five-a-side




          Although the final outcome                   and, on the contrary, had turned out                           and even during the 60-second time-
may have been familiar, Hungary 2010                   to be highly competitive.                                      outs. These spectators, along with the
represented a radically different event                                                                               viewing public which tuned into the
compared with previous editions. It was                Other novelties                                                matches screened by Eurosport, were
the first final tournament to feature                            For the first time, the final tour-                  also witnesses to another ground-
12 teams, with the opening phase con-                  nament was staged in two cities – Buda-                        breaking feature – the black playing
ducted in four groups of three.                        pest and Debrecen – more than 200km                            surface adorned with a centre circle in
          The results in Hungary provided              apart. This measure took futsal out into                       the form of the tournament logo.
some compelling evidence. Azerbaijan –                 the country and the Hungarian associa-
one of the newcomers – emerged as                      tion was rewarded by attendance figures                        Highlights
the dark horses of the tournament:                     which averaged out at over 2,800 per                                    The new format (four groups
after they had been beaten by Portugal                 game – a significant increase on the 2007                      of three followed by quarter- and semi-
in the penalty shoot-out which decided                 finals played at venues of lesser capacity.                    finals) meant that 20 matches were
their semi-final, they lost the third-place                      Talking about the hosts, the                         played at Hungary 2010. So these
match to the Czech Republic, who,                      contribution made by the Hungarian                             pages don’t set out to provide reports
by going home with bronze medals,                      national association warrants a round of                       on all of them, but just to mention
recorded their best ever performance in                applause. The tournament was impec-                            some highlights.
a final tournament. Prior to the knock-                cably organised and laid benchmarks in                                  Czech Republic v Hungary in
out stages, the revolutionary format                   several areas – not least the levels of en-                    Group A, for example. Both had been
had been endorsed by final matchdays                   tertainment offered to spectators before                       soundly beaten by Azerbaijan in their
in which no fixtures were meaningless                  matches, during the half-time break                            opening matches, leaving them to
                                                                                                                      battle for second place in the final
                                                                                                                      game. The hosts, with a more favour-
                                                                                                                      able goal difference, required only a
                                                                                                                      draw. With only 15 minutes remaining,
                                                                                                                      they were doing substantially better
                                                                                                                      than that. They were 4-0 up. Tomas
                                                                                                                      Neumann’s team hit back – 5 times in
                                                                                                                      13 minutes – but the worm turned
                                                                                                                      again, with Zsolt Gyurcsanyi scoring,
                                                                                                                      with 39 seconds remaining, the
                                                                                                                      equaliser that earned the home fans
                                                                                                                      the prospect of a quarter-final place.
                                                                                                                      Before the cheering subsided, that
                                                                                                                      hope was dashed, with Marek Kopecky
                                                                                                                      giving the Czechs a 6-5 advantage
                                                                                                                      19 seconds before the end!
                                                                                                                               This may have been the most
                                                                                                                      striking example of brinkmanship but
                                                                                                                      it was by no means the only one.
                                                                                                                               In the second Group D fixture,
                                                                                                                      Portugal seemed to be cruising after

06     uefadirect 3.10
                                                                                                                 Russia’s Pavel                                               The quarter-
                                                                                                                 Chistopolov                                                  final between
                                                                                                                 is cornered                                                  Azerbaijan
                                                                                                                 by two                                                       and Ukraine
                                                                                                                 Spaniards in                                                 also went
                                                                                                                 their goalless                                               to a penalty
                                                                                                                 quarter-final.                                               shoot-out.


                                                                                                                                                                G. Baricsa
                                                                      dits’ prediction that they would play                       in psychological and sporting terms,
                                                                      the final, were to meet in the last eight.                  successfully come back from the group-
                                                                               It was at this stage that brink-                   phase brink. And, in the semi-final,
                                                                      manship was taken a step further. Of the                    they twice came from behind against
                                                                      six knockout matches played during the                      a talented Azerbaijani side which was
                                                                      run-up to the Hungary 2010 final, four                      led by Brazilian coach Alesio and whose
                                                                      went to penalty shoot-outs.                                 dressing room was rich in naturalised
                                                                               The first two decreed unex-                        Brazilian accents.
       Italy’s Saad Assis (in blue) up against Marek                  pected exits for Italy (champions in 2003)                            The Czechs, in one of the few
       Kopecky of the Czech Republic in the quarter-finals.
                                                                      and Ukraine (silver medallists in 2001                      games which respected the form book,
       taking an early 2-0 lead against                               and 2003). The Italians – solid winners                     had valiantly restricted Spain to an 8-1
       a Belarus side which had been ham-                             against Belgium and Ukraine – could do                      scoreline in the other semi-final. “Their
       mered 9-1 by Spain on the opening                              no better than 3-3 against the Czechs                       futsal is of a far higher level than ours,”
       day. But the debutants fought back                             and went home unbeaten. The Ukraini-                        the Czech coach, Tomas Neumann,
       with 4 goals in 15 minutes, which left                         ans, after an identical scoreline, suffered                 admitted.
       the Portuguese less than 9 minutes                             a shoot-out defeat against Azerbaijan.                                The result set up an all-Iberian
       from an early exit. Back from the brink                        On the following day, there was even                        final which was disputed with all the ten-
       they came, to go 5-4 up with 69 sec-                           more drama in the shoot-out which                           sions of a local derby and which respected
       onds on the clock… only to concede an                          followed a tense, goalless stalemate be-                    the tournament norm of having a sting
       equaliser from the double-penalty mark                         tween the Russians and Spaniards.                           in the tail. After Carlos Ortiz and Javi
       just a second from the final whistle.                                   After hammering the ninth                          Rodríguez had given José Venancio’s de-
                This draw meant that the                              penalty over the head of Russian keeper                     fending champions a 2-0 half-time lead,
       Belarus squad stayed in Debrecen for                           Sergii Zuev, Spain’s captain, Javi Rodrí-                   it looked like game over when Lin added
       another couple of days on the outside                          guez, wheeled away to celebrate with his                    a third with just over four minutes to play.
       chance that the Portuguese would lose                          team-mates – only to realise that the                       Not in this tournament. With the flying
       to Spain by eight goals or more. When                          match officials had disallowed his ‘win-                    goalkeeper directing operations, Portugal
       Orlando Duarte’s side fell 5-1 behind                          ning goal’. When the shoot-out resumed,                     hit back with two goals in 39 seconds to
       midway through the second half, the                            the disconcerted Spaniards were not                         hint at further exploits in brinkmanship.
       Belarus contingent behind the Spanish                          favourites to win. But it spoke volumes                     Yet just when an equaliser seemed on
       goal became quite lively… only for Por-                        for their experience and their ability to                   the cards, Daniel turned them over again
       tugal to play out a 6-1 defeat which                           manage critical moments that they con-                      by ramming the ball in at the other end
       sent them into the competition’s record                        verted three more spot kicks before Luís                    to make it 4-2 with only 22 seconds to
       books as the only side to have qualified                       Amado, once again a key performer be-                       play. It was an appropriate finale to a
       from a group phase with one point.                             tween the posts, made the winning save.                     tournament where the results might hint
                That wasn’t all. A day earlier,                                The odd one out in the quarter-                    at the slender margins between victory
       the Russian team which had beaten the                          finals was a 5-1 win                                        and defeat but cannot begin to reflect
       Slovenians 5-1 in their opening game,                          over Serbia which                                           the dramas which underlay them.
       appeared to be cruising when they                              suggested that the
       took a 2-0 lead early in the second half                       Portuguese had,
       against Serbia and maintained it until
       just over ten minutes from time. But                                                                                                                                  Spain’s Kike
       the Serbs back came with four goals                                                                                                                                   tries to get
       in six minutes. Although the Russians                                                                                                                                 past Portugal’s
                                                                                                                                                                             Gonçalo Alves
       deployed a flying goalkeeper, their only                                                                                                                              in the final.
       reward was a 4-3 defeat. Spain and
       Russia, instead of respecting the pun-

