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Resource Development Specialist

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					                                        Renee McEvoy
                                      604 Harmony Lane
                                    Pleasantville, CA 94588
                                        (925) 555-1234

                                PROFESSIONAL PROFILE

                        Management • Marketing • Human Resources

Highly articulate and experienced professional with more than 10 years of progressive
experience in areas of research, analysis, strategic management and marketing, team building
and leadership, and written and oral communications. Effective problem solver with excellent
time management and organizational skills.


Business & Market Analysis         Project Management                 Crisis Prevention &
Team Building and Leadership        Time Management                    Finance & Budget
Decision-making & Problem            Market Research          Professional Communication
Solving                                                                            Skills

                             QUALIFICATION HIGHLIGHTS

· Proactive, strategic manager with ability to efficiently manage multiple projects while
remaining within time, scope, and cost specification.
· Research, gather, compile, and analyze market, business, and financial metrics to create
detailed reports for use in development of effective business strategies.
· Achievement oriented with proven ability to identify and leverage individual and team
strengths toward accomplishment of organizational goals.
· Streamline completion of assigned projects through implementation of efficient time
management and effective motivation of team members.
· Understand the importance of utilizing and adapt easily to advancing technologies and
processes, ensuring subordinates are able to efficiently use new equipment and comply with
· Employ excellent interpersonal communication skills to manage and maintain client relations
and ensure highest levels of satisfaction and repeat business.
· Experienced and successful fundraiser with background in grant research and writing that
allow for continuation of and startup of new programs.

                               PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Resource Development Specialist, Non-profit Foundation                              2002 - present
· Research, prepare, and coordinate development of proposals and grant submission in support
of new and existing health and education programs.
· Create and foster business relations with agency and organization representatives engaged in
public and private philanthropic endeavors.
· Assist in planning, development, and implementation of rural health care programs and
services aimed at improvement and education of target market, while monitoring and ensuring
compliance with granting agency specifications.
·   Track grant submission status to funding sources, as well as progress of funds received.

Assistant Manager, Rent Right, Inc                                                   2001 – 2002
· Successfully managed client accounts and support, ensuring proper and effective handling of
requests, as well as problem resolution and customer service issues.
· Directed activities related to administration of client agreements, payment records and
collection, and oversaw assigned personnel.
· Maintained responsibility for management of in-store promotional activities and advertising

Tutor, ABC Tutoring, Inc.                                                                      2001
·   Encouraged and motivated educationally and socio-economically challenged students to
attend and complete secondary education.
·   Conducted regular evaluations of students.

Marketing Executive, Internship,                                    Summer 1999
     Analyzed client company’s employee benefits data, as well as market and business data,
      and assisted in development of marketing strategies.
     Assessed and identified needs and created client understand of best practices.
     Developed and implemented improved policies and procedures, resulting in improved
      efficiency and productivity.

Human Resources Assistant, Internship, Sands Petroleum                            Summer 1998
     Conducted detailed analyses of employee data, assessing and identifying training and
      skills deficiencies.
     Submitted proposals for appropriate employee training programs.
     Aided in development of customized Human Resources Computer Application.

Assistant to the Manager, University Hospital                                    Summer 1994
·   Research and analysis work in the Management Engineering department.
·   Researched, Redesigned and prepared Discharge procedures.
· Analyzed various data from employees and patients and incorporated the results in
reengineering the discharge functions.


               Master of Business Administration in Information Systems - 2001
                                      Any State University
                                     Scholarship Recipient

                   Master of Business Administration in Marketing – 1999
          Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, PK

                     TECHNOLOGY SKILLS

Microsoft Office 2000 • Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 • Microsoft Project
                   JavaScript • iGrafx Professional

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