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Attend Straight Water's Sixth An by fjwuxn


									                                 INSIDE INFORMATION ON BUSINESSES,
                              PRODUCTS & SERVICES IN THE TOPEKA AREA
      For Information About Topeka Today!—Call 785-273-3437 or Email:
 V O L U M E 1 5 • IS S U E 4                    A PR IL /M AY 2010

Draperies by Dorothy—Designing “Wearing Apparel For Windows” Since 1967
   A fixture in Topeka since                                                               for on-site visuals to help you                                     Let the sun shine in...or enjoy the
1967,       Draperies      by                                                              decide what will look the very                                      total privacy afforded by this triple
Dorothy thrives as the                                                                     best. She will also take precise                                   layer window dressing. The pleated
leader in custom-designed                                                                  measurements, which is the basis                                      shade, closest to the window, is
                                                                                                                                                                topped with two operable balloon
“wearing apparel for win-                                                                  of a successful end result. When                                   shades. The beautifully embroidered
dows.” Their skilled artisans                                                              the sewing is finished, their                                         sheer panels coordinate with the
give their all to produce the                                                              skilled installers will deliver the                                  lined, silk-like top fabric. Raise or
best possible addition to                                                                  window treatments to your home                                      lower any or all, according to your
your home or office.                                                                       and hang them, to complete the                                            mood or the time of day.
   Stop by the showroom at                                                                 process to as near perfection as
1215 SW Gage Boulevard,                                                                    possible. (Hint: If business con-
and select your choice of                                                                  tinues to grow as it has, Kay may
fabrics from their thousands                                                               be looking for someone to help
of samples, or receive                                                                     her.)
friendly assistance from the                                                                 April marks Kay’s 20th year as
staff. Sherry Oliver, store                                                                proprietor and designer. Before
manager, has a good eye for                                                                that, Kay’s mother, and the name-
color and style. Having sewn      In this stylish but simple valance, the lines of the     sake of the business—Dorothy
most of her life—35-or-so            pattern motivate the undulation of the shape.         Kaiser—started and continued
years professionally, and for          This fabric, and most all of the fabrics at         the business for 23 years.
multiple decorators—work- Draperies by Dorothy can be counted on for texture,                    “Call us for an in-home
ing with beautiful fabrics                tonal depth and a feeling of warmth.             appointment, or come by and see
comes naturally to her. If you call or      Her patience and perseverance has          the huge variety of fabrics we have
visit the shop, you are almost certain      worked its way into the beauty of          to offer,” invites Kay. “From simple
to enjoy her contagious laugh and           hundreds of window treatments in           to elaborately Victorian...from coun-
upbeat personality.                         Topeka and the surrounding area.           try to ‘Shabby Chic’...we do it all.”
   Sherry continues to sew part-time,       Joyce loves to sew, and it shows.              Visit Draperies by Dorothy at
but you will almost always find                Kay Kindall, owner of Draperies         1215 SW Gage Boulevard, or call 785-
Joyce Abernathy at the shop, sewing.        by Dorothy, will come to your home         272-8170 for more information.

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 Topeka, KS

                                                                   “It seems like only yesterday                                 (and final) YELLOW         very day customers come in to fill


                                                                 we opened our doors—yet,                                        WATER BOTTLE               their bottles. And, it’s available to
                                                                 here it is—our Sixth Anniver-                                   SALE. The classic          everyone 24/7 at our convenient out-
                                                                 sary,” states Sandra Sanders,                                   yellow water bottle is     side Refill Station on the South side of
                                                                 owner of Straight Water, at                                     no longer being man-       our store. We always say, ‘If it’s not
                                                                 10th and Gage. “It’s been a                                     ufactured, so this is      Straight’s not Great
                                                                 great six years, and we say                                     the last of ‘em. All of    Water!’ But don’t take our word for
                                                                 thank you to Topekans for                                       our yellow water bot-      it...come in and try it for yourself!”
                                                                 their encouragement (when no                                    tles will be hanging         Straight Water also offers water cool-
                                                                 one knew what a ‘water store’                                   from our ceiling (sale     ers, porcelain water crocks and stands,
                                                                 was really all about) and their                                 priced at just $6.00)      refillable bottles in all sizes, H2O
                                                                 on-going, loyal support.                                        and inside each yel-       Shower Filter Heads and much more.
                                                                   “Everyone’s invited to join us                                low bottle will be a       Kids of all ages love their GENUINE
                                                                 during our week-long celebra-                                   valuable coupon or         Hawaiian Shave Ice—with a choice of
                                                                 tion! From April 19th through                                   certificate from a                              20 flavors.
                                                                 April 24th, our great-tasting                                   local business! It’s                               Straight Water,
                                                                 ‘purified drinking go’                               great fun to see ‘who                           at 1023 SW Gage
                                                                 will be just 25 cents per gallon!                               wins what’!”                                    Blvd., across the
                                                                 You won’t beat that price any-                                      “It’s been a real                           street from Gage
                                                                 where...and you won’t find better tast-    pleasure, over these past six years, to                              Park, is open 9AM
                                                                 ing water anywhere else either! If you     introduce people to the way water should                             to 6PM Monday
                                                                 don’t have one of our bottles, feel free   taste,” says owner, Glenn Sanders. “To                               through     Friday,
                                                                 to bring your own bottles (BYOB).          achieve our great-tasting purified water,                            and 9AM to 4PM on
                                                                 Whether it’s LINDYSPRING, Culligan,        we use a combination of processes to cre-                            Saturdays. Their
                                                                 PRIMO, MYK bottles—any container           ate a system that meets the highest stan-                            outside refill sta-
                                                                 you have! Just bring them in and fill      dard in water purification. We use reverse                           tion is available
                                                                 them up for only 25 cents per gallon!      osmosis, carbon filtration, ozonation                                24/7. Call them at
                                                                   “We’ll also have drawings for prizes,    and ultraviolet light to produce the                                 785-273-3988.
                                                                 and there will be six winners of ‘100      purest, freshest tasting, bacteria-free        Glenn and Sandra
                                                                                                                                                           Sanders, owners       See their web site:
                                                                 Gallon Club Cards,’ so be sure to reg-     drinking water and ice.
                                                                 ister! And, we’ll be having our fifth         “We process our water right here, the
Page 2   April/May 2010                                                                                                              TOPEKA TODAY!

                                Miracle Method Can Make Countertops, Tubs, And
                                Tile Look “Better Than New” At Tremendous Savings!
                                   Do you have cracked, worn, or out-
                                of-date kitchen countertops? Is your
                                dingy tub or shower a source of
                                embarrassment? Do you hate the
                                color of your kitchen or bathroom
                                tile? These are all areas that many
                                people would like to remodel, but
 Touch of China llc             can’t afford the time or money to do
 Traditional Chinese Massage    so. Renovating can be very costly,
                                not to mention the mess and incon-                       Before                                       After
     • Foot Reflexology         venience it causes.
        • Deep Tissue                                                    tackle almost any surface problem in a    offers a warranty on all refinished
                                    Luckily, there is an easier way!
        • Aromatic Oil                                                   kitchen or bathroom, as well as repair    countertops, bathtubs, wall tile and
                                Call the most trusted name in sur-
                                face restoration, Miracle Method.        small areas in fixtures that are other-   fiberglass for a period of five years
           Massage                                                       wise in good condition without having     against adhesion failure,” adds
   • Traditional Chinese        It’s possible you could save up to
                                75% over replacement costs!              to completely refinish them.              Michael. “With proper care, a refin-
        Massage - very                                                     “Miracle Method can even create the     ished surface will last 15 to 20 years...
         therapeutic...            Miracle Method has been around
                                for 30 years, and Karen and Michael      look of natural stone. Countertops can    and it’s so much easier to clean.
     excellent for treating                                              be transformed with                                When we finish resurfacing
   chronic pain, fibromyalgia   Brumleve have been Miracle
   & more. Like “Hands On”      Method franchise owners and resur-       an affordable, durable                             tile, the grout is clean and
         Acupuncture!           facers for the past six years, serving   and beautiful surface                              smooth, not porous, so it
                                all of NE Kansas.                        in just two-to-three                               resists stains, moisture and
     • Gua Sha - an East                                                 days! Customers can                                mold or mildew growth.
    Asian healing technique        “We can update a kitchen or bath
                                in about 24 hours,” relates Karen.       get those ‘granite’                                   “We urge people to check
                                “People are literally amazed at what     countertops for a                                  out our web site to see
 First massage: One hour        we can do for them. When they see        fraction of the cost.                              examples of what Miracle
     for half hour price        our finished work, they often say, ‘It   Even better, Miracle                               Method can do for them.”
                                looks better than it did when it was     Method’s ‘Natural                                       Call Miracle Method
   Susan and Winnie             new!’                                    Accent’ surfaces can                               today at 785-235-3225.
                                    “Changing colors and repairing       be repaired (unlike                                They’ll be happy to assist
    785-249-9147                damage to porcelain, ceramic tile,       real stone) in the                                 you through what could
  5020 SW 28th St. Suite 16     cultured marble, fiberglass and lam-     event of chips or                                  have been a difficult task.
                                                                                                 Karen & Michael Brumleve,     inate surfaces are all possible with     burns.”                 owners & Jacob Oltmanns, See their web site:
                                our refinishing method. We can               “Miracle Method          son & associate

                                                                          What Can CHANGES Do For You?
                                                                              “CHANGES of Topeka offers
                                                                          solutions for a number of body and
                                                                          cosmetic-related problems,” states
                                                                          owner, Irene Redman. “One of our
                                                                          services is an anti-aging session
                                                                          called Flash Rejuvenation.
                                                                              “The following is a testimony
                                                                          from just one of our satisfied
                                                                          (delighted) clients:
                                                                            “I am, without a doubt, the biggest         “I have a large photo taken with
                                                                          skeptic in the world,” writes Kim.         my family about 15 years ago—and
                                                                          “But I am also ‘getting up there’          the comparison to my face post ses-
                                                                          and I am aging. I have been looking        sion was fabulous. I think I lost that
                                                                          at possible plastic surgery for a          15 years! After two months, the
                                                                          couple of years, including going to        lines around my eyes are still
                                                                          India for a procedure. Never could         gone...the tone is still in my face,
                                                                          bring myself to do it—mostly               and my neck is still much smoother.
                                                                          because I couldn’t convince myself I       Even my skin looks better. Am I
                                                                          wouldn’t look ‘plastic’ when done.         glad I walked in for my free visit!
                                                                              “In December, 2009, I saw the             “The sessions are painless (pain
                                                                          CHANGES sign in downtown Topeka            is not something I tolerate). During
                                                                          about the CHANGES salon and                the first 2-to-3, there is a touch of
                                                                          facial firming/toning system. I was, of    discomfort, but by session five I was
                                                                          course, a skeptic. BUT I took advan-       dozing off. Try it. You’ll like it!”
                                                                          tage of the free session offered. I was          ~~~~~~~~~ Kim - Topeka, KS
                                                                          pretty amazed by the results. My skin
                                                                          looked better, my eye lines were             Find out what CHANGES can do
                                                                          diminished and my saggy neck was           for you. Call 785-233-6600 today!
                                                                          improved. I ‘took the plunge’ and          CHANGES of Topeka—located
                                                                          tried a series of Mircogeoi and            Downtown at 807 S. Kansas Ave-
                                                                          Flash Rejuvenation sessions for my         nue, Suite C, is Topeka’s exclusive
                                                                          face. After just one session, I saw        provider of the CHANGES system.
                                                                          results...but after 10 sessions, my        Gift Certificates are available.
                                                                          face and neck were much better, and             For more information see:
                                                                          the tone in my face was back.       
TOPEKA TODAY!                                                                                                                      April/May 2010          Page 3