25.01 in Budapest Azerbaijan – Ukraine                               3-3*
25.01 in Debrecen Czech Republic – Italy                             3-3*
26.01 in Budapest Serbia – Portugal                                  1-5
26.01 in Debrecen Russia – Spain                                     0-0*
28.01 in Debrecen Azerbaijan – Portugal                              3-3*
28.01 in Debrecen Czech Republic – Spain                             1-8

T H I R D - P L A C E P L AY- O F F
30.01 in Debrecen Azerbaijan – Czech Republic                        3-5
30.01 in Debrecen Portugal – Spain                                   2-4                                                                                                           07
* after penalty kicks
                                       Jaime Lissavetzky,                                          Jim Battle
                                       Jordi Hereu, Senes Erzik                                    of Manchester
                                       and Joan Laporta                                            city council
                                                                                                   signs the goodwill

         Fan hosting
seminar in BarcelonaPromotion of fair play and respect



           The inspiration for the event      motiv of a unique encounter between          autograph hunters and photographers
dates back to a conversation between          representatives of major clubs and cities.   focused on former stars such as Luís
Michel Platini and the mayor of Barce-                                                     Figo and Emilio Butragueño, who were
lona, Jordi Hereu. The Catalan capital        Public ceremony                              appearing for FC Internazionale and
regularly stages high-profile European                  The event on 1 and 2 February      Real Madrid CF, yet, on this occasion, the
matches and, as the city’s councillor         consisted of two distinct segments under     thousand words were worth more than
for prevention and security, Assumpta         the banner ‘football, host cities and        the picture.
Escarp, was later to explain, a game          respect’. The first was a public ceremony              The four speakers transmitted
played two seasons ago represented a          in the city hall which attracted 31 pho-     the same message. Senes Erzik remarked
turning point. The city was left to foot      tographers and 11 TV crews. On stage         that welcoming groups of visiting sup-
the bill for damage to public property        was UEFA’s first vice-president, Senes       porters often boils down to preventing
and a massive mop-up operation. The           Erzik, alongside the president of            damage, identifying troublemakers,
Barcelona authorities decided to turn         FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta, Spain’s          avoiding incidents and segregating fans
‘crisis’ into opportunity and the result      secretary of state for sport, Jaime          from the local population – negative
was a decision to take a proactive            Lissavetzky, and Jordi Hereu.                aspects, each and every one of them.
approach and to implement a new phi-                    The ceremony itself was for        He summed up the core theme of the
losophy on how fans could best be wel-        the signing by the city and club represen-   gathering by asking “do we segregate
comed to the city. That was the theme         tatives of a goodwill declaration promot-    or integrate?”
of the conversation between the mayor         ing fair play and respect in cities where              Jordi Hereu, reflecting on Bar-
and the UEFA president – and the leit-        international matches are staged. The        celona’s change of policy, commented
                                                                                           “the time has come to focus on enjoying
                                                                                           football and enjoying the experience of
                                                                                           visiting a foreign city.” Jaime Lissavetzky
                                                                                           added: “Spain wants to be a reference
                                                                                           point in terms of positive behaviour and
                                                                                           the best way to achieve this is to make
                                                                                           respect and passion for the game com-
                                                                                           patible on the pitch, in the stadium and
                                                                                           in the city.” Joan Laporta told the audi-
                                                                                           ence that FC Barcelona was working
                                                                                           hand in hand with UNESCO to eradicate
                                                                                           racism and violence and “this is the
                                                                                           moment to promote football matches
                                                                                           as social opportunities”.
                                                                                                     This theme was carried into
                                                                                           the second part of the event – a seminar
                                                                                           staged the following morning. Richard
                                                                                           Giulianotti, a professor at Durham Uni-
A perfect setting for
                                                                                           versity in the UK and a researcher into
the ceremony                                                                               fans’ behaviour for a couple of decades,

