Pebbles-What more I can Put in Your Magical Bag by scenius

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									            The grammar of Life-
     Three extra-rational, pure-numbers.
      Multividuals, Angels, and Masters,
  Like alphabets, semi-colons and a full-stop.

     What more I can put in your
           Magical Bag


         Three sources of Pebbles

         Ozin         496


What more I can put in your
      Magical Bag


The Life is same
Only I have changed,
Mind is still and
Heart has now awakened.
Words have merged into silence,
As my tears…into oceans.

Every day and night of yours is so new, that I can only
Dance and dance and dance,
Not a day or two,
As eternity will be less for this dance.

I knew, I was not fit for your grace
But you only, ignored my devil faces.
I can‘t test your love,
As I have never tasted it.

Swimming on the beaches was fine;
But I knew, in last rising tide were you.
O Master! In thine Ocean full of love,
I can‘t float for long…waving, along thine fins.

Don‘t love me so much...Even Guides don‘t swim so deep.
Don‘t love me so much…‗Admitted-ones‘ can float only.
Don‘t love me …O Osho!…so much.

Friends are the same
Only I have changed.
Still your glimpse is evident,
Twinkling on their faces,
Like a sparkling golden star
Quenching inborn darkening desires of mine.
World is no more, as if
I am melting in your core.

Every form of yours is a perpetual festival that I can only
Celebrate, jump and rejoice;
Not a day or two,
As eternity will be less for my celebration.

I knew, I was not fit for your grace
But you only, ignored my foul faces.
I can‘t test your love
As I have never tasted it.

Walking on the small earth was fine
But don‘t make me run.
O Master! In thine Universe, full of light
I can‘t move for long… pawned, with thine eyes.

Don‘t love me so much...Even Sightfulls don‘t walk in your light.
Don‘t love me so much …‗Open-eyed‘ can cry only.
Don‘t love me …O Osho!…so much.

Meditations are still the same
Only I have changed.
Your call to dance,
Pushed me to respond it at once, saying, Wow!
Sometimes ‗Observations‘ are also left behind, and I feel,
I am dancing on the waves.

Every atom of yours is so fresh that I can only
Sing, pray and spray its love;
Not a day or two,
As eternity will be less for my prayers and love.

I knew, I was not fit for your grace
But you only, ignored my desiring faces.
I can‘t test your oceanic love,
I have never tasted it.

Flying kites was fine,
But don‘t make my ordinary kite shine,
O Love-God! In thine love-elevated celestial sky;
I can‘t buoy up for long…entangled with thine knot.

Don‘t love me so much…Even Swans don‘t fly so high.
Don‘t love me so much...‗Unfurled-wings‘ can watch only.
Don‘t love me…O Love! much.


The Master


His Disciple

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2. Theme of Pebbles                          13

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4. Ellipsis of Life (A Vision)               46

5. Pebbles of Individuals for Multividuals   90

6. The Theme of Family                       133

7. The Pebbles of Family                     155

8. The Theme of Friends                      197

9. The Pebbles of Friends                    226

10. The Theme of Teachers                    251

11. The Pebbles of Teachers                  287

12. Angel                                    320

13. Meditation or the Master                 394

14. Life                                     431

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16. Prayer                                   492


  This is a Beautiful World to live in!!!

I welcome you all to the world of Light.
This preface is supposed to introduce you to whole idea in a nut-
shell. So, the first line was sufficient to convey the whole idea i.e.
Voice of the hearts; Glimpses of No-Mind, God and Love. It is all
about the journey of a Meditative disciple. For me to communicate
effectively, I request you all to open your heart, if still an unopened
flower, before you start listening to its music, by stringing my
heart-chords with the leafs in your hands.

―In the song of life:
 Melody is the Angel for open ears.
In the music of life:
Relax is the God for tired minds.
In the dance of life:
Blissfulness is Life for hearts.
For what goal the Heart is there for?
Just for energizing and caring.

This gift---Pebbles is given to me by the God, through the Master.
It is very precious, and I am prepared to share it with you for the
reason that I am ‗Selfish‘. I have heard that, ―by sharing,
Happiness multiplies itself and it gives you an opportunity to
become more watchful‖. I want my Inner happiness to expand in
powers or exponentially, not just to multiply. I was very unselfish
till yesterday, but have to become selfish. The Reason:
‗Exponentiation of Awareness‘.

My inner happiness will be revealed in every word; in every blank
space and inside every halt of mine. Blessed I am with love of my
Master like any other ordinary Multi-vidual. Some blessed ones are
playing, some singing, dancing, acting; all allowing the creation to
create something out of them. They have their own way of
expression; so do I have my own way to express His overflowing
Grace through ‗Writing after listening‘.

To put it in a rhythm…

A Fish that I was yesterday,
Dolphin I became today.
To swim, to breathe, were only two abilities of mine,
Jumping, Spinning and Whistling, had enshrined them.
One family I belong to, till the day-gone,
A new Family has adopted me today.
Friends I used to make,
Best-Friend has befriended me.
Teachers I used to search,
A revered Professor picked me up.
A student that I was till the last closing moment,
Disciple I have turned now.

What more can I say…
Pebbles I used to collect from the Sea-Shore,
Oceans have drowned me for giving me more and more.
I was thrown on the surface,
Along by the turbulence of waves.
Enjoy it I a lot, cry in all corners a lot lot,
Not for being drowned,
But for being Re-Attached,
Not inside the Oceans full of Pebbles,
But with my only World,
The one in which I took birth
And reached at this stage.
Now I can confess without an external, dependent swear:

This is a Beautiful World to live in!!!

Not because Sages and Phoenix says so,
But my own pebbles admit in the same note.
Not once in a year but
With every breath of mine;
Going inside and outside.
Mind-occupied was I,

Mind-full state I have neared very soon.
Crossing can occur at any moment.
Till then, let me share a secret
That I am Happy, and that others can too
Become Happy, if not full of bliss.
Not tomorrow or a day-after but
Today and that too any day-of-choice.
―I am more than an Angel‖, suddenly you are feeling of yourself,
And start flying inside, with hands stretched.
Just a mass remains attached, else, the Heart can fly
With eyes closed ‗Dance‘ you can then,
With this Human form, more effectively
Than with a formless one.
Dance O Human! Dance!
Love was in the air,
Inside it is now.
Not that someone has done the undone homework,
It was, and is, already inside.
Feel it, and celebrate it, for no cause.
As, pebbles are endless.
Forget diamonds and gemstones,
Small bag-full-of-love is enough.
Witness the mind.
Possible it is to enter into the heart, and be free from the mind.
As heart was always enveloping you,
Mind was not.
One was real and the other, a mirage.
Open up your Magical Bag and see it for yourself,
The One, who is Omniscient and Omnipresent
Just by opening pages written direct from inner ears,
Into the world, full of writings of minds,
Barring the Books of Wisdom.
Drink me if you can;
Kiss me if you love me.
First feel my beating, red-coloured Apple;
Inside the Pebbles;
Overflowing from His Magical Bag!

Nothing else is to be surveyed in Pebbles. Everything is here, in
the preface if you can pause for a moment. If not, go ahead and try
for yourself. It‘s my helpless nature that I can‘t give you more than
the pebbles for your inner Magical Bag to steal and rob.

Pebbles can I only give, not Mountains,
As my giving hands are small
And mountains big.
Spray can I some morning dew-pearls,
For refreshing your eyes.
To drown you, is the miracle
Of the One, sitting beyond.
Feel, Let it be this special spray and shower,
Not only on the body but on the soul too,
Else, you will miss it, in the dead words He had made alive.
(This is a call from pebbles, not me.)
―My pebbles are puppets, and He is the Player‖.
Pebble is just a web, woven around something false.
False it is not, just a diction.
A different form of expression
Of the Higher Mind, through the lower mind.

Meaningful it may appear or not but to prove this is not the
purpose of mine through every page. I may not be the authentic
person to comment on life. I have some views and I will, simply,
share them with you all. I have felt that some themes of life need to
be emphasized. I will highlight them and offer you all what I see
about them.

With this I lower the rope for you to catch. Catch the rope. Here it

The Theme Of Pebbles

               Touch the Sky

Inspiration is a fragile thing...
Just a breeze, touching the green foliage of a city park.
Just a whisper from the soul of a friend.
Just a line of verse clipped from some book.

Who can say where it is born, and why it leaves us?
Who can tell the reasons for its being or not being?
Only this...I can think Inspiration comes from the
Heart of Heaven...
To give the lift of wings,
And the breath of divine music to those of us who are earthbound.

                                          Margaret Sangster

You never know when you are about to cross the thin line between
motivation and Inspiration. A moment before, you were just
another ordinary person busy in your normal, usual pattern of
living, when suddenly one word or an event or some personal
experience or a moment shakes you suddenly and completely. It
might be just another word, event or experience for others, but for
you, is sufficient to transform you. And it brings with itself the
greatest of energy and power that is capable to change your whole
world. You suddenly start walking along a different plane, a new
state, where you are gifted with a new insight, a different
perspective of looking at things, and the old blocks start
disappearing. Now, for the first time, you become aware of the
beauty of becoming, not Something but…Nothing. You will fly all
around but your flight will be having a different quality, the
freshness like that of a dew pearl, something pure, natural.
Something new, something beautiful has happened to you, which
can‘t be described in black or white.

The moment you feel moving on this new plane, you are
immediately diverted onto a track on which you had once wished to
walk in the past, but couldn‘t due to some unknown reasons. Now
you are on the same track, with more courage. And the more
important stretch of this walk is that ―Now, you have a guiding
light, the Master.

The track, of which I am talking, starts from lower to greater levels
of motivation. It is like the recharging of a battery. The battery was
made with a certain level of charging capacity but if we don‘t put it
on charging for long then the battery won‘t attain its potential. The
same is the case with every person. They are born with the capacity
to lift the mountains and shake the earth, but somehow they feel
satisfied by moving a mere tumbler. The problem doesn‘t lie in
their conscious efforts but in their energy levels. They either don‘t
know about the infinite energy source inside them or they are
bogged down by present situations that they don‘t feel like rising

above circumstances and create something great in this world. The
true potential of a person is reached when the person reaches to the
level of self-motivation, where no external motivation is required to
push him hard to become Inspired.

Before going deeper in this subject of Inspiration, let us make
ourselves clear about the meaning of Pebbles and the Magical Bag.

Pebble is not a physical entity. It‘s just a symbolic representation
of a spirit‘s bath---Experience that is available in abundance all-
through ones‘ life. The Pebbles are to make you aware of the
importance of collections of their miraculous nature. In them, they
carry the essence of a Great Mountain, and all the Learnings to be
implemented, free from any false knowledge gathered in your life.
One can find these pebbles lying everywhere along the way. But
the mystery of these pebbles is that they remain hidden from the
eyes of an unaware person whose eyes are wandering above it and
not on it.


     ―Experience is not what happens to you.
      It is what you do with what happens to you‖.

                                                    Aldous Huxley

The moment you take your eyes away from these pebbles, they just
disappear. They are of great utility if one understands the chemistry
of these pebbles. All big objects have roots in these small objects
(pebbles) only. These pebbles are the fragments of huge mountains.
If one starts picking up these pebbles and allow them to settle
themselves in the right place, one can see a mountain sooner or
later. Even if not all of them are collected, a collection of few
pebbles will be sufficient for a huge rock. No amount of superficial
words can inspire you, unless you have experienced a bear hug
with Pebbles.

We come across thousands of people around us, who see very
clearly what is right and what is wrong, but somehow they succeed
in satisfying themselves, by telling their guiding inner voice that,
―Everyone is wrong and I am right‖. Real understanding of their
unique experience is yet to touch these kinds of people. The
transmission of the messages continues every moment of life, after
every breath we take, after every single effort of the heartbeat but
who is listening?

Nature is whispering every moment to humans ―You all, my
greatest creation, don‘t be bogged down by unfavourable
circumstances. These circumstances are examples updated by me,
in order to make you strong for the future. Understand the real and
hidden meaning of these Experiences and benefit from them.

No Experience is small.

Each is sufficient to transform you and take you to great heights, if
you can just understand its meaning. If you don‘t understand my
message through the first Experience, then I will make you pass
through another larger and difficult task of…Pebbling…
Experiencing. I am your mother, and it is the duty of every mother
to make her child feel the intensity of her love. If a child doesn‘t
feel her the first time, then the mother won‘t stop, rather, she would
try for the second time and third time and forever, till she succeeds.
A form (mother) can disappear but not formless Nature.
Understand one thing---I won‘t stop myself till Eternity goes away
saying –―Keep on doing your duty beyond me, and unless you, my
loves, my heart, my children, reach to that height of success, for
which I had sent you all on this earth, I won‘t stop giving you
experiences. No situation is capable of diverting you from the
path of Light‖.

Sometimes it so happens that a child becomes angry with its
mother, and leaves her forever. But, if this happens then the child
will miss this small narrow gauge train forever. The child will

deprive itself of all the love of her mother, which she had for her
child alone. She is ready to give all she has, to the child. But how
can she be successful until the child receives it willingly, happily,
and understand the real significance of those gifts? The perfect
enjoyment, for the gifts lies both in Acceptance and Givings,
happening with the same gladness. So, earth-mothers, on whom
this law operates, may soon become tired of their sincere but small
efforts, but the Mother Nature---won‘t. Reason: A higher law
operates, where the lack of enjoyment in Acceptance doesn‘t affect
the intensity of love expressed in Giving. Nature enjoys in giving
whatever she has. And ‗Time‘ is the period allotted to her for this
duty by someone higher than nature.

Nature further says ―I am the source of all the energies to all real
mothers. You can abandon your mother and walk off to some other
geographical area but I (Nature) will be there too…waiting to
teach you few more life-lessons. Nobody can run away from me. I
am the greatest of all great Teachers and motivators. An ordinary
mother can forget her duty to raise a great child (for which I had
send her on this earth), but I can‘t. If a lower-level employee runs
away from his duty, then it‘s the duty of the boss to make him come
again or he himself finish all the pending work. The true boss may
be humble, and may forgive his employee. But sometimes, it‘s not
possible for the Boss also to leave his employees without giving
them a taste of their sheer failures because of their insincerity. And
these…prayerful reminders and punishments are the two different
methods to make, someone insincere, aware of the importance of
the Duty. Those children of mine who had received my message,
have taken the world by storm and everybody knows about it. Now,
no circumstance can shake them because now, they work according
to my will and guidance. Actions are mine and the ways are mine.
The way is, ―Don‘t fight with me, but use all my universal laws.
By only complying to them, you can become my beloved, else just
can‘t‖. So, those real listeners and my true followers were the
deserving candidates for all the richness and abundance, which
seems impossible for an indisciplined child to gather in one life.
Come to me, and I will show you another way to richness which are

in infinite numbers. The only condition is that you have to be in
harmony with me…the existence. Any conflict between us will
create the biggest friction in your small, processed- mineral like
life, which you are unable to bear at this ‗lower stage‘. You have
to, firstly, reach the final stage of implementation by regaining
supreme awareness‖.

Next, we come to the Magical Bag. No! don‘t think I am going to
request you to go to a magician and purchase his Magical Bag.
Similar to pebbles, this Magical Bag is also very virtual,
something, of which all of us are made of. You can relate this
Magical Bag to the storage area inside your Self where all power,
all magically positive thoughts, all moving experiences, are stored.
We use this Bag in every moment of our life. Whatever great work
you did, has its source in this Magical Bag. You were born as an
ordinary person, and no one knew you at that time. But as you pass
through the harsh and factual realities of life, you learn both from
them. The essence of those learnings, those experiences can either
push you to achieve great heights, or it may pull you down. The
moment you are down because of your failures, you destroy

The point is: The difference is in the eyes of the Experiencee (the
one who experiences). A son of a drinker can either be motivated to
become a drinker on seeing his father doing so, or he may be not;
on seeing the negative aspects of drinking. Same situation, but two
different perceptions. The events happening all around are same to
everyone. It is the difference in the perception, attitude, courage
and quality of the person that generates a beautiful and sacred
meaning out of nothing.

Ordinary men face great situations, and opportunities. The
opportunities are right there, always, lying in front of their eyes;
but who is going to recognize them? These opportunities require a
beholder‘s vision for being assured that they will be utilized in an
effective manner, and according to their true potential. All great
persons have seen ordinary situations with a different eye. They

understand the hidden meaning therein, and keep the essence of
experience (pebble) in their reservoir.

This reservoir, which I refer to, is nothing but the Magical Bag
where all of us keep the best lessons of our lives. There is no space
for ‗negative‘ learning here. You can satisfy your logical mind by
understanding this as the constraint of this Magical Bag. The
negative learning always hovers all around this Bag. If it manifests
itself in some external-negative-behaviour the consequences will be
self-destructive, or, it can transform into a positive learning by
decoding the hidden positive meaning in it, and allowing the nature
to feed on the remnants.

Secondly, it is also possible that one may know the positive
aspects, but one must utilize the previous pebbles first. Reason:
learning has still not taken place. It was either (just) memorized, or
the internal understanding might not have been developed. All our
actions and general behaviour are the result of learnings out of
one‘s awareness. Without having an experience, no awareness can
come and without awareness no true learning can take place. And
the actions done in the absence of true learning, cannot lead us
anywhere. You can either understand the real meaning of the
experience and live accordingly, or you can live in chaos. But even
if you discard it, the experience will always remain intact to you,
for you to understand later in your life.

Thirdly, even if you do understand the real meaning of the painful
experience, you may not be, willing, to live accordingly, which is
very clearly visible. There is no fourth alternative for the
understanding of these, life‘s crucial lessons called Experiences.

I am trying to say something simple:

―By collecting these small pebbles (experiences), from its sources
you can build your own enlightened mountain. Simply put, pebbles
are small realities by which one develops an energy-level sufficient
enough to raise a mountain.‖

This can be related to a mother, who bears an unbearable labor
pain to give birth to a baby. Now, what is that factor which enables
her to bear this excruciating pain? I believe, this divine force comes
from inside herself only; barring a few exceptions. According to
my understanding, she wants to express the intensity of her love for
her husband to show her gratitude, and above all, to give him the
best gift in the form of the Experience of becoming a father.
Because only mother knows the best that without self-inner-
experiencing, nothing magical can be done in this world. Self-
Experience is beyond words, it is much larger than all superficial
written or spoken words (external motivations). It can be
understood only, when it (experience) itself wishes to meet you and
says to you: ―Hello my dear, How are you!‖

The moment pebbles start accumulating, radical changes starts
happening inside you. Something like that of inside of a prisoner,
who lives on the mercy of the jailors. As the time to leave the jail
comes closer, a joy, a different quality of dance starts overtaking
him, which was missing when he entered. The source of one pebble
is going to make you aware of the hidden potential of all the
pebbles. They are capable enough to bring to your awareness as to
what their importance is. They are also capable enough to finally
take you to a sacred stage (Inspiration) where no more external
motivation is required. Yes, it‘s possible if, and only if, you are
willing to apply them in your real life.

Let us now equip ourselves better with the difference between
‗Motivation‘ and ‗Inspiration‘.

I believe, Inspiration is the highest level of Motivation.
Motivation is external, while Inspiration is internal. The process of
Inspiration begins from the collection of various external-
motivational-factors, a lot of ‗experiential-understanding‘ and
coupled with one‘s willingness to continue with this journey of
‗collection‘. When process nears completion, it leads one to one‘s

inner world where lies the greatest of all great motivations—an

I am not talking of that general type of ‗fragile Inspiration‘ having
which, just one facet of one‘s life is affected or stirred and after
which the same old story of woes in the remaining pockets
continues with same intensity forever. I am not going to say the

―I was Inspired by his Good manners‖.

―I was Inspired by his Thought-provoking idea or his Work ethic‖.

―I was Inspired by listening to his Music or songs‖.

The kind of Inspiration I am pointing up, is the one spark which
simply transforms you, and radically. It happens suddenly. Your
way of doing, and looking at things suddenly moves from the good
to the best. And when? The moment, time-space-hands hit your
mind‘s occupation and programming. The environment, which
Inspire you, which made you run or fly, may be totally unrelated to
your nature or taste. But that definitely made you more disciplined
in the field of ‗Supreme‘ by helping you gain some hidden
resources within yourself. This follows generation of better
Understanding and Respect for other fields of actions. And, only
you, no one else could witness this special Magic, Happening, or
Help. It may be any small incident, but that chance or accident
opens the oceans of Intuitions and guiding clues for you to help
swimming (work) effectively at your favorite beach or blue-pool.
This freshness and energy you gained while swimming, also makes
the periods of not-swimming (daily routine of life) more enjoyable
than ever before. Sudden transformation, can only be the after-
effect of the real Inspiration on one‘s wholeness (life). If not, it
must have been just another motivating factor, an event of lower
degree, which disappears in a short while. I would choose to crop
entire farm than implantation of just one sapling of Pine tree in a
deserted and isolated, vast and boundless fertile island. With

Inspiration, one‘s all known ‗seven continents‘ and the
‗surrounding universe‘, should be more ‗healthy‘. Thousands and
millions of seeds have to be implanted after Inspiration, as
compared to the few ‗lonely‘ seeds after motivation.

The Inspiration, of my concern is very similar to those memorable
events of the past, dull life of Newton and Lord Buddha.
Environment and events doesn‘t likely to matter much. In case of
the former, a keen-observant thinking-tank ‗rejoiced‘ when a red
apple fell and the latter, became ‗worldly-dead life-serious‘ when
he saw a small and old yellow leaf (a dead body) floated before
him. We all know of their sudden transformation.

What changes happened internally?

---―Awakening of Intense thirst towards the causal of the effect‖.

Both Newton and Siddharata Gautam entered into it but of course
in the opposite directions. After doing some homework, the
inspired Newton discovered ‗just‘ the universal, existing causal-
laws, which still has One ‗First‘ cause, while Siddharata---became
inspired and discovered the universal, ever-existing law-maker, the
Cause of all causes, the first principle. Newton became the
‗discoverer‘ of the silent gravitational pull, and rose to a world of
great intellectuals. Siddharata became the discoverer of the
‗Silence‘ but himself transforming into Buddha, an enlightened
being. Only direction matters, nothing else is of much importance
for quenching one‘s intense true ‗awakened‘ thirst. Any way that
one enters is absolutely fine because every way ends in a big ocean
of thirst-satiating element. All depends on the quality and quantity
of your thirst (search). You will be gifted with the same degree of
the Flavorsome or the Briny Ocean. So, the events that inspires
may differ but did that event ignited the forest-fire (Intense true
thirst) in him or not? If yes, then you are ‗blessed‘ like that of
Revered Siddharata, else you are being ‗loved‘ like Great Newton.
Still, degrees of blessedness and love will, every now and then,
differ. Motivation makes you a scientist, a business giant but

Inspiration makes you to move, move fast, to know the real
meaning of being Enlightened. Differences between motivation and
Inspiration occur only in respect of degrees of thirst but the
transformations are breath taking.

Once Inspired, a person works with full energy, but in a prayerful
manner. Now, he does not wait for anyone to motivate him, to
energize him, but one can do it all alone. He has atlast reached to
his self-revealing infinite source of inner energy. He is now set to
achieve amazing feats by using the immense ‗noble-power‘
generated from within. And the fragrance of his work gives one a
clear idea about his mission in life.

Through this piece of work, I wish to highlight the journey from
motivation to Inspiration and the experiences of few steps ahead of
Inspiration. What I believe is, nobody in this world can Inspire
anybody. There are Motivators but no Inspirers. The external-
ones can just create an ‗environment‘ fertile enough for a person to
get Inspired, but it depends on his degree of readiness which is
based on his past-life and this-life experiences and level of

Let me now try to explain you the concept of motivation and
Inspiration by a simple example. Suppose we are boiling water,
filled in a utensil. After a while the water temperature reaches 45
degrees, and then we stop heating it. Slowly the temperature falls
and reaches, say, 30 degrees. Now, again we start heating it. This
time the water temperature rises from 30 degree. And now it
reaches, say, 99 degrees. Ideally speaking, it is still in a liquid state
at the atmospheric pressure and if we add on just one degree of
heat, the water will be converted into steam, which is much
powerful and a higher state of liquid.

This is what I believe the relation between motivation and
Inspiration. Till 99 degrees, one can stay in a motivated state with
the probability, that if motivational factors are removed its
intensity will reduce. But if an addition of one more motivational

factor is made, then only the possibility of transforming a
motivated person to an Inspired person arises---not before that. The
initial process of bringing the person to that stage of 99 degrees is
also important. But there should be a continuous reinforcement of
these factors, else, the possibility of transformation is marred and
the person loses the chance to rise to a state which he was capable
to reach to, but can‘t because of lack of enough motivational

There is no difference as the ‗qualities‘ of water, but in the degrees
of heat (energy, state) given to it. Whenever you increase the heat
of the water, a stage comes when it is converted into steam which
can achieve unbelievable tasks which the water can only dream of.
Water is capable enough of doing that same work but for that water
has to achieve a different state, steam; without which
transformation is impossible. Once converted into steam, i.e. once
Inspired, one rises above the circumstances and cannot be stopped
till one brings a cooling effect (shower) to all beneath. Besides a
cool breeze for those far-aways which is sufficient enough to make
them feel and become aware that somewhere, some great power is
at work. An Inspired person can give his whole self without
holding himself back anything, because it‘s in his nature. He is
helpless as much as a flower, who just can‘t stop itself from giving
its fragrance once fully bloomed.

While heating the water, it is not the water that gets heated initially,
it was the utensil. The environment surrounding the water was
conditioned, it was prepared first. Then, water (by grace of its
caretaker) finds itself in the right situation, and the conditions,
potent enough to lead it from a liquid to a gaseous state. Initially,
water has to depend on this vessel to support it to reach the level of
99 degrees. Now, once the water temperature reaches 99 degrees, it
shows its final gratitude for the support given by the utensil; and
now it can transcend that state, and enter a new one. At that
moment, it becomes capable to do the impossible after it gains last
single degree of heat from the fire. Water (in liquid state) can just
think, ―Why I can‘t do the same work in its liquid state?‖ It had put

the same effort previously also, ninety-nine times, but even then, it
was given a small pink-slip. But, here water (in liquid state)
missed one important factor, which is a chance to understand very
clearly, i.e. quality of water. This ―quality‖ is necessary to do that
higher work for which steam is more suitable. Just the conscious
physical effort is not enough.

So in making a person Inspired, the environment capable to
transform him is as important as his willingness to get transformed.
Both (environment and the person) walk with hand in hand
throughout this beautiful journey of inner transformation. They will
be allowed to separate only if they both understand that beyond this
limit they have a different work to do. The steam (Inspired person)
is required for a different purpose, while the utensil (environment)
will become empty again to become receptive to another quantity
of water that is willing to get transformed. If the environment is
healthy enough to transfer some great knowledge, then it remains
only for the ‗receptivity‘ of the person, interacting with the
environment, to be benefited by the environment. And the
environment is never unhealthy. If environment is healthy and
person is not receptive stupid or helpless, then nothing can be done
with that person. He will remain inert (in negative sense)
throughout his existence.

I have observed three sources from where one can find
motivational factors, the ‗last‘ one-degree of heat that I call
Pushing Factors. These sources keep on signaling every moment
―Here is a pebble, Pick it up!‖ Sometimes, one is in a situation,
where one had actually thrown many pebbles outside. But, as the
time moved ahead, somebody drops a pebble in one‘s bag and then
one is again on one‘s way for an eternal search of completing one‘s
Magical Bag with one hundred Pebbles. I call this search a game,
of Hide and Seek. Pebbles are always available in abundance for
us like air, water, sunlight is, but they reveal themselves when the
degrees of awareness are increasing. The only effort required on
our part is to develop the quality of an eagle‘s eye, so as to
recognize the desired pebble from a great distance. All of these

three sources are unique in their own way. We can‘t identify the
superiority of one over others. They all are beyond comparison and
are so pure that it would be like comparing Brahma, Vishnu and
Mahesh with one another. It isn‘t just meaningful. Each source has
a unique place in the functioning of these worldly affairs. Every
person has a positive and a negative side. Nobody is born perfect
and one has to live with this reality. What I believe is, that one
can‘t do anything with one‘s negative part. It is more dangerous to
work on negative sides. However, if one could keep on increasing
his positive sides, then the time itself will nullify all the negatives.
One should constantly be in search of the positive factors, which
alone can fill up one‘s emptiness, voids.

Through this piece of work I would request all of you, to look at
these sources again and spend some time to find what you have
gained and what you have missed. I am sure, you will find every
pebble dropped in your bag by these very precious sources. Not
everyone is lucky to enjoy the luxury of having all of these sources
in a single life. ‗Pebbles‘ will proceed like any other fairy-tale, that
will take you along and try to reconfirm or shatter your old beliefs,
expectations. And it will highlight the importance and necessity
regarding the sources of pebbles in one‘s life, besides firing your
imaginations. Here you will find the pebbles, lying not only on the
top of the greatest of mountains but also in the deepest of valleys.
This book is all about pointing some primary and secondary
‗known‘ facts by exploring those beautiful realities. Its focus is on
the reasons behind one of the most important issues of life, which
one usually dismisses, as unimportant. But as far as I know, they
are significant enough to generate either a positive or negative
outlook for one‘s life. I have taken the help of the great beings
ranging from the greatest of philosophers, visionaries,
organizational leaders to the Enlightened Masters. I have utilized
their experiences for highlighting the importance of the pebbles.

Based on my own experiences and observations, I, had attempted,
to throw some light over the mysteries of three relations. Much of
my understanding of these experiences and observations could

appear to you to be unconventional, because I believe that too
much dependence on conventional ideas or antiquated beliefs is the
biggest problem while understanding these sensitive relations. I
have seen that most of people don‘t give adequate attention to these
resources of motivation. Utilization of these resources can break
the barriers between motivation and Inspiration and help
themselves (Multividual) to enter into the amazing world of the
latter (an Angel).

Moreover, this difference is exactly what these revealed words can
make you aware of, that is, the importance of the precious
resources in one‘s life. One has to uncover the hidden meaning of
these real king-size experiences and then only, through the proper
implementations of those principles and lessons, can one achieve
for the first time what he is capable of and which is compatible to
his true potential. I don‘t have any prejudices against intellect or
intelligence of yours, regarding your understanding of this issue.
But what I am presenting to you are some of my observations. If I
am successful in bringing to the awareness of even a single person,
young or old, I will consider that my objective as accomplished. I
sincerely wish for ‗your search‘ for pebbles to be a successful one.

Do search for pebbles in your life that gives you enough fire in
your belly, so that you are no more the same person, chained to the
lower levels of a motivational state. You are bound to reach the
upper level of Motivation either today or tomorrow. Many other
experienced ones are sure about this, and above all, Nature is
pushing you daily for this one ‗deserted state‘---the Inspiration. So,
prepare yourself to make a small effort for this sacred objective of
ours---NOW! Even if a single pebble is put into your Magical Bag-
-- it can guide you to your upper energy level.

                       With this, I say a prayer, ―O Individual!
May this small collection of pebbles spell their magic on you and

push you up from your present level of motivation to a higher level
so that you manifest your true potential. May you find the
meanings of your own pebbles and start working persistently in the
right direction of collecting more pebbles from your three sources‖.

Three Sources Of

            Just Wait And Watch

 Confession of A Multividual:

―Be courageous‖.
―Believe in God‖.

―Manifest miracles‖.

―Do this, Do that hundred per cent right‖.

―As if I was born with qualities of a ―super-human‖. I knew, they
expected a lot from me. It was all too hard to be fulfilled. Yes, I
doubt my capabilities, because at last I am a human-being. They
are in millions out there; waiting with the eyes of a beggar. But I
can‘t. I felt inferior and guilty when I heard what they thought
about me. Dangerous creatures! I used to be an ordinary man,
happy to be all alone. I never even imagined myself reaching the
top-spot. Those words of theirs are wonderful. Effective you know;
but not to me. I was not at all ‗fired‘. I know I am not a magician,
nor have I ever been. Miracles, come on!! Never.

I never knew, where could I find this or purchase this fire? And of
such Intensity!! It‘s all so confusing, always pushes a positive idea
in your mind, almost daily, almost every moment. Once I asked a

wizard friend of mine ―Hey man! You tell me what‘s the address to
your ―source‖, and I‘ll be there‖. Can you believe what answer he
gave me, ―Silence‖. ―That‘s it!!!‖ I asked. ―Silence‖??? What a
load of nonsense! No matter how much you hear these ―positive‖,
― motivational-sentences‖ nothing will come out of it. Nothing. If
you thought it was great, I say you‘re wrong. And certainly
―Silence‖ is nothing. We live; we die that‘s it‖.

Well, this is something that we hear, and continuously, from
various people everyday. People are cynical and grow to become
even further. You are always surrounded with one or the other like
them. Somebody must have definitely shouted on you in a
preaching note that…

―Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways
you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all
the people you can, as long as ever you can‖.
                                                       John Wesley

―The word impossible is not in my dictionary‖.
                                             Nepolean Bonapart

―Do not look on the faults of others. You cannot judge a man by
his faults. Do not recognize wickedness in others. Wickedness is
ignorance, weakness‖.
                                            Swami Vivekananda

―Do not complain that roses have thorns. Be thankful that thorns
 have roses‖.
                                                  Wayside Pulpit

―The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart‖.

―Dream, Create, Explore, Invent, Pioneer, Imagine:
Do these words describe what you do?‖
                                                      Gary Hamel

      At one moment they request us, to not to lose child‘s heart
but at the very next moment, they force us to do those daunting
tasks impossible for any one of us (with child‘s- heart), as all those
actions requires only heart to be thrown into the dustbin. Weigh it
yourself again and again…

―Hope never abandons you, you abandon hope‖.
                                                   George Weinberg

―When everything is lost, the future still remains‖.

―The door to success is always labeled ‗push‘‖.
                                                          Lord Deur

―The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away
small stones‖.
                                           Chinese proverb

      What to say of lifting stones? We are not even allowed to
flutter the wings of a true word-bird, inside our very own red heart-
nest. Everything comes next. What‘s the use of protecting one‘s
child‘s- heart, if it is not free to sing some mind-shackling songs;
dance a little bit of samba steps in a state of one‘s personal
freedom. It‘s better to not to talk of them.

Keep on reading, the white fumes.

―If you can imagine it,
You can achieve it.
If you can dream it,
You can become it ―.
                                      William Arthur Ward

     Even the scriptures are used, to teach you some
fundamentals. But you never understood it hundred per cent.

Reasons: you know even better. What they said, I will simply

―Do good again and again‖.

―All human races should be full of hope;
All intellectuals should never be disappointed‖.
                                             Jatakpaali Kathhayae

―Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows‖.
                                                     The Bible

 But :

Nobody on this earth is born with the kind of qualities like of
―having the firm belief‖ and ―a positive mental attitude‖. I do not
doubt on these great Individuals, as it is very easy for them to talk
of high words. Reason: They had reached the Summit. But to walk
on their footsteps requires the heart that of a super-human not the
one with which most of us are born. Moreover, the tragedy is that,
they never disclose their true secrets. All of us know it very well
that in real life, everyone gets what one deserves. Nobody is going
to believe us of our hidden capabilities (if any). Even if one puts
his belief blindly on these great sayings, then-

―Why is it, then, that so many people who could be so much more
and who could have so much more are choosing to settle for less?‖

―He is a fool that kisses a maid when he can kiss the mistress‖.

 I am sure:

All of us know the following true, hard facts and the realities of
life. Still, give them a second thought. Who knows, a revision
might help you to pick one (pebble) which you haven‘t in the past.

―There are two kinds of people on the road of life, Passengers and
drivers. In which category do you fit?‖

―Life isn‘t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
Did you created?‖

―When you gain control of your habits, you gain control of your

―No one can make you feel inferior without your consent‖.
                                                    E. Roosevelt

      Fears of failures, Hell, bad habits and lust for the Heaven,
nymphs, divine wine are all known, but are we really bothered? Or
rather can any word or teaching really frighten us? Only You have
the answer. If not then You might, very soon, become the perfect
representative of the following thought in the near future.

―He slept beneath the moon
 He laid beneath the sun
 He lived a life of going to do
 And died with nothing done‖.
                                                     James Albery
Read on…

―Practice yourself what you preach‖.

―In great attempts it is glorious even to fail‖.

―Life is a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use‖.
                                                   Charles Schultz

      Who cares about our selfless acts? But, yes, there are some
ignorant but, true child-hearted ones; who are still busy doing
some below mentioned small favors, while missing their own
hidden reservoirs of Bliss. I sincerely wish that they quickly get
bored, while giving these small drops of pleasures away for the
sake of oceans of pleasures. These loving ones can later on
channelize those drops after transforming them into mighty ocean
towards others, for them to swim in deeper zones, on whom they
(the caretakers) were just sprinkling dew drops---till then.

 Did you get the Message?

Even after spending so much time with these motivational ‗white
fumes‘ and fragile Words, we didn‘t remained in that motivated
state, even for next few hours, not to talk of days or weeks. I think,
everyone of us knows what we want and how to get it, yet
(something) inside and outside self is not supportive enough, to
push us ahead in this journey between life and death. We all tried a
lot to gain something from words, but only failures hugged us.
Some fire inside is required, without which, we can‘t give our best.
This matter requires special attention.

Everybody, more or less, knows whatever has been proposed in
previous ‗stinking‘ pages, or, at least all of you must be aware
about the aroma of similar kinds ‗inhaled‘ by you. You must have
seen many intellectuals who are great dreamers. Some of them
have terrific positive attitude while there are some who are
successful. Yet to all of these souls Happiness seems to be,
somehow, just a ‗distant relative‘. This group of achievers is
present in almost every house that you may look into. But, there

are only few persons in the world who have been really blissful.
The whole world is ‗thriving‘ (like a parasite) on these souls,
blessed with the divine nectar. Isn‘t it?

Now I put forward a small question for all of you. Do you believe
that an Inspired person, is of immense utility to the humanity? If
your answer is ―Yes!‖ then have you ever thought of finding ways
to achieve that level of self-motivation? So, what‘s the way, the
key to become a self–motivated person, an Inspired being? Great
persons had found the key-way long ago, which has led them
closer to the demarcation between the external motivated region
and self-motivated or Inspired region. Did you have it too? Ask
yourself sincerely.

--Why do we have such negligible percentage of these Inspired
beings on this earth?

--Is anybody aware of the reason(s)?

--What‘s that special unknown factor which separates them from
ordinary beings?

--From which source did they purchased that intense fire, which
energized them so much, that they make impossible…possible?

--How have they become self- motivated, Inspired beings?

The Inspired Individuals have understood the voice of their heart,
whose essence can be described as:

      ―Life is a self-help cafeteria. In a self help cafeteria, if you
wait for people to serve you, you will wait for ever‖.

Keeping these questions, inquiries and the essence in the ‗parrot‘
mind, let me point to those persons towards the three most sacred
oceanic sources of pebbles, (Pushing Factors) in which you are
free to dive to pick all the pebbles, and explore new depths. These
oceans are wider and deeper than the oceans you might have ever
heard of. These oceans are for you alone to swim and float.

Each one of us wants to become happy, but are we willing to put in
100 per cent of our efforts in developing ‗awareness to one‘s self‘?
One can‘t be motivated to a great extent until one is willing to put
efforts. Even if one has the Ability and Knowledge to achieve
greatness, but is not willing to put in conscious and sincere effort,
then why should one be Crowned? Besides this, one always keeps
on complaining of every other odd situations surrounding oneself.
One usually try to play safe everytime, and, when the results are
not up to one‘s expectations, then one blame, with full use of
voice, one‘s failure to useless reasons.

Being a business management student, I came across a formula
for Motivation in one interesting book, while studying my favorite
subject, Organizational Behaviour. I now share that formula with
all of you.

     The formula says that:

Motivation= (One‘s Willingness) * (Ability + Knowledge)


Willingness= (Incentives (I) - Disincentives (D))


Motivation=(I -D) * (Ability+ Knowledge)

What I have interpreted from this formula is that for every work
one undertakes, one is surrounded with ‗Incentives‘ motivating
factors (name, fame, money, etc...), and disincentives,
demotivating factors (no support from others of any kind; lack of
understanding of the importance of your pious efforts , etc…).

But here lies the catch. Here, a mediocre person will start
opposing the odd situation and environment, while the willful one
will simply accept the situation as it is, and will find another way
to reach one‘s objective, of turning one‘s dreams into a reality.
That‘s the only a small, but the crucial difference. By accepting the
situation (though not in a negative sense) as it is, one can save a lot
of ‗most precious‘ spiritual energy, which gets wasted by
resisting the unresistable. The willful one sees some incentives
even in the disincentives, while the mediocre sees disincentives
even in the incentives.

If we just put this kind of attitude of a mediocre person in the
right side of the formula, then we can simply see that the balance
shifts more towards disincentives, and hence, the negative
disincentive part becomes much larger than incentives; thereby it
leads a person not to a great motivational level, but to a great level
of discouragement. This negative outlook, attitude will prevent
even the capable person from moving ahead.

If we look at the positive outlook and the frame of mind then we
can see that the balance shifts towards the left, the positive
Incentive side. The willful one considers disincentives, simply, to
be a raw-collection of incentives of lesser purity, but he never
considers them as disincentives. It‘s better to say that moon is ‗off
white‘ in one small area than disrepute it of having a black spot.
This willingness takes such positive people far ahead of the others.

There is one ‗special‘ aspect of these ‗rare beings‘ besides the one
mentioned above, and that is--- all their actions are always in
‗reference‘ to something special. Something which they consider
as very unique, special, simply un-resistible and worthy of respect

and worship. All their actions are dedicated to those special
‗references‘ only, and not for any other, not even for themselves.
We generally don‘t act, or work, with that ‗reference point‘ in
mind. We tend to become very selfish, and don‘t think about
anybody else beyond ourselves. Selfishness is good only when it is
not the synonym of ‗cruelty‘. These two differences in the thought
process of an inspired being and a mediocre person, is generally
the root cause of the huge gap that exists between them.

―What are those special reference points that all willful ones

There are thousands of examples, which highlights how important
the sources of the pebbles are. Now, its time to reveal them.

               The three sources of pebbles…are



                            &                    Teachers.

These three sources of pebbles---Family, Friends and Teachers can
accelerate our slow and sluggish journey towards both inner world
and outer world. Once accelerated, then no matter what hurdle
comes between you and your success, your accelerated
momentum (love and respect) will take care of the hurdle
automatically. It will make you feel light at heart and this is great.
Isn‘t it!.

It will be very easy to get rid of a hurdle like an athlete who after
having developed a bit of speed (acceleration) jumps over the
hurdles. The ‗initial‘ distance is the longest one of all and is also

very tiring. One may spend one‘s whole life walking or jumping or
running along this initial track and still be ‗unsuccessful‘ in
crossing even the first hurdle. To cross any hurdle, one‘s being
should be accelerated by the lightness of heart, accompanied by
enthusiasm, stamina (perseverance) and a particular mental state
(positive mental attitude) with the ultimate aim of kissing (to give
happiness to one‘s loved ones) the finish line.

Without all this in one‘s being, one is not ‗eligible‘ to even
participate in this hurdle-race. One better try another game and
there one may bring glory, no matter how small, to one‘s family
and nation. But don‘t even think of participating in this hurdle–
race because it requires a certain skill set which one may not have
and the judges of the game will turn one out forthright from the
stadium. So, one should think thrice before one fill up the
participation form else one will be disappointed once into the
stadium and the board comes rushing and says, ―O Mr. Confident!
Your form is unacceptable to our committee and so you are
debarred from the race. We are sorry for this mistake of our
officials. But, the rule is a rule. And there is no other option
besides accepting it‖.