Eyewear Unique Has New Owner                                                       Oriental Express Restaurant Has New
    Eyewear Unique is an upscale
optical boutique, located in the
                                                                                   Expanded Menu!
                                                                                       The Oriental Express Rest-
Gage Village Shopping Center. The                                                  aurant, at 5954 SW 29th Street,
new propietor, Eric Enns, wants to                                                 now offers a larger variety of
continue the tradition of quality and                                              dishes than ever before.
service their customers have come                                                      “If anyone has been craving
to trust.                                                                          authentic Thai food, we can now
   “Eyewear Unique has been serv-                                                  satisfy those appetites, with our
ing Topekans since 1975 with                                                       expanded Lunch Menu,” says A sampling of
exclusive lines of designer frames,                                                restaurant    manager,      Moon.      just some of
and we plan to continue to stay a                                                  “Along with our selection of        Oriental Express’s
step ahead of others in eyewear                                                    Chinese, Japanese and Korean          delicious new
fashion,” shares Amber Tritt, store                                                food, we are now serving Pad          menu offerings
manager. “We provide in-house pre-          Amber Tritt, Eyewear Unique            Thai, Drunken Noodles, Red Curry
scription lens fulfillment and offer              store manager                                                               “Our restau-
                                                                                   and Yellow Curry—all with the cus-       rant is open
many styles and lines of prescription,    people in finding ‘that perfect          tomer’s choice of Chicken, Beef or
                                          frame’ they will love.                                                            daily from 11AM to 9PM. Our huge
reading and sunglass frames that are                                               Shrimp! We have other new specials       menu offers so much variety there’s
not available anywhere else in               “Color is really prominent right      as well, such as Green Bean Chick-       something for everyone, which
Topeka. Brands that are exclusive to      now in frames, and the current trend     en or Shrimp. Our lunch menu fea-        makes us a great place to bring the
our store include Face a Face,            is toward the vintage/retro look.        tures new simplified pricing, too:       whole family.
Robert Marc, Etnia, Barcelona and         Classic round frames are back as         Chicken dishes are $5.59, Beef             “Stop in and try something special
l.a. Eyeworks. Plus, we carry other       well as the ‘Jackie O’ look and          dishes are $5.79 and Shrimp and          from our very popular Sushi Bar,
popular favorites such as Ray Ban         ‘Aviator’ frames for men.                Triple offerings are $5.99.              and pick up one of our ‘Take Out’
and Oakley.                                 “We invite our loyal customers, as         “Our lunch specials are served       menus, which also lists our many
   “We handle the style and type of       well as those who haven’t visited us     from 11AM to 3PM Monday through          Catering options. We cater with
eyewear people would expect to            before, to stop in soon! Right now       Saturday, and we believe they’re the     Party Tray appetizers, Sushi, and a
find only in upscale boutiques in         we’re having a large inventory           best in Topeka. They come with           very nice variety of our Korean,
cities such as New York or L.A. We        clearance, so we have some great         fried or steamed rice and an egg roll    Japanese and Chinese entrées.”
specialize in high quality merchan-       bargains to offer!”                      or crab rangoon—plus a choice of           You can also call ahead and pick up
dise...most of our designer frames          Eyewear Unique is located at 4008      Egg Drop, Hot & Sour or Wonton           dinner on the way home from work.
are made of pure Titanium, sterling       SW Huntoon, in the Gage Village          soup! That’s a lot of delicious food     The Oriental Express Restaurant,
silver and cotton-based plastic.          shopping center. Please call for store   at a very economical price! (Be sure     at 5954 SW 29th Street, offers dine-
    “Our goal is to help customers        hours: 785-271-7356.                     to ask for a Frequent Customer           in, carry-out, delivery and drive-
look their best with face-flattering      See their web site:                      Lunch Card, so you can earn a            through service. Call 785-271-
frames, and we’re happy to assist             FREE lunch!)                             2308.

Balloon Kyphoplasty Brings New Hope To Patients With Spinal Fractures
   If you are over 50 or have osteo-                                               results. (There are five doctors in our    prevent further collapse. The
porosis, it’s important that you don’t                                             area who now offer this procedure.)        cement forms an internal cast that
ignore your back pain. It may be a                                                 It can be performed on the thoracic        holds the vertebra in place. (C)
signal that you have a spinal frac-                                                and lumbar spine...and I can truly           “We have performed thousands of
ture. Each year, over 700,000 spinal                                    A          say, it’s one of the most rewarding        these procedures and the complica-
fractures, also known as vertebral                                                 things I do, because I can see imme-       tion rate is extremely low. The
compression fractures, occur. See                                                  diate benefits for the patient.            potential benefits of the procedure
your doctor to find out!                                                              “Balloon kyphoplasty is a mini-         are amazing. Balloon kyphoplasty
   According to the National Osteo-                                                mally invasive treatment, which can        has been shown to restore vertebral
porosis Foundation, “One of the                                                    be done under local or general anes-       body height and correct spinal
most common places for people to                      B                            thesia. Typically, the procedure takes     deformity. Patients report a signifi-
experience an osteoporosis-related                                                 less than one hour per fracture treat-     cant reduction of back pain and
fracture is in the spine. Unfortunate-                                             ed, and we can treat multiple frac-        improvement in mobility and
ly about two-thirds of these fractures                                             tures in one session. Generally, a         the quality of daily life.”
often go unrecognized and untreat-                                                 patient can be home and walking               Ask your primary care physician
ed.” It is reported that one in two                                                without pain in 24-to-48 hours.            today if you might be a candidate
women and one in four men over age                                                     “During the KYPHON® Balloon            for the balloon kyphoplasty proce-
50 will have an osteoporosis-related                                               Kyphoplasty procedure, orthopaedic         dure. Spine specialists actively
fracture in her/his remaining lifetime.                                            balloons are used to gently elevate the    offering KYPHON® Balloon Ky-
Left untreated, one compression frac-                                    C         fractured vertebra. With a hollow          phoplasty in our area include:
ture can lead to multiple fractures                                                instrument, we create a small path-        • Stormont-Vail Health Care—
that, in turn, could alter the shape of                                            way into the fractured bone (See A),       Tim Allen, MD - 785-234-3451
your spine, result in height loss and                                              and guide a small, orthopaedic bal-        and Michael Smith, MD - 785-357-
adversely affect your overall health.        “Chronic back pain, loss of height,   loon through the instrument into the       0301. • St. Francis Hospital and
    The good news is that Vertebral        diminished appetite and difficulty      vertebra. (The incision site is approx-    Medical Center—Ken Gimple,
Compression Fractures (VCFs) can           sleeping have also been associated      imately 1 cm in length.) Next, the bal-    MD - 785-233-7491 and Michael
be repaired if diagnosed!                  with this disorder. Plus, over time,    loon is carefully inflated in an attempt   Smith, MD - 785-357-0301.
   “In the past, traditional treatment     patients with VCFs are at increased     to raise the collapsed vertebra and        • Mercy Health Center of Man-
for a VCF was limited to bed rest,         risk of suffering from serious or       return it to its normal position. (B)      hattan—James McAtee, MD - 785-
bracing and management of pain,            even fatal pulmonary complications.     Once the vertebra is in the correct        537-4200. • Lawrence Memorial
often with narcotics,” reports Dr.           “I became interested in the Balloon   position, the balloon is deflated and      Hospital—Michael Lange, MD -
Tim Allen, MD. “Although appropri-         Kyphoplasty procedure in the late       removed, which creates a void (cavi-       785-505-3710.
ate in some cases, this type of treat-     1990’s. After extensive training, I     ty) within the vertebral body. The            For more information on balloon
ment did not address the deformity         began utilizing the treatment on        cavity is filled with a special cement     kyphoplasty call 877-459-7466 or
that can occur with multiple fractures.    patients and have seen incredible       to support the surrounding bone and        visit:
Page 4     April/May 2010                                                                                                                   TOPEKA TODAY!

                                                                                 Design Forum Ready For Spring
                                                                                                                                  add some great accent pieces to
                                                                                                                                  make their homes spectacular.
                                                                                                                                     “We also specialize in up-dat-
                          2709 SW 29th • Suite 102 • 785-273-5373                                                                 ing and furnishing offices.
                                                                                                                                  We’ve just received a shipment
                                                                                                                                  of new ‘Generation’ office chairs
                                                                                                                                  from Knoll. They have wonder-
                                                                                                                                  fully flexible backs, designed for
                                                                                                                                  comfort. Call us and ask to try
                                                                                                                                  out one of these chairs.
                                                                                                                                      “We carry over 30 lines of
                                                                                                                                  furniture, and can arrange for
                                                                                                                                  custom reupholstery and win-
                                                                                         Invite spring into your home with        dow treatments, as well as bed-
                                                                                      flowers and cheerful splashes of color      spreads, coverlets, canopies,
                                                                                                                                 headboards and shower cur-
                                                                                   “I can’t remember when we’ve all          tains. Our accessories include fine
                                                                                 been more ready for spring, than
                                                                                                                             art, graphics, lamps and unique
                                                                                 after this cold, dreary winter,” says
                                                                                 Jane Hibbs, owner of Design Forum           items to provide those perfect fin-
                                                                                 at 2909 SW 29th. “We’ve filled our          ishing touches to a home.”
                                                                                 showroom with lots of containers of            Design Forum also offers “Senior
                                                                                 beautiful realistic silk spring flowers     Transition Services.” They’ll help
                                                                                 to lift people’s spirits.                   coordinate a move, arrange the new
                                                                                       “This month is the Furniture          living space, and provide such items
                                                                                 Market in North Carolina, so this is        as smaller-scale furniture, storage
    Highly individualized neurofeedback brain training.                          a good time to place furniture              solutions, lighting and more.
                                                                                 orders. We will have new fabrics, fur-        Stop by Design Forum, in Brook-
   Improve Concentration, Reading, Planning, Social Skills,                      niture, and gorgeous accessories from       wood Center to discover “what’s
    Stress Management, Emotional Stability, Resilience.                          market arriving soon in our show-           new” for spring—and be sure to see
                                                                                 room.                                       their “Springtime Breakfast” setting
                                                “One of the services we offer is        at Sumptuous Settings (benefiting
                                                                                 helping clients re-arrange their furni-     Meals on Wheels)...April 30th thru
                                                                                                                             May 2nd. Call 785-273-1421 for
       Call 785-273-5373 for an appointment                                      ture and making design suggestions.
                                                                                 Our forté is in showing people how to       help in designing, remodeling and/or
                                                                                 take the best of what they have and         accessorizing your home or office.

