mon end). The common end is a connector containing the correctly terminated and polished
                                 INTRODUCTION                                                         bundle of fibres and it is this which plugs into the light source. At the other end of the harness,
Universal Fibre Optics are the only manufacturer in the UK of glass fibre for lighting and one        each individual tail is terminated, usually with a metal ferrule, and it is here that the light
of only a few in the world. We have the widest range of specialist fibre optic solutions for light-   emerges. Glass or polymer fibre may be used but for runs of less than 10m, glass is pre-
ing in wet areas such as swimming pools, spas, saunas, bathrooms as well as yachts. We can            ferrable because the light output can be made more even between each point. Polymer fibre
supply complete systems using glass or polymer fibre and manufacture class-leading light              is required for very long runs but the light output between points may not be as even as with
sources and end fittings. Being a complete manufacturer we can also make bespoke fabrica-             glass fibre.
tions such as light tube systems finished to custom specifications.                                   3. End fittings come in many shapes and sizes to provide a discrete or decorative termina-
                                                                                                      tion to each tail and some types with domed lenses allow the light to be focussed and direct-
Why use fibre optic lighting?                                                                         ed. Special fittings are available for submersion. Fabrications such as light tubes or light wands
                                                                                                      may also be used to terminate the fibre and these are made to the specification required for
Low UV and heat emission from the end of the fibres means that this type of lighting is very          each installation.
safe to use and it carries no electricity. A light source with a single lamp can drive many
points of light and can be located in an accessible dry position while the end fittings may be in     To summarise, the light source generates the light which is projected into the fibre and travels
a wet area or at a height where it would be problematic to re-lamp in-situ. The reduced num-          along each fibre optic tail before emerging though a fitting
ber of lamps required also means lower maintenence costs and reduced energy consumption.
                                                                                                      Specifying fibre optics.
Controlled white light with either cool or warm colour temperature lamps are available. There
is also the option for static coloured light or a colour change with a number of methods of con-      Please call to discuss your requirements with a member of our sales team who will be able to
trol such as DMX making fibre optics a very versatile type of effect lighting.                        give you advice on how best to acheive the type of lighting you need. Points to consider are -

How does fibre optic lighting work?                                                                   » Where the light source(s) can be physically located. They need to have free airflow. Are they
                                                                                                      inside or outside?
There are normally three components                                                                   » Where the points of light are required and the distance between the light source and the
to a fibre optic lighting system:                                                                     points of light. Using glass fibre, try to keep the maximum run below 10m, preferrably as short
1. The light source is the projector-                                                                 as possible for the best light output and less cost. How may the fibre be physically run from
like box which contains the lamp and                                                                  light source to the points of delivery?
all the electrical components of the                                                                  » What sort of lighting do you require and how bright does it need to be in relation to any ambi-
system. Mostly the units are fan                                                                      ent lighting? This will affect the choice of light source and fibre used and also the type of fit-
cooled and require a ventilated posi-                                                                 ting required. What additional effects do you require such as colour changing?
                                                                                                      We can help you with these decisions and give practical advice. Accurate drawings help (pre-
2. The harness conducts the light and                                                                 ferred formats are AutoCAD dwg, dxf or Adobe pdf). If you only require a rough estimate a brief
is made up of a number of fibre optic                                                                 telephone call and / or a sketch may be sufficient. For major projects, our sales engineers can
cables called tails which are joined                                                                  visit site, demonstrate working products and take measurements. We can also offer an install-
together at one end (called the com-                                                                  tion service if this is required.

  Universal Fibre Optics
  The only UK manufacturer
  of optical fibre for lighting

                                                                                                                                                                                                            wet area lighting

     2                 Fibre Optics
                    Be inspired . . .
                    Universal Fibre Optics have supplied lighting for wet areas for
safe fibre optics   many years and in the following pages there are some examples
                    of projects using our products which we hope will inspire you.

