SCUSD Superintendent Jonathan P. Raymond Letter to Community September 10, 2010 by coopmike48


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									                                                                      OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDENT
                                                                             5735 47th Avenue  Sacramento, CA 95824
                                                                                 (916) 643-9000  FAX (916) 643-9480
                                                                                  Jonathan P. Raymond, Superintendent

                             September 10, 2010

Ellyne Bell, MA, LMSW
Trustee Area 1
                             Dear Colleagues:

Patrick Kennedy
                             Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your summer break and that your first week back
Vice President               on the job was both enjoyable and successful.
Trustee Area 7

                             The start of a new school year is an exciting time. As members of the executive staff
                             and I visited campuses this week, I was struck by an encouraging sense of optimism
Roy Grimes, MPA, MBA, CGFM
2nd Vice President           throughout the district.
Trustee Area 6
                             The work of an urban district – especially one as diverse and, at times, challenging as
                             ours – isn’t for cynics. It takes a strong belief that the best is yet to come, that
Jerry Houseman, Ed.D.
Trustee Area 2               improvement is always possible. Helen Keller, who overcame a life of hardships,
                             perhaps said it best: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be
                             done without hope and confidence.”
Donald Terry
Trustee Area 3
                             In that spirit I would like to thank you for your confidence in our students, for your
                             belief that they can and will exceed expectations – ours and theirs – as they progress
Gustavo Arroyo               through the year. Thank you for your faith in our families, your confidence in the idea
Trustee Area 4
                             that by earning their trust we can enlist them as powerful partners who will ultimately
                             make our jobs easier. And thank you for trusting that changes taking place will result in
Diana Rodriguez              a year of great teaching and learning.
Trustee Area 5

                             Of course, some will say that it is easy to be optimistic the first week of school before
Arthur Fong                  certain realities inevitably set in. And it’s true that our confidence will be tested in the
Student Board Member
                             weeks and months ahead. Try as we might to plan for adversity, we will face
                             difficulties, as always. But I believe if we meet those challenges with hope, unity and
                             the flexibility to change course in the face of obstacles we will reflect on this year with
                             great pride.

                             I look forward to seeing you at your campuses throughout the year.


                             Jonathan P. Raymond

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