Boss Hawg’s Debuts New Chef, New Menu                                             hand-battered chicken fingers.
                                                                                  Spinach salad with candied wal-
                                                                                                                             out and touch every single day
                                                                                                                             using Facebook, and even more
   Ben Webb, formerly Chef                                                                    nuts, mandarin oranges         exciting, how many of our guests
of Three Fires Steakhouse at                                                                  and bleu cheese crum-          were eager to sign up as ‘fans’ of
Prairie Band Casino, has join-                                                                bles. Giant group plat-        Boss Hawg’s. To date, we have over
ed the management team at                                                                     ters of smoky bar-             1,500 Facebook Fans, more than
Boss Hawg’s Barbeque &                                                                        beque deliciousness            any other independent restaurant or
Catering Co. He joins Gen-                                                                    that serve two-to-three        bar in Topeka.
eral Manager Luke Franzen,                                                                    or four-to-six for a              “So if you’ve already discovered
with five years’ tenure at Boss                                                               very special price.            what a robust contact management
Hawg’s, previously with                                                                         “It’s an exciting new        tool Facebook is, please become a
Topeka Country Club, and                                                                      menu and a great new           fan of Boss Hawg’s and Pigskin’s. If
Bar Manager Mike Ray, pre-                                                                    chef, and and we’re            you’re not yet using Facebook, go
viously in management with                                                                    excited to welcome all
Target.                                                                                                                      on and give it a try. You’ll enjoy how
                                                                                              of Topeka to sample            easy it makes it to stay in touch with
    Chef Webb has extensive                                                                   our new menu items
experience in culinary pur-                                                                                                  your friends and family, and you’ll
                                                                                              or snuggle into the            love getting ‘Facebook Only’ free
suits, including fine dining,                                                                 comfort of our old
family dining, grilling,                                                                                                     offers and deep discounts from Boss
                                                                                              stand-by favorites,”           Hawg’s and Pigskin’s! All you have
smoked foods and barbeque.                                                                    says Elizabeth.
Prior to his position as Chef at                                                                                             to do is become a fan.
Three Fires Steakhouse, he Boss Hawg’s managers (L-R) Luke Franzen, General Mgr.;                    Facebook                    “I know...I didn’t want to do it
                                   Michael Ray, Bar Mgr. and Ben Webb, Executive Chef            From Elizabeth:             either. But once I did, I realized
worked for the well-known
five-star five-diamond Andre’s at the    Hawg’s passion for “from scratch”         “I know, I know...I didn’t want to        everything I’d been missing. But I’m
Lake in Missouri.                        cooking and fresher ingredients than   learn any new computer stuff either.         not going to Tweet or Twitter. I’ve
    Boss Hawg’s new menu hasn’t          chain restaurants use, Chef Webb       I figured I’d come this far in life          lived this long without needing to
changed any old favorites, or the        and Elizabeth have been working        without knowing Facebook, so why             Tweet or Twitter. I’m not going
grand dames of their menu—baby           together to create some great new      did I need to start now? Finding out         there. See y’all on Facebook!”
ribs and burnt ends. Baked beans         offerings for hungry Topekans.         Boss Hawg’s guests could corre-                      ~~~~~~ Elizabeth Lumpkin
haven’t been bothered, French fries        What is new? Freshly battered fried  spond with me directly about their
haven’t been fiddled with. “The fine     trout on Fridays. Cinnamon Honey       Boss Hawg’s experiences, their                    Boss Hawg’s Barbeque and
old favorites will always be the core    Butter for the cornbread, Prairie Fire favorite menu items, things they             Catering Co. is located on the ter-
of our menu and our business,”           dipping sauce for French fries or any  wish we’d offer, and other guest             race at the Brookwood Shopping
promises Elizabeth Lumpkin, Boss         fried item. Housemade pecan pie &      issues persuaded me that maybe               Center on 29th Street—convenient
Hawg’s owner.                            ice cream. Housemade strawberry        Facebook was worth looking into.             to all parts of Topeka. Call 785-
   Sometimes, however, it’s exciting     rhubarb pie & ice cream. Smoked           “I was personally amazed at how           273-7300 for more information, or
to try new things...and taking Boss      jalapeno sausage. Home-made            many of our guests we could reach            for catering service.
TOPEKA TODAY!                                                                                                                         April/May 2010           Page 5

Wild Bird House Has Great Gifts                                                                                 Spring — A Time To
      The Wild Bird House in
Brookwood Center has a dazzling                                                                                   Refresh And Renew!
new selection of merchandise                                                                                                      “We also have lots of wonderful
including great gifts for Mother’s                                                                                             gift items for all the up-coming
Day, or any spring occasion!                                                                                                   spring events...Mother’s Day, bridal
  “Come and see our charming new                                                      2841 SW 29th • Brookwood Center          showers, graduations and birthdays.
line of Marjolein Bastin designs                                                                                               Our huge CRABTREE & EVELYN®
called Nature’s Journey,” invites                                                       “Nothing seems to lift our spirits
                                                                                      more than the freshness of the out-      selection offers a fragrance for every
Melody Weller co-owner, along                                                                                                  personality...over 20 luscious scents
with husband, Todd. “The collec-                                                      doors in spring,” says Melanie
                                                                                      Kline, owner of The Linen Tree           to choose from, each with its own
tion includes plates, candles, fig-                                                                                            collection of delightful products. We
urines, towels, mugs and flags!                                                       in Brookwood Center.
                                                                                         “Spring also starts us thinking       also have candles, beautiful fra-
Give a gift of relaxation, with the “Get Fired Up” with new “Napa Firelites”                                                   grance diffusers, unusual soaps,
soothing sound of rippling water            “Our cute metal ‘bouncies’ of             of how we can freshen up our
                                                                                      homes on the inside. Starting with       kitchen items, and so much more.”
from one of our fun Tabletop           Bluebirds, Cardinals, Ladybugs                                                             Let Melanie or her staff help you
Fountains...ideal for the kitchen,     Bees and Angels make great gifts,              a bathroom is a natural, because
                                                                                      the room is small, and with just a       choose a variety of little “goodies”
bathroom, or at the office.            too. And—we have a great selec-                                                         and create a one-of-a-kind personal
     “Our new Napa Firelites (see      tion of books for everyone in our              few key items the change can real-
                                                                                      ly be dramatic. We offer personal        gift basket in any price range.
photo) use a green, pourable gel fuel  new expanded book section. Get                                                            The Linen Tree is open: Mon.-Fri.
that crackles. It’s recycled, odorless kids excited about birds with one of           service and are delighted to help
                                                                                      our customers with color coordi-         10 to 6; Thurs. 10 to 8; Sat. 10 to 5 &
and clean burning, so there are no     our new children’s books!                                                               Sun. 1 to 5. Gift Certificates and gift
hazardous fumes...making it safe for      “We also have all kinds of new              nating to create a great new look.
                                                                                      Our bathroom selections range            wrap services are available. Call
indoor use. KITRA’S Art Glass is       birdbaths...cement, clay, copper...                                                     785-272-9344 for more informa-
another exciting new gift line...each  even some with solar fountains,                from linens to shower curtains...
                                                                                      soap dishes to towel bars...and          tion. See more on the web site:
piece is one-of-a-kind and unlike any  plus new ceramic and cement foun-                                             
hand blown glass you’ve ever seen.     tains, and water wigglers, drippers            everything in between!
   “Looking for something unique,      or bubblers that are solar or electric.
handmade? We have wonderful              “Spring migration is underway, so                  a a Shower                  Curtain Sale! a a
Chickadee feeders and Wren/Chick-      visit us for innovative and enticing
adee houses from Anthony Stone-
ware. Made in the USA, each is
                                       bird houses and feeders to capture
                                       the attention of Purple Martins,
                                                                                            20% Off All Shower Curtains
                                       Orioles and Hummingbirds.”                                           (In-stock or Special Order)
handcrafted on the potter’s wheel
and fired to 2,400o to create a very      The Wild Bird House is at 29th                           Over 70 Designs to Choose From!
durable product that will not fade or  and Oakley in Brookwood Center.                                          Expires April 30th, 2010
decay, and will become an heirloom.    Call them at 785-273-5500.

You’ll Find Your New Spring Wardrobe                                                  Trade In Your Games, DVD’s And CD’s
For Less At Prairie Trading Company                                                      “By now, most people
                                                                                      have had plenty of time
   “This year’s selection                                   desire here, at a frac-
of spring and summer                                        tion of the cost of       to play their Christmas
fashions is the best                                        new. Our consignors       gift video games over
ever,” says Stephanie                                       come from over 93         and over—so, it’s time to
Stromgren, owner of                                         cities and 19 states—     trade them in,” says Erik
Prairie Trading Com-                                        which is why we           Geis, Manager of Game
pany in Brookwood                                           have such a fabulous      Central in Brookwood
Center. “We have shorts,                                    and unique invento-       Center. “We are currently
skirts, dresses, pants,                                     ry. Some of the           paying top dollar for
capris, shirts, shoes,                                      exceptional brands        used video games, music CD’s and           always have a large selection to
scarves...just about any-                                   we carry include Ann      movies.                                    choose from!
thing needed to create                                      Taylor, BCBG, Tom           “We also have lots of accessories to       “All of our discs are inspected for
spectacular wardrobes.                                      K. Nguyen, Chico’s        go with those new consoles people          scratches and cleaned and re-paired.
Typically, there are ap-                                    and Talbots. We also      received at Christmas. We probably         When we place them on the shelf,
proximately 6,000 items                                     have some great           have any accessory needed in-stock         they are like new and guaranteed for
in our store, with a turnover of          Cabi items, which are new ‘Rep              right now. We’re the ‘one stop shop’       30 days. It’s better and safer to buy
around 200 items each day!                samples,’ priced at about 75% off of        for everything from Wii remotes to         from us rather than take a chance on
  “We have lots of great accessories,     retail.                                     Dual Shock 3 controllers.                  purchasing used games on the inter-
too. Right now, we’re featuring               “Our ‘back room’ consignment               “Our trade-in business is thriving,     net. And, we can also resurface
some fun, new jewelry for                 furniture just continues to grow in         so our shelves are stocked full of         scratched discs for the lowest price in
spring...large and colorful ‘chunky’      popularity, and our turnover is so          DVD and VHS movies, music and              town - only $2.99.
pieces...multiple strand crystals...      fast—we’re always looking for peo-          video games, including Playstation 3         “Our knowledgeable, professional
real statement pieces! Plus, we con-      ple who want to consign furniture           and XBox 360. We also have a lot of        staff has more than 10 years of
sistently have new jewelry from           and decorative accessories. (If you         retro games like Nintendo 64, Super        experience. We understand what our
local artists, as well as terrific buys   want your furniture to disappear—           Nintendo and Original Nintendo.            customers want and we can speak
on sterling silver designs. And,          bring it here!) Also new to the store         “Our customers have been spread-         the gamers’ language—but we are
we’ve received a new shipment of          this spring is our collection of beau-      ing the word that we have the low-         also happy to help anyone select the
our fashionable designer-inspired         tiful silk floral arrangements from a       est prices in town. Our advantage is       right gifts. Feel free to call us with
sunglasses—priced at just $10.95.         local designer.”                            that we are locally owned and our          questions or come in and see us for
   “As one of the Midwest’s top con-         Shop Prairie Trading Company             prices are not controlled by an out-       those Game, DVD and CD needs.”
signment and re-sale boutiques we         at 2900 SW Oakley in Brookwood              of-town corporation. We’re able to             Game Central in Brookwood
have clientele from all over the coun-    Center. Consignments are taken by           keep our prices low so we can clear        Shopping Center has new games,
try, because fashion-savvy shoppers       appointment. Call 785-228-9188.             out this merchandise to make room          movies, and music arriving every
know they can find the ‘look’ they        See also:             for new items arriving daily. We           day. Call 785-215-8938.
Page 6      April/May 2010                                                                                                                    TOPEKA TODAY!