                                     Fibre Optics                         3

1                                                                                                                                        3

    Private Residence, Suffolk                                        2. Paver fittings around the walkway uplight the walls with
    Fibre Optic lighting enhances the grand setting of the pool       white light from 150W metal halide light sources.
    at this private residence. Where fibre optics are used
    there is normally a cost saving from reduced maintenence          3. The spa bath is lit using P17T fittings which are easy to
    and the ability to remotely change the lamp without drain-        fit to a moulded shell such as this due to their threaded
    ing the pool or water feature.                                    body and back nut. Light is supplied by a 100W Aurora
                                                                      halogen light source.
    1. The main pool is lit using E1 eyeball fittings at intervals
    of 1m while the paver uplights in the steps give an unusu-        4. Fountains can also benefit from fibre optic lighting.
    al ‘shot of light’ effect. Colour changing light is supplied by   Glass fibre as used here can be used safely and reliably
    150W metal halide light sources and harnesses made
    from 7mm active diameter glass fibre.
                                                                      outdoors and the fibre itself will not perish from cold or
                                                                      heat. This is why fibre optics are ideal in water features.
                                                                                                                                     4   wet area lighting

    4                 Fibre Optics

3                   1

                                                                                       can be achieved in these wet and humid areas.
                        Hoar Cross Hall Health Resort
                        The fibre at Hoar Cross Hall was installed by an electrical    1. Downlights give a green glow which s a relaxing effect in
                        contractor with advice and assistance from Universal Fibre     this shower area. UFO 4D fittings give a glow of light
                        Optics allowing the harnesses to be made on-site.              around the circular ceiling recess while 13D down light fit-
                        Universal Fibre Optics can supply rolls of fibre and appro-    tings give a gentle glow from the ceiling perimeter.
                        priate end terminations to allow assembly on site. While
                                                                                       2. The plunge pool uses UFO E2 fittings to give colour
                        this approach does not usually give as good results as fac-
                                                                                       changing shots of light in the water.
                        tory made harnesses, where the effect needed is decora-
                        tive and evenness of light output is not that important, on-   3. Down light fittings in the ceiling recesses give a wash of
                        site assembly can allow the installer to measure lengths,      light, the light sources using a static blue filter.
                        cut to fit and amend the specifiaction as required. Seen
safe fibre optics   4   above are some examples of the stunning effects which          4.E1 fittings create spots of light underwater in the grotto.

                                                                                                         Fibre Optics                           5

1                                                                                                                                       3

                                                                   each fitting location and is secured to each back box via a
    Pennyhill Park Hotel, Surrey                                   gland. The back boxes can be fitted prior to the fibre optics
    The pool at this spa hotel utilises underwater fibre optic     at the time the concrete is being poured.
    lighting to good effect both in the pool walls to illuminate   The fibre is then run through the conduit to each back box.
    and colour the water and to light the pool steps. With no
    heat from the fibre optic fittings, there is no burn-risk.     The eyeball of the fitting is loosened to allow the fitting to
                                                                   be screwed on to the threaded ferrule at the end of each
    From above:                                                    fibre cable and the whole fitting is screwed into the inner-
    1, 2, 3, 4. The main pool uses E1 stainless steel eyeballs.    threaded back box. Sealant is applied around the flange of
    These eyeball fittings are mounted into a cylindrical back     the fitting to provide a good seal between the flange and
    box which is cast into the concrete through the pool facing    the back box / pool wall. Lastly the eyeball is adjusted and
    material. Conduit runs from the light source location to       a locking ring tightened to seal it in place.                    4   wet area lighting

