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					                     CURTAIN TRACKS
                           Flints supply a wide range of tracks ideally suited for                     LIGHTWEIGHT TRACKS
                                    use in the entertainments industry.                                                                       Unitab System This smart black
                                                                                                                                                extruded aluminium track is designed to
                                        Tab Track Terminology                                                                                   be the equivalent of a heavy duty
                     At first glance a tab track may appear complicated but all the compo-                                                      domestic track but with the reliability,
                     nents from each manufacturer have basically the same functions. We                                                         performance and ease of installation
                     have described them below to help you choose but if you prefer just                                                        that is expected of Triple E products.
                     phone us and we will calculate your component needs.                                                                       Recommended for small venues, pubs
                     Bobbins or Runners These run along the track normally on small                                                             and clubs. Note the excellent SWL of the
                     wheels and carry the drapes. Generally they are spaced at around                                                           runners which should exceed virtually
                     250-300mm apart.                                                                          every requirement. This track is not sold as a corded system so the

                     Rearfold Runners Runners with an attachment that grips the con-                           curtains are pulled manually. [However the master carrier is fitted with a cord
                     trol line [until offstage] to enable a cloth to move off stage without gath-              clamp so the ingenious among you could purchase some 4mm cord and some size 1
                     ering from the leading edge. Only normally used with painted cloths.                      yacht blocks and make a serviceable system - see below]. The track is general-
                     Master Runners The master runner is the lead runner. It will nor-                         ly screwed to a timber batten and it has a clever vee groove in the
                     mally have a clamping plate to grip the control cord. For a centre                        top flanges to neatly position your drill bit making the task quick
                     opening track you will need two master runners. Clamp the handline to                     and easy. Choose your type of screw carefully as there isn’t an
                     one runner, then thread it around the return pulley at the end of the                     abundance of clearance between the bobbins and the underside of
                     track and clamp the returning part of the cord to the other master run-                   the flange. Curved tracks can be made to order down to a radius of
                     ner. Even if the drapes are just to be pulled along it is wise to have a                  500mm. Transport costs on curved tracks need to be individually
2.48                 master runner at the leading edges as this runner will take a greater                     quoted.
                     strain than ordinary bobbins.
                     Overlap Arms Some master runners will take an overlap arm
                     which allows centre opening drapes to overlap. The alternative is to
                     overlap the tracks but to do this you will need overlap clips plus offset
                     plates to ensure the hook clamps align with the flying bar.

                     Head Pulley This double sheave vertical pulley bolts to the opera-
                     tor end of the track. Sometimes two designs are available, one for
                     overlap tracks and one for single tracks.
                     Return Pulley Horizontal pulley bolted to the far end of the track.
                     Floor Pulley These pulleys are fixed to the floor and the sheave
                     can be adjusted to put tension in the cord. If your track needs to fly                                                Small neat black profile.
                     out then choose a foot stirrup pulley or a weighted pulley. If you                   Phone                          Simple smooth running system.
                     choose a weighted pulley ensure that you use a polyester handline and          for a Flints track                   Can be supplied as curved track.
                     that regular checks are made to guard against chafe.                               catalogue                   Ideal for clubs, hotels, and restaurants.
                     Handline Tracks take 6 or 8mm diameter handlines. Nowadays most                                      Good choice for studio/classroom blackout curtains.
                     people choose matt black polyester line rather than jute sash. If you                                      Excellent for drapes fitted to scenery.
                     are using a weighted pulley do not use jute sash. For the track to oper-                        Not really suitable for touring [unless fixed to scenery].
                     ate the line needs to be tied [or clamped] to form a loop. The best                               Not normally supplied corded [but see below            ].
                     place to do this is just behind a master carrier rope clamp as this posi-          Unitab System                                       code                 price
                     tion never has to pass through a pulley.                                                 Straight Track up to 6m long                 EEETAB01 per m       £17.00
                                                                                                              Curved Track                                 EEETAB01C per m     £27.00
                                    How to Cord Up a Tab Track                                                Joint Pins                                   EEETAB05                FOC
                     Ideally position the assembled track at a comfortable working height.                    Standard Runner [SWL 10kg Space at 250mm] EEETAB06                 £5.00
                     The cording principle is based on a long loop of cord, the loop being                    Master Runner [with cord clamp]              EEETAB07            £33.00
                     formed by clamping both the ends onto the “Cord End Master Carrier”.                     End Stop and Curtain Anchor                  EEETAB24              £8.50
                     If the track is centre opening then the other “slave” master carrier                     S Hooks [for use with ruflette tapes]        EEETAB29              £1.00
                     will also be clamped to the returning cord. To cord a typical centre
                     opening track, position the master carriers in the “Tabs Closed” posi-                                                                              Cording
                     tion [centre stage]. Loosely tie or clamp one end of the cord onto the                                                                              Unitab
                     “Cord End Master Carrier” and thread the cord around the horizontal                                                                       Although Unitab
                     return pulley then back along the track passing through the rope                                               is not supplied as a corded system it is easy
                     clamp on the “slave master carrier”. Loosely tighten the clamp plate                                           to adapt by using a Barton Cheek block as
                     and continue with the cord to the header pulley. Take it over the head-                                        the return pulley [BARCH2] and a double
                     er pulley, around the foot stirrup or floor mounted pulley and back                                            Barton upright block [BAR01250] as the
                     over the other sheave on the header pulley and finally back to the                        header pulley [see page 2.41]. A Barton single pulley lashed to a
                     “Cord End Master Carrier”. Ensure you have the correct drop for the                       screw eye can substitute as an economical adjustable floor pulley.
                     floor mounted pulley and then loosely clamp the rope in place. Don’t
                     chop off the excess just yet! Take the track to its operational position.                   Flints can provide advice and competitive
                     Try the track to ensure it is corded correctly then tighten the rope                       quotations for supplying drapes as well! We
                     clamps and cut off the excess cord. [Based loosely on an extract from                      can also quote for installing and maintaining
                       the Unitrack Manual].                                                                             tracks in the London area.

