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									                                                                NATIONAL ASSOCIATION
                                                                AUTOMOBILE MUSEUMS

A    TRADE         ORGANIZATION                  FOR      THE     ADVANCEMENT                    OF      AUTOMOBILE                  MUSEUMS
Editor: Gary Pelger, 7981 Windward trace Circle NW, Massillon, oH 44646 Phone: (330) 837-5069 E-mail:

                           2008 NAAM Conference:
               Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, Tennessee April 2-5
the 12th annual NAAM conference was hosted by Susan and                     After the break, Nora tucker from 500 design presented NAAM
Jeff Lane of the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville. it was also                members with a presentation on “reinvigorating Your Collection.”
the 6th biyearly joint conference with the Society of Automotive            Showing what 500 design had done with the Elvis Birthplace
Historians (SAH). the NAAM Conference theme was “the                        Museum in tupelo, Mississippi, she stressed that creativity can solve
Search for Performance and reliability.” And, SAH investigated              any problem by taking a story and selecting the artifacts that will
“Competition and the development of Passion, Preserving, and                enhance that story.
Sharing Automotive History.”
                                                                            Next, we enjoyed a delightful luncheon with speaker Bill Warner
                                                                            regaling us with tales of his “Cannonball run” experiences. He
                                                                            actually modified a Hertz rental, a Lincoln with unlimited mileage,
                                                                            and then added extra lights and a huge fuel tank, remodified it
                                                                            after the run, and returned it to Hertz.

                                                                            Afternoon sessions included accreditation of your museum by the
                                                                            American Association of Museums presented by Jim Hoobler of AAM
                                                                            and conserving and archiving works on paper by Amber Barfield of
                                                                            the tennessee State Museum. From the latter, i gathered “Never
                                                                            use scotch tape, never laminate, keep away from sunlight, wear
                                                                            white gloves, and keep your work area clean.”

                                                                            While the educational programs and networking opportunities of
                                                                            NAAM and SAH are very informative, Friday was reserved for tours
                The State Capitol Building in Nashville
                                                                            of Civil War sites and country music sites. My group opted for the
                                                                            Country Music tour. A bus tour of Nashville’s music history included
We were welcomed Wednesday afternoon at the Airport Marriott                homes and offices of noted musicians, the cemetery where many
in Nashville with a reception hosted by toyota USA Automobile               greats were laid to rest, recording studios like rCA where the Everly
Museum and their representative Susan Sanborn as well as the                Brothers recorded “Wake up Little Susie”, and even the bar where
Lanes. thursday morning, following a continental breakfast,                 Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson shared a back room. that tour
NAAM’s first session introduced Bill Warner who addressed using             ended at the Country Music Hall of Fame where we spent a few
Concours shows to promote your museum. Bill stressed the need               hours exploring the history of Marty robbins, Hank Williams, Patsy
for education as well as entertainment by presenting history in             Kline, Elvis, dolly, Minnie, so many others, and the gift shop.
the most effective possible way. He stressed the need to overcome
the conception that Concours are strictly for the wealthy and               Finally, the highlight of the day, we bused to the Lane Motor
suggested expanding the range of vehicles being shown and                   Museum that occupies the former Sunbeam Bread Bakery. the
including “Museum row” tents from the surrounding community.                first floor displays unique cars from A to Z to coin a phrase from
in short, a Concours should be relevant to the community, a source          the museum literature. From sports cars, race cars, microcars, and
of education, a fund raising tool, and be entertaining. Museums             military vehicles, this museum features the obscure and the unusual.
should provide vehicles to promote a theme, promote their facility,
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and bring attention to the media.

