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      Governors’ Annual Report
                   To Parents

                     Our Mission Statement
While children are at Brookmans Park School we do all that we can to meet their
needs and provide a happy learning environment. We place great importance on the
close partnership between home and school.

We recognise that it is by working together that we strive to ensure our children
become happy, confident and successful individuals, making a positive and pro-active
contribution to the world in which we live.

                                  Our Aims
1. Ethos
   - To encourage the adults and children to take a personal pride in themselves,
      their behaviour, their achievements and their school and to value and respect
      their own and other cultures.
   - To encourage care and respect for others and to inspire pupils to take
      responsibility for themselves and their behaviour.

2. Curriculum
   - To give children, the opportunity to achieve their full potential, by educating
      the whole person – intellectually, physically, emotionally, morally and
   - To provide equal access to the National Curriculum and meet its requirements.
   - To offer varied and stimulating teaching, promoting positive attitudes and
      enjoyment of learning.
   - To promote high standards for all.

3. Pupils
   - To help children develop lively, imaginative enquiring minds, with the ability to
      question and logically present their point of view.
   - To gain skills to live as independent, flexible, healthy and self motivated
   - To encourage concern for their environment.
   - To develop their own ability to co-operate with others and grow in an
      understanding of the inter-dependence of individuals, groups and nations.

4. School Community
   - To develop co-operative working relationships between all staff, governors
      and parents.
   - To encourage children to feel part of school (through the School Council) and
      the wider community and contribute responsibly to its life.

                                 Reviewed July 2004

From the Chair of Governors                                  September 2004

Dear Parents,

Raising Standards and Moving Forward
Welcome to the Annual Report of the governors of Brookmans Park School to parents
for the academic year 2003/2004.         As governors we continue to value the
contribution made by parents to the present achievements and future well being of
the school. We are grateful for your participation in the life of the school and value
your views.

This past academic year has been one of both raising standards and moving forwards
for the school and everyone involved in it. I am pleased that so many parents
continue to take part in the Parents‟ Forum, class assemblies and open evening and
that these have been well received and positive occasions. It was great to see so
many of you at last year‟s annual meeting of governors and parents.

All our congratulations should go to those Year Six children who left us in July on
collectively achieving the best set of SATs results the school has ever produced, and
to those members of staff who taught and guided them throughout their school
careers with us, in particular Miss Childs, Mrs Warburton and Mrs Rees, who were
their year 5 and 6 teachers.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mrs Clifton and Miss Monaghan
on the births of their babies during the year. We welcome Miss Alyson Mitchell to the
school, she is teaching Year 1. Mrs Rees has returned to the school, this time to
teach on a job share basis with her daughter Miss Rees in Year 3.      We have also
had some farewells. Mrs Roz Willis left the nursery during the year to work in St
Albans and Mrs Nash decided at the end of the year to take a break from teaching.
Good luck to both of them in the future. We also said farewell to Mrs Margaret
Anstey who had worked in the school for the past twelve years.

As you will have seen we have continued with our programme of improvements to
the fabric of the building, including replacing more of the worn out window frames in
the classroom, and improvements to the infant play area, the latter being only one of
the many contributions to the school made possible by the magnificent fund raising
achievements of the PTA. Thank you to everyone who organised and took part in all
the fund raising events of last year.

Once again, during this last year, our children have achieved not only great academic
success, but have also succeeded on the sporting field, and we all congratulate them.
You can discover more by reading this report. The teamwork of all who work in the
school, the governors, the PTA and all the parents is a vital factor in these

Thank you to all the children, parents and staff for your valuable contributions to the
life of the school community during this year. My sincere thanks are once more due
to my fellow governors who have provided me with great support during my third
year as Chair of Governors. My particular thanks go to Mrs Mandy English and Mrs
Roz Willis, who have both now retired as Governors, for the hard work they put into
the role and to our former clerk, Mrs Nicola Johnson. Mrs Maureen Taylor kindly
agreed to a promotion from Governor to Clerk and is a great asset in this role.
Welcome to Mrs Irene Dean, our new LEA Governor, to Mrs Tracey Thomas, our new
staff governor and to Mrs Laura Vivien and Mr Nick Reed, our new parent governors.

