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                                           How To Talk To Women:
                                  3 Secret Tips For How To Talk To Women...

                          Have you ever worked up your courage to go talk to a woman, and then you're standing there in
                          silence, wondering what to say next?

                          It happens to every guy - and it happened to me quite a bit as I was trying to learn how to talk to
                          women and meet women.

                          The good news is that you don't have to suffer with that uncomfortable silence anymore. In this
                          article, I'm going to reveal 3 Secrets for How To Talk To Women.

                          If you use these tips, every guy around you - including your buddies - are going to envy you.

                          How To Talk To Women - Secret #1: Take on a Famliar Attitude

Studies have shown that a part of all human brains actually RESISTS the new and different. When you encounter a new
person, your nervous system actually goes on alert, and tries to keep you from trusting and connecting with them. It takes
multiple encounters with a person to finally open up and let them in.

Well, the same is true for women, who have their own "defensive shields" - yes, just like on Star Trek.

Remember all that advice you got as a kid about "stranger danger"?

Well, it's actually terrible advice, and it conditioned us to avoid meeting new people later on in life. Most guys talk to
women with the attitude of a guy who is a stranger. As a result, they've silently accepted this role, and they almost seem
to beg to be treated like a potential threat.

Instead, when you're learning how to talk to women, you have to assume the role of the "old friend."

Think about how you talk to a guy friend you've known for years. It's casual, laid back, and comfortable.

That's the exact same energy you want when you talk to women. They'll feel the vibe and respond accordingly. We react
to people based on how comfortable THEY feel in their own skin. So just chill and treat her like you've known her for

And who knows - maybe you will.

How To Talk To Women - Secret #2: Ask Questions

Questions are the secret weapon of control in conversation. They allow you to steer things, and they also allow you to
draw her out of her shell.

Remember, a woman is looking to feel your confidence when you're talking to her, and she's also a little nervous herself.
She wants to be approved of as well. By using questions, you help her get out of her nervous mindset. You need to be
confident enough for two.

Some keys to asking questions are that you need to keep them:

       Light - no asking about intimate or heavy emotional details.

       Different - Don't just ask her where she works - ask her how she feels about her work. Or ask her what she would
       rather be doing if she had the day off.

       Low-disclosure - don't ask her intimate questions, or questions that require her to give up personal information too
       quickly. The only thing you want to walk away with is a phone number or email. Any other details - like where she
       lives - should be considered off-limits. For now.

How To Talk To Women - Secret #3: Play With Her

The fastest way past a woman's defensive boundaries is simple - it's the same technique you used to use when you were
a kid and you wanted to flirt with a girl.


There's a whole system I've developed for teasing women, but I'll give you the essence of it here.

You want to be playful when you're learning how to talk to women, because the one thing that brings down her guard
fastest is feeling a bit of teasing energy.

Teasing communicates:

       1. You're not intimidated by her. Most men are intimidated by attractive women, and it shows. This then
       looks like a lack of confidence to her.

       2. You're playful and not deadly serious, the way most guys get when it comes to talking to women.
       This is usually because the only thing on their mind is not getting rejected. Which, ironically, is very
       unattractive for a woman to sense.

       3. She has to prove herself. When you you're thinking of how to talk to women, you're probably imagining
       how you can prove your value to her. Again, teasing reverses this so she doesn't get the upper hand.

Remember that every chance to talk to women also gives you the chance to screen out women you don't want. A man
who has standards is much more attractive to a woman.

A playful attitude means not thinking that how to talk to women means you have to be Mr. Serious, because that's a real
turn-off with women. She's going to think you've got an agenda. And that's not something she wants to sense. She wants
to feel like destiny brought you two together, and it will be like a romance novel or romantic comedy movie.

She really wants to have a great story about why you came together. When you meet her, that's your opportunity to create
that story by giving her a fun time, and letting her spend her time wondering when she gets to feel it again with you.

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Wishing you confidence and success with women - With HONOR and integrity.

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