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Janssen Ortho Inc Ortho Biotech Industrial Pharmacy Residency Program by bronbron


									                   Janssen-Ortho Inc./Ortho Biotech
                Industrial Pharmacy Residency Program
                                Janssen-Ortho Inc/ Ortho Biotech
                                       19 Greenbelt Drive
                                          Toronto, On
                                           M3C 1L9

The specialized Industrial Residency Program in Reimbursement and Health Economics will
allow the resident to acquire knowledge and gain hands on experience with all aspects of
Federal, Provincial and Private policies on drug reimbursement in Canada. Market Access
strategies will be explored with specialists within the department. The resident will understand
how to employ pharmacoeconomic methodology to achieve timely access to private and public
formularies for Janssen-Ortho and Ortho-Biotech products. This flexible self-directed program
also provides the resident with the opportunity to explore other areas of interest within the
pharmaceutical industry.

The Industrial Pharmacy Residency Program in
Government and Health Economics at Janssen-Ortho is a
one-year self-directed program jointly administered with the
University of Toronto, Faculty of Pharmacy. The program
consists of the following elements:
   •   Rotations with functional teams within the department with the following mandates:
       Market Access (private and public), Health Economics, Pricing Review, Federal Affairs,
       Community Relations, Government Relations, New Product Reimbursement
   •   Optional rotation in an area of interest, including but not limited to: regulatory,
       marketing, sales training, medical information, drug safety, clinical research and
       development, quality control and quality assurance.
   •   Optional rotation with an external agency or vendor
   •   Completion of a major project in the area of Health Economics or Market Access.
   •   Attendance at one major conference related to an interest area

The Resident would be given opportunities to enhance their skills in critical literature appraisal,
formal presentations, medical writing, and project management. Through hands-on experience,
the resident will learn how reimbursement differs between provinces and gain an understanding
of the role Federal policy plays in these decisions. The resident will gain an appreciation for the
need for pharmaceutical companies to demonstrate the value and cost effectiveness of their
products to provincial and private payers.

Additional information about the Janssen-Ortho program may be obtained by contacting the
program coordinator:

Doanh Luong B.Sc. Phm, M.Sc.
Director, Health Economics and Reimbursement
Janssen-Ortho Inc.
Tel: 416-382-5246

                                      OUR COMPANY

 Janssen-Ortho Inc. and Ortho Biotech, a division of Janssen-Ortho Inc., are members of the
Johnson & Johnson family of companies in Canada.

Janssen-Ortho is a brand-name pharmaceutical company with a long and proud history on
contributing to the management of psychotic and central nervous system disorders. Looking after
the reproductive health of women has always been a major commitment. Helping patients who
are suffering with anemia as a result of kidney failure, cancer, or HIV treatments is key to the
future success of Janssen-Ortho Inc.

Our Company is centrally located in Toronto, Ontario, close to major expressways, public
transit, and downtown attractions.

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