I look forward to seeing you at the Governors‟ Annual Meeting with Parents on
Wednesday 3 November. This date has been timed to coincide with the Parent
Teachers‟ Association AGM, which will start the evening at 7.30pm. Refreshments will
again be served at the end of the event to enable parents to meet the governors,
staff and the PTA committee members.

Yours sincerely,
Diane Bennett

Parents’ Involvement with the School

The Governors believe that our school relies on the successful teamwork of
governors, staff and parents. We are grateful to all those who volunteer to perform
a great range of tasks, in and out of school to contribute to this success. It is
confidence in this support and valued feedback, which helps us to raise our
standards and meet your needs as parents in this rapidly changing world.

We hope that as many parents as possible will be able to attend the Annual
Governors Meeting with parents on Wednesday 3rd November, starting
with the PTA AGM at 7.30pm. It will provide the opportunity to ask any
questions about this report or raise any issues of concern. You may give notice of
your questions if you wish by e-mail to

           Another Year of Moving Forward
This report looks back at the achievements of the school in the academic year
2003/2004, documents the work carried out by the governors and includes reports
on matters required by law. It has been written with contributions from governors,
Lesley Stevens and our PTA Chair. The governing body has approved the full report.

School Development Plan
Report by: Lesley Stevens

The School Development Plan (SDP) is drawn up annually and sets out the main
areas that we need to focus on during the coming year and further into the future.
It is drawn up in consultation with the staff, governors and our LEA adviser.

The action to be taken is based on an evaluation of our current strengths, our areas
for development and our aims for the future development of the school. It also
continues to focus on addressing the key points that were identified in the last
OFSTED Report (1999). Therefore many of the areas identified in the post OFSTED
School Action Plan are incorporated into the present School Development Plan so
that further action can be taken.

In the past year we have continued to implement a development programme; our
aim to ensure that all the children are being challenged within a broad and balanced

The main areas of development during the past year were:-

Teaching and Learning
Teaching and Learning, Literacy and Numeracy continued to be a major focus of our
School Development Plan and throughout the year we worked with a number of
external advisors and consultants which also allowed us to have an external
evaluation of our work. Our main focus in challenging all the children continued to
be through assessment, target setting and curriculum planning. The aim: - to raise
the standards that each child achieved in all subjects, according to their individual
strengths and needs.

Our main priority in the curriculum continued with writing with our attention turning
to reading in the latter stages. The writing focus involved two aspects. Firstly the
teaching of the appropriate skills and secondly ensuring that all the children are
given the opportunity to apply their skills in other areas of the curriculum, so that
their writing skills can be reinforced and the tasks made more relevant and appealing
to the children. Mrs Warburton who ably leads our literacy work led much of our
developmental work. In July we again saw an improvement in the KS2 writing
results across the ability range.

Mental arithmetic was our main focus in mathematics an aspect that cannot be
underestimated. During the year the teachers and teaching assistants received
training that was then put into practice in their classrooms. Miss Childs, our
Numeracy co-ordinator who is a County leading mathematics teacher, successfully
led these sessions. As part of this work she also held a successful maths workshop
for parents, and more sessions are planned for the year 2004-05.

We also continue to look at ways of ensuring all the children are being appropriately
challenged and this has involved some organisational changes including the second
year that we streamed Years 5 and 6 for maths. Our evaluations have demonstrated
that this has been a success.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

ICT remains a major focus. This year we were very fortunate to be offered
charitable funding to purchase another 18 laptops. This set is now being used in
Years 5 and 6 so that they can also use them in other areas of the curriculum. Mr
Large, our new ICT governor, put in a significant amount of time to help us select
and install the best product. During the year we also benefited from our links with
Chancellors who, as part of their specialist status for mathematics and ICT,
undertake outreach work in four local primary schools. Once a week, Rob Whiley
from Chancellors teaches our older pupils.

Foundation Key Stage
During the year the Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) continued with the
reorganisation that began last autumn when the Reception class took over the whole
of the Nursery building and a new timetable was implemented. The team worked
hard to ensure the changes were a success, a judgement which was endorsed by
County. We were again grateful to the PTA for donating £5000 to upgrade the
equipment in the Foundation Stage.

