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									                                         Pat Hernandez
                                        604 Harmony Lane
                                     Pleasantville, CA 94588
                                          (925) 555-1234

Accomplished project manager with expertise as analyst, fundraiser, political advisor, program
director, events planner/coordinator, public relations specialist, and elected official with dynamic
management, administrative and organizational skills. Reputation for achieving results through
forging cooperative alliances, implementing innovative solutions, and motivating teams to
achieve ambitious goals. Comfortable and competent in military, political and civilian

                                 PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

·    Proven professional trainer designing and delivering effective adult learning curriculum.
·     Highly articulate and persuasive, “communications skills are exceptional, always crafted
and flexible to suit the situation – a rare talent.”
·    Designed successful public relations and marketing program that resulted in the
highest-ever recorded voter participation.
·    Proactive volunteer recruiter, ensuring successful programs and initiatives.
·     Represent Senior Congressman at community meetings, providing information and
practical analysis of political options.
·    Successful author and co-author of numerous grant awards, including $100,000 for Delbert
Child Care Center in St. Martin’s, Florida.
·    Demonstrated ability to conduct needs assessments, data synthesis, determine potential
impacts of alternative strategies, and program design and structure.

                          PROFESSIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE

Constituent Services, District Congressional Offices                                 2000 – Present
Ombudsman/ Passport Officer
Effectively interact with constituents, government agencies, and senior decision makers, to
resolve and investigate issues and concerns. Process and advise constituents on proper passport
services and application process. Represent office at community events and meetings, organize
action items ensuring proper, timely completion, inform, analyze and present resolution options.

Reach For Tomorrow                                                                  1996 – 1999

Chief Operating Officer
Coordinated and directed program assets, providing individualized instruction and educational
experiences for underachieving 8th graders nationally. Promoted technology usage to increase
motivation and learning and support mentoring. Developed program policies, procedures and
evaluation processes and systems. Designed and implemented effective staff training programs.
Presented progress and accomplishments to senior level DoD officials both military and civilian,
corporate sponsors and national media. Supervised the yearly recruitment of 500 students and
100 adult mentors/volunteers at 6 sites.

Reston Community Center, Reston, VA                                                 1994 – 1997

Elected Member, Board of Governors
Provided strategic administration and oversight of multi-purpose organization with over $3.2
million per annum tax revenues. Successfully created and implemented marketing program that
increased voter awareness and understanding, resulting in highest-ever recorded voter turnout.
Designed, development, and implemented Board orientation and instruction program. Organized
and oversaw national recruitment campaign for Executive Director. Developed vision and drove
successful implementation of computer center for community access.

Wildund & Associates                                                                1989 – 1994
Task Force Member and Research Associate for Ambassador Sam Sterling and the National
Commission for Public Service, resulted in co-authoring of book “Public Attitudes Toward
Government: Contradiction, Ambivalence, and Dilemmas of Response,” with Dr. Taylor
Collaborated in the research and development of management studies, including job assessments
and position descriptions, administrative procedures and manuals, and training curricula for
clients. Provided crucial assistance in extensive marketing plan and campaign that resulted in
increased revenues and achievement of target goals. Supplied research and administrative
support for development of 2 books.
University of Southern California at Edwards Air Force Base                                    1982

Director, Systems Management Program
Effectively represented University, ensuring accurate, timely registration, scheduling, and
academic counseling for military students. Advised and collaborated with students to provide
academic curricula that met and accomplished individual goals. Resolved all scheduling,
logistical, financial, academic, and professional concerns and issues, promoting and increasing
student enrollments and contributing to academic successes. Liaison to Department of Veterans

Title XX Training, California State University, Sacramento, CA                         1978 – 1982

Director/Training Coordinator
Provided program development and execution of professional training programs for county staff.
Determined fiscal, operational, and regulatory impact of current and pending legislation on
University, state and county programs. Created and implemented innovative, cutting edge,
crossover training, enabling child protective service workers to accommodate legally mandated
staffing initiatives. Established, strengthen and maintained professional relationships with
elected officials, civil servants, and representatives of non-profit organizations within the states
21 counties, accomplishing University goals and objectives.

Department of Health and Human Services, New York, NY                                  1972 – 1978

State and Community Relations Specialist/Project Officer
Selected for HEW appointment. Audited Social Security offices. Designed and implemented
employee training and employee relations programs, creating awareness, strengthening skills and
improving performance. Reduced erroneous payments by $1 million. Represented Regional
Commissioner in National Six State Survey, effectively reducing AFDC payment errors.
Developed and conducted innovative training for administrative law judges that substantially
mitigated post review reversals, saving over $3 million. Credited with reducing staffing
requirements while improving administrative performance.


            ABD, University of Southern California, School of Public Administration
       Completed all doctoral-level coursework, specialization in National Security Issues
       Master of Arts, Rider College, Program for Administration

Bachelor of Arts, Montclair State College, Social Sciences and Education


                Honorary Recruiter, United States Army
             Elected member, Reston Citizens Association
Elected County Official, Reston Community Center, Board of Governors
           Member, Reach For Tomorrow, Board of Directors
   Fellow, Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and the Society
                Certified Trainer, Whole Brain Learning
   Certified Ombudsman, Ombudsman Association, Washington, D.C.

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