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Human Resources Manager _Training_


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									Stacey McGovern604 Harmony LanePleasantville, CA 94588(925) 555-1234


Human Resource professional with experience emphasizing program management
and development. Expert at collaborating with management to determine hiring
needs. Diplomatic and tactful; skilled in effective interpersonal interaction.
Extensive community outreach and networking. Computer literate with MS Office.
Areas of experience include:

• Recruitment & Selection              • Competency & Skills Assessment
• Payroll Processing                   • HR Policy & Procedure
• Training & Development               • Employee Relations
• Compensation & Benefits              • Personnel Recognition Programs
• EEO & Diversity                      • Regulatory Compliance
• Counseling & EAP                     • Curriculum Design

Human Resource Management

•           Program Start-Up: Spearheaded the development and management of human
            resource departments for the start-up of Wordsmith Communications and Acme
•          Staff Recruitment: Performed recruiting for Wordsmith Communications and
           Acme Resources. Successfully screened and processed applications, arranged
           background investigations and performed interviews.

•          Policy and Procedure: Developed and instituted all policy and procedure for
           human resource processes at Manning and Associates and Acme Resources.
           Created a human resource personnel manual at both the Wordsmith
           Communications and Acme Resources. Gained solid experience with federal, state
           and disability laws and regulations.

•          Compensation & Pay Structure: Collaborated with Executive Management at
           WordSmith Communications to create pay structure for all tiers of employees.
           Assisted staff in selecting appropriate benefit programs at Acme Resources.
           Negotiated compensation with staff at the Manning and Associates.

Training & Development

•          Program Development: Researched, designed and implemented staff development
           programs for orientation, training and continuing education. Recruited external
           training programs as needed.

•          Training Management: Maintained accurate records of staff licensure and training
           at the Manning and Associates, scheduling continuing education programs as
           needed to maintain required licensure.

•          Curriculum Design: Created a training procedural manual in collaboration with
           Executive Management at Wordsmith Communications. Introduced curriculum in
           response to pressing legal issues including sexual harassment and diversity at the
           Manning and Associates.

Employee Relations

•          Recognition Programs: Created staff recognition and incentive programs for sales
           department at Acme Resources. Programs resulted in a sales volume increase of
           18% in one quarter. Subsequently worked with Executive Management to roll-out
           incentive programs company-wide.

•          Employee Communications: Interfaced with employees in all positions to
            communicate changes in personnel policies. Mediated between staff to resolve
            problems at Manning and Associates and Acme Resources.

•           Employee Counseling: Provided individual counseling to staff at Acme
            Resources. Received State of Florida training in substance abuse prevention and
            domestic violence. Assisted parents through group counseling sessions.

•           Event Coordination: Selected to plan and manage the annual employee awards
            dinner at Acme Resources. Recruited volunteers, selected caterer, planned
            entertainment, and oversaw the event.

Professional Experience

Jaybird Corporation, FL                                              1993 - Present
Account Manager

Manning and Associates, FL                                           1989 - 1993
Facility Manager / Budget Coordinator

Wordsmith Communications, FL                                         1992 - 1993
Support Counselor, Volunteer

Acme Resources, CA                                                   1982 - 1988
Sales Manager
                    P RW RA

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