As part of the OFSTED action plan, the teaching staff and governors are committed
to becoming a self-evaluating school. We are continuing to improve our system for
monitoring our teaching and learning, for evaluating action that is taken and the
standards that are achieved. All the staff must be complimented for their hard work
throughout the year especially as teachers have been asked to reflect on their
practice and implement agreed policies, which would impact on the children‟s

Teaching Innovations
During the year the school held another very successful Art Week including the
creation of a mosaic mural, which is displayed on the wall outside the main entrance.
On the Science front, Year 6 were, yet again, regional winners of the Ariel Science of
Cleaning competition. Their prize was £250 to spend on educational software for the
school. During the spring term we held a successful science week during which
every class took part in a practical workshop led by a local science organisation. In
the autumn term we held a Design & Technology week when all the children were
involved in designing, making and evaluating.

National Curriculum Assessments 2002/3/4

SATS (Standard Assessment Tests) results at the end of Key Stage 2
Percentage at each level

                                                Level 4 and above         Level 5
English                                                 %                   %
                    2002                                86                  36
                    2003                                87                  42
                    2004                                96                  71
                    2002                                91                  48
                    2003                                84                  40
                    2004                                93                  55
                    2002                                95                  59
                    2003                                98                  73
                    2004                                98                  71

SATS (Standard Assessment Tests) results at the end of Key Stage 1

This year we took part in the Government‟s trial of assessing KS1 children by placing
more emphasis on teacher assessments. The Tests were still used to assist the
teachers with their judgement.

Percentage at each level
                                                Level 2 and above         Level 3
Reading                                                 %                   %
                    2002                                93                  48
                    2003                                98                  27
                    2004                                91                  33
                    2002                                93                  07
                    2003                                98                  20
                    2004                                96                  24
                    2002                                100                 50
                    2003                                98                  32
                    2004                                100                 40


Each year the governors have to agree targets set for the Year 6 children taking
SATS. The targets are for children achieving Level 4 and above. The targets and
results for 2004 are shown below.

                                     Target      Result    Target       Result
                                     Level 4               Level 5
                  English              %                     %
                   01/02               93         86         50          36
                   02/03               91         87         53          42
                   03/04               93         96         38          71

                   01/02               91         91             45      48
                   02/03               93         84             53      40
                   03/04               93         93             58      55

The targets set for 2004/2005 are:        English - 91% at level 4 – 40% at level 5
                                          Maths - 93% at level 4 – 40% at level 5


For September 2004, we had 78 applications for 45 places.
Currently there is one place available in Reception. The rest of the school is at full


There were 266 children of compulsory school age.

      Authorised absences                3.9%

      (2000/2001 - 5.24%, 2001/2 - 3.4%, 2002/3- 4.3%)

      Unauthorised absences              0.04%

      (2000/2001 - 0.3%, 2001/2 - 0.1%, 2002/3- 0.04%)

Secondary transfer
Children who started Secondary education in September 2004 went to the following
schools. Numbers in brackets indicate 2001, 2002 and 2003 transfers.

                          2004          (2003)         (2002)         (2001)

Chancellors                 17            (20)            (30)          (33)
Owens                       11             (7)             (3)           (3)
Bishops Hatfield             5             (7)             (3)           (3)
Mount Grace                  0             (3)             (1)           (0)
Other                       12             (8)             (8)           (7)

Other state schools include Francis Bacon, Townsend, Nicholas Breakspear and
Onslow. Private schools include St. Columbas, Lochinver, St. Johns, St Albans High
School for Girls, and St Martha‟s.

Courses attended by staff over the last year
The courses attended by the staff remained closely linked to the School Development
Plan. The Foundation Team (Nursery and Reception) worked closely with an adviser
successfully implementing the reorganisation of the department. Staff throughout
the school focussed on literacy and particularly on developing children‟s writing. This
involved staff meetings and observation of teacher‟s lessons.

A range of other courses both in-house and at external venues were attended by
individual teachers, including ICT, gymnastics, mental arithmetic, science, health and
safety, a five day mathematics course, motivating reluctant learners and art and
design. We believe it is important to also ensure that our Teaching Assistants
receive appropriate training. Miss Childs successfully led a series of sessions on
mental arithmetic strategies.