                     Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                          tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                           
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                                                                                       MEDIUM DUTY TRACKS
new                                                                                                                                                Halls T60 Anglia
                                                                                                                                                   Track Designed to meet
                                                                                                                                           the requirements of most
                                                                                                                                           small and medium sized
                                                                                                                                           stages and television and
                                                                                                                                           video facilities with cyclo-
                                                                                                                                           ramas. Curtains can be
                                                                                                                                           hand pulled, electrically or
       2way This new track from Triple E is similar in design to their                                                                     hand winched or just
       3way track [see page 2.51]. Designed for lightweight curtains it can                                                                walked along. The maxi-
       be used instead of domestic tracking to provide the kind of reliable                   mum recommended length for a single wipe track is 9m or 18m for an
       service expected from Triple E products. The track is available in                     overlapped track. Single tracks can be easily suspended from bars by
       lengths up to 6.1m [20ft] and can be provided pre-rolled for curved                    using the T60 universal fittings bolted to Hook Clamps [see page 3.58].

       installations. The track is quickly joined with a steel plate and grub                 Overlap tracks should use the “Z” brackets to centre the track on the
       screws locating in the top slot while two roll pins provide alignment                  bar. The tracks can be supplied in 45 degree and 90 degree curved sec-
       of the running surfaces. 2way has a continuous suspension slot                         tions. Please phone for a complete list of components and prices.
       along the top to take Triple E fittings, or it can be screwed directly
       to a soffit by using ceiling clips. The runners are designed to take                        Often installed in school stages. Old design so tried and tested.
       ties or Twin Hooks but Steel Wire Hooks are also available for use                                                    Economically priced.
       with rufflette tapes. This track is not available as a corded version.                     Slightly fiddly joint bolts. Old design may not suit modern stages.
   Simple                                                                                                                                                                                    2.49
 good looks

          Track with insert nut       Hook Clamp        Master Runner and Standard

                                                                                                                                                                                                S ECT I O N T WO
                                                                  Runner                   Head Pulley            Return Pulley         Floor Fixing Pulley       Master Carrier

