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									                                                            Freshman Programs
                                                                       2008- 09

                                                            Call for Applications
                                          From Faculty and Student Affairs Professionals
                                                to participate as members of the
                                             Freshman Programs Instructional Team

Applications are invited from faculty and Student Affairs professionals to participate on the
instructional team of the Fullerton First Year, Live’N’Learn, Compass, Freshman Future Teachers,
or ECS Scholars learning community for the 2008- 09 academic year.

What is Freshman Programs?

Freshman Programs is home to five learning communities for first-time freshmen. Supported by
the Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, Freshman Programs aims to create
an environment where all students have the opportunity to succeed and encourages increasing
numbers of excellent students to make Cal State Fullerton their first choice.

Freshman Programs learning communities seek to:

    enhance learning and improve the overall quality of students’ first-year university experience;
    improve the retention and graduation rates of students through effective advisement, career
     counseling, and peer mentoring; and
    contribute to curricular reform by promoting coherence and integration in the General Education

What Learning Communities are offered through Freshman Programs?

The Fullerton First Year (FFY) focuses on developing and defining personal leadership skills
while facilitating a smooth transition to university life by connecting students to dedicated faculty
and peers, campus resources, and opportunities for individual and community development.

Compass is designed for undeclared students or students who are unsure about the major they
have selected. Students in this learning community are given the unique opportunity to explore
their strengths and work on resume writing and interview skills, and professional development

Live’N’Learn is specifically geared to assist first-time freshmen living in the residence halls make
the successful transition to college life and living on their own.

Freshman Future Teachers is designed to help prospective school teachers meet the academic
requirements and expectations of future teachers and to build a solid network on and off campus.

ECS Scholars is designed to facilitate a smooth transition to college life by maximizing campus
resources, opportunities for individual and community development, and on-going interaction with
faculty, student affairs professionals, and peers from the College of Engineering and Computer

Freshman Programs, 2008- 09
Call for Applications from Faculty and Student Affairs Professionals
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Each learning community connects full-time freshmen with an interdisciplinary team of faculty
assisted by Student Affairs professionals in a genuine learning community. Students take a
freshman seminar (UNIV 100) and a common set of GE classes designed to help them discover
and explore connections among the various subjects they are studying In the fall semester,
students will take either English or oral communication, mathematics, and one additional course
along with their freshman seminar. During the spring semester, they will complete the remaining
component of their English or oral communication requirement, take other general education
classes, and engage in a community-based service-learning project linked to a geology, sociology,
or liberal studies course. They will interact with professors and Student Affairs professionals as
advisors, mentors, and co-learners and with other students as peer mentors and friends.

What are the Benefits to the Members of the Instructional Team?

One of the central goals of Freshman Programs is to create learning communities aimed at
fostering a sense of coherence in the undergraduate experience of students. The experience of
many of the instructional team members who have participated in Freshman Programs since its
inception in 1997 testifies to the vitality and energy generated by conversations and interactions
among colleagues about intellectual issues of common interest. A planning retreat and monthly
conversation hours, a semester-long theme, common readings, and paired courses are strategies
we use to foster a sense of community. Learning communities also involve team planning and
team teaching.

Additionally, Freshman Programs can offer you a supportive environment for experimenting with a
new approach to teaching an existing course, for example, by:

    linking two existing lower division GE courses,
    integrating core competencies in a GE course or across GE categories,
    making interdisciplinary links to the theme of the freshman seminar (Education, Social
     Responsibility and Community),
    infusing a service-learning component into a lower division GE course, and/or
    creating coherence in the undergraduate experience of freshmen in other ways.

What are the Responsibilities of the Freshman Programs Instructional Team Members

The faculty and Student Affairs professional who teach in FFY, Compass, Live’N’Learn, Freshman
Future Teachers, or ECS Scholars work collaboratively with the Director of Freshman Programs
and other Freshman Programs instructional team members and are expected to:

1. Attend periodic meetings of the Freshman Programs team (approximately monthly).
2. Participate in a 2½ day planning retreat scheduled for May 20th and August 18-19, 2008
   (tentative dates).
3. Faculty members can elect to teach a GE course appropriate for freshmen or serve as the lead
   instructor in a semester-long freshman seminar (UNIV 100), which is taught collaboratively with
   a Student Affairs professional and a peer mentor (junior or senior student leader who is
   selected and trained by the program).
4. Student Affairs professionals can elect to co-teach a section of UNIV 100 and assist in teaching
   and assuming special planning responsibilities for the co-curricular activities of students.
5. Work with and support the Freshman Programs Director in planning and implementing activities
   designed to increase the retention of freshmen enrolled in the program.
Freshman Programs, 2008- 09
Call for Applications from Faculty and Student Affairs Professionals
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6. Participate in occasional workshops and special events with Freshman Programs students,
   their families, and other Freshman Programs instructional team members.
7. Function from time to time as sources of information about Freshman Programs.
8. Support the Director in assessing the program.


Applicants should be experienced in activities related to the responsibilities described above. In
addition, the following are desirable traits among Freshman Programs instructional team members:

    A commitment to fostering student success as exemplified by experience as a mentor,
     involvement with student organizations, service as an academic advisor, or participation in
     other forms of out-of-classroom student learning.
    Experience in teaching introductory-level general education courses (faculty).
    Excellence in undergraduate teaching (faculty) and other work in support of student academic
     and co-curricular life (faculty and Student Affairs professionals).
    Strong communication skills and the ability to work effectively in collaboration with a diverse
     group of faculty, students, and staff.


Membership on the instructional team will begin with an August 2008 retreat and conclude at the
end of the 2008- 09 academic year. Freshman Programs classes are taught as part of
participating faculty members’ regular teaching assignments. Freshman Programs activities will
constitute a normal component of the job-related duties of Student Affairs professionals.

Application Procedure

Interested faculty members and Student Affairs professionals are invited to submit applications to
Maruth Figueroa, Coordinator of Freshman Programs, MH 142. Applications must include the

    A letter summarizing your relevant experience, including a statement explaining your reasons
     for wishing to participate in Freshman Programs.
    A current vita or résumé
    Faculty: Evidence of effectiveness in teaching undergraduates, especially freshmen.
    Student Affairs professionals and faculty: Evidence of effectiveness in supporting student
     academic and co-curricular life.
    A letter of support from the appropriate department chair, dean, or supervisor.

Applications are due to MH 142 by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 7, 2008.


                                     Call Maruth Figueroa, Coordinator at (714) 278-3709

Freshman Programs, 2008- 09
Call for Applications from Faculty and Student Affairs Professionals
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