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									                                                             NATIONAL ASSOCIATION
                                                             AUTOMOBILE MUSEUMS

A    TRADE        ORGANIZATION               FOR      THE      ADVANCEMENT                      OF         AUTOMOBILE                           MUSEUMS
Editor: Gary Pelger, 7981 Windward trace Circle NW, Massillon, oH 44646 Phone: (330) 837-5069 E-mail:

                      NAAM ANd SAH CoNFereNCe, MArCH 24-27, 2010
                                Hosted by the tupelo Automobile Museums , tupelo, Mississippi
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                                       Featured Museum:
                               Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum
By Nancy DeWitt, Project Director                                        All but the museum’s most fragile automobiles are maintained
the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum opened June 1, 2009                 in operating condition, and on summer evenings at least one
at Wedgewood resort in Fairbanks, Alaska. the museum is                  car is driven around the resort by a docent or Willy Vinton, the
the brainchild of timothy Cerny, owner of several hotels and             museum’s manager. “Folks flock to a car and whip out their
a commercial construction company in Fairbanks. Cerny built              cameras each time one pulls up in front of the hotel”, says Vinton.
the 30,000 square-foot museum in part to create a “must-see”             “Some remember riding in a vintage car when they were young,
attraction that would entice customers to one of his hotels. More        and they really get a kick out of seeing us drive up in an old brass
importantly, it fulfilled his dream of establishing a historically       car or big Packard.”
significant automobile collection that he could share with the           during the museum’s design phase, Cerny and his staff had the
public.                                                                  great fortune to visit a number of other car museums around the
Cerny began acquiring cars for the collection in early 2007. His         country and talk to their staff. “A lot of folks gave us wonderful
focus has been to find pre-1936 American cars that represent             advice, and we really learned what works well and not so well
a significant or interesting development in automotive                   in a car museum,” he says. “those visits greatly influenced the
technology or design, or are very rare examples of their marques.        lighting and flooring we chose, how we laid out the cars and
Presently there are 72 vehicles in the collection, of which 50 to        what information we put on our exhibit signs.” Based on the
55 are on display at a time. these include rare makes such as            flattering compliments penned in the visitor log this summer,
Hertel, rochester, Whiting, Everitt, Henderson, McFarlan, Wills          their efforts have paid off admirably.
Ste. Claire and Heine-Velox. the museum’s 1898 Hay & Hotchkiss,          Being located at a hotel whose primary customers are
1903 toledo gasoline car, 1906 Compound, and 1920 Argonne                cruise travelers presented an interesting challenge—and
are the only surviving examples known.                                   opportunity—for Cerny and his crew. “Most of our guests
                                                                         never intended to visit a car museum during their Alaska trip,
                                                                         so we had to make it interesting for a wide audience,” he says.
                                                                         one way they broadened the museum’s appeal was through
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Entrance to the Fountainhead Antique Automobile Museum                                  ...and more!
                                                                                                     VOLUME 12, WINTEr 2010, ISSUE 1
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period clothing displays. Barb Cerny, tim’s wife, assembled
an impressive collection of more than 100 antique dresses,
cloaks, hats, shoes, corsets and related items. About 25 outfits            report
are on display at a time, with the exhibits rotated several times
throughout the year.
the museum also emphasizes Alaska’s extremely rich and                     Michael Spezia
entertaining motoring history. Nancy deWitt, the museum’s
historian, spent hundreds of hours researching old newspapers              dear NAAM members:
and photo archives from around Alaska to piece together the
stories behind Alaska’s first cars and pioneering motorists. More          in January the NAAM Board of directors met at the toyota Museum
than 70 historic photographs, blown up to enormous size, adorn             in torrance, California to reevaluate and do strategic planning
the museum walls. Many of the photos depict hardships, such as             for the organization. it has been 15 years since the founding of
horrendous road conditions, horses pulling cars through glacial            NAAM and, as with any organization, a periodic examination of it
streams and below-freezing travel. “to see the challenges that             mission and goals is necessary to keep the association relevant to
Alaska’s first motorists overcame is humbling,” notes deWitt. “it’s        its members.
also amazing to think that makes such as thomas Flyer, Pope-
toledo, White and Pierce Great Arrow were bouncing around
                                                                           NAAM was originally conceived from the World Forum of
here well before the first Model t arrived.”
                                                                           Automobile Museums organization which holds a biannual
two original Fairbanks vehicles are on loan to the museum,                 conference and focuses on automobile museums world-wide. the
including the first dodge to be shipped to Fairbanks, and a 1910           intent of NAAM was to help American museums deal with unique
Chalmers-detroit that still participates in the annual Golden              challenges that face transportation museums and to help all car
days parade. A replica of an old roadhouse that served travelers           museums become more professional by aligning with standards
on the old Valdez-Fairbanks trail sits along one wall. Here visitors       set by the American Association of Museums (AAM). there has
can don period clothing and have their photo taken in an old               been great success in reaching that goal in the past 15 years but
car parked in front of the roadhouse. Several vehicles are parked          we also recognize that there is also great potential in doing much
outside the museum, including a bizarre Fordson Snow Motor,
                                                                           more to help our membership.
Advance steam tractor and Fairbanks-Morse engine.
the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum at 1501 Queens Way,                   Currently there are 156 Members, 94 of which are museums. 72%
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701 is a member of NAAM and Museums                    are museums with budgets under $500,000, and 60% are $250,000
Alaska. it is located at Wedgewood resort, which includes a                or less. 40% of our members are individuals. By looking at these
hotel and suites, restaurant and wildlife sanctuary. All hotel             statistics we get a clear picture of the make up of our membership
guests receive half-price admission to the car museum. the                 and what we need to focus on in the future.
museum is now on Facebook and also has a twitter account (@
AKcarmuseum). Nancy stressed the value of using social media
                                                                           After many hours of discussion examining our history, examining
like Facebook and twitter. it appears only a few car museums
                                                                           the responses to the questionnaire sent to the membership,
have jumped on this bandwagon and others need to get on
                                                                           defining who we are and looking for opportunities to improve our
the ball (as long as it’s done right). For more information,
                                                                           services to our members we have created a new mission statement,
including hours of operation, a list of vehicles, blog updates
                                                                           new goals and identified specific areas to focus our efforts.
and hotel details, visit or call
(907) 450-2100.
                                                                           or new mission statement is:
                                                                           The mission of the National Association of Automobile
                                                                           Museums (NAAM) is to be a professional center of excellence
                                                                           for the support, promotion, and education of automobile
                                                                           museums and affiliated organizations.