                                        Smart good looks. Ideal for pubs,
                                     clubs and small performance venues.
                                        Good choice for cycloramas in small
                                     photographic, TV and drama studios.
             Joint detail
                                           Use it for “on scenery” drapes.               Wheeled Runner            Overlap Clip        T60 Universal Fitting       Stud Hanger
                   Not available corded. Not suitable for touring.
 2way System                                          code                price
      Straight Track up to 6.1m long Black            EEE2W01B per m    £16.25
      Straight Track up to 6.1m long Silver           EEE2W01S per m    £14.25
      Curved Track 90° Section 750mm rad Blk EEE2W01B75090 £42.50
      Curved Track 90° Section 750mm rad Slv EEE2W01S75090 £40.50                        Z Tube to overlap     Face Fixing Bracket     Deadline Suspension             End Stop
      Curved Track 90° Section 1m rad Black EEE2W01B100090 £45.50                      Halls T60 Anglia Track                                        code                    price
      Curved Track 90° Section 1m rad Silver EEE2W01S100090 £43.50                           Straight Track 500mm section                            HALT60576              £24.66
      Curved Track to order Black                     EEE2W01BC per m    £POA                Straight Track 1 m section                              HALT60580              £32.35
      Curved Track to order Silver                    EEE2W01SC per m    £POA                Straight Track 2 m section                              HALT60584              £53.90
      Joint Plate with two pins                       EEE2W05            £8.25               Straight Track 3m section [max]                         HALT60586              £77.00
      Standard Runner [space at 250mm]                EEE3W06P           £3.00               [other lengths and curved sections available, please phone for details]
      Ball Raced Runner [space at 250mm]              EEE3W06C           £5.50               Joint Bolts                                             HALT63756                    £1.27
      Master Runner [no cord clamp]                   EEE3W07W          £23.00               [2 shouldered+2 hex sets, nuts, washers, - enough for one joint.]
      Channel Nuts                                    EEEM8ERAILNUT      £0.75               Head Pulley [handline]                                  HALT61188               £29.31
      Hook Clamp [black]                              EEE3W14B           £6.25               Return Pulley [handline]                                HALT61187               £19.33
      Hook Clamp [silver]                             EEE3W14S           £6.25               Floor Fixing Pulley [handline]                          HALT61182              £40.00
      Ceiling Mount Clamps [5 pairs]                  EEE3W30            £8.00               Master Carrier                                          HALT63750               £17.59
      Wall Bracket                                    EEETRA16          £17.00               Wheeled Runner [SWL 4kg. Space 300mm]                   HALT62132                £2.46
      Studding Set c/w nuts washers[M8x150mm] EEEERL18                   £6.00               Ball Raced Runner                                       HALT60542                £3.99
      End Stop                                        EEE3W24            £6.25               Overlap Clip [per 2]                                    HALT63291                £13.14
      Wire S Hooks [for use with ruflette tapes]      EEE2W29            £1.00               T60 Universal Fitting [per 2]                           HALT63753               £15.24
                                                                                             Stud Hanger to 48mm Ø [per 2]                           HALT63136              £25.00
        Although many of the tracks are available in                                         “Z” Tube 48mm to overlap track                          HALT610965               £19.15
        6.1m lengths, it is often more economical to                                         Face Fixing Bracket [per pair]                          HALT61181               £19.08
           order them cut in half with a joint plate                                         Deadline Suspension fitting                             HALT60963                £7.62
         rather than pay the transport premium for                                           Tab Hook [for pic. see page 2.53]                       HAL3578                 £0.50
          shipping long lengths outside the London                                           Twin Hook [for pic. see page 2.53]                      HAL1701                 £0.50
                             area.                                                           Endstop                                                 HALT65730                £6.64
                                                                                             Black 6mm x 8 plait polyester handline                  ROP120 per m             £0.79

Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                                tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                             
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                              Erail Erail is a significantly improved version of the previous
                              Unirail system. The track is a tough one piece black aluminium
                              extrusion available in lengths up to 6.1m [20ft]. Joins are made                   Doughty Six Track
                              with a steel plate and grub screw in the top slot with a single roll               This track has been developed as competition to the Halls T60
                              pin in the base to ensure smooth running surfaces. The track can          We       track. It is remarkably similar but Six Track has a couple of clever
                              be rolled down to a 500mm radius. Erail can be mounted by            can work out features which should prove popular. The barrel brackets allow
                              means of special 8mm channel nuts in the top slot allowing your component list overlap tracks to hang centrally on the flying bar, and a bolt-on