Hair Secrets Introduces Innovative                                                    Summer Martial Arts Classes Forming
                New Wig Products                                                        Enrollment is now under-
                                                                                      way for new Summer
                                          self confidence and self-esteem for         classes, including new
                                          anyone who has thinning hair due to         morning hours for youth,
                                          chemo, heredity or illness. We have         at Midwest Martial Arts,
                                          wigs in stock in every style and
                                                                                      in Fairlawn Plaza Mall. Set
                                          color imaginable, and we can help a
                                                                                      up an appointment for a
                                          client find the ‘look’ that is perfect
                                          for them.                                   free trial class—trials for
                                             “We also have the innovative new         ages four through nine are
                                          wig liner called Headline It!, which        held on Saturdays at Noon.
                                          won first place on ‘America’s Best          Ages ten-teen are at 1:15PM.             was the only Martial Arts program
                                          Inventors!’ I’ve spoken personally to         In the 20 minute trial class, a par-   we were aware of,” say Anna. “Our
                                          the inventor, Jodi Pliszka, who origi-      ent or guardian can meet Master          daughter Kylee (6 years old) has
                                          nally designed the liner for herself.       Moore, learn about his teaching          been taking classes for about a
                                          She’d worn a wig for 20 years, and          methods, and watch their child           year. She has learned to focus and
                                          hated the perspiration she experi-          interact with other students. After      has become more coordinated and
                                          enced during excercise or warm              class they have the opportunity to       self confident...and she loves tak-
   “As part of a creative, ever-chang-    weather. Headline it! is a thin, dispos-    sign their child up for three more       ing classes with her new friends.”
ing industry, we strive to stand out      able liner that fits into any wig, hat or   classes for $35, which includes a         Summer Classes Start June 1st:
from other salons by being the first to   helmet. Made from high tech fibers, it      FREE uniform.                            • Morning Cardio Kick Boxing
offer cutting edge, innovative new        ‘wicks away’ perspiration, traps oils           Parents and students have been       classes are at 9AM on Mondays,
products,” relates Marilyn Rowland,       and reduces odor, helping to increase       thrilled with the results obtained       Wednesdays and Fridays.
owner of Hair Secrets in Fairlawn         hygiene and comfort.”                       from Martial Arts classes. Six year      • Morning Martial Arts classes are
Plaza. “We are very proud to intro-            Hair Secrets, inside Fairlawn          old Quincey Kidd has been taking         held on Mondays, Wednesdays and
duce the exciting new ‘invisible hair-    Plaza Mall, is a full-service hair          classes for about a year. “We heard      Fridays—for youth at 10AM, and
line’ SmartlaceTM wigs. They’re           salon. Kim Johansen, salon manag-           good things about Master Moore           for adults at 11AM.
super-stylish and unbelievably realis-    er, has been a licensed hair stylist        and he was one of my coaches when            Saturday Morning Classes:
tic. Each individual hair is hand-tied    since 1987, and is a colorist and           I was a kid,” says Dad, Eddie. “It       • Cardio Kick-Boxing (adults) - 8AM
to the lace, creating the illusion that   color correction expert. Kim can            has been very beneficial. Quincey        • Youth Classes - 9AM and 10AM
the hair is growing directly from the     also trim and shape wigs if needed.         has gained respect, confidence and               Evening Classes:
hairline. The Smartlace wig shown         Call 785-272-3600 for an appoint-           discipline at home and at school He      • For youth at 4PM Mon. thru Fri.
above is our ‘Hillary’ design. (You       ment. Email Marilyn at mrow-                has also made new friends and            • For adults - 8PM Tue. & Thurs.
have to see these wigs to appreciate See them              looks forward to attending classes.”        Call Ronnie Moore at Midwest
how natural they look!)                   under *Health & Beauty on the web              Anna Risinger agrees. “We were        Martial Arts, Inc. in Fairlawn
   “Wigs can do wonders in boosting       site:                lucky since Midwest Martial Arts         Plaza Mall—785-228-3804.

Feel The Heat! Meet At Gage Bowls For Summer Bowling Fun & Excitement!
   Summer is always a great time to                                                           “League bowling is a             night out, giving bowlers a chance
feel the heat at Gage Bowls. Right                                                        great opportunity for a              to make new friends, compete on an
now, the “heat is on” to sign up for                                                      group of people to get               equal basis, and be assured that they
fun with the Frequent Bowler’s Club                                                       together for fun and bowl-           will have lanes to bowl on each
Card. It’s as easy as one-two-three!                                                      ing on a competitive                 week at a time that’s suitable to their
#1 Fill out a Frequent Bowler’s                                                           basis,” says Rex. “League            own personal schedule. To put it
Club membership form at either                                                            bowlers consist of people of         simply, in relationship to any other
Gage Bowl Location.                                                                       all age groups, from all             competitive athletic event, league
#2 Pay just $19.99 plus tax for your                                                      walks of life and at all levels      bowling is the best buy in town.”
2010 Summer Frequent Bowler                                                               of athletic skills. League             Rex and Kathi invite you to experi-
Card...and you can use it immediate-                                                      bowling becomes a more               ence the fun of one of their summer
ly for the games you bowl from April                                                      equal form of competition            bowling leagues and receive all the
1st through September 6th, 2010!                                                          because of its handicap sys-         great benefits of league bowlers. You
The sooner you sign up, the more                                                          tem. An inexperienced                can even sign up on their web site.
you save.                                                                                 bowler can compete with a              Gage Bowls have been your locally
#3 Pay just $1.29 per game (plus tax)                                                     bowler of more experience            owned “Hometown Family Bowling
during the valid dates—for yourself                                                       and skill and still have a           Centers” in Topeka for 50 years,
and everyone who bowls with you.           Rex and Kathi Haney, Gage Bowls owners         chance to win.                       offering team and open bowling and
Cards are not transferable and the                                                           “Leagues can consist of           their own, unique “Cyber-Bowl.”
card-holder must be present when           variety to choose from...something    all men, all women, or a combina-             The Gage Bowl Bar & Grill features
the card is used. (Rental shoes are        for all ages. League bowlers receive  tion. League bowlers can sign up              a full breakfast menu, soups, salads,
not included.)                             computerized league recordkeeping     individually...with a friend...or with        snacks, sandwiches and a full line of
    “Frequent bowlers can bowl as          services and a 20% discount off       an entire team. League teams meet             beverages and bar drinks. Each
often as they want with as many            retail priced equipment at the pro-   on a regular basis, normally once a           facility offers many options for your
guests as they choose to bring,” says      shop. Plus, trophies or awards are    week, to compete against each                 entertainment needs.
Rex Haney, owner. “We invite               provided for each league.             other. Each league is different and
everyone to join in on the fun...come          This year, each summer league     has its own unique ‘personality.’                For full information on summer
inside where it’s cool and enjoy the       bowler receives a Free Frequent       Some are very competitive with                leagues visit or call Gage Center
great family sport of bowling.             Bowler’s Club Card and a chance to    large prize funds, while others are           Bowl at 4200 SW Huntoon—785-
     “Gage Bowls are Now Smoke             Spin To Win. All Summer Leagues       purely social with little or no prize         272-1881, or Gage Bowl North at
Free! So, bring the family and friends     get one colored pin per lane during   fund. The common denominator                  200 East Highway 24—785-234-
to bowl with us in our smoke-free          league play. If a bowler gets a col-  among them all, however, is that              5506. You may also email them at:
atmosphere every day of the week.”         ored head pin and gets a strike, they they’ve all joined a league for the  Check
   Summer leagues are now forming          win a chance to spin the prize wheel  pure fun of bowling.                          out their web site at:
at Gage Bowl, and there’s a wide           for cash, prizes and surprises.         “League bowling is an inexpensive 
TOPEKA TODAY!                                                                                                                    April/May 2010           Page 7

