Cross-Border Waste (PDF) by uby14304


									Web-Based Center for Cross-Border
  Waste Assessment in Arizona

      Melissa Hayes,Project Manager
    ADEQ Office of Border Environmental Protection
            Arizona-Sonora Border 2012
        Waste and Enforcement Task Force
                    March 4, 2010
Cross-Border Waste
     Impact and Cleanup Efforts

   Shown to seriously affect human health,
    environmental quality and economic well-being.
   Independent entities conducting cleanup efforts.
   ADEQ is developing a Web site to make cleanups
    of waste generated from border crossers more cost-
    effective, sustainable, comprehensive and in a
    collaborative manner.
              Project Tasks

   Develop UDM Waste Web site.
   Develop methodology for waste
    assessment and volunteer participants.
   Incorporate stakeholder input.
   Implement pilot effort in Central sub-region
    to demonstrate concept.
   Provide opportunities for training on use of
    Web site and methodology.

   Interagency Service Agreement
    with the University of Arizona
    School of Geography and
   Border 2012 Waste and
    Enforcement, and Arizona Border
    Environmental Task Forces.
   Borderlands Management Task
    Force through BLM.
       Assessment Methodology

   Lack of standardized reporting and tracking
   Includes field form and instruction sheet;
    supply checklist; volunteer forms and
    emergency contact form.
   Will also develop guidance manual and pre-
    cleanup checklist.
           Web Site Components

   Background
   Conducting a Cleanup
   Volunteering for a Cleanup
   Documenting a Cleanup
   Forms and Resources
   Mapping Feature
      Contact Information

     Melissa Hayes, Project Manager
   Undocumented Migrant Waste Project
      ADEQ Southern Regional Office
(520) 770-3309,

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