                              easy connection to a hook clamp or 8mm studding. Low fric- for you! Just phone us end plate enables the track to be cut to exact lengths without
                              tion ball raced nylon runners ensure easy handling of the and we will do the the need for onsite welding. [although Halls now make one of
                              drapes. Centre opening drapes can be overlapped by using                 rest.        these as well, oh the joys of competition!].
                              overlap arms on the master carriers. The track can also be cord-
                              ed for manual use or, by using the Tracdrive in place of the floor                           Ideal for schools and colleges. Economically priced.
                              pulley, it can be motorised. Virtually silent operation Ideal for                              Versatile modular system. A bit fiddly for tours.
                              small stages such as on cruise ships, conference centres, hotels
                              and school halls      Can be ordered to special radiuses with fast
2.50                          delivery times Sleek modern appearance Lower profile than
                              most tracks Economically priced Suitable for all but the very
                              heaviest of stage curtains No scenery carriers or rearfold run-
                              ners available Care should be taken when touring to protect long
                              lengths from bending and edge damage.                                            Head Pulley          Return Pulley    Floor Fixing Pulley Master Carrier

                                       Joint plate        Master runner and standard       Hook clamp             Wheeled Runner        Overlap Clip        Weighted Pulley     Floor fixing pulley
                        Erail System                                              code                price
                               Erail Track Straight [up to 6.1m]                 EEEERL01 per m £20.00
                               Erail Track Curved                                EEEERL01C per m £31.00
                               Joint Plate complete with roll pin                EEEERL05             £8.00
                                                                                                                     End Stop         Barrel Bracket for   Adjustable support     Short support
                               2 Wheeled Runner                                  EEEERL06             £6.50
                                                                                                                                        overlap track           bracket              bracket
                               Master Runner                                     EEEERL07            £38.75
                               Master Runner with rope clamp [straight] EEEERL07S                    £48.75
                               Master Runner with rope clamp [curved] EEEERL20                      £55.00      Doughty Six Track                                          code              price
                               Overlap Arm                                       EEEERL07A           £10.00          Straight track 500mm section                         DOUT63706        £21.69
                               Head Pulley                                       EEEERL09           £50.00           Straight track 1m section                            DOUT63708        £31.32
                               Return Pulley                                     EEEERL10           £43.00           Straight track 2m section                            DOUT63710        £54.21
                               Foot Stirrup Pulley                               EEETRA11           £29.50           Straight track 3m section [max]                      DOUT63715          £77.11
                               Adjustable Floor Pulley                           EEETRA12           £40.00           Curved track 90° 500mm radius                        DOUT63730        £62.65
                               Girder Clamp                                      EEETRA13           £26.00           Curved track 90° 750mm radius                        DOUT63731        £72.28
                               Hook Clamp for 50mm tube/truss                    EEEERL14             £6.50          Curved track 90° 1m radius                           DOUT63732        £86.74
                               Deadline Fixing                                   EEETRA15             £6.00          Wheeled runner - ballraced [use every 300mm] DOUT63756                  £4.13
                               Wall Bracket                                      EEETRA16            £17.00          Master runner                                        DOUT63755         £17.21
                               Mounting Bracket                                  EEEERL17             £7.50          Twin Head pulley                                     DOUT63776        £32.52
                               M8 Attachment Nut                                 EEEM8ERAILNUT         £0.75         Return pulley                                        DOUT63775        £19.87
                               Studding set M8x150 for use with ERL17 or ERL23] EEETRA18              £6.00          Weighted handline pulley                             DOUT63820        £32.26
                               Studding set M8x150 direct to track]             EEEERL18              £6.25          Floor fixing handline pulley                         DOUT63825         £39.71
                               Curved Cord Guide                                 EEEERL19           £20.00           Overlap bracket                                      DOUT63752         £5.90
                               Head Pulley Cord Guide                            EEEERL21           £25.50           Line support [every 2.5m]                            DOUT63770        £25.30
                               Curved Track Suspension Bracket                   EEEERL23            £12.00          Bolt on end plate (if cutting track)                 DOUT63765        £10.24
                               Line Pick Up                                      EEEERL25             £7.50          End stop [for walk along system]                     DOUT63760         £5.42
                               Overlap Clip                                      EEEERL26             £8.50          Barrel bracket for overlap track                     DOUT63753        £10.55
                               Erail Endstop                                     EEEERL24             £7.50          Adjustable support bracket [takes 10mm studding] DOUT63750             £5.42
                               8mm x 8 plait polyester handline                  ROP122A per m        £0.98          Short support bracket                                DOUT63751          £5.12
                               Trac Drive [motorised contol system]              TRADB1          £2,950.00           Handline 8mm x 8 plait polyester [per metre] ROP122A                   £0.98
                               Remote Pendant [for Trac Drive Controller]        TRADP1             £125.00          Fixing Kit for Six Track [100 bolts nut and washers] DOUT63795         £6.89