08      uefadirect 3.10
                      Emilio Butragueno                                                                       UEFA vice-president
                      lent his support                                                                        Senes Erzik and Luis Figo
                      to the ‘fan hosting’                                                                    shake hands.

commented: “Today’s supporters are              porters can help to marginalise the       to engage with communities as well as
often experienced travellers within an          bad guys.”                                their established fan groups.
‘imagined community’ united by their                      Daniela Wurb, representing                 The seminar and the signing of
allegiance, their memories, their rivalries     the FSE (Football Supporters Europe)      the declaration of goodwill in Barcelona
and their friendships. While they are           network, feels that “there is an          were regarded as milestone events in
protective of their collective identity, they   overemphasis on the behaviour of a        terms of reviewing the way visiting fans
are open to cultural exchanges. There           minority and something must be done       are treated. But reaching a milestone has
is no single formula for achieving this,        to change a climate in which fans are     little significance if the travellers sit down
but UEFA could certainly follow up this         sometimes prevented from seeing           to admire it. The challenge is to take
magnificent initiative by establishing          the city they are visiting.” Karl Evans   the fan hosting concept a stage further –
a network of information based on the           of Manchester United FC and Mike          and the city of Barcelona insisted that
strategies adopted by different cities.”        Storey, the lord mayor of Liverpool,      further invitations would be issued with
                                                agreed that there was a tendency to       a view to monitoring progress.
Different strategies                            over-concentrate on negatives or                     The diversities within Europe
          And there will be different stra-     to underestimate or disregard informa-    and European football mean that,
tegies, with clubs and cities aiming to find    tion provided by the fans themselves.     as Willie McDougall put it, “there is no
a way of recreating the sort of fan-park        However, both reported that clubs         single blueprint. But by working alone
atmosphere that converted EURO 2008             were now making determined efforts        we will achieve nothing.”
into a fiesta. Assumpta Escarp told the
gathering that Barcelona’s approach was
to offer, with the collaboration of public
and private bodies, leisure activities,
music, food and refreshments as well as
making sure that signage and public
transport were user-friendly to visiting
fans. The mayor of Glasgow, Bob Winter,
added that, although policing policies
and attitudes remained core elements at
high-risk matches, his city had also in-
volved various partners in a Team Glasgow
project aimed at creating a welcoming
atmosphere – which often started with
mementos being handed out as soon as
fans arrived at the airport. “This is two-
way traffic,” he said, “based on intensive
contacts with other cities. We make our
own population aware of the identity and
culture of the supporters who are visiting
our city and, at the same time, we try to
display Scottish culture to the visitors.
The emphasis is on them enjoying the
visit as well as enjoying the match.”
          Willie McDougall, one of UEFA’s
security officers and, as the name might
suggest, a fellow Scotsman, endorsed
the value of giving something, however
small, to supporters who might then be
more prepared to give something back in
terms of behaviour. “The policing element
will always be there,” he commented,
“and forward planning is crucial. You
                                                                                                                                    Photos: Laura Llach

need to create a safe venue and manage
the crowd in a secure manner, but a lot
can be done to generate positive waves.
For example, empowering ‘friendly’ sup-

        European Team Sports association takes shape

                     Team sports
                  combine forces


          All European sports organisations             There are no plans at pre-                in the association’s inaugural media
have certain things in common, be it in        sent for this new association to have              release: “The European Team Sports
their everyday activities, such as the         its own permanent headquarters.                    express their satisfaction with the
organisation of competitions, or in issues     Instead, the member federations will               newly recognised status of sport in the
linked to their politico-economic environ-     continue to take turns to host meet-               Lisbon Treaty. As responsible, profes-
ment. It was this realisation that led         ings, chaired by the president of the              sional, democratic and representative
them, early in the new millennium, to          host federation. It is conceivable that            European partners, the European
come together for informal discussions         other team sports will join the move-              Team Sports also express their desire to
on points of common interest.                  ment, which will work in harmony                   work in partnership together with
          Regular meetings of this sort        with other sports organisations.                   their direct institutional counterparts,
have been organised by the basketball                                                             namely the European Parliament,
(FIBA Europe), handball (EHF), ice hockey      EU matters                                         the Council of the European Union
(IIHF), volleyball (CEV) and football (UEFA)             The objective of the ETS is to           and the European Commission,
federations, which were later joined by        promote, develop and represent the                 in order to shape a healthy future for
their rugby counterparts (FIRA-AER).           interests of European team sports and              European sport.”
The next step was taken on 8 December,         to increase the exchange of informa-                         Since the Bosman case, which
when the group strengthened their              tion between its members. Clearly,                 affected not only football but also
relationship by creating the European          issues linked to the EU are a key area             other team sports in Europe, numerous
Team Sports association (ETS).                 of concern for the ETS, as underlined              questions have been raised by Euro-
                                                                                                  pean legislation and the stability
                                                                                                  of sport has been jeopardised by the
                                                                                                  uncertainties that have emerged
                                                                                                  as regards the conformity of sports
                                                                                                  regulations with EU law.
                                                                                                            As in the Bosman case, all deci-
                                                                                                  sions taken by the Court of Justice of
                                                                                                  the European Union against the sport-
                                                                                                  ing regulations of a European federa-
                                                                                                  tion can have a kind of snowball effect
                                                                                                  that comes to bear on other sports.
                                                                                                  It is therefore particularly important
                                                                                                  that the federations should have a suit-
                                                                                                  able platform for sharing information

                                                                                                  and experiences, and adopting com-
                                                                                                  mon positions and strategies.