Bren Martin followed Bill with a presentation entitled “Understanding
Your Audience” where he described the various generations from
                                                                                           president’s report ........................... 4
the 1901-1941 Gi generation to the most recent generation Y group
born after 1985. As a member of the “Silent Generation” i slipped
                                                                                           editor’s report .................................. 5
quietly out (as i forewarned) to attend the SAH presentation entitled                      marketing news ................................ 5
“Eudora Welty’s Novel ‘Losing Battles’: Women, Cars, and Family                            naam website .................................. 5
Values.” As a fan of southern writers, i had to attend deborah                             scholarship news ............................. 6
Clarke’s take on Eudora Welty’s message. Mrs. Clarke is an English                         member tidbits ................................ 7
professor at Penn State. it was most interesting and entertaining,
and i had the pleasure of joining Mrs. Clarke on the Friday bus tour                       naam hall of fame ........................ 11
and discovered she is primarily a “Faulknerian”. i wrote my final                          naam directors ............................... 12
paper in college on William Faulkner. We had a lot to talk about.
i encourage NAAM members to take more advantage of these joint                             ...and more!
sessions. Go ahead, cut a class, and enjoy what the historians have
to offer too.
                                                                                                     VOLUME 10, SprINg 2008, ISSUE 2
the basement features an equally large area with even more                  Lunch of a fine buffet in Salon d of the Marriott was followed
unusual cars in various stages of restoration. outside, there’s an          by the NAAM annual meeting and election of new directors
amphibious military vehicle so large that its belly can carry troops,       as indicated later in this newsletter. NAAM Awards were
weapons, and even a tank. Many of the vehicles never made it to             then presented by rebecca Bonham, Awards Chairperson, and
the United States in any significant number, many more, not at              Michael Spezia assisted. they were presented as follows to the
all. the 132,000 square-foot facility is an immense maple-floored           listed organizations:
arena showcasing hundreds of exotic cars and trucks. the cars are
displayed in a rope-free environment that allows the visitor to get                                    Division I
up close and personal with the vehicles. Jeff looks for vehicles that
are basically interesting, different, and unique. And his goal is to                             Collateral Material
have all these cars in working order because Jeff has personally                         1st Place: Gateway Auto Museum
chosen and driven nearly every car on display. My only regret is                      2nd Place: Cadillac LaSalle Club Museum
that we did not have more time to spend in this museum.
                                                                                                   Film and Video
                                                                                       1st Place William E. Swigart Jr. Museum

                                                                                      1st: NW Vintage Car/Motorcycle Museum
                                                                                             2nd: Gateway Auto Museum
                                                                                        3rd: Wills Sainte Claire Auto Museum

                                                                                                  Interpretive Exhibit
                                                                                        1st: Wills Sainte Claire Auto Museum

                                                                                                    Web Design
                                                                                      1st: NW Vintage Car/Motorcycle Museum

                                                                                                Educational Program
                                                                                            1st: Gateway Auto Museum
                                                                                       2nd: Wills Sainte Claire Auto Museum

                   Nashville’s Lane Motor Museum                                             Events & Public Promotions
                                                                                        1st: Wills Sainte Claire Auto Museum
                                                                                             2nd: Gateway Auto Museum

                                                                                                      Division II
                                                                                                  Collateral Materials
                                                                                        1st: toyota USA Automobile Museum
                                                                                           2nd: National Corvette Museum
                                                                                               3rd: Lane Motor Museum

                                                                                     1st: National Auto Museum (Harrah Coll.)
                                                                                      2nd: toyota USA Automobile Museum
                                                                                           3rd: National Corvette Museum

                                                                                                     Web Design
                                                                                        1st: toyota USA Automobile Museum
     One large visitor with one small car, a ¾ scale Austin Bantam
                                                                                                    Film and Video
on Saturday morning we resumed our NAAM and SAH sessions                                1st: toyota USA Automobile Museum
with joint sessions presented first by Bill Pryor on the Marathon                          2nd: National Corvette Museum
car built in Nashville until 1913. it was a promising car with a                            3rd: reynolds-Alberta Museum
reliable reputation that failed due to mismanagement and bad
choices. then Corky Coker of the Coker tire Company gave us a                                    Interpretive Exhibit
brief history of tire development and encouraged us to drive these                   1st: National Auto Museum (Harrah Coll.)
vintage vehicles by including a mobile display. to collectors, he                        2nd: Studebaker National Museum
encouraged us to bring back the Sunday drive. doesn’t that bring                           3rd: reynolds-Alberta Museum
back memories of our youth?
                                                                                                 Educational Program
then, just before lunch, a joint panel discussion with Michael                             1st: reynolds-Alberta Museum
Spezia and Susan Sanborn from NAAM and Kit Foster and Michael                            2nd: Petersen Automotive Museum
Berger of SAH where we explored working together toward the
future. We discussed what historians can do for our museums,                               Events and Public Promotions
and how we could further open our archives for historians. SAH                          1st: Studebaker National Museum
and NAAM will continue to seek crossover opportunities to                         2nd: National Auto Museum (Harrah Collection)
collectively work together to influence education in the schools                          3rd: reynolds-Alberta Museum
and on college levels.
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      Some of the
NAAMY Award Winners
accepting well-deserved
      awards from
    Rebecca Bonham
  and Michael Spezia.

