Leo Bennett-Cauchon Budget KWL Worksheet

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K - W - L Activity What We Know
Staff has been laid off for 5 years. SCUSD spends less on classroom staff salaries than 8 years ago. Total Spending has increased for 6 years. SCUSD usually spends 17 M on Supplies. Management has increased consultant spending to 36 M. Management has increased building improvements spending by .5 M. Management is projecting paying back .55 M in hiring and spending freezes. Management is projecting paying back in 1 year the 3 M transfer from Adult Ed.
Management has removed from formal consideration items such as co-curricular support at site, lunch/breakfast duty, printed Connection, hosting Success Academy, consolidating small high schools and St. HOPE’s repayment.

What We Want to Know
How do we maintain quality and diversity with instability? Is classroom instruction our first and foremost priority? How can we be sure we have to chose between schools and staff? Why are we projecting 41 M this year and then 36 M and 33 M. Are these consultants worth more than staff?

What We Learned

Why the increase as we consider closing schools?

Did the rules of accounting change?

Does Adult Ed need 8 M in reserves next year? Why were Adult Ed teachers cut?

Why everything is not on the table?

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