                        Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                                  tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                    
                                This page was updated 09/02/10

                                                     Triple E 3Way                           HEAVY DUTY TRACKS
                                                     Track This track is aimed                                                              Triple E Unitrack Our
                                                   at venues with restricted                                                              biggest selling track and the track
                                                   budgets but with a require-                                                            that we choose for our own hire
                                                   ment for a robust medium                                                               stock. Unitrack is a versatile track
                                                   duty track which is simple                                                             system, used widely for theatres,
                                                   to install and operate. The             HIRE                                           exhibitions, trade shows and rock
                                                   economical pricing of the                                                              and roll tours. Modular sections
                                                   track has been achieved by                                                             are available in standard lengths
         reducing the number of components needed. The rope is guided with-                           of 2m, 1m, 500mm and 250mm. The design is such that the track
         in the track which measures 68x44mm. On curved tracks this is a                              sections stack neatly on trucks or in storage making this system the
         huge advantage as all the guide pulleys have been eliminated. The                            preferred choice for tours. Special curved sections are available to
         top channel in the track accepts standard Unistrut channel nuts,                             order and there are at least 16 ways of cording the track, with the
         while the side channels take the joint bars and are used for fixing the                      option to add drive motors. A range of suspension fittings is avail-
         head and return pulleys. Support the track at least every 3m plus                            able. Runners should generally be spaced at 300mm intervals.
         additional support in the stacking area. Available in aluminium or                           Standard and curved runners have Safe Working Load of 25kg, whilst
         black anodised.                                                                              master runners and scenery carriers have a SWL of 50kg. Heavy Duty
                                                                                                      Carriers have a SWL of 100kg.
                                                                                                         Industry favourite. Well proven.
                                                                                                         Stacks very neatly for storage. Ideal for touring.
                                                                                                         Takes scenery carriers including heavy duty versions.
                                                                                                             Just one bolt to join lengths. Huge range of roping meth-
                                                                                               Flints        ods including rearfold. Motorised versions available.
  Walkalong End Stop      Overlap Assembly      Head Pulley          Return Pulley
                                                                                          have over 200           Extra parts may be hired for the occasional track heavy
                                                                                         metres of Unitrack show [see page 3.79].
                                                                                            available to        Not the cheapest track. Takes up quite a lot of height so
                                                                                               hire!        not ideal for height restricted venues.

                                                                                                                                                                                        S ECT I O N T WO
    Side Head Pulley       Weighted Pulley      Overlap Arm            Wipe Arm                     Track Sections