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After the awards, a roundtable discussion was presented by
representatives of Hagerty insurance to examine Museum
needs as far as coverage is concerned. the NAAM Conference
concluded with a banquet Saturday evening sponsored by
Hagerty insurance where the featured speaker was former
race driver Sam Posey. Sam is a versatile driver, author, and
commentator who competed in a wide spectrum of racing
                                                                      Laura Brinkman
categories from the mid 1960s through 1981. He is also                dear NAAM members:
an architect, an avid railroader, and continues his lifelong
work as an artist.                                                    Spring is finally arriving here in northern indiana! We had a
                                                                      beautiful taste of it attending the annual NAAM conference
the evening dinner and presentation by former race driver             last month, hosted by the Lane Museum in Nashville. this
Sam Posey, one of the best-known figures in American                  year’s conference was shared, as it is every other year,
motorsports concluded the 2008 conference. Following his              with the Society of Automotive Historians (SAH). Each
racing career, Sam became a racing commentator at the indy            organization established its own program agenda, with a
500, and for Speedvision through the 2001 season. Sam was             few joint sessions and many opportunities to co-mingle at
awarded a lifetime honorary membership into the NAAM                  meals, breaks and all day on the day of touring. the Lane
organization following his entertaining presentation. All             Motor Museum crew did a fantastic job of hosting. thanks
in all, the week was educational, beneficial, exciting, fun,          to Jeff Lane, Susan Lane, Bernadine Upson, david Yando,
and tiring to this aging editor. Can’t wait till next time.           Vicki Garrison and others – the conference was smooth,
                                                                      uplifting and revved up our engines to return home and
                                                                      try out some of the new ideas we each generated from
                                                                      the programs and from networking with others. there’s
                                                                      nothing like a conference to get the gears turning again!

                                                                      Next year’s conference will be hosted by the reynolds-
                                                                      Alberta Museum; Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada. So – get
                                                                      your passports in gear now and mark your calendars for
                                                                      April 15 – 18, 2009. Attending the annual conference is
                                                                      one of the best things you can do for your organization.
                                                                      the ideas generated through participation in the sessions,
                                                                      seeing what others are doing through the NAAMY award
                                                                      entries and the priceless opportunity to network with your
                                                                      peers reaps exponential benefits when you can pick up a
                                                                      phone and get immediate input, answers, and information
                                                                      from another organization simply because you made a
                                                                      personal connection at the conference.

                                                                      i think we are all anticipating an unknown and possibly
                                                                      difficult season of tourism with gas prices and the economy.
                                                                      this is not the time to pull back - it is the time to jump out
                                                                      there and let everyone know you’re there. Stay active and
                                                                      participate. We should all market each other whenever we
                                                                      have an opportunity. Keep networking your ideas and seek
                                                                      solutions through your NAAM network of museums.

                                                                      Wishing you the best,
                                                                      Laura Brinkman
                                                                      Executive Director/CEO
                                                                      Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile
     Racing great Sam Posey accepts honorary membership in NAAM       Museum
                                                                      1600 South Wayne Street
Next year the NAAM Conference will be held April
15 – 18, 2009 at the reynolds Alberta Museum in
                                                                      P.O. Box 271
Wetaskiwin, Alberta Canada. david dusome of the                       Auburn, IN 46706
museum is our conference chairman and can be reached at               260-925-1444 X27 Office if you haven’t a passport,         
apply for one now because it takes about nine months to
 from the                                                           marketing &
 editor...                                                          scholarship
 Gary Pelger
thanks to so many of you for forwarding informational
input to this newsletter. i feel i must be brief to conserve        Marketing News…
space and keep mailing costs to a minimum. i know we
all had a great time and wonderful learning experience in
                                                                    Jackie Frady
Nashville and hope even more museums become actively
involved in the NAAM organization in future years.                      It’s Time to take Action
                                                                   Past Marketing News columns have addressed working
Please continue to keep in touch. if your museum isn’t being       with the media, including how to write a news release
represented here, make sure you keep this editor informed          and what topics would be considered newsworthy for a
by sending your latest news (and photos) to:                       release. the list included, “describe recognition you and
                                                                   your organization received for your efforts.”
Gary Pelger
NAAM News Editor                                                   this leads to an ideal opportunity for those who won
                                                                   NAAMY Awards of Excellence at the recent annual
7981 Windward Trace Circle NW                                      conference. NAAMY awards reach beyond the reward of
Massillon, OH 44646-1176                                           developing an outstanding program, event, publication or
Ph: (330) 837-5069                                                 project. Marketing your reward can earn your museum
                                                                   valuable benefits. An article in your community newspaper
E-mail:                                         will reach your supporters, members and the general public
                                                                   – this is the favorable publicity we’re all seeking.
thanks again for helping out. Have your information sent
in for the summer 2008 issue by July 15, 2008.                     if help is needed in writing a news release, i’ve drafted a
                                                                   template for your use. Most of the guidelines from the news
                                                                   release training section have been incorporated into the
           MEMBERSHIP NEWS                                         example. if you need any assistance, please contact me.
                                                                   I Want to Hear from You: Please send me an email. Let me
        Your Email Address is Needed ASAP                          know if you sent a news release and if your awards were
 We are updating the NAAM Email database that is used by           featured by your community newspaper.
 NAAM’s Marketing Committee Chair to send notices and                                                   (News Release Template on Page 6)

 announcement about the upcoming conferences, scholarship
 opportunities, NAAMY Awards, and more.
                                                                   Jackie Frady
 our membership records include many old addresses and,
                                                                   Marketing Committee Chair
 in many cases, it does not have an email address recorded.        (775) 333-9300
 rather than waiting for your next renewal notice to update
 your contact info, please take a moment to send your email
 address. this request applies to all paid members (museums,       Executive Director
 individuals, etc.)                                                National Automobile Museum
 Send your email address to:                 (The Harrah Collection)
 thank you