The reason I am again and again pointing to your willingness is
because the moment you are very clear about its importance, things
happen. Life will open all its sources of help coming to you in the
form of a relation, a friend, a stranger or even a Teacher. You will
be amazed to see some ways suggested by these special sources.
Once you are loved by those relations, then, believe me, you won‘t
get deviated to any wrong path because then all your actions will
be taken with reference to these beautiful relationships you have
raised and nursed with special care. But all this actions are to be
energized with meditations else nothing will go right in long run
and your life will become a piece of meat to tear for ‗jackals to

All inspired beings owe their success either to family or their
Friends, or their respected Teachers, or to all of them. They all are

the ‗invisible‘ reference points to all geniuses in their visible work-
life. All Inspired ones were successful in filling their Magical Bags
with pebbles, directly from these infinite sources. Some were born
with partially filled bags, some empty and some with one or two
sources of pebbles and that too with a big hole in their only Bag.
Only very few of them were fortunate enough to have the grace
flowing to them from the three sources, till the end of their life.

Henry Ford, owed his success to his dying mother; the Beatles,
Spice Girls, VengaBoys and the like owed their popularity to the
loving relationship between their friends, and also friendly-fans
without which the group could not have become so
‗internationally‘ popular. It was the magic of trust of the mother of
a partially deaf 4 year-old boy that transformed him into a genius
of the millennium. This boy was none other than Thomas Edison,
who was debarred from school after a mere six months because of
his handicap. Swami Vivekananda owed his fragrance to his Guru
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. The great Arjuna, son of queen Kunti,
attained the glimpse of Truth because of the grace of Lord Krishna.
And the musical saga continues.

All these real facts leads us to a sacred concept of Non-
Attachment to the fruits of one‘s action, by dedicating all the
fruits of success to Almighty God, and submitting one‘s will to His
Will. An atheist generally wonders, how can one offer all his
success to an unknown (though all- pervasive) God. For them, I
will take a different turn.

With due respect to the Rishis who gave this beautiful divine
concept, I suggest one differently interpreted way of dedicating
one‘s success, but not to someone whom you haven‘t seen for
once, not to someone with whom you haven‘t shared some
memorable moments of your life. Just try another ‗way of
dedication‘. Dedicate your success to someone more real, more
familiar and your dear ones, to more known figures and forms,
the ones whom you respect and love dearly.

Yes! I am asking you all to work, live and breathe for your
mother, father, sister and brother; your Friends who had supported
you in the toughest of times in your life, who gave you the courage
to keep your hope alive; your favorite and respected Teacher who
taught you the lessons of life which was beyond your capacity to
learn without their graceful and loving gestures. These three are
the sacred and worship-worthy messengers of God. If they are
happy, then God will be happy too. These three relations are just
the visible forms, of that formless God. Only through these forms,
you will feel His love flowing in your heart. Your dedications to
any of them will automatically be dedicated to Him.

Moreover there is one small reason because of which I felt to put
forward a related, an interpreted concept, to that of Hindu
Religion. The time when those scriptures were written, there was
relatively perfect harmony in and around the families. As it is said,
that if the lower needs are fulfilled then, only the thirst of higher
needs comes to mind and become one of the motivational factor
(Maslow ‗Need‘ Theory) for one to rise high in this world of
action. So, I relate this to those times when every relationship was
as pure as child. Then to motivate a person (to become even better)
the higher concept of dedication to God (above humans) would
have arisen. But, at this moment, the scene is not congruent to that
of the past. We have lost that art of giving love and respect, to even
our near and dear ones, what to say of enemies. The primary step;
dedication to self, friends, parents and teachers; which was not
needed in ancient times. After understanding this only then we can
really understand the presence of any possibility of the next step---
dedication to God.

Once you are in touch with these oceans full of pebbles, you will
experience that they are pouring themselves completely into your
empty cup (in a positive sense), the Magical Bag, until your
pebbles starts overflowing. But, somehow, I find that we have lost
the understanding and knowledge of the magic of these three
sacred oceans. This may be attributed to some of our bitter

experiences with one or all of these sources. But this should not
put the brakes on our movement towards growth.

If one source can‘t put you on fire, NO PROBLEM, go for some
other source, testify its reliability, and if you find it capable enough
to put fire in your belly, then stick to it forever. Because you have
found a never-ending source of fire! There is one special thing
about these sources. Once you get one source of fire, you will gain
a special ‗eye‘ which can help you see the fire hidden inside the
other two sources. But if you couldn‘t, then your so-called
‗discovered ocean‘ must be actually at a distance of few miles. Go
closer and quickly, as once the cool breeze coming from a nearby
ocean maddens your being, then the only thirst that will survive
will be---to go and jump into it, naked or clothed. So, Re-discover
it again.

The choice to have an ideal family is beyond your control. You
yourself have to make an effort to find the best part of your family,
and be content with it. Don‘t ask for more, else you will be
disappointed. To discover an ideal Friend, is a tedious but sacred
exercise. One has to try at least a hundred times. There is no other
alternative. If your search is intense, you will find one in a pretty
short time. You may succeed in finding your Friend either at the
age of 5 or 22 years, 50 or even 70 years. Nobody knows!
Sometimes you are on the verge of having a Friend and suddenly
the trust runs away like any other sweet dream (because of some
mysterious reasons) never known to one of them. Finding a
Teacher ---- is the most difficult of all tasks. You have to search at
least one thousand of them to find one caring Teacher. When the
aura of his love touches your inner being and you feel being
attracted, pulled towards him only then the search seems to end.
But if the pull is on consistent basis and never seems to end, you
have found one. But this experiential-understandings have to be
different for you, else you will again miss.

You have to understand, experience them, in their deepest of
aspects, so that the requisite pebble can flow towards you. You

have to be ready for the waterfall full of pebbles to drench you
completely. You should be ready with that quality of being a
humble person, being lovable, honest to oneself, respect giving,
compassionate. Because these qualities attracts all the pebbles and
direct them to flow smoothly and directly into your Magical Bag.
My whole effort has been to rekindle the faith and sanctity of these
relations, which if given enough attention, will light in you an
intense fire for eternity. Just because of your few bitter experiences
with any one of these relations, don‘t let them go for ever, because
they give their best only in the end. First take a look at them,
understand them completely, and then reconstruct your own
understanding of the Family, Teachers and Friends. Having them
you can become capable and strong enough to receive and pick up
those infinite miraculous pebbles, from these vast reservoirs of

Understand the divinity in these relations with which, you are
blessed by Almighty God. The moment you feel the divine nature
of these relations, you become prepared for facing the ultimate test.
Now, no disincentive can prevent you from converting your
dreams into reality. These sources, without fail, are and will be,
giving you some experiences and lessons, enough to shake you
from sleep and push you harder and harder to work sincerely. By
developing an understanding of these relations you can feel their
divine nature and divine message.

With this understanding, you yourself will put conscious, 100 per
cent efforts to overcome all obstacles. You will start working again
afresh because then you wouldn‘t wait for any magic to fall from
the sky that might transform your dream into reality. And it‘s not
because they (the known ones) demanded something from you, but
you felt deeply inside to see them Happy, to shower over them
huge bundles of happiness like a cloud‘s never-ending shower of
pearl-drops on mother earth.

With this I take the stand to present to you all, a model to awaken
the Angel sleeping inside the human.

Ellipsis Of Life
   (A Vision)

   Open Your Doors And Windows

―My Vision?
―My Vision?
A world full of
‗Dancing‘ Hearts.

―My Vision?
A ‗Way‘ of life.
To be felt by the ailing Multi-viduals, within,
In just one glimpse from Birth to Death.

―My Vision?
A Blue-Sky.
Where vocalist Angels soar high-aboves (?),
Raised from the ‗potential‘ eggs, the Black doves,
Through a small act of Awareness, for collection
Of Pebbles, inside, from three Oceans of completion,
Family, Friends and Teachers,
Supported by Meditation the preacher.

―My Vision?
A modified and decorated ‗Request‘.
Request, scriptures-hidden, been a quest,
For humans to feel and read,
The ‗homework‘ done by Ancestors, indeed
Which is already in a simplified form,
And in your ‗garland‘ was placed the broken thorn.
The book so far kept closed with a silver edge
To the extent of my lightened abilities and knowledge.

―O Future Ones!
O Highly Evolved forms of Nature!
Understand the message of the Past.
Come to the Present!
Make it Happy, now after using the past
And Blissful future will emerge, of course.
As if an empty glass, in your inner hands,
To be filled up to the brim of your present thirst,
By giving freedom to search-open,
Allowing the extinguisher,
To compress the fire within,
Through a small vent without.

(The ‗fireman‘ always come along with his purified Storage-
Tank…sort of a super-man, you know).

―A self-explanatory wise act
Of visionaries of the Past;
Who knows the certainty
Of abilities of the Evils,
To raise their venomous serpent-hood in future
Because of their unquenchable-unquenched false thirst.
Thirst is not evil, ‗the elders‘ knew it.
But the impatience, the wisdom of evil spirits, is,
Which will destroy your inner rest.
The impatience, ‗treasure‘ of Mind, of the Restless Ones
Which can disquiet every thing of theirs, ‗inside-outside‘.

―So, before the Life blows the alarm
Look for the storage tank, here or there;
Exist it does, with its charm for sure.
If not in the present time and sphere,
Then in the new-matter plane
 It would have been, definitely.
Required is the search true and sane
And a life-threatening thirst, surely
Prevented by Mr. Panic, for explorer‘s own,
Lest fear‘s false wisdom starts haunting the world,
Showing that it is a thirst, truly-grown.
And if not water, by good substitute the blood.
With a condition imposed that
Red water, of millions
For just one drop of that,
The nectar of a Sunflower divisions.
Unavailable which is, at the ‗go‘ of search
But in abundance as far as seven steps,
Not light years, false direction who doth besmirch.
But in reverse-inner-direction.

―My Vision
Is to request you to jump-start the ‗search‘
To learn the art of Inner-Celebration,
And not to lift Humanity.
It will ensue,
The moment Real Learning is over,
Like a King the Day arises,
Following the peace after a long crusade with Night.
And the sea will be calmed then,
Of a shipman‘s desires
Who has sailed through many a disheartening storms.

Once such a shipman searched,
And found himself nowhere
Dried by many of his fellows deaths,
He cried…

―Water, Water, Water, Water…‖
His voice was the lone listener available
―The sea is made of tears
Where is the drop of love-water?
As I stay here thirsty,
And no signs of rain has appeared
A dried-soul I am, amidst this desert of water.
A day before, the bird said to me, crying
O Sailor! We have to part, sooner or later
I wish our search would end with a smile.
But it seems this cage stands no more‖.
I cried and cried and cried and my tears were all dried.
I could cry no more.
All my life appeared before my eyes
In images moving, smiling, crying and dying.
The vision before the eye seemed false
Half-truth, like a painting too closely placed
Before the eyes. A deceptive reality?
When suddenly one fish splashed out,
No it was too big a splash for one.
A new birth she gave in the flight of her motherly life!
Pregnant she was with a life!!!
A hope of something more, a pregnant hope lighted inside,
What might this birth portend?
For me to move, race and fly ahead for a new life;
Which is busy listening to final lullabies.
I mean, the voice of my expecting silent womb.
This birth, experience the pain accompanied;
Beside the tears of joy of a deliverer‖.
Saying he lift himself on his feets.
He sailed and sailed and sailed.
Far at the horizon the sun peeped through the sky,
Revealed the land of his memories.
―Hurrah! A land it is, a sign of soil that made me.
Here will I extinguish the fire,
The agony for a dream which sea-sleep couldn‘t‖.

Yes, it‘s possible. We can still give birth to a new Human. A
vision is already in everybody‘s heart like that of marvelous Taj
Mahal. It‘s just that all the doors and windows have to be opened
for the light, knocking within, to get free through these openings.
For opening the doors and windows of this very old but everfresh
mind inside, it requires to be only an Individual. If you are an
‗Individual‘ only then you can unbolt the small and easily broken
nuts and bolts of the wooden barrier (mind) connected with the
light. But, if you have forgotten your Individuality---your purity--
that ‗Real Face‘ peeping now and then (partially) from within, then
these pebbles are for you only. I call these people as bi-viduals, tri-
viduals or Multi-Viduals. They can still become Indi-viduals if
they just ‗willingly‘ come forward and dare to take a first step for
this sacred purpose. The purpose ---

                      ―To sow the seeds
                 For raising New Humanity
         Whose roots are taking nourishment, a treat
                   From ‗Happiness‘ city,
     By merely unbolting the doors and windows, the weeds
               Of one‘s mind, a stinking cavity.

     ―By happiness, I mean a combination of ‗pains‘ and
‗pleasures‘ accompanied with right understanding of these two
experiences by the grace of the beloved Master‖.

If you are willing to nurture this future tree-- Humanity, then come
and listen.

For this to be implemented, support by some courageous multi-
viduals is required who are willing to make a sincere effort in this
direction and that too only for themselves. Before that, some


            Teacher‘s Mental Setup
            (Giving Experiential Guidance)

          Friend‘s Mental Setup
     (Positive encouragement and support)

             Family Mental Setup
(Unconditional Acceptance of one‘s Individuality)

       Multividual‘s Mental Setup
   (Individuals live to make others Happy)

     Spreading awareness about the ‗Assumptions‘ in the
     Model—‗The Ellipsis of Life‘

The model is totally dynamic in nature and it requires constant
nourishment and adjustment in all dimensions (of life), as we
progress to the higher stages. But one thing is certain: there is a
strong ‗inter-linkage‘ between all different stages. It‘s like--- a
cycle---which, once started, makes one move ahead, but eventually
it will again come back to the original position. With every loop,
all stages become more and more ‗active‘, i.e. its internal strength
keeps on increasing. So, more the movements inside the loops, i.e.
more the number of times we complete a loop, more the multi-
viduals are freed from slavery of Mind.

The chances of raising a New Humanity--based on Happiness---
increases in multiples. It is also possible to jump back and forth
from one step to another, as this is not a fixed process. But yes! the
‗first‘ and the ‗fifth‘ step inside the triangular figure are fixed, as
they represent the consciousness state of the person before and
after the lucky ‗internal transformation‘. The intermediate three
steps can, however, interchange their positions as per the ‗type of
Human‘ in consideration, and the situation prevalent around him.

The model is presented in a general form. This is to be understood
under the influence of time for the sake of better understanding,
before we shift to the next zone of timelessness and spacelessness.

In general, a person (a multi-vidual) spends maximum time with
himself, or he spends time with his own family. But the time spent
with his family will be less as compared to the time spent with
himself. When he goes out of his family, he shares some
memorable moments with his friends. This will be, again, less than
the time shared with one‘s family. One may say, I have been
staying away from my family since childhood, but this is not the
point. The point is that the family is the collection of those social,

alive, aware and lively persons, with whom you are staying
willingly and that too, in a harmonious manner. Parents, real
brothers and sisters are generally known to be the heart of one‘s
family. Family members can become Friends, but to differentiate
in general, I am using conventional ‗terms‘. It is possible that you
would like to call your family members as your friends, and other
near and dear ones as your real family members. Please be
comfortable with whatever you feel, and not what you think

Then comes the Teacher, with whom we spend some learning
moments for the better understanding of our personal and
professional life, and again, this time will be much less than that
spent with friends.

The Angel, an ‗experiencee‘ comes next. He is an experienced
Multi-vidual who has glimpses of his real Self---Individuality
because of the three ‗references‘ causes.

In the model, time will proceed upwards in a decreasing order,
(starting from multi-vidual and ending with Angel) from maximum
to minimum. The reason I put Angel on the top with the tag of
―minimum time‖ is that now his outer-focus is towards the
humanity and maximum time of his reserves will be devoted to its

Few steps ahead of this point---‗Angel‘, is the junction, a point
which can be considered as the only thin line between the Eternity
and Finite Time. This junction----the point that differentiates
Eternity and Finite Time is purely an experiential understanding of
the purpose of Life in totality. The moment your focus changes
from ―I‖ to We‖, you feel yourself rejoicing in the lap of the
eternal universe---full of bliss‖. As the bliss is deeply rooted in
awareness and not in the mind or the heart, the changing of seat of
action from mind and heart to ‗moment to moment awareness‘
makes you feel ‗away‘ from the boundaries of time and space. I
haven‘t extended the time scale beyond Angel because the above

residents are already out of the limitations and boundaries, of time
and space.

Only Angel is near to the borderline of both time and timelessness,
space and spacelessness beyond which only the Masters resides.
This Angel is the same multi-vidual who had spent most of the
time with himself while staying at the first level (of the model)
with all characteristics of any other ordinary multi-vidual. But
now, he has the ‗glimpse‘ of his Individuality and will, from now
onwards, breathe with the only intention--- to spread the message
of Light, the message of Unity.

In the first four steps, time symbolizes the period one spent on his
selfish purposes. But in the fifth step---Angel---the time symbol is
pointed as ‗the minimum‘ signifying that few moments are still
required, to have some more understanding for the complete
revelation of one‘s identity. But, ―these few moments‖ can make
you wait for centuries or millenniums. So, remain attentive. And
for this, few (remaining) future experiences are surely to come and
help him understand some hidden mysteries of life still breathing
in his mind.

The elliptical shape, symbolizes a definite and well defined orbit
for the mentioned divine ‗objects‘ and ‗subjects‘ to work
harmoniously like the planets revolving in our solar system.

The space between the base of the triangle and the inner-most
ellipse, is considered to be the stepping of ‗invisible Life‘ into
‗visible Life‘. And I believe that—―It takes time for the ‗formless‘
to create the best i.e. Human being‖. So, believing this human life
to be most precious effort of the Greatest of all creators, I have left
some ‗white space‘, signifying some intense, continuous, but silent
efforts going on, invisibly, in this existence. This space and time,
of a spaceless space and timeless time---Existence, is only
extended to the horizontal line of the base of the first step of the

After that, each horizontal line above, is just the effect of the
magnetic aura of the Multi-vidual, Family, Friend and so on. The
‗state‘ of upliftment of the Multi-vidual, happened because of the
sincere efforts of the supporting basal-trapezoidal zone. The
moment, the Multi-vidual reaches at the base of the ‗only‘ triangle
(of Angel), the next force for upliftment must come from the grace
of Master followed by only his own relentless efforts.

The inner space between each trapezoid represents the
environment in which he is raised; his own nature; type of
personality gained in response to that environment. This
environment includes (influencing) presence of other lower-life
species like plants, animals and the rest alongside one‘s ancestors,
sibling and the next generation (linked ones).

There can be only one real ‗traveller‘ in this model from bottom to
the top, i.e. each human-being will be alone throughout his
journey. The middle three are just the ‗perceptions‘ (special
stages) of his own mindful thinking, feelings and understanding of
the influence of the three surrounding relations. The moment he is
off with a nearly complete intellectual and wise understanding of
these three relations, the Multi-vidual becomes an Angel by the
grace of Master. Thereafter, he will travel all alone to become
Enlightened (which is a ‗happening‘, at the point on the first inner
ellipse of Meditation after putting up the ‗final‘ efforts. The
moment he becomes enlightened he rises above the ellipses, and
gets established in Life, forever.

Any of the five planes of the ‗other‘ known (or unknown) Multi-
vidual‘s five-fold journey, influences the spaces in the horizontal
plane, extending outside any of the unique trapezoidal zone of one
Multi-vidual‘s triangular zone.

The size of the triangle may appear to be the size of ellipsis. But
this is a ‗blunder‘, which I am committing, just because of the lack
of microscopic quality in human eyes. The actual size of this
triangle is the size of ‗quarks‘ or even smaller size which you can

imagine. But these fundamental units don‘t exist independently but
in relations with every other being. And, the size of the external
ellipses is of the size that of the Cosmos.

The gap above the ‗apex‘ of the triangular figure and below the
first inner-most ellipse ‗Meditation‘, symbolizes the silent,
invisible but rapid ‗expansion‘ of one‘s internal experiences,
pushing the Angel towards the zero time or timelessness. But
before the final moment ‗timelessness‘ telephone him (the Angel),
his remaining and ever reducing time will be drenched with
thousands of activities in finding the new ‗ways‘ for helping the
whole world in his unique way never tried before.

The innermost ellipse separates the finite time of the worldly
activities, from the eternal existence of nothingness. The rest are
the ‗components‘ beyond the clutches of Time and Space.
Meditation constitutes the ‗borderline‘ between them. Beyond it,
it‘s simply a disappearance.

The cuboidal – 3D Rectangular shape inside which a Multi-
vidual breathes (at the bottom of the Triangular shape) is his
‗Spiritual Vehicle‘, a celestial plane, his ‗human body‘, gifted to
him by birth from Life to lift himself back. For that, he has to
‗stop‘ at different stations of journey (Family, Friend, Teacher) for
‗inner-fuelling‘ before leaving them all, and finally, to move alone
into those skies of Celebrations.

The gaps in-between the ellipsis is my silent acceptance of a
higher law, applicable to the planes of higher life, and which can
be described by two words---―Keep Distance‖. This is what is
written at the back of every small or big ‗loading Vehicles‘ or
Public Carriers having power brakes. And I firmly believe that
there is no other Public Carrier which is as big as that of the
spiritual vehicle of the Masters who carries the whole world with
them and that too with grace.

Above all, only ‗formlessness‘ can be the only way by which I can
represent Life of Enlightened beings. So, the ‗blank spaces of the
book‘ after the last ellipse of ‗The Masters‘, represent one ‗other‘
form of Life. That‘s why there is no figure or form to envelope the
last ellipse (form). Life can take the shape of the medium through
which we try to ‗see‘ or ‗visualize‘ it, because all forms are but a
part of this great anatomy.

This is the model---Ellipsis of Life, for only multi-viduals to try
and understand. Individuals, perfectly wise ‗The Masters‘ can skip
reading this, because they all will be dancing, singing and
celebrating their life in totality; serving the humanity in their
unique way.

Basically, this model has five visible stages. Meditation, The
Masters and the Life are the environments enveloping the
Multividuals. I will try to make you aware of all those five
universal stages, and the outer three environments inside which the
said five stages can operate. I will give a description of all of them
one by one here before describing in detail the five steps ---
Multividual to Angel.

1) Development of Mental Setup of every Multi-vidual

The multividual is a person who is ‗sleeping‘, who is ‗ignorant‘,
‗not wise‘. He is common, and very ordinary person who walks,
works, smokes; he enjoys cool-bed-shared-nights, and does
whatever you can ever imagine. Yes! Multi-vidual is a person who
hits and gets hitted, sometimes helps, cries; makes merry with his
near and dear ones. Imagine in every possible layman term for the
one-go understanding of the characteristics of the Multi-Vidual. I
am sure that this Multi-vidual might be a person sitting beside you
or is it YOU! Respected Sir, or you the gorgeous looking Madam.

To be more precise about him…

    ―Multi-vidual is a happy-go-lucky sleeping Indi-vidual,
                        A future Angel;
           Who is busy banking 24/7/365, weaving
   Thousands of futile and mortal, poor fellow still dreaming;
         Lower-mind-directed, things, heart-painful,
           At the cost of invaluable and immortal,
                   Spiritual richness, Light,
         Singing and dancing Inside, a blissful state.

In every stage of life, every sleeping, ignorant, unaware Individual,
the Multi-vidual should remind himself of the thirsty mission---

             ―Individuals live to make others happy‖

…constantly, until this ‗thought‘ becomes the breath of trillions of
cells. This ‗others‘ is the whole humanity and not just one‘s near
and dear ones. Once this first step is taken by multi-vidual in the
right direction, all other actions to follow (for example, second
steps of secondary ways such as dreaming, actions, positive
attitude, persistence, faith in God) would be true in themselves.
Efforts would be there, in the second step, to bring every multi-
vidual to awareness of his mission‘s uniqueness, and that it can‘t
be compared with any other mission

Every multi-vidual has to find his or her ‗special way‘ to
contribute to the happiness of entire humanity. But this can‘t be
possible unless he ‗considers‘ his responsibility willingly
(sincerely, thoughtfully). Emphasis will be on the importance of
the willingness factor, of the multi-vidual, rather than his abilities
and knowledge, which can be developed easily later on. Once this
willingness is there to accept the situation as it is, only then, the
model can be understood in its ever increasing numbers of
dimensions. After the thorough understanding of this ‗very thirsty
mission‘, a multi-vidual can move ahead to regain the state of an

2. Development of Mental Setup of Family

Family is an unbroken silk thread of Multi-viduals, who are willing
to stay with one-another, allowing cool-love to flow inside outside.

Now, it‘s a fact that no child or anybody in a family is born
perfect, unless, he is born in the Pure Land. But yes! These all
imperfects have the divine seeds inside them which if nursed with
care, can beget a beautiful flowering tree. But, here all families
make a blunder. They spray on the seed a poisonous liquid,
available in abundance in the mind-marketplace known as, the
Expectation. They keep on spraying on their child this very
‗popular‘ but ‗deadly‘ scent, till it cripples (a state of coma like)
the seed.

Instead of this scented poisonous liquid, they should just keep on
nursing the seed with a fertile ‗manure‘ known as Acceptance,
that is, an unconditional acceptance. Doing that, we do not
interfere in its natural growth. We can‘t create the sun, we can‘t
create the water, and also, we can‘t create manure for the inner-
seed. What we can do at the most is to see or feel the type of seed,
and then simply place it under the right environment and try to hire
all the ‗gardening equipments‘ from someone ‗experienced‘

The family members (parents) should just support the seed
(children) in getting the right environment, suitable for its growth
as soon as possible. Else, it might be possible that, if once the seed
misses the ‗first shower‘ of the monsoon (opportunity) then it
might degenerate, and in future no monsoon will succeed in raising
a flowering tree from that deteriorated seed. So, families should
give unconditional acceptance to their unique children by making
them fully aware of their real hidden potential, so that they are not
deprived of their ‗essential‘ environment which is crucial for their
overall growth.

And this unconditional acceptance can be learnt by ‗experiencing‘
unconditional love from the Master, who is the only one outside.
The rest of the world is already inside. It‘s only in love, that you
start accepting everyone, unconditionally else you can never.
Sometimes, the ‗form‘ Master can be transcended if you can make
‗formless‘ Nature as your Master. But if there is no other way, then
one should surely take abode in the shadow of God i.e. The
Master. This, smoothens the road for a Multi-vidual.

3. Development of Mental Setup of a Friend

Once the seed is given the right environment, it starts ‗growing‘,
and its delicate branches give way to blossoming of red, pink,
purple, yellow, and like coloured flowers with hundreds of slender
petals. Then comes the ‗duty‘ of all twittering Butterflies,
(Friends) to sit (accompany) on these flowers and to make them
‗aware‘ of a ‗message‘. The message---

             ―My Friend! I am here to ‗remind‘ you
            Your future is full of fragrance and love.
         You are ‗capable‘ of filling the whole cosmos
          With your fragrance waiting inside to cross.
                          It can happen
                     Only if you just ‗learn‘
                     The art of waiting and
      The art of permitting the flowering tree hidden inside
                   To glow outside, completely
           To become visible totally, independently‖.

The Friends should be capable of smelling (identifying) the
scented fragrance (goodness) of their friends, and must try to bring
this uniqueness to their awareness. This small act can provide the
platform for their friends to become self-motivated, so that they
can bloom even more abundantly. The fragrance, I am talking
about, is the miraculous action, coming out of the magic of nobility
in everyone‘s hidden unique Individuality.

And this capability of identifying right friends, and the ability to
energize them comes either when one is already being crowned by
one‘s own, unique Individuality. For this, one has to walk under
the guiding light of the Master, the Best Friend who will give him
pure, discerning eyes to be able to see the right friend, and the
‗energy‘ to help others in the achievement of their mission.

Some special butterflies are also there in this world that would love
to sit (make friendship) on (with) the non-flowering cacti, with a
noble intention of making it, as flowerful, as the other blossoming
ones, too. Because these butterflies somehow have faith in the
potential of the society-debarred or deserted friend‘s so much, that
no matter what the whole world says about them, they will be
always near to them in every adverse circumstances, facing even
the thwart of gods.

Friends should support, energize and make their friends ‗aware‘ to
keep going for ‗more‘ (in a positive direction), so that their
ultimate potential is eventually unleashed. And who knows---the
non-flowering cacti may also flower by continuously wetting
‗under‘ the love-water, semi-circling out from the heart, of a
sincere ‗butterfly‘ Friend.

As larva first grows into a caterpillar and then into a butterfly,
similarly, a friend has to become pure (again)---first and then he
should try to make others pure. He should make his heart pure,
his eyes as innocent as that of a child so that he can see very
clearly the budding flower, from which a fragrance, full of love, is
brushing his heart. If the butterfly misses this chance then only the
possibility arises that –―Now! Who will remind the flower that it
can emanate fragrance‖.

I see that there is no joy of life other than ‗walking‘ with one‘s
Friend (having the light of his own), on this ‗sacred-dark path‘
called…the Life. So, here lies the ‗importance‘ of Friends to
energize their right friends through their eyes and words to

keep going, so that one day their friends ‗attain‘ their ultimate
potential and they become---an Angel.

4. Development of Mental Setup of a Teacher

Now the seed is 100 per cent confident, that one day, he will
become a flowering tree, as his family had surrounded it with a
fertile manure to accelerate its growth, and the butterflies (friends)
are constantly ‗reminding‘ him to keep growing in the right
direction. But,
                  Which is the right ‗direction‘?
                          Who knows it?

A Multi-vidual himself, Family, or Friends? Probably they know it.
To be exact, only a Teacher, a Guide, a Messiah with a mission
‗knows‘ the right way. To govern the whole cosmos some law is
necessary. But who will ‗indicate‘ this right law---I believe, only a
Teacher. If this definite law is ‗absent‘, all planets will ‗collide‘;
all trees will start growing in some ‗haphazard‘ manner. To raise
beautiful flowering trees with thousands of healthy green leaves,
and flowers full of delicate-scent (love), a definite, right law is

Without this the harmonious development from a seed to a tree
won‘t be possible. This law should start acting on the seed the
moment it is sown in the garden (school). No delay should be
made. A Teacher is just a ‗medium‘, through which, some higher
laws can be enacted, which will ‗guide‘ the seed towards the

The Teacher should start working on the seeds only after he
himself has remained for a period of time (a period of incubation)
under the right Source. It is the ‗Origin‘ from which all laws
emerges; the Creator of all universal laws. Once that incubation
period is over, he starts his implicit duty of guidance. Therefore,
unless The Master says, ―Go my light, go my wise child (Angel)

may you ‗guide‘ the students on a right way with your light
(wisdom). O Teacher! Now, you are experienced, and capable of
guiding the students, to the right direction‖, the would-be-Teachers
should not take charge of this sacred and responsible duty. If done
accordingly, this will help the sleeping student tremendously to
accelerate its growth rate in becoming a disciple with an awakened
thirst to become an Enlightened Angel. But this will always
remain like any other option with equal probability.

5. The Angel

An Angel is one, who is being ‗blessed‘ with the love of his
Master, and who can then act as a ‗source‘ in whom others can
feel the ‗utmost‘ blessings of Master, overflowing inside-
outside, if not being ‗able‘ to see it externally. He is that
heightened Multividual who has partially awakened to the absolute
Truth. He has now become a responsible family member, a friend,
or even a Teacher.

All multi-viduals should try to become an Angel, so that Life can
work in these more-than-half, empty, Multi-viduals. It‘s pure
devotion of the multi-vidual with a simple intention---

                          To spread,
  The message of love and selfless persistence work for bread;
               Across the borders, so mighty,
            For the betterment of the Humanity‖.

Nothing else besides this intention, ‗attracts‘ the love of the
Master, and, if the devotion is present, dedication towards these
efforts and intention is noble, the love of the Almighty God starts
decanting from the ‗jar‘ of the Master, into the multi-vidual‘s
‗spoon‘ transforming him in a fraction of a second into an
Enlightened Angel, an Individual.

An Individual?
Neither a slave of History nor a Hero,
But the one,
Who wins the Hearts and can tame the Minds,
If invited by the Minds themselves, for the Highest;
Or, who Inspires the minds to follow the heart‘s songs;
Or, who guides the misguided adults
To return to the world of Innocence;
Or, who demonstrates the highest probability to the Drops,
By himself leading ahead,
Of an assured earning, an invaluable Ocean.

Once earned by the Drops, the awakened awareness,
It then makes them self-aware, to the dwellers of Oceans,
Flooded by compassion, a distilled form of real love,
To go back;
To bring into awareness of few more isolated Drops;
To come and join, the Oceanic ones, to disappear into,
In their only, yet possible, waiting, Elevated World.

Here, the first cycle of the model ends, and now the multi-vidual
turned Angel feels like a child ‗again‘, a responsible Angelic
human. I simply call this ‗happening‘ a special one and call it as

The movements, divine in nature, are of course, responsible for his
appearance. The newly born Angel opens its eyes into this new
world. For the first time, the child (Angel) will ‗realize‘ from its
own experience that he came out from the ‗growth‘ of loving seeds
inside the womb full of bliss. He is here to spread the message:

―O seeds! Listen to me. I too have come from the ultimate reserves
of Happiness, and if I can find my fragrance, so can you. Let me
tell you one secret. I came from a tree (womb) that had a cheerful
mission---to give happiness to others. The gardener supported His
mission by surrounding me with fertile fertilizer (acceptance).

Then some colourful butterflies reminded me of something more.
The Teacher guided me to open up my petals in sky-faced
hemispherical manner. Finally, a new complete flowering tree, my
tree, was formed by the grace of my Master which produced
thousands of different flowers, and I am just ‗one‘ of them
(potential flowering seeds) ‗detached‘ from that One Parent Tree.

So, all my friends let us remind ourselves, that all of us are from
that same Tree. We should spread the message of our Parent Seed
of delivering happiness by flowering ourselves. We must do it so
that our Parent Tree-Mother becomes happy. Unless we become
enlightened, how can our Parent Tree be happy. And His happiness
is above all small pains and pleasures of ours. Let us make our
Mother Dance and celebrate‖.

All the thirsty Multividuals have to come ‗together‘ and have to
make their own families and start multiplying this ‗message‘. Here
lies the importance of ‗thread‘ family. Before the end of the first
cycle, family was just a collection of garbage (multi-viduals). This
is the first time that some part of the garbage, inside the dustbin,
has recalled its diamond nature (experienced Multividuals), and
had started reflecting a spectrum of seven colours through its finely
polished shining surfaces. And that the dustbin is also behaving
like any other sparkling inner-jewellery box.

If all multi-viduals recalls that they are here to give only happiness
to others, for the first time a foundation of divine-family will be
laid on happiness and not on small things like name, fame, money,
physical beauty etc. Even if a few families become divine thirsty,
after developing roots in happiness, slowly a new humanity will
start spreading its branches and whose ultimate aim will be to
‗channelize‘ happiness (leaves, flowers, shelter and fruits) to
others. Then only, happiness can be ‗restored‘ in the air. New
friends would be chirping and fluttering on those branches. The
newly born Individual can play the part of both a Best-Friend, and
a Teacher. The web of Individuals will be as strong as that of
Spider-Man‘s web. Nobody can slip through it.

Now, if any multi-vidual forgets the mission, other partially or
fully awakened multi-viduals of the Family should remind him of
it. And they all should know the role of a true gardener which is to
be played by them. Similarly, all Friends and Teachers should
remind themselves of the true role, played by the Best-Friends to
raise the Individual. In this right manner, they should keep on
performing their duty, so that the humanity is free from all evils
which had arisen from ‗forgetfulness‘ of the ‗duties‘ of Divine-
Family, Best-Friends and Teachers-cum-Disciples.

All of them should take their responsibility as a true, respected and
precious multi-viduals, and then that day is not far when we can
inhale happiness and love deeply from the air itself. Then,
everything, every moment of life will be full of dance, joy and then
we can say which will be then –‗Now, Life is bliss‖

6. Meditation

MEDITATION is full of wonders. But who can understand it.
Anyone or are there some categories who can better understand it
than the others? Is it pure isolation or is it for the betterment of this
very world? Is this pointing towards the Enlightenment like that of
any sage or is it something for unleashing the very human real
nature? Will it force you to move to jungles or will it make you
more of a humble father, more of a loving mother, or more of a son
and daughter or a Friend or a respected Teacher while remaining in
your home all the time? Will it make this earth a better place to
dance or sing or play or it is some kind of extremist revolution?

What is Meditation?

Multi-vidual is the kite
Meditation the thread
And Master, the kite-flyer.

And one thing is hundred per cent true that…

God…Alone, can fly thousands
Through him , the Master.

This is how I describe the importance of the meditation for the
multi-viduals. This is that vital link between the Enlightened
Masters and the sleeping Multi-viduals, which has to be ‗dealt‘
with a great care. The Master is prepared, but, the new kite is just
not willing to be ‗threaded‘ by anyone. The reason behind it is the
fear of immense pain, which will make it feel like being killed
when few ‗holes‘ are being punched through, In and out. But the
ignorant-kite doesn‘t know the significance of these small, circular
and complete holes, and the whereabouts of the sky of this
handsome Kite Flyer.

Once the kite is threaded with these punched holes, the Kite-Flyer
would make it soar in a different sky, where once kite enters the
Kite Flyers are not allowed to hold the thread for even a second.
The dwellers of the ‗sky‘ splits the knot between the thread and the
kite‘s small holes. Master‘s duty is limited to bring those volunteer
kites into this sky. At the borderline, the control of the thread is
given to the One (Light), which controls everything. Thereafter,
the kite has to be allowed to explore the sky on its own, with its
very own different shape, colour and style of wings something
very special and unique. Reason? The sky-inhabitant itself
becomes invisible once its duty of a second is over. The kite will
ever remain thankful to the Kite-Flyer for punching those few
holes inside it, without which, it can‘t enjoy the steep flights in the
sky. And the Master knows that, not more than few rightly placed
four holes are needed else kite‘s own ‗rhombic‘ beauty will be
blemished. To be more metaphorically clear…

Earth was once a kite.
Then threaded,
Now flying…Untied.

The thread is very strong, Kite Flyer is experienced, only kites are
not ready. So, are you still interested in dropping the control of
your small kite, and allowing the Master to fly your rhombic
beauty in His own style? Start thinking about the colours of the
thread now!. Blue, yellow, pink. Silver is equally pretty. How
about white?

7. The Master

The source of guidance, of happiness is none other than the
Masters---the breath of God, the shadow of God and the Teacher of
Teachers. The Master is a ‗messenger‘ of that love-God who is
invisible but about whom he speaks of in his every word, and with
every passing breath. It is because of them that we can have
glimpses of the beyond. Krishna, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mahavir,
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Guru Nanak, Muhammad, Osho, and
like are the ones whom we know as the Masters.

Who are these Masters?

Heads and tails,
Master and God;
Two faceless faces of Revered Life---
One visible and the other…not.

Here lies the importance, of the presence of ‗reflection‘, of Sun
(Almighty God), Master, so that we can remember Him by
spending some time under them. The Ultimate source of happiness
lies inside but it is from this Shadow, from where a Multi-vidual
become aware of those untouched reserves. The seed can transform
itself into a flowering tree which afterwards, in turn, can then carry
thousands of similar seeds in it. The role of Master is to see that
these seeds spread over a long distance so that in some other
garden, or desert those hidden flowering trees inside them can be
raised from the Happy seeds. This act is done so that they become
a ‗supreme fact‘ in front of those ‗un-broken‘ seeds, playing hide

and seek in the secured pot. But the gardener (God) is waiting for
the seeds ‗consent‘, to transplant it into that special calling Desert.

The holy relation between Master, Multi-vidual and the God is…

Master is a gingerly soother,
Between Multi-viduals and Love-God.
To give glimpses to lower ones,
Of oceanic love flowing on the other side.

Like, ozone a messenger is,
Between Earth and the Sun,
To give signs of absorption, to un-enlightened ones,
Of eye-blinding conflagration, happening on the other side.

Don‘t look anywhere else except these higher-ones. Life is
watching you through their go-between ‗Masters‘. The moment He
sees you ‗fit‘---He will flow immediately into you through them.
Even though we are in billions, not even hundreds of instruments
are ready for its ‗service‘, and so they will simply ‗stand‘ outside
and wait, for your final ‗whistle‘ signifying the message ---Come
O Revered Master! Use me.

I request you not to waste your time in understanding the missing
grace and love of His on us. It will become clear in a flash---
afterwards. Before that, keep on doing your homework
intelligently, and ‗prepare‘ yourself for the ‗conversion‘ of that
divine Desert of Life into a garden, full of colourful flowers,
slanting fruitful trees, and echoing with your musical and dancing
fountains (songs of Light).

8. Life

Now, the only question remains unanswered is---―What is Life‖?

The Zen Masters expresses the Best. They talk through useless
questions and useless answers, but these useless talks have the best

of discourse ever given by any enlightened being. They talk
poetically of toads, mollusks, bones, cricket, bamboos,
metaphorically to the life but always support it with a whip of an
angry sound---Kwatz.

Life flowers through relations like Family, Friends and Teachers
guided by Masters. I will just take care of the three relations
through every possible means and this care will speak of itself
about the Life‘s nature, the purpose of Meditation and the
encrypted message of the Masters.

What is then Life?

A Gentle light,
Beyond mind to see.
Heart turned to dancing,
Not once, but twice,
One more and still it is.

Life can‘t be defined. Because to define something, some facts
about its cause are to be collected. While, Life is just a beautiful
and the highest example of the fact, according to which, ―there are
some events, some effects, which don‘t have a cause‖. They
simply exist, as a whole, and their presence can be felt through
the gifts it gives to us, the relations. Thinking it absurd?
Definitely it has to be, at least in the first place, else, how can we
describe it?

Nothing but a small word---Absurdity---is capable to describe this
Nothingness, the Life, the whole gamut of birth and death, of all
purposes and actions, of all questions and answers. No-one knows
where one is heading to! As if making a house with utmost care
and then blasting it the very next moment. Isn‘t it absurd? Only in-
experienced mind knows the importance of ―meanings‖, Life
doesn‘t. For Existence, this whole act of creation and destruction
(‗of‘ and ‗by‘ humans) might be just a ―new experiment‖, not to
cry and rejoice. That‘s why there is absolute silence in the

Existence. Even the souls of Humans are silent. I think that it‘s
only because of our dividing, noisy minds, gifted to us by this hard
working and perspiring world that we actually see Somethingness
and not Nothingness. Nothingness simply ‗observes‘ both the
extreme dimensions.

Only through actions can we understand the power of rest. Every
great work comes out of action, but it‘s the supreme ‗rest‘ which is
behind every persistent action. And this supreme Rest---Life---
formless, wordless must have some sort of a ‗grammar‘ like we,
the learned ones have before we write some meaningful telegrams,
heart-soothing love-poetry and the likes.

The grammar of Life?
Three extra-rational; pure-numbers.
Multividuals, Angels, and Masters,
Like alphabets, semi-colons and a full-stop.

It is like creating a beautiful ‗essay‘ out of life, for which some
tools are required, like alphabets for making expressions, a few
syntaxes, some pauses for emphasizing certain meanings of
expressions, and a final ‗full-stop‘ for submitting the full essay
back to the Teacher. But here life is the only student as well as the
only Teacher. Nothing is outside the life. Intermediary factors are
just its tools, some of them, its forms. Some are finely sharpened,
some clean, and others---barely used (highly reluctant) pencils.

Life is always busy creating different and unique essays, using
some finely tuned instruments, to help develop a bit of willingness
in other barely used tools for helping Him in writing some other
never-imagined essays on life. Ideas are infinite, concepts are
numerous, but ‗tools‘ are very few. That‘s why we have so few
alive and lively religions Individuals.


O Instruments! Get ready,
For divine lead is a long one;
Make your soil-pencil hollow.
He is very much interested,
In writing through your sharpened small pencil.