10     uefadirect 3.10
The logos of the six members
of the European Team Sports association:
basketball, rugby, handball,
football, volleyball and ice hockey

                  In this context, the ETS               News from Brussels
        has clearly explained its position:
                                                          On Tuesday, 9 February, the European Parliament officially voted
        “As regards EU law and sport, the Euro-
                                                      in a new college of commissioners, who will hold office for the next four
        pean Team Sports support the view
                                                      years under the continued presidency of José Manuel Barroso.
        that the specific nature of sport should      As before, sport will fall within the remit of the commissioner respon-
        be fully acknowledged by all European         sible for education and culture.
                                                           Composed of one commissioner per EU member state, the European
                                                      Commission is one of the most important institutions of the EU.
        Various subjects                              Its main role is to propose and put in place EU policies and ensure that
                  Numerous issues that could          they are duly applied throughout the union.
        be affected by EU law have yet to be             Having been initially nominated by their heads of state and govern-
        resolved, including the development of        ment, the European commissioners were appointed on 27 November.
        the federations and the pyramid struc-        The college was then approved by the European Parliament last month,
        ture of the European sports model, the        with 488 votes for, 137 against and 72 abstentions.
        protection of national teams and vital           The new commissioners and their portfolios are as follows:
        questions linked to the commercial               Austria: Johannes Hahn – Regional Policy
        rights of the federations which, in turn,        Belgium: Karel De Gucht – Trade
        finance grassroots sport in Europe.              Bulgaria: Kristalina Georgieva – International Cooperation, Humani-
        These are all areas in which the ETS will        tarian Aid and Crisis Response
                                                         Cyprus: Androulla Vassiliou – Education, Culture, Multilingualism
        be able to adopt a common approach.
                                                         and Youth (including sport)
                  However, the activities of the
                                                         Czech Republic: Stefan Füle – Enlargement and European Neighbour-
        ETS will not be limited to EU matters.           hood Policy
        The federations can learn from each              Denmark: Connie Hedegaard – Climate Action
        other's experiences in fields including          Estonia: Siim Kallas (Vice-President) – Transport
        competition regulations and formats,             Finland: Olli Rehn – Economic and Monetary Affairs
        marketing of their competitions, rela-           France: Michel Barnier – Internal Market and Services
                                                         Germany: Günther Oettinger – Energy
        tions between continental and world
                                                         Greece: Maria Damanaki – Fisheries and Maritime Affairs
        federations, match calendars, medical
                                                         Hungary: László Andor – Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
        matters and even refereeing issues, such         Ireland: Máire Geoghegan-Quinn – Research and Innovation
        as numbers of referees per match.                Italy: Antonio Tajani (Vice-President) – Industry and Entrepreneurship
        It should also be noted that four of the         Latvia: Andris Piebalgs – Development
        six ETS member federations support               Lithuania: Algirdas Semeta – Taxation and Customs Union, Audit
        the MESGO programme, which aims                  and Anti-Fraud
        to deliver an Executive Master in Euro-          Luxembourg: Viviane Reding (Vice-President) – Justice, Fundamental
                                                         Rights and Citizenship
        pean Sport Governance (cf. uefadirect,
                                                         Malta: John Dalli – Health and Consumer Policy
        January 2010).                                   Netherlands: Neelie Kroes (Vice-President) – Digital Agenda
                  The ETS could also discuss the         Poland: Janusz Lewandowski – Financial Programming and Budget
        structures of the federations themselves,        Portugal: José Manuel Barroso – President
        their licensing systems and their discipli-      Romania: Dacian Ciolos – Agriculture and Rural Development
        nary measures. In all of these areas,            Spain: Joaquín Almunia (Vice-President) – Competition
        each federation has its own experience           United Kingdom: Catherine Ashton (Vice-President) – High Represen-
                                                         tative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
        and has sought its own solutions. Pool-
                                                         Slovakia: Maros Sefcovic (Vice-President) – Inter-Institutional
        ing the lessons they have learned can            Relations and Administration
        only be good for all European team               Slovenia: Janez Potocnik – Environment
        sports and help to strengthen their unity,       Sweden: Cecilia Malmström – Home Affairs
        while at the same time consolidating               Androulla Vassiliou, born in Cyprus on 30 November 1943,
        the position of sport as a whole in           was previously commissioner for health. In this capacity, she worked with
        European society.                             UEFA on the Eat for Goals! cookbook, launched on 30 September 2008
                                                      (cf. uefadirect, No. 78).

                                                                                      The Executive
                                                                                      Committee was
                                                                                      received by the
                                                                                      president of Malta
                                                                                      and former president
                                                                                      of the Malta
                                                                                      Football Association,

                                                                        D. Aquilina

                                                                                                                                                                            D. Aquilina
                                                                                      George Abela.

 Meetings and                                                                                                               Turkey. Their bids were to be handed
                                                                                                                            over to UEFA in Nyon on 15 February,
                                                                                                                            while on 27 May – also at UEFA’s head-

other activities
                                                                                                                            quarters – the candidates will present
                                                                                                                            their bids to the Executive Committee,
                                                                                                                            which, based on the recommendations
                                                                                                                            of the National Team Competitions
            Creation of a centre                                                                                            Committee, will take its decision the
                                                                                                                            following day and then announce it
        of refereeing excellence                                                                                            in Geneva.
                                                                                                                                      Turning to other national team
                                                                                                                            competitions, the committee received
                                                                                                                            a progress report on preparations for
THE UEFA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE’S FIRST MEETING OF 2010, HELD ON 28 JANUARY                                                    EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.
                                                                                                                            It also adapted the autumn dates in the
                                                                                                                            2009–11 European Under-21 Champi-
                                                                                                                            onship in accordance with the changes
          Preceded by visits to the coun-   to the European Football Champion-                                              to the double-date system (Friday
try’s prime minister, Lawrence Gonzi,       ship, not to mention the restructuring                                          and Tuesday instead of Saturday and
and president, George Abela, the Exec-      of the UEFA administration and budget-                                          Wednesday). These date changes con-
utive Committee meeting was organ-          ary matters.                                                                    cern mainly the play-offs, which will
ised in Malta as part of the celebrations                                                                                   now take place on 8/9 and 11/12
to mark 100 years of national football      National team competitions                                                      October 2010. Finally, the Executive
competitions on the island and 50 years              In national team competition                                           Committee approved the regulations
of the Malta Football Association           matters, the committee began by set-                                            of the 2010/11 UEFA Regions’ Cup,
being a full member of UEFA and FIFA.       ting the timeline for the EURO 2016 bid                                         which 39 associations have entered.
          In a meeting lasting just over    procedure. Following the withdrawal at                                                    Turning to club competitions
four and a half hours, the Executive        the end of 2009 of the joint bid of                                             and, more precisely, the UEFA Futsal
Committee dealt with a huge range of        Norway and Sweden, three countries                                              Cup, SL Benfica were chosen to
business, from the UEFA Regions’ Cup        remain in the running: France, Italy and                                        host the finals, which will therefore

