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					                                         Drew Anderson
                                        604 Harmony Lane
                                     Pleasantville, CA 94588
                                           (925) 555-1234

                                       Massage Therapist

People-oriented therapist with experience in different surroundings and challenging
environments seeking a position with a reputable establishment. Interested in continued
progressive movement, knowledge and education in the therapeutic field. Also possess extensive
knowledge in various areas of administration.

                      Summary of Qualifications and Area of Expertise

·    Establish rapport with patients and clients
·    Extensive knowledge in Swedish, deep tissue (neuromuscular), and trigger work massage.
·    Plan, administer, and direct operation of client health rehabilitation therapy.

                                     Professional Highlights

Massage Therapist                                                                      2003 to Present
Dr. Sam Sterling, Chiropractic Physician                                     Royal Palm Beach, FL
·     Performed therapy on individuals involved in auto accidents, workers’ compensation
injuries, and those in need of massage to address muscular complaints.
·    Performed specialized therapy including deep tissue (neuromuscular), trigger work, and
general Swedish massage incorporating heat, ice, and essential oils where indicated.
·    Consulted with medical and professional staff of other departments and personnel from
associated health care fields to plan and coordinate joint patient and management objectives.
·    Conducted staff conferences and plans training programs to maintain proficiency of therapy
techniques and use of new methods and equipment to meet patients’ needs.
Massage Therapist                                                                  2004 to Present
Comprehensive Pain Care of South Florida                                    Royal Palm Beach, FL
·     Performed therapy on individuals recovering from surgery or acute pain involvement
utilizing Swedish, deep tissue and trigger work while incorporating heat, ice and essential oils
where indicated.
·    Performed patient/client evaluation by applying S.O.A.P. Application and Principle.
.       Subjective evaluation.
        Objective reviews of patient care and needs
        Plan of action and implementation of care.

                                    Community Involvement

      Facilitator of Woman Support Group at New Community Church for over two years


SNI School of Massage & Allied Therapies                                                      2002
Massage License No. MA73892                                                        Lake Worth, FL
·    Hundreds of hours devoted to professional development through attendance at short
courses, conferences, and workshops

                                    Professional Affiliations

      Florida State Message Therapy Association (FSMTA). Active Member since 2002
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