    6                Fibre Optics

4                   2                                        1

                                                                                         which are secured through the bath moulding with a back
                        Domestic Bathrooms                                               nut.
                        This page shows some examples of fibre optics employed           3. Colour changing down lights in a bathroom give a wash
                        in domestic bathrooms.                                           of light down the wall and a general glow in the room.
                        1. Shower with UFO 13D fibre optic down light fitting above      4. Scallops of light in a shower give a glow of light similar
                        to give a wash of light and to colour the steam from the         to the effect in (1). Here the fittings are arranged along the
                        shower. Around the fitting are points of light giving a star-    wall and are quite widely spaced and narrowly focussed to
                        like effect. This installation uses a Small Star Kit (SS112)     give definite scallop. A 150W halogen light source was
                        available from our sister company, Unlimited Light.              used with 7mm glass fibre.
                        2. P1 paver fittings are used here to up-light the bath panel.   5. Small P3 pavers are installed in the floor to up light the
safe fibre optics   5   Light inside the bath comes from P17T threaded fittings          bath panel and toilet. Uses a 100W halogen light source.

                                                                                                          Fibre Optics                            7

1                                                                                                                                 2       4

                                                                   3. The steps into the main pool which flow around the
    Careys Manor Health Resort                                     hydrotherapy pool use the same type of light sources and
    Fibre optics are used in several wet and humid areas at        fittings as the hydrotherapy pool to give a scalloped effect
    Careys Manor Health Resort in Hampshire, UK. These             on the treads.
    examples illustrate the star ceiling effect especially well.   4. Cupola star ceiling above the hydrotherapy pool uses
    1. Star ceiling effect in sauna.                               polymer fibre. A 150W metal halide light source was used
                                                                   to give very bright defined points of light due to the 6.5m
    2. E1 fittings lighting hydrotherapy pool between steps. A     height of the cupola.
    colour change effect is produced by 150W metal halide
    light sources with standard colour wheels. The starry effect   5. Star ceiling effect around around the pool uses polymer
    seen in the water is a reflection of the cupola star ceiling   fibre and two 150W metal halide light sources, one for each
    effect high above - see picture 4.                             side. Small bullet lenses can be used to allow a little
                                                                   sealant to be applied around the holes if required.
                                                                                                                                      5   wet area lighting

    8                 Fibre Optics

3                   1

                                                                                       pattern for effect. These can also be placed closer and
                        The Cedars                                                     focussed wider to give an even wash of light into the water
                        This hotel pool with whirlpool tub demonstrates a number       in much the same way as E1 fittings are used to light the
                        of interesting techniques with fibre optic lighting.           main body of water in a pool.

                        1. P1 stainless steel pavers are set into the pool floor and   4. P4 miniature paver fittings are set into the floor of the
                        shine scallops of light up the sides of the tub.               pool to give an almost starfield like effect.

                        2. Inside the tub E2 eyeballs are used to create a coloured    All the light sources used are 150W metal halide with the
                        glow in the water. These are threaded fittings and can be      optional AVR control system for colour changing. All areas
                        fixed in place using a nut or mounted into a back-box which    except for the pool floor, which uses polymer fibre, use
                        is concreted in place.                                         glass fibre harnesses. Stainless steel ferrules and fittings
safe fibre optics   4
                        3. E2 fittings mounted into the steps give a narrow beam
                                                                                       are used throughout.

                                                                                                        Fibre Optics                          9
Installing Underwater Eyeballs

         1                                          2

                                                                                                                                                                                                                E2 small eyeball
                                                                                                                                                                                                                with back box.

         3                                          4

         5                                          6

                                                                                                                                                                                                  E1 large
                                                                                                                                                                                                  with back
                                                                                       A recent installation of E1 eyeball fittings to                                                            box, gland
                                                                                       a pool wall in Switzerland.                                                                                and conduit