                                                                                              Standard Track Sections                                 code                    price
                                                                                                   250mm                                              EEETRA01               £19.00
Master Runner Walkalong Master Carrier Corded   Hook Clamp         Plain wheel runner              500mm                                              EEETRA02               £23.50
 Track                         silver code price              black code      price                1m                                                 EEETRA03               £36.75
       3way Track per m         EEE3W01S £17.00               EEE3W01B       £27.00                2m                                                 EEETRA04               £69.00
       Curved 3way Track per m EEE3W01SC £POA                 EEE3W01BC       £POA                 Joint Set                                          EEETRA05                £5.50
       Walkalong Endstop        EEE3W24S £6.25                EEE3W24B        £6.25                 Curved Track
       Joint Sets                EEE3W05 £13.00                                               Curved Track Sections                                   code       900 segment
 Pulleys                       silver code price              black code       price               1m                                                 EEETRA1090      £163.00
       Centre Overlap AssemblyEEE3W26S £145.00                EEE3W26B      £165.00                1.5m                                               EEETRA1590      £196.00
       Head Pulley              EEE3W09S £61.00               EEE3W09B       £63.00                2m                                                 EEETRA2090      £235.00
       Return Pulley            EEE3W10S £40.00               EEE3W10B       £43.00                3m                                                 EEETRA3090      £293.00
       Side Head Pulley         EEE3W09SS £73.00              EEE3W09SB      £75.00
       Weighted Pulley          EEE3W11       £30.50            --------       -------              Runners & Carriers See overleaf for price details.
 Arms                           silver code price              black code      price
       Overlap Arm              EEE3W07AS £10.00              EEE3W07AB      £12.00
       Wipe Arm                 EEE3W07WS £8.50               EEE3W07WB       £8.50
 Carriers                                                     code             price
       Plain Wheel Runner                                     EEE3W06P        £3.00
       Ball Raced Wheel Runner                                EEE3W06C        £5.50
       Tyred Runner with Central Bearing                      EEE3W06B        £3.00
       Master Runner for Walkalong Tracks                     EEE3W07W       £23.00                                                                        Master Runner with Rope
                                                                                                     Standard Raced Runner         Rearfold Runner
       Master Runner for Corded Tracks                        EEE3W07R       £43.00                                                                                 Clamp
 Suspension Parts              silver code price              code             price
       Channel Nut M8                                         EEE3WCN8         £1.00
       Hook Clamp               EEE3W14S £6.25                EEE3W14B         £6.25
       Ceiling Mount Clips (5 pairs)                          EEE3W30         £8.00
       Girder Clamp                                           EEETRA13       £26.00
       Wall Bracket                                           EEETRA16        £17.00
                                                                                                          Overlap Arm
       Studding Set M8 (150mm C/W nuts and washers)           EEE3W18         £6.00                                                                        Heavy Duty Scenery Carrier
 Handline                                                     code            per m                                          Scenery Carrier Bottom Part         Top Part Only
       Cord                                                   ROP122A         £0.98                                                     Only

  Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                                   tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                            
                                                                                                                    This page was updated 09/02/10
                    Runners and Carriers See previous page for drawings                                    .                Components
                    Runners & Carriers                                              code                    each
                         Standard Raced Runner, 2 wheels                            EEETRA06              £10.00
                         Raced Runner for curves, 4 wheels                          EEETRA06C             £14.00
                         Rearfold Runner                                            EEETRA06R             £19.00
                         Master Runner                                              EEETRA07              £42.00
                         Master Runner with adjustable rope clamp                   EEETRA07S             £45.00
                         Master Runner overlap arm                                  EEETRA07A              £11.00                Endstop            Flat Endstop         Line Pick Up        Overlap Clip Set
                         Rearfold Accessory                                         EEETRA08               £8.50      Components                                               code                     each
                         Scenery Carrier complete                                   EEETRA28              £72.00          Endstop                                              EEETRA24                 £7.00
                         Scenery Carrier top only                                   EEETRA28A             £42.50          Flat Endstop                                         EEETRA24S                £7.00
                         Scenery Carrier bottom only                                EEETRA28B             £33.00          Line Pick Up                                         EEETRA25                 £7.00
                         Scenery Carrier Heavy Duty top only                        EEETRA28AHD           £99.00          Overlap Clip Set [two needed for overlap]            EEETRA26                £11.50
                                                                                                                          Curved Track Fittings
                         Unitrack Pulleys

                                                       Return Pulley for Overlap
                                                                                                                             Curve Cord Guide   Curve Master Runner Curve Head Pulley      Curve Return Pulley
                          Header Pulley for Overlap             Tracks
                                                                                       Return Pulley for Single       Curved Track Sections                                    code                      price
2.52                               Tracks                                                      Tracks
                                                                                                                           Curve Cord Guide Set                                EEETRA19                £32.00
                                                                                                                           Curve Master Runner                                 EEETRA20                £68.50
                                                                                                                           Curve Head Pulley Set                               EEETRA21               £102.00
                                                                                                                           Curve Return Pulley Set                             EEETRA22                £43.00
                                                                                                                           Curve Suspension Bracket                            EEETRA23                 £18.25
                                                                                                                           Side Cord System

                                                                                       Head Pulley for Single
                          Foot Stirrup Pulley          Adjustable Floor Pulley

