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									Jamie Hill604 Harmony LanePleasantville, CA 94588(925) 555-1234


Seeking to transfer highly successful customer service and customer relations expertise to a
position in sales. Currently in a management position providing support to internal customers
within a major software solutions company. Background includes assess ing needs,
negotiating contracts, interacting with a diverse group of individuals from senior executives
to administrative support personnel, organizing multiple functions on a daily basis. Excellent
presentation and public speaking skills. Additional back ground includes a sales position.
Computer skills include Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Office 97, Oracle Office, and
Netscape Messenger.


Manager, 1989 - Present

Provide support for up to 370 internal customers within a leading supplier of information
management software. Interact with vice presidents, sales managers, sales representatives,
sales administrators, marketing managers, consultants, education managers, and support
personnel. Assess needs, research products available, and negotiate the purchase of
computer equipment, peripherals, audio and visual equipment, voice mail, security,
telephone, and mail services utilized to support our sales efforts. Negotiate contracts with
vendors and contractors. Develop a $100,000 budget and control all expenditures. Assist
with inventory control for all computer hardware, copiers, audio and visual equipment,
security, and telephone systems.
· Significantly reduced expenses by negotiating best purchase price from vendors.
· Created all policies and procedures throughout an extensive growth process.
· Implemented a postage control system that has created a highly accurate
charge-back process for each department.
· Managed all space allocation activities and insured assignment of space back to
appropriate cost center.
· Hired as a sales administrator until promotion to pilot the regional administrator's
position in Houston; subsequently promoted to manager.


Account Representative / Office Manager, 1982 - 1989

Sold a specialized telephone service as an account representative. Called on hotel managers
and hospital administrators throughout Austin and surrounding counties. Served as a
customer service and office manager with over 100 coin-operated telephones throughout
Houston, Austin, and surrounding counties. Initiated start-up services, scheduled repair
services, resolved problems, and handled all accounts payable and receivable activities. As
office manager, calculated all sales, balanced receipts, balanced and deposited credit card
accounts, handled accounts payable and receivable, and interacted with sales representatives
to purchase products.


Community College

Training: Peer to Peer Communication Managing Within the Law
Developing and Leading Teams New Manager Training
Effective Interviewing

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