                                                                To fit - the back box is cast or sealed into the substrate       protrude by about 50mm at the front of the back box and
  Underwater Eyeball Fittings                                   (ensuring that the threads do not become contaminated)           tape to protect the fibre ends. When the pool interior has
  These have a threaded body containing an adjustable eye-      and its face is left flush with the final screed surface below   been finished, the locking ring on the face of the fitting can
  ball and the fittings can be sealed making them ideal for     tile level. It is important that the back box is mounted at 90   then be loosened and the whole fitting screwed on to the
  use in wet areas such as swimming pools, ponds, water         degrees to the sealing surface otherwise leakage may             end ferrule of the tail. Sealant is applied between the back
  features and other wet locations. The fittings come with      occur. We recommend that the large E1 back box is fitted         edge of the flange and the mating surface. The fitting is
  either a back nut to allow fixing through a panel or with a   into 2” pool pipe or similar so that fitting and alignment are   then screwed into the back box and the locking ring tight-
  back box which can be pre-fitted when concrete is being       easier.                                                          ened to hold the eyeball.
  poured or retro-fitted into existing stone or concrete. A     Each tail should be fed through 25mm flexible conduit run-       Tips: We recommend that the conduit is looped above the
  wide flange allows superior sealing against smooth sur-       ning from the light source location to the back box at each      final waterline as an additional safety measure. There
  faces. The eyeball part of the fitting is sealed against      point of light. The conduit should be sealed into the sup-       should be no sharp turns in the conduit.
  ingress with on O-ring compressed by the locking ring.        plied gland to ensure a watertight seal. Allow the tails to
                                                                                                                                 A draw line is useful to pull the tails through the conduit.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   wet area lighting

 10                Fibre Optics
UFO P17T                                                   UFO P1                                                        UFO P9                                                         UFO 11D
UFO P17T small stainless steel threaded fitting with M16   Stainless Steel paver fitting for 36mm cutout. suitable for   Small form factor stainless steel paver with domed lens        Adjustable recessed eyeball down lighter fitting avail-
stainless steel back nut to allow fixing through panels.   use in floors, skirting, steps etc.                           to allow focussing. Submersion is not recommended.             able in black or white plastic or stainless steel.
Ferrule size: M10 x 1mm                                    Ferrule size: M10 x 1mm                                       Ferrule size: M10 x 1mm or M8 x 1mm.                           Ferrule size: M10 x 1mm
Focussing angles: c. 20 - 40 degrees.                      Focussing angles: fixed at c. 40 degrees.                     Focussing angles: c. 20 - 50 degrees.                          Focussing angles: c. 20 - 45 degrees.

                                                                                                                                                                                The 11D eyeball type is popular for giving both directional
                                                                                                            Other End Fittings                                                  and general washes of light and is very useful in saunas
                                                                                                            Universal Fibre Optics manufacture a wide range of end fit-         and pool rooms where it can be ceiling mounted to down -
                                                                                                            tings, a few examples of which are shown above. The end             light.
                                                                                                            fittings finish the fibre optics decoratively, protect the end of   The P17T fitting is designed to be mounted in baths or hot
                                                                                                            the fibre and some allow the beam to be articulated and             tubs and has a nut to secure the fitting through the walls of
                                                                                                            focussed.                                                           the tub. Sealant can be apllied around the flange and wash-
                                                                                                            The examples above can be used in many applications and             ers to prevent leakage.
                                                                                                            the paver types have silicone sealed lenses to exclude              Many of our fittings are available in durable ABS or stain-
                                                                                                            moisture. These are ideal for illuminating around the walk-         less steel. Small clear bullet fittings in stabilised acrylic are
   safe fibre optics                                                                                        ways of swimming pools or to give decorative uplighting to
                                                                                                            poolside features.
                                                                                                                                                                                available to make starfield ceiling type effects. Please see
                                                                                                                                                                                our main brochure or website for fuller details of our range.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Fibre Optics                            11
Compact                                                                                                                                                                                            Ultima 250W
Metal Halide
                                                                               Outdoor Enclosure                                                                                                   Metal Halide

                                                                                      This is a typical outdoor enclosure for a 150W metal halide light source. Please tell us the
                                                                                     orientation it is to be mounted in so we can attach the cowled vents in the correct position.