  Changes in the UEFA administration
        At its meeting in Malta, the Executive Commit-                                 general counsel, while Alexandre Fourtoy takes charge
  tee appointed Theodore Theodoridis as UEFA’s new                                     of communications.
  deputy general secretary, to sup-
  port the general secretary, Gianni                                                         Alasdair Bell first became
  Infantino. A former member of                                                        involved with UEFA as part of the
  the Stadium and Security Commit-                                                     team that represented it in the
  tee and former vice-chairman of                                                      Bosman case. Since then he has under-
  the Club Competitions Committee,                                                     taken many other UEFA assignments.
  Theodore Theodoridis joined                                                          He also has vast experience of EU com-

  the UEFA administration in Janu-                                                     munity and competition law. He took

  ary 2008 as director of the                                                          up his new position in mid-February.
  national associations division,
                                                                                                                                 Until the creation of the
  a position that he will continue to hold alongside his
                                                                                                                           new subsidiary UEFA Events SA,
  duties as deputy general secretary.
                                                                                                                           Alexandre Fourtoy, who joined
        The general secretary, Gianni Infantino, also pre-                                                                 UEFA in August 2001, was chief
  sented the new structure of the UEFA administration,                                                                     executive of the subsidiary UEFA
  which now consists of six divisions: joining existing                                                                    Media Technologies (UMET) and
  directors Steve Aeschlimann (services), Josef Koller                                                                     the leading force behind the entire
  (finance), Giorgio Marchetti (competitions) and                                                                          development of the

  Theodore Theodoridis (national associations), Alasdair                                                                   website, which now falls under the
  Bell has been appointed director of legal services/                                                                      communications division.

12     uefadirect 3.10
                                                        Interviú Madrid,                                                                 The Colovray
                                                        last year’s winners                                                              sports centre
                                                        of the Futsal Cup,                                                               will be home
                                                        will be trying                                                                   to a centre
                                                        to defend their title                                                            of excellence
                                                        in Lisbon.                                                                       for young


                                                                                                    protest, but the Appeals Body then

                                                            Referee Convention                      annulled that decision and ruled in
                                                                Another five national associ-       favour of Fortuna Hjørring. The result
                                                            ations have met the require-            of the second-leg game was therefore
take place in Lisbon from 22 to 25 April.
                                                            ments of the convention and             amended to a 3-0 win for the Danes,
In addition to the host club, the other
                                                            been accepted by the Executive          who thus qualify 3-1 on aggregate
finalists are Araz Naxçivan (Azerbaijan),
                                                            Committee as signatories.               and will now meet ASD Torres Calcio
Luparense Calcio A5 (Italy) and title-
                                                            They are the football associa-          of Italy in the quarter-finals.
holders Interviú Madrid (Spain).
                                                            tions of Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania,
Centre of refereeing excellence                             Moldova and Wales.
                                                                This brings the number              Sweden head
in Nyon
          Fulfilling the wish of the UEFA                   of associations that have               fair play rankings
president to give the UEFA headquarters                     signed the convention to 30,                    Under the banner of respect,
in Nyon not only an administrative char-                    leaving 23 which are still under        the UEFA fair play rankings have
acter but also a sporting one, the Execu-                   evaluation.                             become a long-established practice
tive Committee agreed to UEFA taking                                                                since they were introduced
over the management of the Colovray                                                                 more than 16 years ago, in the
sports centre opposite its headquarters.                                                            1993/94 season.
The lease concluded with the Nyon
                                                          UEFA Women’s
                                                                                                             The purpose of the rankings
authorities runs for 49 years. On 1 April,                Champions League                          is to reward the national associations
UEFA will take on the development,                                Although no action has            whose teams (national and club) show
maintenance and running costs, guaran-                    taken place in the UEFA Women’s           the greatest respect for the spirit of
teeing Nyon’s sports clubs the same con-                  Champions League since the round          the game by giving them an extra berth
ditions of use as before. UEFA will also                  of 16, a disciplinary decision has        in the European competitions, pre-
organise sports activities at Colovray. The               been taken that changes the face of       viously in the qualifying stage of the
first step will be taken this autumn with                 the quarter-finals.                       UEFA Cup and now in the same stage
the creation of a centre of refereeing                                   Fortuna Hjørring lost      of the UEFA Europa League.
excellence, where young referees from all                                both legs of their round            Three associations enjoy this
its member associations will be invited                                  of 16 tie against          privilege, i.e. the top three in the UEFA
to further their training with the help of                               Olympique Lyonnais         rankings at the end of the season.
leading experts. The Executive Commit-                                   (1-0 in Denmark and        At the midway point at the end of last
tee approved the necessary financial                      5-0 in France); however, the Danish       year, Sweden (8.263 points), Denmark
resources for this pilot project until                    club protested that the French side had   (8.169) and England (8.168) headed the
at least 2012.                                            fielded two ineligible players in the     table, followed by Finland, Republic of
          The committee also accepted the                 return match. The UEFA Control and        Ireland, Norway, Scotland and Germany,
Finance Committee’s proposal to invest                    Disciplinary Body rejected the initial    all on more than 8.1 points.
some of UEFA’s reserves in bricks and
mortar by constructing a new administra-
tive building in Nyon and thereby further
extending UEFA’s headquarters. While this
third building is under construction, the
villa La Falaise will be converted to receive
guests.                                                           The youth teams
          I The Executive Committee                               also contribute
                                                                  to their national
agreed to donate 270,000 to the Czech                             associations’ fair
Football Association as a contribution                            play rankings,
                                                                  which can result
towards the cost of repairing the football                        in an extra place
infrastructure of 21 clubs in Bohemia and                         in the UEFA
                                                                  Europa League.
Moravia that was damaged by the floods
that struck these regions last July.
          I It also allocated 45,000 to the
                                                                                                                                                         D. Aquilina