                                                                           our new goals are:
                                                                           1. Enhance the education of members and stakeholders.
                                                                           2. Be a resource for automobile and related museums.
                                                                           3. Elevate the professionalism of the automobile museum field.
4.   Create national recognition of/for NAAM and its                     while connecting you with other like-minded and talented people
     membership.                                                         all over the country.
5.   Provide relevant networking resources and opportunities for
     members.                                                            Many thanks to Susan Sanborn for her competent and gracious
6.   Expand the associations’ membership.                                hospitality while we were all in California. We would also like
7.   Broaden and enhance communication tools and techniques.             to thank dr. Patrick Mcinturff for his invaluable guidance as our
                                                                         facilitator – we would not have gotten the job done without his
the Board has also identified what some of the priorities are for        involvement.
the organization:
1. the conference – we need to continue offering a quality                                   It’s a competItIon!
    conference that embraces learning and networking.
                                                                         You could win $1,000.00
2. New Logo – to be perceived as a professional organization and
    to attract sponsors we need to invest in our public image.
                                                                         the National Association of Automobile Museums is having a
3. New Website – we need to create a website that is not only
    helpful and interesting to the membership but will encourage         design competition to create a new logo for the organization.
    new membership as well. A new “members only” monitored
    on-line forum will be developed so that questions and                the award for the best design will be $1,000.00 and will be chosen
    discussions about museum practices can be engaged at any             by Members of the Board of directors.
    time by any member wishing to participate. this will provide
    networking opportunities all year long. our target date for          We are searching for a design that reflects the purpose of NAAM
    launching the site is July 2010.                                     and that can be used for branding the organization.
4. the newsletter will be reformatted and be available digitally
    and, after the next issue, will be e-mailed to the membership        Entries must be postmarked no later than June 1, 2010 so the new
    where they can print it at their convenience. A new editorial        logo can be integrated into our new web site to be launched in
    advisory committee has been formed to help Gary Pelger               July.
    and we will be increasing the number of issues from 4 to 6
    per year.                                                            So many of our members have talented staff that may want to
5. NAAM is an all-volunteer organization and those people who            participate and get a chance at a mid-year bonus!
    sit on the Board are dedicated professionals who have worked
    countless hours and who are committed to raising the level of        Send your entries to:
    professionalism. they are aware however, that the association        NAAM Competition
    will always be limited without paid staff to handle day-to-day       Gilmore Car Museum
    business affairs. our goal is to hire a part time operations         6865 Hickory rd
    manager for the organization as soon as possible to allow
                                                                         Hickory Corners, Mi 49060
    NAAM to realize its full potential and expand services to its
                                                                         Michael Spezia
in 15 years the fees for membership in the association have              executive director
remained the same and we have always approached all of our
programming conservatively in order to make everything as
                                                                         Gilmore Car Museum
affordable as possible for even the smallest of museums but, over        6865 Hickory road
time adjustments need to be made to keep our organization solvent        Hickory Corners, Michigan 49060
and be able to continue to expand services. the Board has decided
to raise membership fees approximately 25% to the following:             269-671-5089
         individual                                  $35       
         operating budgets of $100,000 and below $50
         $100,001 – $250,000                         $75
         $250,001 - $500,000                        $100