This is how Life shows its lyrics in evidence. Only thing needed is
the highest form of action i.e. ‗inaction‘ or ‗surrender‘. Alphabets
just have to surrender, to the Only Thinker who can pick them up,
and then use them. Wood should be willing to permit the lead-
maker to insert lyrical-lead into its hollowness, and to make herself
available in the hands of the Author. Only He knows the best how
to make curls and curves, beautiful sceneries and lovely
imaginative figures on a ‗blank-paper‘. This nature has come out
of His, Only His very interesting creative nature.

This is Life. This is what the Master can Teach. This is what only a
Master can Teach. The Lesson of Freedom by letting you feel the
joy of bodilessness. The joy of flight. The state like that of a bird.
No one can explain this except the disciple in the truth of this
training. The child is walking on the ground, He falls, he cries, he
laughs, he sings, he bleeds. The suddenly the Father, the Master
comes and carries him in his own hands and loves him. He wipes
the tears of the child but not the causes of tears.

He tells that the moon is the only friend of earth without which the
earth can fall. He tells that the butterfly on this flower is from
California or Bathinda. He diverts the attention completely from
the cause of tears. Causes can‘t be removed only attention can be
diverted. This prepares the will power of the child to face the next

Cause is just for producing the effects and if you are weak then
you have hindered the power of cause. Have you been strong then
the real purpose of cause could have been fulfilled. The cause

wants you to become strong, become enlightened. But your
attention never turned towards the Cause of cause, the First Cause.
So the Master comes and simply throws you into the air while still
holding your hand just to make you experience the false relation
between you and the effects. You and tears are not at all related.
But you are related with the cause. The cause is Free Will. The true
effect of this is Freedom.

But by your misunderstanding of the relation that you feel the
effect of bondages, the fetters on your feet. The clouds don‘t touch
you. The sky is vast. It is all pervading. Smile and the clouds will
go away. Cry and they will terrify you. It is just a daily experience
of a disciple that the Master throws him upwards but due to his
bodily attitude he falls down. Master never gets tired of his single
duty. He goes on throwing the disciple at higher and higher
altitudes. Disciple should keep practicing this even after the Master
is gone. This would hasten the progress. And constant going up
and going down soon establishes him in the root awareness. He
gets his freedom as he was never a slave but he witnesses this
freedom just now.

            This is all I have, the ways in my vision when I chose
to understand the problems through the white glasses of three
godly relations of Family, Friend, Teachers, Meditation and the
Masters. Now that I have discovered some common facts inside
these three relations that I can share with you in a nut shell. I am
amazed myself but wherever I see I find this hidden truth---

―There is a definite relation between every act which we are
seeing in this world happening all around a common man‖.

So, can you now smell the problem which can be solved by
walking in this direction? The problem I smell is---


Peaceful ideas and inventions are in millions and every one is
requesting the whole world to adopt peaceful measures. If that‘s
the kind of supreme efforts we all are putting then logically
speaking we should have peace, and that too an absolute one. But
the situation is somehow just the opposite. More we speak of
peace, the more we have violence. And we all know that there is
no single way to impose these ideas on others to adopt. It has to
come from within and that too for oneself alone, not for others.
Somehow these facts and figures shout by themselves that

―Silence, Love, Respect and Compassion are Personal
And cannot be communicated by any means‖.

I have heard that heart can produce these feelings in bulk. If that‘s
so, then why we all are not happy especially the western countries
who are the richest and where love can find absolute freedom
relatively. But I can‘t find this, at least in the present. Reasons are
infinites. Many have already raised it in their own way. At this

moment let me try to fundamentalize all of those problems in one
sentence which appears to me that…

―Our outlook is always on developing and sharpening skills,
abilities and scientific knowledge of the Mind and not on
‗developing the feeling Heart‘, at the first hand and ‗failure in
spreading it, the original feelings (if within anyone alive), with
right holistic approach of spiritual management‘, on the second

And the result is straight in front of your eyes. Ever increasing
inner screams, miseries, unemployment, poverty, unbearable
pressure of competition, population explosion, and millions of
suicides, super-masochists and what not. Though I am neither a
psychologist nor a sociologist of any kind. But just an observer
who can give a sincerely analyze them. And all my observations
points towards one thing…

―We are not Rich inside‖.

Why we are not rich outside? Reason: We are diseased vampire
like leaders and not healthy visionaries like white swans. I see that
most of you think profit as the difference between the ―screams
of the grown-ups‖ (the selling price) and the ―laughters of the
children‖ (the cost price), i.e. profit for you is a synonym of
―death of intuitive innocence‖. And one more special thing, most
of our educational thoughts are also directed towards
‗maximizing‘ these profits resulting from the mad rush of non-
feeling hearts after the illusory happiness, missing the foremost

―Development of Hidden silent nature of Humans‖.

I see the world to be still colourful just because of ‗few‘ creative
souls who can create something unique out of their inner silence to
give comfort to the miserables. The most of the world-dwellers are
creating miseries outside from their ever increasing miseries

inside. This is so because the external results and internal causes
have to be chained by the cause-effect relation. The remaining
ones who are not creating anything beautiful, see the world as an
amalgamation of both, with miseries greater than the silence. They
are busy explaining to the whole world the meaning of silence but
they themselves are not establishing into silence. They themselves
are not contributing to shift the balance on the positive side but are
just overpopulating, in turn, indirectly, amplifying the pathetic
state of humans. And,

Why we are not Rich Inside?

--‗No experience about the beautiful world inside the heart‘.

Whatever is outside is just a ten per cent expression of what is
inside. To be more clear…

The Kingdoms are the ‗style‘ of living
Of ‗Raj-Rishis‘
For harmonizing their Inner-Big world with the Empires,
Delivering the collected inner-spiritual-treasures.

And the Alms giving Streets, the ‗only option‘ of living
Of ‗Beggars‘,
Having Outer-Small-Materialistic collections,
Barring the inner-spiritual luxuries.

I am not opposed to the emphasis placed on developing abilities
and knowledge and external abundances due to the great analytical
mind but

Ideas, Abilities and Knowledge(s) may be infinite,
Glimpses of inner-peace of ours is still uncommon.
And to make uncommon, at least common,
Some adjustments are needed.
Not a drastic one,
Just a ‗shift‘ in outlook

From the measurable to immeasurable;
From random to right choices;
From family thinking to universal feeling;
From biased teaching to life beautification;
From analyzing to right discrimination;
From Business to Humanness;
From control of Human willingness
To surrender in front of the Divine‘s Will
Through Meditation, causing oneself to arise
From Motivated Multividuals to Inspired Angels.
And from the revealed music,
To the revealed song and finally,
Remaining witness to the Dance of Gods.

I just wish, that the ‗link‘ between the skies full of feelingful-ideas
be connected to the ‗receptive‘ machinery of human, Human-
Mind. It is brilliant in analyzing any idea but not in producing it.
Minds can only analyze but someone else produces. Or should I
say all possible ideas are already produced and humans require just
a mechanism to collect just few of them, through ‗connection‘.
And this mechanism is universally known as ‗Meditation‘ and the
‗sky‘ full of Ideas is the ‗Cosmic Mind‘ or the ‗Cosmic Heart‘.
And the beauty of this mechanism is that it is already inside the
Humans. The only act ‗missing‘ is the courage of coming forward
so as to discover it by a little bit of persistent efforts.

Reasons for not having inner peace are infinite. The minor reasons
ones are the inner hopelessness for the future and one‘s
helplessness to think & contribute courageously and positively
about it (future) after seeing the mind-boggling present, past &
possible future events & activities.

The major reason being the Inability of the achievements made
outside to fill the greatest void inside. And I call the major reason
being the real event. The minor ones being the uncontrolled
activities which results because of the lack of understanding of the

importance of this BIGGEST EVENT OF LIFE and thereby
making small activities as the substitute of it.

What we don‘t understand is that activities going all around us are
just the ‗deviated results‘ of the ‗false events‘ happening now or
then. Our focus should be on the ‗cause of false events‘ rather than
on the ‗activities‘ because one event can create thousands of
activities. After false events then comes ‗Event Management
tools‘ like missionary services, charitable organizations, peace
treaties, peaceful rallies etc. And at the end comes thousands of
‗activities to control‘ the fire because of the uncontrollable
expansion of false events all around the world, like communal
riots, divorces, world wars, patriotic wars etc.

If the event itself is wrong in the first place, the whole event
management and the supporting activities can never be right, no
matter how many great researchers find some ‗flaws in the
coordination of activities‘. It will be a sheer waste of time and
money if they ‗ignored‘ just the wrongness of the event itself. All
is then just a cyclic cobweb from which you will be entrapped for
eternity. Many have seen this web but still we are not out of this
ever increasing and ‗threatening‘ web. But very few are aware of
the cause of the awakening of real event, the heart, or the power of

If one can allow the right events to happen and then support it with
the ‗right‘, ‗ready‘ management then activities are bound to be
mind and soul soothing else not. But if the entrepreneurs are
themselves diseased then what to call of managers. You have to
suffer, you have to become miserable, you have to fight, you have
to become schizophrenic, you have to do which you can also never
imagine at present. Nothing will be left to imagine further.

So, how to allow the right events to happen by itself.
―Connection‖. Yes! The connection with the right source.

According to me,

Connection with the Ultimate through Meditation,
In silence and harmony, in the self, is the Primary cause.
Inner-peace is the first and Real-Ideas the after-effects.
And this supreme peace fills the one big Void within,
A pious side-effect.

But the miseries---inner screams, inner frustrations, noises,
restlessness and infinite numbers of contradictions with oneself---
prevents connection. Silence and Harmony comes later on. First of
all, relaxed mind is needed and then only you can hope for magic
to happen next, iff connection gets established, not before. Efforts
should be in the effective understanding and implementing of
Mechanism. Connection will happen automatically the moment
mechanism is rightly implemented. This establishment severely
depends upon the quality of the receptive mechanism (i.e. whether
you are having an intellectual, innocent or just an stupid and blunt
mind). More the intellectual more the chances of steep progress
and steep regress. More the innocence more the chances of
stupendous progress if directed through the intellectual tunnel.

Considering all, I see that the state of ‗developed countries‘ is good
and is going towards the worst instead of better if the positive
direction is not given. This is because of partial relaxations coming
through ineffective use of ideal and relaxed atmosphere
prevalent there now. They are still unable to live life to the
fullest. And the underdeveloped ones, the fully tensed ones, can‘t
produce the raw material. Not much the difference in these two
states, as both are miserable. The latter one hoping for becoming
the former and the former preparing for a joint-suicide. Only ways
of their miseries differs but both are almost masochists. Only a
magical shifting can save them from this imposed latest style of
living---Masochism which itself was adopted after replacing the
old style, the Sadists.

Now the question arises how the Magical (the Inspirational)
shifting of one‘s abilities and knowledge happens because of
Meditation which will set them on the right way. This is the
mystical whirlpool where we all are at present. Some are on the
verge of crossing but most of us are in the deadliest middle which
can suck the top into dark bottom and can attract the peripherals
towards the center. Here it is for you to see, the answer, the
process of Magical Shifting.

I have previously described the formulated version of Motivation.
Let me repeat once more

Motivation= (One‘s Willingness) X (Abilities +Knowledge)

Now the Magical Shifting because of Meditation which leads us to
                                (Abilities + Knowledge)
Inspiration = (Divine‘s Will)

That‘s the only difference. In Motivation, abilities and knowledge
were as important as that of one‘s willingness (As they are in a
multiplicative state with each other). But in Inspiration one‘s
willingness is replaced by Divine‘s Will and so the focus is
shifted on the higher state, Divine Will, the base, the only
fundamental of LIFE; from the lower state of one‘s willingness due
to the magic of Meditation. And this happens definitely in the
presence of the Master who is always enveloping one from the day
one. Abilities and Knowledge are then just the exponents, an
accessory, the power by which the Divine Will be allowed to be
magnified and get manifested in real forms. This is the lightening
or raising effect of Inspirational state on abilities and knowledge
unlike the straining effect on them due to the Motivational state.

To be clearer about the lightening effect let me represent it in a
simpler way…

Motivation= (One‘s Willingness) X (Abilities +Knowledge)

When you start meditating, it is like multiplying this magical term,
Meditation, on both sides and then we have

Motivation * Meditation = (O.W.) * (A+K) * Meditation


‗O.W.‘ is One‘s Willingness

‗A‘   is Abilities

‗K‘     is Knowledge

Solving the right hand side equation first, we have

R.H.S. = (O.W.) * (A+K) * Meditation

Now, it‘s a common understanding among the one‘s who aims for
Light that it‘s a cutting sword which cuts only your will. In other
words it‘s a divisor which is the reciprocal of your will, i.e. in
other words it is Ultimate Surrender of Humans to the God or
Existence and this term is constant and can‘t be changed.

So, the equation now becomes

R.H.S.= (One‘s Willingness) * (Abilities+Knowledge)
      (Ultimate Surrender of Humans to God or Existence)

Now the magic has laid its foundation for the first time. At this
moment if something remains then it‘s just the persistent
movement along with time to understand the experiences given by
the three sources of Pebbles i.e. Family, Friend and Teacher. It‘s
an interdependent mechanism where you will have more clear
understanding about these three relations when you try to meditate

with a sense of one‘s duty arisen due to your partial motivational
level at that moment. Even a small level of motivation is sufficient
to jump start the construction of your Mountain. But if you have
closed yourself and don‘t want to allow anybody to take you out of
that highly suicidal state then I am sorry, please wait for your next
beautiful life of your dreams.

With even a little involvement with this meditative world, things
start happening. Soon your willingness will be breathing rapidly
and deeply too. This will give you glimpses and tastes of those acts
which you were once avoiding. And one mystical taste is sufficient
to keep on continuing your deep breathing exercises. This will
make your willingness to start including and accepting each and
every act you come across or experience with decreasing intensity
of hesitation as all that is now within your expanded boundary of
understanding. And this will start including other‘s Will inside
your Will and it means your Will starts shrinking or diluting thus
making your Will infinitely small which is equivalent to One‘s
total Surrender. So, the equation now becomes…

R.H.S.= (One‘s Total Surrender) * (Abilities+Knowledge)
     (Ultimate Surrender of Humans to God or Existence)

And what is One‘s total surrender? It‘s nothing but One‘s Ultimate
surrender to God or existential Will. But One‘s total surrender is
the Divine‘s Will. So,

R.H.S.= (Divine‘s Will) * (Abilities+Knowledge)
        (Ultimate Surrender of Humans to God or Existence)

The Ultimate Surrender of Humans to God is perfection of Life‘s
purpose. So its effect will appear in the numerator. It lightens the
abilities and knowledge that one was having before this
lightening effect. It simply make them absolutely pure and the

applications coming from these pure experiential gatherings of
informations will arrange themselves in such a manner that they
won‘t give you something which you can imagine, as indications
coming from them will be very old. But the way it would be
presented, will definitely render you speechless about the holy
doubt of the hand of God, the mesmeric beauty of Existence
behind these magical applications. This is how all discoveries and
revelation happens. With this lightening effect, the transformation
inside one man, the humanity takes a big leap. Now the equation
R.H.S.= (Divine‘s Will)

And the transformation,

L.H.S = Motivation * Meditation

      = Inspiration

The equation as a whole takes the form…
Inspiration = (Divine‘s Will)

To simplify it further…

Knowledge = A ‗result‘ after practicing one‘s abilities for
            some period of time.


(Ability +Knowledge) = Ability + n (ability)

n- being a variable depending on the number of attempts leading
to failures before the success crowns you. Higher the value of ‗n‘,
more the benefits in terms of high quality of knowledge gained.

Reshuffling the above equation, we have

(Ability +Knowledge) = Ability (1 + n)

And what‘s an ability, the true ability?

Abilities are of two types. True ones and false ones. True ones are
developed by practicing in one‘s area of Supreme Interest and
False ones, by looking at areas in which is one is not at all
interested, against the heart‘s advice. One exception is always
there, and here it is known as Zero Ability. A special
characteristic of useless lazy Multi-viduals having No-Interest in
any field. They are true blind followers with no knowledge about
their standing and reason of existence. They are generally known
as sole-licking followers.

So, leaving this and other hidden exceptions aside

True Ability is a ‗quality‘ of a person received in
Pre-natal conditions or developed by ‗practicing‘ a certain know-
how under true ‗Guidance‘ in one‘s area of ‗Interest‘.

Therefore, an ability is a noble quality. It is a quality beyond
measure in nutshell and in equation form it is:
                             (Practice)* (True Guidance)
Ability = (One‘s Interest)

The reason of this kind of expression is that one‘s interest will
always remain the base over which the grace or blessings of
persistent efforts and true guidance can be directed. So, I have put
‗Practice and true guidance‘ in exponent positions as their effects
is just like exponentiating the present knowledge.

True guidance being a rare quality is assumed as a variable G
having high significance. Because once you have it, your life gets
transformed in just one second. If you have it, its value becomes

‗1‘ and if not then value is ‗0‘. You may be lucky even if you fall
in between, to at least taste the partial meaning of True Guidance.

Number of Practices are measurable. Ideally it should be infinite.
But I will only approximate it as a constant having an average
value of human age, at random. So putting it a constant value of 75
(years) at random.
Interest remains as an undefined variable of undefined measure.
So, I will take it as an important and decisive factor in the
equation. Its measure will be in percentage of true Interest. It‘s
supreme state having a value of ‗1‘ and worst state having a
value of ‗0‘.

Now the modified equation of Inspiration comes out to be
                              (One‘s Interest * 75 * G)
Inspiration= (Divine Will)

Removing the constant (75) from the formula but keeping in mind
that it will remain effective, the formula now looks like
                              (One‘s Interest * G)
Inspiration = (Divine Will)

And the moment the Interest becomes Supreme, its value equals
‗1‘ and when you also have true guidance (G=1). Then, the real
Magic hidden inside the Inspiration
                              1* 1
Inspiration = (Divine Will)


Inspiration = Divine Will

And when the Divine Will manifests to its fullest, the being
experiencing Inspiration becomes silent. He becomes Enlightened.
No-mind state is witnessed immediately. A dreamless state. Just

expressing it with a belly full of laughter. And this is what we all
do, somewhat, when we see our own stupidity.

Since the Interests now a days are not genuine that the Divine will
is finding difficulties in its expression to its fullest. But, even if the
expression is partial then also it is sufficient to make you feel being
blessed with at least one life.

Now we can see that once you get Inspired, the importance of
abilities and knowledge is significantly reduced. Whatever little bit
of abilities and knowledge one is having at that moment will be
sufficient to create something special with support of few efforts in
that revealed direction. And this is what I call as creating
something special from something not so special. And that‘s
why I say Life is very light, very simple.

The reason I said that this is a lightening effect because Life, God
Himself is under these applications. He Himself is taking all the
loads keeping the inspired man free from all pains of minds. So, no
question of straining which is the common experience of all
motivated minds. If strain is visible then one‘s willingness
becomes Ultimate Resistance.

Motivation= (One‘s Willingness)*(Abilities+Knowledge)

R.H.S=(Ultimate Resistance) * (Abilities+Knowledge)

This means that from outside one is willing to work very hard but
from inside one is being forced to hold back infinite number of
right actions which one can perform if one removes them
completely from the mind. And this causes straining in one‘s life.
And if one tries to live according to only this splitted willingness
then one is living in hell. And if one kills this half-pure willingness
also then there will be no one to motivate oneself. As one‘s
fundamental will is to atleast live, to breathe, to try to its last drop
of life given to him. Humanity rises through one Individual but

also dies through one suicidal Multi-vidual as the gift which Life
can give through him has lost its one chance. The abilities and
knowledge of that human dies with the death of one‘s Will.
With this the equation now becomes

R.H.S. = (One‘s willingness to live in hell)

L.H.S. = (Motivation)* (Ultimate Resistance)

       = Depression


Depression = One‘s willingness to live in hell

So, it becomes the utmost responsibility of everyone to clear the
major roadblocks by playing the assigned roles as a family
member, as a friend, or a Teacher because

―Man as a collectivity has not evolved. Whatever little bit of
humanity has happened to the collective mass is because of those
few seekers who became enlightened. But you should understand
the proportion. It is like a spoonful of sugar you drop in the ocean
to make it sweet; it is not going to do much to the ocean‖.

Now, I start unfolding the model---Ellipsis of Life by the first step-
development of Multi-vidual‘s mental set-up and I will then move
up to the upper stages, step by step, so that a complete
understanding of the Angel is comprehended by all of you.

Pebbles Of Individuals

―What else can a Multi-vidual be, if not
A sleeping seed
With the potential of becoming a tree,
One having strong branches and
A huge cover to give relaxing cool-shadows
To the under-sleeping ones.
The seed is now in forgetful-awakening
And not recalling the ways to grow.

―It should grow, actually,
But who cares about this supreme silent inner-growth,
Everything else in the outer-existing is growing,
Barring the millions of Multi-viduals.
The outer-ones are rendering Omens,
That they, themselves, the soul-less ones can‘t,
Only human-souls can.
But imperfects are not listening,
To the message of the soul-less ones.

Birds are flying,
Peacocks are dancing,
And singing sweet nightingale, symphonically.
But the sleeping-Multi-viduals only copulate.
O Dear Multi-vidual!
Copulation is of less importance,
But, above all is the growth.
Divisions arises out of wrong path, and
Which is bound to happen,
If growth is retarded.

Only Abundance flowers,
When Growth towers
Division won‘t be then but,
Sharing, not of
Miseries, but
Restfulness and Happiness.

―Above all Collections of minds,
The flock of Angels on the earth
Dancing like free Souls
Is what, that will make
The earth to be known as
The Land, Bejeweled with shining Awakened souls.

―Multi-viduals are sleeping
Lights are still to be chaired,
And Darkness to be dethroned.
Switches are in-built, search and
Keep on pressing the Button
Red in colour, shape of an apple and size of fist
Till you hear its beautiful One song
Coming straight from the heart of the Great Master.
Next, the words

―Come in my dear.
I was waiting for you to Knock,
As your mind has made the way soundproof.
Now that you have finished your real homework,
I can say gladly,
You passed the inner-test easily.
I am happy and let me embrace you
Not for seeing you happy
But that I missed you a lot.
Now we will dance and sing
Together and Forever in this life,
And will make the non-dancing hearts feel
That we two are dancing inside enthrallingly.

We will make them believe,
Not that our dance is real,
But that you and me are one.
Dance may or may not be seen by inner eye,
But we danced unseparated.
Not since years but the time
When your thirsty body,
Dried by meditation
Was made visible to me, to be quenched ,
On this Earth,
Sent from the womb of Nothingness.
Let me thank all, your relations
Who helped you in becoming
What you are really today
A responsible Multi-vidual…an Angelic-Individual.
For there is no pleasure like
The meeting of two real lovers,
Not of bodies, but of minds and hearts.
One, whose memory was lost
About the Love they shared in the past,
For days and nights.
Sing O world!
That one more pair of lovers have re-united,
One waiting, One waited.
Merry now!
That the dance is again visible in the sky,
In the oceans here and everywhere,
Dance is going on, and will be
Between two re-amalgamated lovers‖.

―O Desirer!
Awaken now!
If not today then wait for the next rare cross-over
And of wise Angels,
To give you, these same indications.

―O Man with many faces!
Two lovers are dancing on this earth somewhere
Find them, join them,
And may you, then start sincerely
Search for your own lover.
Else, there is no hope for this ailing humanity.
Miseries will remain,
Inner-screams will become intense and mind-piercing.
Pain will surely increase much more than before.
Awaken now!
Else wait for the waited.
To reunite, to try-make you aware
Of the presence of your own beloved, calling from inside
Everyday, and every moment for you, to listen.

―Come rushing!
For time is leaking.
Human life is of few hundred years
And every drop takes with it a Moment out.
Meeting can happen at this moment
Don‘t search outside, but inside.

―Listen O Sensible!
Awaken now
Listen to the dance of two lovers
See the songs of their love-pumping hearts;
Smell the steps of their love-making.
Try now; fail hundred times,
But try and try again,
As there is no harm
In trying to search for your ‗Beloved‘ Individuality.
As you are not complete without it.
Make yourself Whole,
Become an Individual now
And make this humanity blessed,
With at least one more Angel.

―Please bless the humanity,
By unrobing your false Multi-vidual personality.
By seeing the glimpse of your Original Self,
Not from the papers and words,
But by experiencing them through Meditation
As humanity needs YOU and not other faces.
And only Meditation knows the way.
Cling to it and walk along, as
Few had walked;
Few are truly walking now;
But many are still sleeping.

Please bless the humanity;
Please bless the sleeping humans;
Please bless them all.

With this vision, I wish to say Multi-viduals are the potential,
seeds whose ends are only in becoming the true representatives of
Life. The ‗inner desire‘ of the seed being ‗inherited‘ from the
parent tree ‗Life‘, is the ‗actuality‘ hidden inside the potential seed.
Everybody above is going to help it in its progress and homework,
but it has to take the first step itself i.e.---

The Development of Mental Setup of Multividuals.

Every Multi-vidual has his own Mental setup. He acts accordingly
to this unique inner construction only. As everyone knows that the
one having the best mental setup is the best in this world. It doesn‘t
matter in which walk of life he is the best but what matters is that
not everyone has this mental state. As in this small life one has to
aim for the best so one tries to attain thousands of ways to wear
this mental state of winners. Someone makes an ideal and follows
him for the whole of life, some tries some unique style of their own
after understanding the lessons of the past successful ones, some
follows the traditional rules and become obedient servants of the
society and the system to become the best. But we have only few

persons who have that treasure inside responsible for making them
great Individuals. The treasure---Dreaming ability, self-confidence,
positive attitude, faith etc, i.e. the refined Mental Setup.

I believe that whatever is to be needed, internally, should be
already present inside and should not be sought from outside. Any
demand from outside that we see is just because of the forgetful
nature of Multi-vidual. But in this world one can‘t protect oneself
from these true demands and impositions. So, if demands and
imposition are beyond one‘s control then why not demand and
allow right-impositions that remove the forgetfulness of the mind
instead of parrotizing the refined outcomes. These outcomes, the
‗secondary ways‘ are the precious jewels with which everyone is
being blessed. According to me, I see a real and genuine Individual
in those great souls who are busy in giving happiness to others.
They never need anyone to motivate them. They first dive deep
into the sources of Pebbles, the oceans of self-motivation and then
they start their never-ending journey of spreading happiness.

If somebody asks me to distinguish an Individual in one line from
Multividual, then I will say that –

The Individuals live to make others Happy.

I wish to point out this important variable–Happiness---which
seems to be deeply rooted in almost every Multividual---a future
Individual. The Individuals are working for making something big
so that they can bring happiness to the whole of humanity. They
don‘t bother about their own happiness when compared to the
happiness of others. (But these un-selfish acts comes only after
they start walking on their unique path. Their initial selfishness
was not cruel but a label given to them because of their friendly
cooperation coming out of respect and love for others involved).
The happiness of the others is the real happiness of an
Individual. They sacrifice their entire self for the betterment of
society, for the sweetening of humanity, for bringing harmony
back in Nature and existence.

It is this fundamental aspect, the common thread, which lies
inside every human that is still unknown. Instead, the common
understanding of happiness among Multividuals is not this thread
but in becoming successful, having a life full of pleasures and
devoid of pains. There measure of happiness is---SUCCESS. Let
us start from this point which is deeply rooted inside every
Multividual as this can become a common platform for
Multividuals to gain momentum for rising to higher stations.

Success is considered a thorough Gentleman, and he will shake his
hand with truly thirsty ones only, who follow their own unique
path, no matter what the situation demands. The path, which will
lead us to the bungalow of Mr. Success is like a multi-step-
helical-staircase with a difference. In this staircase each step is a
representative of all the other steps, as if each step has the
characteristics of all the steps. Moreover, each rung of the ladder is
designed for everyone, who is keen to be useful to others. The lazy
persons, trying to climb on the ladder of the others are bestowed
ample magnitudes and very high amplitudes of Divine certified
Quality---Electric shocks by the watchful and intelligent ladder,
sufficient enough for him to remain in that inner-paralytic state for
the rest of his life. The intelligent-ones always checks the deadly
current using a tester. The orange light in the tester keeps on
signaling the warning to not to touch that ladder till the person
himself willingly makes sincere efforts to design his own ladder.
And the moment he intends an expert ladder designer (a help from
beyond) comes to his rescue---but not before.

The ‗tester‘ has different types of orange lights, signifying the fact
that the person‘s (whose ladder one is testing) has this special
kind of current flowing inside, which was necessary for his and
only his survival. And the beauty of all ladders is that---all lights
keep on blinking simultaneously, signifying the presence of all
existing currents in a unique rhythm. This information should be
sufficient to understand that all secondary ways are universally
beneath every successful Individual. But, it‘s not the current which

is important, it‘s the rung that is to be stepped on. The horizontal
and vertical logs of wood needed for the rungs, have to be axed
from the only tree of your‘s (life) and not from others‘.

I am not making fun of all the white fumes of the Great
Individuals, but just trying to make the Multividuals understand
that –

             White fumes are just the silent prayers,
                      Of those Individuals;
 Chanting, that they were once blessed, themselves once slayers,
        With an inner fire, Gratitude to divine Pebbles.

Who knows that your newly acquired habit of collection of fumes
may show you the heart of fire. There is no hurry in this existence,
so be at ease and go slowly in search of three sources of the
pebbles. All Multividuals should just try to smell the aroma of the
intense fire inside these sacred and silent white fumes of those
great Individuals who were once on fire and are now Light
personified. This fire will propel your spiritual vehicle inside and
will give you an opportunity to transform yourself into an Angel.
What else for white fumes can be, except giving sincere
indications to others about Eternal Search?

First take a look at all the secondary testing steps carefully, and
only then step towards the door of success. Keep in mind all the
dangers of each step that you will take. The moment you forget
even a single step, this same staircase, itself, will be the reason for
your collapse, not so rare---a mentally retarded state.

Let us see the different unique nine secondary testing steps
(currents) of this special kind of staircase:

    1. Dream, Dream and Dream …Something very Big
―To choose dreams…discriminating fingers are required.
 To accept dreams…just folded, empty & begging hands‖.

Now, a multividual can say that if he has to be successful in
making others happy, he will dream Big. He will think in every
possible right sense. He will analyze automatically the feasibility
of his dreams and this analysis will be done very quickly without
any delay, considering all the possible constraints. He will treat
every dream and idea in a royal manner until he is sure of its
futility after doing a lot of ‗experimentation‘. Once this exercise is
over, he will stick to his vision---right dream. And this dream will
‗come‘ from the area of his interest, the field, which he simply
‗loves‘. His likeness will become the ‗supporting‘ dreams to the
loved dreams-interests.

By dreaming I mean that a multividual should make goals in his
life. He should have a clear-cut picture in his mind of what he want
to achieve, after vivid-real-movements in his created dreams. It
will put him on the road at that very moment. He will meet many
persons on the life-crossroads who are not aware of their
destinations. They just wander around aimlessly wasting their
precious time. They will definitely reach some destination (which
obviously they won‘t like----and this has to be true because they
didn‘t tried a bit longer for their favorite destination), I think this is
the root cause of human‘s centuries-long frustration (of a stupid
kind) that they carry around in their present style of blind-living.

A man with a dream is one, who knows What one has, What one
wants and By what time one should have, what one wants,
using what one has. The intermediate passage of searching, the
means of making dream a reality are of secondary importance.
There is a great power in dreaming. Dream is not a correct
synonym of ‗fantasy‘. A fantasy is defined as ―Unattainable, child-
like imaginings‖. But dreams have the beauty of their own
imaginations backed by the fire in your heart to make it a reality.

Let‘s see…

―In your heart, keep one still, secret spot where Dreams may go
and sheltered so that they may thrive and grow‖.
                                                  Louise Driscoll

     ―Anything the mind can conceive…and the heart can can achieve‖.
                                          Napoleon Hill

This thought of Napoleon Hill was 100 per cent true for Woodrow
Wilson, the 28th President of America. A story of his dreams is
narrated below which goes like:

The question was once asked of a highly successful businessman:
―How have you done so much in your lifetime?‖

He replied, I have dreamed. I have turned my mind loose to
imagine what I wanted to do. Then I have gone to bed and thought
about my dreams. In the night I dreamt about my dreams. And
when I awoke in the morning, I saw the way to make my dreams
real. While other people were saying, You can‘t do that, it isn‘t
possible, but I was well on my way to achieving what I wanted. As
Woodrow Wilson, said: ―We grow great by dreams. All big men
are dreamers‖.

They see things in the soft haze of a spring day, or in the red fire
on a long winter‘s evening. Some of us let these great dreams die,
but others nourish and protect them; nourish them through bad
days until they bring them to the sunshine and light which comes
always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come

So please, don‘t let anyone steal your dreams or try to tell you they
are too impossible.

Sing your song, dream your dreams, hope your hope and pray your
                                              Source Unknown

I request you to not to throw your real interests because of
anyone‘s harsh words or inhuman actions. Hold them tight forever
with your chest till the dreamweaver hand over to you your dream
and say ―O Happy boy! Here I am, with, your dream. I have
prepared it with love and care or you. And please know this for
sure that this dream is a true one. Just continue working on it.
Every necessary tool for this will come on time, fixed for this by
Him. So, awaken now and get ready for the real work. Bye, O true
dreamer!. May false dreamers learn this art of dreaming from you,
who had crossed its seven gates to finally have the real dream from
my magical reserves. Blessed you are and blessed will be all, who
will be mesmerized by the aliveness of your dreams. Awaken now.
Your dreaming state is over. It‘s sun over the head. Work on my
sweet dreamer. Work on‖.

   Be enthusiastic while you think for converting your dreams
    into reality

          If you feel yourself breathing the next morning,
                     Please enjoy the whole day!
                   You have got another chance,
                   To make your dream a reality.

Nurse your dreams with care, inside your sacred heart. Don‘t ever
leave your dream for even a single second. Visualize the beauty of
your dreams. Know one thing for sure-- all great achievers always
spray a special perfume on their magical dress, and the brand name
of that perfume is enthusiasm. The fragrance of this perfume
functions as a powerful magnet that attracts success. If that‘s the
case, then everyone of us should never allow doubt to interrupt us
and let this confidence be highlighted in our enthusiasm. I doubt, if
there is anyone on this earth who would try to avoid an enthusiastic

person? Nobody. Because nothing great was ever achieved without
enthusiasm and….

―Cheerful looks make every dish a feast; it is that which crowns a

―To be successful, Regardless of how you feel within,
You must emanate success if you want to attract people to your
                                                      Jeff Herman

If you, yourself, are not enthusiastic for your dreams then you are
not adding power to them. If you yourself are not feeling the
greatness of your dreams and your vision then how can you expect
others to become mad while supporting you in the construction of
your virtual images into a real and concrete monuments. First,
let enthusiasm overflow from your inner being to your outer being
and then only crores of people will be attracted to your vision and
mission. They should see clearly this overflowing enthusiasm.
Nobody will be interested in your givings if it is not coming from a
happy aura of an enthusiastic being. False enthusiasm will die
away soon but not the real one. So, let‘s become enthusiastic by
collecting pebbles and attending to our daily meditation before it
becomes visible to others in us as energy personified.

       The Magical Nature of Positive Attitude
‗Experience of being a failure can‘t be borrowed;
It‘s more precious,
Than hard earned money and happiness on board.

Failures are our only friends;
That pushes us,
In a blissful state that never ends‘.

I have read: ―Attitude is that mental filter, through which we
process our thoughts and view the world. It is the armor with
which we will fight as valiant warriors.‖ Positive attitude is the
favourite garment of all Individuals (warriors). They wear this
dress, day and night, and the beauty of this clothing is that it keeps
getting brighter by the day. The more one wears it, the brighter it
becomes. It‘ s not ordinary clothes as one can visualize it as such.
Every great warrior first puts these on, over his mind, over his
inner self and he sees through his inner eyes that the clothes cover
every cell of his body, his whole self. It is only after this, he starts
dressing up his external body with the same apparel that will
prevent any weapon from piercing his body.

But look at the great and optimistic attitude of the warrior: he is
preparing himself for the worst. He is not 100 per cent confident of
the protection which his external clothes can give to his body. But,
even if any weapon passes through them and pierces his body, he
has also prepared for that eventuality by donning his inner self
with that magical dress--which is next to impossible to be pierced
by any weapon.

This warrior after wearing the inner shield can now run by holding
even his amputated hand in the other hand…for what!…to see that
he finishes his mission on time. That‘s what I call attitude. You can
also wear this magical covering if you have made up your mind to
become like a warrior and want to stare unflinchingly into the eyes
of death. If you can, then no other dress (imposed false attitude)
will attract you, howsoever attractive it be. It is because, no dress
is yet made which can‘t be destroyed or pierced by all weapons
(circumstances) manufactured till now. Reason: All have to be
worn outside.

But yes! I can tell you for sure that till now no scientist has been
successful in making that weapon or producing that technology
which can dare to touch the positive mental attitude (inner dress),
far from piercing it. Positive mental attitude can be typified as the
Sun, which is very fundamental to one‘s existence. Nothing

negative can dare to approach it. The brilliance of the sun is
sufficient to melt it from even a far-off distance. That‘s the power
of positive mental attitude.

Now, this simple question arises: that from where can one get this
magical dress. No, you don‘t have to go to any fashion designer or
any reputed cloth market; the dress is already presented to you on
the occasion of your birth by your divine mother---Nature. It‘s
ready and is just waiting for your call; it will automatically attire
your inner self like a warrior. So, the next question is ---which
‗type of call‘ should be given so that your inner being gets the
message. And, it‘s very simple to make a call to this magical
garment. Just say----Get Ready…inside your mind lovingly while
getting ready prayerfully for war. The mind ‗receives‘ the order,
passing it on to this garment to dress your inner being. In no time,
you are prepared for the ultimate.

Get ready means Be prepared, the external enemy is approaching.
The moment your inner being is dressed, it sends a message to
your outer being in the form of Self-confidence --- ―O.K. I‘m
ready from inside and now you can prepare from outside‖. This
indication of self-confidence on your face is a proof that your inner
being is dressed up in that magical dress. The moment you
undress your inner being of this dress, your face will indicate the
lack of self-confidence, even your body language will betray you –
that inwardly you are naked and vulnerable. And the enemy is
clever enough to understand that if you are in this ‗condition‘ then
you are extending the invitation: ―Come and kill me!‖. And the
enemy will not delay a single minute…he will erase your existence
from this beautiful chapter of life. Your external protection is no
guarantee to protect you from the enemies. It‘s your inner
protection which is of prime importance, the main protection from
the enemy.

If your enthusiasm were coupled with a positive mental attitude, it
would be like transforming rivers into oceans. Every great man
accelerates his efforts by making his attitude healthy and strong.

This effort will smoothen the road towards success wherein your
dream is waiting, dressed up as a bride, so that at the end of the
road you can see her beautiful face (success) which is ninety-nine
percent mental attitude. So, are you interested in seeing the
charming face of your bride? Then pick up one of these pebbles.

―Attitude is what made a boy with burnt legs set the world record
in the one mile run‖.
                                              Glen Cunningham

 ―Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel
most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner
voice which says, This is the real me, and when you have found
that attitude, follow it‖.
                                                  William James

 ―The greatest discovery of any generation is that human beings
can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of their minds‖.
                                                     Albert Schweitzer

―Friends, there is great value in disaster. Look, all of our mistakes
have burned up. Thank god we can start anew‖.
                                                      Thomas Edison
                    (after a fire burned his laboratory to the ground)

The ladder, which I talked few papers back, informs me now about
one secret thing. Not about the treasures of diamonds and
gemstones but also not much higher. The ladder said to me:

―There is little difference in people—but that little difference
makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big
difference is whether it is positive or negative‖.
                                                   W. Clement Stone

Every ladder having this rung---positive mental attitude definitely
helps you reach some heights of success, but it is the width, which
matters. No doubt you can become successful in developing the

rung of this type (positive mental attitude), but the real question is-
--How much positive? One per cent, one and a half, quarter to two
or…what about one more than infinity? The whole game depends
on ‗the amount‘ of strategic Investment. Investing less in R&D and
hoping for reaping huge profits. Wait a little and, let the consumer
and volatile market come and greet you. Frightened! So, keep on
investing your business (of life) with ever-increasing positive
attitude daily. It might be possible that this one rung only makes
the height of your ladder so high, that it becomes easy for you to
unbolt the door of success…high above…from there and there
itself by transcending the rest of the not so significant rungs.

Go on and on...

    ―I am only one but still I am one; I cannot do
     everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse
     to do the something I can do‖.

Very true. All of us can‘t do everything. But we should keep on
doing whatever we, as a single soul, can do. Because, it is possible
that our so-called small efforts may yield the fruits which won‘t be
possible by any big efforts. Let your actions be respected at least
by your own eyes, no matter how insignificant it is for the big
achievers. If you are successful in bringing at least a smile to the
eyes of a small, crying child, then my dear, you have sung your
prayer for the God.

Never compare your deeds with others deeds. Be positive in your
attitude and just remain drowned in your actions. I will support
my words with a small story that I have read somewhere, and the
story goes like this…

A water bearer, in India, had two large pots, each hung on the two
ends of a pole, which he carried across his neck. One of the pots
was perfectly made and never leaked. The other pot had a crack in
it and by the time the water bearer reached his Master‘s house it

had leaked till the pot was only half full. For a full two years this
went on, daily, with the bearer delivering only one and a half pots
of water to his Master‘s house. Of course, the perfect pot was
proud of its accomplishments. But the poor cracked pot was
ashamed of its own imperfection, and was miserable that it was
able to accomplish only half of what it had been made to do.

After two years of what it perceived to be a bitter failure, it spoke
to the water bearer one day by the stream. ―I am ashamed of
myself, and I want to apologize to you‖. ―Why?‖ asked the bearer.
―What are you ashamed of?‖ ―I have been able, for these past two
years, to deliver only half my load because this crack in my side
causes water to leak out all the way back to your Master‘s house.
Because of my flaw, you have to do all this work, and you don‘t
get full value from your efforts‖, the pot said.

The water bearer felt sorry for the old cracked pot, and in his
compassion he said, ―As we return to The Master‘s house, I want
you to notice the beautiful flowers along the path‖. Indeed, as they
went up the hill, the old cracked pot took notice of the sun warming
the beautiful wild flowers on the side of the path, and this cheered
it some. But at the end of the trail, it still felt bad because it had
leaked out half its load, and so again the pot apologized to the
bearer for its failure. The bearer said to the pot, ―Did you notice
that there were flowers only on your side of your path, but not on
the other pot‘s side? That‘s because I have always known about
your flaw, and I took advantage of it. I planted flower seeds on
your side of the path, and every day while we walk back from the
stream, you‘ve watered them. For two years I have been able to
pick these beautiful flowers to decorate my Master's table. Without
you being just the way you are, he would not have had this beauty
to grace his house‖.

Each of us has our own unique flaws. We‘re all cracked pots. But
if we will allow it, God will use our flaws to grace his table. In
God‘s great economy, nothing goes to waste. Don‘t be afraid of

your flaws. Acknowledge them, and you too can be the cause of
beauty. Know that in our weakness we find our strength.
                                                Source Unknown

Pebbles continue to improve the attitude of millions.

―Life is too short to spend your precious time trying to convince a
person who wants to live in gloom and doom otherwise. Give
lifting that person your best shot, but don't hang around long
enough for his or her bad attitude to pull you down. Instead,
surround yourself with optimistic people‖.
                                                         Zig ziglar

― If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in great way‖.
                                                         J.F. Clarke

―If you want your next five years to be a whole lot better than your
last five years, you‘ve got to make some changes in your life‖.

