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					3 Tips On How To Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page!
Written By: BilmarMarketing.com Copywrite 2010

Facebook has become a huge traffic funnel that many big companies are
using to convert more visitors into customers. It has consistently beat Google
for traffic, several months now. It is not hard to see that if you have a bigger
following you will get tons of traffic off of it and have the opportunity to
convert that to sales!

With Social Media being a relatively newer marketing platform many are still
pretty in the dark about how to capitalize on using it. With Facebook being
the biggest it only makes sense to use that as your primary Social Media

Lets go over a few tips on how to set your Facebook fan page apart from all
the others which can give your page the “Viral Effect”!

  1. Decide on the tone of your page. Figure out age group target,theme and
     persona. Only you can figure out how you want to display your
     company or brand.

  2. Use interactive media like the reviews tab, discussions tab, video tab,
     twitter tab, FBML tabs etc.

  3. Add in a Facebook "Like" link to everything you can to encourage
     more users to share what you are posting, for example your blog,
     business pages, product pages etc.

This is the the first part of a full article covering more in depth tips
on how to better optimize your Facebook fan page. For more
information on custom Facebook Fan Page creation other Social
Media services you can visit Bilmar Marketing.