                                                            Cemetery periodi-
                                                            cally offers special
                                                                                    Elite Private Care Will Help With
                                                            incentives on pre-      Spring Cleaning
                                                            planned arrange-               “Our focus is providing
                                                            ments. Currently,       ‘Quality Care’...the comforting,
                                                            they are offering       personal, one-on-one care that
                                                            up to a 25%             adds to each client’s quality of
                                                            reduction in costs      life and also provides a reassuring
                                                            when      reserving     presence to those in need,” says
                                                            mausoleum space.        Rhonda May of Elite Private
                                                            They want to en-        Care.
                                                            courage you and            “Our goal is to help clients stay
                                                            your family to look     independent by assisting them
       Plan Ahead And Save!                toward the future with confidence.       with the simple tasks of daily liv-
  You provide for your family’s wel-       It’s an opportunity to arrange an        ing. This includes helping with           Rhonda, Arlene & Barbara
fare. You make sure all the essen-         above ground, out of the elements,       spring cleaning. It’s that time of      ‘as-needed’ basis saves our clients a
tials are covered...except for maybe       climate-controlled space for less        year when everyone gets the urge to     lot of money.
the one thing nobody likes to think        than the cost of ground burial.          ‘weed out’ and freshen things up.         “Elite Private Care assists families
about, much less plan for.                    “We’ve been assisting families for    We can assist clients in cleaning out   in Topeka, Lawrence and surround-
  “History shows that cemetery space       over 100 years,” shares Lee. “We         their closets, sorting their winter     ing counties. We can provide tem-
and funeral arrangement costs will         encourage folks to come in, meet with    and summer clothes or even prepar-      porary or permanent home care for
only continue to increase,” says Lee       one of our helpful family-service        ing for garage sales. We also do        anyone including disabled children
Benson, General Manager of Mount           counselors and make arrangements in      estate cleaning.                        or adults and seniors...whether in
Hope Cemetery and Mausoleum.               advance. Decide how much to spend            “We offer a variety of services     their home, in care facilities or dur-
“Most families find it hard to deal        and lock in today’s prices...and         such as preparing a home-cooked         ing hospital stays. We also work in
with the decisions and costs that a        we’ll be here when we’re needed.”        meal or providing transportation to     conjunction with all area hospices.”
death forces on them at a time when           Don’t put off making the decision     doctor appointments, church ser-           Make life easier. Contact Arlene
they are the least emotionally pre-        any longer. Right now you can save       vices, sporting events, graduations,    Pratt at 785-806-8119 or Rhonda
pared. Prearrangement allows ex-           up to 25% when you reserve a mau-        weddings (etc.). Also, if someone       May at 785-806-9873—for one
penses to be met at today’s cost,          soleum space for yourself or a fam-      needs companion care during hospi-      hour or 24 hour service. Knowing
through current income and budgeted        ily member. Stop by Mount Hope           tal stays or while in nursing homes,    that emergencies can occur at any
time payments. Families who wait           Cemetery and Mausoleum today,            we’re available.                        time, Elite Private Care phones are
until the time of need are required to     at 17th and Fairlawn, for pre-              “We provide all of these services    answered 24/7.
pay the entire amount up-front.”           arrangement details—or call 785-         with no minimum requirements.               Elite Private Care is currently
   There are many benefits to plan-        272-1122. For further information        That means we’re available for one      seeking additional experienced
ning ahead for yourself and loved          you may also check their website at:     hour a day—or twenty-four hours a       caregivers in the Topeka and
ones. To assist you, Mount Hope                    day. Being able to count on us on an    Lawrence areas.

Dr. Rick Tague’s Patient “Amazed” She Could Actually Lose Weight!
     The Center for Nutrition and            “When I finally started my program I never felt deprived.     pounds and men lost up to 77.3
Preventive Medicine (CFN) was              with Dr. Tague, I weighed in at 304.5        “Then, I was AMAZED that I          pounds in just 12 weeks. The aver-
founded by bariatric physician Rick        pounds. What shocked me most was         could actually lose weight! The         age 12 week loss was an amazing 43
Tague, MD, MPH in 1996. Dr. Tague          my body composition analysis...I         pounds began to drop off and my         pounds!
has assisted thousands in their pursuit    learned that my body was 49.7% fat!      family and friends cheered me on.          “With medical nutrition clinics in
of optimal weight and metabolic               “Dr. Tague listened to me, and he     So far I’ve lost 97 pounds with Dr.     Leawood and Topeka, I have per-
health. “Unfortunately, too many peo-                                                    Tague, and gone from a size 3X     sonally supervised the weight loss
ple give up on weight loss after using                                                   to a normal size 16!               of over 5,000 patients who have lost
ineffective fad diets and group meet-                                                        “I feel wonderful—and can      over 150,000 pounds. We use mod-
ings,” reports Dr. Tague. “Proven                                                        hardly believe the difference in   ern treatment methods based on the
medical strategies that manage over-                                                     my energy level. Recently, on a    latest research findings of bariatric
weight tendencies at their biochemical                                                   scavenger hunt with our youth      medicine. Our systematic approach
source are giving remarkable results                                                     group, my pedometer showed         is designed to maximize metabolism
for scores of people seeking signifi-                                                    we’d walked six miles. The         and weight loss, and provide the
cant weight loss and enhanced metab-                                                     kids were panting and I was        individual support each patient
olism. Traci’s story is one of many                                                      still rarin’ to go!                needs to achieve success. Patient
success stories we see every week at                                                       “I look on my weight loss pro-   benefits from this approach have
the Center for Nutrition.”                                                               gram as a ‘health invest-          been life changing.”
   “I watched several friends experi-                                                    ment’...take the weight off now,       Imagine improving your health,
ence substantial weight loss while                                                       or, pay for it later with real     boosting your self esteem and find-
going to the Center For Nutrition,                                                       health problems. I would rec-      ing increased energy and stamina!
and that encouraged and inspired                Before                     After         ommend Dr. Tague’s program to      Call the Center For Nutrition and
me,” relates Traci Carson. “Also, I’d                                           has truly given me a   mention reading this article to
been thinking about my Dad who             was encouraging in telling me he rec-    chance to have a healthy life!”         receive a free 40-minute consulta-
had recently died (too young) from         ognized I was a very disciplined per-      “Over the last 14 years I’ve devel-   tion and computerized body compo-
congestive heart failure. He’d also        son. He told me my lab work showed       oped a wellness system I call my        sition analysis, along with further
been overweight most of his life. I        that I had metabolic syndrome, and ex-   ‘Optimum Weight Loss Program,’ ”        educational materials written by Dr.
thought if I got my weight under           plained what needed to be done to        relates Dr. Tague. “Now available at    Tague.
control, maybe I wouldn’t have to          overcome the problem.                    the Center For Nutrition, it’s             Call the Center for Nutrition &
experience what he went through,             “The first part of my plan consist-    designed to provide the fastest fat     Preventive Medicine, P.A., at 2840
and could enjoy a longer life.             ed of CFN supplements—and, right         reduction possible and enhance the      SW Urish Rd—785-273-4443. In
  “I was skeptical as I approached my      away, I was impressed with the big       metabolism—without surgery and          the Kansas City area call the
first visit with Dr. Tague because I had   variety...the textures and flavors.      without hunger! Results are impres-     Leawood office at 913-814-8222.
been on SO MANY DIETS before,              There were delicious foods to enjoy      sive! In a 2007 study with obese        See more information on Dr. Tague’s
with such limited success.                 that were sweet, salty, chewy,           patients, women lost up to 53.5         website:
Page 8       April/May 2010                                                                                                                               TOPEKA TODAY!

Exciting Summer Adventures Await                                                               New Janome Machines At Bennett’s
Children In Miss Sylvia’s Classes                                                                Whether an experienced quilter or a
  “This summer, from July 12th                                                                 beginner, Bennett’s Sewing Center
through the 16th, from 9:00 to                                                                 at 2125 North Kansas Avenue, meets
11:30AM each day, we’ll take                                                                   all your sewing needs at one location.
children from four to six years                                                                Bennett’s is a Janome and Viking
of age on an exciting                                                                          Husqvarna dealer—and they offer
Musikgarten Nature Trail                                                                       repair and service on all brands of
adventure,” says Dr. Sylvia                                                                    sewing machines.
Hamilton, Director of Music &                                                                    “This March marked our 22nd year
Movement with Miss Sylvia.                                                                     in business,” relates Don Bennett,
“They’ll share wonderful expe-                                                                 “and we’ve been here on North
riences exploring music and                                                                    Kansas since 1996. We offer new
nature with its abundance of                                                                   sewing machines, starting at $249, Associates: Ann Depoy, & Judy McMorris
sights, sounds, fragrances, touches          the wonders of nature. Our Twist &                plus a full range of quilting supplies. table and quilting feet plus other fea-
and tastes. In this summer camp,             Turn and Nimble & Quick classes                   We stock the largest selection of quilt tures—priced at $799.
children will discover the joy and           are based on Nursery Rhymes re-                   backings - 90" to 118", and a huge         “We also carry the Handi Quilter
stimulation of active music making           imagined with music and move-                     selection of quilter’s fabrics...with   ‘Fusion,’ with a 24" long arm, and the
through songs, stories, movement             ment. All of our exciting courses                 new patterns arriving monthly.          HQ easy to operate ‘Avanté’ 18" long
and sensory experiences in nature            will be held at Grace Episcopal                       “Janome is the largest manufac-     arm. Around the first of April we’ll
exploration. Hikes, art projects and         Cathedral at 701 SW 8th.”                         turer of quality sewing machines in     have the HQ 16 ‘Sit-down System’
snack time will further develop the              Sylvia received her Doctor of                 the world, and this is their 150th      with a nice sized table. And, we also
themes for each eventful day.                Musical Arts degree from K.U. in                  year in business. This year they’re     have the HQ ‘Pro Stitcher,’ which is
   “Prior to the Nature Trail camp—          1995. She is Level II certified                   bringing out three new models to        the computerized program for HQ
three two-week courses will be               through the Early Childhood Music                 mark their celebration. The Janome      machines.
offered for children from 18 months          and Movement Association as a                     ‘1860 JNH Anniversary Model’ will         “Coming in May, Janome has a big
to three and a half years of age: June       specialist in early childhood music               be released mid-April. It’s an excel-   surprise for quilters. There’s an excit-
7th through the 10th and June 14th-          education, and she is a certified,                lent 30-stitch full-sized computer-     ing new machine on the horizon that
17th. Our Nature’s Music classes             licensed instructor of Musikgarten.               ized machine with frame, and it         promises to be a ‘quilter’s dream’!”
will be held from 9 to 9:30 each               Sylvia is accepting enrollment now              retails for just $599. The other two       Bennett’s also has quilting frames,
morning...Twist and Turn classes             for summer courses. To enroll on-                 models are: the ‘2160 DC’ 60-stich      and the state’s largest selection of
from 9:45 to 10:15...and our new             line, see for                  computerized sewing machine,            sewing cabinets. Bennett’s Sewing
Nimble & Quick class, from 10:30             complete information and fees. You                retailing for $669, and the ‘3160       Center, at 2125 N. Kansas Ave., is
to 11:00. In Nature’s Music, children        may also call Dr. Sylvia Hamilton                 QDC’ with full frame, needle up-nee-    open 9 to 6 M-F; 9 to 5 on Sat. Call
will enjoy moving, singing, listen-          at 785-271-8322, or email her at:                 dle down, automatic thread cutter and   785-232-9117 for more informa-
ing and playing as they explore                             more. It comes with an extension        tion. Gift Certificates are available.