         Address Change?                                              naam website
       Membership Questions?
                      Please Contact:                                Attention Members…randall (rand) Shinn,
 Lisa Panko                                                          our website developer would like members,
                                                                     new and old, to provide any information
 NAAM Membership Coordinator
                                                                     required to be included on the NAAM website
 National Automobile Museum                                          www.naam.musem to randall Shinn, 685
 (The Harrah Collection)                                             Windy Hill, Hamilton, oH 45013-3666 or email
 775-333-9300                                                        rand at
                 News Release Template
[ Museum LoGo ]
For Immediate Release
                                       Contact: (name)
                                                                           Scholarship News
                                       (phone number)

                   (Name of Museum)
      Wins Top Awards at National Museum Conference
                                                                                   Congratulations to
City, State – Month 2008 – the (name of museum) won three
                                                                               Three Scholarship Recipients
prestigious NAAMY Awards of Excellence at the annual
conference of the National Association of Automobile Museums              NAAM awarded three scholarships to the following members
(NAAM) held recently in Nashville, tenn.                                  to attend the 2008 Annual Conference in Nashville:

      the NAAMY awards are judged by professionals within each            •	   Cindy Hale, marketing director,
field of competition and recognize automotive museum industry                  tupelo Automobile Museum, tupelo, MS
leaders for:                                                              •	   Charles ohlin, director of operations,
   •	 Achievement                                                              National Packard Museum, Warren, oH
   •	 Professionalism
   •	 Creativity
                                                                          •	   rafael Jimerez, curator,
                                                                               towe Auto Museum, Sacramento, CA
    the awards are designed to honor the work of automobile
museum industry professionals and to encourage excellence in              All three received complimentary registration fees and up
automotive museum managerial, curatorial, educational and                 to $500 in travel expenses for transportation and hotel
promotional work.                                                         accommodations at the host hotel.
Interpretive Exhibit Award of Excellence

    the (name of museum) won a first place NAAMY Award
                                                                                    Mark Your Calendars
of Excellence for the most outstanding entry in interpretive
Exhibits for its (name of exhibit). the exhibit featured (“brief”                   for 2009 Scholarships
                                                                          NAAM will once again offer three scholarships for the 2009
    “(quote about the exhibit),” said (name of museum) Executive          Annual Conference in Canada. Be sure to put the 2009
director, (name).                                                         conference expenses in your museum’s budget and mark
the museum received a grant from (name of granting agency),               your calendar to apply for a scholarship. if you’re selected,
which (“brief” description, such as “enabled scholars from the            this could be a helpful savings for your museum.
University of _______, to participate in the project”).
                                                                          Get a head start by reviewing the scholarship application
Publications Award of Excellence                                          on the NAAM website at under
                                                                          “Conferences,” and flag your calendar for early next year
     Another first place NAAMY Award of Excellence in                     to submit your application. review the scholarship criteria
Publications was won by the museum for the 2007 series of                 and application questions to make sure you’re eligible.
its newsletter, (name of newsletter). the quarterly newsletter
includes (“brief” description of typical contents).                       in addition to asking for a description of job responsibilities,
                                                                          it asks “how you will benefit from attending the
Educational Program Award of Excellence                                   conference.” the application also asks the “amount in your
                                                                          museum’s staff development budget,” which pertains to
the second place NAMMY Award of Excellence for the museum                 your museum’s budget for developing staff skills, including
was in Educational Programs for its (name of program). this               professional training, such as the NAAM conference; and
program (“brief description).                                             the “amount of your museum’s operating budget,” which is
                                                                          the total budget for your museum, and not an operational
     the (name of museum) is open (hours/days of operation) and           segment or your department budget.
closed on (___________).
the Museum, located (example: on the corner of ___ and ____
Streets in downtown ________), features (“brief promotional               Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
description). Admission rates are $__ for adults, $___ for seniors,
$___ for children __ to __, and children __ and under are free. For       Jackie Frady
more information call (phone number) or visit (website).
                                                                          Scholarship Committee Chair
Name of Museum
                                                                          (775) 333-9300
                                                                          Executive Director
                                                                          National Automobile Museum
                                                                          (The Harrah Collection)
                                                                   NATIONAL CORVETTE MUSEUM (Bowling Green,
 museum member                                                     Kentucky) Bobbie Jo Lee tells us that the museum
                                                                   created a unique showcasing of the world’s only display
 tidbits...                                                        of collectible “threes”. this historic display features
                                                                   one Corvette from each decade 1953-2003. on display
all the news that’s fit to print!                                  through the end of the year, this rare collection features
Let us know what’s happening at your museum. Call, write,          a 1953 roadster, a 1963 Split Window Coupe, a 1973
or email Gary Pelger with your latest news.                        Coupe, the only 1983 Corvette in existence, a 40th
                                                                   anniversary 1993 Zr1; and a Corvette Z06. the first,
TAMPA BAY AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM (Pinellas Park,                        a 1953 model, was produced in a temporary facility in
Florida) Susan Cerf is pleased to announce that some               Flint, Michigan and all 300 were in Polo white with a red
New Arrivals are being added to its already impressive             interior and black canvas top. the last, the Z06 was the
collection! the first is a 1934 Chenard Walcker Super              first automobile sold by GM to feature a passive keyless
Aigle (France) - a front wheel drive car with tracta CV            entry with key-fob transmitter. this one is all original
joints, four speed gear box and four-wheel independent             with just 718 miles on the odometer. Visit the “New to
suspension. there were perhaps only about 50 made - no             the Floor” section of our website for photos of this and
one knows exactly for sure, but our car may be the only            other newly added displays at
surviving Super Aigle! Second, 1933 Derby IS (France) – a
front-wheel drive cabriolet. it has a fully independent
suspension and an unusual two-litre V8 engine. the
company went out of business before it could produce
many cars (perhaps only 30 produced). it has a top speed
of 75mph; V8 with overhead inlet and side exhaust
valves. ours is the last known derby. third: a 1932
Citroen Half-Track with Kegresse Suspension(France)
– this remarkable vehicle is literally half truck and half
tractor. the half-tracks were capable of navigating the
most extreme land and mountain conditions and were
the first vehicles to successfully cross the Asian Continent
- Beirut to Beijing - the Croisiere Jaune - an eight-month
journey that was extensively covered by the National
Geographic in 1931 and 1932. And finally, a 1953 Jensen
541(UK) - Jensen’s prototype 541 presented at the 1953
Earl’s Court Motor Show. Constructed in aluminum on a
wooden chassis, this car created quite a stir at the auto
show because of its advanced modern design. Still even
today, it is a very modern looking car.
Stop by and visit or go to for additional
museum information. the museum is open Monday,
Wednesday through Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