                                                                                    naam hall of fame
         $500,001 - $1 M                            $150
         $1M and above                              $200
         Associate organizations                    $100
                                                                                           Recipients of the
there were numerous conversations had about a myriad of                     NAAM LiFeTiMe ACHieveMeNT AwArd For 2003
programs and services we could and would like to offer to the                            • HeNry Ford - Dearborn, Michigan
members and i will be writing about many of those in the coming                         • wiLLiAM F. HArrAH - Reno, Nevada
months. i will also be expanding on the stated goals for NAAM and
be asking for more members to take an active role in the future                           Recipient of the
of the organization. Volunteering for committees can be fun and
rewarding and will not take much of your time. We are all very
                                                                           NAAM LiFeTiMe ACHieveMeNT AwArd For 2004
busy with our day jobs but you will discover that serving on NAAM                 • wiLLiAM e. SwiGArT - Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
committees will get you more excited about your own organization
 from the                                                                                    MeMberSHiP NewS:
                                                                                              email – where’s your
   Gary Pelger
                                                                                                email Address?
Hope to see all of you this March in tupelo for the next NAAM
Conference. For me, it will be a two day drive and that’s the way i             Have you sent your email address to me? if not, you may not be
like to travel. A recent article in my local newspaper by columnist             receiving emails from NAAM. Some past membership applications did
Gary Brown gives ten reasons to drive rather than fly.                          not request email addresses and if your email address wasn’t provided
   1. Your luggage arrives at the same time you do.                             at renewal time, we don’t have it.
   2. Before you get into your car, you don’t have to take off your shoes
        to be X-rayed.                                                          it’s an easy request to fulfill.
   3. there are no hidden fuel charges or taxes.
   4. No need to arrive at your car two hours ahead of departure
                                                                                Send your email address to:
   5. You can bring as many bottles of water into the car as you wish.          in the subject line, please type: NAAM Email Address Submission.
   6. restrooms at rest areas do not have lines in the aisle.
   7. the air you breathe is “family” – you know how healthy they are.          if you’re not sure we have your email address, it’s oK to send it again.
   8. No need to surrender your knitting needles because you might              Also, member museums are welcome to provide more than one
        stab the driver.                                                        address, as it may be helpful to have key staff members included.
   9. Stiff legs? You can stop for exercise at any time.
   10. there’s no need to rent a car when you arrive – you’re sitting in
                                                                                thank you,