                    Pulleys                                                        code                     each
                          Head Pulley [for overlap track]                          EEETRA09               £42.50
                          Return Pulley [for overlap track]                        EEETRA10               £33.50            Side Cord Guide     Centre Overlap Divert Side Cord Pulley Set Side Cord Rope Clamp
                          Head Pulley [for single track]                           EEETRA31H              £26.00      Side Cord System                                         code                    price
                          Return Pulley [for single track]                         EEETRA31R              £22.00            Side Cord Guide                                    EEETRA32               £44.00
                          Single Track Pulley Set [Head & Return]                  EEETRA31               £46.50            Side Cord Centre Overlap Diverter                  EEETRA33               £65.00
                          Foot Stirrup Set                                         EEETRA11               £32.00            Side Cord Head & Pulley set, 3 part                EEETRA34               £88.00
                          Adjustable Floor Pulley                                  EEETRA12               £41.00            Side-Cord Rope Clamp for Master Runner             EEETRA35               £21.00

                                                                                                                            Handlines Choose the black polyester cord handline for all
                                                                                                                            normal use. It is a very high quality reliable handline. If you are
                                                                                                                            using scenery carriers under heavy load on long tracks it can be
                                                                                                                            advantageous to choose a rope with virtually no stretch. Flints
                                                                                                                            stock a Dyneema rope with a matt black polyester cover which is
                                                                                                                            indistinguishable from the polyester rope except its working
                             Girder Clamp             Hook Clamp            Studding set        Deadline Fitting            stretch is less than 1.5%. The Dyneema Pro is the best choice
                                                                                                                            under very heavy loads because it does not have a polyester cover
                                                                                                                            and the master carrier clamps directly to the line. The working
                                                                                                                            stretch on this line is below 1.3% [Breaking load 5000kg!]
                                                                                                                      Handline                                      code      per m   per 100m
                                                                                                                           Black Polyester Cord[handline] 8mm ROP122A         £0.98      £86.00
                                                                                                                            Black Dyneema [polyester cover] 8mm ROP438         £3.14    £278.00
                           Wall Bracket Set           Offset Plate
                                                                                                                            Dyneema Pro [pure Dyneema] 8mm ROP150508 £5.07 £798.00/200m
                          Suspension Fittings                                                                               Unitrack Motors Please phone for further information.
                    Suspension Fittings                                            code                    price      Motors                                             code              price
                         Girder Clamp                                              EEETRA13               £27.00            Trac Drive                                   EEETRAT001   £2,950.00
                         Hook Clamp, 38-52mm [new design]                          EEETRA14               £19.00            Linear Drive                                 EEETRAL001        POA
                         Deadline Fixing                                           EEETRA15                £6.50            Friction Drive                               EEETRAFD          POA
                         Wall Bracket Set [new design]                             EEETRA16               £18.00            Hand Track Drive wall mounted                EEETRAHTDW     £550.00
                         Offset Plate [new design]                                 EEETRA17                £7.00            Hand Track Drive floor mounted               EEETRAHTDF     £710.00
                         Studding Set [M12x150mm]                                  EEETRA18                £6.25            Remote Pendant [for Trac Drive Controller]   TRADP1         £125.00
                                                                                                                            Triple E Hinges see p2.70. For Triple E Unijack Castors see p 2.63.

                    Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                                           tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                           
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                                                    Unibeam         combines                                                      Halls T70 Track
 new                                              track and truss in one unit                                                    Used in large theatres, touring
                                                  to provide a truly adapt-                                                      theatres, television studios
                                                  able     track      system.                                                    and cinemas. Can be con-
                                                  Particularly appropriate                                                       trolled electrically, with a
                                                  for permanent installa-                                                        handwinch, handline or wal-
                                                  tion, especially those that                                                    kalong. The maximum rec-
                                                  host a number of reperto-                                                      ommended length for a sin-
                                                  ry productions, this mod-               gle wipe track is 9m or 18m for an overlap. Also available in 45
                                                  ular system is suitable for             degree and 90 degree curved sections.
        anything from rock concerts to opera to theatre.                                       Old tested design. Heavy construction. Widely used in
        With its symmetrical I beam shape and solid construction, Unibeam                   older theatres. Awkward to store. Returning sash line can
        is a complete system which accepts an extensive range of acces-                                         get caught on bolt fixings.
        sories. Capable of large spans between two suspension points,               Halls T70 Track                                       code             price
        Unibeam makes an extremely accommodating fly bar and also lends                   Straight Track 1m section                      HAL601          £38.86
        itself to large curved systems, particulary cycloramas.                           Straight Track 2m section                      HAL606           £77.75
                                                                                          Straight Track 3m section [max]                HAL609           £117.26
           Same profile as Unitrack so many of the accessories are inter-                 other track lengths plus 45° and 90° curves available
        changable.                                                                        Joint Bolt set                                 HALT73791         £9.77
           The continuous slot along the top and bottom will take standard                Overlap Clip [per pair]                        HALT71172 £25.08Head
        Unistrut fittings.                                                                Pulley [handline]                              HAL701           £53.50
           Uniring accessory locks to the channel with a quick 90° twist                  Return Pulley [handline]                       HAL702           £43.75
        and allows drapes to be quickly attached to the underside of the                  Floor Fixing Pulley [handline]                 HAL719           £29.07
        beam.                                                                             Wheeled Runner SWL 7kg Space 300mm             HAL714            £3.97
           Takes Unitracks special Heavy Duty Scenery Carriers allowing                   Ball Raced Runner SWL 9kg Space 300mm HAL713                     £7.46
        safe working loads of up to 440kg.                                                Master Runner [each]                           HALT71105        £48.82
                      Widget                                                              Endstop                                        HAL704            £6.64
                                                                                          Black Polyester Handline 8mm Ø                 ROP122A           £0.98