Money raised for Charity

                                                 2003/4       2002/3     2001/2
Blue Peter                                                     173.00
Harvest (National Children‟s Homes)                250.00      206.00
Poppy Appeal                                        28.53           25.51
Save the Children                                  348.00          342.92
Junior Christmas Production (Links with India)        593          662.00
Infant Christmas Production (Links with India)        351      224.00
Goats for Africa (KS1)                             417.50
Total                                            1988.03 1592.79 1030.43

Links with the Community

We continue to have links with Dame Alice Owen School, including their provision of
a language teacher who teaches Year 6 French. As pupils of a partnership school
with Chancellors who have specialist status in maths and ICT our Y6 children are
taught ICT. Years 5 and 6 benefited from ten sessions of specialist teaching of
lacrosse, provided by Hertfordshire Lacrosse Association and five sessions of football
provided by Garry Mabbutt. Through community links we were given charitable
funding specifically for ICT, which enabled us to purchase another set of laptops.
The Travel Forum received a £5000 grant (see report under Governors’ report on
Pupil Welfare). We have an annual visit from the local fire brigade talking about fire
safety and the danger of fire in relation to fireworks.

Disabled Access and School Security
There is access for the disabled to all parts of the school, although some areas are
limited by the width of doorways. During the summer disabled access was improved
further in the hall entrance. The school maintains a policy of visitor registration and
controlled access.

Yet again the school were very successful in our sporting achievements. Both staff
and parents continue to give up their time to provide the children with these extra-
curricular activities.

     Winners – Hatfield District
     Runners up Potters Bar League
     Welwyn/Hatfield Kwik Cricket Champions
Cross Country
     8 children took part in the County Competition at St. Albans
     Joint winners „Maynard Cup‟
     „A‟ Team runners up Hatfield League
     „A‟ Team winners Hatfield Tournament
     „B‟ Team winners Hatfield Tournament
     „A‟ Team runners up Hatfield League
     Invited to play at the Regional Tournament
Mini Marathon
     50 children took part in the Oakmere Mini Marathon with some good
       placements. In both the Y5/6 race and the Y3/4 race Brookmans Park girls
       were the first home. In the Y5/6 race the boys secured 4 of the top 10 places
       and in the Y3/4 race took 3 of the top ten places.
     Semi Finalists Hatfield Area Tournament

   9 children qualified to take part in Hertfordshire Mega Final
   5 went to National Final at Manchester University
   One student, Edward Little, to join in the „Terra-final‟ in Sheffield


A particular highlight of the summer term was the production by the whole school
including the choir and music club of our first music CD, under the guidance of Emma
Staples and Sharon Lottari. We hope that listeners enjoyed this as much as the
children enjoyed recording it.

Governors Reports 2003/4

The work of the governing body

Full governor meetings take place at least twice during each school term. There are
four main committees: Finance, Curriculum and Pupil Welfare, Personnel and
Premises and Health & Safety. The Chair, Vice-Chair and head teacher are ex-officio
members of all governor committees. The reports below document the work
undertaken by each committee.

Training Courses attended by governors this year

Training courses are provided by Hertfordshire School Governance (Children, Schools
and Families). Brookmans Park School pays an annual subscription for governor
training to enable governors to attend free of charge. We see training as a priority
to provide us with up-to-date information to feedback to the governing body, develop
our own skills appropriate to our individual needs and to network with governors
from other schools to share ideas. Governors attend an initial induction course and
then pursue a course of training relating to their interests and responsibilities within
the School: this process has continued through out the year.

Curriculum and Pupil Welfare Committee

Report by Chair: Laura Vivian Members: Irene Dean, Tracy Thomas, Emma Staples

We welcome the new members to the committee and thank Mandy English and Roz
Willis for all their input over the last year.


      To ensure the national Curriculum is implemented

      To promote the spiritual, moral and social welfare of the pupils

      To encourage the promotion of the school and help maintain effective
       communication channels within the school and the wider community


The timetable for monitoring policies continues this year and a number have been
reviewed. These include Teaching and Learning, Inclusion, Gifted and Talented, Sex
and Relationship Education Music, Marking and English. An Equal Opportunities
Statement has also been issued.

The Committee continue to oversee a programme of visits made by each Governor to
the school covering various curriculum subject areas. Each Governor is responsible
for liaising with teachers co-ordinating each subject area: the following subjects have

received particular attention: Religious Education, Foundation Keystage, Maths,
English and Information Technology.