Icelandic Football Association for a pilot
project to install a mini-pitch at a prison.

     Tour-                                                                                                                                                                    The Only a Game?
                                                                                                                                                                              exhibition has
   nament                                                                                                                                                                     opened in Istanbul.


                                                                                                                                                             Tanguy Cortier
in Albania

                                              Jean-Luc Marchina/Terre des hommes
                                                                                   Only a Game?                                                        bition with the president of the TFF,
                                                                                                                                                       Mahmut Özgener, the mayor of Istanbul
                                                                                   moves to Istanbul
                                                                                                                                                       and other figures from the worlds of
                                                                                           Only a Game?, the interac-
                                                                                                                                                       sport, politics and culture.
    As part of the MOVE project supported                                          tive exhibition designed by Olivier
                                                                                                                                                                 The exhibition is being held
    by UEFA and set up by the organisa-                                            Guibaud, opened its doors in
                                                                                                                                                       at the Taksim Cumhuriyet Sanat Galerisi
    tion Terre des Hommes, a gathering                                             Istanbul on 21 January, following
                                                                                                                                                       and is open from 10.00 to 22.00 every
    of more than 250 children and 150                                              very successful runs in Brussels in
                                                                                                                                                       day except Monday until the end
    adults (parents, officials and teachers)                                       2007 and Liverpool in 2009.
                                                                                                                                                       of April.
    took place in Durres, in Albania.                                                        UEFA, the Turkish Football
                   On 20 November, Universal                                       Federation (TFF) and the city of Istan-
                                                                                                                                                        Obituary –
                   Children’s Day, this gather-                                    bul have joined forces to present this
                   ing offered the participants                                    exhibition in the Turkish city to mark                               Sándor Barcs
                   a series of activities, includ-                                 its year as a European Capital of Cul-                                     Sándor Barcs, former presi-
                   ing a fair play football tour-                                  ture. For this third showing, the exhi-                              dent of the Hungarian Football
    nament. It involved mixed teams of chil-                                       bition, which explores the links be-                                 Federation, passed away on 8 Janu-
    dren from different communities and was                                        tween football and European society                                  ary at the age of 97, which made
    played according to special rules, with                                        during the last 50 years, has also been                              him the oldest surviving former
    only goals scored by girls counting and                                                                                                             member of
                                                                                   able to count on the support of the
    the referee being replaced by a mediator                                                                                                            the UEFA
                                                                                   museums of Istanbul’s three great
    whose role was also to encourage con-                                                                                                               Executive
                                                                                   clubs, Besiktas JK, Fenerbahçe SK and
    tact before and after the matches and to                                                                                                            Committee,
                                                                                   Galatasaray AS, which enables it to                                  to which he
    help the players to express their feelings.                                    associate the heritage of Turkish foot-
    The tournament thus proved to be a                                                                                                                  was elected in
                                                                                   ball with the game’s European roots.                                 1962. In July
    good way to encourage respectful com-
                                                                                             “The exhibition is the perfect                             1972, as first
    munication. It also helped the children to

                                                                                   platform to convey an important so-                                  vice-president
    improve their self-esteem and to develop
                                                                                   cial message, and we are very proud                                  of UEFA at the
    their sense of belonging.
                                                                                   to host the exhibition in Istanbul, the                              time of the death of its president,
             In 2008, UEFA committed itself
                                                                                   capital of diversity,” declared Senes                                Gustav Wiederkehr, Sándor Barcs
    to the MOVE project for four years. The
                                                                                   Erzik, first vice-president of UEFA and                              became caretaker president of
    aim of the project is to help leaders to im-
                                                                                   honorary president of the TFF, who                                   UEFA until the extraordinary con-
    prove their personal, social, methodologi-                                                                                                          gress held in Rome on 15 March
    cal and technical skills to enable them                                        attended the inauguration of the exhi-
                                                                                                                                                        1973, when Artemio Franchi was
    to then improve the psychosocial devel-                                                                                                             elected president.
    opment of children in Albania, Moldova                                                                                                                    A leader of great stature,
    and Romania through games and sport.                                                                                  Match against                 Sándor Barcs contributed signifi-
                                                                                                                          poverty                       cantly to the work of UEFA, which,
                                                                                                                          in Lisbon                     in recognition of his distinguished
                                                                                                                                                        services, made him an honorary
                                                                                                                               UEFA backed a            member at the 1980 UEFA Congress
                                                                                                                          match against poverty         in Rome, following his retirement
                                                                                                                          in Lisbon on 25 January,      in 1978 from the Executive Com-
                                                                                                                          in which many past and        mittee, on which he had served for
                                                                                                                          present international         16 years as vice-president.
                                                                                                                          football stars took part.           Sándor Barcs also belonged to
                                                                                                                                                        many other UEFA committees in his
                                                                                                                               All the proceeds from
                                                                                                                                                        time, contributing, in particular,
                                                                                                                          the match – an initiative
                                                                                                                                                        to the UEFA club competitions and
                                                                                                                          of the United Nations         playing a major role in the creation
                                                                                                                          Development Programme         of the European Cup Winners’ Cup.
                                                                                                 Leong/AFP/Getty Images

                                                                                                                          (UNDP) – are being                  In Malta, the Executive
                        Over 50,000 spectators
                        watched the ex-interna-                                                                           directed towards relief       Committee paid tribute to him by
                        tionals (Patrick Kluivert                                                                         and reconstruction efforts
                        in blue) and SL Benfica’s                                                                                                       observing a minute’s silence in
                        All-Star XI draw 3-3.                                                                             in support of the Haiti       his memory at the start of its meet-
                                                                                                                          earthquake victims.           ing on 28 January.