                                                             Helios Metal
                                                             Halide with
                                                             DMX control

                                                                                  If a light source in an outdoor enclosure needs to be hidden out of sight then it may be located                 Aurora Halogen
Outdoor                                                                                    in a drained pit. Please allow sufficient room around the enclosure for ventilation                     Decorative with
Enclosure                                                                                                                                                                                          colour wheel

                                                                  1. Halogen - lower cost small form factor light sources
    Light Sources                                                 which produce light instantly when switched on but have a
                                                                                                                                   Situating Light Sources
    Universal Fibre Optics offers a wide range of light sources   typically shorter lamp life than metal halide and produce        It is best to situate light sources as close as possible to
    (projectors) including white light only and colour changing   less light. They are suitable for small scale applications       where the light fittings need to be as this will save money
    types. The colour changing types can offer continuous         using end-lit fibre.                                             in fibre and generally produce the best result lighting-wise.
    colour change, colour change with a separate electrical       2. Metal Halide - the most common type used for function-
    feed to the colour wheel motor to allow the wheel to be                                                                        For outdoor or damp area situation of the light source there
                                                                  al and pool lighting. These produce much more light than         is the option of weatherproof vented enclosures (above).
    stopped on a single colour and DMX control which allows       halogen sources and so are suitable for larger areas and
    programming and accurate synchronisation.                                                                                      These allow the light source to be situated outside or in a
                                                                  for side glow fibre. They also tend to have a longer lamp life   drained pit. Light sources must have adequate ventilation.
    There are two main types of light source available and        than halogen lamps but they since they are discharge             It may be necessary to supply the harness built into the
                                                                  lamps (like sodium street lights) they also need 2 minutes
    these are defined by the type of lamp fitted. There are:
                                                                  warm-up time before they operate at full power.
                                                                                                                                   enclosure thought it can still be detached by removing it
                                                                                                                                   with the front plate and gland through which it is mounted.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     wet area lighting

   12                Fibre Optics
                    AVR & DMX Control
                    Our standard decorative metal halide and low voltage light sources offer                                                    Control Options
                    simple control through the option of switches or separate feeds to control
                    colour wheel and dimmer wheel motors or for a manual dimmer on the low
                    voltage light sources. Sometimes a greater degree of control or synchroni-
                    sation between light sources may be required or it may be that there is an
                    existing control system which it is desired to utilise. We therefore offer two
                    more extensive control options which utilise the AVR system and DMX pro-
                                                                                                                                         Up to 4 light sources can be used per channel.
                    tocols with 150W metal halide power.
                                                                                                             Controller                Driver             Light Source           Light Source             Light Source
                    AVR system light sources use an 8 channel version of DMX (with reversed
                    hot & cold) to afford control over a 7 segment wheel in each light source.
                    Up to 4 light sources per channel can be daisy-chained together over 4
                    channels (giving a total of 16 light sources) and controlled via an external
                    driver unit. In addition to the driver unit and special cables, a controller is
                    required. Two versions are available, a simple unit which allows either a                             Up to 4 channels per driver giving a maximum of 16 light sources per driver.                   AVR
                    single colour to be selected or a continuous slow scroll and a programma-
                                                                                                             Controller                Driver             Light Source           Light Source             Light Source
                    ble unit which allows a programmed change to be executed over a maxi-
                    mum of 1 hour or a minimum of 5 seconds.

                    Cables required:     controller to driver – flat 4 core
                                         driver to light source – flat 6 core

                    DMX512 as used on our Helios 150 light source allows an even greater                                  512 channels with up to 32 light sources per controller (dependent on model).
                    degree of creative freedom and control with synchronisation, instant colour
                    change,and dimming all built into one light source. We also have light                   Controller            Light Source           Light Source          Light Source              Light Source
                    sources which add a twinkle effect to the mix of features. A suitable DMX
                    controller is required to utilise all the features though the light sources them-                                                                                                                    DMX
                    selves can be programmed in a ‘master-slave’ configuration. We can supply
                    suitable controllers should these be required.