Bob’s Helps With Spring Cleaning...Saves You Money...Improves Your Environment
   “With the current economic situa-                longer...and protect their health with                                                    We also do carpet repair and can
tion, we’re all looking for ways to                 an improved, cleaner environment in                                                       remove red stains, pet stains and
save money and protect our families,”               their home or office.                                                                     odors—leaving carpets smelling
says Dale Basel, President of Bob’s                   “If a home or business hasn’t had                                                       fresh and looking like new again.
Janitorial. “We strive to do our part               their air ducts cleaned in the last                                                            “With our powerful Turbo
by helping families: save on their                  five years—or if a family has                                                             Hybrid pressure hot water vacu-
energy money by making                 moved into a previously owned                                                             um system (that prevents splash-
their carpets and furniture last                    home, condo or apartment—the                                                              ing), we can also professionally
                                                                        ducts should be                                                       clean tile and garage floors. It
                                                                        cleaned. When                                                         removes stains and dirt from tile
                                                                        air ducts are                                                         and grout in any home or
                                                                        cleaned the heat-                                                     office...and oil and grime from the
                                                                        ing and cooling                                                       dirtiest garage floors.
                                                                        systems will run                                                        “We are confident that no one can
                                                                        better and less                                                       do a better job of carpet cleaning
                                                                        often. That means         Part of the Bob’s Janitorial Team           than we can. That’s why we offer a
                                                                        the     customer      allergies, sinus problems and others.          customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
                                                                        will save money,          “Dirty carpets can also cause air        Along with our competitive prices,
                                                                        conserve energy       pollution problems. Dirt and salt has        Bob’s is the best value in Topeka.”
                                                                        and their system      been tracked in all winter long, and             Bob’s Janitorial—“A Common
    AIR DUCT CLEANING—WHOLE HOUSE                                       will last longer.
                                                                           “Air duct clean-
                                                                                              carpets can literally hold pounds of         Name with Uncommon Service.” All
                                                                                                                                           their services are competitively
                                                                                              dirt, bacteria, pesticides, etc., in their
     $297           00
                          Limited to one furnace & A.C. coil            ing also helps pro-
                                                                        tect families by
                                                                                              fibers that most portable cleaning
                                                                                              units are not able to remove. Our
                                                                                                                                           priced and their technicians are pro-
                                                                                                                                           fessionally trained and certified by
                            w/coupon • exp. 5/31/10                     improving their       professional cleaning removes the            the Institution of Inspection, Clean-
                                                                        air quality. Air      dirt down deep, making carpets look          ing and Restoration.
                              Some restrictions
   Carpet Cleaning                 may apply.       Carpet Cleaning     ducts can harbor      better and last longer. We also clean          Call Bob’s Janitorial today—785-
  Living & Dining Coupons not good Living Room,                         mold spores as        upholstered furniture, which pro-            271-6600, and use these valuable
   Rooms, Hall &                with other offers.
                                                    Dining Room         well as fungi, bac-   longs its beauty and usefulness.             coupons (to the left) to schedule car-
                                Minimum charge
  Two Bedrooms                                                          teria, pet hair,         “Our full service vans have their         pet and air duct cleaning for your
                                   for in-home           & Hall                                                                            home or office.
          $99 95               service is $60.00.                       pollen and smoke      own power and water system so we
                                                         $ 69 95        residue—all of        don’t use our customers’ electricity            Master and Visa cards are accept-
       (SAVE $20!)             CALL TODAY!             (SAVE $20!)      which could cause     or water. Carpets are usually dry            ed. See their web site: www.bobs-
    w/coupon • exp. 5/31/10
                              785-271-6600 w/coupon • exp. 5/31/10 possible health            within six or seven hours but may be for additional infor-
                                                                        issues such as        walked on sooner with clean shoes.           mation and coupons.
TOPEKA TODAY!                                                                                                                    April/May 2010         Page 9

                                          Pet A Puppy At Topeka Best Pets
  Exciting News!!                           Did you know that petting a
                                          puppy lowers your stress
               from                       level? Just visit the new
                                          Topeka Best Pets store and
                                          you’ll start to smile. After all,                                                      Formerly “Bagel Express”
                                          nothing’s cuter than a playful
                                                                                                                                    2830 SW Fairlawn
                                          puppy...or a frisky feline...or a
                                          frolicking ferret...(this could                                                          NOW Serving MORE!
       Indian Hills Styling Salon         go on and on).
                                                 Chris and Maribeth                                                                  In Addition to Our
                                          Hamilton (former owners of                                                              Delicious • Fresh Bagels
                                          Petland in Fairlawn Plaza)                                                             • Sandwiches • Pastries &
                                          opened Topeka Best Pets last                                                           • Breakfast Items - We’ve
                                                                                                                                   ADDED PIZZA & More
                                          November. “At any given                                                                      To Our Menu:
                                          time we have about 40 differ- TBP Associates shown with playful puppies
                                          ent breeds of puppies avail-                                                            • APPETIZERS • DESSERTS
                                                                                 parakeets, canary and finches.                 • CHEESE PIZZA...• SUPREME
                                          able,” relates Maribeth. “Of course         “Our aquarium area features a
                                          we think each one of them is the       wide variety of both fresh and salt-             • MEATLOVERS • VEGGIE
                                          ‘sweetest ever,’ but we invite folks   water fish, in clean, well-lit and col-         • TACO • HAWAIIAN • BBQ
           Jody Roberts,                  to come in and see for themselves.
              Owner                                                              orful tanks. We have some very                      • CHICKEN ALFREDO
                                          Our puppies are from local breeders    interesting amphibians, too.”                    OR • “BUILD YOUR OWN”
        Plan to join me                   and they are all microchipped and          In addition to pets, Topeka Best              PRICES START AT $3.99!
                                          have a three-year health warranty.     Pets carries all the pet foods and
        and my staff on                      “With every puppy purchase, the
        July 11th, 2010                   customer receives a $40-Off
                                                                                 products you’ll need to keep any                Buy One Large
                                                                                 animal healthy and happy, including
                                          Coupon for a spay or neuter, and       complete set-ups for terrariums and               Pizza Get a
   Mark Your Calenders!                   they’re sent home with a 4.5 pound     fresh and salt-water aquariums.                  Second Pizza
                                          bag of Nutro food and a certificate       Want a new little friend to cheer
        Details to follow                 for a free Vet visit at the Bur-       you up? Visit Topeka Best Pets at              For HALF PRICE!
       in our next issue!                 lingame Road Animal Hospital or        Highway 24 and Rochester (910
                                          Indian Creek Vet Hospital.                                                               Call 785-273-7070
                                                                                 NW 25th, Suite F, in Dillons Plaza
          5123 SW 29th                      “Our full line of pets also includes North). Call 785-233-PETS for                           Hours:
                                          hamsters, gerbils, bunnies, ferrets    more information or see Topeka                 6AM-9PM Sun. thru Thur.
        785-273-1999                      and many birds...cockatiels, African   Best Pets on Facebook. Their email               6AM-11PM Fri. & Sat.
                                          Grays, cockatoos, rainbow lorys,       is:

Guy Anderson Has Full “Indoor Air                                                   Meet Erik Evans Of Community Bank
Quality Certification” preventof electricity. These arecase
                       of loss
                               basement flooding in
                                                                                                                               opened in 2000 to give customers
                                                                                                                               in southeast Topeka a more con-
                                         a few suggestions to keep a home                                                      venient location,” says Erik.
                                         mold free.                                                                               “I am also responsible for our
                                              “Mold is usually found in moist                                                  on-line banking system and
                                         areas in a home, where it appears as                                                  maintaining our web site. Our
                                         little black circles or a white thread-                                               on-line banking is constantly
                                         like network, and is usually accom-                                                   updated to keep up with our cus-
                                         panied with a musty-type odor.                                                        tomers’ banking needs. We
                                         Because it is risky to buy a home                                                     recently started offering E-state-
                                         with mold problems, ‘mold sam-                                                        ments. At any time, customers
                                         pling’ has become a standard prac-                                                    can view their statements or
                                         tice during a home inspection.                                                        download them onto their com-
                                            “EPA studies indicate that air lev-                                                puter. They can also call any
         Guy Anderson, Owner             els of indoor pollutants may be two        Holliday Square Community Bank associates Community Bank location for
  “More and more people are being        or three times higher than outdoor            Erik Evans (pictured top right)      help with their on-line banking or to
exposed to indoor pollutants such as     levels. Mold, the most dangerous           began working in a bank while in        get an answer to any banking ques-
MOLD, and it has become a grow-          offender of all, often goes undetect-      college and enjoyed it so much he       tions they may have.
ing concern,” shares Guy Anderson,       ed because of the places it hides. It      decided to pursue banking as a             “We are also constantly updating
of Anderson Home Inspections.            is important to have a home                career. He joined the team at           our web site to keep up with com-
“That’s why I earned my Indoor Air       inspected by a certified inspector.”       Community Bank seven years ago.         munity activities, news and events.
Quality enables me         Guy Anderson has been in the          “I worked in many different depart-     In May we will celebrate 15 years
to provide another valuable service      home inspection industry for 12            ments which was a real learning         of serving the Topeka area!”
to clients.                              years, and is a certified member of        experience,” shares Erik. “I’ve en-       Visit Community Bank at one of
    “It’s important, of course, for      the American Society of Home               joyed being part of a locally owned     their three locations: The main
homeowners to take steps to prevent      Inspectors (ASHI). Anderson                bank. Decisions are made locally,       facility at 5431 SW 29th; North, at
their homes from developing mold.        Home Inspections specializes in            usually on the same day, without        Highway 24 & Rochester Road or
Cleaning gutters and down-spouts,        residential real estate with mechan-       having to check with people out of      Holliday Square at 2909 SW
and making sure the ground slopes        ical, structural or whole-home in-         town and wait for an answer. It’s       Topeka Blvd. Call 785-440-4400,
away from the house will help. If        spections customized to fit your           great to be able to offer our cus-      email Community Bank at commu-
the basement is damp, they should        needs. Guy can also provide Radon          tomers quick and easy service.”         nitybank@communitybanktope-
get a dehumidifier. And, everyone        Testing and Home Energy Tune-uPs®             Four years ago Erik was named, or visit their web site at:
should have a good sump pump. In         as well as mold inspection. Don’t          Branch and Operations Officer and
fact, it’s an excellent idea to have a   take a chance with your family’s           he oversees Community Bank in           Community Bank is a member of the
battery back-up for the pump to          health. Call Guy at 785-478-2224.          Holliday Square. “This facility         FDIC and an Equal Housing lender.
Page 10       April/May 2010                                                                                                                      TOPEKA TODAY!