    14     uefadirect 3.10
                                                                                                             Fitness is
                                                                                                             crucial for both
                                                                                                             new referees
                                                                                                             and their more

                                       D. Aquilina

                                                                                               D. Aquilina

   International                                                                                                    trated the importance of positioning –
                                                                                                                    and, in refereeing, ‘positioning’ is all
                                                                                                                    about making the right runs at the right

refereesn g t h e g a m e
                                                                                                                    time. But, whereas a player’s running
                                                                                                                    is all about making the best angles
                                                                                                                    to receive passes, the referee’s is about
                                                                                                                    making the best angles to achieve a
     Readi                                                                                                          clear vision of play. In Malta, the referees
                                                                                                                    were invited to review a number of situ-
                                                                                                                    ations where they needed to be on ‘red
                                                                                                                    alert’ at set plays, with Andy Roxburgh
103 INTERNATIONAL REFEREES MET IN MALTA FOR THE ANNUAL WINTER                                                       examining examples of legitimate and
COURSE WHICH RAN FROM 1 TO 4 FEBRUARY.                                                                              not-so-legitimate blocking manoeuvres
                                                                                                                    employed to gain space for an attacking
          In point of fact, the course con-          of ground and keeping up with play,                            team-mate at corners or free-kicks.
sisted of two overlapping events involv-             the goal-line role represents a radically                                “The better you are at reading
ing, firstly, the 52 new European referees           different modus operandi.                                      the game,” he commented, “the easier
on the FIFA list and, two days later, the                                                                           it is to make the right calls and the
experienced match officials in the elite             Common elements                                                greater the chance of the game being
and premier categories. The venue was                         There were, however, elements                         exciting, fair and spectacular.”
Floriana, near Valletta (Malta), where               which were common to both courses,
the course formed part of the commem-                including extensive DVD analysis aimed                          Ten European referees
orations of a century of league football             at unifying criteria and reactions to                           for the World Cup
on the island and half a century of full             certain types of infractions or incidents.                          A postscript to the event was
FIFA and UEFA membership.                            The emphasis was on protecting players                          written within hours of the ad-
                                                     from reckless or overzealous challenges,                        vanced course referees travelling
Two courses                                          appropriate punishment for holding,                             home from Malta. Congratulations
          As usual, the introductory course          pulling and pushing offences in the                             on being included in the pre-tour-
focused firstly on assessing the new refer-          penalty area, and the best-practice ap-                         nament list for the FIFA World Cup
ees’ physical, medical and mental condi-             proach to detecting and dealing with                            are due to ten European referees:
tion via fitness tests, individual examina-          simulation.                                                     Olegário Benquerença (Portugal),
tions and sessions on mental preparation.                     This is where one of the other                         Massimo Busacca (Switzerland),
One of the novelties later in the course             sessions was of special relevance. UEFA’s                       Frank De Bleeckere (Belgium),
was a practical session led by referee               technical director, Andy Roxburgh, was                          Martin Hansson (Sweden), Viktor
instructors Valentin Ivanov and Steve                with both groups to discuss the impor-                          Kassai (Hungary), Stéphane Lannoy
Bennett aimed at exercising the partici-             tance of reading the game and ways                              (France), Roberto Rosetti (Italy),
pants’ judgement and positioning in                  to improve this ability. The sessions fea-                      Wolfgang Stark (Germany),
player simulation situations and assessing           tured DVD clips from EURO 2008 and                              Alberto Undiano Mallenco (Spain)
their reactions in terms of how offences             the UEFA Champions League which illus-                          and Howard Webb (England).
should be most appropriately punished.
          On the advanced course, one
of the major features was a session dedi-
cated to the ongoing experiment involv-
ing two additional assistant ‘goal-line’
referees. As the pilot testing has now
been extended into the knockout rounds
of the UEFA Europa League, the ad-
vanced referees needed to be primed for
a role which they may need to play for
the first time in their careers. In the pres-
ence of International FA Board member
Donald McVicar and FIFA’s Fernando
Tresaco, they watched clips from group
matches and were quick to realise that,
for officials accustomed to covering lots                    The elite and premier category referees
                                                                                                                                                               D. Aquilina