Positive attitude is of the heart and not of the mind. Mind is only a
sieve, which just prevents positive big wheat grains to pass through
its choked big holes. It‘s because of only heart‘s pressure that some
holes in the mind‘s sieve becomes free and thus allowing the
positive big ones to enter.

Wear this clothing and ready yourself for the greatest of all wars.
This war will not be among two childlike nations or continents but
between your positive mental attitude and negative circumstances.
And, if you play this game, you will enjoy it a lot because you are
wearing that invincible magical dress, preventing you from all
adverse circumstances. Then you will for the first time encounter a
true enemy mighty circumstance, fighting with whom you will
definitely shout---What an intelligent enemy, I have been blessed.
This attitude is the major factor among other ones to ensure your
win over your enemy.

Dress your inner being with these garments the -Positive mental
attitude. Till now you were told to develop this positive attitude but
you just succeeded for one day or one week. Isn‘t it? And failed
thereafter till the present moment. But once the mission…to give
happiness to others…gets ingrained in your mind, this will come
by itself. No need to impose…artificially...which will disappear
very soon. Just make your inner world happy and then see its
magic. It‘s beyond words to express. Only experience can make
you understand this happening. And for this one has to just open
the eyes through Meditation.

      Let the warrior make its presence felt in the battlefield
       through ACTION

                        Every dream is true
                         While you dream.

But, not all dreams become true. It‘s blatantly obvious to anyone,
having a bit of common sense, that nothing happens without
action. Let me ask you a question. If it‘s a common knowledge,
and a universal law, that nothing really happens until someone
performs an action, then why is it that so many people spend so
much time and effort in avoiding action?

Please give attention to what the great achievers in this world have
to say:

―Advance, and never halt, for advancing is perfection. Advance
and do not fear the thorns in the path, for they draw only corrupt
                                                    Kahlil Gibran

This invincible protection of your inner or outer being is of no
utility until you enter the battlefield to test them. Warriors are born
for battlefields and not for staying inside four walls of a fort. Ships
are built to challenge the impacts and terrible threats of mighty
oceanic waves, not for standing within the docks. This will not

serve the original and true purpose for which a warrior was born or
a ship was constructed. They have to untie all their securities and
have to gather courage to face the uncertainties and insecurities,
which will pose a threat to their bodily survival. And this requires
a great determination and courage on one‘s part. Not every one
dares accept this challenge. And that‘s how we can see many
chained future-great achievers… multi-viduals sitting and
vegetating on the merits of living a life in security and certainty. If
they accept this challenge, then they have to fight for every
Individual breath they take. This breath itself will become a
luxurious commodity for them to acquire and even very difficult
to receive on charity for long.

But your inner being won‘t get exhausted at any stage till your last
breath is still breathing. This is the power of courage of your inner
being, inner Self, but to use it, you have to move physically. No
mental preparations and inner courage will be of any use until you
implement it. If iron is not used for any productive purpose, then
it‘s for sure that you have decided to invite rust (Failure) for a
grand party in the Fort (Spirit). No amount of knowledge or skill
will be of any use until you make a building, you carve a statue,
you create a symphony from three strings. Everything is possible
but bodily actions are important to convert a possibility into
reality, something measurable, something praiseworthy, and
something that is not abstract.

―Have the courage to take action‖.

―Heaven never helps the person who will not act‖.

It‘s like, you are supposed to start a journey of seven steps and
after taking two-three steps you say---―That‘s all my brother, I
can‘t move ahead. I am tired‖. Then I must thank that human being
who had envisioned, the immense utility of Stretcher, for these
millions of kinds of fragile athletes, who will become the biggest

clients for the organizations providing these kinds of sacred and
noble hospitable services. O Ward boy! Here is your god-sent
patient. Come and please admit him. This man needs some bottles
of glucose as a life-achievement award, for some delicate
movements he displayed during the walk, for his own survival. But
please charge him less, as he is already paying enormous penalties
for his most precious only life.

And bring to me that stupid fellow who pushed him on this
marathon race, having millions of poisonous thorns embedded on
this track. I will whip him twice. One, for pushing the wrong
person and Second, for pushing on the opposite track. Even if that
fellow had pushed this man on the true track then I would have
loved him, but not now. If not found, give him or her my
message—―O stupid fellow! Can‘t you guess the hesitant nature of
this person for this marathon race. He was fit only for the royal
treatment by the Angelic-demons in their royal tennis court by
deputing them as a ball-collector, not more than that. From now
onwards, send these kinds of persons, directly into the green courts
of demons and not to this unsecured open Olympic stadium, where
the dangers of cyclones, huge asteroid attacks, terrorist attacks and
earthquakes are the essential part of the game. I hope you must
have at least memorized, if not understood, my message.‖ Hurry, O
ward boy. Who knows, that stupid fellow might have again pushed
some other fumbling-hero on this deadly track. Save him, O great
service boy! Run as fast as you can. Don‘t miss this important duty
for the Humankind sake. Rush.

So, if you are frightened of some venomous needles piercing your
veins through skin then…listen further

―I discovered at an early age that I missed 100 per cent of the
shots I did not take‖.
                                                Wayne Gretzky

―Delay has always been injurious to those who are prepared‖.

―People who expect salvation at the 11th hour often die at 10:30‖.

Hear to those pebbles of wisdom mentioned in the ancient
scriptures, which are continuously following us like a shadow. I
can‘t understand, why we always avoid the light emanating from
these reserves full of Super-Knowledge? Let me try to steal some
light from those reserves of wisdom to sow it inside your haunted
black shadow.

―If you act, the fruits of your actions are bound to follow‖.

―A tree is known from the fruits it bears,
So a man is known from the deeds that he performs‖.
                                                      Guru Nanak

Let your internal preparations give its wholehearted support to
your external readiness because no amount of mental and spiritual
preparation will be of any benefit if it is not implemented by taking

 Actions merely won‘t help, you have to persevere

―A lazy person would have to suffer by poverty while the person
with manly effort and perseverance will be endowed by wealth‖.

Actions should not be done half-heartedly. They should not come
from your superficial attitude, like that of a heartrodden boy-friend
whose proposal had been turned down. They (actions) must come
from much deeper layers of your being. They must come from
your unconscious layer and should be the breath of every cell of
your body. Here lies the importance of constant action, i.e.
persistence. Persistence is the hard work you do after you get tired
of doing the hard work you already did. Any constant effort can

convert your dreams to reality, depending on intensity of your
persistent efforts.

Your actions should continue for a sufficiently long time and that,
too, without any interruption. Your mind will give you one
thousand and one reasons for not continuing with your right
actions, but don‘t listen to it. Mind is not as intelligent as love. Just
do it. Environment, circumstances may not support you, but you
have to keep yourself going, and that too, FOREVER.

I am reminded of a story that, Fritz Kreisler, the great violinist,
was once asked, How do you play so well? Are you lucky? He
replied, ―It‘s practice. If I don‘t practice for a month, the audience
can tell the difference. If I don‘t practice for a week, my wife can
tell the difference. If I don‘t practice for a day, I can tell the

I have heard --- the total secret of the success remains hidden in
two words, persistence and resistance. Persist in what must be
done and resist what ought not to be done. Both are important for
any sincere seeker. Still a lot is missing, but first take a look at

―Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
 Talent will not;
 Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.
 Genius will not;
 Unrewarded genius is always a proverb.
 Education will not;
 The world is full of education elicits.
 Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
 The slogan PRESS ON has solved
 And always will solve the problems of the human race‖.
                                                 Calvin Coolidge

This pebble ―persistence‖ reminds me of a successful win, an
unexpected win of a handicapped boxer. He had only one arm. Can

you believe it? Obviously not. He too didn‘t believed that he had
actually won the fight! He came to realize this, only when he was
made to believe that the most important reason for his success
was…persistence; continuous action and practice.

The story goes like this…

There lived a 10 year-old boy who decided to study judo despite
the fact that he had lost his left arm in a devastating car accident.

The boy began lessons with an old Japanese judo Master. The boy
was doing well, so he couldn‘t understand why, after three months
of training the Master had taught him only one move.

―Sensei‖, the boy finally said, ―Shouldn‘t I be learning more

―This is the only move you know, but this is the only move you‘ll
ever need to know,‖ the sensei replied.

Not quite understanding, but believing in his Teacher, the boy kept

Several months later, the sensei took the boy to his first
tournament. Surprising himself, the boy easily won. The third
match proved to be more difficult, but after some time, his
opponent became impatient and charged; the boy deftly used the
one move he knew to win the match. Still amazed by his success,
the boy was now in the finals.

This time, his opponent was bigger, stronger, and more
experienced. For a while, the boy appeared to be outmatched.
Concerned that the boy might get hurt, the referee called a time-
out. He was about to stop the match when the sensei intervened.

―No,‖ the sensei insisted, ―Let him continue‖.

Soon after the match resumed, his opponent made a critical
mistake: he dropped his guard. Instantly, the boy once again used
his move to pin him down. The boy had won the match and the
tournament. He was a champion.

On the way home, the boy and the sensei reviewed every move in
each and every match. Then the boy summoned the courage to ask
a question that was persisting in his mind.

―Sensei, how did I win the tournament with only one move?‖.
―You won for two reasons‖, the sensei answered. ―First, you‘ve
almost mastered one of the most difficult throws in all of judo. And
second, the only known defense for that move is for your opponent
to take hold of your left arm.

The boy‘s biggest weakness had become his biggest strength.
                                           By Source Unknown

This proves that you can get big results from small, consistent
actions. Persistence means commitment and determination, and
persistence comes from purpose, an objective of life (if you have
any!). A person who has no purpose, can never persevere and his
life will be drifting in eternity like a dead yellow leaf. Truly said…

―A man is a hero not because he is braver than anyone else,
But because he is brave for ten minutes longer‖.
                                          Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is an old proverb that when difficulties knocks on your door,
be at high alert; that unwanted guest, is in touch with thousands of
its family members. The moment you are found sleeping, with
your guard down, your thousand and one unwanted guests will
make your stay in your own home uncomfortable. Now it depends
on your ability to fight with enemies. If you get tired and
exhausted by fighting with only one enemy, then it‘s for sure, an
enemy from your back will show his magic. To handle this
situation, one has to be on a red alert for every step you take.

What I wish to highlight is ―Don‘t take a nap if one enemy is
lessened, you should be able to put up a tough fight to the next one.
Always be awake.‖ This is what I call persistence. No matter how
exhausted you are, you should not let your actions dry up, your
spirit, your watchfulness should not die no matter your body
pleads, ―I am short of breath. Please don‘t let me die‖.

But be aware! Even if you destroy one thousand and one enemies,
you should still be on your guard like never before. No chances
should be taken in this beautiful game of Success and Failure.
Keep loading new weapons (Knowledge and experiences) the
moment you come across an invention of a similar kind. You never
know when your enemy gets an access to these new armaments
and he will leave no stone unturned to behead you. Keep your
eyes, ears, nose, tongue and power of touch on high alert…every
moment. This ‗alertness‘ requires awareness of the multitude of

This persistent efforts of your will make you a king one day or the
other. Now it depends on your choice whether you want to become
a king and still be alive or a would-be king but as a dead body.
Everything depends on your choices and preferences. And the one
who is happy inside, it won‘t be difficult for him to persist a bit
longer. In a state of internal happiness we never get tired and we
always try to---work a bit extra. Reason: It is not that we enjoy
doing work but it gives us an ‗opportunity‘ to ‗spread‘ our cheerful
attitude, our growing love for ourself and internal happiness to the
gloomy or rosy gardens of others. Only gloomy looks try to avoid
the way of persistence because they are dead inside. Happiness is
truly the major force to become persistent.

      Mingle firm belief with your actions and persistent

―Their abusive language is an indication that the first ray of the
new morning is very near. Their abusive language is a testimony
for that…Keep on going‖.

When you truly believe in something, your belief is evident
enough. You see the vision in your mind so clearly that you know
it‘s just a matter of time before it becomes a reality. That‘s what
belief is all about. But, one should know that

―Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from
mediocre minds‖.
                                               Albert Einstein

Want to know more about the heavy impacts of false beliefs on
one‘s life? Read on the dynamic pebble hitting your mind next.
Here it is.

     ―Doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs‖.

With this small but important pebble, I am reminded of an account
of an eagle who didn‘t believed itself to be a mighty creature
having wings, freedom, powerful flight and that too because of
some chickens, small chickens with no knowledge of the power of
flight of an eagle (who is capable of giving thousands of French
kisses to the lips of the skies). But the eagle…O.K just listen to the

The story goes that…

Once upon a time, there was a large mountainside, where an
eagle's nest rested. The eagle‘s nest contained four large eagle
eggs. One day, an earthquake rocked the mountain causing one of

the eggs to roll down the side, to a chicken farm located in the
valley bellow. The chickens knew that they must protect and care
for the eagle‘s egg, so an old hen volunteered to mature and help
hatch the large egg.

The egg eventually hatched and a beautiful eaglet was born. Sadly,
however, it was raised to be a chicken. Soon, the eagle believed he
was nothing more than a chicken. The eagle loved his home and
family, but his spirit cried out for more.

While playing, on the farm one day, it looked to the skies above
and noticed a group of mighty eagles soaring high above. ―Oh‖,
the eagle cried, ―I wish I could soar like those birds‖. The
chickens roared with laughter, ―You can not soar with those birds!
You are a chicken and chickens do not soar‖.

The eagle continued staring, at his real family up above, dreaming
that he could be with them. Each time, he would let his dreams be
known, he was told it couldn‘t be done and that is what the eagle
learned to believe. The eagle slowly, stopped dreaming and
continued to live his life like a chicken. Finally, after a long life as
a chicken, the eagle passed away.

You become what you believe you are. If you ever dream to
become an eagle follow your dreams not the words of a chicken.
                                           By Source Unknown

And this will happen only when they see your total commitment,
complete self-belief of yours in your mission, your dream. If you
are after some personal mission, you automatically become a
leader. Now the psychology of followers says that unless they see
their leader totally devoted and committed, they also won‘t
respond in the same note. Let me relate with a law in science,
which we learnt in class nine or ten during our memorable school
days. The law is known as 10 per cent law. The original, primary
source of energy is considered to have 100 per cent of total energy
and those who derive energy in succession from the primary

source receives only 10 per cent of total energy, i.e. a total
reduction of direct 90 per cent. This means that lower levels will
have lesser intensity of energy (belief) as compared to the energy
level of higher source and it decreases further exponentially.

So, until you believe 100 per cent in yourself, in your vision and
goals, how can you expect your associates and followers to be
efficient? Efficiency is affected by the law of nature, called
Entropy, according to which- everything approaches randomness,
disorder. Until perfect discipline (100 per cent belief) is
maintained, whatsoever small orderliness which can be maintained
will also be lost in this world of chaos. In order to avoid this, let
your belief in your mission infuse seriousness (awareness) and
discipline (belief) in your followers, without which everything will
be a turmoil and you will be like a tired bull, eyes closed, circling
around in the same place moving not a single step…ahead.

Open your eyes believe in yourself and let others be truly
convinced that they are following a person whose eyes are open
(who believes in himself) and not closed (who don‘t believes in
himself). Then only, you will see the magnetic effects of your
belief, which will attract not less than the whole cosmos behind
your mission. Unlike happiness, beliefs can‘t be given. Belief is
generally a private property but yes it can also be influenced by
higher levels, only after ‗observing‘ and experiencing some fire,
some magnetism in it---else not. It all depends on the primary
source whether his inner belief is contagious like any
communicable disease or not. If it is, then it can be easily acquired
else all will work according to their own level of importance,
which they generally give to other‘s mission. And if one has 100
per cent belief in one‘s mission then this belief will surface itself in
his never ending happiness.

    Develop productive Habits

―Men should not pray for their future. Instead, they should choose
good habits and then these good habits will then pray for future of
humanity. And I believe that prayers of only habits are answered
and not those of human beings. Because habits are more revealing
than the person words about his own nature‖.

You are now well equipped with all the major secondary tools and
equipments for translating your dreams into reality. But, now the
question is---Do you have only one goal in your life? I am sure
NOT. Mission is always one but the goals to achieve that mission
are many. And you must find a secured formula–a definite
guideline, following which you can achieve every goal you make.
And that definite formula is, to incorporate all the previous steps as
a habit. Implement it every time you start working towards your
goal. The best part of a habit is that, once it is developed, then one
doesn‘t have to make a put more efforts on daily basis. It happens
automatically. But it can be of great harm in the case of negative
or unproductive habits, which will be difficult to get rid of easily.

So, choose your habits carefully because...

―Habits are at first cobwebs, then cables‖.
                                          Spanish proverb

―Habit is ten times nature‖.

Those of you, who see themselves into the clutches of bad habits
may find a sudden drizzle, full of inner-relief---I have read my
Master, who says that it‘s very easy to get rid of them. Don‘t fight
with them, but…

―To get away from bad habits, gather some courage daily to
transform the bad into good‖.

And, for those will-powered ones, who are successful in
controlling the habits, are praised by the sages besides their own
watching ‗watchman‘ inside.

―The ones‘, who make it their habit to control one‘s body, tongue
and mind are indeed well-controlled‖.

And friends! good habits are just the expressions of a happy soul.
Happier you are within. more you will be endowed with good
habits and the more you will be surrounded with deviated,
unfocussed persons for long-lasting friendship the more deviated
habits you will acquire.

 Above all, have faith in the Almighty God

Said the Robin to Sparrow:

         ―I should really like to know
         Why these anxious human beings
         Rush about and worry so‖

Said the Sparrow to the Robin:

         ―Friend, I think that it must be
         That they have no heavenly Father
         Such as cares for you and me‖
                                          Elizabeth Cheney

He, who is running this whole Universe, is also taking care of our
infinitely small workload. I am not telling you to become a
parasitic sannayasi. Do your best as per your capability in your
field of interest, don‘t leave even one per cent of your possible
right effort which you can make. After giving your best just go and
relax and let the magic of your effort to work on its own. Never
doubt on your effort. Let time itself reveal to you the value of

your effort. This whole process is nothing, but a trust on an
unknown and invisible magic, which we know as GOD which
make it easily understandable by atheists. This perception removes
abstractness of unknown to the concrete sacred form, God.

I have read that…

     ―God doesn‘t burden a man beyond what He has given to
                                          The Holy Qu‘ran

God never, never burdens anybody beyond the abilities given to
him. If anybody is feeling himself over-burdened, and sees that
others are happy then, one thing is for sure, he is simply ignorant.
He just does not know about the ways of working of the God. He is
unlimited and so his ways of working appear irrational to our
limited and rational mind. Let me make all of them aware of the
working style of the God with a short story.

And the story goes…

Abdul bid Hassad was not pleasant company to have because he
was a habitual moaner. He thought--- and truly believed ---that
every man was against him and that he alone carried the burdens
of the world on his shoulders.

One day, in the depth of despair, he climbed the mountain and
beseeched the Old Man of the Mountain to assist him in lightening
the unfair burden in life. He prayed and prayed until; finally with a
roll of thunder the Old Man appeared.

 ―Why do you seek my aid to jettison your burden, my son? Do you
not know that every man is born with a burden and it is the test of
his faith and courage that he can carry it until he returns after
death with strong shoulders and upright back? But since you have
moaned so long and loud that yours is intolerably heavy, come and
I will take you to the Valley of Burdens so that you alone may have

the opportunity cast down yours and freely chose one acceptable to

Abdul was in the Valley of Burdens in a flash and cheerfully he
cast off his own burden, hearing it fall silently on to the burden-
strewn floor. He saw burdens as large as tents, others as large as
camels, burdens as large as coconuts and others as large as an
orange, but all were too big for him. Finally, after days of
searching he found one in the gravel the size of a pea. He picked it
up and took it to the old man, fearful that he would rebuke him for
choosing one so little and small.

But the old man smiled, ―Foolish Abdul, after days of moaning and
searching for a burden so light and inconsequential, you finally
found the very one you discarded. Take it and moan no more‖.
                                            Manager‘s Handbook

Please try to think, on your own, whether or not the faith is the end
stage of the doubt. My Master, Osho, says that one should argue
like a scientist while talking on any issue. Faith is to be
‗awakened‘ in the hearts of every Individual. It is simply ‗absent‘
in the beginning, unless, you are born experienced-incarnate
because of the karmas of your past life. If not experienced, then it
(faith) will come only after few sincere and true doubts about His
existence and whereabouts. This completes the circle of having full
faith on God. If interrupted in-between, then it‘s just impossible;
wait for the next life-cycle. Reason: We have stupid, ignorant
lower-minds breathing inside unlike sage‘s sacred, wise higher-
minds and compassionate, awakened heart. Are we free from
attachments unlike sage‘s actions that come out of Non-
attachment? Not yet. And I am sure, if our doubts are a true one,
then the birth of brilliantly shining sun-faith inside us, in the east,
is not too far.

The real nature of doubt itself becomes a slow poison for the
doubt. It‘s because our doubts are false and of so poor quality that
faith never flowers inside our heart. Faith once developed, will

become the biggest treasure of any religion, and it will then bring
glory to that religion and no doubt to other religions as well,
without failing.

I have heard that…

―Without right faith there is no knowledge;
Without right knowledge there is no virtuous conduct;
Without virtues, there is no annihilation of karma;
And without annihilation there is no liberation‖.
                                          The Jain Sources

You are focused on your basic aim to bring happiness to one
Individual and for that you have to work silently, and without a
single complaint diligently and continuously. No amount of
disincentives (negative conditions) and hindrances should bother
you from achieving those great heights, seeing which, your loved
ones can become happy.

And to achieve this, you will wish that the unknown powers
surrounding you to support your mission. What I believe is that:
Known and visible sources of power are just a fraction of the
mighty unknown and invisible supremacy, the ultimate source of
all visible powers. You can‘t expect help from known sources
everytime you are in trouble. Then you have to just pray to that
unknown power that they should, from somewhere, somehow they
convert your wish to reality. You may call this unknown giant
God. I am not saying that you will develop belief in that unknown
power, God, but you will try to ‗shift‘ your belief in your ultimate
capability towards the ‗indescribable‘ abilities of that unknown

This is what I call---your wish to shift your belief in yourself to
faith towards God. This continuous increase in the level of one‘s
belief in our unreal nature leads to the ‗birth of faith‘ towards our
real self (God). My Master says that doubt is the first step towards
the faith. Belief comes later on and the faith only in the end. When

belief incorporates sacredness in itself, it is transformed into faith.
And this sacredness comes only after you witness Self. Faith is
much more powerful than one‘s belief. If belief is long-lasting
then faith is everlasting.

Sometimes, when situations are not under control, then we have no
other option other than leaving everything for that unknown power
to take the driver‘s seat. This doesn‘t means that if your first well
thought step is wrong then God will sanctify all your actions. No,
Never. God will just support you only when He sees that your
whole efforts towards the path of righteousness are worth praising
and that now it is beyond your ability and knowledge to control the
situation. Then only His ‗Divine Will‘ will act through you. God
will support you at every stage of growth, but you have to take the
‗courage‘ to put forward the first right step. You should dare to
enter into the unknown world of uncertainties and then only you
can expect something from Him. Rather, it is God who is filling
courage inside you. How can you expect a blindfolded man inside
the room to seek the door until and unless the helping hand itself
takes him to the door?

Let us pray that our belief be transformed in faith towards God
because our powers and control over the situations are very
insignificant in comparison to the immeasurable and unlimited
powers of the Almighty God.

―Wahiguruji Ka Khalsa, Wahiguruji ki fateh‖ means ―The pure
one is God, victory is of God‖.
                                Sikh Religion on Khalsa Panth

      Finally
Let us come back to the basic concept---

Individuals live to make others Happy.

For this one should be willing to devote one‘s whole life and for
this, it requires a tremendous commitment (which should come
naturally) with oneself. Besides, firm belief in one‘s mission and
faith in Him so that the sacred objective is accomplished. If one is
‗forced‘ to follow all those steps, and do not accept them willingly,
then it won‘t be of any worth. All your actions will appear false
one day because it were done half-heartedly and it is beyond doubt
that it won‘t produce just half-results but no results. Your faith in
the unknown will just be a belief and that too a false one which
will die soon. You won‘t be a true person and you will fail badly
one day or the other. That‘s for sure.

First make yourself very clear, to whom you would wish to give
happiness? And decide whether you are ready to put yourself to the
limit that you may have to sacrifice yourself completely on the
right path. The moment you are absolutely clear on this
fundamental question of your existence, only then the secondary
things of dreaming, persistent actions, perseverance, will come into
the picture, not before. Every effort is made to make it as simple as
possible so as to bring to your awareness the importance of each
step, which will lead you to that sacred place where you will greet
Mr. Success with a big Hello! and where he will bless you saying
just two words---------Be Happy.

―If you are a confident person, it should emanate from your body
If you are a lovable person, it should be tinted in your smile;
If you are worth something, it should be evident in your actions;
If you are a complete man, it should be felt by the degree of
balance in your life‖.

If one tries to visualize the life histories of all great achievers, one
will find great sacrifices of their name, money, family and even
one‘s own life. All this to make others Happy. What a mental state
they are in! Beyond one‘s imagination. May god send one or two
such persons at 100 years intervals so that humanity is benefited by
the tremendous work that will be done by them during their short

lifetime. This highlights the real meaning of commitment to
oneself. One is so committed that one is not even worried about the
material, physical or psychological losses that one may suffer
during the process. And when this commitment happens, one‘s
mind, one‘s soul and one‘s intellect gets finely tuned to the
ultimate goal of bringing Happiness from everywhere to all fellow
human beings.

If you happen to meet in the heaven, the noble soul of Mahatma
Gandhi, Father of India, a small question will arise: ―Bapu, why
did you chose to fight to make a slave country free from its chains?
What level of enthusiasm did you have inside while you were
facing distinguished bullets? From where did you get such a
positive mental attitude? What‘s that single factor which made you
believe in your dream that you will be successful in making a slave
country free?‖.

Do you think Mahatma Gandhi will give you a long thesis on
motivation and Inspiration? Would he waste his time in explaining
these ‗small‘ aspects of his noble purpose? He will say, ―I want
Indians to be Happy. I didn‘t wasted my time in thinking over
these petty issues. The moment I was ‗earnest‘ in fulfilling this
ultimate purpose, I suddenly found that some hidden storehouse of
power inside my being opened up and I had access to that
magnanimous supply of energy (self-motivation, enthusiasm,
positive mental attitude, firm belief in my noble purpose of life,
faith in God). Suddenly, I found that I was automatically shifted on
to a track where I had to persist in my mission. My whole being
and the whole of existence was supporting me. I had found myself
in harmony with human nature‖.

                            Very true.
                       In the Multi-vidual
              The seed of great Individual is hidden.

This is what I wish to emphasize: firstly, make your ultimate
purpose very clear---for ‗whose‘ happiness would you like to

dedicate and to whom you would like to gift your whole life. Untill
you are clear about this, you will never be able to find that
unlimited reserves of energy hidden inside you.

This---awareness of one‘s life purpose, is what I call as a
developed mental setup of a Multividual. In this Multividual only
the possibility of becoming a great Individual, an Angel, has
become visible. The moment he is established firmly in this mental
state where he is of the understanding, of giving happiness to
others, the secondary level, the outcomes of his developed mental
state starts working instantaneously.

Now he will think of dreaming something big, his inner voice will
automatically help him wearing the magical apparel known as the
positive mental attitude. His whole being will support his pledge
that is easily reflected in his tremendous, never ending enthusiasm.
Now, he will be an action oriented soul and not to mention that he
will be persistent in his efforts. His great dreams and visions will
bring unshakeable belief in himself and towards his efforts. In
instances of uncontrollable situations, he will automatically pray to
the unknown mighty power, God, to support his drowning ship

             Those unique Individuals who have understood the right
meaning of all worldly experiences with open eyes, only they can
say, life is bliss. Nobody else. For them nothing is right or wrong.
They develop an understanding from every experience and move
ahead. If a person can‘t see the sun in the sky, it means either the
person is inside a closed, darkened room with eyes closed
(blind…mind) or is rotating and revolving behind the earth (never
ending desires). Sun (bliss) never hides, only mind and earth are
playing hide and seek because of which we can‘t see the sun
shining even in the night. Just go and stand over the top of the
earth and then see---Who is ignorant? The ever-present light or
your light-feared rotations? Darkness always appears on our side
but the sun is always sending its warm yellow rays from thousands
of eons. Stop your futile rotations. Celebration is happening every
moment but it needs eyes that can see. And these eyes are very

We, the humans are here on this earth to perfect ourselves and not
to complain. But who will make us aware of this simple
fundamental of life? Lord Buddha came, Lord Mahavir walked
this earth for us, Messiah Jesus Christ cried, Beloved friend Osho
danced with us but how many of us listened? Very few. So, who is
at fault? Now, everything depends on your perception-filter and
experiences-understanding-machine to make you agree with their

Only ‗Volunteers‘ are required who are interested in finding some
of those infinite ways, heading towards this ongoing eternal
celebration in life, from this step in front of you. You may miss
this everytime if you are not aware. Ways are more important
than ends. Ends are just the ‗magnified‘ form of ways. If ways are
full of right happiness, ends will be simply blissful. The ends are
the real essence, the juice of the ways, which were hidden because
the time was not right to reveal its real yummy meanings. It‘s like
a flower is an end; and the growth of seed withstanding strong

winds, with the love and care of the gardener and swaying with the
cheerful touches of children, the Way.

―Everyone is appointed by God, but we have completely forgotten
our mission. Man has to become a child again. We have to wake
up out of this foolishness. ‖

                           O Humans!
                 Dance, laugh, Jump with joy,
                      Because life is a bliss.
            No amount of circumstances can snatch
             Your blissful state from your hands,
              As it was never different from you;
            Unless you don‘t understand life as-it-is.
                    It depends totally on you.

Before I direct the three oceans of pebbles let me pray a song. Sing
O Happiness, Sing a prayer----

Happiness is nothing,
But a child of bliss.
Like a small moon of the mother Earth,
Always revolving around her; longing for one hug.
Separated by a distance of one Inch,
By the jealous space;
Moon knows it is too big,
Earth knows, room will disappear one day.
And Existence, waits patiently
For the divine communion filled with happiness.

Happiness is nothing,
But a drop of an Ocean.
Like a detached mirror image
Of the respected mother, reflected on the daughter face;
Always making a garland of love, in front of her.

Only separated by a distance of one Inch
By the jealous ‗Birth‘.
New-born knows it is too cruel,
Mother knows…only it can let her hug one day.
Motherhood waited patiently,
For the spiritual union, full of happiness.

Happiness is nothing,
But a moment stolen from the reserves of eternity.
Like a Soul waiting inside,
Separated by Love-God above.
By the jealous mind,
Tricking it, from downwards.
The distance being of seven inches,
Soul knows it is too big,
But God knows, all will be right just after seven sounds,
And Nothingness observes both;
Making sincere efforts for giving happiness to mind.

What else can be Happiness?
If not but like an orphan
Longing for its misplaced sacred home.
House is inside,
But the orphan searching outside;
Family members summoning,
Best-Friends pushing;
And Teachers correctly pointing.
But the orphan keeps his play outside,
May memory lend him ears and eyes.
So that he sees and hears all,
Before this romantic game ends.
Games appear tiresome;
Come back home, have some relaxations
Then go back again
To the playground made only for you,
To experience it as a beautiful bond,

Between somethingness and nothingness,
Like flower and flowering.

Games are many
But Home is only one.
Ways of receiving happiness are infinite;
The blissful state is only one.

May Multi-viduals get established!
Back into that deserted Estate,
Happiness is not absolute,
But a cheap substitute of Blissfulness.
Become wise, and get the real
That which was, and which is
And which will remain forever,
Blissfulness—the father and mother
Of their only child--Happiness.


The Theme of


Pushing the clouds below, and
Growing the Himalayas above;
Busy was me in doing miracles,
Not for me but
For all my lovables.
Perspiring were they, since ages,
But I don‘t now, how God manages.
Nobody was caring for them, I saw;
Forced me to do this small act.

      Clap a little bit,
      Clap a little bit,
      Clap a little bit with me

Nobody is happy down, who can clap
Everybody is demanding but no one filling the gap;
I experienced this art of filling from you.
So, Clap a little bit…O Mother!

Desalinizing the oceans below, and
Whitening the dangerous black holes above;
Busy was me in doing miracles,
Not for me
But for all my lovables.
Dying were they, since ages,
But I don‘t know, how God manages.
Nobody was caring for them, I saw
Forced me to do this small act.

   Clap a little bit,
   Clap a little bit,
   Clap a little bit with me

Stars are not happy above, who can clap;
Everybody is a slave of mind, no one the master of this trap.
I experienced this art of freedom from you.
So, Clap a little bit …O Father!

Storing the venom inside,
And spilling the divine nectar outside;
Busy was me in doing miracles,
Not for me,
But for all my lovables.
Pitiful state were in they, since ages,
But I don‘t know, how God manages.
Nobody was caring for them, I saw
Forced me to do this small act.

       Clap a little bit,
       Clap a little bit,
       Clap a little bit

Souls are not blissful inside, who can clap.
Everybody is sad, no one leaving a chance to give others a slap,
I experienced this art of happiness from you.

      Let us clap together …O Humans!
      Clap a little bit daily,
      As clappings are nothing but love-saplings.

      Love a little bit,
      Love a little bit,
      Love a little bit to others.

You never know when you are about to cross the thin line between
your Family and His Divine Family (Humanity). You may be just
sitting with your sister, father or mother or anyone watching a
movie when suddenly one hearty laughter from your mother‘s eye
or few dance steps of your father may give you a glimpse of the
divine nature of His family, the Humanity. Through your family
members only God gives you the glimpse, a sudden flash of His
family which is full of Ecstasy.

Glimpse is just a glimpse, it happened at that very moment and it
keeps on happening every moment of your life but in different
forms. And the beauty of this glimpse is that once you catch it
suddenly it starts appearing from each and every eye watching you.
Wherever you go, each and every eye keeps on saying that
message day and night. It keeps on giving indications but it
requires attention. It requires innocent eyes to see it. It requires
complete awareness of the present moment. If you are in a habit
of living in the past or the future then chances are almost 100 per
cent that you will miss the glimpse and that too everytime. Reason:
you didn‘t fulfilled the condition. You were found sleeping
(unaware) when the glimpse of His Family was dancing in front
of your being and it was you who missed this divine dance. No
body is to be held responsible for that fault. Once you have it you
will say, through your tears that

                 I am, somehow, being adopted,
                      By Another Family,
                       His Divine Family

This glimpse may come in millions of shapes and colours and it is
impossible for impure mind to see (memorize) it. This is given
only to innocent minds. The innocent mind is like a watchman
who has committed himself for making his sleeping owner aware
of external true happenings. This watchman is not an ordinary
watchman but an extra-ordinary dutiful being who never blinks his
eyes for even a second. He neither sleeps nor he feels tired and he
is always on his duty forever and forever till the owner awakens.

But how this watchman keeps himself so energized? As this
watchman is an extra-ordinary being, so it‘s for sure that whatever
he eats or drinks will also be rare, something available to only
privileged persons. Yes! my dear friend, his special food and drink
has all these characteristics and much, much more which can be
just felt. This watchman derives its nourishment from pure Love.
Yes…Love of God!!!

Now the question arises, how can one eat love or drink love. My
dear friend, this food or this softest drink---Love of God is
available to only privileged persons. So, if you consider yourself
among those privileged persons like Buddha, Mira Bai, Guru
Nanak, Krishna, Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ and likes then
the mere effort of questioning about love doesn‘t even arises
because then love just becomes a way of living. You will live in
love, you will give love to others and the very idea of demanding
love becomes a thing of the past. Your Magical Bag (Self)
suddenly becomes active and it starts sending more and more
showers of love from inside and others can smell love flowing out
of you. This special type of fragrance of love can hypnotize
anyone who is willing to get hypnotized. It‘s having such a
powerful magnetic effects that whenever it is exposed everybody
seems to get attracted to it as if something common, natural, very
fundamental is discovered. And this fundamental is within

It is as if the big brother (Lord incarnate) standing on the top of the
terrace of a thousand storeyed building and discoursing in a
prayerful manner that, ―O my sisters! O my brothers! Where are all
of you? I am waiting for all of you in our beautiful Home. Please
come back home soon.‖ And suddenly his message (from the
heart) is answered and he finds that few of his family members had
returned and the home is partially filled with laughter and
happiness. But some near and dear ones haven‘t listened till yet.
But no problem! A big brother is a big brother. He knows how to
bring back all his family members back to home. The big brother
will again make some changes in his style (new birth) of calling

because not every sister or brother is having the same likes and
dislikes. What one likes may not be liked at all by the other. But it
is the unsaid duty of the big brother to bring his family members
back to their divine home (peace). But it will take time.

In the meantime the lost family members may feel themselves in
danger in the dark and the haunted forest. And this is because of
their own fault because when the big brother was calling them in a
voice not of their liking why didn‘t they then dropped their choices
and went to him running. But as it is said that a younger brothers
or sisters are always like a child for his elder brother, no matter
how choosy they may be, big brother will somehow find a choice
of theirs and then they will be living again together in the same
home. It was the same home from where they left the home for the
want of some beautiful toys (name, fame, prestige) available in the
haunted jungle (Mind). Big brother forewarned them about the
futility of those toys and the dangers in the forest but everybody
left the home willingly. Before they left the home the big brother
had said to them that

Whenever you find yourself in any trouble
Chant my Name, Remember Me
And I will break the illusive bubble.

But they were all in such a hurry that they didn‘t listened to his
caring words. Now the moment they all found his warning to be
true they all started shouting for help. Because suddenly from
nowhere darkness (illusion) descended into the forest that was
appearing bright (attractive) from outside. Besides, all types of
haunting noises have started frightening them. But still they were
not chanting the Name of their Big brother which they should. At
this very moment their Big brother, who is at the top of terrace
(consciousness) starts sending messages (compassion, a ray of
hope) to his family members. With this, even in the darkness, they
all can move towards the direction of the sound (Light) and reach
to their home at the earliest.

If even at this moment they didn‘t left their attraction towards
these horrible toys then the big brother will be helpless because
light can‘t enter into a closed room. If they willingly make an
effort and start searching for the source of light (Way) then it is
possible that they might find the Sun (Elder brother) waiting
outside their closed room since ages. As the sunlight can‘t enter
forcefully inside a room, the bright yellow light has to wait. The
chance for getting the glimpse of the sun is possible if the door has
a small ‗peep-hole‘ (awareness). Because by looking through the
peep-hole, one can be convinced that –

Outside this darkened room;
Beyond this Mind;
The Light is present.

Here lies the importance of Meditation for the owner
(Multividuals) to make ‗holes in the mind‘. And because of the
peep-hole the importance of ‗Master‘ watchman walking with light
becomes relevant who keeps on directing the light to the address of
your elliptical peep-hole.

Let me now explain the concept of Divine Family. Suppose water
(multividual) inside a container allows to be heated over the
burner. And this ‗container‘ is symbolic representation of Divine
Family, Existence. The ‗flame (heat)‘ is assumed to be the
representative of Love. The ‗bottom portion of the container‘ is
assumed to be your family. And the ‗rest of the layers of container‘
are all other families.

The moment the drop at the bottom gets the first degree of heat
(glimpse of love) through the bottom part of container (family),
suddenly the drop gets heated (full of love). And now, as science
says a potential difference of energy is created between two layers.
This heat (love) is transferred automatically from the layer at
higher energy (more loving) to layer at lower energy (less loving).
If this degree of love keeps on coming for a longer time then
chances of ‗evaporation‘ of the distant and far away topmost layer

becomes possible. The bottom layer doesn‘t come up on the
surface and so it keeps on transferring heat. If in the mean time the
flame is ‗switched off‘ then whatever evaporation (awakening) of
other molecules was possible becomes delayed. The bottom layers
of water will again wait for new source of love so that higher,
untouched layers become activated.

It means that unless every layer is evaporated, the bottom layer
won‘t leave the container. This is what Jesus Christ must have
meant when he said that ―I love only those persons who will stand
last in the queue for salvation (evaporation)‖. Because those who
really want to give love, they have patience and they can wait till
eternity otherwise patience will falsify its very nature. The ones
who are witnessing the ever rising peaks of love-consciousness.
they remains eternal. And all Multividuals have the same container
with a difference that for them they themselves are at the water and
their own family is the supporting bottom.

In the bigger view everyone is capable of giving heat, the warmth
of love to everyone. The moment you are given that final degree
of heat (lovefull acceptance) from your own family then after that
the hidden oceanic reserve of love inside you becomes active and
visible. Now, suddenly you will realize that love starts forming
huge waves inside your being and keeps on requesting you for an
outlet. You feel helpless after listening to the innocent requests of
those oceanic waves. Then you naturally open all the channels of
yours through which love can rush out towards everyone unloved
or loved.

Love doesn‘t demand;
It only gives itself, the only way;
‗Patience‘, being its first meaning.

The one who is overflowing with love can wait till eternity. And
this patience brings with itself unconditional acceptance for the
Multividuals, the children. It recognizes the uniqueness, distinct
individuality of a Multividual. Love is ‗blind‘ in the sense ‗no

comparison‘ of any sort is ever made. The one who is full of love
will love the strangers with as much love as one would have loved
one‘s near and dear ones. It is more possible that one may give
more love to strangers because one never knows whether the next
opportunity of giving love to that stranger will be there or not. One
will try to decant its reserves of love over that stranger. And the
beauty of this reserve is that the more one take out for others the
more it is filled up. Everything becomes magical because

When love takes birth, Inside;
Extra-ordinary things starts happening, Outside.

The whole concept of Family can now be understood

    ―Family should be formed purely on the basis of
     unconditional love towards one-another and by accepting
     one‘s unique Individuality‖

Now I step on the second step of the model---Ellipsis of Life. And
in this step, a total and unconditional support of all families is
essential. It is not possible to change the whole humanity unless a
small effort from every single family and every multividual is not
made towards changing themselves. What I see is that this effort is
not possible till the Multividuals become Angels before forming

Before tying the knot, before the Marriage, the two multividuals
should develop atleast good understanding of one‘s real nature.
Each can then accept the unique individuality of one another and
also of the children who will come after their marriage. And this is
only possible when every Multividual constantly remind himself of
his mission that

―I want to give happiness to others‖.

And for this one has to go to the magician, the Master. What I wish
is that before you enter into a process of making a family you

should first allow love to partially fill your bag. The moment this
happens, you can enter into this divine relation---Marriage by tying
the knot and can raise your children but not before that. If not then
you won‘t be raising gods but monsters and this is certainly not a
good social-decision.

It is as if a long bridge is to be constructed. For this two strong
pillars (husband and wife) are required to be constructed at the two
extremes of the bridge. After these two pillars are constructed
(ready) the bridge (knot) can be formed connecting these two
multividual and unique pillars. These two pillars are in love with
each other and they have to be loving else how can they enjoy the
beautiful activities of the passengers (children) coming from one
side and going to other side. The parents are just a strong support
with which the bridge is constructed and on which the passengers
can move so that they can reach to their destination, which is
beyond the knowledge of those two pillars.

If the pillars were not strong enough and somehow they start
building ‗cracks‘ then the possibility of great mishap increases and
passengers had to abandon their journey because they were gifted
with only that one way, one bridge (father and mother). So, here
lies the importance of the strength of pillars, unconditional love
for one another and unconditional acceptance for all passengers
that may utilize the bridge. And if this is not there then the
importance of constructing Giant pillars seems to be of great

The pillars usually tries to controls the passengers by saying that,
―O Passenger! I don‘t like your uniqueness. First become what I
like and then only I will allow you to use our bridge.‖ But how
can any individual who is unique can become like someone else.
It‘s impossible. But yes! In this process of becoming the pillars
might start ‗shapening‘ the passengers according to their need and
instead of running on the bridge, passengers starts ‗crawling‘.
What a pity. And now the pillars says ―O Passenger! Haven‘t I
modified you, you might not been able to crawl‖. What an

answer!!! Unbelievable! First the pillars forces the passenger
(children) to ‗drink‘ their traditional poisonous liquid
(expectations) and when the children start showing the sign of
weakness, the families started shouting that-Why don‘t you run?
They teach the ‗art of walking‘ to one who knows the ‗art of
flying‘. Why don‘t these parents understand that these children
inherently knew how to fly but it was them who doesn‘t knew
about the wings (potential to fly) of the children. And they thought
that since they don‘t know about their own wings so their children
also couldn‘t have any.