Shop Hop Your Way Across Kansas!                                                      Life Coaching—Learning The Art Of
  “Don’t miss the fun of the Greater
Kansas City Area Shop Hop!” says
                                                                                      Living Intentionally       thoughts.
                                                                                                                 With thoughts
                                                                                         Do you feel stuck? Are you fulfill-
Pat Schremmer, owner of Stitching                                                     ing your life’s purpose, destiny, call-                             we make our
Traditions in Holliday Square. “‘All                                                  ing, mission? If you feel that you just                             world. If you
That Jazz’ is the theme - and a                                                       aren’t living your life to the fullest,                             doubt       that
Hoffman Batik was custom de-                                                          consider contacting Shirley Bradley.                                you can cre-
signed exclusively for this event!                                                    Shirley is a certified International                                ate a fulfilling
Participating quilt shops will be open                                                Association of Coaching (IAC) Life                                  life, then you
Thursday, April 8th through Sat-                                                      Coach. She is also a public speaker                                 are refusing
urday, April 10th from 9AM to 9PM                                                     and a published author.                                             to live your
and on Sunday, the 11th, from Noon                                                                                              Shirley Bradley, LBSW, ‘best life.’
                                                                                         “Life Coaching is a natural exten-         IAC Life Coach
to 5PM! Collect a free quilt block pat-                                               sion of the work I’ve done for the                                      “As a Life
tern from each Shop and register for                                                  past 20 years as a Social Worker,”         Coach I provide support, options
in-store drawings. Prizes will be                                                     explains Shirley. “I specialize in         and strategies, to set a course for
given away totalling over $1,200!                                                     emotional intelligence, flourishing        living intentionally, passionately
    “Spring always brings a lot or         Back To Nature - Quilt design by           relationships and personal awareness.      and more joyfully. There are many
renewed energy and fun classes here       Kansas designers Wing & A Prayer               “Life coaching is not psychother-       pathways a person may take to live
at Stitching Traditions. ‘Back to         Husqvarna Viking Club. Barb        is different than consulting,     the life they dream of and, with my
Nature’ (shown here) is our new           Rezac, our Viking Educator, is shar-        counseling and mentoring. Life             coaching assistance, they can
BOM. It’s a generous queen-sized          ing lots of new ideas.”                     Coaching is a powerful human rela-         embark on an exciting and enjoy-
quilt combining gorgeous Tonga                Want a special gift for Mom?            tionship in which certified trained        able process of change.
Batiks. Roberta Foth is the               Purchase a Gift Certificate at              coaches help people design their              “Research shows that people tend
Instructor and class space is limited,    Stitching Traditions, good on any           future rather than get over their past.    to make changes more easily when
so sign up right away.                    classes or store items.                     Through a typically long-term rela-        environments and structures are in
     “An April workshop by Ruth             The Summer Newsletter will mail           tionship, coaches aid clients in cre-      place to support them. Without
Powers,‘Introduction to Picture           mid-May. Be sure the store has your         ating visions and goals for aspects        proper support, they may have only
Piecing,’ features her beautiful          address...the Newsletter has com-           of their lives, and multiple strategies    themselves and their own will
Coneflowers pattern. Other oppor-         plete information on class sched-           to support the achievement of those        power to rely on, which might
tunities include a ‘T-Shirt Quilt’        ules, and great in-store coupons.           goals. Life coaching is a set point for    restrict their ability to achieve what
class, taught by Martha Gabehart,           Stitching Traditions Quilt Shop,          the ‘art of living,’ which requires        they want in life and business.”
and a very simple and fun ‘Quilt As-      at 3005 SW Topeka Boulevard in              pausing, taking time to observe,              Call Shirley Bradley to set an ap-
You-Go Table Runner’ beginning in         Holliday Square, is also Topeka’s           imagine and discover. To delve into        pointment for a life coaching con-
May. Class space is limited, so           premier dealer of Husqvarna Viking          one’s passions, nature, creativity,        sultation—785-235-1246. See her
please call now to register. Be sure      sewing machines. Call 785-266-              and envision a more fulfilling life.       web site for further information:
to sign up, too, for our on-going         4130 for more information.                      “All that we are arises with our

New Rapid Recovery Unit Now Open At Pioneer Ridge Retirement Community
    The Pioneer Ridge Retirement                                                            and a ‘return-to-home’
Community, located in Lawrence,                                                             focus by the nursing
Kansas, at 4851 Harvard, has just                                                           staff, as well as the med-
announced the completion of their                                                           ical attention from Dr.
new Rapid Recovery addition. The                                                            Shari Quick, Physiatrist,
Pioneer Ridge campus is also home                                                           who will be providing
to 60 Assisted Living Apartments                                                            on-site patient assess-
and a 58-bed Skilled Healthcare                                                             ment and medical man-
Facility.                                                                                   agement. Dr. Eric
    “We are very excited about the                                                          Huerter is our Medical
opening of our new Rapid Recovery                                                           Director who is on call
wing, and proud to be the first to                                                          24 hours a day to over-
bring this high level of post-acute                                                         see medical care as
care to Lawrence,” says Marie                                                               needed.”
Vogel, Administrator of the Pioneer                                                           “The average expected
Ridge Retirement Community. “The             Rehabilitation patients find the communal      length of stay in our          One of the private rooms designed for
new unit is attached, architecturally,    living room to be warm and cheerfully inviting Rapid Recovery center             patients in the Rapid Recovery center
to our Skilled Healthcare Facility,         fractures, joint replacements, post-      is three to four weeks,” adds              receive occupational therapy and
but is completely private throughout.       surgical, post-stroke or neurological     Marie. “While here, patients can           speech therapy, and discharge plan-
This is the only post-acute rehabilita-     issues, or a variety of medical con-      enjoy beautiful and pleasant sur-          ning can be provided while assisting
tion facility in Lawrence, and we           cerns that result in a need to regain     roundings while they recover. Our          a patient with their transition back
believe it brings a needed service to       abilities.”                               professionally decorated rooms have        to their home.”
the Lawrence community and the                 “The design concept is similar to      a warm, comfortable feel with rich            The Pioneer Ridge community is
surrounding area.                           our Lexington Park Post-Acute             colors and dark wood trim. Other           owned by Midwest Health Manage-
   “Our 18-bed Rapid Recovery cen-          building in Topeka, where patients        amenities include: nutritious meals,       ment, and is the only locally-owned
ter will provide intensive therapy          there often don’t even realize the unit   nurse monitoring, assistance with          retirement community in Lawrence.
with the goal of maximizing patient         is attached to a skilled nursing facili-  medications, access to a full time            To learn more about the Pioneer
recovery, to enable patients to return      ty,” relates Ed Schulte, PhD, director    beautician       and      our    ‘Life     Ridge Rapid Recovery center in
home. The rehabilitation experience         of Rehab Services for Midwest             Enrichment’ room where a variety           West Lawrence, at 4851 Harvard,
is completely separate from the             Health. “Patients will appreciate the     of activities are offered. Free trans-     stop in for a tour—or call Marie
skilled nursing facility—with its           many features in their rooms, such as     portation      to-and-from     doctor      Vogel, Administrator, at 785-749-
own entrance and private dining             flat screen TV’s, custom-made furni-      appointmens is also available.             2000. For further information on
room and living room. We treat              ture, small refrigerators, adjustable       “In addition to physical therapy in      all of Midwest Health Manage-
patients, with Physician’s orders,          beds and more. Patients can also          our large, newly expanded physical         ment’s locations, please see:
who have orthopedic issues such as          expect increased therapy intensity        therapy room, patients may also  
TOPEKA TODAY!                                                                                                                      April/May 2010          Page 11

 Topeka Today!
                                           Cool Season Lawns (And Weeds)
                                           Are Waking Up
                                              The locally owned and operated
     Topeka Today! is a totally            business, Grasslands Lawn Ser-                                                        CUSTOM UPHOLSTERING
 marketed publication for Topeka           vice, works to keep the lawns in                                                             • RESIDENTIAL •
 area independent businesses and           Topeka and the vicinity well-
 organizations. Published bi-                                                                                                           • COMMERCIAL •
                                           groomed and weed-free.
 monthly, it gives those who have              “With snow and ice (hopefully)
 a product or service the opportu-         finally gone, lawns are waking up
 nity to tell their story in a unique      from winter hibernation,” says
 and entertaining format.                  Kevin Negus, Grasslands’ owner.
      Topeka Today! targets the            “Soon, it will be time to have lawns
 market through Direct Mail—               mowed for the first time of the sea-
 one of the most effective ways to         son to remove the dead top growth.
 reach consumers. By using                                                                   Taraxacum Officinale
                                              “We are now accepting mowing                  (A harbinger of spring!)
 Topeka Today! as their personal           clients for the 2010 season. Our ser-
 newsletter, many businesses are           vices include mowing, trimming
 able to consolidate their efforts         and weed control applications.                “Not only do we have over 30                    • Custom Building
 to reach 28,000 homeowners and            Clients who sign up for annual            years of experience in the lawn care                    • Restyling
 over 2,000 businesses and pro-            mowing and trimming for the 2010          industry, we are licensed with the
                                                                                                                                    • Specializing in Antiques
 fessional offices.                        season will receive a spring and fall     Department of Agriculture and fully
   If you want people to get all the                                                 insured for our clients’ protection.              • Restaurant Seating
                                           broadleaf weed control treatment at
 facts about your business, product        no additional charge. These two           Grasslands is also a member of the            • Huge Selection of Fabrics
 or service, let Topeka Today!             applications will greatly reduce the      Kansas Turfgrass Foundation.”                • Commercial Contract Work
 assist you with your advertising          broadleaf weed structure in the yard,       Please Note: It is to your benefit to              • Free Estimates
 needs.                                    for a more pleasing appearance. We        always employ reputable, insured               • Free Pick Up & Delivery
                                           also use ‘mulching mowers’ that           and licensed lawn-care specialists. If
 Contact: Gary or Sherrie Dick                                                                                                            (In Topeka Only)
                                           return the mulched, nitrogen-rich         your “mower” does not carry insur-
      G&S M ARKETING                       grass back to the lawn.                   ance—you, the homeowner, may be               Over 35 Years Experience
       P.O. Box 67441                        “During the spring and fall, mow-       responsible for any accident that
      Topeka, KS 66667                     ing is usually performed on a week-       could occur.                                 RUSS AUTEN - OWNER
                                           ly schedule. In the mid-summer                Call Grasslands Lawn Service
     785-273-3437                          months with its hot, drier weather,       today at 785-230-1264 for a lawn                  127 NW Van Buren
 email:                grass does not grow as rapidly. In        care estimate. Sign up for 2010 and
  web:                 those months we move into an ‘as          get their spring & fall weed control          785-273-6592
                                           needed’ basis for clients.                treatment at no additional charge!

