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									                                           Casey Catello

                                         604 Harmony Lane
                                       Pleasantville, CA 94588

                                           (925) 555-1234


                           Technically proficient IT specialist and trainer

Three years’ experience improving performance and productivity within tight deadlines.
Strengths include:

·    Identifying Learner Needs                   ·   Classroom Management

·    Public Speaking                             ·   Student Success

·    Performance-Based Training                  ·   Team Teaching / Mentoring

·    Time Management                             ·   Team Player

Learned Oracle, Visual BASIC, FrontPage, Winrunner and Loadrunner through self-study.

                                      TECHNICAL EXPERTISE

Database and Software             Languages          Computer Knowledge

·    Oracle                       ·     BASIC        ·      Windows, DOS

·    Microsoft Access             ·     C, C++       ·      Data Structures

·    Winrunner (testing           ·     Pascal       ·      Digital and Electric CKK

·    Loadrunner (testing          ·     Visual       ·      Microprocessor—8085, 8086
purposes)                        BASIC

                              PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

APTECH TRAINING CENTER                                                                 2001–2004

Software Developer

Handled IT projects and training duties simultaneously throughout tenure; assigned to provide
technical guidance to Rathna Roy Info Group Pte. Ltd. for three years.
IT Proficiency

Three-month project with Agricultural Product Marketing Center (3e-person group), 2003

·    Installed system (system similar to prior teleshopping project) to monitor stocks of
agricultural products using Visual Basic and MS Access.
One-year project with Cardinal Communications (4-person group), 2002

·    Completed project 2½ months before deadline by delegating workload and putting in extra

·    Increased productivity 90%, reducing manual work of 10 people to 1 person, through
design and set up of network diagnostic software.

·   Performed demonstration and explained requirements of project to teammates; learnt Visual
C++ through independent study.
Six-month project on teleshopping (2-person group), 2001

·    Played instrumental role developing and implementing client-tailored teleshopping system
(using Visual Basic 610 and Oracle) to track billings and stocks.
·    Reduced manual work in stock taking by splitting stocks and inventories into 12 categories.

·   Won right to execute project by submitting detailed 50-page proposal for review in
competition with another group.
Mentoring / Teaching

·    Conducted interactive training for 60-70 IT professionals in programming languages,
including C++ and Microsoft Access, as volunteer trainer (one out of three people selected from
group of nine applicants).

·   Identified student needs and implemented "student pairing" to link top performers with
weaker students; administered monthly tests to assess standard of students.
·     Exceeded minimum passing- rate criteria (for students) 32.1%, 97.14% compared with 65%,
retaining position as trainer for 2½ years (trainers assessed every three months).

·    Improved grades of particular student 70%, from 4/25 to 21.5/25, in three months by
providing extra 30- minute mentoring after class and giving additional assignments.


GOLDEN VALLEY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Kolar Gold                                             2001
B.Eng. (Computer Science)—First Class Honors

·    Contributed to writing of Graphics Editor software (features including scaling, translating,
and freehand, using C++ on DOS) and Text Editor software (features including creating,
modifying, and saving / deleting files, using C) in class project.

GOVERNMENT P.U. COLLEGE SRINIVASPUR, Kolar District                                           1997
Pre-University Level (equivalent to 'A' Levels)—Second Class

KISHORA VIDYA BHAVANA CHINTAMANI, Kolar District                                              1995

X Standard (equivalent to 'O' Levels)—Distinction (Top 10% in class)


                     Fluent in English, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, and Telugu.

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