During the autumn, spring and summer terms specially focused weeks and
workshops were held to add to the already full curriculum. Miss Childs, Maths co-
ordinator, held a Maths Workshop for parents in February to discuss the origin of the
numeracy strategy and how to help with maths at home. Soon after this in March,
Miss Halim, Science Co-ordinator, organised a number of externally run workshops
for all year groups to be inspired by science. All children were able to take part in
exciting hands-on experiments which incorporated both individual and team
challenges. The summer term saw the culmination of the creative ideas inspired from
Art Week in June – the School now has a wonderfully colourful welcome in the form
of a mural at the front of the school in which all the children participated. These
activities were well received and much appreciated: many thanks to all staff who
took part.

During this last year the school adopted new timetables for Keystages 1&2 and KS1
now have an afternoon playtime. Also concerning KS1, children in year 2 were
selected to take part in a national pilot of new assessment arrangements for 7-year
olds. These arrangements place the focus on the teacher‟s overall judgement during
various tasks and tests.

Pupil Welfare

This year a successful lunchtime Playground Buddy scheme has been introduced,
whereby selected year 5 & 6 pupils have been given the responsibility to help to look
after children in the infant playground with supervision from the existing midday

The Travel Forum, chaired by Mandy English, including a team of parents and
governors, has continued to promote walking and cycling to school for the health,
safety and developing independence of our children. This year the Cycling Proficiency
team, headed by Andrew Sherlock, has passed 28 children and trained 2 new parent
volunteers. Thanks go to Andrew Sherlock, Nick Vivian, Mike Williams, Shaun Scott,
Karen Davies, Phil Holm, Maya Haines, David Thomas, David Schrader, Isabel Moritz
and Jude Swift for all their help and congratulations to all the children involved.

The main achievement of the Travel Forum this year has been to secure a
government grant of £5000 enabling further work during the Summer Term on the
cycle shelter and improved access and tarmac pathways. The shelter was repainted
in November by parent volunteers and featured in an article in the Welwyn and
Hatfield Times promoting walking and cycling to school.

The school introduced Walk/Cycle to School Wednesday this summer term, which has
increased the proportion of children using foot/pedal power from 51% to 72% since
Easter (43% in September 2002 survey). Well done to all who have supported this

Finally, we had “School Keep Clear” markings painted at our Key Stage 1 entrance in
January and although our cone system of restricting parking outside both entrances
has not been sustainable, we would like to remind parents to avoid parking on or
opposite these lines.


Home-school communication continues to be high on the agenda, being promoted
via the Parents Forums, held each term, covering such topics as sex and relationships
education, and through the fortnightly Newsletter.

The school website continues to offer easily accessible updated information such as
diary dates for the term, a copy of each newsletter, PTA news, school trips and
copies of selected school documents. During the year the School has produced a
Publication Scheme, as required under the Freedom Of Information Act. This has
been added to the School‟s website, where it may be viewed at

Another very successful Open Evening was held in July where parents and children
were able to meet with both current and prospective teachers, watch displays of
gymnastics, singing and line dancing in the hall and to view the children‟s‟ work in an
informal and relaxed atmosphere. This evening once again reflected the hard work
and preparation carried out by the teachers and the high priority placed upon the
relationship between the school and its parents.

Personnel Committee
Report by Chair: Graham Dean. Members: Diane Bennett, Phil Holm


           To review Personnel and Pay policies

           To assist in the appointment of Teaching/Support Staff

           To assist in any redundancy, discipline or grievance procedure


The school has dealt with a number of absences over this last school year, two due
to teachers taking maternity leave, and our best wishes are extended to both Ms
Monaghan and Mrs Clifton, and two due to long-term sickness. During this time we
have been incredibly lucky that our Headteacher has been able to secure the services
of teaching and support staff who have worked hard to ensure a seamless delivery of
teaching ensuring that routines, standards and policies have been maintained at a
high level.

We warmly welcome to our school this term Miss Mitchell who is teaching Year 1 and
Mrs Rees and Miss Rees who are teaching Year 3 for this term. Mrs Gill Thomas has
joined our team as a teaching assistant in KS1, replacing Mrs Tracey Thomas who

now works in the office, replacing Mrs Anstey who retired at the end of last year. In
closing we, on the personnel committee, would like to thank Maureen Taylor for all
her hard work on the committee prior to stepping down.

