Senior Project: Expert's Guideline by NLCP


									                                             NLCP Stationery

Dear NLCP Senior Project Expert,
The North Lawndale College Prep senior’s presentation of his/her Senior Project is the academic hallmark
of his/her NLCP experience. NLCP invites your expertise and generosity in making this experience even

In support of Senior Project, Senior Project Experts are asked to volunteer the following:

   Commit to an understanding of Senior Project’s ambitions (Detailed information is available at Additionally, on the back side of this
    letter is a Senior Project Timeline, with the various research, writing, and presentation stages

   Commit to be the Senior Project Expert for NLCP Seniors;

   Commit to Three Meetings with the Senior, each for 1-2 Hours:
      1.                                                               November 22 or 23, 2010: 1st Meeting
         with NLCP Senior regarding Topic
      2.                                                               January 24 or 25, 2011: 2nd Meeting with
         NLCP Senior regarding Topic
      3.                March 8-12, 2011: Sitting on Senior Project Panel of Judges for the Senior
         April 4-11, 2011: Sitting on Senior Project Panel of Judges for the Senior,
                        if the senior is presenting through Free Spirit Media

   During the First Meeting, commit to
       1. If necessary and after listening to the senior’s presentation on his/her Senior Project topic,
           guiding/teaching the senior to a reasonable overview of the topic (Is the senior’s understanding
           of the general topic accurate? Is the topic too large and ambitious? Is the topic too small? Does
           the senior understand the various subtopics and interconnected topics? Etc.)
       2. If necessary and after learning the senior’s tentative driving question, guiding the senior to an
           interesting and reasonable driving question (Is the tentative driving question researchable at the
           high school reading level? Is the driving question within the heart of the topic’s most interesting
           areas? Etc.)
       3. Offering great places for the senior to get started on his/her research.

   During the Second Meeting, offer constructive feedback on the first half of the senior’s research: Does
    the research seem to respond well to the driving question? How well does the senior seem to understand
    the research? As the senior continues the research, how might he/she improve the process?

   During the senior’s Senior Project Presentation, act as an expert panelist (Senior Project evaluation
    rubric is attached).

   During any other point in the process and as you feel comfortable, check in with the senior on his/her

Please contact Traci Mapp at or 773.542.1490 to volunteer.

Thank you!
North Lawndale College Prep High School
                                              North Lawndale College Prep Charter HS
                        Senior Project Essay and Presentation Preparation Stages: Due Dates

            Stage                                                                         Due Dates
1.  Select Internal NLCP Mentor (Mentor must agree)                                    October 22, 2010
2.  With Mentor, Determine Initial Driving Question                                    October 29, 2010
3.  Topic Area Research/Create Topic Map                                               November 15, 2010
4.  1st Meeting with NLCP-appointed Outside Expert on Topic (1st Intersession)         November 22-23, 2010
5.  FSM Documentary Information Session                                                November 22-23, 2010
6.  Written Reflection on Topic — after Meeting with Expert                            December 3, 2010
7.  FSM Application Due                                                                December 3, 2010
8.  1st Half of the Following Research and Emerging Claim:                             January 21, 2011
    Research Sourcecards (at least 3 sources explore opposition)
           Primary Sources (2+):
                 Interview (either personal or transcripts from radio/tv)
                         with appropriately qualified “expert”
           Secondary Sources (9+, student picks extras):
                 2 books
                 3 academic journal articles
                 3 periodical articles
                 1 internet reference (hub) site
    Research Notecards (at least 3 sources explore opposition)
            Primary Sources (2+):
                 Film (10 each film = 10+ total)
                 Interview (20 each interview = 20+ total)
           Secondary Sources (9+, student picks optional extras):
                 2 books (25 each book = 50+ total)
                 3 academic journal articles (10 each article = 30+ total)
                 3 periodical articles (10 each article = 30+ total)
                 1 internet reference (hub) site 5 each article (worksheet)
9. 2nd Meeting with NLCP-appointed Outside Expert on Topic                             January 24-25, 2011
10. 2nd Half of the Above Research and the Claim                                       February 2, 2011
11. Outline                                                                            February 9, 2011
12. 1st Full Draft of Essay                                                            February 16, 2011
13. 2nd Full Draft of Essay                                                            February 23, 2011
14. Final Draft of Essay                                                               February 28, 2011
15. Cover Letter (Metacognitive component)                                             February 28, 2011
16. Presentation Outline                                                               March 2, 2011
17. Presentation: 1st Practice                                                         March 4, 2011

