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Rob Klamut_ Camp Director


Swimming can improve fitness, swimming can improve the quality of life, swimming, who can exercise the will, swimming can make more friends.

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									                                                                            Stroke Development Camp &

                                                    25th                   Towering Titan Camp Highlights

                                                                          •	 Both	camps	are	offered	simultaneously	during		          	
                                                                          	 week	1. Swimmers may attend more than one
                                                                             week, but must depart camp on
                                                                             Thursday and return on Sunday.

                                                                          • Instruction	and	analysis	in	the	mechanics	of	the	four	
                                                                          	 competitive	strokes,	plus	underwater	travel,	includ-	 	
                                                                          	 ing	starts	and	turns.

                                                                          •	 Familiarization	with	workout	techniques,	flexibility,		 	

                                                                          	 strength	training,	diet	and	nutrition,	injury	                     2009 AWArd WiNNerS from WeeK oNe
                                                                          	 prevention,	and	mental	preparation.

                                                                          •	 College	preparation	seminar	for	high	school	swimmers.            Stroke Development Camp
                                                                                                                                                             (Week 1 only)
                                                                          •	 Nightly	activities	and	24-hour	supervision	provided.
                                                                                                                                         Titan	Stroke	Development	camp	is	designed	for	the	
                                                                          •	 A	trainer	will	be	on	staff	and	local	doctors	are	on	call.   competitive	swimmer	who	wishes	to	improve	stroke	
                                                                                                                                         technique	and	mechanics.	“Fine-tuning”	the	four	
                                                                          •	 Staff	includes	college,	high	school	and	age	group		 	       competitive	strokes,	underwater	travel,	and		starts	and	
                                                                          	 coaches,	along	with	Westminster	Swim	Team	                   turns,	will	be	emphasized.	Swimmers	attending	this	
                                                                          	 members.                                                     camp	should	be	in	good	swimming	shape.

                                                                          •	 Campers will be asked to use a front mounted
                                                                             snorkel for various drills and practice sets.
                                                                             All campers will be given the opportunity to
                                                                                                                                                  Towering Titan Camp
                                                                                                                                                             (Week 1 or 2)
                                                                             purchase a front mounted snorkel at a special
                                                                             discounted camp price prior to arriving at camp.	           Towering	Titan	Camp	is	designed	for	the	serious	
                                                                                                                                         competitive	swimmer	who	wishes	to	participate	in	a	
                                                                                                                                         week-long	training	camp	while	“fine-tuning”	the	four	
                                                june 13-17, 2010                                   Cost                                  competitive	strokes,	underwater	travel,	starts,	and	
                                            Stroke development and
                                           Towering Titan (Ages 10+)      •	   $300	per	resident	camper	for	one	week.		$505	             turns.	Major	emphasis	will	be	placed	on	conditioning	
                                                                               per	resident	camper	for	two	weeks.	A	$75	deposit	         with	at	least	two	water	workouts	per	day.	Considerable	
                                                june 20-24, 2010
New Wilmington, PA 16172-0001

                                                                               is	required	with	registration.	The	balance	is	due	        time	will	also	be	spent	on	technique	and	mechanics.	
                                          Towering Titan (grades 7+)           upon	arrival.	Camp fees CANNoT be returned                SWimmerS ATTeNdiNg ThiS CAmP muST be
                                                                               after may 15 for any reason.                              iN good SWimmiNg ShAPe uPoN ArrivAl AT
                                          june 28-july 1, 2010                                                                           CAmP ANd free of iNjury.		It	is	STroNgly	rec-
                                                   day Camp (Ages 8+)     •	   Commuter (campers who choose not to stay                  ommended	that	swimmers	enrolling	in	this	camp	be	at
Westminster College

                                                                               on campus overnight) rate is $275 per camper              least 12 years of age for	week	1.	The Camp director
                                                                               for one week.	                                            reserves the right to switch campers from Tower-
Titan Swim Camp

                                               Rob Klamut,                •	   The	camp	fee	covers	housing	(for	resident	
                                                                                                                                         ing Titan to Stroke development Camp in week 1.