Work this year:

The committee has revised the Attendance Policy, Grievance and Discipline Policy
and have augmented and streamlined the Personnel and Pay Committee‟s term of

Premises and Health and Safety Committee
Report by Chairman : Cyril Everard. Members : Nick Reed, Phil Holm


      To set programmes of maintenance work and decorating including upgrading
       of building facilities.

      To bring forward proposals for capital expenditure on improvements, repair
       and ground maintenance.

      To monitor health and safety aspects.

During the summer break 2004 a comprehensive programme of work was carried out

   Replacement of the glazed curtain walling to the junior entrance and classrooms 7
   and 8 (part of an ongoing programme);

   Refurbishment of Y6 cloakroom;

   Resurfacing of the infants‟ playground;

   Levelling and redesigning front entrance steps and access;

   Provision of access ramp to assembly hall entrance;

   Formation of base, access path and steps to cycle storage area;

   Redecoration of Assembly Hall and Year 1 and Nursery toilets

   Replacement of curtains to upper windows in the assembly hall and blinds in the
   dining room.

Investigation is underway for a suitable material to replace the existing assembly hall

Finance Committee
Report by Chair: Geoff Meakin       Members: Paul Large, Roger Watson


      To consider the School Development Plan and thereafter its review and
      To assist the Headteacher in the preparation of the annual school budget for
       approval by the governing body.
      To monitor and control the budget throughout the financial year.

Funding from Government in the financial year ended 31/3/04 increased to £746,000
some £46,000 (6.5%) over the previous year. Staff costs of teaching and other staff
(excluding catering) increased by £53,000 (9%) to £658.000 in the same period.
Donations increased by £10,000 to £39,000 and our thanks are due to a local charity
and once again to the PTA for their generous support.

Income for the year exceeded expenditure by some £4,000. Together with the carry
forward from 2002/03 of £81,000, this left with reserves of £85,000. Of this amount
some £60,000 was earmarked for known commitments in 2004/05 leaving £25,000
as a 'free' reserve. This is regarded as a prudent sum to meet any unforeseen

           Year Ended                31/03/03                 31/03/04
Government Funding                      726735                   746243
School Meals                             47102                    43470
Donations                                29775                    39547
Capital Building Works                   21548                    28462
Other                                    11565                    25515
TOTAL                                               815177                  883237
Salaries and Wages                      609430                   657883
Catering Wages and Food                  47549                    47462
Buildings and Ground Maintenance          7503                    14357
Occupancy costs                          28462                    22669
Learning Resources                       63088                    91098
Capital Building Works                    8712                    36894
Other                                    13333                     8553
TOTAL                                               769401                  878916
Excess of income over expenditure                     45776                    4321
Balance bought forward from                           34849                   80622
previous year
Balance carried forward                              80625                    84944

Special Educational Needs (SEN) & Inclusion Governor – Laura Vivian

Report by SEN co-ordinator: Linda Wilson

Emphasis has continued to be on supporting the children in the classroom and
through the work of the Teacher and Teaching Assistants rather than necessarily
withdrawing them from the classroom.      However, for literacy and numeracy in
particular, groups have also worked with a teaching assistant out of class where
appropriate. Children with SEN have made progress.

Staff have attended various training courses to keep their knowledge about SEN
strategies up to date. During visits by the Herts Advisor for SEN, effective classroom
practice was observed, with positive feedback.

The SEN co-ordinator continues to have an overview. There are 2 stages on the
register of children with SEN, although an initial concerns list is held informally.
Numbers on the Register are broadly the same as last year. There are 14 children at
the stage known as School Action. At this stage children‟s needs are managed and
resourced from within the school. There are 12 children at the School Action plus
stage, where one or more outside agencies may be additionally involved. In the case
of 3 children, additional funding is provided by the local authority in the form of
earmarked funding or a statement. One child has been supported by a Specialist
Teacher from the Applecroft SpLD Base and the programme followed with a teaching
assistant. All children who are at either stage on the register will have an Individual
Education Plan (IEP) which is a record reviewed termly stating what should be
achieved next by the identified child and the support which is going to be put into

The SEN funding was used to employ the classroom assistants and to purchase
training and resources where needed.

SEN is now widening and the emphasis is on having an inclusive school ensuring that
everyone, whatever their needs, should have access to the curriculum and
opportunities to fulfil their potential. This year, in addition to updating the SEN
policy, an Inclusion Policy has been created to ensure that all children are

This concludes the reports from the governing body.

