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					     EFA-FTI Capacity Development Workshop

« Country Leadership and Implementation for
    Results in the EFA-FTI Partnership»

       Mauritius, Decembre 1-5, 2008
EFA-FTI Capacity Development Workshop

  Aim: strengthen country leadership for results
  in EFA-FTI plan implementation

  Objectives: contribute to the identification of
  solutions and avenues for concrete questions
  and constraints faced by the countries while
  implementing education sector plans within
  the FTI
EFA-FTI Capacity Development Workshop


    Country delegations from Benin, Guinea, Lesotho,
    Madagascar, Mali, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone
    Representatives from local donor groups
    Bank Task Team Leaders (TTLs) for education for
    the participating countries
    Representatives from the Fast Track Secretariat
    Resource persons
EFA-FTI Capacity Development Workshop


    The Fast Track Partnership
    Implementation of Education Reform in Mauritius
    Implementation of Education Sector Plans
      School Construction
      Assessment of Learning Outcomes
      Financial Management
      Monitoring and Evaluation of plan implementation
      Managing FTI Processes
EFA-FTI Capacity Development Workshop


    Implementation of Education Reform in Mauritius
       Presentations: quality; financial management
       Field Visits: school management; textbooks; teacher training

    All other themes
       Presentation on the Fast Track Partnership

    Exchanges South-South
    Exchanges Working together in the FTI Partnership
EFA-FTI Capacity Development Workshop

    Teams of experts – discussion guided by
    the questions and issues on plan
    implementation posed by the countries
    during the preparatory activities

  Country Group Work
    On-going work on the themes of the clinics
    Preparation of action plans
EFA-FTI Capacity Development Workshop

  Thank you very much for your attention
  and keep up the good work!

                             Cristina Santos