i’m looking forward to seeing all of you in tupelo in March. Sign               Lisa Panko
up today if you haven’t done so already.
                                                                                NAAM Membership Coordinator
Gary Pelger                                                                     National Automobile Museum (The Harrah
NAAM News editor                                                                Collection)
7981 windward Trace Circle Nw                                                   (775) 333-9300
Massillon, oH 44646-1176
Ph: (330) 837-5069
PS: May i suggest that you assign someone on your museum staff
                                                                                           Address Change?
the responsibility of contacting me at least every two months so
your museum gets coverage in this newsletter? thanks for helping                         Membership questions?
out. Have your information sent in for the spring 2010 issue by
April 15, 2010.
                                                                                if your address has changed, please complete this form
                                                                                and mail or email membership coordinator Lisa Panko at

         naam website
                                                                                the National Automobile Museum (the Harrah Collection)
                                                                                at 10 S. Lake Street, reno, Nevada 89501-1558. Email:

  Attention Members…randall (rand) Shinn, our
                                                                                Name: ____________________________________________
  website developer would like members, new and
  old, to provide any information required to be                                organization: ______________________________________
  included on the NAAM website www.naam.musem
                                                                                Address: __________________________________________
  to randall Shinn, 685 Windy Hill, Hamilton, oH
  45013-3666 or email rand at                                  City:______________________State:______Zip: __________

                                                                                Phone:____________________Email: ___________________
                                                                      Fun Sightseeing - NAAM members always enjoy sightseeing
                                                                      and Cindy Hale has hit the jackpot with a tour that combines
  NAAM & SAH                                                          fun and history, and includes a special visit to the tupelo
   Conference                                                         Automobile Museum, the State of Mississippi’s official
                                                                      Automobile Museum.
 March 24-27, 2010
                                                                      You’ll see the birthplace of the King of rock ‘n roll, Elvis
  Jackie Frady                                                        Presley; the Natchez trace Parkway, a historically and
                                                                      culturally significant ancient trail used by animals and people,
                                                                      connecting the southern areas of the Mississippi river to
Hosted by the tupelo Automobile Museums                               today’s central tennessee; and Brice’s Crossroads, a Civil War
tupelo, Mississippi                                                   battlefield site and interpretive center.