                    Cables required:     120 Ohm STP

                                                                                                                                                             come with a colour wheel which is attached to a motor and
                                                                                       Light Source Options                                                  this rotates the wheel in the light path giving a changing
                                                                                       Light sources are available with a large number of options            colour of light. Optionally on these light sources we can fit
                                                                                       so the effects available can be tailored to your require-             a separate electrical power cable to the motor to allow this
                                                                                       ments.                                                                to be remotely switched on and off independently of the
                                                                                                                                                             lamp. A dimmer wheel on the metal halide light sources can
                                                                                       The simplest option is for white light. We make a number of           also be operated in the same way.
                                                                                       light sources using different lamps. These are available to
                                                                                       give white light or a static colour by using an optional filter.      Other control options include the AVR controller system
                                                                                                                                                             and DMX 512 protocol. See the panel above left for details
                                                                                       The next simplest option is to use a colour wheel made up             of these.
                                                                                       of segments of differently coloured plastic or glass depen-
safe fibre optics                                                                      dant on the light source Wattage. Decorative light sources            For a fuller options list and technical details of the UFO light
                                                                                                                                                             source range please visit www.universal-fibre-optics.com.

                                                                                                                                                                                Fibre Optics                             13
End-lit Fibre / Harness Specifications                                                                                                                                                                          Bulk Fibre
Glass Fibre (preferred type for most even lighting)                                                                                                                                                             Bulk Polymer fibre, either single or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                multi stranded is available from
Size                Active              Outer                Maximum in           Minimum bend           Standard end                                                                                           Universal Fibre Optics. If you have the
code                diameter            diameter             one light source     radius                 termination                                                                                            necessary skill to terminate harness
1                   1mm                 2.3mm                400                  7mm                    crimp                                                                                                  yourself, we have a full range of fibre,
1.5                 1.5mm               2.7mm                270                  10mm                   crimp / tube                                                                M10                        end ferrules and common ends to suit.
2                   2mm                 2.8mm                135                  15mm                   crimp / 3mm / tube                                                                                     Please specify the type of fibre you
                                                                                                                                                                                                                require, the common end bore size
8                   3mm                 4.9mm                68                   18mm                   M8 / M10 ferrule
                                                                                                                                                                                                                and the type of ferrule. Our standard
14                  4mm                 6.4mm                38                   20mm                   M8 / M10 ferrule                                                                                       common ends are 30mm diameter.
18                  5mm                 7.4mm                25                   40mm                   M8 / M10 ferrule                                                                                       Below are some common fibre sizes
24                  6mm                 8.7mm                17                   50mm                   M8 / M10 ferrule                                                            M8                         and the lengths of reels that they are
36                  7mm                 10.1mm               12                   70mm                   M10 ferrule                                                                                            supplied on.
48                  8mm                 10.7mm               10                   90mm                   M10 ferrule
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sheathed & unsheathed single fibre

