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									                                                  Office of Transportation and Air Quality
                                                                                                                                             August 2010

                                                        Margo Tsirigotis Oge, Office Director
                                                           Lori Stewart, Associate Office Director
                                                             Karen Orehowsky, Chief of Staff
                                                           Mike Haley, Planning & Budget Office

                                                   Christopher Grundler, Deputy Office Director
                                                  Tracey Bradish, Public Information and Human Resources
                                                       y          ,
                                                     Amy Caldwell, Centralized Services Group Manager
                                                                                            p     g

Advanced Technology        Assessment and           Compliance and                Laboratory Operations      Transportation and             Transportation and
      Division            Standards Division      Innovative Strategies                 Division              Climate Division              Regional Programs
                                                        Division                                                                                 Division
 Charles Gray, Director        France
                          Chet France, Director    Karl Simon Director
                                                        Simon,                           Sabourin,
                                                                                    Mike Sabourin Director         Dunham,
                                                                                                             Sarah Dunham Acting
                                                    Janet Cohen, DD                                                 Director               Sarah Dunham, Director
David Haugen, Acting AD     Bill Charmley, DD       Cle Jackson, AD                    Erica Watkins, AD          Vacant, DD                John Guy, Acting DD
                            Ines Storhok, AD       Deborah Wood, AD                                             Bob Larson, AD

                            Air Quality and        Innovative Strategies
        Hybrid                                                                        Advanced Testing                                         Fuel Programs
                               Modeling                   Groupp
   Powertrain Group                                                                         Group                  AA Staff                    Support Group
                                C                      Jim Blubaugh
   Dan Barba, Acting                                                                 Erica Watkins, Acting                                     John Weirauch
                             John Koupal

                             Health Effects,         Heavy-Duty and                     Compliance/
      Technology                                                                                                                             SmartWay Transport
                             Benefits, and           Nonroad Engine                  Development Testing
  Development Group                                                                                                DC Staff                   Partnership Group
                             Toxics Center               Group                             Group
     David Haugen                                                                                                                                Cheryl Bynum
                            Kathryn Sargeant          Khesha Reed                       Maria Peralta

                                Fuels               Light-Duty Vehicle                Data and Quality                                       State Measures and
                                Center                    Group                      Management Group                                         Conformity Group
                             Paul Machiele             Linc Wehrly                      Fidel Galano                                              Lee Cook

                              Heavy Duty
                              Heavy-Duty            Policy Trends and                      Testing
                             Onroad Center          Information Group                  Services Group
                              Byron Bunker             Mary Manners                    Bruce Kolowich

                             Onroad Center
                                Ed Nam

                                                                                                                         DD = Deputy Division Director
                                                                                                                         AD = Associate/Assistant Division Director
                               Nonroad                                                                                   AA = Ann Arbor, MI
                                Center                                                                                   DC = Washington, DC
                            Glenn Passavant

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