            Presentation to Independent Panel of Judges (2nd Intersession)                        March 8-12, 2011
            Presentation (for those seniors in the Free Spirit Media SP course)                   April 11-30, 2011
                                                                                                                                        Senior Project Presentation Rubric
                                                                                                                                                 North Lawndale College Prep High School
Student Name:___________________________ Panelists’ Names:___________________________________________________ Date:__________________

                                                                       Skill                               An A Presentation has                        A B Presentation has                     A C Presentation has                   An F Presentation has                 Points
                                                                                Thesis/Claim           An exceptional thesis/claim                  An effective thesis/claim                 A somewhat effective thesis/claim       No thesis/claim or one that does not
                                                                       A statement of your                        Points Possible (5)                         Points Possible (4)                   Points Possible (3.5)             make sense
                                                                       argument; the presentation’s                                                                                                                                            Points Possible (3)

                                                                       “main idea”
                                                                        Supporting Ideas/ Evidence     Exceptional supporting ideas/evidence        Effective supporting ideas/evidence       Supporting ideas/                       Either very few or no supporting
                                                                       Ideas and evidence that         that make logical sense                      that make logical sense                   evidence, which somewhat make           ideas/evidence or ideas/evidence
                                                                       support your thesis/claim,                 Points Possible (5)                          Points Possible (4)            sense                                   which do not make sense
                                                                       including appropriate set-ups                                                                                                  Points Possible (3.5)                    Points Possible (3)
                                                                       for secondary sources
                                                                          Analysis of Supporting       Exceptional explanations that connect the    Effective explanations that connect       Somewhat effective explanations that    Ineffective or no connection of
                                                                               Ideas/Evidence          ideas/evidence to the thesis/claim           the ideas/evidence to the thesis/claim    connect the ideas/evidence to the       ideas/evidence to the thesis/claim
                                                                       Logical connection of ideas/               Points Possible (5)                         Points Possible (4)             thesis/claim                                      Points Possible (3)
                                                                       evidence to your thesis/claim                                                                                                   Points Possible (3.5)
                                                                                Introduction           An exceptional introduction that includes    An effective introduction that includes   A somewhat effective introduction       No introduction, or an introduction
                                                                       A preview of the                a thesis/claim, its context and a preview    a thesis/claim, its context and a         that includes a thesis/claim, its       without a thesis/claim, context or
                                                                       presentation’s body that        of the essay body                            preview of the essay body                 context and a preview of the essay      preview of the essay body
           of the Senior Project Presentation (50%)

                                                                       includes a thesis/claim and                  Points Possible (5)                        Points Possible (4)            body                                             Points Possible (3)
                                                                       gives its context                                                                                                               Points Possible (3.5)
                                                                              Support Sections         Supporting ideas with exceptional topic      Supporting ideas with effective topic     Supporting ideas with somewhat          Supporting ideas with ineffective or

                                                                              and Transitions          sentences, supporting sentences and          sentences, supporting sentences and       effective topic sentences, supporting   no topic sentences, supporting
                                                                       Organization at the support     concluding sentences                         concluding sentences                      sentences and concluding sentences      sentences or concluding sentences
                                                                       level: each support section

                                                                       has a clear main idea and       Exceptional transitions between and                                                    Somewhat effective transitions          Ineffective or no transitions between
                                                                       supporting ideas.               within supporting ideas                      Effective transitions between and         between and within supporting           or within supporting ideas
                                                                       Connections from one                                                         within supporting ideas                   ideas                                             Points Possible (3)
                                                                       supporting idea to another                 Points Possible (5)                          Points Possible (4)                   Points Possible (3.5)
                                                                       and within the body.
                                                                                 Conclusion            An exceptional conclusion                    An effective conclusion                   A somewhat effective or off-topic       Ineffective or no conclusion
                                                                       A fresh restatement of                     Points Possible (5)                         Points Possible (4)             conclusion                                        Points Possible (3)
                                                                       thesis/claim and a thoughtful                                                                                                  Points Possible (3.5)
                                                                       ending to the presentation
                                                                                    Style              Exceptionally advanced and complex           Effectively advanced and complex          A mostly accurate vocabulary, some      Inaccurate vocabulary; rarely varied
                                                                       Vocabulary, sentence            vocabulary, frequently varied sentence       vocabulary, occasionally varied           varied sentence structure and length    sentence structure and length
                                                                       structure and variety used to   structure and length                         sentence structure and length                     Points Possible (3.5)                    Points Possible (3)