As it is said by many psychologists that children are treated as
slaves by their parents . They have to bow their head in front of
their demanding parents. What a justice! Instead, one‘s efforts
should be focused on finding a right way, at the end of which one‘s
hidden personality is revealed. But what I am watching is
Personality Development Institutes. What a joke of the
millennium! No one, even God can‘t develop your personality.
Because He knows that everybody is unique. Your Rolls Royce is
customized only for your type of soul. But it‘s this society‘s
expectations which are responsible for these mindless money
making and guilt building Institutes. They are existing only to
throw your car into a ditch. They are in the process of making you
feel guilty: ―Look! you are not perfect for society. We will make
you fit and help you adapt to this society‖. They do not respect
your Individuality and this is a spiritual crime. Rather whatever
you do without Meditation is a crime or it breeds only crime. They
are not trying to make you aware and feel respectful for your
unique existence in this world.

Because of this, the nature of sleeping-Individuals (multi-viduals)
has become to demand happiness, as if it‘s a cheap commodity
available in a cloth market from where you may select some
popular type of colour and fabric. But you are wrong or should I
say this first step to choose is itself wrong. You are walking and
breathing as a multi-vidual, who is wearing thousands of masks
over never demanding silent face. One personality likes this,

another hates it and someone else adores it, but conditionally. And
this fight will make these hired colours (faces) fade very soon.
Since we have, somehow, attached ourselves with these hired false
faces and on seeing them fading we start boiling. What society
needs is ‗Original Personality Discovering Ashrams‘ and not
Personality development Institutes. Only these ashrams will make
the society aware that ---We, the humans, have one face which
doesn‘t fade because it has no colour or should I say it has all the
known and unknown colours‖ And the beauty of this god-gifted
face is that---

It is,
Yet faceless.

Every child is born with a mission of his own and society is
supposed to help him in the completion of his mission. One should
first make efforts to find the hidden mission, rather following
blindly the successful mission of others. But this doesn‘t seem to
happen on this earth frequently. One has to work and act according
to one‘s strength and not on the strength of others. The strength of
others may be your weakness and if you try to walk along that path
you will fail miserably. It might so happen that while walking on
your own path, that very weakness of yours is transformed into
your biggest strength. Till then, wait and work only on your

Expectations of families and societies are not wrong, but wrong
and mammothic expectations are no doubt absolutely immoral.
Give some time to a person to find what‘s best for him, let him be
fully convinced with his own unique abilities. Let him fail a
hundred times. But don‘t interrupt him. Guide him but don‘t
impose your guidance. I sincerely feel that family members should
wait patiently till the divine magical cologne starts emanating from
the soul of their flowers (children). If not understood rightly, the
stammering actions of theirs on that wrong path will make them
suffer from deadly inferiority complexes. They will soon develop a
feeling of guilt as he will see himself failing everytime while

walking on a path not suitable to his type of inbuilt-genetic-
makeup. Rather, almost all multi-viduals are full of inferiority
complexes as they can‘t fulfill the expectations of their family
ones. And the result---your son or daughter will become a regular
and highly respected guest of a person who is by profession a

I request all the respected Parents that ―O Parents! Let your child
fly wherever he wants to. Let them fly on their own, just support
whole-heartedly to their inherent dreams. Let them fail for once or
twice, let them first experience themselves whether whatever they
were dreaming was really a dream or a fantasy. But first make
them believe in the beauty of their dreams. Do not let their dreams
die prematurely. Give them the space to fly. I believe that…

All dreams are possible,
But become impossible
If not supported by one‘s Family.

Just make him aware of his mighty wings. Take him under the
Master who can help the child to open its wings. Support them,
give them unconditional love and acceptance, so that they can
inherit this art of parenting to their children. And if this happens,
the dream of raising a new humanity having its roots in love,
happiness will become a reality in a very short notice.‖ All
depends on what you say. ―Yes‖ or ―No‖. ―No‖, a beautiful word.
But what immense power is there in this two letter word. It‘s very
simple to say this word but we don‘t realize the after-maths of
uttering this small word. If the mother tree (parents) says No to all
its seeds and prevent it from having a separate identity then can
you have another tree? No. Thank God, that no real tree have ever
said this word else we all human beings will be utter loss that why
the seed of all the beautiful flowering trees are not blossoming.
The reason:

That two-letter word,
‗No‘, is found missing on their genetic card.

Parents are continuously saying these words almost daily to your
children. These are family-make Hypnotizing acts. You are
continuously feeding suggestions in their subconscious mind. And
when your suggestion become engraved then you observe that your
children fails badly in that field because now the whole mind of
your child is full of those negative suggestions. Never say ‗No‘
before you see that your child says No. A child can fail but he is
not a failure. If you tag him as a failure then you are killing the
spirit of the child. And that‘s a crime in the eyes of the freedom.

Because of the constant conflicts, friction the most active and
intelligent child of theirs gets converted into the most passive state
and in turn they may get into the habit of taking alcohols, chain
smoking and also paying frequent visits to prostitutes. They don‘t
find love and respect for themselves from them. They want them to
understand their uniqueness so that they can fly someday. But,
somehow, they are so busy in their daily appointed hot-discussions
that they don‘t bother that they simply ignore their son or daughter.
All the evils that we are seeing all around us are because the
fathers and mothers had forgotten their true responsibility. And the
only consequence---‗Belated Revenge‘ of children on their parents
through this self-inflicting acts of destruction.

Parents have forgotten only,
The mere center of life is–Family
Whose foundation is Marriage
Which should be laid
Only on Angel‘s overflowing love carriage.

Unless every flower takes care of its own beauty, how can it
increase the beauty of a bouquet (family). Impossible! Every
Individual flower should first go into the understanding of the
mechanism of creating fragrance (love) from its center and the art
of surrounding numerous petals (colourful ways of attractions).
Without learning these two lessons of life the flower will be ugly.
But it still depends on the willingness of the flowering entity.
Ability and knowledge were already there in that entity but

willingness to become a flower is purely under one‘s own control
which can‘t be borrowed. One can only request to all that-

―O the future of Humanity!
Wake up. Move forward. Discover your potential, O Mighty!!!
Remember your mission, take the first step willingly
If no support from anybody, No problem, O Willy!!!
Dare to walk alone,
Hold yourself your Individual Emblem, O None!!!
Soon the whole world will come to know, full or partial;
About your unknown potential.
Till then,
Gather that courage through Meditation, O Holy Man!!!‖

If from the parent‘s side love is not flowing towards their children
then it‘s for sure that hatred keeps on collecting inside the child
and this is most dangerous. I think this is what must have happened
with Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. They must not have received
love from any near and dear ones and the society and this resulted
in the collection of red drops of hatred. And the day when this
became of the size of an ocean, the flood of that mighty red
coloured ocean overtook the whole world.

If all of us, the responsible parents, want to stop producing the
likes of Hitler, we should start filling ourselves with love by
entering into meditation. And for this we have to go under the
Master, a guide who can teach us the art of receiving love of God.
Unless every boy and girl learns this art of overflowing love any
decision to tie a knot could result in severe pain in the near future.
In the meantime if they happen to become father and mother, their
children will have to bear the transferred pain. Then starts the
process of ‗silent killing‘ of the possibility of becoming an Angel.
An Individual was there inside that child but due to daily feeding
small dozes of poison (hatred) we find that our innocent child
starts dying.

All these events are the result of just one truth--

―The foundation of present families is not love,

But liking, duty, infatuation, fear, authority, possessiveness,
Sense of Security, self-satisfaction, slavery to society, ignorance,
Weak control over one‘s illusive desires of all kinds,
Frustration with the purpose of Intellect, that never minds‖.

Two individuals should enter into marriage only when they both
love their own self and have decided to go to higher state of love---
compassion. If not done in this manner,

A statutory rape of humanity;
A heinous crime.

When two mighty rivers (wife and husband) of love combine they
form an ocean full of love---compassion. And this ocean is for
their children to swim. Unconditional acceptance arises only out of
compassion and not out of love. Love is like a flower fixed at one
place and it can give its fragrance to only those persons who come
closer to it. But if somehow that flower starts walking and start
giving its fragrance to anybody it meets on the way then I will call
that flower as compassionate. Because when the desire to give love
becomes very intense then walking to spread it everywhere
happens automatically. So, the parents should be inherently
compassionate. This will demonstrate their children a glimpse of
love without fail. Only after the maximum (compassion) is shown
that the desire of having atleast the minimum (love) arises.

Let your compassion drench your children from head to feet so that
they never enter into any wrong path. Accept them as they are and
just wrap them with your loving arms. Let your kiss touch their
hearts. The moment your kissing touch their hearts suddenly their
individual mission gets the required thrust. Now they are ready for
working miracles on their own. Now they will see the world with a

different eye, a new perception. And this will awaken the giant
within them. It‘s a very rare event and now they will start working
in a direction to give love to their parents. As if the ocean divides
itself into number of divisions and starts moving upwards towards
the respective number of sources from where it had its origin. If in
love extra-ordinary events starts happening then in compassion
even more miraculous (divine) events starts happening.

For this father and mother have to first form an ocean from their
rivers of love. Without forming an ocean how can they see this
divine phenomenon. Blessed are those parents who had seen this
miraculous act of reverse flow of love from their children towards
them. When this starts happening then the nature, the whole
existence will just sit and watch this godly activity. They will
support to every small effort of that ocean (child) in achieving its
mission. The nature, the cosmos will see to it that the child
disappears into its parents. And when this happens, this act of
disappearance remains visible in the skies, in the air for eternity.
This accomplishment of one‘s mission is very rare when effect
comes back to the cause and then

It‘s neither the win of the cause (parent),
Nor of the effect (children).
Rather it was a natural way of Life for both,
Walking on which the effect retraces its steps,
And this is it that matters the most, never perhaps.

The moment the child itself is drowned in the ocean of compassion
of its parents, it will try to find out its own source of love hidden
inside it. And this source is revealed to it in a state of deep rest, in
a deep meditative state. Suddenly it finds that somehow a different
quality of overflowing river shows interest in sharing its water
(love) with it. With this sharing the two mighty rivers flows from
the origin to form an ocean. And this mechanism of merging of
two mighty rivers to form an ocean and the ocean disappearing
back into its two origin keeps on repeating endlessly. These
compassionate oceans keep on sending invitation to all multi-

viduals sitting on the shore to play with their cool waves. Their
play for sometime would be sufficient to drench their soul with
thirst for love. The state of love is such that the individual becomes
restless and unless it forms its own ocean full of love it won‘t sit

It‘s the duty of all responsible parents to invite the children of
other families also to feel the freshness of their love, which they
were showering only for their child. Let their compassionate nature
walks willingly to the doorsteps of those un-loved children. It just
multiplies their happiness exponentially. For parents there is
nothing much higher then receiving love from the children. Don‘t
keep on demanding love else your small reserve of happiness will
dry out soon. There are very few contributors towards the well of
love. Do contribute into that reserve of love so that the reserve
becomes large enough to shower happiness to the whole humanity.
For this, willingness on your part is required. So,

Rise above physical boundaries
To higher, unbounded planes where love flies
Let the baby bird feel,
The power of its own colourful wings, still mesmerizing the hill.
Open the cage of your golden, secured prison;
Give the child that sky; the final push, the freedom.

Learn wisely from your experiences and act immediately. By
desiring for love from your children you became miserable.
Moreover you became the symbol of hatred for them. Learn
something that all vices aren‘t good. And I don‘t want you to drop
any vices of yours, it is beyond your control. I request you to
please hold the fair hand of beautiful lady-Mother Meditation and
walk to some distance along her. After that distance is covered,
you will realize that some of your vices were transformed into
virtues. Your hatred is transformed into love, anger into
compassion, lust into a giving attitude. It happens slowly and
slowly as you walk. At the end you will find that it was these vices

of yours that are transformed into virtues having the same

My Master says that when the neutral energy is given a wrong
direction it expresses itself in the form of vices and when it is
directed in the right direction then it expresses itself in the form of
virtues. Energy is pure, it is innocent. Only direction was wrong.
Else how Hitler who had immense courage and unique leadership
qualities couldn‘t become the famous statesman. Only because he,
out of ignorance channelised his energy in a wrong direction.

To raise an Individual, it requires the support of all the three
sources-Family, Friends, and Teachers and the WAY (Meditation)
without which no superficial words of all these three sources will
be of any benefit. It‘s not the end which is of much importance but
the way, the medium walking on which you climb to that end-state.
Love can happen at this moment also if you willingly enter into
this sacred way-Meditation. It‘s a first gift of the Master to
everyone who comes to him. The moment you experience the awe
of love, you can only then point to your children to this way but
not before that. Only by walking on this path of love one can be an

The moment this only duty of parents is performed all the root
evils which are on the constant rise starts disappearing rapidly. But
for the moment, this message should reach to those literate,
persons who are at least fond of doing these acts. After this we can
move collectively to those families, which don‘t have this
privilege. It‘s the duty of all families to come forward willingly
and try to make the society free from the evils. If every family start
taking care of its own family, then suddenly in such a caring
atmosphere the evil can‘t survive. Because the misguided beings
are a part of one or the other family, every family should first make
its own (at least) family a paradise then it should move outside to
make the society a heaven. If even few families in the whole world
are transformed then the whole world will start regaining its lost
health. This is what Buddha had pointed that-

Remove all the diseases,
And then whatever is left is nothing but Health.

With this I again wish to highlight the moral duty of all parents
that ―O Parents! Accept your child as it is. Respect the
individuality of your child no matter how much old your child is.
Some seeds become a flowering plant only after a long time. Let
your patience do its duty and during that time let your child swim
in your ocean of compassion. One day will come when your child
will become a channel for the miracle. Be meditative, let your
child experience the divine itself in the meditative state. It induces
a strong urge for entering into a more deeper meditative state. Till
that day, immerse yourself into deep meditation and let the magic
of meditation work wonders.‖

Meditation is a way of going from mind to No-mind, from hell to
heaven. There is a huge gap in between these two extremes. To
cross this gap you have to make yourself so big that you can
‗Jump‘ from one side to the other side in a single moment.
Meditation is nothing but the preparation for enlarging you. The
small hidden entity ‗love‘ inside you is what that gets enlarged,
awakened. It is this love, which leaps. As you are tied with your
love, you also leap as a side effect. The length of a jump using
one‘s feet is already fixed limited but if your love jumps then it can
cross the whole cosmic wide size of Mind. Such is the power of
love. Experience the drop of meditation, experience it, and then
invite your children to dive in this white ocean.

―Meditation brings bliss, bliss brings virtue: this is the
fundamental law‖.

The moment your child starts swimming in this ocean, you will be
surprised that where all their violent activities, hatred, jealousy
starts disappearing. All that disappears in that ocean of love.
Meditation is an art of awakening the sleeping child‘s love. It
knows how to dissolve anger, hatred, violence. Simply invite it. It

is the only missing link between the parents and their children.
Hold this link and you will realize that you become Father, Mother
for the first time. You will be father and mother from the heart and
not from the superficial, informative mind. And this matters the
most. Everything comes after this.

Family is a sacred gate to enter into the divine Family, to transform
your finite love into boundless love, into compassion.

With this I say a prayer that

―O Almighty God! May you bless the father and mother with the
divine insight of their responsibility. Give them the power of
patience and show them their source of love hidden inside them.
Give them the courage to take the first step towards you (love)‖

The Pebbles of

          Take your Family for a ride…Now!

We all must have taken our family members for a ride to some
beautiful hill station, some serene villages and many other dazzling
sea-beaches where you may enjoy beach-volleyball. But at this
moment I want you to take your family to a place where you may
sit comfortably and share what you would like to say those never
said feelings to your father, mother, sister or brother. I also want
all the family members to listen to what their children have to say.
I also request all the children to pay full attention to what their
respected parents have brought for them. I will act as an interpreter
between parents and their children so that whatever each of you
have to say to each other I may communicate very clearly to both
of them.

If my ability to understand the silent messages given by both of
you is somewhat distorted then please excuse me. I must confess
that I am a new chap in this profession of ‗interpretation‘. I have

observed one thing that for so many years‘ that parents and
children wants to say something to each other but because of the
gap the message remained obstructed. I take this opportunity to
remove this obstruction between both of you so that the
communication becomes easy.

I wish that all the family members must have taken their
comfortable positions and now I invite both of you to say whatever
both of you have to say to the other side. I will keep on
interrupting in between so as to keep on giving the small level of
my understanding to both of you. But before anybody of you start
let me ask both of you that…

 What do you understand by the word Family?

―The family is one of nature's Masterpieces.‖
                                                 George Santayana

―You see, the seed of banyan tree is very small. But, when the
banyan tree grows, so many birds, so many animals, so many
people, sit under the shade of that tree. But to begin with, the seed
is very small. This is what family is all about.‖
                                             Maharaj Charan Singh

I feel…

Family is like a flower which blooms in the night
And spreads its fragrance outside the next day.

 This further reminds me of another meaning to the word
  FAMILY. Let me tell you a story, which goes like that…

I bumped into a stranger as he passed by, ―Oh, excuse me Please‖
was my reply. He said, ―Please excuse me too; wasn‘t even

watching for you.‖ We were very polite, this stranger and I. We
went on our way and we said good-bye.

But at home a different story is told, How we treat our loved ones,
young and old. Later that day, cooking the evening meal, My
daughter stood beside me very still. When I turned, I nearly
knocked her down. ―Move out of the way,‖ I said with a frown.
She walked away, her little heart was broken. I didn't realize how
harshly I'd spoken. While I lay awake in bed, God's still small
voice came to me and said, ―While dealing with a stranger,
common courtesy you use, But the children you love, you seem to

Look on the kitchen floor, You'll find some flowers there by the
door. Those are the flowers she brought for you. She picked them
herself: pink, yellow and blue. She stood quietly not to spoil the
surprise, and you never saw the tears in her eyes. ―By this time, I
felt very small, and now my tears began to fall. I quietly went and
knelt by her bed; ―Wake up, little girl, wake up,‖ I said. ―Are these
the flowers you picked for me?‖ She smiled, ―I found 'em, out by
the tree. I picked 'em because they're pretty like you. I knew you'd
like 'em, especially the blue.‖

I said, ―Daughter, I'm sorry for the way I acted today; I shouldn't
have yelled at you that way.‖ She said, ―Oh, Mom, that's okay. I
love you anyway.‖ I said, ―Daughter, I love you too, and I do like
the flowers, especially the blue.‖

Are you aware that: If we die tomorrow, the company that we are
working for could easily replace us in a matter of days. But the
family we left behind will feel the loss for the rest of their lives.
And come to think of it, we pour ourselves more into work than to
our family - an unwise investment indeed.

So what is behind the story?

You know what is the full word of family?

FAMILY=(F)ather (A)nd (M)other, (I) (L)ove (Y)ou!

 Fill life with love and we shall live a life uncommon.
                                                 By Source Unknown
In fine…

―We are more than just acquaintances... it's as if we are cut from
the same fabric. Even though we appear to be sewn in a different
pattern, we have a common thread that won't be broken-by people
or years or distance‖.

Family doesn‘t resides inside the four walls but in hearts. That‘s
again is a jumbled answer which requires love to be understood.

      What is love?

I have learnt that a family should have its roots immersed in love.
But do we know it? Or is it that we haven‘t known it and are
considering something else as love? What do you all think?

―Love contains my whole message. Love yourself- that is the
beginning, and then love those who are close to you i.e. your
children and neighbours. Only then you will be able to love God‖.

Love is indefinable.

―Love doesn‘t need language to convince anybody. It affects the
heart straight and it rebounds from the heart straight. No language
is required to express it, nor is reason required to convince

yourself that you are in love. You know when you are in love. Why
you are in love – you have no explanation.‖
                                          Maharaj Charan Singh
This means that love requires something or the other to define it,
some special characteristics of love, which can be only
experienced. Let‘s see them.

      What are those special characteristics of love?

Can anybody of you make me understand the varieties and colours
which one can observe while we are in love? I feel there are many
ways to give love. There is no one sure shot way to give love the
best. In this feeling nothing is right or wrong. Let those all ways
come out from your being and start living in love. Then you will
know what life is all about. The life is not for earning something
but sharing everything.

Love is such a magical thing that once it is present in the air it will
call everything (all materialistic abundances) available on the earth
to support for its existence. Understand this fundamental and start
giving love. One may ask that those who are immersed in love for
centuries nothing comes to them and for all those who are devoid
of love everything goes to them. Then I must say that those non-
loving souls are most active, more courageous, more daring, more
versatile the you are which all loving souls don‘t have. They are on
the first step of the pious staircase. To become a robber is not a
child‘s play. I am not saying you all to become robbers. Though
we all are robbers of one or the other kind. I wish you all to
become more active, more versatile so that you may know the
power of versatility. And to experience that you have to first
become versatile because all source of energy for all activities can
be derived from Love and

Love loves to be versatile.
Love doesn‘t loves repetitions.
Every rose is a new rose.

Love is the seat of God.
And if love is with you then no body can stop you,
From becoming an Angel.

Now, anybody of you who have really felt what love is can give
me the answer.

―Love means that which lasts forever. It doesn‘t diminish. It
always grows and grows. That is not love that today we feel and
tomorrow we feel ―I don‘t love them anymore.‖ If love comes it
never goes. If it goes, it is not love.‖
                                         Maharaj Charan Singh

―Love means that you have to learn to respect the other as an end
unto himself. The other is not a means. That is the only immoral
act in the world, in fact the whole immorality can be defined
through this simple thing: If you are using other as a means you
are immoral. If you are full of respect for the other person as an
end, then you are moral‖.

―Love is very strange. At one time mother beats her child like
anything and after some moments she is caressing the child,
hugging as though she would squeeze the life out of it‖.
                                                  J. Krishnamurti

Very true. I feel that no amount of explanation will be sufficient to
describe the seven colours of this beautiful rainbow (family). The
moment the rainbow is formed all words fail and one should just
see it, feel it and just dance. Love always accompany tears from
the bottom of the heart because tears are the greatest of
communication, which a human can have when the words are
insufficient to express love. But this love without meditation is
dangerous. As…

―A tear from either of your parent‘s or sister‘s eye is sufficient to
transform you from a saint to a devil if you can feel a bit of their
pain out of the severe pain they bear, daily and intensely‖.

These all ways of describing the characteristics of love is
incomplete without a song. A song from the heart completes the
definition of love. Here comes a love song…

Evening was singular so was my heart,
Beating alone, for no reason,
Not in one but every season.
Music was still not harmonious, as if
Coming from region not melodious.

Beating it was daily, every second,
When it shouted
―Where are you my beautiful valley!‖
Surprised was me;
No one near me;
Did someone touched my heart strings,
Or is anyone inside making my heart plural, making it sing.

Feeling was loud, so was the beat,
―Where are you my valley!‖

Is this silent love!

   My silent love !
   My silent love for you!

Sunrise was singular, so was my heart,
Rising and setting alone, for no reason,
Not in one but every season.
Celestial song was still not harmonious, as if
Arising from space not luminous.

Rising it was daily, when it shouted,
―Cool cool eyes bathing in a green valley!‖
Surprised was me;
Sun started feeling cold;
Did someone touched my heart strings,
Or is anyone having a cool shower inside my heart,
Making my sunrise plural, giving it a wing.

Feeling was loud, so was the beat.
―Cool cool eyes in my valley!‖

Is this silent love!

   My silent love !
   My silent love for you!

Night was singular, so was my heart
Still slipping and dripping alone, for no reason,
Not in one but every season,
Dream girl was still out of my locus, as if
Coming inside someone else‘s focus.

Praying it was daily, when it shouted,
―Come now in my lonely valley!‖
Surprised was me, again;
Night became day;
Did someone touched my heart strings,
Or is anyone entering in my sleep,
Making my dream plural, making it leap.

Feeling was loud, so was the beat,
―Come now in my lonely valley!‖

Is this silent love!

   My silent love !
   My silent love for you!

This completes the characterization of love.
Nothing to be removed,
Nothing to be added.
It‘s self-sufficient.
A love-song has everything in-built.

 The pebbles of lovely children. Listen to them very carefully.

Now I invite the younger generation to take the stage and say few
words to their respected parents and I request their parents to listen
very carefully. Parents, don‘t be worried. These are not complaints
but they will come later on. Before that let me prepare you for that
stage. Yes children…

―When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly
stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was
astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years‖.
                                                    Mark Twain

―Our parents give us the opportunity to become the parents we
always wished we'd had‖.
                                                  Louise Hart

―I can get up in the morning and look myself in the mirror and my
family can look at me too and that‘s all that matters‖.
                                                  Lance Armstrong

―My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I
 owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral,
 intellectual and physical education I received from her.‖
                                               George Washington

―I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met
a man who had no feet. Mummy I am sorry, from the next time I
won‘t disturb you for such small things. I promise you mummy.‖
                                                     Denis Waitely

The original face of the seed is not that of a seed but a Tree. But
for seeing that original face the gardener has to wait for a long
time. If in the mean time the gardener gets frustrated then he may
uproot the whole immature tree. Parents should learn this beautiful
art of parenting (gardening) so that you may see the original face
of your children. As, if the raw face of the child is God-like then
the final face will be of God itself.

We learned a lot from our dear parents and we can‘t repay in any
means to them. But yes we can promise our parents that we can
never forget for all those learnings given to us. We are sure that
our parents will be at utter confusion that when they taught us.
There are some learning‘s which can be made without a single
word. It happens just by observing by mere looking. So here is
what we all must have looked…

When you thought I wasn‘t looking,
I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator,
And I wanted to paint another one.

When you thought I wasn‘t looking,
I saw you feed a stray cat,
And I thought it was good to be kind to animals.

When you thought I wasn‘t looking,
I saw you make my favorite cake for me,
And I knew that little things are special things.

When you thought I wasn‘t looking,
I heard you say a prayer, and

I believed there is a God I could always talk to.

When you thought I wasn‘t looking, I
Felt you kiss me goodnight, and I felt loved.

When you thought I wasn‘t looking,
I saw tears come from your eyes,
And I learned that sometimes things hurt,
But it‘s all right to cry.

When you thought I wasn‘t looking,
I saw that you cared, and
I wanted to be everything that I could be.

When you thought I wasn‘t looking,
I looked . . . and wanted to say thanks
For all the things I saw
When you thought I wasn‘t looking.
                                                    Author Unknown

With this I request the parents to pay utmost attention to the
following complaints which remain hidden inside the hearts and
minds of their children since ages. It‘s time to unlock them.

 Pebbles for respected parents. Pick it up quickly!

I want to invite father or mother to do me a favour. Anyhow
request a rose to become a marigold willingly. If you succeed in
doing this miracle then you require special attention from the
scientific community. But I am sure that you will fail badly not
because that I am doubting on your genetic engineering
capabilities but for the reason that whatever I am asking you to do
is not suited to human nature. Moreover, no rose will ever be
interested in listening to your silly request.

But yes if you forcefully (genetically) try to conduct some
experiments then yes you will be successful in developing a new
breed of a flower which will be similar to that of a rose but that it
will die very soon. You can do only this much of modification in
the rose. And yes you are successful. Every rose (child, individual)
is unique and no amount of experiments can mould the rose into a
marigold, no matter how much you are passionate about marigold.
A grass has its own beauty, a wild flower has its own loveliness, a
butterfly has its own attractive colours and a nightingale has its
own special black colour. All are beyond comparisons. If you try
to convert a pigeon to parrot then you will miss the pigeons. And if
suppose you were successful in converting all non-flowering plants
to flowering plants then I am sure that you all will die of boredom.

Psychologists say that human nature loves variety and if variety is
not available then sheer boredom descends on him. My Master
believes that there is a special beauty in diversity. Go to a garden,
see the green earth, observe the flowering side-passage, be amazed
by the tall coconut tree. Isn‘t it a wonderful combination. If the
garden had only roses only everywhere around the garden then I
am sure that you won‘t like to come the second time in that
beautiful garden having only roses of your liking.

In light of what is said above, many children are registering some
complaints against their parents. I am sure that after listening to it
you all would move a single step in the direction for solving these
centuries old problems. So, here the list goes…

―It is the responsibility of every adult to make sure that children
hear what we have learned from the lessons of life and to hear
over and over that we love them and that they are not alone‖
                                           Marian Wright Edelman

―Let parents bequeath to their children not riches,
But the spirit of reverence‖.

―The most important thing a father can do for his children is to
love their mother.‖
                                           Theodore Hesburgh

―Govern a family as you would cook a small fish -- very gently.‖
                                                 Chinese Proverb

―If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any
goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent
and you will have given your children the greatest of all
                                                     Brian Tracy

These above requests can become true sayings if and only if one
most important thing can be remembered by the parents.

―The reason why geniuses are rare is not because there birth is
rare but because only few of the children could find a secret route
which prevents them from the clutches of the demanding and
expecting families.‖

This is perfectly alright if one wants their children to lead a
mediocre and viable life which pays something in return to them.
But this is just an ordinary duty of every social animal. What
special did you did as a human. The only art which makes us
different is the memories attached because of beating heart. It

―Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity,
they think of you.‖
                                              H. Jackson Brown

―The best way to keep children home is to make the home
atmosphere pleasant -- and let the air out of the tires.‖
                                                     Dorothy Parker

―The biggest lesson we have to give our children is truth.
                                                      Goldie Hawn

But don‘t make your truth a synonym of sheer boredom which
drags out the bubbliness of your children out of their life. Instead
whatever you do, put romance and enthusiasm into their life as

―Children will not remember you for the material things you
provided, but for the feeling that you cherished them.‖
                                                  Richard L. Evans

Let me now allow those children who are pointing to their fathers
who are first of all a husband and then their fathers. Very few of
them have come forward but what they are saying is worth

―If your wife doesn‘t treat you as you deserve, be thankful‖

―If your intelligent wife marries some other person, then, be proud
of her intelligence rather cursing her. You married her because of
her intelligence. So she is intelligent enough to leave you for a

―Don‘t criticize your wife‘s judgment...look who she married.‖

If some mismanagement happens in your business, it can be
rectified but…

―If you bungle raising your children,
I don‘t think whatever else you do well matters very much‖.
                                      Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis


―A man should never neglect his family for business.‖
                                                   Walt Disney

As it is more valuable to raise your children then raising dead
things. If neglected, then this small mistake can lead to the
mismanagement of your whole life. And this mismanagement
usually happens when we are praying to make them Obedient,
disciplined so that they can‘t interfere in your ongoing arranged
pattern of life. If that‘s so then listen

―Family life must include discipline, but too often discipline turns
into a reflection of the authority figure‘s own insecurities.
An insecure person disciplines far too much or not at all, and both
are disastrous for children.‖

And in so doing, something else happens which is beyond your
imaginations. Don‘t pray for transforming your disobedient child
to an obedient child (the vintage stylish act prevalent in families).
The former one is resisting himself from the old beliefs and
customs and is trying to form his new ones while the later one is
trying to absorb the traditional beliefs and culture. He is dead, even
before he even tries to learn how to live. But if given freedom to
think on its own, he may correct some wrong patterns of your
lifestyle which you may not have ever known in your whole

And generally the resistance faced by children against this forceful
obedience is silenced down by a series of slaps. It is perfectly fine
to slap the children but was the timing of slap right? A slap on a
face can wipe out the life of a child if it is at wrong time; but the
same slap can give a new meaning to life of a child, if it is at the
right time. The first slap was out of cruelty and the later one was
out of compassion. The timing depends on your perfect
understanding of his nature and should not be mixed with your

habit of venting out your anger or frustration because of someone
on your children. Slapping is the most easiest way for the parents
to impose their own unfulfilled dreams to their children. They
never understood the inside request of their own children.
―Don‘t give your rotten past as an inheritance to your children.
They have their future. Let them grow according to their own

I have with me not just complaints of the children but few of their
innocent commandments also. Listen to them also.

     My hands are small. Please don‘t expect perfection
      whenever I make a bed, draw a picture or throw a ball. My
      legs are short. Please slow down so that I can keep up with

     My eyes have not seen the world as yours have. Please let
      me explore safely. Don‘t restrict me unnecessarily.
      Housework will always be there. I‘m only little for such a
      short time.

     Please take time to explain things to me about this
      wonderful world, and do so willingly.

     My feelings are tender. Please be sensitive to my needs.
      Don‘t nag me all day long. (You wouldn‘t want to be
      nagged for your inquisitiveness.) Treat me as you would
      like to be treated.

     I am a special gift from God. Please treasure me, holding
      me accountable for my actions, giving me guidelines to
      live by and disciplining me in a loving manner.

     I need your encouragement and your praise to grow.
      Please go easy on the criticism. Remember, you can
      criticize the things I do without criticizing me.

     Please give me the freedom to make decisions concerning
      myself. Permit me to fail so that I can learn from my
      mistakes. Then someday, I‘ll be prepared to make the kind
      of decisions life requires of me.

     Please don‘t do things over for me. Somehow that makes
      me feel that my efforts didn‘t quite measure up to your
      expectations. I know it‘s hard, but please don‘t try to
      compare me with my brother or my sister.

     Please don‘t be afraid to leave for a weekend together.
      Kids need vacations from parents, just as parents need
      vacations from kids. Besides, it‘s a great way to show us
      kids that your marriage is very special.

     Please take me to worship regularly, setting a good
      example for me to follow.

And lastly…

―Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where
individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated,
communication is open, and rules are flexible -- the kind of
atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.‖
                                                 Virginia Satir

      Some words for the children from their parents

Now I invite the children to this side to listen to all those unsaid
feelings of their parents, which is never been fully understood by
them. Now is the time to pay attention to what their parents have to

― Making the decision to have a child -- it‘s momentous.

It is to decide forever to have your heart walking around outside
your body.‖
                                                  Elizabeth Stone
―When you love a man, when you love him with the whole of your
body and your soul, there is nothing more natural than wanting a
                            Susanna tamaro (Follow your heart)

―Motherhood has relaxed me in many ways. You learn to deal with
crisis. I‘ve become a juggler, I suppose. It‘s all a big circus, and
nobody who knows me believes I can manage, but sometimes I
                                                     Jane Seymour

It is in this relaxed state only that father or mother can do
impossible acts very often visible in this art of parenting. The
various acts of jugglery that I am pointing to are…

―A mother loves her children even when they least deserve to be
                                                 Kate Samperi

―Mother‘s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do
the impossible.‖

―A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie
for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.‖
                                                  Tenneva Jordan

―Your love for your mother is something that you never completely
comprehend until you are separated by the miles from her warmth
and her wonder.‖
                                                  Collin McCarty

Whatever we may say about the family, no one can stop praising
the parents of their divine nature. I have heard that…

―Perhaps the greatest social service that can be rendered by
anybody to this country and to mankind is to bring up a family. It‘s
not easy to raise a family.‖
                                            George Bernard Shaw

                        Gratitude to parents!!!
                Growth happens, gratitude to parents;
             Happiness still comes, gratitude to parents;
          Laughters are still audible, gratitude to parents;
         Love still peeps from our heart, gratitude to parents.


―Final gratitude is due to parents from their children.‖
                                          The Zend Avesta sources

 Some scratches on the PEBBLES. Let‘s remove it.

After listening to both sides now I interrupt in between and I wish
to highlight some major scratches, which I consider to be
important to make you aware of. Without these odd-issues being
discussed, the complete development of right mental setup of a
family won‘t be possible.

So here I start with one of my few observations…

―Violence in a family is nothing but the absence of the ability to
share different ideas quietly‖

Somebody said to me that his child is violent and he never talks
unless his hands and legs are free from active talking. I said to him
that it‘s good to see that your child is Active. That person shouted

on me by saying that am I mad. I said that No. What I pointed to
him was that your child is getting bored. Take him to a field which
he likes. I am of the opinion that all active children of this kind are
good at one thing or the other so let the parents take their child to
those fields so that he enjoys without any delay. And it is in this
enjoyment that Violence disappears. Because while the child is
enjoying creating something then see that he won‘t disturb you.
Because to disturb you he needs time and he won‘t have time to
even think of disturbing you. To act violent acts one has to have
spare time which a child won‘t have if it has to leave the work in
which it is enjoying. Motivate your child to do something different,
try some field he loves and not what you love. What he didn‘t
understood was that…

―Parentage is a very important profession,
But no test of fitness for it is ever imposed in the interest of the
                                            George Bernard Shaw

―When parents hug their children, children feel loved, worthy and
meaning to life. If not they tend to become weak and move toward

―One can understand a child who is scared of the dark.
The real tragedy is when we are afraid of the light‖
                                           Maharaj charan Singh

And if we remain afraid of light throughout our life then it is 100
per cent true, that increase in age will be no guarantee for maturity.
No matter what you do or teach. It is because of this tragedy---loss
of hope, light, that we have to coin a fashionable term---
generation gap. What a pity. The person who must have coined
this term for the first time after observing this phenomenon must
have cried a lot as this should not happen at all and that this has
happened then he must have warned the whole world about this
disease. But no body has taken this seriously. It has just become

another talk of the town. But deep down there is a cause which is
to looked at seriously else the gap may keep on increasing till we
have to witness another unique phenomenon and then to coin
another term---Human Gap. It is better that we better understood
its cause and come back to the roots. The cause…

―Generation gap exists simply because the reason for respect has
disappeared. Old people should behave like enlightened people-not
only behave, they should be enlightened. They should become a
light to those who are still young and under natural bondages.‖

Respect can come only to those who give love who are in love or
who are living in love. And love is the only quality of heart which
is to be awakened. But who is teaching this art of awakening of

―Parents have become so convinced that educators know what is
best for their children that they forget that they themselves are
really the experts.‖
                                         Marian Wright Edelman

But nobody is talking about the evil effects of money-love which is
not love but madness. One day I was having my dinner in a
restaurant where the person sitting in front of me asked me if I was
working somewhere. I said that I‘m working in Rayat Institute of
Management as a lecturer. He immediately asked how much I‘m
paid. I said that whatever university rules recommends. He insisted
again to tell about my salary. I avoided him but after seeing his
sincere persuasion ability I felt pity over him and I told him about
my monthly salary. I hen said ― You are meeting me for the first
time. You never asked my name. Straight off you asked my
salary.‖ He said,‖ this world is materialistic and everyone wants to
know about the salary of others‖. I said, ―if the neighbour is idiot
then will you also become a idiot. If your neighbour commits
burglary will you also commit the same‖. This attitude is the only
major cause for the major scratches in almost every family. Let‘s

erase that scratch also, the sound of counting. Listen to a
confession of a crying daddy and a pleading mummy

Said a lot, did a lot;
Learned few things,
And experienced many new belongings.

Now its time to confess, to you,
That I always spent my time
In counting and only counting.

You always missed me,
I was busy,
In counting and counting only,
The mesmeric sound of counting.

Talked a word, Listened a bit;
Shouted on few things,
And embarrassed you all on many times.
Now its time to confess, to you,
That I always spend my time
In counting and only counting.

You always missed me,
I was busy,
In counting and only counting only,
The mesmeric sound of counting.

Seen a lot, observed a lot;
Baby became adult,
And daughter became mother.

Now its time to repent,
That I almost wasted my time
In counting and only counting.

You always missed me, I never realized,
But now I am awakened, and
I have dropped all my habits of counting.
You will never miss me, from now,
I have dropped all my counting
And stopped listening to the tiring sounds of counting.

I am back to you all;
I am again in a family;
I have recalled that,
I am your Father.
I am your Mother.
We all belong to one Family.

There is one more fact, which we all keep missing all through our
life that we are here on this earth for a short visit. Sooner or later
our ‗BOSS‘ will call us back. After understanding the right
meaning of money the only understanding to be had is of that of
the ‗last moment‘. It is better to start counting our marbles right
now else in the end you won‘t get time to even purchase new
marbles, to see the scratches ―unawareness of the value of each

I‘m a Ham radio operator and spend some time working with
radios and electronics. So when I heard this story it really made
me think! I hope that you will find some application in your own
life as well...

A few weeks ago, I was shuffling toward the basement shack with a
steaming cup of coffee in one hand and the morning paper in the
other. What began as a typical Saturday morning, turned into one
of those lessons that life seems to hand you from time to time. Let
me tell you about it.

I turned the dial up into the phone portion of the band on my ham
radio in order to listen to a Saturday morning swap net. Along the
way, I came across an older sounding chap, with a tremendous

signal and a golden voice. You know, the kind, he sounded like he
should be in the broadcasting business. He was telling whomever
he was talking with something about ―a thousand marbles‖.

 I was intrigued and stopped to listen to what he had to say. ―Well,
Tom, it sure sounds like you‘re busy with your job. I‘m sure they
pay you well but it‘s a shame you have to be away from home and
your family so much. Hard to believe a young fellow should have
to work sixty or seventy hours a week to make ends meet. Too bad
you missed your daughter‘s dance recital.‖ He continued, ―Let me
tell you something, Tom, something that has helped me keep a
good perspective on my own priorities.‖ And that‘s when he began
to explain his theory of ―a thousand marbles.‖

You see, I sat down one day and did a little arithmetic. The
average person lives about seventy-five years. I know, some live
more and some live less, but on average, folks live about seventy-
five years.‖ ―Now then, I multiplied 75 times 52 and I came up
with 3,900, which is the number of Saturdays that the average
person has in their entire lifetime. Now stick with me Tom, I‘m
getting to the important part.‖

It took me until I was fifty-five years old to think about all this in
any detail,‖ he went on, ―and by that time I had lived through
over twenty-eight hundred Saturdays. I got to thinking that if I
lived to be seventy-five, I only had about a thousand of them left to

So I went to a toy store and bought every single marble they had. I
ended up having to visit three toy stores to round-up 1,000
marbles. I took them home and put them inside of a large, clear
plastic container right here in the shack next to my gear. Every
Saturday since then, I have taken one marble out and thrown it

I found that by watching the marbles diminish, I focused more on
the really important things in life. There is nothing like watching

your time here on this earth run out to help get your priorities

Now let me tell you one last thing before I sign-off with you and
take my lovely wife out for breakfast. This morning, I took the very
last marble out of the container. I figure if I make it until next
Saturday then I have been given a little extra time. And the one
thing we can all use is a little more time.‖ ―It was nice to meet
you Tom, I hope you spend more time with your family, and I hope
to meet you again.‖

You could have heard a pin drop on the radio when this fellow
signed off. I guess he gave us all a lot to think about. I had planned
to work on the antenna that morning, and then I was going to meet
up with a few hams to work on the next club newsletter. Instead, I
went upstairs and woke my wife up with a kiss.

C‘mon honey, I‘m taking you and the kids to breakfast.‖
―What brought this on?‖ she asked with a smile.
―Oh, nothing special, it‘s just been a long time since we spent a
Saturday together with the kids. Hey, can we stop at a toy store
while we‘re out? I need to buy some marbles.‖
                                                   Jeffrey Davis

Scratches on family are many but the sacredness in the air due to
family are immeasurable. Plus is always bigger than negative. Plus
is always the driving force. The void, the negative is always
waiting for the positive to come and fill it fully. Scratches can
always be wiped anytime by the sacred touch of family.

 The Sacred nature of the Family!

