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					                                               How To Attract Women
                                        The Secret Conspiracy Against Men...

                           I get asked a lot by guys why I do what I do - which is teach men how to get the women they
                           desire without being a manipulative jerk.

                           - Why do I teach guys how to be an Alpha Man?

                           - Why do I reveal the secrets to men for how to create nearly instant attraction?

                           - Why do I uncover the secrets of masculine conversation with women?

                           Look, the reality is that we live in a society that is not nice to guys… yet it expects us to be nice

                           And to top it off - we know that Nice Guys don't really win the girl, do they?

I saw this great skit on some show where this wussy guy says, "Hey, I thought the meek were supposed to inherit the
earth?" And the other more aggressive guy says, "Yeah, after we're DONE with it! Ha ha..." Then he hits him with the
dodgeball right in the head.

Well, it's like that in real life, too, isn't it? You keep waiting for "your turn," waiting for life to be "fair" and give you what you
want, but it seems to just keep passing you over. Instead, the Jerk gets to sleep with the girl you want, and you get to be
her shoulder to cry on after he's "done" with her.

Movies and television and the media are just as bad. They portray us guys as dumb bumbling Homer Simpsons that
would be completely lost without a woman to correct us.

What a load of crap!

The fact is that if you talk to ANY woman out there, the one thing she's looking for (and not finding) is a REAL man.

Hang on, I'll come back to this in a second...

I got really frustrated about this, and since 2002, I've made it my mission to help guys everywhere get the
respect they deserve…

AND the women they deserve!

The simple truth is that when you're a confident Alpha Man, women want you. In fact, they'll want you so bad that they will
want to approach YOU.

>> The BAD News...

But women can't do that.

As much as I'd like to tell you that I've got a magic pill that makes women start fighting over you, the reality is that *women
don't approach men.*

And they shouldn't!

(And you're smart enough to see through any promises of 'tricking' women into wanting you. You want to get her with
integrity, not deception.)

Studies have shown that when a woman makes the first move, the relationship has almost ZERO chance of success….

I think this is because women understand on an intuitive level that if the man doesn't take the Alpha role, then the
attraction wasn't started off on the right foot.

And it's only DOOMED from there.

And even worse is that you would have wasted years of your life trying "magic bullet" techniques that simply COULD NOT
and DO NOT work. Not only that, but using them would have damaged your self-esteem and self-confidence along the
way. Sometimes in ways that you can't ever repair.


If you show her your inner Alpha Man, she will desire you.

(EVERY guy has one, it just takes a little help to reveal what she's looking for…)

No more rejection, no more fear, no more doubt.

That's WHY I do this: Because I believe every man has that right to get the woman he wants, and the social life he wants,
and the Alpha Lifestyle he wants.

You can have it ALL if you want it.

>> MORE Good News…

You already have the Right Stuff to get the women you desire.

If you'd like to learn what you can do to FINALLY attract the women you want without manipulation or turning into a Jerk,
then you need to see this.

And you can also AVOID the painful nightmare that most guys experience with women.

Go download your copy - CLICK HERE => How to Attract Women & Escape The Nightmare

Talk soon...

Wishing you confidence and success with women - With HONOR and integrity.

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