                                              Camp Director                    campers),	all	meals	at	College	dining	
                                                                               hall,	insurance,	t-shirt	and	work	book,	
                                                                                                                                           WEEK 2 - TOWERING TITAN CAMP ONLY
                                                    724-946-7315               recreational	activities,	and	awards.                       This special Towering Titan Camp week is re-
                                                                                                                                          stricted to swimmers entering grade 7 or higher.
                                                                                                                                          This week is designed for serious competitive
                                                  Westminster College                                                                     swimmers and will contain challenging workouts
                                                  New Wilmington, PA                                                                      along with everything else offered in Towering
                                                                                                       Titan Camp.
          Day Camp Highlights                                                                                                   Westminster College Titan Swim Camp - 2010 Registration Form
•	 Instruction	and	analysis	of	stroke	technique	and	                                                                                                                         Apply early ... enrollment limited
   mechanics.	“Fine-tuning”	the	four	competitive	
   strokes,	under-water	travel,	and		starts	and	turns,	                                                                        one swimmer per form ... forms may be duplicated ... Check more than one box if attending multiple camps
   will	be	emphasized.	                                                                                                           resident for Week one                            resident for Week one                        resident for Week Two
                                                                                                                                  (Stroke Development, June 13-17)                 (Towering Titan, June 13-17)                 (Towering Titan Grades 7+, June 20-24)
•	 Day	campers	must	be	at	least	8	years	old.		                                                                                                                       	                                  			                                                              			
                                                                                                                                  Commuter for Week one                            Commuter for Week one                        Commuter for Week Two
                                                                                                                                  (Stroke Development, June 13-17)                 (Towering Titan, June 13-17)                 (Towering Titan Grades 7+, June 20-24)
•	 Familiarization	with	workout	techniques,	flexibility,		                                                                                                           	                                            			                                                    			
   strength	training,	diet	and	nutrition,	injury	preven-                                                                          day Camp
                                                                                                                                  (June 28-July 1)
   tion,	and	mental	preparation.	                                                                                                                    			
                                                                                                                              Full	Name_______________________________________________________________________________
•	 Camp	runs	from	9	a.m.-4	p.m.,	Monday	to	Thurs-
   day,	and	lunches	are	included.		                                                                                           Preferred	first	name	(please	print)	_____________________________			                           M				or					F			(circle	one)
                                                                                                                              Age	(as	of	1st	day	of	camp)	_____________				                       Grade	(Sept.	2010)	_____________	
•	 A	trainer	will	be	on	staff	and	local	doctors	are	on	call.	   Westminster College Natatorium
                                                                                 "Home of the Titans"
•	 Staff	includes	college,	high	school	and	age	group		                                                                        City____________________________________________	State______________	Zip__________________
   coaches,	along	with	Westminster	swim	team		                  •	   Competitive	pool	-	45	x	75	feet
                                                                •	   Training	well	-	45	x	47	feet                             E-mail	Address	 ____________________________________________
                                                                •	   Moveable	bulkhead	-	pool	can	be	set	for	25	yards,		 	    Daytime	Phone	 (__________)	_________________________________                               Adult	T-shirt	size	(circle one):		
                                                                	    25	meters,	or	40	yards
                                                                •	   Fitness	Center                                           Evening	Phone				 (__________)	_________________________________                            S							M							L							XL