All the beautiful relations which we enjoy are as the result of the
grace of one religion or should I say one divine House where all
the Lords live together. And this is Family. As it is said, the basic
constitute of infinity is infinite only, as finites can‘t join together to

form infinite. Similarly it is not possible that to form a Divine
Family the basic unit family would be different from Divine
Family. It can‘t be. We have Friends, sisters, brothers, Teachers,
and many other relations and all have roots in family. So here lies
the reason I say the beautiful colours (better understanding) of
emanating from family. Let me spill some of its magical colours on
your face so that you can feel it, touch it, smell it and then ask me
more of it. Here I throw some colours of it on all of you. If you can
hide yourself from these colours then try it. I know that you will
truly wish to fail this time. With these basic colours in my hands I
put forward some divine forms of seemingly ordinary families.
Have fun with these colours.

―Families forget injuries, never forget kindness.‖

―Absence sharpens love and presence strengthen it‖.

―The bond that links your true family is not one of blood,
but of respect and joy in each other‘s life.‖
                                                      Richard Bach

―A wise parent allows children to make mistakes. It is good for
them once in a while to burn their finger‖

―Real Mothers know that a child‘s growth is not measured by
height or years or grade. It is marked by the progression of Mama
to Mommy to Mother.‖

This transition of a woman from Mama to Mommy to Mother is
what I call the real birth of Mother. And that‘s why it‘s such a
great moment for a mother and for the entire family to celebrate
Mother‘s Birthday.

Mother, Mother
O our darling Mother.
Well wisher you are,
Not only for us,
But also for our Father.
How can we show our feelings, O Mother!
That you are the Light,
And we, your shadows.

Mother, Mother
O Our darling Mother.
Respected and loved you are,
Not only by us,
But also by our dear Father.
How can we show our feelings, O Woman!
That you are the Hand,
And we, your small fingers.

Mother, Mother
O Our darling Mother.
Love spreading you are,
Not only in our sweet home,
But also in other Divine homes.
How can we show gratitude, O Great Messenger!
That you are the God sent love source,
And we the beggars.

World will keep on producing women
But Mother will always be the respected of all
Not for Milk,
But for her sacrifices.
World will always be your humble servant.
As only you can give birth
Not anyone else can.

We wish you Oceanic Feelings
On your B‘day,
By jingling the bells in your home.
May we always remain in your lap,
Not for sleep, but also sometimes to weep.
As only you can absorb our tears.
You can create Magic,
In this life, in every life, and in everyone‘s life.
Not only in humans but also in God‘s life.
Gods can also take birth on this earth
Through your womb.
Blessed we are that
We had been delivered from the origin,
Where God can also Relax
Before coming outside the Active world.

Sister and Brother we are,
Because of you and dear father.
What else can we say
We are immensely indebted
For your Unselfish and Godly Actions.
Not demanding materialistic things,
But just few words of respect and love.
We promise you to give this all
And much more.
Not only now, but in our lives to come.

May Mothers, like you, keep on breathing on Earth,
Else God will then disappear.
As God is the source of Earth;
And Mother, the source of God.
Long live our Mother.
We wish with respect and love

Not that today is your B‘day
But, We can still enjoy
Calling You, as Our Revered Mother.
Happy B‘day to you
O Mother, Our Dear Mother.

Pebbles are still overflowing…

―Love and respect are the most important aspects of parenting,
and of all relationships.‖
                                                 Jodie Foster

―Wherever there is love (in family), wherever there is spark of joy,
know that to be a spark of His presence because he is joy,
blessedness, and love itself. Without that there cannot be love‖
                                               Swami Vivekananda

This doesn‘t mean that wherever there is hate, God is not there.
Rather it simply means that in those places efforts are still
continuing to unearth God. All is required the cessation of all the
false understandings, the cause of the closed eyes. It‘s just an
opportunity to see that the foundation of family nowadays is pain
and not love. That‘s all. It depends on your capacity to experience
that essence, that fundamental. The moment you become tired you
can easily switch to other essence, the pleasure. God is the right
mixture of pains and pleasures. To be more clear…

―Family life is full of major and minor crises--the ups and downs
of health, success and failure in career, marriage, and divorce--
and all kinds of characters. It is tied to places and events and
histories. With all of these felt details, life etches itself into memory
and personality. It‘s difficult to imagine anything more nourishing
to the soul.‖
                                                          Thomas Moore


           That which resides in the Family is God;
              That which breathes inside is God;
                   That which lives is God;
                  That which leaves is God;
             That which commits mistake is God;
                 That which learns all is God;
    That which jumps with joy for God is God and only God;
           Where is Family, it is just God, O God!!!

For Family to be God, the family members have to be multividual
who are striving for becoming Angels. For forming a family the
traditional and the accepted form is marriage. Multividuals have to
enter through this path with a understanding, awareness about it‘s

      Marriage!!! What it is actually?

Marriage is an unsigned duty of all partially aware Multividuals by
walking through this beautiful gate to enter into sacred house, the
Family in which all the necessary preparations are made for future
Angels. And the duty…

―Marriage should be a duet --
When one sings, the other claps.‖
                                                      Joe Murray

But only an insignificant percent of families are successful in
raising Angels and further blossoming into Enlightened beings.
Those who haven‘t for them

―Marriage is a matter of economics‖

What must have been the cause of failures of those promising
families? Let‘s see.

      Any family can become a successful family if the
    Marriage is successful. So, what makes the marriage a

The moment marriage happens, after a small period of get-together
they realize that they actually don‘t love each other any more. All
beautiful talks about love just disappeared like a vapor in a flash,
honey becomes sour and moon appears to be of no interest. Same
is happening with families also. Illusions ends just like this only.

The cause of divorce…….

―I‘m afraid we can‘t say they were really in love. It‘s just that they
were about the same age and well suited to each other
temperamentally. That‘s why they didn‘t get hurt much after they
                                              Pa chin (The family)

It means that divorce is related with interference in personal
freedom. It means that husband and wife feel like any other
prisoner. If that‘s so, then freedom from this prison is important.
Hence divorce is existentially correct behaviour. But this
behaviour is not normal. The causes lading to this effect should
also be understood. The real purpose of marriage should also be
taken care of.

Let‘s listen to some saintly suggestions for making a marriage
successful. It would be good to take you to the right source for
getting the right suggestion.

 ―Marriage is an obligation, a great responsibility to so many
people. Love alone doesn‘t make a marriage a success unless
understanding is there. Love must be based on understanding. If
the understanding is on the both sides, then there is no conflict. It‘s
a give and take on both sides, it should be the general attitude of
the couple to adjust. If the adjustment is there, then there is no

problem. Otherwise, very small things become big issues. One has
to handle situations very carefully, very lovingly‖.
                                             Maharaj Charan Singh

True it is to a large extent. But this reason may not be sufficient to
pin point millions of other unavoidable reasons which are the
reasons for creating a crack in the family. For that reason I am
emphasizing on building a divine atmosphere in every family
which will take care of every possible reason which generally or
occasionally prevents its flowering, the natural state.

      Why is it important to become a member of Divine

To create a compassionate atmosphere all around us it is necessary
that we have one Divine Family and we all become members of
that Single Family. Else our efforts of raising Angels will be a very
difficult one. If all of us try to support in each other wins then
chances are there that we will forget both winners and losers. If all
of us become equals then there is no room for comparison with
others. The moment unequals are no more, at that very moment
equals are also no more and what remains is pure love.

Equals and Unequals survive only on comparison.

Then we can simply live. And this is possible if we willingly come
forward and contribute to create this Divine Family. Now I can
roll a small message that…

―There can be hope for a society which acts as one big family, not
as many separate ones‖.
                                                 Anwar el Sadat

―If we could only truly understand God‘s unconditional love for all
of us, only then we will finally come to realize how much we should
love and care for all the people in this world.‖
                                                    Charitess Naval

This small Family is just an opportunity to get mingled, to
disappear in the Infinite. Attraction is always there. We are always
mesmerized. But we mistook it everytime. We have to work for
our own salvation. This is the only mission of the Divine Family---

―To make each and every member enlightened‖.

      How to become a member of the Divine Family?

It is as simple as asking that I had a shirt on my body and I am
asking how to wear it. Simple button up all the buttons
individually. To make it more clear listen...

―If help and salvation are to come,
They can only come from the children,
For the children are the makers of men.‖
                                                 Maria Montessori

―The solution to adult problems tomorrow depends on large
measure upon how our children grow up today.‖
                                              Margaret Mead

This means that nobody is taking care of the small children who
will be very soon becoming adults and it is they who are crying
and screaming. Have they been put on the right path that the
screams and miseries would have been lessened. The right path is
the ‗Path of Light‘, the ‗Road of Enlightenment‘, a ‗Journey to the
Heart-flower‘. Here comes the duty of the Master. One has to
simply walk with the light of the Master for few steps before you
have your own light. This is the Meditative journey of a
Multividual towards discovering a hidden God within. We have to

understand the real side of our family so as to have the knowledge
of the essence of the Divine Family. Pain and pleasure are the only
two possible essence of a family but it comes in billions and
trillions of shades. We have to simply reach to the essence through
right understanding which can be had either by heightened
intellectual status coupled with the discriminative light of
Meditation. The former way if followed alone is lives-consuming
and the latter way if pursued alone is mind-consuming.

 But how do we know that we are on the right path? How do
  we know that we have finally become an authentic member of
  the Divine Family? How the journey on that path looks like?

To answer this question let me take you to the source from where
Guru Nanak, Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ, Osho and like have
emerged through which the answer can be borrowed. Not everyone
can answer this in simple words. So, I am presenting to you the
simplest possible answer for this question. Here is the holy answer.

―There are four L‘s, which I teach: Life, Love, Laughter, and
Light. And they happen exactly in that sequence. First life- one has
become more and more alive, full of enthusiasm, enjoyment,
intensity through meditation. When you are full of life Love starts
happening on its own accord, because what will you do with life,
what will you do with that overflowing energy. You will have to
share it- that‘s what Love is: a sharing of your life-energy, all
sadness disappears, then life is just a heartful Laughter. These
three L‘s fulfilled, the fourth L automatically happens. Three L‘s
you have to fulfill. Those three L‘s are just like three R‘s of the
Educationists and the fourth is the reward from the beyond. Then
guiding light descends. And the moment guiding light has entered
you, you are enlightened- that is the meaning of the word

And enlightenment is becoming light. It is the discovery of
absence of darkness. It is the point where you loose yourself. It‘s a
slowest walk of Life. No need to run. Few heartful laughters, few
tears, are more than sufficient. But before this point you will have
indications, sure signs that

                  A bit of small homework is left,
                          Keep on waiting.


                    If darkness becomes light;
        If the only homework given from beyond is over;
                       Then what else to do,
                      Just share the Message

                       ―Darkness was Not
                     And Light only prevails‖.

There is no other possible way to describe the right path through
the fragile boat of words. It can at the most give you a feeling of
comfort that something is there to take you to the other world, but
words can‘t. It is not in their nature. Only experience through
meditation can give you the helping hand. The hand being of those
who are already the members of Divine Family, the Masters, the
ones who had reached there earlier than you.

So pick up the first step of one millimeter towards the direction of
enlightenment so that your journey of just four millimeters gets a
green signal from your willingness. Go deep into meditation and
soon you will find that you covered those four millimeters very
quickly. But you and you only have to lift your step (being) on this
way. No body can force you to take this step because you have to
willingly take this step. No amount of good words can motivate
you to take this important step. You yourself have to dare to take
this first step and suddenly you will find those four millimeters
automatically reducing. And I am sure that on the way you will

definitely hug the pious guiding light. And that‘s for sure. Once
you feel the signs of light, you become an Angel. But before that
you have to become a traveller on that path where you will get
some signs and will feel thirsty for only light. Listen…

Crawling alone on the road,
When I met a toad.
Toad said me---

―Why are you crawling
When you can swing‖.
I was surprised when toad,
Talked about my wings.

Show me my wings;
Show me the light;
Show me the light.

Drowning alone in the Arabian sea,
When I stumbled over a fish.
Fish said to me---

―Why are you drowning
When you can swim‖.

I was surprised when fish,
Talked about my fins.

Show me my fins;
Show me the light;
Show me the light.

Making lines on water at the sea-shore,
When I met a breeze.
Breeze said me---

―Why are you standing
When you can jump‖.

I was surprised when breeze,
Talked about my red pump.

Show me my pump;
Show me the light;
Show me the light.

          So if all these precious pebbles make you aware of
some of the roles and responsibilities of all family members then I
put forward a small question for all of you

―Do you think that all the great persons lied when they declared
that all their happiness was only because their family members
were very understanding and supportive and that they were full of

To my understanding, I see a deep influence of family on one‘s
success whether materialistically or spiritually directly or
indirectly. It‘s impossible for an individual to grow single-
handedly. It‘s the team which grows, it‘s the effort put by the
individual members in a team which makes growth possible.

No Multividual is strong enough,
To run continuously.
Some periods of short rests are necessary.

And if during that short period if some of the team members leave
then somehow this act cripples the team as a whole. The growth is
arrested. And to be more precise the team I am pointing to is of
three individuals. These three individuals are Family, Friends and
Teachers. If these team members give their best support then it‘s
for sure that their team will emerge as a loving team.

The teams are many;
Multi-viduals are the only members,
Trying to be Angels,
By allowing the formation of One Divine Family,
The family full of Love.

To relate it with a cricket team, one can see that whenever a team
wins it‘s the captain who receives the winning trophy and it is he
who receives the winning trophy and it is he who gets the name

and fame. But do you think if even a single team member haven‘t
performed nicely in that game then was that win possible. I doubt.
So, is with Life. Life gets rewarded, God is only praised but the
reward is shared within the whole team. Consider yourself as an
invaluable team member and start playing your assigned role. It is
this feeling of love for teammates which separates us from
animals. Discover this extinct feeling of love through meditation.
Doing this, we can proudly say that we are human the purest form
of God, that we have a heart that beats and that we have
experienced and not just know what love is, that we are God.

This is a request. Do your duty sincerely, your moral duty. Act
now as a father, as a loving mother. Remember that you are just
given an opportunity to build a healthy child. See that whether you
are raising your child to become unhealthy or healthy. Are you
sowing the seeds of hatred, competition, jealousy, fear, love for
power, and the feeling of equal-unequal in their sub-conscious
mind? I see all of us in this vicious circle where our grand-parents
hadn‘t told our parents and our parents followed the same trend.
But if someone in this circle understands this vicious circle, we can
free ourselves from the clutches of this wrong trend prevalent in
this slave-oriented society.

My Master says that it always suits to the nature of a human being
to give love, respect. One should develop a right way of living as
the center of our life instead of keeping success-ends as the center
of life. It‘s always the right means more important than the right
ends. Because it is possible that to achieve those right ends, you
might adopt wrong means. Ninety-nine per cent of our life is spend
in living with means. We got to see the ends only in the end when
everything is over. If this is so, then why not we choose a right
way on which we have to spend ninety-nine per cent of our life.

Can‘t we do this much, I am sure, we can. I invite all of you to
walk, run, fly on this right way. Get hold of Meditation. Make
yourself available so that the Master can get hold of you, who will
guide you. Though human can‘t do much, Master can only invite

you towards himself. He himself will give you love. Still you
should take the first step. Love is the only factor which can make
any family transform into a Divine Family. Before you start seeing
God in your family members, before you start contributing in the
sacred process of raising would-be-Angels, become meditative.
This will cultivate your life. And…

―When the personal life is cultivated, the family will be regulated;
when the family is regulated the state will be in order; and when
the state is in order there will be peace throughout the world‖.

Before putting my instrument on the receiver let me remind you
again. To uproot all the evils from the whole world we have to start
sowing the seeds of love for everyone in the hearts of every child
born on this earth. And the seeds I am pointing to you are nothing
but the seeds of meditation. The moment this seed becomes a
flowering plant and start spreading its fragrance, love opens its
beautiful eyes for the first time. This is an indication that sooner or
later the child will leave its bed and will start laughing and dancing
on the road. Pray to awaken love inside the sleeping beautiful child
to fill the space and time with its laughters.

But remember, all children are naughty, they all are rebellious.
You all have to just wait and watch till their mischievous actions
are over and they are transformed into an adult responsible. Before
that, be a part in all the actions of the child else you will miss why
the child is laughing and why it is dancing.

With this laughing and dancing tone in my words I say a prayer:

                ―O Respected Family Members!
             Love your dear ones in every season
        Meditate and pray that every season be of love.
      When Love emanates from words, from your breath
      Miracles start happening across length and breadth.
          Leading you to an infinite source of Love
                       Hidden inside you.
                     The moment you see it,
                 You will ask for nothing more.
                    Be love, Spread only love
               Allow your children to be Angels,
               Give them their natural Pebbles!‖

The Theme of

             There is a message from your

                     Cool Cool Fall, this touch of a Waterfall
White blue this Waterfall
Don‘t stop me, I am into this Fall.
Let me dive into it
Hold me not, O Human wall!
For hundred of lives
I have waited
Now it‘s enough
Let me get united
With this Best Friend‘s love-Fall
Cool cool Fall
I am into this Fall.

Deep deep deeper, this inside of a Waterfall
Time, space, knowledge this Waterfall
Let me play with it
Hold me not, O human concrete!
In hundreds of moulds
I have waited
Now it‘s enough
Let me get united
With this Best-Friend‘s love-Fall
Deep deep deeper
I am into this Fall.

Vast, Big, Mightiest, this Waterfall
Merciful, Compassionate, Graceful this Waterfall
I am into this fall
Let me take a shower beneath
Hold me not, O human sheath!
Along with hundreds of hearts
I have waited
Now it‘s enough
Let me get united
With this Best-Friend‘s Love-Fall
Vast Big Mightiest, this Waterfall
I am into this Fall.

You never know when you are about to cross the thin line between
a friend and a Best-Friend. A moment before you would be just
roaming here and there in a beautiful garden or some deep glances
in one‘s eye when suddenly one word or an event pushes you
across that thin line. Other friends accompanying you may not give
any significant importance to that happening but for you it would
be sufficient to run immediately across that line at that very
moment and acknowledge him that- ―Yes! You are and you are my
Best-Friend- no body else could do it. But you did it for--Me.
Now you deserve all my happiness whose seeds were given by you
only. It was you who sowed the seeds in the garden of happiness
and gave that whole garden as a gift to me.‖ And that ‗ordinary
person‘ to whom you are saying these words will be silently
passing across your being like a cool breeze. But for the
experiencee this cool breeze is no less than the message of God
who had finally listened to your silent prayer that-

―O God!
I am tired and I need relaxation.
Please come!‖

And this cool breeze, the Friend, is just the message of the
Ultimate saying

Look I‘m here for you
But don‘t stop here, keep moving,
Get hold of my reserves-a blissful state,
The Ultimate relaxed state of whose, I am a small part.

Friend acts as an energy source, an energy booster for their tired
but potential friends so that they can push them for a higher
purpose. Friends ‗butterflies‘ keep on giving encouragement to one
another to work continuously and persistently in finding their own
unique colours and shapes. No butterfly would like any flower to
be devoid of nectar. Butterflies will encourage the seed to become
a flower but it will also teach the seed to wait, patiently for the
monsoon and not to be in a hurry. The nectar is just a thankful note

given to all butterflies, continuously fluttering around it during its
childhood state when it was few days old bud. All flowers and
butterflies have a short span of life--- but look at them and learn
from them the art of creating Friends. And what they do? They
just said---Be yourself. What else can a messenger of God,
Butterfly, Friend can say to its friend, except these words. And
these words are enough, if listened, to put you on the right path of
becoming a real, unique Individual.

Let me now start describing the second step of the Model, the
mental set up of a friend---

―To give encouragement and support‖

….through a story.

Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One
man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to
help drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was next to the room's
only window. The other man had to spend all his time flat on his
back. The men talked for hours on end. They spoke of their wives
and families, their homes, their jobs, their involvement in the
military service, where they had been on vacation. And every
afternoon when the man in the bed by the window could sit up, he
would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he
could see outside the window. The man in the other bed began to
live for those one-hour periods where his world would be
broadened and enlivened by all the activity and color of the world

The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake. Ducks and
swans played on the water while children sailed their model boats.
Young lovers walked arm in arm amidst flowers of every color of
the rainbow. Grand old trees graced the landscape, and a fine
view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance. As the man by
the window described all this in exquisite detail, the man on the

other side of the room would close his eyes and imagine the
picturesque scene.

One warm afternoon the man by the window described a parade
passing by. Although the other man couldn't hear the band - he
could see it in his mind's eye as the gentleman by the window
portrayed it with descriptive words. Days and weeks passed. One
morning, the day nurse arrived to bring water for their baths only
to find the lifeless body of the man by the window, who had died
peacefully in his sleep. She was saddened and called the hospital
attendants to take the body away.

As soon as it seemed appropriate, the other man asked if he could
be moved next to the window. The nurse was happy to make the
switch, and after making sure he was comfortable, she left him
alone. Slowly, painfully, he propped himself up on one elbow to
take his first look at the world outside. Finally, he would have the
joy of seeing it for himself

He strained to slowly turn to look out the window beside the bed. It
faced a blank wall. The man asked the nurse what could have
compelled his deceased roommate who had described such
wonderful things outside this window. The nurse responded that
the man was blind and could not even see the wall. She said,
"Perhaps he just wanted to encourage you."
                                              By Source Unknown

Positive words means encouragement and it is necessary for the
development of a seed during both drought and monsoon seasons.
Wait! Is this happening to you?

The problem which I see is like an Indian criss-cross ‗jalebi‘. It‘s
like father saying to his son to do business and earn a lot of money.
And son says, ―But my dear father! To start business one has to
have money in the beginning itself‖. The father says, ―O.k. have
this much of small amount and then in future have it from your
own earnings. So, to help your friend reach his own heights you

also have to work to reach your own never explored heights. For
this you yourself have to find your own hidden talent, your best.
Perfect exposure of one‘s ‗Best‘ can only be disclosed in one‘s
meditative state. To our woes, the choice of meditation is
dependent on the type of our uniqueness which we ourselves are
not aware of completely. What an irony! And friends, only Master
can help you in searching your real nature by showing you the
right tools.

If you think that you have found your talent, on your own, then I
will just say that Revered Masters don‘t need you to be aware that
they have helped you. His eyes are all-pervasive. The moment he
sees, he will help open the doors and windows of all your hidden
talent inside. Then only you can feel the presence of any talent
inside. But yes, the key of that well furnished ‗bungalow---Bliss‘
won‘t be given to you unless you intentionally move in the
direction of absolute purity. Some more talks, some more trusting
situations, some intelligent talks and much more is needed before
the Master gives the bunch of keys to the ‗paying-guest‘, the you.
Only your intentions are more than sufficient for the Master to
help-give him some rooms and verandahs to breathe and play
inside that Magnificent Lodge. But it‘s for sure that you will feel
some pain whenever you encounter a rigid wall in front of your
‗ill-intended-desired‘ movements. The whole Bungalow can be
yours but it requires contemplation on the Name of the Owner of
the Lodge---the God, the Light. Master is just a watchman, a

Some humans are striving for purity. Seeing them, the instruments
making sincere, persistent efforts, the watchman, the Best-Friend,
the Master, gives them the keys of the Bungalow. He then greets
them by saying, ―Greetings! It‘s nice to see you back home.
Everyone was waiting for your kind presence. Since you are back
that now I can concentrate more on your other brothers and sisters.
In the meantime you can enjoy my love till I come back with few
more of them. I had taken a short leave for guiding you, so that you
can reach Home comfortably as I was seeing you stumbling on

some small pebbles near this invisible Bungalow. And it was very
painful for me to see you wounded. Now, that you are back home,
I can safely leave you here for some medical-aid and start guiding
other ones again. I wish the remaining ones, who are a bit far,
might also come back to this deserted Home. It‘s been a long time
that I haven‘t hugged all of them. My love is always surrounding
them. But it hurts me seeing them full of heart-burns because of
their very own brothers and sisters and friends. And I know it‘s all
the foolish game of your stupid, youngest servant Mind who is
very naughty and he is always upto some or the other mischief.
The only way to cool him down is through love and by giving him
the telegram secured inside the hidden biggest junkyard. This has
to be done by making some searching efforts by the multi-viduals

Master-Heart further says that the telegram has a written message
for the servant mind to recollect some lost inscriptions. The mind
takes the telegram in its hands and reads the message of Master,
―O Mind! These Multi-viduals in front of you are lost in this world
of crossroads. I know that you are intelligent and we both also
know, that only your elder brother (superconscious-mind) knows
the address of our Bungalow in the streets of beating Hearts in the
famous country of brightly shining awakened Souls.

But, I see that you have forgotten him like me. And it‘s only you
who can guide them towards your revered elder brother. They
(Multi-viduals) were ignorant that they kept on enjoying seeing
you fighting with ego. But these multi-viduals have now heard
from me that ego is just another face of yours. They are now
feeling sorry for making you fight with your own mirror image.
Today, they had discovered this misplaced telegram in your
adjacent junkyard (sub-conscious mind) in which these words of
wisdom was hand-written by our heavenly father. Now, that the
feeling of helplessness has arisen inside these noble and latent
Multi-viduals that you can now stop your never ending naughty
acts. Establish relation with your elder brother, superconscious-
mind and give them his (elder brother‘s) official or residential

address, who can then easily help them reach to our Heart streets.
We are waiting for him with necklaces of flowers since ages.

O Actor! rush immediately with your friends and family members
taking back all these multi-viduals along with your brother towards
the home. All these gracious Multi-viduals will swear-promise, to
not to mis-understand and mis-interpret your true acts in the near
future. Please remember those days when you used to help them
writing the lyrics of original love-songs composed by me, which
we all used to sing in our sweet family home. All our friends used
to dance with us and our eyes used to become full seeing this
overflowing love from everybody‘s beingness. Everyone was so
happy that there were no words to describe them and every
moment we remain silent observers. Only dance was just sufficient
to express it.

O Perfect Expresser! These past-life dancers want to perform ball-
dance again in this only discotheque of life with their very own
family, friends. And above all to sing, all those mysterious songs
of hearts, dripping from the intelligent pores of your elder brother
like encouragement of their worldly friends continuously. I am also
writing something about the shorter way which will shorten the
journey of your elder brother while finding the location of our
bungalow. Please ask him to read it out aloud as this can further
help the other younger brothers in recollecting the name of their
only Elder Brother. Till the just passed last moment, they used to
consciously listen to the words of the awakened ones, but only
after getting their ears heavily oiled and plugged with pounds and
quintals of cotton like words which never settles. But, now
something miraculous had happened to them and that words had
just vanished like anything. Considering this to be a special
moment for them as their ears are ready and pure like never before
to listen to this mysterious short message. Please request your
brother to make the message audible about this mystery at this very
moment itself but of course in a loving manner, or by singing as
they are the only kids of our Father else don‘t.

The way described in the telegram given to the Mind by the Master
for the superconscious-mind to act immediately is

Way is straight high above from mind
Passage is narrow
So, Shorten yourself.
Seeing Smiles on other faces,
Understand, the Home is near.

Baby-steps will be sufficient
Keep on walking
Till you hear my Song and Music inside,
Even inside the disseminated Pebbles.

Just by reading one part of the telegram for the elder brother
(without the original message), junior-Mind cries profusely as if
felt someone very dear and near calling him lovingly. Mind says
prayerfully that-―O small lovely kids of my Master, my dear Multi-
viduals, I love you. I know I was deceiving you but I was helpless
because Master has said to favour you in whatever you dream of in
your sleepy state and not to disturb your drunkard like sleep. I am
just an obedient servant like a scorpion who remains true to its
nature. We all act like a reverse flowing water when the motor
pump is suddenly switched off, taking you back from the top to
bottom but only when you are asleep. I know Miss Maya, who
only can dare this act of back-switching. She gets handsome
rewards and un-disclosed perks once someone again puts the
switch to the ON position.

It‘s like burglars lustful desires enjoying the night inside the
residence of the Rich and Resourceful Owner. These special
burglars don‘t steal anything from your almirahs or from your
lockers. They just spray chloroform in all of your inner-rooms the
moment you become naked by dropping your royal dress of
Awareness pigmented with diamonds and gemstones, to enjoy
with my created sensual desires. They will then create a mess of
everything inside, just like any other naughty children. They will

do this mischief daily and in that every moment whenever they
find their disciplined parents fast asleep like that of a drunkard.
The effect of this drowsing spray is to give you beautiful dreams,
which is impossible to imagine while you are awake. When awake,
you see yourself Rich. But you, deep down, were very well aware
once, now not, that you were the richest King on this mother earth.
All known treasures, ever known or heard are lying inside your
treasure room located in your charming Venus like Palace since
ages. But the special effects of these dreams are that it makes you
poor. You start demanding and running just like falsely rich
humans who are actually penniless. You are no longer holding the
hand of Mr. Contentment. This makes you fall straight in the
perfumed and inviting lap of Miss Greed. This beautiful form
knows how to fully embrace the ones who were once the friend or
even a distant relative of her divorced husband---Mr. Contentment.
So, before you receive all those bountiful gifts from Miss Greed (to
suffer at the hands of still suffering Miss Greed)--- always be at red
alert, be aware‖.

Mind continues weepingly—―O Multi-viduals! The effect of this
chloroform is just superficial and it will vanish the moment you
simply open your eyes. And then you will see yourself as a born
king. You will only then know that the shouting children
wandering here and there intoxicated you. But the moment the
father is awakened, the disobedient children goes into hiding, they
become more disciplined. Similarly, the moment you are free from
the clutches of your false sleep that you see my naughty brothers,
your children-like-servant starts chanting few divine mantras. I
could have put it to an end for once and for all this jumping and
pomping of my younger brothers if you would have shown me the
WAY written in this telegram before. Now that you have shown
me the way that I will definitely help you reach at our Father‘s
beautiful Home. I will request my elder brother above for this
important case of lost and found. Here things are not lost but child-
hearts are lost and that too because of my inability to awaken you
out of your sleep. I felt deeply to die but inside this house there
was no bottle of poison. Now that this telegram is there in my hand

that I can die happily. And I promise you that before I die I will
leave no stone unturned from hereafter. I have always tried to help
you by pointing to you the importance of your deserted junkyard
by giving you the highest concept of mind---God, but you never
took serious notice of this playful concept. I stole it for you from
my adjacent junkyard. I think you didn‘t took notice of my
precious stolen efforts which points towards an understanding

              ―Treat every idea, thought on wind
              Thrown from the gates of the mind
                           Like a king.
                           Who knows
         One of those millions, make you King in rows‖.

The only way to enter inside this deserted and never explored
biggest junkyard is Meditation. What it is actually, I don‘t know.
Probably my elder brother can say for sure about the way and
dangers of Meditation. And I see that one generally misses this
important telegram posted at that invisible address just because of
this simple ignorance of this inexpressible way, by any means. The
reason: The understanding of meditation if left to us is simply
wrong. We don‘t know anything about it. We can just blindly
follow your (multi-vidual‘s will) orders and if in the meantime we
feel like moving in danger zone, my respected elder brother always
comes immediately to my help, without fail. I have read in
scriptures of yours. I can only read and act, accordingly, but can‘t
think because I am just a kindergarten passout. But my elder
brother probably is in constant touch with God, the source of all
knowledge. I actually can‘t recall accurately his qualifications. But
yes! My brother simply knows all and whatsoever is possible to be
known. I thank you, because the moment I saw the magical face
wordless words of my Revered Master-Heart, something magical
happened. My lost memory came back in a flash and I recalled all,
whatever I had forgotten. The name of my elder brother, the past
love and forgiveness‘s of my Master and about all the ill-effects of
my misdoings due to my false surroundings. And this

remembrance of address happened only in a fraction of second. My
Master knows about my hidden chronic disability but you weren‘t.
Now, I am happy that the Master‘s words have cured me of this
disease. I can now immediately move on the right path on which I
must have moved way long back. This whole world had treated me
very pathetically like a dog full of lices. Let me show you some of
those rocks and some stitches on my burnt skin.

―There is no way inside
―Only outside‖.
Those who could reach ‗Home‘
They are already in.
You are not privileged-God-like
You are helpless, not them,
Who had reached.

―You can‘t and can never.

―Punish yourself
For that you commit sins.
Whip yourself
For that you are degraded Humans.

But, now I have recalled. Thanks to your meditative medicines.
Now, it‘s just a matter of walking on that short path walking on
which I and my guiding brother can also be privileged to meet with
your Best-Friends and family members and other distinguished
souls. I request to all the forgetful mind-friends of mine to listen
which includes the original message for our elder superconscious
elder brother. Listen, to the ‗Universal Message‘ said by the cured
mind to the diseased minds of the future Individuals!

―O My Dear Universal Minds!
Enter into your nearby Huge Junkyard,
Where lies a telegram with half-print messages,
Somewhere right, since ages.

―Message is clear.
We only can recollect.
Our elder brother; Super-Conscious Mind,
Who knows All,
But these in-experienced Multi-viduals not.
Help them to get hold of that telegram
Just do this much,
He will do the rest.

The desires, intentions and will
Are our faithful; mischievous and powerful servants,
They will understand all
The moment we have it.
The message of our Master
Written, by caring and loving hands
Of the Best-Friends of Multi-viduals.

―Servants we all are, and not Masters
Only Heart is; and we have to obey His orders.
Else we will miss,
Not earthly-riches outside,
But spiritual-Richness, inside.
What else can we do
Besides serving our Master
As a faithful servant.
So, I read out the message aloud
For you all to remember; and not to think again.
Let the whole world listen and feel
The message for the conscious minds‖.

―Meditate, Meditate and Meditate Now
For only Master is only our Best-Friend
And he cares for us all‖.
―Try to feel the message
Try to feel the message
Try to feel the message…Now!

And you will immediately recall;
Your forgotten elder brother above
Of the younger brother below,
He knows all about the address
Of the ‗Bungalow of Wisdom‘.

―He will lead.
We all will simply follow his guiding voice,
Till we die and
Make first and last Hug with
God, the Best-Friend, our Master.

finishes healthy Mind

But what you did with your discovered-talent. You used it just for
your survival. You misused it for mind satisfaction instead of using
it for discovering your Best-Friend. This act of misuse brings fear
with itself. The fear of loss of your materialistic accumulations.
This fear is what is preventing a potential Multividual from
regaining his own inner blissfulness. And the support from one‘s
body is must for discovering one‘s potential.

Body needs rest which travelling-mind doesn‘t allow. Body is not
a machine that mind will ask anything from it and it will obey like
a blind follower. No, never.

Body is a loving-Autocratic ruler.

It is like a neutral cricket umpire (wisdom of body) who waits for
the bowler (mind) to bowl. After completing his run-up (intelligent
preparations) the bowler bowls his finest delivery to the batsmen
(Life) in order to gain a wicket (satisfaction). But sometimes it so
happens that the bowler crosses the thin line, which he was told to
take care of. Even if he was successful in taking the wicket,
suddenly the umpire will signal—No Ball (failure). The whole
effort of the bowler goes waste. His all skills, his precise run-up,
his timing and his actions-all goes wasted because he crossed that

thin line which he shouldn‘t. Rather he should be aware of this
before showing his preparation to the batsmen. The batsmen will
still remain intact at the crease, no matter he missed the finest

Batsman is always one for every Multividual but the bowlers keep
on changing. The Life is always blissful. It is you, the bowler
whose happiness had shifted from your way. It was destined; it was
there on your blueprint of your DNA cells that after so may years
and at this moment, it will hug you. But it was you who diverted
the movement of the happiness. And what was your fault-----that
small thin line. It was insignificant in comparison of your long
run-up but you forgot that the neutral umpire is standing very close
to that thin line. No matter how many good wishes or bad wishes
you shout for anyone far away from that thin line. Umpire is not
bothered about it. He forgives you by giving a small warning. But
he will give you and your whole team a stiff punishment, if you
adopt an undisciplined behaviour. You may be an excellent bowler
of the millennium. You may have won thousands of accolades in
your career. But in that new game, if you cross that thin line, then
all your name, fame, and accolades won‘t be of any help because

Discipline is above all,
Discipline is the most important rule,
Of that Infinite, Unknown Known.
Nothing works without discipline,

No one can really help you, no one can bring for you a bag full of
happiness, until and unless you are yourself aware of the real rule
of the game. The Best-Friend will keep on giving you red alert
signals that–

―O my friend –
You may be in trouble
If you don‘t know the only rule of Life---Awareness‖.

But it is totally dependent on his relationship (closeness) with the
Best-Friend. How much respect for the Master you have
discovered, how much you adore him and how much risk you can
take based only on his words. The Shadow will remain at it‘s own
place, it‘s there for energizing your tired mind. But if you don‘t
take willingly rest under that shadow then shadow will be helpless
and wont‘ be able to give you the taste of relaxation. And, if you
miss one tree‘s real shadow on your way then expect another real
shadow but that‘s not for sure.

All of you, the multividuals must have definitely entered into a
magical forest where you will find thousands of trees, both true
and false. They may give you either the poisonous fruits or the
most purest form of amrit- the divine nectar. It depends on the
degree of purity of your eyes to differentiate between the false
shadow (false friends) and divine shadow (Best-Friend) before you
take rest under them. It is highly possible that the tree under which
you choosed to take rest is a false one. Many snakes and poisonous
creatures (tricks of minds) taking a nap in that tree may make your
life a hell. Neither you can rest nor you can scream. You will pray
to God before these poisonous snakes and insects show their magic

―O God!
Call me back‖.

You will feel sorry for your inability of your eyes for not choosing
the true shadow. A wrong selection or step may destroy your
whole effort of yours. You may have earned a reputation, name,
fame but a true trust on your false friend may become your last
choice of life. They will steal everything from your bag when you
would be having a nice sleep under their ‗illusory‘ relaxing

From where you will get this purity of eyes, such innocent eyes.
The source to get this purity of eyes is within you. Your real Self.
You have to just clean the dust gathered over your mind since

time immemorial. You forgot to clean up. May be you don‘t know
how to clean or if you knew, then you don‘t have courage to walk
on that way. May be you didn‘t come across any Best-Friend who
would have made you aware of this way.

    The way – Go deep into Meditation.

Meditation is a state when we lose, when we go beyond our mind
and reach to a state of No-mind. No mind means that – now your
center of decision has disappeared completely. Happening of this
phenomenon creates a never-ending moment of ecstasy in your
dull past existence. Now you just simply watch the external events.
For the first time– your eyes will naturally discriminate what is
true and what is false. No matter what the whole world thinks, you
will start walking with a guiding light of your own.

See it;
Become aware of Reality,
And you will yourself understand.

Unless awareness is developed–you will find yourself stuck in
between your journey. You will find very difficult to move even a
single step. I have heard in scriptures that

When the mind is absent, or
When it disappears,
A Fragrance is released inside-outside.

But they must have symbolized fragrance for a melodious music.
This music is continuously playing never ending symphonies that
you can‘t just stop yourself from dancing. Symphony will be the
only musical-piece, which can be now produced by these chords.
Nothing else can come out of it. Every moment of yours will be
like a dance. The every step of yours will be the step of the
existence. The whole existence moves through your steps, in your
dance, music.

The duty of meditation is to act as a Teacher to make you learn the
secret lesson of listening music. You will then listen for the first
time an unending note on the chords of your breath. Meditation can
flower only in the deepest of relaxation. Relaxation is the right soil
for mediation to happen. And if you find the best-soil (Best-
Friend) then you become an Angel by giving yourself the right soil
to germinate. Those who can‘t provide their seeds the right, divine
soil they remain as an arrested Multividual, an incomplete

―Only a dog is complete, only a tree is full, every other living or
non-living is full but this human being is not known completely‖.

But human beings keep on surprising themselves by knowing a
little bit of themselves daily and that only, when an accident
(experience) happens to him.

The moment a human knows a part of Ultimate Truth
He becomes an Angel;
Whose final state is Best-Friend
Beyond the clutches of time and space;
Unaffected by external situational pace.

Existence will be the first to acknowledge the Angel. Very few
multividuals can perceive Angel as an Angel. Even if the whole
world couldn‘t see him, a intriguing doubt will arise in them that

Something has happened to him;
Making the Pebbles rise towards the Magical Bag‘s brim.

That happening,
Is mesmeric and mind-boggling.

This mesmerism is of Prayer of the Angel. The Angel is now
established in the prayerful state. From this state arises a unique
song. It has the beauty of its own while describing the love of God.

Every prayer will be different for every Individual. No two prayers
can be same. No two songs of God and for God can be same but
from each song same God will emerge. Angel is a real servant of
Existence. He comes into harmony with the rules of existence.
Look at the Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, Kabir,
Osho--- all are Best Friends because they have come into a
harmonious relation with the Existence. Everyone who follow any
of them, they are bound to become an Angel.

     To all these great souls born on this earth, I call – true
      friends, Best-Friends. You can feel the coolness in their
      words. A cool breeze brushes you whenever you come
      closer to them or creativity flowing through them.

These Best-Friends will guide you to that guiding light of yours,
that tonic for purification of your impure eyes.

This is most important function of Life,
To give you the eyes, to take away the deadly knife.
And by giving this clue,
Life itself flowers through you as fresh as pearl of dew.

It‘s the real nature of these true shadows to bless you when you
take shelter in their hut. They have no other alternative. Shadow is
just as helpless like a flower which is bound to give the fragrance
to all those coming near to it. They do it from their own place.
What we can do is that we should smell their fragrance, get
energized which in turn will push us on our journey of knowing the
source of one‘s own fragrance.

Angel is an Answer,
Of the prayers of the stem, the stem being body so dear.
The roots inside the Earth, the Flier;
The Earth being Love-God; the roots being Will, the holy desire,
To inspire the seeds to become flowers, seed being awareness;
To learn the art of flowering by wearing Best-Friend‘s Dress .

But we remained engrossed in the coolness, the fragrance. The
fragrance will remain forever but this is not sufficient. As time
flies suddenly you will find that the sun (time) had taken a dive
into Himalayas (existence) and night (death) had been left in your
empty hands. You didn‘t walked a single step when you can work.
Sun was there, you were energized by it but you didn‘t understood
the meaning of this holy gesture. The result, you find yourself in a
situation that in sun‘s absence you cannot see. Night in your life
reappeared and it again surrounds you completely from
everywhere. Suddenly all possible ways to become an Angel in
that new form of seed becomes closed. Even all possessions (name,
fame, money) seems to disappear. They were visible to you be as
yours because of the reflection of light from the sun. Since sun is
no more, time is over, and suddenly all reflections, somehow,
disappears. You find yourself at a total loss. Your whole life seems
to be futile, your whole accumulation all seems to be futile. You
just lost it because of your own fault. You only were more
interested in sleeping and not awakening.

Shadow didn‘t said you to sleep. It was there just to bring your
discharged spirit – energized. It was there to make you aware that
you have one ultimate purpose to know. It was there to make you
aware of your Angelic nature. It was there to awaken you, to show
your way. It knows the amount of rest you need. It won‘t disturb
you for that time but after that time it will remove its cooling bed
sheet from your sacred soul. It knows the importance of sun. It
keeps on removing its cover from your greedy grip. It was trying
but you didn‘t felt the message of the shadow-

―Wake up my child,
Time is passing,
You have to know the Ultimate,
Now I have energized your tired spirit sufficiently
Move a few more steps ahead
Towards your goal
Before your night overtakes your day‖.

If you have closed your ears, then all silent messages of the
shadows will be of no use. You may remain in an illusion for your
whole life. You will be enjoying only the shadow of the ultimate-
truth. But this is waste of human life. It‘s your self-destruction, a
way that makes you move towards the dark side and not towards
the light.