                                                                                One of a kind “Threes” Display.
                                                                   AMERICA ON WHEELS (Allentown, Pennsylvania)
                                                                   New museum building a future to house the past…
                                                                   cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. Linda Merkel,
                                                                   Executive director announced the new museum
                                                                   of over-the-road transportation offers a glimpse
                                                                   of the past, present and future of the nation’s
                                                                   transportation system and preserves valuable vehicles
                                                                   and artifacts that illustrate the tremendous impact of
                                                                   transportation on daily life. Group tours and educational
                                                                   programs for grades K-12 are available. the museum
                                                                   is available to host special events and meetings. Visit
                                                          or call Linda at 610-432-4200.
                                                                   the new museum is located at 5 North Front Street,
              The 1932 Citroen Half-Track                          Allentown PA 18102 and is open daily beginning April
                                                                   12, 2008.
                                                                       KEMP AUTO MUSEUM (Chesterfield, Missouri) Allison
 museum member                                                         Hershberger, Museum General Manager reports on the
                                                                       upcoming Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
 tidbits...                                                            Dream Gala – An Evening of Legendary Hollywood Glamour
                                                                       with Kevin Kline. May 10, 2008 - 6:00 pm until 12:00
TOWE AUTO MUSEUM (Sacramento, California) Kaela                        “Make Your Child a Star” is a unique way we highlight the
Nelson, Marketing & Education director reports a top 25                purpose of raising money for diabetes research during the
international Pinstriper visits towe Auto Museum for pinstriping       silent auction portion of the Gala. Auction donations made
demonstration: Von Hot rod, Master of the Fine Line, will be
                                                                       in honor of specific children with diabetes are recognized
doing a pinstriping demonstration for students ages 12 – 18.
                                                                       with a photo and story of each child next to the donated
Students will not only learn the history and importance of
pinstriping and its affect on the world of automobiles but will        auction items. the Humanitarian Award will be presented to
also get to practice pinstriping techniques with the master            St. Louis native and actor Kevin Kline for his service to JdrF.
himself! the public is invited to meet Von Hot rod at the              the cost is $300 per person and includes cocktails and dinner,
Museum from 1pm – 4pm on Saturday, July 12, 2008 for an                as well as a silent and live auction. For more information
Autograph Meet and Greet Session. this event is free with              or to reserve tickets contact JdrF at (314) 726-6778 or visit
Museum admission ($7 Adults; $6 Seniors 65+; $3 Students     
with current id; Under 5 free).                                        For more information about Events and Happenings at the
                                                                       Kemp Auto Museum, please visit the Museum’s web site at
Von Hot rod started pinstriping about 12                     
years ago and in 2007 was inducted into                                _____________________________________________________
the “Cruisin Hall of Fame’’ for pinstriping.                           NORTHWEST VINTAGE CAR & MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM
When he isn’t traveling the country making                             (Salem, Oregon) Al Lake, editor/webmaster, reports the
appearances at various car shows and giving                            museum will hold the 5th Annual High School Show and
pinstriping seminars, he can be found                                  Shine Car Show on June 1. this unique show is the only
running “Kustom Klothing by Hot rod,” a                                one in the northwest entirely dedicated to high school
line of men’s and women’s clothing. He also                            students and their vehicles. it is so much fun because we
is the founder of the “Von Hot rod Pinstriper                          get so many wonderful high school students to attend
reunion.” Von Hot rod has also designed                                and appreciate the hobby. one of the primary reasons
a custom pinstriping brush from Andrew                                 for the museum is the educational opportunities we can
Mack Brush Company, and he appeared in
                                                                       provide. And we are introducing the museum and the
a half-hour segment on ‘’Kustom Kulture
                                                                       hobby to a whole new generation. the Northwest Vintage
Art’’ for the discovery Channel. For more
information about Von Hot rod visit                                    Car & Motorcycle Museum is a group of people interested                                             in vintage cars, trucks, and motorcycles. it is an entirely
                                                                       volunteer, membership-owned museum open to people
