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									                                         Mary McLeod
          77110 University Place, Boston, MA 00378 / Tel# (401) 555-7362 Email:

                                       Real Estate Agent


Real estate professional with 20 years residential sales experience. Demonstrated success in
marketing residential sales programs, promotions, and campaigns. Expert at using Web
technology to attract a targeted market segment. Ability to contact buyers and sellers quickly
through an extensive, well-maintained network of contacts. Specialist in historic restorations.

                                   AREAS OF EXPERTISE

·     Historic Dwellings      ·      Personalized Service    ·      Network of Contacts
·    Transaction              ·      Web Marketing           ·      Virtual Tours
·     Leasing Experience      ·      Corporate Holdings      ·      Property Management


McLeod and Associates, Cambridge, MA                                                1997 - Present

Real Estate Agent
Founded single proprietorship focused on upscale, historic, single-family dwellings. Developed
personalized marketing campaigns. Grew and nurtured network of colleagues, former clients,
and business associates. Linked new home owners to restoration experts when needed.
·      Formed strategic partnerships with universities and large corporations to identify newly
hired senior professors, administrators, and corporate executives.
·      Personally guided prospective home owners through neighborhoods to illustrate the range
of historic dwellings on the market.
·     Pioneered the use of Web sites with full 360-degree virtual tours to market homes
nationally and internationally. Received recognition from Realtors’ Board for industry

Highland Corporation, Boston, MA                                                     1992 - 1997

Property Manager
Coordinated and directed the management of a portfolio of 160 properties, with responsibility for
marketing and selling surplus real estate. Served as the real estate liaison between internal
corporate headquarters’ staff and external brokerage firms and landlords.
·     Reviewed real estate due diligence materials and liabilities prior to acquisition; completed
11 divestitures in five years and completed assignments for 162 leases.
·     Worked with MIS staff to develop, test, and implement real estate database programs.
·     Reported to corporate managers on status of properties, issues with occupancy, and
opportunities for additional property investment.

Reed and Associates, Cambridge, MA                                                    1986 - 1992

Leasing Agent
Managed a multi-million dollar real estate leasing portfolio of 205 domestic and international
leased properties. Supervised an executive assistant and represented agency’s interests when
working with outside brokerage firms, outside counsel, and subsidiaries’ management and
·      Reviewed and negotiated 97 property leases and renewals that amounted to $45M in base
rent commitments for two years (1990 to 1991); a total of 27% were international leases.
·      Managed subleased office space in Boston, producing $385,000 in annual profit for six
·      Oversaw the development of a database of properties to automate routine activity
·     Received “Top Leasing Agent of the Year” award for two consecutive years.

Baker and Baker, Inc., Boston, MA                                                    1982 - 1986

Marketed and brokered single family dwellings, duplexes, and condominiums, amounting to
transactions of over $10M in four years. Met with prospective sellers, advised on pricing and
staging, developed advertising strategy, hosted open houses and tours, and managed all
transaction procedures. Introduced prospective buyers to the community and its neighborhoods,
showed potential homes, counseled on bids and responses to counters, and managed purchase
·     Drove marketing campaigns to establish an average time-to-sell of 45 days.
·     Developed a network of real estate colleagues to locate and negotiate home purchases in
an average of 60 days.
·     Increased customer inquiries by 75% through referrals from satisfied clients.


Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration), 1982
Boston College, Boston, Massachusetts

                             LICENSES AND AFFILIATIONS

Licensed Real Estate Broker, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
National Association of Realtors
Massachusetts Association of Realtors
Certified Home Sales Specialist
ssociation of Realtors

Certified Home Sales Specialist

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