We all belong to different religions and consequently we have
different Best-Friends. But this doesn‘t make any difference. Trees
will appear to be many but it‘s an illusion. How can hundreds of
similarly functioning trees originate in hundred different manner.
There is One Original Tree (one god, one light) without which
nothing new can be created. He is the Ultimate Creator. No body
creates in a perfect manner than Him. He knows all. His seeds can
germinate in any soil. He is the Ultimate. He is above all. But we
all of them don‘t take rest under His true shadow. Only those who
have entered into meditation become aware of their association
with Him which is not possible otherwise. Without complete
surrender to the willingness of the God, no awareness happens
about this divine association. It‘s our duty to dive into that ocean
(meditation) for the sake of Association. Doing this act one will
find that one has made ripples, circular lines which represent
harmony and that too which travelled a long distance and that
happening made you sing a song...

Flowing near your being,
With an intention to touch your feet.
You were dancing near the shore;
And I was flowing towards you,
To make my diseases cured.

You were not listening to my ailing dimples,
When suddenly you dropped a pebble,
Into my core and formed ripples.

I was no more alive;
So was my reason to survive.
Ripples were scintillating enough,
To forget about my ailing dimples.

Ripples were scintillating enough;
Ripples were scintillating enough.

Sand-hut was under making,
When I was intensely seeking.
You were decorating it near the shore;
And I was breezing towards you,
To rebuilt my broken-hut.
You were not listening,
To my broken strings when
Suddenly you legged your own hut.
Splash was the sound of your jump,
Into my core which caused multiple ripples.

I was no more alive,
So was my reason to survive.
Ripples were scintillating enough,
To forget all about my broken hut.

Ripples were scintillating enough;
Ripples were scintillating enough.

Meditative was your environment,
When I was looking for an ointment.
You were in silence near the shore,
When I was breezing towards you
To soothe my wounded possessions.

You were not listening to my despair voice,
When rain drops touched me and created infinite ripples.

I was no more alive,
So was my reason to survive.
Ripples were scintillating enough,
To forget all about my wounded possessions.

Ripples were scintillating enough;
Ripples were scintillating enough.

Just enjoy that moment of diving and play with the drops of water
and come out. You will feel the freshness, coolness of the water,
which you missed somehow when you were busy in making futile
lines with your favourite stick. Suddenly after coming out of the
ocean, you will realize that whatever you did before diving was
just child-like. No real benefits was there because when the
possibility was there to dive, to create multiple circular lines then
why to satisfy oneself by sitting at a distance from the ocean and
make those futile lines.

During the journey one shouldn‘t be disappointed by the
intermediate outcomes. One can‘t do anything about the external
complexities of circumstances and nature. One should be in
continuous activity. This lesson I had learned from a pigeon,
which had made its nest in our balcony. One day after getting
furious by their noise (disturbance) my friend thrashed them and
throwed it‘s nest into the dustbin. My friend thought that now
silence will prevail again. But to his disappointment after two
days he found that the same pigeon had made another nest at a
much higher level and that too a more beautiful one. He suddenly
felt at complete loss, his past win was converted into present loss.
A pigeon emerged as a real winner whereas he lost very badly.
That pigeon told ―I can‘t control you (external conditions) but I
know some of my strengths hundred per cent and I am not afraid
of you (external conditions). I will start again from the scratch.
This time I will make another nest at a higher level and a more
beautiful one. I am aware that if I become attached to your actions
then I have to leave my state of relaxation. I am totally relaxed. My
divine flight in the shadow (air, tree) of the existence (God) is

always there for me to relax, to give strength. I will enjoy your
actions and won‘t complain‖.

No matter what a wave thinks of independence from the ocean,
the next moment all its perceptions will be shattered. It was the
courtesy of the ocean that it allowed the wave to get separated to
enjoy a bit of independence. But this doesn‘t mean that, the wave
should consider itself to be something different. It should
constantly remind itself that it is just a small portion of that
ultimate Ocean. The next moment it will surely disappear into the
mighty ocean and so it should just detach itself from the fragrance
of the nearby flowers, the melodious songs of cuckoo, the twilight
of the sky, the beauty of nature.

An awareness of the journey towards one destination is necessary.
The fully aware wave is full of gratitude for the Ocean‘s
compassion. It doesn‘t attach itself with the surroundings. If any
flower dies without opening it‘s petal, or if a cuckoo is being eaten
up by a lion, or if sun forgets to rise in the east, it just remains in
deep communion with His Will. The fully aware wave doesn‘t
think for how long it can enjoy this expensive but free roller-
coaster ride, but it allows the Will to choose the only option.
There is no best option. The Will itself thinks of how the
surrendered-wave can quench the thirst of other thirsty travellers. It
Itself thinks how wave can fall as a cool rain-drops over a child
who is afraid to enter into the mighty ocean. It Itself thinks how it
can be carried away by the dry air, how to touch the perspiring
travellers in the barren land, how to spread the sign of ‗inviting-

The happiness is the real cause.
Bliss is the result

Happiness is to be practiced
With arms wide open, Bliss is to be received.

The Angels deepens their own reserves and are made to wait. This
wait of drop on this side of an ocean starts giving indications to
others with eyes of their growing happiness state.

    The drop is just a silent messenger which never says but is
     available for others to observe the direction of its
     movement---Look I am enjoying, come with me and I will
     take you to my source inside.

Like these Angels anyone can grow every moment of one‘s
journey right from birth to death. The only condition is that one
should move deep into meditation, one should increase one‘s
awareness level. One should listen to the ultimate message of the
Best-Friend, of the Absolute, the Truth, the Master so that it is
manifested. And that final day of manifestation one can also be a
Best-Friend and messages start spreading through oneself to all the
tired travellers.

One should directly
Make one‘s first friendship
With the Best-Friend, the Shadow of God, the Master, the God.

This gives Angels the most precious gift the guiding light. This
only can guide them throughout their journey. It makes one
detached from all bodily and mental pains and pleasure. One can
only them celebrate the journey instead of wasting time in
analyzing what is good and what is wrong. That‘s the beauty of
awareness, the guiding light.

You should merge with Him. You and He are already one. You
should know it. Nothing else is needed and this is what the Theme
of Best-Friend all about, to push you towards that possible, across
that thin line for which one has to start from here.

Friends you make;
Best-Friend He is in this Divine Lake.
More you come close to Him;
More than the most He nears you in your world so dim
Don‘t stop, keep moving,
Till you find Him forever Calling
With a Voice---
So Loving, Godful, respectful and Heart breaking.

            How else I can make you aware of the sincere waiting
of your Best-Friend back at home. He is waiting since ages with all
his wishes and blessings. What He wishes is just the connecting
link, meditation to join you and Him so that you can see all of His
heart-deep love which is flowing into you straight from His own
heart. Unless the awareness of this truth is beyond time and
space, then it‘s for sure that it‘s a relative truth and not an absolute
knowing. An Angel is one who only enjoys the journey and who
meditatively grows unknowingly while earning one‘s bread.

Angels can only spread happiness to the environment wherever
they live and walk. The internal growing richness, growing
happiness, growing contendness are their givings. Eternity awaits
them to crown the moment they become harmonious with Its
principles. See Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Kabir, Guru Nanak,
Mohammed and few more who have fulfilled this condition. They
were made capable by Him to act as a guiding light for all those
who are unaware, ignorant, wandering multividuals. To grow to a
natural state of Angel, pray that the Master makes friendship with
you, who can give you the thirst of your own guiding light.

Master will choose you, make yourself available. Messiah will
liberate you, allow yourself to be free from the slavery. Listen
from Him the art of relaxation in His Lap as this energizes you.
Then only you can walk a few more kilometers, few more miles,
few more inches. The moment you feel tired (frustrated, tension-
because of inability of your impure mind to resolve dilemmas), go
again under that tree, take rest and come back running (energized).
The time scale of nature is of the order of thousands of years. The
scale of human is very small in comparison to nature time scale.
Sun is not moving. The movement of earth is happening since
thousands of years. Hence, stop running and just be thankful to the
shadow and move gracefully and respectfully.

    The WAY gives you experiences-the beautiful pebbles
     which remain alive inside your Magical Bag.

Everything else is dead. Experiences live through you and nothing
else. They are dead in a sense that they are borrowed. They are
alive in a sense that they help you in making yourself aware of the
only one Alive. You talk, live and sleep according to your
experiences. Enjoy each and every experience of yours, no matter
how painful it is. Learn from them through the filter of meditation,
observe it and grow.

Life is not a misery but journey to Bliss.
But who sees it.

With this I pack up and say a prayer –

May you all be blessed with a Master, the Best-Friend,
Who makes you thirsty;
Who shows you the Way to Light;
Who pushes you daily towards it on His shoulders;
Who throws you and then also picks up;
Who give great wounds and also the miraculous healing touch;
A new truth for you but truly above all beautiful sights.

The Pebbles of

                    Seek Your Best-Friend

 Friends! Who needs them Anyway:

Today the friend is the first person to betray us. All of us have
either experienced or are at least aware of this fact. Moreover

―The friendship that can cease has never been real.‖
                                                       Saint Jerome

―Friends are always imposing themselves on me and I believe that
a friend in power is a friend lost‖.

―Friendship based on talent and personality alone, without
character, make life miserable.‖

―In times of prosperity friends will be plenty;
In times of adversity not one among twenty‖
                                                          A proverb

―A fair-weather friend is like a banker who lends you his umbrella.
When the sun is shining and takes it back the minute it rains.‖

 But, Are we right by thinking so?

One should not form opinions regarding one‘s friends
immediately. One should see all other aspects, which lies under the
friendship. It might be possible that the cause of distress to you is
very insignificant but somehow you have made it very significant.
All this depends on your way of looking into the situation causing
the formation of a point of view. I think…

―May be, my friends were always right‖.

If this is the situation in your life that your friends were always
right and you find them wrong then you yourself are not genuine…

―They don‘t have genuine friends because they are not genuine

And if you are genuine and your friends were also right then…

―May be, we didn‘t understood each other till date‖
May be, we never shared something close to our heart‖.

And if you were close to each other and understood each other then
the subtlest reason of betray hidden is…

           You are being controlled by the Existence
            Who needs you for some other purpose.
              It Itself removes those few resistance
Passing you through forceful sacrifices, for Its ‗Will‘ fulfillment.

This should not stop your intellect thinking. There are numerous
unsaid reasons also which appear during the gradual disappearance
of your ego. Keep on analyzing, keep yourself ticking till the clock
stops till you find the Real Friend but stop not.

 So, check out the real meaning of a friend!

Let us first get acquainted with the actual meaning of a friend.
Without this understanding one‘s journey with one‘s friend may be
dangerous, suicidal and full of distress. In order to prevent that
situation let us understand what friend means and what makes a
true friendship. A difficult task but worth trying at least once in a
life. Who knows what you can discover in this eternal journey of
inner quest. It doesn‘t matter whether you have found out your
friend or not. It is magic. But it is for sure that you must have
atleast come to realize that---If this magic happens to you then
atleast he cannot be a true friend.‖ One will then start collecting
your old experiences, century old definitions and all those past,
borrowed understandings. Interpretation will start immediately.
Doubt will arise over his behaviour and all his loveful actions. It
can happen to anyone. It is but natural. One is not used to be in a
company of true friend in one‘s lifetime.

Many have travelled on this adventurous track of life. Let‘s ask
them what they have to say, how they define a real friend, how
they discover the rarest of all discoveries. It‘s a golden collection.
May be they can guide us, may be they can explain us more

―Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It‘s not
something you learn in school. But if you haven‘t learned the
meaning of friendship, you really haven‘t learned anything.‖
                                                  Muhammad Ali

This is a political answer. True it is like a love of invisible Master
but let us make it more un-political, something---

―True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom
known until it be lost‖
                                           Charles Caleb Colton

―Friends are one mind in two bodies.‖

―Friendship is a sheltering tree.‖
                                                S. Taylor Coleridge

For me friend is that beautiful and sacred seed of a rose which has
the potential to transform your barren mind to a garden full of
roses. This garden will be so full of beautiful roses by whose
fragrance the best garden of the heaven may become jealous. They
will start begging to their Masters by saying that-

―O Master!
Give us one chance;
Take prestige, name, fame and powers;
To be born on this sacred farm (Earth),
To feel the godliness nature,
Of this beautiful relation, Friendship.

This is what I perceive when I hear some sacred scriptures saying
that ―O human! The great souls of the heaven are wishing since
time immemorial to live one, just one more life as a friend of
someone‖. But their wishes also remains unfulfilled. Such is the
sorrowful story of their hearts. They are willing to drop their
precious possessions but we are still groping in darkness

(ignorance) when our divine father (God) had sent His shadow in
the form of a Best-Friend for us.

Health, mind-body, a sheltering tree, seed of a rose. O God! such
boring definitions, such a dry understanding. True it is yet again
but this kind of understanding is generally beyond mind. What
comes under the circumference of mind is to be brought into light.
Help me! Few hopes I can see.

―A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even
though he knows that you are slightly cracked.‖
                                                 Bernard Meltzer

―A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it
needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly
presents every so often - just to save it from drying out
                                                       Pam Brown

This is it! I got it. Here are few young hearted friend with us who
has given us a fresh understanding, the most sought meaning, the
most common understanding prevailing about friends. And they
have touched the right nerve. I have taken a reverse course of
defining friend. But one‘s efforts should follow the right path i.e.
from gifts, from telephone calls to mind, to sound health and
finally to Best-Friend else the real meaning of Best-Friend will be
lost. Let us start how‘s the beginning, when a friendship is born?

 When a friendship is born?

If you are reading this then it means that you are somehow
interested in making a Best-Friend. Listen…

A friend is not a commodity, which is available at a particular
place where you can go and have one. A friend is as virtual as it‘s
real. It‘s possible that you may find your friend in someone with

whom you were just having formal talks and about whom you
didn‘t cared much. It might be possible that as time passes, a
stranger comes to you and through his innocent actions touches
your heart and mind. Anything is possible. Keep walking on your
way in search of your friend. Who knows that your friend is just
waiting at your residence and you get to know him only when you
are tired of searching a friend. Moreover…

―We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As
in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is a last drop that makes it
run over; so in series of kindness, there is a last one that makes the
heart run over.‖
                                                     Samuel Johnson

―Friends are born, not made.‖
                                                      Henry Adams

Another political answer. Dear, dear. Tell me the truest answer if
anybody can else I won‘t invite anyone. Is there anyone? I heard a
voice in the mountains, someone rushing towards me. May be he
has got the answer. Here he is.

―Your friendship is born when the other man knows all about you,
and still likes you.‖
                                                Elbert Hubard

Sob, Sob!!!
Indescribable being described;
The Mountaineer came and went,
But the land ones didn‘t understood till yet.
Long live all Mountaineers.
Their few words make the Words-ones live for few more seconds.
Long live, Long live your few words.

Once, the life arises, in any form it comes with responsibilities
attached. Friends have loads of responsibilities. All the
Mountaineers must have learnt all these acts in their previous lives

when struggling for their existence. The moment they rise above
their mere body-survival purpose they give invaluable experiences,
altruistic words, which are true. They all point towards the duty of
humans---To become a friend of someone.

 The unsaid duty of a friend

―Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art. It has no
survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to
                                                     C. S. Lewis

In any organization there are some unsaid duties of both the leader
and the followers. So is with all friends. If one wishes to be blessed
with this sacred relationship then one has to become aware of the
unsaid, implicit duties. It is you who has to constantly remind
yourself of these unsaid duties whenever you enter into this
relationship. If you are not aware then beware of yourself. You
may fall anytime

I feel that…

Your Friend…

       Should put the biggest full-stop to your ill-desires;
      Should pose the biggest question mark (self-enquiry)
                for your wrong or right actions;
       Should show the biggest blank space of your life;
    Should act as the biggest comma (pause) in your fast life;
           Should act as the biggest hyphen (bridge)
                   between you and your goal;
      Should know the grammatical mistakes (weaknesses)
                     in your growth pattern‖

If one‘s grammatical mistakes are not corrected then one is not
ready to discover one‘s own new dimension which is hidden

inside. This whole world is just a game of energy. From wherever
it emerges, a new world is created. Life flowers and possibility of
becoming God arises and whenever it disappears few solar systems
are out of existence along with the chance of a distant vision of
happiness. And I have heard

―When I find myself fading, I close my eyes and realize my friends
are my energy.‖

And if a friend can become a source of energy for you then there is
no other reason to be grateful as we have learnt that

―Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born
until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is
                                                           Anais Nin

With this he is performing a sincere duty. Not everyone does this
but whenever this happens it is magical. It is equivalent to
revelation of a different kind because of which all scriptures exists.
In fine…

―The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your
riches, but to reveal to him, his own.‖
                                             Benjamin Disraeli

But stop. Let me complete this half truth. It is not always good to
do good. Meaning of good changes with time. So, here is the other
half part of the truth.

―Except in cases of necessity, which are rare, leave your friend to
learn unpleasant things from his enemies; they are ready enough
to tell them.‖
                                          Oliver Wendell Holmes

What is said is being said from burnt heart and raised intellect. The
Words-ones are devoid of this just one aspect. And only this
separates them from the higher ones, the Mountaineers, the Best-
Friends. If I am wrong then I must ask the mind-ones a question.
May be they can answer in the truest form possible. The question?
Here it comes.

 Do you feel something deep inside your heart, the moment
  you think of your friends?

The moments shared with friends always leave their marks, their
fragrance inside the heart. If you have even observed one mark or
if you can smell inside your heart, even one of the fragrance that
your friend had, then be assured that he‘s your friend. If you feel
happier than him when he is happy and if you feel the more painful
when he is in pain then you can go and say thanks to god. You
have succeeded in finding at least one friend. Just close your eyes.
Lose yourself, break free now. If not, then pay heed to them who
can, who can say with their hands on their hearts. They have their
friends in their eyes. What they are saying, if understood, then
many problems of this world can be solved in a flash.

―I feel friendship to be like wine, raw when new, ripened with age,
the true old man‘s milk and restorative cordial.‖
                                                 Thomas Jefferson

―Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts,
and we are never the same.‖
                                                 Franz Schubert

―I can trust my friends. These people force me to examine,
encourage me to grow.‖

―The happiest moments my heart knows are those in which it is
pouring forth its affections to a few esteemed characters.‖
                                                  Thomas Jefferson

―Friendship is like a rainbow between two hearts.‖

In Bible it is said that the rainbow is the connecting link between
this world and that World. It is a symbol that no matter wherever
we are, a sign will always come to remind us both of this sacred
relationship, this holy friendship.

Enough of philosophical talks. Let‘s get practical, let‘s come to
this world. Else we will become philosopher. It is better to become
sick but not an old stick.

―Love is only a chatter, friends are all that matter.‖
                                                         Gellet Burges.

―There is magic in the memory of schoolboy friendships; it softens
the heart, and even affects the nervous system of those who have
no heart.‖
                                                Bejamin Disraeli

―I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering
my good friends.‖
                                             William Shakespeare

―Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and
impossible to forget.‖
                                                    G. Randolf

―Though our communication wanes at times of absence, I‘m aware
of a strength that emanates in the background.‖
                                                Claudette Renner

But life has its own rule and regulations. It works according to its
own Mind. Else there is no other cause which makes us to leave
them with whom one has shared the best part of one‘s life. It‘s
difficult. Sometimes we wonder

―I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don‘t believe I deserved my
                                                   Walt Whitman

This reminds me of a story in which a handicapped didn‘t believed
like Walt whitman. Let me take you to the ground.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who was raised in an
orphanage. The little boy had always wished that he could fly like
a bird. It was very difficult for him to understand why he could not
fly. There were birds at the zoo that were much bigger than he, and
they could fly. "Why can't I?" he thought. "Is there something
wrong with me?" he wondered. There was another little boy who
was crippled. He had always wished that he could walk and run
like other little boys and girls. "Why can't I be like them?" he

One day the little orphan boy, who had wanted to fly like a bird,
ran away from the orphanage. He came upon a park where he saw
the little boy, who could not walk or run, playing in the sandbox.
He ran over to the little boy and asked him if he had ever wanted
to fly like a bird.‖ No," said the little boy who could not walk or
run. "But I have wondered what it would be like to walk and run
like other boys and girls." "That is very sad," said the little boy
who wanted to fly. "Do you think we could be friends?" he said to
the little boy in the sandbox. "Sure," said the little boy.

The two little boys played for hours. They made sand castles and
made really funny sounds with their mouths. Sounds that made
them laugh real hard. Then the little boy's father came with a
wheelchair to pick up his son. The little boy who had always

wanted to fly ran over to the boy's father and whispered something
into his ear. "That would be OK," said the man.

 The little boy who had always wanted to fly like a bird ran over to
his new friend and said, "You are my only friend and I wish that
there was something that I could do to make you walk and run like
other little boys and girls. But I can't. But there is something that I
can do for you." The little orphan boy turned around and told his
new friend to slide up onto is back. He then began to run across
the grass. Faster and faster he ran, carrying the little crippled boy
on his back. Faster and harder he ran across the park. Harder and
harder he made his legs travel. Soon the wind just whistled across
the two little boys' faces.

 The little boy's father began to cry as he watched his beautiful
little crippled son flapping his arms up and down in the wind, all
the while yelling at the top of his voice,

                                             Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.

Pebbles are flying higher and higher…

―Life without a friend; is death without a witness‖
                                                   George Herbert

And above all…

―In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but
the silence of our friends.‖
                                        Martin Luther King Jr.

END? May be we don‘t know exactly what is this act of last
breath. But there are many other aspects to be dwelled before we
reach the end. Isn‘t it? What are then those intermediate aspects of
life with one‘s friend? Look behind and you will find in your

memory a collection of shared laughters, pains, mischiefs, caring
shoulder and a loving movement of hands. Truly

―Friends are treasures.‖
                                                    Horace Bruns

 What is that one thing, which only a friend can do and no
  other person on this earth can do it?

To answer this is like giving a drop of water when thousands of
ocean will fail to satiate the kind of thirst awakened. Only few
blessed ones know this secret. Those who don‘t know for them I
have to bring few drops from a different world to this world.
Hopefully I am successful in satiating few of the falsely thirsty
ones also. Open your heart, let me put a drop in it…

―True friends stab you in the front.‖
                                                      Oscar Wilde

―A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks
                                                  Walter Winchell

―Anybody can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend,
But it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a
Friend‘s success.‖
                                                       Oscar Wilde

―One can never see one‘s friends getting hurt because of oneself.
One would rather lose the friendship than to lose a friend.‖

We all know that when the show is over, every audience gets up
and leaves the theatre. So, the moment any happening has
occurred, as a true audience we should enjoy the moment and then
after the show is over we should willingly move out for the next
show. And yes one thing, the tickets for all the shows were already

booked, the moment you landed on this divine film-studio. And
now it‘s the rule of the film-studio that you have to see
(experience) each and every show. You have to do it till the
validity of your ticket (life) expires. And if you don‘t wish to leave
the very first show with which you are so attached, then understand
one thing that these producers and actors are very selfish and they
had hired strong villains (time) who will force you mercilessly to
the next show. And if you don‘t leave the first show willingly then
your present will be affected by past and as a result – you will miss
enjoying the beautiful scenes of other pictures in other theaters.
And no body will be at fault. It will be you and you only. Villain
(time) has given commitment to his master that they will force to
see multividuals who are not willing to leave the space in the
theatre for the other individuals. Because it‘s the rule of the theatre
that –

No matter what action is to be taken – the show must go on.

And in all shows of life we come across some scenes when we
become helpless. Then our friend comes forward and takes us for a
ride so as to relax us but definitely not to sympathize. The moment
we are relaxed, our friend starts giving us big doses of motivational
words and courageous stories, some big failures of his and the
manner he handled those situations.

All this brings back the affected friend back to normal level and
then he starts working with double the enthusiasm then never
before. Now that affected friend can never forget those moments
all his life because no body could do it and his friend did it and this
is because—

The friend cares.

This reminds me of an incident which highlights this aspect of
friendship in its extreme form.

There were two childhood buddies who went through school and
college and even joined the army together. War broke out and they
were fighting in the same unit. One night they were ambushed.
Bullets were flying all over and out of the darkness came a voice,‖
Dennis please come and help me.‖ Dennis immediately recognized
the voice of his friend, Morris. He asked the captain if he could go.
The captain said, ―No, I can‘t let you go, I am already short-
handed and I cannot afford to lose one more person.

Besides, the way Morris sounds he is not going to make it.‖ Dennis
kept quiet. Again the voice came, Dennis please come and help
me.‖ Dennis sat quietly because the captain had refused earlier.
Again and again the voice came. Dennis couldn‘t contain himself
any longer and told the captain,‖ Captain, this is my childhood
buddy. I have to go and help.‖ The captain reluctantly let him go.
Dennis crawled throe\ugh the darkness and dragged Morris back
into the trench. They found that Morris was dead. Now the captain
got angry and shouted at Dennis,‖ Didn‘t I tell you he was not
going to make it‖ He is dead, you could have been killed and I
could have lost a hand. That was a mistake. ―Dennis replied,
―Captain, I did the right thing. When I reached Morris was still
alive and his last words were ―Dennis, I knew you would come.‖

Good relationships are hard to find and once developed should be
nurtured. We need to make personal sacrifices for our family,
friends and those we care about and who depend on us.
                                              Author Unknown

And nothing brings closer our friend closer to our heart than those
tough times. These tough times really strengthens the friendship‖

The above all doings are the steps on a staircase which leads us to
the most sought ‗State‘ by humans. What is it? Where it leads us
to? Answer please…

―When perfect friendship exists either between two hearts or
within in a spiritual relationship, such friendship perfects each
                                        Paramhansa Yogananda

This is the only effort of God;
Of the Pebbles of friends.
May you get it and say it loud---
You knew about your imperfections because of your friends.

Once discovered by you, the only way through which he can heal
your imperfections is by saying a prayer to you.

 A Request of a friend for his friend

―O brave friend, catch hold of Master‘s cloak,
For he is above all ups and downs;
He will be with you both here and hereafter
In this world of mind and matter and beyond‖

Remember the time when you were walking with a great person to
whom you sincerely prayed to him that

―Don‘t walk in front of me, I may not follow;
Don‘t walk behind me, I may not lead;
Walk beside me, and just be my friend.‖
                                                    Albert Camus

And when your prayer was listened, you became good friends and
he lead you to those great heights never seen before. It is
impossible to not to spread this noble act of your friend to the
whole world. It will happen on its own if you have witnessed the
impossible event happening inside your own world. You will stand
in the center of the world to show what has your friend done to you
and that what every friend should do.

―We are meant to help each other. Humans are meant to help the
humans-who else will help? Birds and lions will not come to help!
You have to help each other. We should be a source of strength of
each other but we should not be involved with the sufferings if
another person to the extent that we start suffering ourselves. That
we ourselves become miserable. We must be strong enough not to
be affected. We have to be very helpful, kind and compassionate to
them and help then with their problems.‖
                                   Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh

The above prayer is said by those humans who are struggling for
their mere existence. Those who have crossed this barrier they also
need friends to know the meaning of their own true existence.
Those who have got the answers they also pray but their prayer is
of different quality. It has a tinge of word and the rest is full of
love, full of God. And this is the real prayer which is of real
importance but very few blissful ones emerges. Thereafter they put
their whole being in their spontaneous, self-emerging prayer.

―Om! Hrim! Thou art the True, the Imperturbable.
One, transcending the three Gunas and yet adored for Thy Virtues!
In as much as I do not worship day and night, with yearning.
Thy compassionate lotus feet which destroy all ignorance,
therefore, O Thou friend of the lowly, Thou art my only refuge.
                                              Swami Vivekananda

And these holy prayers are only for the ones who are the Best-
Friends, the Masters who promise us the kingdom of God. Rare
prayers are all these. Each prayer is having a unique fragrance and
each is having its own beauty. God emerges from each alphabet
and every word. If not, then that prayer must be seemingly true,
actually it is not. But both prayers are divine. The later is for
making us fit to stay in this world for few more minutes and the
former for raising us to know the real meaning, the real purpose of
being born as Humans. But…

 If your friend falls in this category, then beware of them.

Just be careful of that friend who might destroy you. And the only
way to know him is to keep all his activities under your
observation and analyze yourself in the light of what is right and
what is wrong. No one knows, what‘s hidden inside one‘s mind
and how will he act in the near future. So observe the following
warnings carefully…

―An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild
A wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound
your mind.‖

―Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dreams. If
some of your so-called friends have negative attitudes and bad
habits that hold you back, you need to get them out of your life. If
that means spending less time with your toxic old friends and
spending more time with uplifting new friends, so be it. Just do

If you were found unaware, the false friend will succeed in
destroying your peace thus making your life pathetic, gruesome.
What you do? Does life ends there? No.

 The moment your friendship breaks…Then What!!!

―We call that person who has lost his father, an orphan; and a
widower that man who has lost his wife. But that man who has
known the immense unhappiness of losing a friend, by what name
do we call him? Here every language is silent and holds its peace
in impotence.‖
                                                   Joseph Roux

The pain of this kind is indescribable. Moreover, it‘s unnameable.
But we have to see beyond this. Isn‘t it? It‘s very rare that any
relation becomes successful. Ideally it should be life-long but
generally it doesn‘t happen. Most of them are just compromises.
Some adjustments. Some collaborations. But this is not the right
platform. The basic understanding which underlies the friendship

―Positive encouragement and support‖.

The Multividual is on a journey, a mission of its own kind---To
give happiness to others. This is partially true with a friend who is
not aware of the mission but it becomes true wholly only with a
Best-Friend, the Master who is living that mission. And here
comes the role of the Best-Friend. Multividual has to become an
Angel. Master knows that perfectly. During the journey the various
fuelling stations, the concrete platforms to allow the traveller to
rest are very few. Those who get it are rare. Life flowers through
them in unique colours. But those who doesn‘t get the support of
their friends have to walk alone. They have to walk alone. Master
then appears to be their Messiah, their only saviour. The support
that comes from him is beyond words and is the best kind of
encouragement. An experience. An experiential event is a proof
that Master is with them and they have not to worry and that they
have to keep on moving. The Master, the Best-Friend of all gives
you a push in your halted life. You were not supposed to give a
break to your flow. Your disturbed stream of life has to be brought
to same vigour and same vitality. Reason:

―We have to keep a balance in life. It can‘t become recluses- we
are a part of the chain in this society and you can‘t break the
chain. You can‘t run away from the responsibilities and obligation
and hide yourself in some caves in the forest. You have to
discharge certain responsibilities and duties in the life. You have
karmic accounts to pay, you give and take, that you have to
discharge; and while doing that you also do your meditation, you
have to keep the balance.‖

                                   Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh

This is the first thing to be understood at such moments. Rest of
the understandings can come later. The gained experience is just an
invitation from him to become the friend of the Best-Friend.

 When we will be sure that we have become Master‘s

Overflowing tears out of love and respect for the Master is the only
criterion, it is the only mark which will make you the friend of
Master. Not less than this can bring you close to his Being. The
moment you starts accepting the life in all its shades as it is, the
moment your life starts expressing one of its unique colours
through you, the criterion gets fulfilled on its own. But remember,
to become his friend one has to understand two aspects of it-

―One is non-renunciation of life, because life is bliss. To
renounce life is against all laws of nature, against all rules and
regulation of the existence. And the second is Meditation. Be in
this hectic world but in a calm and composed manner.‖

The moment both happens in your life you become enlightened. It
is because of the absence of perfect coordination between the two
aspects of life that we are finding life as purposeless. The hidden,
the subtle purpose of becoming the friend of Best-Friend is to
remind oneself only of this forgotten purpose of one‘s life---

Friends carry you to that stage,
From where Best-Friends starts lifting you;
From unenlightened Multividual to Enlightened Angel.

Master‘s pebbles are meant for only this;
Best-Friend are born for only this;
God waits for this happening,
When Life comes and Kiss
What you and every Multividual Miss
The Sleeping Soul‘s only Wish--
To give you Light, to give you Flight;
To make you Hollow, for the God to Swallow.

The one who accept and encourage life‘s lifestyle,
Makes other feel full of life.
Friend on this side,
And best-friend on the invisible side.
A soily figure to eyes,
Empty, figureless to the power-of-eyes.

Enlightenment being an eye-opening,
This Relationship, the means of consciousness widening.
Awakening being a nature,
Friendship, the door increasing this aperture.
Working daily, Energizing daily
Till the Multividual starts walking consciously.
Blessed be this duty and the dutiful one
The best creation of the only One.

With this rhythmical description of the significance of the creation
of the only One, the sweetest relationship---Friendship. When
drenched with the divine colour of salty tears, the journey of the
Multividual is completed an Angel takes a birth and the thirst for
highest arises---whose only purpose ---to be a friend of Best-

            The duty of a friend is to help their friends find their
individuality, to paint their angelic face, the real faceless Face. It
does not matter initially whether you are meditative or not. All
have their own uniqueness, unique qualitative differentiations.

―All humans are the same, whether they are satsangis are non-
satsangis. Some non-satsangis are excellent people, wonderful
people, to deal with while some satsangis –you may shudder to talk
to them even. It should make no difference whether they are
satsangis or not.‖
                                           Maharaj Charan Singh

Both non-meditative and meditative ones are busy in their
respective duties. Only their directions are different.

One making life possible
The other making it worth living---
One gives opportunities to accommodate new lives
The other carves a new, fresh world
Which then drives the other half smoothly.

Both are incomplete without each other. To teach the real
significance of life the foremost condition is that one should live. If
the mere survival is difficult then the philosophical enquiries of
Beyond-life is useless. But this doesn‘t mean that the way to light
is reserved only for rich people. Many satisfied non-rich ones have
reached for which the world‘s richest ones have to wait for few
thousands of more lives. I have heard

―If it is your destiny-mountain climbing-how can you avoid it!‖.
                                           Maharaj Charan Singh

Similarly if you are destined to become a Buddha, the various
events will happen accordingly to direct you towards that

incomplete homework of your last life. The homework of life is
much more systematic than that of humans.

Life is awakened in not every human;
Life is continuously evolving, humans only revolving.
A responsible life it is, few knows it and works for its love
Multividual should remind themselves, the purpose,
To discover the answer of the century old only question---
―After this, what next?‖

But destiny is not what you receive but what you make. Buddha
was not likewise destined but that in this life a slight push was
required. The efforts were countless, the past lives innumerable. It
is that the flower blossomed in that new life. The seed was sown
previously with care, the fruits appeared in that innocent
atmosphere. Efforts can never be substituted by day long prayers
but final prayers can never be replaced by century long efforts.
Both are essential. Both complement each other. If they both walk
simultaneously the progress happens fast. This is what Master can
only do. To make you aware of both.

And walking with Best-friends helps us a lot in discovering
questions and answers. Questions and answers are insignificant
portion in life. Life doesn‘t depend on them. It carries its own
Mind, the universal Mind. This is the only purpose, to come into
harmony with this cosmic mind and to make life sustainable that
life has created the possibility of making friends. Don‘t stop at this
possibility alone but

―Wake Butterfly
It‘s late, we‘ve miles
To go together‖

…that keeps on reminding you of the higher purpose of life,
towards the mysteries of life. The friends should make one‘s thirst
for the other world alive in this world itself. This should be done in

the name of duty of a friend for the sake of duty alone. And only
this duty prepares the soil for the transplantation of the Angel in
the farm of Pure Land. So,

―Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an
                                           Kahlil Gibran

With this I say a prayer,

―May this duty being performed by every person as a friend so that
we all can become a universal citizen. We all belong to god but let
us work in the direction that we should become aware of this truth.
May, all the Friends give their best support to each other so that
that this world become a land of friends of Best-Friends.‖

The Theme of

                 Disciple:- Master, can You see the future? If you
can, would tell us when the end of the world will come?

Master:- I don‘t want to see the end of the world. I want to see
that you help me to preserve this beautiful planet. The future is in
our hands, so you make it beautiful or you make it worse; it‘s up to
you. We do not have to, we should not think in this negative way
about anything. We should always try our best to do good, to think
good, to speak good, then the future will be good. Is it not easy,
right? For example, before I came here, I put on a beautiful dress,
I put on nice jewellery, because I wanted to appear beautiful
before you. I made the decision to be beautiful. I could have also
made the decision not to be beautiful and appeared to you in rags,
dirty clothes, unkempt hair, and lousy looking. So the future is

You never know when you are about to get the key of the house of
Master who is the Teacher of teachers, the ultimate Teacher from

the words of a real Teacher. You may be just an ordinary student
sitting at the corner seat of the last bench when suddenly one
answer of one stupid question, one godly glance, one silent
message which suddenly become audible to your attentive ears
(heart) and removes all your doubts. It changes all your
misconceptions regarding the possibility of something Big.
Something more becomes possible at that moment.

Suddenly your real thirst becomes more intense and you stand up
in the class and say just few words of gratitude to your Teacher for
showing the possibility of something Bigger than what you had
ever imagined. It would be just natural for the Teacher (a shadow
of Guru) for saying those common words, old answers but then
those common words became very special for you alone because
somehow those words had given you the deepest insight possible
of something Big. Now the Teacher had played his assigned role
and now you can move towards the higher Teacher–A Guru, the

Suddenly the whole existence appears from nowhere in your inner
world and handovers a key (a tool) which opens the closed door
(way). The Master had been waiting for you to get hold of that Key
from his assistant, the Teacher who is supposed to create
conditions, situations. The Teacher is expected to keep this
knowledge to guide all great wanderers, the students who are
searching intensely and desperately for the Master‘s Den. It‘s only
the learned Teacher who knows how to create those conditions, the
environment around a curious student. By this way the key hidden
inside the cover of Maya (Illusion) becomes visible and it awakens
the student‘s intense desire to search. The awakened student, the
disciple picks up that key from the hands of the existence, from
Maya‘s sixth pocket and restarts his search that he left incomplete
in his previous life.

There is one thing very unusual about this key. The disciple is
surprised because he finds that the key was always inside him. The
whole cosmos was always present inside his consciousness. But

due to the magic of the beautiful trouser (Maya, an illusion) he
wasn‘t able to see the key. For getting this key he had to roam
(move externally in the materialistic world) here and there from
one Teacher to the other. At last he found it. Surprisingly, inside
him. Once the key is in his hands, he understands all the intricacies
and the degree of cosmic wide illusive network of beautiful lady.

                  The only duty of the blonde,
                 To hide this key from all of us;
                   To give it to the real seeker,
           Whose thirst is pure like a divine nectar;
 Whose thirst for the key is an innocent one like that of a child.

With this discovery, instantaneously there goes a wave of
celebration in the house of gorgeous Maya with a message that

O Maya! Lift your cover!!!
Somebody is there on the motherly Earth,
whose accounts has to be closed;
whose bondages from all the actions of karmas is to be broken.

Listening to this good news, Darling Maya informs the whole
nature, the whole cosmos to arrange for a big party, for a big
celebration because somebody had become an Angel after a very
long time.

To become an owner of this key is much, much above all the keys
of all treasures hidden in the caves. Just chanting a small code
word can open door of the caves. But to open the door of the house
of the Master is the hardest task ever and there no common code
word is sufficient. Miss Maya is perfect in the art of Cryptography-
the art of hiding the very important messages, sounds and it hides
the key in her sixth pocket of her trouser. A real Teacher, a true
shadow of the Master, only knows this location. To the real
Teacher the secret way is given so that when the real and authentic
seeker approaches him, the algorithm be handed over to him. This

act of so that his efforts in the search harvest rich benefits---
glimpse of salvation.

The moment you are handed over the image of this key from your
Teacher you immediately experience the way, the source of the
real key of whose image you were holding up firmly. This image
of the real key was just an indication that – your key is of this
shape and colour. And no matter how many keys you might have
seen, your key will be different. It has to be else for what purpose
our fingerprints are unique in the whole world. You will find that
the Master with whom your frequency didn‘t matched in the past,
suddenly fits. These great Masters have thousands of keys of all
shapes and colours.

The key always has a message engraved on it. Message never
changes, only the messenger is updated to deliver the message in a
new manner. All the keys have only one message--

To transform this planet into Earth,
Become an involutionary Teacher.

This message has pointed the root cause of all evils. We don‘t have
many inspiring Teachers, involutionary Teachers who can teach us
beyond the bread so that we can know how to earn life. What all
Masters have observed is that our whole education system is
misleading us. No matter, how good multividuals we are, how
divine our family is and how energizing our friends are, the
Teachers are somehow successful (in a negative sense) in
misleading us. They themselves don‘t know the right way. Their
fundamentals regarding the right way of life are somehow
distorted. Their family didn‘t know about the right way. Moreover,
their child-hood friends and adult-hood friends were incapable to
guide them on the right way. They all just come to an
understanding that–

                          Teacher‘s job is,
            to teach the learners, the inquiring minds;
                 the ways to only earn their bread.

But they all are making a blunder, a very serious and costly
mistake for which not only they have to pay but this will make the
whole humanity to grope in the darkness.

Teacher‘s aim is not just to remain as a Teacher but also to
transform himself as a Guru-The Master. If the Teacher satisfies
himself to remain as a Teacher then he missed the road pointing
towards life. All of those who have experienced miseries know that
its root cause is in-experienced teachings of their Teacher. In-
experience means that they haven‘t got the glimpse of Life. They
don‘t know the fundamentals concerning the right way of raising a
seed to become a tree having thousands of green leaves (peaceful
mental state) and with the courage (capability) to give shadow
(protection) to millions.

But what to say of the greatness of this Education System that we
are everywhere seeing withered seeds dying prematurely. Even if,
somehow, some potential seeds escapes they grow into a tree with
no leaves and no courage to withstand their own weight (survival).
What to talk of giving courage to millions, they themselves turn
into handicaps, parasites. They are always at the mercy of the
circumstances and chance for getting nourishment. What a pitiful
situation. But still we are not trying to understand that we have to
raise Individuals who are enlightened and not just intellectual. A
tree can‘t withstand the continuous blows of the mighty winds
unless its roots have penetrated deep into the earth (Self). An
uneducated tree knows this fundamental but we educated
intellectuals don‘t.

Nobody teaches us these fundamentals. We ourselves have to learn
them. Now one can understand why all old aged peoples are
running after Gita, Koran, and Bible. But when the younger
generation will learn from the pathetic state of their elders? If

somebody forgets these fundamentals, we will be only giving birth
to a weak and handicapped young generation. It would be like that
of a bird who is trying to break open the shell of the egg. If
somebody forgets the fundamentals and tries to help the baby-bird
by removing the shell, it will actually kill the baby-bird. Shell
otherwise strengthens the wings of the baby-bird when it puts its
inner efforts (meditation) to break-open.

Similarly, we (Teachers) also think that we really helped (by
teaching the way to earn the bread) that struggling (struggling
disciple) baby-bird by removing that shell (thirst for God).
Actually we don‘t know that we had marred its golden future. We
had made its wings crippled. We had stolen its ‗happiness‘ which
the baby-bird could have got by flying on its own. We have not
given a helping-hand but a killer‘s hand though unknowingly but
we did killed that bird. And this is simply ignorance, unawareness.

Crippled Individual is not healthy but unhealthy.

A healthy person is perfect because he is enjoying the greatness of
his health and the love which is showering over his being. But the
crippled one would be indisciplined, violent, full of hatred,
competitive, and only he will be the loser. We can just count on
fingers the number of Angels, the Individuals but our all
calculations will fail if we start counting the number of criminals,
competitive minds---the Multividuals.

The majority of miseries of multividuals are the result of
forgetfulness of one basic fundamental—

‗Right way to live‘.

And for this Teachers are to be blamed. All of them didn‘t played
their specific role in a right manner. They are really responsible for
this distorted way of living of multividuals. They were given the
freedom to follow their free will. But due to lack of right
knowledge, right direction, right fundamentals for holistic human

development they failed in their un-said duties, implicit-
responsibilities. Since no-one understood their importance, the
result was a crippled humanity, a woeful saga of human progress,
thousands of wars, family quarrels, marriage break-ups and
scarcity of resources.