Sign Up Today!                                                        delightful Hotel - the host hotel, Hilton Garden inn, has
                                                                      all the amenities travelers desire and is centrally located
Early Bird registration: only $225 by February 15, 2010               in downtown tupelo, across the street from the tupelo
                                                                      Automobile Museum and adjacent to the conference site,
the 2010 Annual Conference promises to be an excellent                BancorpSouth Conference Center.
professional development and networking opportunity,
accentuated by Southern Hospitality.                                  Mild weather - Come to the NAAM Conference for continuing
                                                                      education, to exchange ideas, for great sightseeing and even
Packed Agenda - it’s a packed agenda with two days of
                                                                      mild weather. You can leave your snow boots and heavy
seminars covering a host of topics for both NAAM and SAH
members, a welcome reception and closing banquet, plus a              winter coats behind, simply pack a light jacket for cool
day of sightseeing.                                                   mornings and evenings and an umbrella in case of spring
                                                                      showers. March temperatures in tupelo average from a high
it’s Affordable - the early bird registration fee is only $225.       of 64 to a low of 44 and rainfall is typically 6 inches during
in light of the economic situation facing many NAAM                   the month.
member museums, Cindy Hale, conference chair, and the
Conference Guidance Committee have worked to ensure                   register Today - See the conference brochure mailed
2010 is an affordable and valuable experience. Be sure to             in January or the NAAM website,, under
take advantage of the Early Bird discount and register by             “Conferences” for a brochure and registration form.
the February 15 deadline, after which registration increases
to $275.
                                                                      We look forward to seeing you in tupelo!
valuable Topics - Based on input from member surveys at
the last conference, topics will cover collections management         Jackie Frady
– strategies, policies and procedures; PastPerfect software for       Marketing Committee Chair
collections and contact management and other needs; team              (775) 333-9300
building and more. there will be joint sessions with SAH
pertinent to museums, libraries and archives, in addition to
opportunities to attend SAH sessions.
                                                                      executive director
NAAM and you - Saturday afternoon will be devoted to                  National Automobile Museum
NAAM, where you’ll learn about future plans, find out how
you can become more involved, share your thoughts and
                                                                      The Harrah Collection
ideas, and enjoy the presentation of the coveted NAAMY                10 South Lake Street
Awards.                                                               reno, Nv 89501-1558
                                                                         classes in the series are taken. For nonmembers it is $40
                                                                         per class or $35 for all four. Cost includes lunch. Space
 museum member tidbits...                                                is limited so visit for more
                                                                         information. the mission of the museum is to educate
                                                                         and entertain while preserving and promoting the
all the news that’s fit to print!
Let us know what’s happening at your museum. Call, write, or email       automobile and its influence on our lives. the museum
Gary Pelger with your latest news.                                       is open daily from 10am – 6pm, and every third thursday
                                                                         until 9pm.
FrAMe 30 ProdUCTioNS LTd Edmonton, Alberta                               _____________________________________________
Canada) Michael Hamm, a new NAAM member writes                           SArAToGA AUToMobiLe MUSeUM (Saratoga Springs,
the following… (See his ad in the classified section of                  New York) ron Hedger writes the traditional first event
this newsletter.)                                                        of 2010 in the museum’s extremely popular “racing
                                                                         in New York” gallery is the New Your State Stock Car
to tell the story of the 1908 NY to Paris Auto race, The                 Association’s Hall of Fame induction. the 2010 edition
Greatest Auto race on earth, the American thomas                         honored car owner Jerry Higbie and famed drivers
Flyer and German Protos autos were manufactured as                       Mike romano, Charlie rudolph and Jimmy Spencer.
full size running replicas, right down to the mud. these                 the event was set for 11am on Sunday, January 24th in
cars are all steel construction with authentic coachwork                 front of the permanent NYSSCA display at the museum
and upholstery. Local craftsmen worked for ten months                    and the event expanded upon the induction program
to produce accurate and authentic cars that were                         at the previous evening’s awards banquet in Albany.
distressed as they traveled “the world.”                                 “At the banquet we have to present an abbreviated
                                                                         program because of time constraints imposed by the
“Making a film of this scale took longer than it took to                 scores of special awards presented to area racers,” said
drive the original race,” said producer Kerrie Long. “We                 Hall of Fame chairman ron Hedger. “But Sunday, both
did not experience anything like the original drivers, but               the presenters and inductees could speak as long as
we did have film crews working at -35C temperatures for                  they wanted and i could even work in questions from
the winter scenes. And then in +32C temperatures in the                  the audience.” the Saratoga Automobile Museum is on
deserts and hoo-doos of Alberta. it was an adventure…                    the Avenue of the Pines in the Saratoga Spa State Park.
but the cars and actors and crew were amazing. the                       directions and other information can be found online
footage is unbelievable.” the cars currently live at the                 at
reynolds Auto Museum in Alberta. it has received                         _____________________________________________
numerous awards including the prestigious EP ingersoll                   PATee HoUSe MUSeUM (St. Joseph, Missouri) A recent
Award from the Society of Automotive Historians.                         issue of Pony Express Mail reported that Museum
                                                                         director Gary Chilcote posed the question “did the
this is the story of a few very brave men who participated               St. Jo Blizzard of 1863-64 trigger John Wilkes Booth to
in the greatest race of all time. the 95 minute film                     murder Lincoln 16 months later?” Gary gave this talk at
mastered to High definition is now available at www.                     the historical association’s annual meeting in the Blue For more information contact                    room of the Patee house. Gary explained that Booth
Michael at                                          was stranded in St. Joseph during the New Year’s blizzard
_____________________________________________                            of 1863-64, and had a very unpleasant stay at the Pacific
CALiForNiA AUToMobiLe MUSeUM (Sacremento,                                House Hotel. When trains didn’t run for two weeks
California) Kaela Nelson, Marketing and Education                        because of the snow, Booth finally got out of town in
Coordinator, announced an Alternative Fuels workshop                     a rented sleigh. Winter storms in december, 2009 may
scheduled for February 20, 2010 and taught by American                   have repeated the 1863-64 ordeal for many St. Joseph
river College instructor, Arthur Blank. this workshop                    residents who realize that the city can be miserable
will give students insight into the world of alternative                 despite the best snowplowing efforts. St. Joseph, of
fuels. it is part of the California Automobile Museum’s                  course, lacked snowplows in 1863. We at NAAM would