Center For Manual Medicine Combines Chiropractic And Traditional
Medical Treatments              bad habit pattern...and we can help.
                                  “We combine manipulation and
                                                                     conditions including tendonitis,
                                                                     bursitis, arthritis, capsulitis hip
   Dr. Mark Penn is well respected in
                                                                                      traditional medical treatments, and       injuries and fasciitis.
the Topeka community and has been
                                                                                      we offer rehabilitation to improve            “Ultrasound provides real-time
voted “Best Chiropractor” in the Best
                                                                                      posture and key movement patterns.        imaging while ‘in motion’ allowing
Of Topeka survey. He graduated from
                                                                                      Our treatment methods may help            us to view various angles. This
Logan College of Chiropractic in
                                                                                      prevent many unnecessary surgeries        gives ultrasound an advantage over
1986 where he specialized in physical
                                                                                      and expensive procedures. We              an MRI which requires the patient
rehabilitation. As the founder of the
                                                                                      empower patients and emphasize            to be perfectly still. We invite peo-
Center for Manual Medicine, Dr.
                                                                                      their key role in recovery.”              ple to set an appointment with us to
Penn is committed to continually
advancing the benefits offered at his                                                    “We have been using Ultrasound         see if we can assist them in elimi-
multidisciplinary clinic.                                                             Diognostics in our practice for the       nating pain.
    “I grew up in a medical family,”            Dr’s Doug Frye and Mark Penn          last three years. Recently we upgrad-       “We specialize in:
relates Dr. Penn. “My father was a                                                    ed to a new GE ultrasound system          • Shoulder and arm pain
                                           methods of traditional medical and
doctor in Topeka for over 30 years, so                                                                                          • Carpal tunnel syndrome
                                           chiropractic care—establishing the
after I was injured in a martial arts                                                                                           • Tendonitis/Bursitis
                                           Center for Manual Medicine. By
accident, I naturally sought help          combining chiropractic care with                                                     • Work/Auto/Sports injuries
through traditional medicine. How-         physical therapy and home exercises,                                                 • Chronic Pain/Fybromyalgia
ever, when my pain persisted, a friend     we help our patients experience pain-                                                • Back and neck pain
encouraged me to visit a chiropractor.     free movement of muscles and joints.                                                 • Pre & Post surgical rehabilitation
Those treatments worked so well for        We also educate patients on how to                                                   • Headaches
me that I made the decision to             heal themselves and stay healthy.                                                    • Hip and leg, ankle and foot pain”
become a chiropractor—realizing              “Dr. Frye and I share the vision that                                                If you seek relief from muscle and
that there were probably many oth-         many musculoskeletal problems                                                        joint pain or would like to obtain
                                                                                       The Center For Manual Medicine           more information about ultrasound
ers, like myself, who were suffering       stem from abnormal movement pat-
from pain and not finding the help         terns. Problems may also develop,          that improved the picture quality to      treatments, call The Center For
they needed.                               after an injury...but in many cases        give us more accurate assessments,”       Manual Medicine at 5000 SW
   “Of course I still believed in tradi-   poor habits in how a person sits,          says Dr. Frye. “This new technology       21st Street - 785-271-8100.
tional medicine. So, after I graduated,    stands, works or plays have developed      enhances image clarity which helps            See their web site, below, for
I looked for a way to combine chiro-       over a long period of time. Pain is        us detect muscle, tendon and joint        additional information.
practic treatments with physical ther-     usually felt when certain movements        problems earlier. I believe we are the
apy and traditional medicine.              are made or when the area is touched.      only office offering this specific ser-
  “About eleven years ago my dream
came true when Doug Frye, MD,
                                           The process may be gradual or it may
                                           suddenly explode into pain. When
                                                                                      vice in the Topeka area.
                                                                                        “Local injections can also be help-
and I combined the philosophies and        that occurs, it’s time to change the       ful in treating musculoskeletal
Page 12     April/May 2010                                                                                                                 TOPEKA TODAY!

Jade Garden Celebrates Mother’s Day                                              Spring Is In The Air. So Is Dust.
Every Day In May!                                                                Call Merry Maids!          we use a
                                                                                                            proven lock-
     Whether your “Mom” is your                                                    Life seems to start accelerating in
mother, grandmother, guardian or a                                                                                                               box system to
                                                                                 the Spring. School activities in-
friend who’s taken you under her                                                                                                                 safe-guard the
                                                                                 crease, neglected yard work beck-
wing—Jade Garden Chinese                                                         ons...the list goes on and on. Add in                           security      of
Restaurant, at 21st and Gage, rec-                                               spring cleaning, and you could find                             their homes.
ognizes them as very special.                                                    yourself overwhelmed and under-                                        “Merry
  “In honor of all those hard-working                                            energized! There is a solution. Let                             Maids team
‘Super Moms’ everywhere, we invite                                               Merry Maids take care of your                                   members are
families to clip this coupon and bring                                           cleaning and you’ll have one less                               trained by ex-
their Mom here for a delicious din-                                              thing to worry about! You’ll have                               perienced su-
ner,” states Maggie Tang, restaurant                                             plenty of time to get ready for out-                            pervisors, and
manager. “Our full menu includes                                                                                                                 our cleaning
appetizers,      soups,    traditional
                                          A Special Treat                        of-town visitors, graduation cele-
                                                                                 brations, or whatever. (Hey!                                    procedures are
Chicken, Pork, Beef and Seafood                For A                             Wouldn’t a visit from Merry Maids                               in compliance
Chinese dishes, Vegetarian De-                                                   be a great Mother’s Day gift?)           with OSHA regulations. Merry
lights, Chinese Moo Shus, Lo Mein,          Super mom !                             Topeka Merry Maids, owned by          Maids teams also carry all the
                                                                                                                          cleaning products and equipment
Chow Mein, Chop Suey and much,              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                   Kim and Stanton Hinkly, offers:
much more! Our fine chef cooks                                                                                            they need to clean homes effective-
with only the freshest ingredients and   B r i n g T hi s C o u p o n T o        • A Free in-home estimate.               ly and safely.”
caters to customers’ desires. Our goal
                                                                                 • Customized cleaning services              Merry Maids can customize ser-
is to provide everyone with a very
                                           Jade Garden                           to meet your particular needs            vices to fit your needs, whether you
                                                                                 and budget.                              want the whole house cleaned, or
satisfying and memorable dining          Chinese Restaurant                      • Bonded, insured, & thoroughly          just the kitchen and bathrooms.
   If you’ve never treated your mom      AND Get 15% OFF                         screened and trained employees.
                                                                                 • Their own equipment and
                                                                                                                          They can also designate certain
                                                                                                                          rooms for special attention on each
to Chinese food for Mother’s Day—
now’s the time to start a tradition!
You’ll enjoy their pleasant atmos-
                                             Any Dinner                          supplies.
                                                                                 • A Quality Service Guarantee.
                                                                                                                          visit...taking care of all those little
                                                                                                                          extras so you won’t have to tackle
phere, high quality flavorful food,
reasonable prices and prompt service.
                                              for Mom                              “Although our employees are very
                                                                                 careful,” says Kim, “we’re bonded
                                                                                                                          an in-depth spring or fall cleaning
                                                                                                                          project ever again!
   Jade Garden Chinese Restaur-           Du r i n g the M on th                 and insured to protect our clients           Use the services of the finest
ant is open seven days a week,                                                   against any loss and/or breakage         Merry Maid franchise in the coun-
offering dine in, carry-out, drive-              of May!!                        that could possible occur when we        try—call 785-273-3422. Or, go to
through and delivery. Call 271-                 offer expires 5/31/10            clean their homes. And, when    and type in your
2038.                                                                            clients entrust us with house keys,      zip code for more information.

ColorWorks Paint & Supply Welcomes                                               Kitchen Gallery &mon Curd Angel Food Cake
Interior Decorator                                                               Invites You To 1          Angel food cake, 16 oz.
   Bob and Diana Swafford, owners                                                Spring Into FUN As needed Powdered cream
                                                                                                 8 oz.     Whipping
of ColorWorks Paint & Supply at                                                     “After our long cold winter, this
4410 SW 21st Street, welcome inte-                                                                                       1 jar           Robert Rothschild Farm
                                                                                 spring should be a real celebration,”                  Lemon Curd & Tart Filling
rior decorator, Martha Tucker, to                                                states Julie Clanton, owner of           As desired     Strawberries, sliced
their team.                                                                      Kitchen Gallery in Fairlawn Plaza        As desired     Lime, sliced
    “As the store’s color specialist,                                            Mall.“We have some great items and
Martha will be in charge of our new                                                                                      Cut angel food cake into 3 layers. Mix
                                                                                 gourmet goodies to put the FUN into     whipping cream and powdered sugar
Design Center,” relates Diana. “She                                              any Spring party!                       together. Add to Lemon Curd & Tart Filling
has years of experience as an interi-                                               “Our Nordic Ware novelty bake-       and mix well. Put Lemon Curd mixture
or decorator and faux painter, and                                               ware collection includes the new        between all layers and around sides.
she has her own company, Space                                                   ‘Cute Cupcake’ cake pan that cre-       Drizzle additional Lemon Curd & Tart
Lifts. Martha will be here Tues., Martha Tucker, colorist & interior decorator                                           Filling over top of cake. Decorate with
                                                                                 ates a giant cupcake, plus ‘Zoo         strawberries and lime slices.
Wed., Fri. and Saturdays from 9AM     a lot of inspiration from the beauti-      Animals’ and ‘Backyard Bugs’
to 1PM and Thursdays from 1PM to      ful ‘Harmony Colors Collection’            pans, which make muffins or little       mixes...‘Pears & Pomegranate’ or
close. Her services will be a great   from Pittsburgh® Paints. Our goal
addition to ColorWorks. She can                                                  cakes in butterfly, bee and ladybug      ‘Greek Feta & Olive’ also set a
                                      is to help people unleash their ideas      shapes. Nordic Ware cast aluminum        party mood.
show anyone how to give their         and carry them through.
home a fresh, new look for spring!                                               bakeware bakes evenly for finely           “Looking for Mother’s Day gifts?
                                          “We’ll be doing ‘color classes’        detailed cakes, breads and molded        We have gadgets galore to make life
   “I am thrilled to be working with  too, offering paint techniques, tips
Diana and Bob,” says Martha. “We                                                 desserts, and the non-stick interior     easier for mom. Or, get her started on
                                      and more.” (Call for details.)             makes for easy release and clean         a special collection of colorful Polish
have so many exciting ideas, includ-
ing giving the store a new ‘flow’       MAY is REBATE MONTH                      up. We also have the Nordic Ware         Pottery. We have a huge array of pat-
and making it more shopper-friend-         on Pittsburgh® Paints!                ‘Burger Bites’ grill pan to make         terns. Any Mom or Graduate would
ly. In our Design Center we hope to SAVE $6 per gallon on Manor Hall®            perfect sliders.                         also appreciate a set of our new
better accommodate our residential Timeless® & Manor Hall® Int./Ext. paints        “Celebrations can be easy and fun      acrylic Tervis Tumblers. USA-
clients as well as our commercial SAVE $4 per gallon on Sun Proof®               with any of our gourmet food prod-       made, they’re the leader in insulat-
contractors.                              Paints & Stains plus others!           ucts, such as Robert Rothschild’s        ed drinkware. We have KU, K-State
   “Color should be timeless. There                                              ‘Lemon Curd & Tart Filling.’ It          and many other attractive designs!”
are ‘trends,’ of course, but I can       ColorWorks Paint & Supply’s             makes delicious tarts when used in          Kitchen Gallery is open seven
show clients how to coordinate        knowledgeable and friendly staff is        our ‘Mini Cheesecake Pans’ (which        days a week in Fairlawn Plaza Mall
paint colors throughout their homes.  ready to help with all your painting       are also great for quiches muffins       at 21st and Fairlawn. Gift Certi-
I will introduce them to color theo-  needs. Call 785-272-8818 for               and hors d’oeuvres)—or, see the          ficates and gift wrapping services
ry...some colors radiate energy, oth- more information, or see:                  easy recipe above. One of our            are available. Call 785-273-6436
ers, a sense of calm...and we’ll draw                   yummy new Wind & Willow                  for more information.

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