                                                                                                      I Mircea Sandu, member of the UEFA
                                                                                                      Executive Committee, was re-elected on
  Birthdays – Calendar                                                                                25 January for a sixth term as president
                                                                                                      of the Romanian Football Federation.
                                                                                                      I On 3 February, an extraordinary gen-
                                                                                                      eral meeting of the Russian Football
Birthdays                                           G   Daniel Prodan (Romania, 23.3)                 Union elected Sergey Fursenko as presi-
                                                    G   Maurizio Laudi (Italy, 24.3)
                                                    G   Michael Kirchner (Germany, 25.3)              dent for a five-year term.
   Josep Lluis Vilaseca Guasch (Spain), member          Wilfried Straub (Germany, 26.3)
of the circle of former UEFA committee members,
                                                    G                                                 I Mikael Santoft was appointed
                                                    G   Kemal Kapulluoglu (Turkey, 26.3)              general secretary of the Swedish Foot-
turns 80 on 8 March, while on the same day          G   Konstantin Vikhrov (Ukraine, 27.3)
Giorgio Crescentini (San Marino), vice-chairman     G   John McClelland (Scotland, 27.3)              ball Association on 1 January.
of the Futsal and Beach Soccer Committee, cele-     G   Joseph Gauci (Malta, 27.3)
brates his 60th. Ginés Meléndez (Spain), member                                                       I Paul Glomsaker was appointed gener-
                                                    G   José Antonio Casajus (Spain, 27.3)            al secretary of the Football Association
of the Jira Panel, also turns 60 on 22 March,       G   Armen Minasyan (Armenia, 27.3)
followed by Anton Ondrus (Slovakia), member         G   Pavel Cebanu (Moldova, 28.3)                  of Norway on 1 February.
of the Football Commission, on 27th. Andrea         G   Edgar Obertüfer (Switzerland, 29.8)
Lastrucci (Italy), match delegate, celebrates his   G   Ian Beasley (England, 29.3)
50th on 23rd.                                       G   Stefan Ormandjiev (Bulgaria, 29.3)
                                                                                                      Match agents
   UEFA also wishes many happy returns              G   Alan Snoddy (Northern Ireland, 29.3)
this month to:                                      G   Bernadette Constantin (France, 29.3)          UEFA match agent licences have
G Benny Jacobsen (Denmark, 1.3)                     G   Miriam Malone (Republic of Ireland, 29.3)     been issued to:
G Luis Medina Cantalejo (Spain, 1.3)                G   William Hugh Wilson (Scotland, 30.3)          Julius Owen Ighodaro
G Damir Vrbanovic (Croatia, 2.3)                                                                      Jowens Sport Management
G Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder (Germany, 3.3)
G Esa Antero Palsi (Finland, 4.3)                   Forthcoming events                                20A Jos Van Gellaan
G Zoran Bahtijarevic (Croatia, 5.3)                                                                   2100 Deurne Antwerp, Belgium
G Boris Durlen (Croatia, 6.3)                             Meetings                                    Mobile: +32 488 278 245
G Liana Melania Stoicescu (Romania, 6.3)                                                              Fax: +32 332 42 310
G Pedro Maria Aurteneche Vinegra (Spain, 7.3)            2.3.2010, Nyon                     
G Dusan Maravic (Serbia, 7.3)                       Club Licensing Committee
G Kenneth Scott (Scotland, 7.3)
                                                                                                      Stephen Tennent
                                                         19.3.2010, Nyon
G Tomás Gea (Andorra, 7.3)                          Draws for the quarter- and semi-finals
                                                                                                      A Life in Sport Limited
G Alexis Ponnet (Belgium, 9.3)                      of the UEFA Champions League                      10 Sandyford Place
G Vladimir Aleshin (Russia, 9.3)                    and UEFA Europa League                            Glasgow G3 7NB, Scotland
G Hendrik Kesler (Netherlands, 9.3)                                                                   +44 7801 719 397
G Ruben Hayrapetyan (Armenia, 9.3)
                                                         23/24.3.2010, Tel Aviv
                                                    Executive Committee                     
G Herbert Fandel (Germany, 9.3)
G Joseph S. Blatter (Switzerland, 10.3)                  25.3.2010, Tel Aviv
G Mateo Beusan (Croatia, 10.3)                      Ordinary UEFA Congress                            New publication
G Lucien Kayser (Luxembourg, 11.3)
G Olga Zhukovska (Ukraine, 11.3)                          Competitions                                100TH ANNIVERSARY
G Jean-François Crucke (Belgium, 12.3)
G Vlastibor Minarovjech (Slovakia, 13.3)                 9/10.3.2010                                  OF THE NATIONAL LEAGUE
G Thomas Partl (Austria, 13.3)                      UEFA Champions League:
                                                    round of 16 (return legs)                         To mark the centenary of the national
G Ivan Curkovic (Serbia, 15.3)                                                                        football league of Malta, Albert Fenech
G Markus Merk (Germany, 15.3)                            10.3.2010
G Cornelius Bakker (Netherlands, 17.3)              UEFA Women’s Champions League:                                    was commissioned by
G Liutauras Varanavicius (Lithuania, 17.3)          quarter-finals (first legs)                                       the Malta Football Associa-
G Christakis Skapoullis (Cyprus, 18.3)                   11.3.2010
                                                                                                                      tion to produce a book,
G Marcello Nicchi (Italy, 18.3)                     UEFA Europa League: round of 16 (first legs)                      the simple layout of which
G Andreas Georgiou (Cyprus, 18.3)                                                                                     highlights the quality of
G Marina Tashchyan (Armenia, 18.3)                       16/17.3.2010
                                                    UEFA Champions League: round of 16                                the images and informa-
G Hogni i Storustovu (Faroe Islands, 19.3)
G Helmut Spahn (Germany, 19.3)                      (return legs)                                                     tion. After some 70 pages
G Antal Dunai (Hungary, 21.3)                            17.3.2010                                                    on the history of Maltese
G Jim Boyce (Northern Ireland, 21.3)                UEFA Women’s Champions League:                    football, its most famous players, its lead-
G Chris Georghiades (Cyprus, 22.3)                  quarter-finals (return legs)                      ers and its infrastructure – all beautifully
G Michail Kassabov (Bulgaria, 22.3)                                                                   illustrated, with many archived photos –
G Franz Krösslhuber (Austria, 23.3)
                                                    UEFA Europa League: round of 16 (return legs)     comes a detailed statistics section,
G Miroslaw Malinovski (Poland, 23.3)
G Mahmut Özgener (Turkey, 23.3)                            30/31.3.2010                               containing lists not only of competition
G Outi Saarinen (Finland, 23.3)                     UEFA Champions League: quarter-finals             winners, but also of Malta’s top scorers
G Fernando Ruiz Hierro (Spain, 23.3)                (first legs)                                      and players of the year.

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