                                                                •	   Underwater	window                                        Cellular	Phone				 (__________)	_________________________________
                          Cost                                  •	   Colorado	Electronic	Timing	System	with	touchpads	
                                                                                                                              Swim	Team	Name	________________________________________________________________________
•	   $175	per	camper.		A	$75	deposit	is	required	with	          	    and	9-line	scoreboard
     registration.	The	balance	is	due	upon		arrival.	           •	   Kiefer-McNeil	Wave	Eater	II	lane	markers                 Roommate	Preference	(one only)	____________________________________________________________
     Camp fees CANNoT be returned after may 15                  •	   Three	Power	Racks	and	four	Vasa	Swim	Trainers                                                           Will be honored only if boTh campers indicate the same choice
     for any reason.                                            •	   Relay	Start	Judging	Platform
                                                                                                                              Additional	information	will	be	mailed	to	campers	upon	acceptance.
•	   The	camp	fee	covers	lunch	at	College	dining	hall,	               Ages & Roommate Requests                                A	$75	deposit	check	must	accompany	this	application.	Make	check	payable	to	Westminster College	and	send	to:	Titan Swim
     insurance,	t-shirt	and	work	book,	and	awards.                                                                            Camp, Westminster College, box 163,	New Wilmington, PA 16172.	Balance	due	upon	arrival.	Camp fees can not be refunded
                                                                •	     All	campers	must	be	at	least	10	years	old	for	         AfTer mAy 15 for any reason.	Westminster	College	or	the	camp	staff	will	not	be	held	responsible	for	lost	or	stolen	valuables.	
                                                                                                                              Credit	cards	cannot	be	accepted.	
                                                                       weeks	1	and	2	(8	years	old	for	Day	Camp).	
                                                                                                                              Registration forms may be duplicated.              OFFICE	USE	ONLY:	Amt.___________Check	No._______	 Date____________	
                                                                •	     Week	2	campers	must	be	at	least	entering	grade	7.
                                                                •	     Roommate	requests	for	resident campers	at-
                                                                       tending	weeks	1	and	2	will	be	honored	if	both	        Camp Director Rob Klamut
                                                                       campers	indicate	the	same	choice	of one room-                             Rob	Klamut	is		aquatics	director	and	men’s	and	women’s	swimming	coach	at	Westminster	Col-
                                                                       mate	on	the	registration	form.                                        lege.	 Klamut	 earned	 PAC	 Women’s	 Swimming	 Coach	 of	 the	Year	 honors,	 marking	 the	 seventh	
                                                                •	     Residence	hall	rooms	will	be	assigned	with	boys	                      time	he	has	either	earned	men’s	or	women’s	PAC	coach	of	year	honors	since	the	Titans	joined	
                                                                                                                                             the	 league	 in	 2003.	 Since	 1985,	 his	Titan	 teams	 have	 compiled	 an	 overall	 dual	 meet	 record	 of	
                                                                       and	girls	securely	separated.
                                                                                                                                             331-134-2,	and	he	coached	three	national	champions,	105	individuals	earning	All-America	or	All-
                                                                •	     Counselors	and	coaching	staff	will	provide	24-                        America	honorable	mention	honors,	81	conference	champions	and	several	scholar-athletes	and	
                                                                       hour	supervision	in	the	residence	hall.                               all-academic	team	members.
                                                                                                                                                 Coach	Klamut	earned	his	B.S.	degree	at	Clarion	University	and	M.Ed.	degree	at	the	University	of	
                                                                                      Location                                               Pittsburgh.	He	has	achieved	a	Level	5	coaching	certification	from	the	American	Swimming	Coaches	
                                                                                                                                             Association	and	holds	American	Red	Cross	instructor	certification	in	WSI,	Lifeguard	Training,	First	
                                                                Westminster	College	is	located	in	New	Wilmington,	                          Aid	and	CPR.
                                                                Pa.	It	is	60	miles	north	of	Pittsburgh,	80	miles	south	of	    Coach	Klamut	can	be	contacted	at	(724)	946-7315	or	by	e-mail	at
                                                                Erie	and	Cleveland,	and	20	miles	east	of	Youngstown.	
                                                                It	is	conveniently	located	near	two	major	Interstate	
                                                                highways		I-79	(North	and	South),	and	I-80	(East	and	
                                                                West),	as	well	as	PA	Route	60	(North	and	South).

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