Multi-stranded Polymer Fibre (for use where long lengths are required)                                                                                                                                          0.75mm . . . . . .2700m
                                                                                                                                                                                 8mm SMOOTH                     1mm . . . . . . . .1500m
Number of           Active              Outer                Maximum in           Minimum bend           Standard end                                                                                           1.5mm . . . . . . .700m
                                                                                                                                                                                                                2mm . . . . . . . .250m
0.75mm strands      diameter            diameter             one light source     radius                 termination
8                   2.4mm               4.5mm                115                  20mm                   M8 / M10 ferrule                                                                                       Sheathed 0.75mm multi-strand fibre
12                  3.1mm               4.5mm                65                   25mm                   M8 / M10 ferrule                                                                                       4 strand . . . . . .500m
25                  4.3mm               6.3mm                38                   30mm                   M8 / M10 ferrule                                                            TUBE                       8 strand . . . . . .500m
33                  5mm                 7.1mm                25                   50mm                   M8 / M10 ferrule                                                                                       12 strand . . . . .300m
50                  6mm                 8.7mm                17                   60mm                   M8 / M10 ferrule                                                                                       25 strand . . . . .300m
67                  7mm                 10.5mm               12                   80mm                   M10 ferrule                                                                                            33 strand . . . . .200m
75                  7.5mm               10.5mm               11                   90mm                   M10 ferrule                                                                                            50 strand . . . . .150m
88                  8mm                 10.5mm               10                   100mm                  M10 ferrule                          Some Standard Ferrule Types                                       75 strand . . . . .100m
                                                                                                                                                                                                                88 strand . . . . .100m
                                                                                                                                       These ferrules are some typical types used in wet areas. Please con-     100 strand . . . .100m
Single-strand polymer Fibre                                                                                                            sult the main Universal Fibre Optics brochure for a selection of other
                                                                                                                                        types. Note that the dimensions shown are generally for the largest
                                                                                                                                        sizes. Sizes for smaller fibre may vary. M8 and M10 radio nuts and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                The above multi-strand can be used
Available in 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1mm and 2mm diameters (raw unsheathed fibre). These fibres can also be sup-                                M10 half nuts are also available for securing ferrules through a plane   stripped back for starry sky effects or
plied sheathed in the same low smoke material as the multi-stranded glass and polymer fibre above.                                                          where no end fitting is used.                       terminated with ferrules to use with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                end fittings.

     Universal Fibre Optics makes harnesses, terminating the        option over polymer for lengths up to about 10m. A colour
     ends of the fibre for maximum transmission and longevity.      shift can occur over 10m so polymer is normally used at
     The tails are bonded at the light source end (common end)      very long lengths. Of the two types, glass fibre is the more
     and polished to ensure the maximum light enters the fibre.     flexible.
     Two basic types of end-lit fibre are available, glass and      The harnesses are made up of tails which contain many
     polymer. With glass fibre cables we are able to mix the very   small fibres sheathed in a black coloured material. The
     fine fibres together in a random way to give increased         ends are usually finished for wet areas with stainless steel
     evenness of light output between discrete points. With poly-   ferrules. Ferrules are mainly threaded to allow end fittings
     mer cables, the fibre can’t be mixed as effectively and this   to be attached to finish the tail and with lenses to control the
     may cause some unevenness between individual points of         focus. We can also fit flexible sheathing to the tail ends for
     light though this may not be so important in some decora-      installation in tight spaces or with adjustable fittings. Our
     tive applications. Glass end emitting fibre is the preferred   standard common end size is 30mm to fit the projector.                      Glass Fibre Harness            Unsheathed Polymer Fibre            wet area lighting

   14                 Fibre Optics
           Polymer Sidesparkle

                                                                                                                     Side Glow Fibre & Harnesses

                                              Universal Fibre Optics offer a comprehensive range of side        lengths given above are for the largest diameter. These
                                 Brightline   glow fibre. The types above are all available off the shelf for   styles require a reasonably powerful light source to drive
                                              outdoor use (the cracked glass and polymer sidesparkle to         them and we recommend using 150W metal halide types.
                                              special order only).                                              Which fibre to choose depends on the desired effect. The
                                                                                                                textured side glow looks especially appealing when used
                                              Each type produces a different effect but all must be seen        near water. The Brightline is useful where higher intensity
                                              to give their best effect as they are low spillage (an advan-     is required and the Smooth solid core where a less intense
                                              tage where a distinct line of light is required).                 effect is desired. The Stranded side glow is best where
                                              The Stranded, Smooth Solid, Textured Solid and Brightline         there are tight corners to navigate as it is more flexible.
                                              fibres are ideal as markers to give a defining line around a      The Cracked Glass and Polymer Sidesparkle fibres are
                                              swimming pool or feature as they give a continuous line of        cracked or chipped along their length to give small light
  safe fibre optics                           light. The larger the diameter, the brighter the light and the
                                              further they can generally be run. The maximum run
                                                                                                                points and are often used in a bundle or curtain formation.

                                                                                                                                 Fibre Optics                       15
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