Where: towe Auto Museum                                                of all ages, with or without a vehicle. We are a 501c(3)
2200 Front Street, Sacramento, CA 95818                                dedicated to education and preservation. Contacts include
date: Saturday, July 12, 2008                                          doug Nelson, Chairman, Board of directors (503) 399-0647
Pinstriping demonstration time: 9am – 12pm                             and Mike Bostwick, Museum President (503) 245-5444. We
Pinstriping demonstration Cost:                                        have a website at
$40 per student - includes handouts and supplies.                      _____________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________                  PETERSEN AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM (Los Angeles, California)
LEMAY - AMERICA’S CAR MUSEUM (Tacoma, Washington) Holly                the museum presented its annual Child Safety Seat Checkup
Wood, Marketing & Communications Assistant reported that               day in partnership with SafetyBeltSafe USA on Saturday
the museum exhibited its HEritAGE & HorSEPoWEr display                 April 26th. Participants were invited to check their vehicles
at the New York international Auto Show in the Jacob Javits            for proper use of child safety seats and got a current,
Convention Center last March 18-23. the exhibit showcased              comprehensive recall list in the family resource packet.
iconic classics and Grand-Am and indy Car Series racecars in a         discount coupons for museum admission were available to
22,000 square-foot space. Like the LeMay Museum itself, the            participating families. Also, on view through November 2,
exhibit celebrated the essence of spirited motoring throughout         2008 is the Art of Cars exhibit giving film fans and art lovers
the years. david Madeira said “We’re delighted the NYiAS               a behind-the-scenes look at Pixar’s animated feature CArS
promotes automotive heritage as it showcases the newest                (2006). Numerous pieces of original art illustrate various
advances in automotive design and technology and we are
                                                                       phases of the movie’s development. Also scheduled for
thrilled to be part of the Auto Show once again.” Cars displayed
                                                                       display are two life-size depictions of the primary characters:
included a 1994 Flintmobile by George Barris, a 2005 Ford Gt, a
1952 Buick roadmaster Harlow Curtice limousine, a 1936 Hudson          Lightning McQueen and Mater. together they show how
Custom Eight convertible, a 1941 Chrysler thunderbolt, and the         Pixar combines art and technology to develop animated
Number 14 ABC Supply dallara/Honda indy Car. America’s Car             feature films that appeal to audiences of all ages. the
Museum’s brand new website designed by SiteCrafting inc. is            Petersen Museum is a pioneer in automotive education it features a variety of custom web               and one of the nation’s largest and most preeminent
applications including a virtual museum, advanced e-commerce           automotive museums presenting an exciting lineup of
tools and ticketing, scheduling, and event registration. it also       education programs and events for the entire family to
has a volunteer management system, registration for a museum           enjoy. the Education department can be contacted at
email newsletter, and a special press and media section with           323-964-6347. For general information call 323-930-CArS
downloadable press kits among other features.                          or visit the website at
                                                                   AUBURN CORD DUESENBERG AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM
 museum member                                                     (Auburn, Indiana) Gran roberts, Marketing director,
                                                                   writes that for a month from March 14 through April
 tidbits...                                                        12 the museum featured an exhibit on nationally
                                                                   acclaimed automotive sculptor Alexander Buchan
LANE MOTOR MUSEUM (Nashville, Tennessee) Joan Williams             and his grandchildren Alex 11, and Adeline 6 with
writes the museum unveiled the one-of-a-kind 1950                  automotive bronze sculptures, up to eighteen pieces on
Martin Stationette at the Amelia island Concours in March.         display. included were a rare 1910 American Underslung
Museum restorers spent countless hours sympathetically             automobile and a customized Buchan bronze sculpture
restoring the car back to operable condition. the car was          of both the car and its owners. For 38 years, Buchan
originally created with maple, spruce, and other woods,            was Chief design Sculptor at General Motors, part of
and parts from many different vehicles including Harley-           a design and sculpting team responsible for many GM
davidson, Studebaker, and even Chevrolet. Using period             show and production cars. Visitors and members enjoyed
photos, a set of blueprints, and a 1974 magazine article           an evening with the artist and his grandchildren. Wine,
to gather design information on this very rare vehicle,            cheese, cookies and punch were served. Visit the museum
the Martin Stationette was dismantled, restored, and put           website at
back together piece by piece. originally manufactured
by the Martin Aeroplane Factory, the car is a chain-drive,
all wood monocoque construction. it has a four cylinder
Hercules engine, is rear wheel drive, and could reportedly
reach a top speed of 107 miles per hour. Shown at the
1954 World Motor Sports Show where it won the Grand
Prize, the Stationette was offered as “America’s economy
car of the future.” Martin failed to convince anyone to
produce the vehicle in mass quantities and the car remains
a one-off prototype. For more information on the car or
the museum call 615-742-7445 or visit the website at www.

