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					                                         Robin Saunders
                                        604 Harmony Lane
                                     Pleasantville, CA 94588
                                          (925) 555-1234

                                       Professional Profile

                          Sales & Account Management Professional

Pharmaceutical Sales Professional noted for cultivating new business, broadening penetration
within accounts, and achieving closure upon completion of presentation. Relationship builder
with wide range of physicians, pharmacists, health care professionals, and hospital and clinic
administrators in the area of Neuroscience.

Thirty successful years in the promotion of pharmaceutical products with sales and account
management expertise and the perseverance to succeed in all endeavors. Accomplished in
identifying and capturing market opportunities to accelerate expansion, increase revenues and
improve profit contributions.

Exceptional presentation, negotiation, communication, and interpersonal skills, along with
positive rapport among healthcare and business professionals throughout the industry. Work
closely with team members and specialty representatives to coordinate plans, strategies and
programs. Create business plans, including targeting lists, to better analyze data on a routine
basis and more effectively utilize resources.

                                        Areas of Expertise

·      Key Account Acquisition &           ·      New Account Prospecting
·     Goal Attainment & Revenue            ·      Presentation & Communication
·      Product Imaging & Promotion         ·      Scheduling & Time Management
·      Negotiation & Influential Selling ·       Product Information & Education
·      Trade Show Exhibitor               ·      Strategic Sales & Market Planning

                                  Professional Work History

ABBOTT LABORATORIES, Abbott Park, ILL                                                1972 to 2002

Senior Neuroscience Sales Representative                                             1992 to 2002
Marketed neuroscience products including Depakote/Depacon, Prosom, and Cylert to mental
health clinics, physicians, and hospitals.

Selected Accomplishments:
· Significant involvement with the New Orleans and Shreveport Veterans Administrations
switch to Depakote (from Valproic), which resulted in $250,000 annual sales.
· Instrumental in the inclusion of Depakote to the LA State Formulary for state mental hospitals
and state mental health clinics, which became the most widely used drug for bipolar disorders.
· Solely responsible for the inclusion of Prosom to the State Hospital Formulary.
· Formulary responsibility for Depakote for Alexandria, LA Veterans Administration, key
hospitals from Beaumont, TX to New Orleans, LA, and LA Medicaid.
· Abbott Representative to Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Program, 1992 to 1996.
· All Star Award – Top 10 in Region.

Expansion Sales Force, South and Central LA                                          1990 to 1992
Sold Hytrin (blood pressure) and sleep disorder pharmaceutical products to institutions,
Urologists, and physicians.

Selected Accomplishments:
· Special Project - Solely responsible for in the inclusion of Hytrin to the Fort Polk Formulary
· Achieved a Market Share for Hytrin Prescriptions
Sales Representative, Southwest LA                                                  1985 to 1990
Marketed pharmaceutical products, diagnostic tests, and diagnostic equipment to physician’s
offices and clinics.

Selected Accomplishments:
· All Star Award - Top Ten in Region, which included sales of diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.
· All American Awards (3) - Top Sales or Increase of Sales in Region for Tranxene.

Sales Representative, South LA                                                      1972 to 1985
Recruited as a sales representative to market the entire pharmaceutical product catalog and some
OTC products to physicians, hospitals, mental health clinics, drug store, and drug wholesalers
throughout south Louisiana.

Selected Accomplishments:
· Selected to consult with the marketing department on developing the best selling strategies for
Tranxene, which became Abbott’s most profitable product.
· Instrumental in the inclusion of Tranxene on the LA State Contract.
· All American Awards (14) – Top Sales or Increase of Sales in Region.
· All American Awards (4) – Top Sales or Increase of Sales in Nation.
· All Star Awards (6) – Top Ten in Region.
· National Award – “Best In Country.”
· Served on Advisory and Consulting Panel for Tranxene.


                        LICENSED PHARMACIST– State of Louisiana

                       Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy


                  Louisiana Pharmacy Association, Past Member

                          Beaver’s Club, Past Member


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