                                                                       establish a unique speaker’s                Points Possible (5)                        Points Possible (4)
                                                                                    Tone               A tone that shows an exceptional             A tone that shows an effective            A tone that shows a somewhat            A tone that shows ineffective or no
                                                                       An appropriate use of           awareness of audience, purpose and           awareness of audience, purpose and        effective awareness of audience,        awareness of audience, purpose and
                                                                       language that shows an          occasion                                     occasion                                  purpose and occasion                    occasion
                                                                       awareness of audience,                      Points Possible (5)                        Points Possible (4)                      Points Possible (3.5)                   Points Possible (3)
                                                                       purpose, and occasion
                                                                           Grammar and Usage           Exceptional control of grammar and           Effective control of grammar and          Somewhat effective control of           A lack of control of grammar and
                                                                       No unintended problems with     writing conventions with no errors           writing conventions, with few errors      grammar and writing conventions,        writing conventions, with frequent

                                                                       subject-verb & pronoun-                                                      that do not prevent understanding         with occasional errors that limit       errors that prevent understanding
                                                                       antecedent agreement, and                  Points Possible (5)                         Points Possible (4)             understanding                                     Points Possible (3)
                                                                       verb tenses                                                                                                                    Points Possible (3.5)
                                                                                Formatting             Correct assignment-specific directions       Mostly correct assignment-specific        Somewhat correct assignment-            Incorrect assignment-specific
                                                                       Any assignment-specific                    Points Possible (5)               directions                                specific directions                     directions
                                                                       directions                                                                              Points Possible (4)                     Points Possible (3.5)                   Points Possible (3)
                                                                Skill                                An A Presentation has                          A B Presentation has                       A C Presentation has                    An F Presentation has                  Points
                                                                 EYE CONTACT                      Exceptional eye contact with the              Effective eye contact with the              Some eye contact with the            Little or no eye contact with the
                                                          Develop rapport with the audience        entire audience, seldom returning to           audience - but some distracting              audience, frequently returning        audience.
                                                                through eye contact                notecards.                                     use of notecards and/or visual               to the distracting use of
                                                                                                           Points Possible (5)                    aid.                                         notecards and/or visual aid.                 Points Possible (3)
                                                                                                                                                      Points Possible (4)                          Points Possible (3.5)
                                                                    ELOCUTION                       Exceptionally clear, correct, and           Clear, correct, and precise                 Clear, correct, and precise             Unclear, incorrect, and/or
             of the Senior Project Presentation (25%)

                                                                    Articulate voice                 precise pronunciation of all words           pronunciation of most words and              pronunciation of some words              imprecise pronunciation of words
                                                                clearly and confidently              and phrases.                                 phrases.                                     and phrases.                             and phrases.
                                                                                                            Points Possible (5)                       Points Possible (4)                          Points Possible (3.5)                    Points Possible (3)
                                                                     POSTURE                        Exceptional posture: Standing                 Effective posture: Standing                Somewhat effective posture:            Ineffective posture: Sits or slumps
                                                                        and                          straight with both feet on the ground,         straight with both feet on the              Some standing straight, but with        during entire presentation; and/or
                                                                    GESTURES                         and/or                                         ground, with some rocking back              rocking back and forth and             Ineffective gestures: few or no