                                                                                     Alexander Buchan:
                                                                       Passion for automotive art runs in the family!

                                                                   NATIONAL ROD & CUSTOM CAR HALL OF FAME (Afton,
                                                                   Oklahoma) this museum is a nationally recognized
                                                                   tribute to the leading street rod and custom car builders
                                                                   around the country. it is a tribute to the men that started
               The 1950 Martin Stationette                         and made the sport of automobile redesigning a part
              under sympathetic restoration.                       of our American cultural heritage. the Hall of Fame
_____________________________________________________              inducts new members annually from the most famous
WILLS SAINTE CLAIRE MUSEUM (Port Huron, Michigan)                  car builders and designers. this year the induction
terry Ernest reports in Gray Goose News that the museum            ceremony was held in conjunction with the 44th Annual
gratefully acknowledges the gift of two 1926 Wills autos           darryl Starbird’s Exotic Car show in tulsa. Steve Frisbie of
from tom Lieb of California. When tom downsized his                Portland, oregon and Barry White of orange, California
collection he felt the museum would be the best place              were the recipients. Steve Stanford was inducted into the
to donate the cars. We will soon be displaying the 80%
                                                                   designers Hall of Fame and “Speedy” Bill Smith received
completed Cabriolet roadster on the turntable to show
visitors the effort that goes into restoring an antique            the Lifetime Achievement award. Mark Moriarity was
car. the second roadster is literally a “car kit in a wooden       made Builder/owner of the year. the museum is located
crate.” tom carefully packed all the components into               on the shores of Grand Lake o’ the Cherokee less than a
the box for shipping and mounted it on the chassis. our            mile east of Bernice, oklahoma and holds over 50 one-
museum volunteers have taken to calling it our Wills Woody.        of-a-kind cars, all hand built by the icons of the custom
the museum now has 10 Wills cars on display, more than             world. Such builders include Barris, Bailon, Winfield,
anywhere else on earth. We are grateful to tom Lieb for his        Posies, roth, Hines, and includes 25 of Starbirds own
incredible donation. For further information contact terry         collection. For more information check out the website
at 810-987-2854 or email                at
                                                                   TOYOTA USA AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM (Torrance, California)
  museum member                                                    this tidbit from Susan Sanborn, Curator:

  tidbits...                                                        From the Model T to the Corolla: The Changing
                                                                               Face of the World Car
(...Continued from Page 9)