                    Parent and Teachers Association (P.T.A.)
                          Report by Chair: Simon English

The school PTA Committee meets once each half term for a couple of hours in a
relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and plans how to raise money to support the
school. Our contributions to the infrastructure supporting your children should not be
underestimated. In recent years we have been directly or indirectly responsible for
supplying the school‟s 34 lap-top computers and virtually all associated
presentational hardware, the infant adventure playground, equipping the recent
upgrade to the Nursery and Foundation Project and for significant other items such
as teaching software, IT resources, digital cameras, projectors and books. On the
lighter side we fund the Year Six leaving party, team football kit and some interactive
externally provided shows.

In the year ahead we are aiming to enable the support of interactive whiteboards,
which is one of the latest expensive innovations in teaching. We must also plan to
upgrade the various computers in the school as they become out of date. This level
of financial support requires a team of committed individuals who want to make that
kind of difference to the facilities and opportunities available to all children.

We have been fortunate in the last couple of years to have had a stable committee of
just such individuals. Unfortunately we all get older – or in this instance our kids do
and two stalwarts of the team, Sharon Lottari and Fiona Schroder no longer have
children at the school. My sincere thanks go to these two ladies who in a true show
of class have both volunteered to continue to help us. We gratefully accept their offer
but we must look to replace them with some new blood on the committee. If you‟ve
ever thought about it then please speak to any of the existing committee, or if you
don‟t know us then just ask at the school office.

At the time of writing our accounts are only in draft form and these show net
revenues for the period of £15.5K from PTA activities and a further £2.5K from the
200 Club. Unusually in the year our expenditure almost matched our income and our
donations to the school totalled £18.5K leaving us with a surplus carried forward of

As a committee we try to arrange a diverse range of fundraising activities that will
appeal to parents, children and the broader community. Something every half term is
our aim, whether it is a disco for the children, a dinner and band for the adults, or a
quiz or race night. We need your continued support for these events, which are
typically well supported and attended.

There‟s usually quite a bit fun thrown into our mix of events, so much so that in a
moment of great generosity one of our parents donated £500 to the PTA coffers. Our
sincere thanks to the individual concerned – a great precedent has now been set and
we are looking for others to follow on!!!!!

In the summer we threw a Family Disco and Bar-B-Q which was really well supported
and where everyone seemed to have fun. Holding it in May was thought risky when

we decided to do it, but the Weather Gods were kind to us and all who came had a
great time. We plan to repeat this in 2005 together with some of our “winter” style
social events. Our next social diary date is Saturday 27th November when we
are holding a Black & White dinner with a live band. Please enquire at the
school for further details.

Our two staple fundraisers are Village Day and the Jumble Sale both of which require
considerable planning and large quantities of volunteer labour on the day itself. All
the efforts are worth it though, with the two days raising a net sum of £9,600. Our
challenge with Jumble Sale for the future is how to dispose of any unpurchased items
at the end of the day. Any suggestions or help in this area will be gratefully
considered for 2005.

A cycling proficiency scheme for Year 5 and Year 6 children operated for the second
year in 2004. Provided by a team of dedicated parents this helps us promote an
environmentally friendly alternative to the car whilst helping our children to exercise,
learn and take personal responsibility. We are also fortunate to receive matched
funding for this initiative which doubles the funds raised. What a great combination –
teaching, giving responsibility, freedom and also raising money for further investing
in the children, which a kind institution then doubles. Please consider your children
for this scheme when they become eligible.

Our next PTA meeting is being held at The Brookmans Hotel on Monday
15th November starting at 19.45hrs. I should remind you that all parents are
automatically in the PTA, your committee works on your behalf. Why not come and
see what we do? We‟d love to see some new blood (and we‟ll buy you a drink).

Our thanks go to all those who attend and support our efforts and my personal
thanks to all those who give so freely of their valuable time in helping us to run our
functions and events.

