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									                                        Renee McEvoy
       4351 Ridgeway Drive, West San Diego, CA 92116 / Tel# (619) 555-1142 Email:



Power systems engineer with over 10 years experience providing power systems to support
high-availability needs. Recognized for managing over 150 installations while maintaining a
perfect safety record. Skills include analysis of technical designs and implementation plans,
design of robust testing protocols, and effective management of engineering professionals.
Enhanced knowledge of industry trends and governmental guidelines through continuing
education opportunities.

                                   AREAS OF EXPERTISE

·     High-Availability Power Systems ·        Co-generation Units ·        Power Conditioning
·     Technical Management              ·      Site Preparation      ·      Safety Procedures
·     Test Methodologies                ·      Technical Training    ·      Project Management


Emergency Power Services, Inc., San Diego, CA                                     1999 - Present

Managed crew of 20 field engineers and support technicians. Hired, scheduled, evaluated,
trained, and terminated personnel. Reviewed and approved equipment specifications and site
planning documents. Analyzed technical aspects of new products for inclusion in product line.
·     Conducted regular sales training sessions to ensure thorough understanding of products.
·      Designed installation procedures, focusing on safety, reliability, and efficiency. Received
special recognition due to company-wide adoption of procedures.
·      Instituted rigorous site preparation process to eliminate costly modifications during
·     Increased on-time installation rate by 17% and reduced budget overruns by half.

GridSupport, Inc., San Diego, CA                                                       1995 - 1999

Field Engineer
Surveyed, designed, ordered, and installed co-generation power units for hospitals and
universities. Trained on-site staff to maintain and operate units. Provided on-call, emergency
support to personnel.
·      Developed and implemented 25-point survey to ensure readiness for co-generation unit,
resulting in a 100% successful installation rate.
·      Conducted environmental tests of potential installation sites, including noise levels,
vibration effects, ventilation requirements, and earthquake vulnerability.
·      Organized and monitored simulated disaster tests and reviewed results with customers to
identify potential issues.
·     Improved customer confidence, commitment, and satisfaction through bimonthly
customer visits.

PowerSolutions, Inc., San Diego, CA                                                    1992 - 1995

Field Service Engineer
Installed and maintained power backup systems for high availability operations. Surveyed sites
and advised customers on necessary site preparation and planning. Field-tested installation,
maintenance, and repair procedures in target settings.
·     Traced circuits and tested loads to ensure capacity and compatibility of backup devices.
·      Designed and installed temporary solutions to ensure no power outages or production
losses experienced during installations.
·     Developed and instituted thorough safety procedures, resulting in a perfect safety record.
·     Mapped and labeled every installation to provide customer with detailed schematics of
backup system.

San Diego State University, San Diego, California
Bachelors of Science (Electrical Engineering), 1992

Continuing Education

Annual Product Updates and Workshops, Various Power Vendors
Power Safety on the Job, OSHA, 1998
Technical Management, Power Institute, 1997
Co-generation Systems, University Extension, 1995
Fail-Safe Testing, SDSU Extension, 1993


IEEE Power Engineering Society, Member
Electrical Generating Systems Association, Corporate Member
Pacific Power Association, Advisory Board Member

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