PATEE HOUSE MUSEUM (St. Joseph, Missouri) Gary and                                                       one hundred years ago,
Mary Chilcote, Pony Express Historical members and                                                       in 1908, the first mass
Patee house volunteers for 45 years celebrated their 50th                                                produced automobile,
wedding anniversary at a reception in the Blue room of                                                   the Ford Model t, began
the museum on March 30. they were married April 2,                                                       coming off assembly lines.
1958 and flew to Nashville for the NAAM Conference on                                                    By 1914, it took only 93
April 2, 2008 for their actual 50th anniversary. Helping                                                 minutes to assemble a
to host the reception in St. Joseph were their son and                                                   Model t. that year Ford
                                                                                                         built 308,000 Model t
daughter, doug and Carolyn Chilcote; and granddaughter                                                   automobiles, 61 percent
Hillary Chilcote. in 1957 Gary won a national contest for                                                of all automobiles made in
“two weeks in Paris” and held the prize for a year to use          the U.S. By 1920, the Model t was selling for $300. in today’s
it as a month-long honeymoon tour of Europe including              inflation-adjusted dollars that is an amazing $3,400 a vehicle.
Copenhagen, denmark; Malmo, Sweden; Hamburg,                       in 1921, Ford built almost one million Model ts, a car for every
Germany; and the World’s Fair at Brussels, Belgium on              106 U.S. citizens. Ford’s annual production, mostly Model ts,
the day the fair opened. At the Patee House reception              set a record of 1,831,128 vehicles in 1923. this record stood
they cut the ribbon on the new stagecoach they donated             until 1962 when GM’s Chevrolet division built 2,061,677 total
as their 50th wedding anniversary gift. For information            vehicles. While Chevrolet topped 2 million vehicles, toyota sold
on the Patee House Museum, visit the website at                    a grand total of 711 automobiles in the U.S. during 1962. it
                                                                   took toyota 17 more years before the company’s annual U.S.
                                                                   sales topped 2 million vehicles.

                                                                                                     in 1968, toyota unloaded
                                                                                                     the first Corollas in the U.S.
                                                                                                     Since then, the Corolla has
                                                                                                     gone on to become the
                                                                                                     most popular automobile
                                                                                                     nameplate in the world
                                                                                                     based on sales. despite the
                                                                                                     huge sales numbers, the
                                                                                                     Corolla can’t quite reach
                                                                                                     the influence on American
                                                                   roads that the Model t achieved. With the U.S. population
                                                                   topping out at around 281 million in 2000, total U.S. Corolla
                                                                   sales for 2000 was just over 278,000. this works out to one
                                                                   Corolla for every 1,010 Americans.

     Gary & Mary mark 50th wedding anniversary                                  Ford Model T (1920)        Toyota Corolla (1968)
             at Nashville NAAM Conference.
___________________________________________________                Price        $300.00                    $1,666
NATIONAL AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM (The Harrah                             Est. mpg     25                         30 to 35
Collection) (Reno, Nevada) the February issue of Precious
Metal invited members and guests to the Biennial                                177 cubic inch inline
                                                                                                           65.8 cubic inch water-cooled,
                                                                                four producing 20 hp
History Symposium on April 9 – 12. the symposium                   Engine
                                                                                Compression ratio of
                                                                                                           4-cylinder producing 60 hp
detailed 1900-1910 “Bustling into the Modern Age”                                                          Compression ratio of 9.0:1
and offered an in-depth examination of this dynamic
decade, including the story of the most unforgettable              Transmission Planetary                  4-speed synchromesh
race in automotive history with a entertaining program                                                     Coil springs front with telescopic
of scholars, living history performers and presenters. An                       Beam axle and
                                                                                                           shock absorber struts, lower
                                                                   Chassis      transverse springs front
optional bus tour to private collections rarely seen by the                                                wishbone and transverse leaf
                                                                                and rear
public was included. Many of the museum’s symposiums                                                       spring
have won NAAMY Awards of Excellence in Educational
                                                                                Gasoline or high grade
Programming from NAAM. For further information visit               Fuel
                                                                                                           Gasoline only
the website at

NAAM News Classifieds are a free benefit to paid
NAAM member museums (photo free). Non-members
ad rate is $1.25 per word ($10 per photo). display
advertising rates: Full page $ 250, 1/2 page $135. 1/4
page $ 75, business card size $ 35. to place and ad
contact: Gary Pelger, Editor. 7981 Windward trace
Circle NW, Massillon, oH 44646, PH: (330) 837-5069
For some time i have been attempting to establish
the West Virginia Automobile Museum here in West                                                             1959 Cadillac, Pontiac, Buick and Chevrolet Flattops
Virginia. i am currently an individual member of                                                                        available for long-term loan.
NAAM and i have a nice collection of 1959 GM Flattop

                                                                                                          naam hall of fame
cars that deserve to be on display, especially for the
coming 2009 year when they will be 50 years old. Until
such time as i am able to get the museum underway,
i would be willing to place the vehicles on loan to an                                                         Recipients of the
appropriate museum. if there is anyone interested                                                NAAM LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FOR 2003
in having them, please contact me by telephone                                                                       • HENRY FORD - Dearborn, Michigan
at 304-295-6113 or email me at jerroldmurphy@                                                                       •	WILLIAM F. HARRAH - Reno, Nevada the adjacent photo is of the cars
available. the Pontiac Bonneville Flattop is not yet                                                           Recipient of the
entirely complete but has been freshly painted, new                                              NAAM LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FOR 2004
interior, etc. Still needs some engine work.                                                              •	WILLIAM E. SWIGART - Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
                        thank You - Jerrold Murphy

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                                                                    Susan Sanborn, Toyota USA Automobile Museum
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