new Going Green Workshop Series, which includes                          have loved to hear the entire presentation; perhaps
workshops on biodiesel, fuel cells, and electric cars. Cost              Gary would summarize it at the tupelo conference in
to Museum members is $35 per class or $30 if all four                    March??
                                                               NATioNAL PACKArd MUSeUM (Warren, Ohio) Mary
 museum member tidbits...                                      Ann Porinchak, Executive director, writes the museum
                                                               is proud to announce the opening of our 10th Annual
_____________________________________________                  Antique Motorcycle Exhibit entitled “on the road
THe MUSeUM oF AUToMobiLeS, iNC. (Petit Jean
                                                               Again.” this year’s exhibit runs from January 9, 2010
Mountain, Morrilton, Arkansas) A recent email announced
the museum has added a restored 1937 Chrysler Airflow          through May 30, 2010 and features nearly thirty
to its permanent collection. the addition was made             beautifully restored antique and classic motorcycles.
possible by a gift from board member Ed Snell. the             the all new exhibit also includes several “barn fresh”
Airflow Chrysler and deSoto were introduced at the New         un-restored bikes displayed alongside the same exact
York Auto Show in early spring of 1934. the design and
mechanical innovations drew much attention and many            model restored to Concours condition. Visitors are
orders were placed. However, for a number of reasons,          invited to come see these motorcycles and learn about
production was delayed several months and consumer             the often tedious process and large expense involved
interest lagged. A new assembly line had to be set up          in restoring and preserving these significant machines.
to accommodate the totally different car. Stampings            the transformation of these motorcycles from “basket
for doors and other body panels were supplied by the
Budd Corporation that was already involved in the              case” to “rolling art” is truly magical. For the third year in
manufacture of streamlined trains and locomotives and          a row, the museum will present a Motorcycle restoration
were slow in setting up for the Airflow components that        Lecture Series in conjunction with the exhibit. these
were larger and completely different from conventional         educational seminars are free and open to the public.
cars of the era. the delay gave the competition time to
                                                               the seminars include the acquisition of restoration
set up a “whispering campaign” charging the car was
unsafe and unreliable. they were also priced several           parts, the question of “to restore or not to restore”, and
hundred dollars more than the competition. though              working with the professionals you have hired. they’re
the Airflow did not prove to be a financial success for        scheduled for February 20, March 20, and April 17. For
Chrysler, it came to be recognized as a milestone in the       more information visit the museum website at www.
development of the modern automobile. in later years
                                                      or phone 330-394-1899.
it was generally agreed the radical design was about
twenty years ahead of its time. over a span of four            _____________________________________________
years 52,000 Airflows were produced. it’s estimated            THe wiLLiAM e. SwiGArT MUSeUM (Huntingdon,
that there are between three and four thousand still in        Pennsylvania) the fall, 2009 museum newsletter “Auto
existence among collectors. the museum is open daily,          Clips” included a story on a new activity at the Swigart
year round, 10am to 5pm. For more information visit
                                                               Meet last summer. A Basket raffle with an array of
the website at
                                                               enticing gift baskets that were up for bid. tickets were
                                                               sold throughout the day, which buyers could place in
                                                               a bag in front of the basket(s) they desired. A large
                                                               crowd gathered near the tent, where the baskets were
                                                               on display, as the drawings were held. through this
                                                               raffle the museum earned more than $350 to support
                                                               its mission. the creative baskets ranged from car care
                                                               products to kitchenware to back-to-school supplies and
                                                               more. they were donated by museum board members,
                                                               staff, and other community donors. Visit the museum
                                                               website at
         The restored 1937 Chrysler Airflow
                                                                    PeTerSeN AUToMoTive MUSeUM (Los Angeles,
                                                                    California) Chris Brown, information and Marketing
 museum member tidbits...                                           Manager announced “From Corvettes to dune buggies,
                                                                    the most iconic fiberglass customs and production
                                                                    cars of the past half-century will be on display at the
                                                                    Petersen Automotive museum beginning February
THe GoLdeN AGe oF TrUCKiNG MUSeUM (Middlebury,
                                                                    27, 2010, through october 3, 2010. together, they
Connecticut) Kathi Jones, director, announced that on
                                                                    offer an interesting contrast to both the mainstream
Saturday evening, February 6, the museum holds its
                                                                    cars stamped out of metal that populate our motoring
annual “February Fundraiser”. the evening is set up
                                                                    landscape and those made of carbon fiber, the newest
in the museum showroom along side of the trucks
                                                                    wonder material to be embraced by today’s innovators.”
on display. Guest have a chance to sit in some of the
                                                                    this construction material provided a very accessible
antique vehicles while they enjoy a home-style meal
                                                                    way for a new batch of creative auto enthusiasts to
and 1960’s and 70’s rock and roll music. A silent auction
                                                                    build, copy, or modify the car of their dreams – without
showcasing areas businesses includes donations of
                                                                    any metalworking skills – right in their own driveway.
many kinds. the fundraiser provides the museum with
                                                                    Customizers like Ed roth took full advantage of the
revenue to expand its displays, update the children’s
                                                                    ability of fiberglass to mold to any shape by creating
area and library, and maintain its current exhibits. Visit
                                                                    avant-garde hot rods with one-of-a-kind bodies while
the museum website at www.goldenagetruckmuseum.
                                                                    the rest of the custom car world was using a cut and
                                                                    weld method to modify production cars. For general
                                                                    museum information call 323-964-6347 or visit the
CoLe LANd TrANSPorTATioN MUSeUM (Bangor,
                                                                    museum website at
Maine) Ben Ayotte, technical Assistant, writes; We
here at the Cole Land transportation Museum have
just received a wonderful vehicle, a 1920 international
Model H 1-½ ton truck. it was painted and used by
Merrill transport, a former New England motor carrier
specializing in liquid freight and other not-standard
cargo. it is an oil tanker typically used to deliver gasoline
and heating oil and was donated by a member of the
original Merrill family, Sandra L. Goolden, daughter-in-
law of the Merrill transport founder.