                                                                                                                                                                    S ECT I O N T WO
                    of the Year
                                                                                   GENERAL CURTAIN TRACK ACCESSORIES

            Joint Set             Uniring    Unibeam Scenery      Head Pulley
                                              Carrier top part
                                                                                     Tab Hook      Twin Hook      Cotton Reel     T400 Slider      PTFE Spray
                                                                                                                                 Track Spares Flints have
                                                                                                                                 a wide experience of tab tracks
                                                                                                                                 based on thirty years of theatre
          Return Pulley       Hook Clamp        Offset Plate      Line Pick Up                                                   work. We can normally recog-

                                                                                    Unirail Clip Stage Track A      Unirail nise a component from a digital
  Unibeam                                                     code        price                      Bobbin         Runner photo or sketch. Even very old
       Straight Track per 1m [up to 6m]                       UBM01     £36.00                                                    components can normally be
       Curved Track [min. radius 2m]                          UBM01C    £53.50     supplied. If you have a troublesome track and you are based within rea-
       Joint Sets                                             UBM05      £31.00    sonable travelling distance from central London we can visit your stage
       Uniring                                                URING       £2.10    and either effect immediate repairs or suggest a course of action. Below
       Unibeam Scenery Carrier top part [SWL440kg]            UBM28A  £205.00      we have listed some of the common components and spares that we can
       Head Pulley                                            UBM09     £47.50     supply.
       Return Pulley                                          UBM10     £36.50     Common Components and Spares                               code          price
       Single Track Head Pulley                               UBM31H    £27.00           Twin Hook                                            HAL1701       £0.75
       Single Track Return Pulley                             UBM31R    £24.00           Tab Hook                                             HAL3578       £0.75
       Hook Clamp for 50mm truss                              UBM14      £19.00          Unirail Clip                                         ROPGBC        £0.98
       Offset Plate                                           UBM17       £7.00          Unirail Runner                                       EEERAL06      £7.30
       Studding Set [150mm c/w nuts, channel nut and washers] UBM18       £6.25          Stage Track A bobbins [blue wheel]                   SAT16         £3.00
       Endstop                                                UBM24       £7.00          Cotton Reel type bobbins [for old T60]               HAL02084      £2.77
       Flat Endstop                                           UBM24S      £7.00          T400 Slider Carrier [per 10]                         HALT41716     £5.34
       Line Pick Up                                           UBM25       £7.00          PTFE Spray 400ml [for tracks with too much friction] SAF516       £11.44
       Overlap Clip                                           UBM26      £11.50          No4 Jute Sash [economical option for T60] per m      ROP042M       £0.22
       Trac Drive [motorised contol system]                   TRADB1 £3,050.00           No6 Jute Sash [economical option for T70] per m      ROP044M       £0.30
       Remote Pendant for Trac Drive Controller               TRADP1   £130.00           Medium weight Jack Chain [per 10m]                   WIR862        £7.30
                                                                                         Heavy weight Jack Chain [per 10m]                    WIR861       £12.65

  Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                           tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                  

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