Simon English

Brookmans Park PTA Chair

                            Who’s Who – October 2004

Name              Responsibilities              Subject       Category       Term

Diane Bennett     Chair of Governors            Numeracy      Community      Sept 99 –
                  Personnel Committee                                        Aug 06
                  Finance Committee

Graham Dean       Vice Chair Governor           History       Parent         Nov 02      –
                  Development Co-ordinator                                   Aug 06
                  Personnel Committee (Chair)

Irene Dean        Curriculum & Pupil Welfare    PE            LEA            Oct 03 – Aug
                  Committee                                                  06

Cyril Everard     Premises Committee (Chair)                  Partnership    Sept 99 -

Phil Holm         Premises Committee            Music         Parent         Nov 02      –
                  Personnel Committee           PSHE                         Aug 06
                  Foundation Key Stage

Paul Large        Finance Committee             ICT           LEA            Oct 03 – Aug

Geoff Meakin      Finance Committee (Chair)     Geography     Partnership    Sept 99 -

Nick Reed         Premises Committee            Literacy      Parent         Mar 04 – Feb

Emma Staples      Curriculum & Pupil Welfare    Art           Staff          Oct 03 –

Tracey Thomas     Curriculum & Pupil Welfare    RE            Staff          Apr 04 -

Laura Vivian      Curriculum & Pupil Welfare    SEN           Parent         Mar 04 – Feb
                  Committee                                                  08

Roger Watson      Finance Committee             D&T           Community      Sept 99     –
                                                                             Aug 06

Maureen Taylor    Clerk                                                      Jan 04

Note:      Miss Fenton will be replacing Miss Staples as the teacher Governor from October
2004. Most governor appointments are held for four years. Our next parent governor
election is due to be held in October 2004. The Chair, Vice Chair and Head Teacher are ex-
officio members of all governor committees. Governors may be contacted via the school

                                Who’s Who – October 2004

Head Teacher         Lesley Stevens                         Child Protection Officer

Key Stage 2          Ann Childs (Year 6)                    Deputy Head,
(Juniors)                                                   Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator
                                                            Maths Co-ordinator
                     Jane Warburton (Year 5/6)              English Co-ordinator
                     Charlene Fenton (Year 5)               History co-ordinator
                     Emma Staples (Year 4)                  Music and Religious
                                                            Education Co-ordinator
                     Pat Christian (Year 3/4)               Year 3/4 Leader, ICT Co-ordinator
                     Miss C Rees                            Year 3 (job share)
                     Mrs R Rees

Key Stage 1          Jesie Halim (Year 2)                   Science Co-ordinator
(Infants)            Laura Minns (Year 1/2)                 PSHE Co-ordinator
                     Alyson Mitchell (Year 1)               Covering Mrs Clifton‟s maternity

Foundation Stage     Julie Brown (Reception)                Foundation Key Stage
(Early Years)                                               Co-ordinator and Staff
                                                            Development Co-ordinator
                     Ann Curley &                           Jointly covering Kate Monaghan‟s
                     Marie Pavlou (Nursery)                 maternity leave

Special Educational Needs (S.E.N.) Co-ordinator             Linda Wilson
and Year 6 Science teacher
Support Teacher                                             Jo Nicol
Nursery Nurse                                               Tracy Arnall

Learning Support Assistants
Val Beavis            Janet Dace                 Gill Thomas               Sally Sarson
Ann Kemp              Lesley Ragg                Tracey Thomas             Carole Lawrence
Mandy English         Debbie Magdich             Karen Hunt

Administrative               Jenny Bertram                          Financial Administrator,
Staff                                                               Secretary
                             Tracey Thomas                          Administrative assistant

Caretaker                    Alan Beavis
Catering Staff               Gary Stubbs                            Chef
                             Anita Hammett                          Kitchen Assistant
                             Toni Flesher                           Kitchen Assistant
Cleaner                      Gary Stubbs

Midday Supervisors
Caroline Waxman       Thelma Murphy              Valerie Bamford           Sheila Stroud
Lisa Harris           Lyn Carey                  Jenny Colledge            Lorraine Smith
Margaret Hall         Sharon Love                Julia Holm                Val Haywood
Wendy Nieman          Norma Wheeler

                       School Calendar 2004/2005

The following calendar approved by the governors, allows for the statutory 190 days
for pupils:

            Autumn Term 2004
            Commence:                    2nd September
            Finish:                      17th December
            Half Term:                   25th – 29th October
            Occasional Day               19th November
            Spring Term 2005
            Commence:                    5th January
            Finish:                      24th March
            Half Term:                   14th – 18th February
            Summer Term 2005
            Commence:                    12th April
            Finish:                      22nd July
            Half Term:                   30th May – 3rd June

              The date of a fifth training day has yet to be announced


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