                                                                      1952 Maverick Sportster photo credit Fred Rothe

     The 1920 International Tanker on the museum floor.                           Ed Roth Custom Creation

                                                                                                                                                              ight years in the making,
                                                                                                                                                              The Greatest Auto Race
                                                                                                                                                              on Earth is now available
NAAM News Classifieds are a free benefit to paid NAAM member museums                                                                                      on DVD, telling the story of
(photo free). Non-members ad rate is $1.25 per word ($10 per photo).                                                                                      the 1908 New York to Paris
display advertising rates: Full page $250, 1/2 page $135. 1/4 page $ 75,                                                                                  auto race.
business card size $ 35. to place and ad contact: Gary Pelger, Editor. 7981
Windward trace Circle NW, Massillon, oH 44646, PH: (330) 837-5069 Email:                                                                                  Through never before seen                                                                                                                                        photos and exact running
                                                                                                                                                          replicas of the Thomas Flyer,
________________________________________________                                                                                                          German Protos, and Zust,
                                                                                                                                                          the story of these brave men
                                                                                                                                                          and their machines is told as
                                                                                                                                                          they travelled 22,000 miles
                                                                                                                                                          in 169 days.
                                                                                                                                                          With stunning cinematography
                                                                                                                                                          and cutting edge computer
                                                                                                                                                          graphics, we look at the
                                                                                                                                                          hardships and accomplishments
                                                                                                                                                          of such heroes as George
                                                                                                                                                          Schuster, Lt. Hans
                                                                                                                                                          Koeppen,and the popular
                                                                                                                                                          Italian, Antonio Scarfoglio.
                                                                                                                                                          Mastered to HD, this 95 minute
                                                                                                                                                          program has already garnered
                                                                                                                                                          numerous awards.

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