Senior Project: An Overview by NLCP


									         Senior Project:
Creating Possibilities and Clarity

        North Lawndale College Prep High School
    The Mission of North Lawndale College Prep High School:

The mission of North Lawndale College Preparatory Charter High
 School (NLCP) is to prepare young people from under-resourced
 communities for graduation from high school with the academic
skills and personal resilience necessary for successful completion of

                       To this end, NLCP will

 • Expect nothing less than high academic standards for all students.
• Provide a challenging curriculum, extra resources, and the support
                  necessary to achieve those standards.
        • Assemble and support a superlative faculty, staff, and
         administration to collaboratively accomplish this task.
    • Integrate the best technology to assist in all aspects of student
             • Serve the wider North Lawndale community
 NLCP’s Two Graduation Gateways:
              25 Credits
Successful Completion of Senior Project
      How Senior Project Links to NLCP’s Mission
          (from NLCP’s Student Handbook):

          At NLCP we believe in people creating an “Intentional Life.” A person’s
life can be “accidental” or “intentional.” The Accidental Life just happens – there is
no particular plan, priorities, or guiding principles. In the Accidental Life, accidents
happen. Accidental people lose their way.
          In the “Intentional Life,” people have clear goals in mind and are committed
to a way of getting there. The big dreams for their lives come with a specific
blueprint. People know where they are going and how it is they will get there.
Intentional people make their own way.
          NLCP wants to make sure that when our seniors leave, they know where
they are going. The Senior Project is designed to help graduates become “full
grown.” We want NLCP graduates to make the transition to adulthood and take
responsibility for setting the course for their life that will be filled with success. We
expect students to take with them after graduation a belief in themselves that says: “I
have power. I can make change occur in my life. And, I have a responsibility to serve
my community to make change occur to benefit the lives of others.”
        Original Guiding Questions for Senior Project
             (from NLCP’s Student Handbook):

In answering these questions over the trimester, students will do the

•   Conceptualize possible pathways for their lives, outlining
    personal/professional goals and strategies to get there
•   Create a project to help them explore one of these pathways
•   Demonstrate proficiency in research
•   Demonstrate proficiency in writing
•   Demonstrate proficiency in oral presentation by presenting and defendi
    their projects before a panel
                                   Present Senior Project Pathway:
Within the English Department

                                 Senior Completes Research Process
                                   Senior Completes Essay Process
                                Senior Completes Presentation Practice

                                Senior Presents to Independent Panel
                                     (The grade for this stage is the Graduation Gateway.)
Senior Project
  is simply
  a symbol
    of the
NLCP Dream...

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