                                                                 Use body language                  Exceptional gestures: hand gestures            and forth; and/or                           slumping; and/or                        hand gestures that assist
                                                               to enhance presentation               enhance audience’s understanding.             Effective gestures: hand gestures          Somewhat effective gestures:            audience’s understanding.
                                                                                                             Points Possible (5)                    assist audience’s understanding.            hand gestures sometimes assist
                                                                                                                                                        Points Possible (4)                     audience’s understanding.                   Points Possible (3)
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Points Possible (3.5)
                                                                  ENTHUSIASM                        Exceptionally strong and positive             Pleasant attitude about topic              Engaged attitude about topic        Disengaged attitude about topic
                                                              Convey emotion during the              attitude about topic during the entire         during much of the presentation.            during the some of the               during the most of the
                                                                    presentation                     presentation.                                                                              presentation.                        presentation.
                                                                                                             Points Possible (5)                        Points Possible (4)                         Points Possible (3.5)                Points Possible (3)
                                                                  INTERACTION                       Exceptional encouragement of                  Effective encouragement of                  Somewhat effective                 Insufficient encouragement of
                                                                      with the                       audience interaction; and                      audience interaction; and                    encouragement of audience           audience interaction; and
                                                                    AUDIENCE                        Exceptional knowledge of the topic            Effective knowledge of the topic             interaction; and                   Insufficient knowledge of the
                                                           and the QUESTION/ANSWER                   displayed while responding                     displayed while responding                  Somewhat effective knowledge        topic displayed while responding
                                                                     SESSION                         confidently, precisely, and                    directly and appropriately to all            of the topic displayed while        directly and appropriately to all
                                                                                                     appropriately to all audience                  audience questions.                          responding directly and             audience questions.
                                                                                                     questions.                                                                                  appropriately to all audience
                                                                                                             Points Possible (5)                        Points Possible (4)                      questions.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Points Possible (3.5)                 Points Possible (3)
                                                                       LAYOUT                     An exceptional visual theme —                   An effective visual theme —               A somewhat effective visual          An ineffective visual theme —
                                                                 Enrich and captivate              colors, designs, and proportions;                colors, designs, and proportions;          theme — colors, designs, and          colors, designs, and proportions;
                                                         the audience’s understanding through     An exceptional use of headings,                 An effective use of headings,              proportions;                         An ineffective use of headings,
                                                                     the visual aid                                                                                                        
             for the Senior Project Presentation (25%)

                                                                                                   subheadings, and text to create a                subheadings, and text to create a          A somewhat effective use of           subheadings, and text to create a
                                                                                                   consistent overall idea; and                     consistent overall idea; and               headings, subheadings, and text       consistent overall idea; and
                                                                                                  An appropriate text length.                     A mostly appropriate text length.          to create a consistent overall       An inappropriate text length.
                                                                                                         Points Possible (10-9)                           Points Possible (8)                  idea; and                                  Points Possible (6)
                                                                                                                                                                                              At times, an inappropriate text

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Points Possible (7)
                                                               TEXT MECHANICS                       Exceptional understanding and               Effective understanding and                 Somewhat effective                     Ineffective understanding and
                                                              Correctly use grammar;                 application of standard English              application of standard English              understanding and application of        application of standard English
                                                           correctly spell, punctuate, and           grammar;                                     grammar;                                     standard English grammar;               grammar;
                                                           capitalize; and correctly format         Correct punctuation and                    Some incorrect instances of                  Several incorrect instances of         Many incorrect instances of
                                                                                                     capitalization; and                          punctuation and capitalization;              punctuation and capitalization;         punctuation and capitalization;
                                                                                                    Correct spelling.                            and                                          and                                     and
                                                                                                                                                Some misspellings.                           Several misspellings.                  Many misspellings.
                                                                                                        Points Possible (10-9)                        Points Possible (8)                            Points Possible (7)                     Points Possible (6)
                                                           GRAPHICS, SOUND, and/or                Exceptional use of graphics, sound,           Effective use of graphics, sound,            Somewhat effective use of              Ineffective use of graphics,
                                                                ANIMATION/VIDEO                    and/or animation/video to create a              and/or animation/video to create             graphics, sound, and/or                 sound, and/or animation/video to
                                                         Effectively integrate multimedia into     consistent overall idea; and                    a consistent overall idea; and               animation/video to create a             create a consistent overall idea;
                                                                      the visual aid              Exceptional sizing and resolution.            Effective sizing and resolution.              consistent overall idea; and            and
                                                                                                        Points Possible (5)                                                                    Somewhat effective sizing and          Ineffective sizing and resolution.
                                                                                                                                                        Points Possible (4)                     resolution.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Points Possible (3.5)                   Points Possible (3)

                                                                                                                            Senior Project Presentation Grade: ______/100
                                                                                                                 (Each senior must earn an 80 [B-] or higher in order to pass his/her Senior Project Presentation.)

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