Still not a collective focus is placed on the root causes of this
misery. Great Voices have always pointed to those causes but we
never trusted them nor do we have the courage to implement their
humble suggestions. These voices are of enlightened beings whom
we worship daily and whose protection we always want. What
great people we all are. On one hand we are saying –―O Master! O
my messiah! help us, save us, show us the way and on the other
hand we are saying-God! Don‘t even dare to interfere in our
personal problems. We can‘t follow your way at least in this
problem. We will solve it ourselves‖. But are we right in doing so?
I am sure, Not. At one moment we go to the river for cleaning our
dirty minds and the very next moment we start playing with the
same dirty mud. Are you playing some game or what? And if you
are aware of this game then---

Stop this tiring game.
Play only ethical, observable games,
Else we will lose the Sportsman‘s spirit and
One day, not too far, only fraudulent ones will copulate.

It is said that once you give encouragement to one deceitful, you
had motivated at least thousands of devious playing a different
game at some other place. Time is right, that we should hear to the
message of all Great Voices and we willingly come forward to take
shelter in their Light because---

Soft and tender are saints,
No one else in the world is like them;
They are kind and merciful to all.
Foe and friend are alike to them,
And alike are bad luck and good fortune.

They are as tender as flowers;
Not even in a dream do they see other‘s faults.
They ever wish well to others ,
For they savour the wine of divine love.
Affable to all, with a gentle smile,
Soft and sweet of speech are they.
Cheerful whatever happens , they emanate coolness;
In every glance they radiate compassion.
Whatever one might say to them,
O Paltu, they are not in the least perturbed.
Soft and tender are saints,
No one else in the world is like them.

The first step towards moving the saint‘s shelter is to make few
adjustments in teacher‘s way of looking at his teaching life. And
the way is ----Teacher‘s mental set up should be

―To Give Experiential Guidance‖.

The real honour of being a Teacher is in guiding multividuals to
the right way. By this way he himself can achieve his own
mission-To give happiness and thereby metamorphosizing into
an Angel. In other words

Duty of Teachers?
To guide by sharing life-size experiences.

Duty of Teachers?
To transform students into Disciples,
As this world needs disciples and not students.
Student remains relative,
The disciple strives for the Absolute, an imperative.

Duty of Teachers?
To guide the students towards the Right way;
To make them thirsty for the hidden meaning of Life;

To awaken their Life-Force,
Thereby becoming the third noble cause of the birth of Disciple;
To direct with care, the future suns to the source of Light,
Thereby making the millions of rising stars, reflect in the Night,
Giving indications--One ‗System‘, having its own Light.
And himself, walking consciously, striving for his own,
Much awaited Enlightenment.

Yes! Every student should transform itself into a disciple. Teacher
should lead from the front. The Master is always ready. The
Master is a Master. Master means Eveready. He waits only for
your willingness being given a green signal, Willingness--to know
what is beyond the known; to jump from the darkness into the
realm of lightness. But maximum percentage of student‘s life is
spent in learning how to earn bread and then to rope its next
generation to the same learning curve.

Not a curve but a vicious circle!!!
This world, a circle;
Mind being the center.
Body, a puppet circling around the circumference for a purpose;
Purpose---Survive or Perish.

Higher things become interesting only when one doesn‘t have to
think of the innocent body. If the question and the fear of its
survival remains then the Final Answer has to wait for few more
lives. If the question is absent and the disciple is still not awakened
then it is just the case of ---

Delayed thirst for receiving an Answer, on the part of disciple,
Of the Simple Question--
Who am ‗I‘?

If the question of one‘s survival is alive then the Question changes

How to keep ‗I‘ alive?
How to support ‗I‘ through not-I‘s?

Depending on the type of your question the role of Teacher
changes. A real Teacher can answer your true or false questions.
His answer generates thousands of other questions of different
planes and dimensions. He keeps on answering them till your
question changes. A real Teacher never enforces the Real Question
on anyone. He keeps on giving indications through his gestures,
walk, lifestyle, laughters, arrangements and timings of his words.
He knows that for transforming a student into a disciple, his
imaginations has to be fired. But he also knows that this
imagination is always influenced by the rules of the bread. He
always gambles in his own style when he gives a student an
unexpected answer to a stupid question. This will shake some of
the students from their sleep. This answer motivates few students
to search answers for their own questions. Because…

To ask that Final ‗Real‘ Question,
Answers of almost all illusive questions
Should be derived from within.


To become a Disciple
The duty of a student should be served almost perfectly.

If we look in this world, we can see that students are doing their
duty almost perfectly. But the situation here is that we don‘t have
Teachers. The moment Teacher is in face to face with a perfect
student, it becomes very difficult to guide him towards the higher
stages of growth, as he himself is a dwarf. This hard reality is very
painful. Most of our Teachers are dwarf, in-experienced,
endarkened. They haven‘t seen the glimpse of their key. How can

they guide students or disciples towards the Path. Information
constitutes roughly 10 per cent towards the complete development
of a child into a responsible human. This information gathering
exercises will never satisfy a disciple because he only wants first
hand experiences. He can himself gather all the informations as
given by the Teacher. But somehow he is not able to understand
the various intricacies and complexities of life.

To teach these uncovered-disciples, Teacher himself should find
ways to understand the illness, the wrong steps in the development
of the human beings. Unless he had experiential understandings he
will fail badly and that too every time. And these failures are the
gifts from the Master to him. He has to listen very carefully to the
Master. All Masters have a range of ways which can avoid him
from the realm of questions-and-answers thereby giving a crystal
clear insight.

This should be the first step for understanding the complex
behaviour of humans and the world created by them. He has to
breathe the Master so that the veil of ignorance (darkness) is
removed. This is what Guru means. ‗Gu‘-means darkness and ‗Ru‘
means removing darkness. The moment the light of the Master
enters the dark house of the disciple, the darkness disappears.
Rather, darkness also becomes light. Extraordinary man becomes
ordinary. Enlightenment is an Ordinary state of being a human. It‘s
a discovery of one‘s nature, the witness inside one‘s Magical Bag.

With the glimpse of the witness inside his Magical Bag the teacher
knows the right way. He had witnessed ‗humanness‘. He doesn‘t
need a single reason to not to believe about possibility of a touch
with a Blissful state. He himself is the proof and he knows that he
is telling the truth. His whole being had danced without any reason
at the moment of that flash, that divine glimpse. Now for the first
time he will realize the inherent weakness of the faculty of
imagination. No matter how hard he tries to visualize that how
much his Master would be blissful, he will fail everytime. If by just
a glimpse of the Ultimate Light the being of a disciple, a Teacher

can start dancing then how much dance would be there in the pure
being of the Master, beyond one‘s imagination.

For the first time a shadow (grace) of the Master had spread its
warmth over the being of the Teacher. Now the Teacher is aware
of the revealed beauty of the Master. Now all the basic
fundamentals of human development suddenly starts becoming
clear. Now he can also unknowingly make other feel the touch of
Master if not make them visible. With this experience, two things
have happened – One- the Teacher had moved into an eternal and
un-ending journey willingly towards the royal hut of the Master.
Second--he will continue doing his worldly duties with great and
enhanced reverence for Life besides continuing with the usual
informative lectures in the class. Now he will not teach just mere
information but life. His whole way of expressing will be teaching
(radiating) life but a combination of these two things will happen
through his words.

As a true Teacher, he will inform the students along with the
unknown but potential disciples about the skills and knowledge but
side-by-side he will also guide them of the basic fundamentals of
how to build a life, how to create one‘s own life. He will start his
first lecture after that glimpse of life with the following words:--

Birth is what we get,
Life is what we create.

And this is what will be of interest to any true student, a disciple.
The true student is intelligent enough to differentiate between a
mediocre Teacher and a great Teacher because he can see very
clearly by the mere eye movements, by the mere hand movements
what the Teacher is from inside. A real Teacher first attracts the
student through his words then by bodily movements. The student
is intelligent to catch the glimpse of the brilliance of the Master of
Teacher which keeps on radiating from the being of the Teacher.

A Master is like a Sun and no candle is required to find it. Its
warmth is omnipresent. It is visible in every direction. If the
student is closed then he can‘t feel the reason of warmth. The
moment student awakens it is impossible for him, for the new
disciple to not to sing few lines in praise of the Master of
Teacher. The song goes like this…

O Master of Teacher!
Your lessons are perfect.
Just like you.

Whenever I feel
The bountiful blessings of life, pouring over me
I think of your Enlightened Face.
I was ignorant
But you made me wise
Through few right words of yours through your Aperture
And infinite, graceful gestures.

When I walked with you,
In your very own light,
You made me feel thirsty,
Not to remain in your light,
Rather to turn to my own enlightenment.

O My dear Sir!
My fire was just the effect
But your spark was,
The Third of the cause.

Words will fail
Only my overflowing love and respect
Can make you feel;
About my successful learnings,
From your life,
Full of heart-opening, and mind-shackling teachings.

Teachers always make their students, the multi-viduals thirsty of
something higher. The whole day (life) is in front of them. Feeling
the warmth and prickly heat of the first sharp arrow from the Sun
may frighten some little-experienced ones. But, that‘s the duty of
the Teacher to explain them about their own experiences about the
brightness and freshness of the second ray, the enjoyment of
working with friends in the mid-afternoon, the feeling of love in
the lap of family in the evening, and in the lap of God in the night.
Everything has to be told to them by you while they are in your
light. Academic learning‘s can be of insignificant importance for
the perfect student. The only thing you can give next is the thirst of
their own light, to become interested in one‘s own Individuality.
The rest needful they can do it all alone. This only can make them
feel full of respect for you as only you tried to give something
which was really theirs, their own inner guiding light. The whole
world was busy giving them relatives but you were pursuing them
to give the absolute. Nothing is immortal but Light.

Simultaneously, the Master keeps on making Teacher‘s
fundamentals regarding the universal law of nature, the cosmos -
absolutely clear with every passing moment. An understanding
starts developing. Every complex situation, every circumstances,
every unknown behaviour of human starts giving messages to him
and for the first time --‗the fight with circumstance –stops and he
just flows with the river, no matter what deadly turns the rivers
take, how many times it has to fall from the top of the mountains.‘
He had listened that if he stays intact with the river willingly, drops
all his controls and let the river make him move (total surrender),
that very moment he will merge in the Master‘s mighty ocean (a
blissful state).

In his second class of Life, the Teacher will remind those disciples
the three fundamental aspects of life.

1.Everyone is an Individual and we have to respect one‘s
  Individuality. No question on one‘s uniqueness. Every

 Multividual is unique no matter how much distinct we are, every
 Multividual is to be respected and loved.

True. The growing teacher has to love his students and the whole
world as it is. Without this essence inside the Teacher stops
growing, starts stinking and soon gets withered. The whole world
knows the magic of this important lesson. Let me give a real
incident of this lesson.

Years ago a John Hopkin‘s professor gave a group of graduate
students this assignment: Go to the slums. Take 200 boys between
the ages 12 and 16, and investigate their background and
environment. Then predict their chances for their future. The
students, after consulting social statistics, talking to the boys, and
compiling much data, concluded that 90 percent of the boys would
spend time in jail.

Twenty-five years later another group of Graduate Students Was
Given The Job Of Testing The Prediction. They went back to the
same area. Some of the boys- by then men- were still there, a few
had died, some had moved away, but they got in touch with 180 of
the original 200. They found that only four of the group had ever
been sent to jail. Why was it that these men, who had lived in a
breeding place of crime, had such a surprisingly good record? The
researchers were concludly told:‖ Well, there was a teacher…‖

They pressed further, and found that in 75 percent of the cases it
was the same woman. The researchers went to this teacher, now
living in a home for retired teachers. How had she exerted this
remarkable influence over that group of children? Could she give
them any reason why these boys should have remembered her?

―No,‖ she said,‖ no I really couldn‘t,‖ And then , thinking back
over the years, she said amusingly, more to herself than to her
questioners‖ ―I love those boys…‖
                                              Author Unknown

The class continues…the second lesson

2. There exists a common thread in Life which relates all of us.
   The thread is the Self. What is this Self?

A distraught man approached the Zen master. "Please, Master, I
feel lost, desperate. I don't know who I am. Please, show me my
true self!" But the teacher just looked away without responding.
The man began to plead and beg, but still the master gave no
reply. Finally giving up in frustration, the man turned to leave. At
that moment the master called out to him by name. "Yes!" the man
said as he spun back around. "There it is!" exclaimed the master.
                                                 Author Unknown

That which is in you is the same in everyone, hence we all are
related. The necklace is the Life in totality in which we,
individually, are like the beads. Life knows this only beads are
unaware and the Teacher makes a true effort to make them
conscious of this holy reality.

Simultaneously, the Master also teaches the next lesson of Life to
the Teacher through His unique song that sings by itself through
the vocal chords of the Teacher and attracts supreme attention of
the students and the disciples. The song breezes like this

Master needs your latten candles
To create a big necklace, full of light
For the earth to wear.

Diamonds blush when Individuals shines,
Like moons and stars;
When sun parcels just one yellow ray.

The earth is full of tapers
Possibility is hundred per cent.
Just one candle of yours;
Can enlighten millions…un-lattened.

Listen to the Master!
Come and en-litten your candle,
To make this divine school,
Full of love-light of God.

No oil, no slick;
Just with Master‘s one click,
Darkness will disappear;
The moment your thirsty candle appears.
Nothing is needed,
Only your willingness;
To latten your only single lamp.
Make others believe,
That they can also
Un-Eclipse the candles, Eclipsed for now
Partially like a Diamond Ring.

Teachers are like small candles who have taken the flame from the
fire in the Master‘s jumbo forest-fire and is now busy searching for
burning their own home-grown forest. This indirectly help those
students who had un-lit candles and who are either searching for
the source of flame or are just sleeping with no idea about the
utility of candle in this dark world where they are wandering since

If the Teachers sincerely wish to help raise this mother earth—

Raise Individuals from Multi-viduals.

Share your knowledge with them but support it with your ‗pearl-
wisdom‘ arisen inside you by the grace of Master. Tell the multi-
viduals about the real meanings of life, not what others think but
what you have experienced. Students are looking for true words
which is backed by your true experiences. Today‘s rebellious and

non-listening students can easily find out the dripping falseness in
your words coming from your in-experience. But it is pity to see
that the rebellious bud dies without any rebel which could be of
some benefit to the humanity. It is better to be a humble Teacher
and say only what you have experienced and not a single word
extra. Invite them to enter into this experiencing field after seeing
all pros and cons of age and interests. The stinking smell in the
education system across the world is just because of simple
ignorance of Teachers. This ignorance is also the cause of their
complaining nature. Due to this their growth comes to a standstill,
for years, for centuries and for millenniums. Let me elaborate this
with a short story.

There once was a monastery that was very strict. Following a vow
of silence, no one was allowed to speak at all. But there was one
exception to this rule. Every ten years, the monks were permitted to
speak just two words. After spending his first ten years at the
monastery, one monk went to the head monk. "It has been ten
years," said the head monk. "What are the two words you would
like to speak?"

"Bed... hard..." said the monk.
"I see," replied the head monk.

Ten years later, the monk returned to the head monk's office. "It
has been ten more years," said the head monk. "What are the two
words you would like to speak?"

"Food... stinks..." said the monk.
"I see," replied the head monk.

Yet another ten years passed and the monk once again met with the
head monk who asked, "What are your two words now, after these
ten years?"

"I... quit!" said the monk.

"Well, I can see why," replied the head monk. "All you ever do is
                                               Author Unknown

With the brakes on the progress of the mental level of a Teacher,
the humanity remains at the same level. This natural, unavoidable
tendency to complain always prevents him and the dependents
from the real purpose. Nothing is as important than one‘s
willingness to regain Individuality. All success lies in this
willingness attitude. With willingness, comes will power to make
the impossible possible. Will power is waiting for you inside to
show its magic, only if you are willing not before. Incentives and
disincentives for any purpose are just attraction or repulsion but are
not useless. They have their own importance in growth. If you
want to regain your Individuality then--Do your homework
willingly. Homework is nothing but collecting pebbles from your
family, friends and Teachers supported by sincere meditation.

Still in these two concepts the notion of separatedness is still alive.

The Third fundamental taught by the Teacher is

3. ―Unity in Diversity‖, that we are not separate. We are one.

We all are seemingly different parts of that one. We are like
individual drops which are separated from the Godly ocean for the
time being. It‘s only for a short time and that we are here for a
work and for giving happiness. We finally have to meet into the
ocean. We are really the Ocean. We and tears are not at all related.
But we are related with the Cause. The Cause is Free Will. The
true effect of this is Freedom. But by our misunderstanding of this
relation, we feel the effect of bondages, the fetters on our feet. The
clouds don‘t touch us. The sky is vast. It is all pervading. Smile
and the clouds will go away. Cry and they will be terrify us.

Now its time for the third Discourse of the Master. This time
existence itself will give a discourse, a melodious one as the

interest has been awakened among the students through the
intellect of the Teacher. Their sleeping nature has been shakened to
the roots. The duty has been performed perfectly. Life is happy by
his dutiful attitude. The road for next higher work is opened for
existence. Nature overtakes humans then. The moment nature sees
a way it expresses itself by silencing the medium. Teacher
becomes the medium, the pure channel of the existence to give real
indications, true glimpses of another world, through words. And
Time knows, whenever existence had conveyed its important
message, it always make the medium His lover. The silence
overflowing through the words overpowers all other words. It‘s
Magical to listen to Existence.

―Stop!!! Listen to the Existence, listen to me‖, says the
overpowered Teacher to the mesmerized students.

Once a Sun (Teacher) was teaching the planet (student)
The lesson on how to turn (grow).

Earth was her name.
Teaching was sailing slowly
And moon was watching patiently.
Playing quietly round the mother-like-earth;
With two faced silver mirror in its hands.

Once it so happened, that
Earth was practicing round the sun,
Her movements were appealing,
And lo! Sun started darkening;
As naughty mirror, in-between,
Mirrored darkness to the sun;

Sun was shocked to see its darkened face.
As mirror was a polished-one
So sun became the only false-one
And the quakes of million scales within the sun

Made the earth frightened, causing
It to fall.
She fell and fell and fell
Reached where nobody has ever been.
A new universe it was.
Bruised, she lifted herself and said

  My being bleeds
  And still I feel as falling.

  I am bleeding.
  I am bleeding.
  I am bleeding.
  Who can heal me now?

A new sun was there
And the same young moon still sporting around.
But Mirror mirrored celebration this time, not fear.
The new Teacher, found dancing with elation.
Then child smiled once again and said,
Where are you O Teacher! I can‘t see you
My Mother can feel you here
But O! a shadow you are.
That I have mirrored your inner smile
Rare it is, as my innocence says so,
But I only know of its divine meaning.
Will you teach my mother?
A thirst she had not, perhaps needs more than ever
As oceans inside you exist,
To satiate million liberators.
May you shine alike on all;
Invisible, silent and non-moving.
Suns like you are the real Teachers of the system
Else darkness prevails.
Are you the Divine healer of my Mother?
Be here in the system for a while, O Healer!

Till you dress few more bleeding mothers
Of the gloomy children like me
Who witness their only mother falling and bleeding.
Accept my gratitude
For being here in the System
As I can‘t do anything but reflect.
Only you can guide towards His light,
While I reflect, the real, the rare suns like You
Here and elsewhere.
Blessed I am just because of you, O Shining Golden Sun!
Worthless was I called by the Multi-viduals,
But you, O Considerate! Made me considerable,
And my ways of becoming milky-mirrors
With a spot of perfection.
And before I go, I must apologize,
That I interrupted in your class
Without taking your permission.
So, O Sire! Now the nature calls me
So, I must leave.

And Sun laughed and said…you may O Blessed Mirror!
The mirror revolved ahead.

Earth was bamboozled as the Teacher was dancing!
What may be the sudden reason…thought the Earth next.

Is he gone mad…again? Said to itself
Get ready, O wounded Earth! For the next fall.
O Moon! Is that you again?
Should I fall again into dark universe?
Murderer and Merciless is the mirror but also helpless.
As they say in scriptures
About the flaw of the mirrored-one,
The mirror is left on its own.
What really happened on the other side,
Can somebody tell me?
A sudden spark of light numbed her mind.

The next moment, she felt rising.
Surprised she was of this magic
When she saw the lightened Teacher
And taking her along. A sign of Inspiration!!!
Thirsty she felt, at once
Not for some mean Higher lessons
But of her Teacher‘s feathery lightness.
A lightness in the Heart was felt.
Teacher said then
The lightness only can I give you;
The soaring belongs to the Master.
Revolve and try rotation,
O ready disciple, under the Master.
Movements I have taught;
Rest he will, the Master.
I can give you the thirst
The quench belongs to the Master.
Effect of mine may appear,
The cause belongs to the Master.
My thirst is an old one and yours anew
Let us move, to the Master.
You behind and I at the forefront
And let‘s compete, for who reaches first.
In this slow race of inner-flight
The feather belongs to the Master.
Entangled I am with which, still restless and moving
The Rest belongs to the Master.
Rotated a lot, revolved a lot, still standless and roaming
The platform belongs to the Master.
If you feel remorse then come to me,
Blessed you be if you can‘t come,
Entangled yet again in the cosmic wide wings,
The END belongs to the Master.

The art of soaring belongs to the Master
The art of flight belongs to the Master
The WAITING belongs to the Master
The waiting belongs to
The waiting belongs
The waiting
Shantih Shantih Shantih

And silence became the connecting thread
At the moment of farewell,
The only memento from earth to the sun.
Heart-tears were there but above all, satisfied inside
The soul of the Teacher voiced,
At least one became thirsty of something Higher,
Which was, the Only and the Wisdom Higher
He could have ever given, which
I have experienced from the Rich;
By the grace of Great Master…God.
It was not because of me who teaches only,
The Ethics and movements walks slowly.
I know it and so do my pupil,
Only Master or the Great Master
Is passing His love through me onto this earth.
Blessed am I,
The one with the thirst too.

Last departing words of the sun to the earth:

Remember O Thirsty one!
Moon always plays with the planet.
If a Teacher you must be, have my word
Be aware!
Moon interrupts with ‗a show of your glow‘,
Once everyday.
The fall brings the pain with it,

So, make others not to follow your plunge.
Moon will definitely come;
It will keep coming,
Not for the fall inevitable,
But to bring the moment of thirst.
Seeing the divine dance
On the side unseen.
Fall or rise they may,
On your homework shall depend.
Moon comes and goes, checking
The quality not the quantity
Of homework done by you.
Though his absence must follow learning,
The ways to leave intrusion forever.
Choice is yours.
Rise along with Master‘s feather,
Or you may fall in the darkness, hither or thither
Till someone invisible, holds you.
Though Master don‘t dislike latecomers, still you leave,
The day like this may never come back.
I hear the Temple Bell now;
Go and learn how life reflects.
I thank Master, as his way,
To teach the fallen like you, to stand and touch the sky.
Arisen he is and can make others arise.
Blessed am I and will be in times to come.
You have seen me floating;
And your thirst with the wings struggling,
So, enjoy the flight to quench now,
The only result, for the only cause.

First he threads and then unties.
Such is the art our Master applies.

And the heightened multividuals, the students gets the message and
thus transforming themselves into a disciple. Teacher relaxed and

the existence witnessed few additions in number of hopeful signs
for the protection of the future.

The message is precious. This teaching sun was very weak, a false,
a Balaam one as it was easily overshadowed by darkness as if light
was not its own. If in the internal world once the light is latten,
darkness becomes the thing of forgotten past. But, we can see hired
bulbs taking the support of artificial light for showing the right
path to the future enlightened souls. All artificial lights will fail the
moment the tungsten filament goes awry. All these hired filaments
will only misguide them and will only make stumble at the mere
sight of one small pebble which is one millimeter far from their
circle of light. I want you to willingly hold the hand of mother
‗Meditation‘, a supporting tool and then take your first step on
this meditative path. Humans were born blessed but they become
wretched and different in their degree of blessedness in mind and
later life only depending on the extent of forgetfulness state of
their mind. They have already seen many pebbles before but they
have not collected them sincerely.

Now it‘s time that your mother will keep reminding you informing
everytime you see a pebble---to put it immediately in your Magical
Bag. Mother is watchful enough to not to miss any pebble passing
in front of you. Mother is very compassionate. She herself brings
some distant pebbles closer to you and silently puts it in your Bag.
This shortens your journey and makes your Magical Bag overflow.
At times, it seems that you may drown in your mother‘s love and
may forget collecting pebbles. Mother will also feel that she should
not awaken you. But it‘s the duty of mother-meditation to awaken

Teachers should assume the role of a deputy Master, an assistant to
an involutionary being, so that he can handover the student
transformed into a disciple in the safe hands of the Master for
blessing. Student is like an Amaanat (a precious possession) in the
hands of a Teacher who has to serve the duty of keeping the spirit
of discipleship burning. Though Teacher can‘t do a single act as

that of the Master still any act done by the disciple in favour of
Master is worth of atleast one more pebble. Master can awaken
the thirst inside anyone, anytime, anywhere and whenever he
wishes. But the disciples are unable to control themselves from
doing a favour for the Master.

Teacher has to take care of the first important step of giving
attention to the seed only and see that it grows into a beautiful
flowering plant (disciple). He then leaves it for the Master to
develop that flowering plant into a flowering tree with strong
branches and roots. This is the duty of the Master and not of the
Teacher. Teacher should do their best in their efforts for both
worlds and rest they shouldn‘t bother. He has a different role to
play and the Master has another. He can only prepare a ground. To
accelerate this process of transformation is the work of the Master.

Pebbles from your family will be very close, those of Friends a bit
further and those of a Teacher the farthest. You have to just walk
holding the hand of meditation on this seashore ‗Life‘ looking for
pebbles. The moment any pebble touches you, be watchful enough
to listen and understand its meaning and the message it brought for
you. Even if you don‘t understand it at the time just keep it near
your Magical Bag, saying:

O Magical Bag!
Please help me in decoding the message
Inside this pebble, found during my pilgrimage.
Tell me its only meaning whenever you see
I had grown up to see it through
And I can absorb it in totality.

Pebbles in the Magical Bag won‘t overflow unless you understand
the meaning of every single pebble coming to you during your
journey. Only growth in understanding will make your bag
overflow. Only ‗juices‘ understanding emanating from awareness
through meditation can enter through the fine pores at the top of
the bag. Your mother will always help you to churn the pebble

inside her to give you the milk through her revered bosom.
Meditate everytime an experience hugs you.

All experiences have a message,
To help you arrange shuffled memories
In the heap of your own Individuality stories.

But if you are not walking hand in hand with meditation, you may
miss the message. Hundreds of generations have missed it and
many are still missing it. Only those who have finally got hold of
the hand of meditation are nearing the moment of overflowing.
Family members, Friends and Teachers should come forward to
make every child to regain its unique identity else there is no hope
for the humanity. Misery will increase, blood will condense from
clouds and love will die. Rather, misery had increased multifold,
red clouds are already hovering over the head and love is breathing
its few breaths. Dreams may disappear in a flash but the moment
you emerge from your dreams you will feel like killing yourself
because you missed the truth for the sake of futile dreams. Life is
beyond all luxuries and happiness and pains. Nothing is as
important as discovering your Individuality.

Minds are many but hearts are very rare. And by becoming multi-
viduals, we have formed a world full of minds. But that won‘t stop
a beautiful flower, a red rose (heart) to bloom alone to its fullest
even in a desert full of cacti (mind). The roses enjoy their
aloneness and they never suffer from loneliness. Special Thanks to
their no-mind state. They simply exist. They are happy in living
their beingness, their uniqueness. They will dance with the air,
celebrate with light blue showers, no matter they are flowering in
deserts, mountains or even in the sky. Even if there is no one to
smell them or see their lovely inner colours, they will simply
spread their fragrance outside and will disappear into existence.
They go back into eternity by just dropping on the ground. And
this honour happens once in everyone‘s lifetime unconditionally.

With this, I again bring to your awareness that if you really wish to
help in raising a new humanity then raise only unique Individuals.

      By raising, I mean giving freedom to multi-viduals to find
their own destinations in the light of wisdom.

Freedom, not from worldly activities but from the mind, from the
conditionings, from the deadly perceptions. Let the trinity Family,
Friends and Teachers come together and take a pledge together---
―We, the family members, the friends and the Teachers will allow
the multi-viduals to find their unique directions. We will not force
our expectations on them for the betterment of humanity. We will
meditate. We ourself will walk on that path of regaining our lost
Individuality so as to make this ourselves and the humanity full of
colourful flowers (Angels)‖.

The beauty of this pledge is that it can never be taken by a group.
Reason: This pledge is just for one person, the Multi-vidual who is
just a representative of the trinity. This pledge is just for you alone
to take. But please don‘t make this pledge said above compulsory
as in schools. That‘s of no use because any pledge should come
after developing an understanding and not by rote. A pledge should
remain within the every one and that should be taken inside the
heart not blurting it out like an idiot.

It is possible that by looking at some Angels dancing without
reason, willingness to become an Angel may arise. We, the family
members, Friends and the Teachers should work together to make
this earth a heaven and will prove all of them wrong who say life is
hell. We will tell them by our experiences that life is full of
celebrations. Our dance will make them feel like destroying all
their experience-less theories. Our prayerful songs will give life to
their sleeping desires.

I want you to become aware that you are only responsible for your
experiences in life---whether plus or minus. It‘s only afterwards

that you will realize that everything was a small part of some
Higher Game. If you have more minuses then you are blessed
because it means that your ego is breathing a few more mouthfuls
of breath. And if you have more pluses then it means that your ego
is at its peak and it will take some time more to get the first and
last glimpse. Just get rid of all pluses and come to a zero level
desirelessness---neutral level. Neither positive nor negative. And
this retracing of one‘s footsteps from plus to zero should happen
internally and not externally. It is in this state that you will be
handed over your Rolls-Royce.

Just stick to your right way as shown by your Master, just flow
towards the Master who has entangled you with an invisible
thread. Only he knows the right way to Himself, the Ocean. Never,
never give up. Swami Vivekananda says :

Stand up, Be Bold, Be Strong…
Strength is life and Weakness is Death.

Such is the power of words fill your mind with every possible good
words heard during a satsang (sat-sang, meeting with sages and
contemplating on those words). And one day you will say- Sob
Sob Sob. But Master doesn‘t want to listen just your tears. He
wants a big Hug with your being. When you find yourself
swimming in the Ocean, then He Himself will come to you for
taking that Hug. He is interested only in a Hug and no gifts or
thanks will satisfy His Being.

I will point to only one Multividual and not to the whole world

O Great Multividual, O drop of the Mighty Ocean!!!
Come forward and walk on the Right Way shown.
None can stop your way.
Just follow your lightened heart‘s ray .
No mountain can block your way.
Just flow, Just meditate everyday;

Just hold the finger of the Master, the Gardener.
And He will make you travel the Way on His own Holy Shoulder.

Travelling will develop your discrimination ability (vivek) and will
refresh your eyes. Till now only Master have played His role with
total commitment. Others have shunned even from their miniscule
responsibilities. Add your contribution by listening to His gestures
and by reading in between His spoken words. He is ever with all
irrespective of His actions and doings.

―The whole supports you, remember. Even if you go wrong, the
whole moves with you. If a child goes wrong, the mother still
cares. The whole cannot do anything other than support‖.

Existence always support any effort put forward by any Individual
because it can only support. It can‘t force you to take action. You
only have to take action. You are suffering since ages and you will
suffer for hundred more years if you still don‘t gather courage.
You are a Multividual, you yourself are the member of Family,
you yourself are a Friend. A Teacher is hidden inside you. You are
an amalgamation of Family, Friend and a Teacher. All three
mighty rivers are there in you, in just one Multividual.

Holding the finger of the Master is more than enough to make you
jump into Meditation. By this you can enter into that river which
will lead you all three to an Ocean where you can live like a
dolphin. But nobody can teach you the art of swimming unless you
are willing to enter into the water. Unless you gift yourself
Meditation, no amount of beautiful experiences which would
happen to you will come to your understanding. Those experiences
won‘t create any impact in your life. So,

Wake up!
Pick up the flower –Meditation,
It force-open your eyes

And reveals the hidden, ever blinking messages.
Humanity depends on these unwritten future pages, saying
Have courage to bow down, to pick these meditative pebbles;
Play with them forever till you understand their futility.
Three, it happens,
Grass grows, you also grow alike under His Love cover.

The moment this chain reaction starts, an explosion takes place
that of a lion‘s roar, the roar of an infinite consciousness, as if, the
sleeping Giant has awaken from its sleep. Before, this giant is at
the mercy of your willingness. A lion is there in you but if you
don‘t want it move like a king, which he is, then it‘s your choice.
The lion, which was born to live like a king will die of neglect.
And no death would be such sorrowful as this one. Awaken this
sleeping lion through meditation without which the hidden beauty
of the lion will remain unknown.

So, listen you all---just for once the Theme of Teachers.

                 Something is not everything,
             Everything is very near to Everything.
        Nothingness only, can give birth to Everything,
                  Still, Everything is Nothing.
                Nothingness will ever remain as
       Everything will become, a moment later…Nothing.

             Two lessons you teach and then allow Life to give the
next discourse through you. This is all that is required from a
Teacher. How beautifully you teach those only two experiential
learnings depends solely on your willingness to contribute
something for this Earth, for making it shine like a Sun. One can
see on this earth that

Students are infinite,
Disciples are too little.

False Teachers are in millions,
True Teachers not one in billion.

Teachers are the intermediate between the Light and the Darkness.
True Teachers have glimpses of light in their heart which is their
anchor while riding on the sky high black waves detached from the
white Ocean. Student is unaware of this anchor and is trapped in a
dangerous ride full of fear. Teacher has experienced this state of
fear, this state of stumbling walk. It was because of his true
Teacher that he had got hold of an anchor, a life-support, the hand
of Life. He is full of hope of the possibility of merging with the
Real, with the Absolute. He is ready to give guidance to the

But who is coming forward? Love relationship between Teachers
and students is still to be bridged. The vision of respect is to be
nurtured by every human. True Teacher has to be raised by every
womb of a family, by every friend. The Master has shown us the
way which leads towards that immediate present. It is the only
way. All ways end. But the Master‘s way never ends. All other
ways are circular while this way is non-circular. All makes you
yawn but this makes you ever watchful and eyes full of wonder.
All leaves you to the door of bread while this way opens the subtle
passage which is the life of bread. Everything about the bread is

known by the modern sciences but somehow this way, this
aperture is invisible. For this

Eyes need to be half-closed and not open or closed;
Ears to be tuned and not plugged;
Tongue is to be freed and not stressed;

This way leads through the state of Angel to the palace of Dance,
to the cottage of songs and to the Universe full of Light. Invitation
is open to all from the Master‘s side. Just a firm decision is awaited
from your side. Teachers are more close to Master than the friends
and the family members of Multividuals. They only give the first
taste of life to the multividuals. They make Life worth living.
Teaching can wait for few years before that thirst for Life is
awakened. Once aroused, once the elephant has gained sufficient
momentum then it can be left on its own for centuries for running
for satiating its only desire.

Glimpse of Life is just this mechanism of arousing wish for one‘s
Life‘s meaning. And only Teacher can give this divine drink. Only
he can push you beyond bread. Only he can stop your non-stop
marathon race for bread and order you to walk for Life‘s sake
where he himself is walking. It doesn‘t matter then whether he
finishes first or his student. Each participant in this walk for Life‘s
sake is equal. All walk together and still keeps a distance with each
other to give them spaces to breathe. All are Teachers and all are
disciples. They just differ by their pace of walk. Relation remains
between the Teacher and the student but a new relation is
established. It‘s between the student and the Master. A new kite
with a different colour and shape is being taken by the Master who
loves kite flying. More the number of kites more the outlets for his
never ending ecstasy. Moreover,

Master himself is a Kite;
Life being his Kite-flyer;
Invisible Life force being the thread.

What else is the meaning of Life besides this…
To fly and to be flown;
To let students learn without words
To become an Angel and strive for beyond.
To travel from Multividual to an Individual.

A true Teacher knows this,
A true student waits for this
Life pushes this knowledge to all through the Master.
Nothing is left unknown, all worth knowing is being known.
From the stage of earning one bread, the journey to Light starts.

With this I say a prayer

O Master!
Give us pure eyes; we want to see.
Give us courage; we want to act.
Give us patience; we want to persevere.
Come in the form a Teacher.
Come, Come, as a true Teacher.
Guide us,
To complete our role, our small part.
To help us merge,
To disappear in you, the Ocean of God.


The Pebbles of

                      A humble Journey

A feasibility study was carried out, whether life is sustainable or
not on the newly discovered planet. It was desired to select which
single category of persons will be allowed give their blessings to
the new civilization before it is allowed to be flourished. The
categories under consideration were Masters, eminent scientists
and Teachers. In order to choose a particular category, a discussion
among the chosen one thousand of intellectuals was held. The
category, which will be awarded with the highest votes, will be
allowed to give their blessings to the new civilization. The results
of the discussion raised the superiority of the Teachers above
Masters and scientists. Masters and scientists got equal number of

All the intellectuals who had voted took the holistic approach
while considering for the whole humanity. The inspired scientist
fulfills materialistic (external) desires of millions. The Masters
fulfills inner (soul) desires of millions. But it is the Teacher, who is
in the deep roots of both scientist and the guru who inspires both to
achieve excellence in both spiritual and materialistic fields.
Without the presence of the roots of a Teacher inside any great
person, nobody can become a scientist or the Master. So, would
you want to go with the choice of millions?

      Where will you find a true Teacher?

This is the only question, the first query of every student. But
everyone is in search of an excuse. Students know this within.
False teachers are escaping from this situation and humanity is
bleeding because of their irresponsible attitude. But nobody knows
where you can find a true Teacher. Not even me. The only answers
for this search is…

―No Great Teacher has ever claimed that he was a Great Teacher,
They are just unique models of simplicity and modesty.‖

―Inspired Teachers cannot be ordered by the gross from the
factory. They must be discovered one by one, and brought home
from the woods and swamps like orchids. They must be placed in a
conservatory, not in a carpenter shop; and they must be honored
and trusted‖.
                                             John Jay Chapman

The above answers are the answers of the experienced students
having the quality of love and respect. These answers are much
awaited in the future but for the present, the clue that can push our
journey to a next step is

―If I am walking with two other men,
Each of them will serve as my Teacher.
I will pick out the good points of the one and imitate them,
And the bad points of the other and correct them in myself‖.

Hold on to this answer till something magical happens, when no
other reason overpowers you which hinders your search for a
Teacher. Keep on walking with this guiding light of wise men of
past till you are presented a gift of your life from Life itself. The
gift being a Teacher. It‘s a ray of light that helps you in crossing
your world of darkness. And it comes on its own will. In fine…

―When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear. In fact, the
true Master himself searches out such a disciple.‖
                                                 Buddhist Proverb

Your mission has taken a new turn, much awaited U-turn which
will take you to your Home. A rare event of celebration has
happened. A dream comes true but in-between these two junctions
of two worlds much remains to be explored. Many pebbles of
distinguished travellers needs to be heard and many pebbles to be
picked up from the oceans.

 Four qualities of a Teacher

―No other job in the world could possibly dispossess one so
completely as this job of teaching. You could stand all day in a
laundry, for instance, still in possession of your mind. But this
teaching utterly obliterates you. It cuts right into your being:
essentially, it takes over your spirit. It drags it out from where it
would hide‖.
                                                        Sylvia Ashton

Qualities of a Teacher are always highlighted from his responses
he gives to his students. A true Teacher and the best qualities are
rarely separate from each other. They are made for each other. The
best human quality is visible inside the nature of a Teacher. Both
make each other respected. A teacher without any special quality is
never heard. And the quality that is not inside a teacher is like a
widow. The best gem, the finest of all is their capability to Inspire,
to become a source of inspiration for the student by leading as an
example. All other jewels are subordinates to this precious
ornament. The only way to distinguish all the possible Teachers
having different qualities is best done by the following quote.

―The mediocre Teacher tells.
 The good Teacher explains.
 The superior Teacher demonstrates.
 The great Teacher inspires‖.
                                              William Arthur Ward

This single pebble says everything. It is like an ocean being
decanted into a space of one drop. All the qualities are being said.
But there is much to be explained in every step of this big leap
from ‗telling‘ through ‗explaining‘, and ‗demonstrating‘ to

The first way for a Teacher to interact with a student is through the
use of words, the words that pierce the mind and not just any
ordinary words. The time of interaction with each other is very less
as compared to the family member or a friend, so the Teacher
should be very cautious about the use of his words. Who knows,
the way of telling something to a student may spring something
extraordinary from his being. One can‘t take chances with one‘s
sincere and responsible duty.

This first step of ‗telling‘ is important for consideration for those
teachers in the colleges or schools who are not directly linked with
the students. You may be a teacher of another department, or of
any other college, or of any other country and you happen to come
across a student for a brief moment. May be in a train, or a plane,
or on a street or a park and somehow you come to know about his
dilemma. You find him down with hopes in his field of struggle.
Then the duty as a Teacher is to be performed by boosting his low
spirits through words. How it should be done is not given in any
rule book but it should be done and let us make it as a rule if not
written till yet. Discoveries can wait, guidance of highest kinds can
be postponed if you come across someone who don‘t want to live,
who is afraid of life. The first act should be to make him atleast
interested in life. If not done by a Teacher then all the other
qualities, if any, with him are absolutely false. This is the

fundamental quality of life and it should not be just adsorbed but
all Teachers should absorb it

To ‗Tell‘ means;
To use the words to fulfill the basic purpose of language;
To use the words in positive direction.

In other words,

―The finest gift you can give anyone is encouragement. Yet, almost
no one gets the encouragement they need to grow to their full
potential. If everyone received the encouragement they need to
grow, the genius in most everyone would blossom and the world
would produce abundance beyond our wildest dreams‖.
                                                 Sidney Madwed

The words should be used only in a positive note, if not then don‘t
disturb the vocal chords. It will make noises and nothing else. No
other means can be of use beside the words of hopes and optimism.
Visions are of no use if hopes are absent. The Teacher should
always strive for this duty of awakening the light of hope for life in
every student which is getting dim inside them with every passing
day. In fine..

―The true Teacher defends his pupils against his own personal
                                                  Amos Alcott

After the words, comes the words to which a direction is to be
given. The student is now atleast above that suicidal state and is
busy looking at the life but in a haphazard manner. No goals, no
purpose, no right direction. Teacher knows about it and the student
is reachable by him either through official or unofficial way. The
second quality---The ability to ‗explain‘ what is right and what is
wrong, how to walk in the right direction and how to avoid the
wrong path. Teacher can understand the state of this student---

Doubts are many, confusions numerous.
Vision is weak, the ability to understand feeble.

At this stage a Teacher can ‗explain‘ the student using the
collected right information to reduce the number of doubts and
confusions. This will make him more focused, more alert and more
attentive. Information is purely academical. Explanation is just the
normal way of solving students queries and problems. It‘s purely
based on knowledge about the subject on which the questions were
raised. The percentage of Teachers in this category is more as
compared to the first category.

―Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.
Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life‖.
                                                 A Chinese Proverb

To ‗explain‘ means to make oneself learned to earn one‘s bread
easily. Lack of sharp knowledge is the second major drawback for
any vision of growth. More you are learned, more you are
resourceful and more you are sure to succeed. And everyone
knows what are the powers vested in the knowledge.

―Knowledge is power‖.
                                                         A proverb

Even if it is vested in one person it can multiply easily making the
way of others to earn bread more smooth. And this drives any
nation towards the road of prosperity. In other words,

To explain means
To educate.


―Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest
abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream
which, if fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and
greater strength for our nation‖.
                                                   John F. Kennedy

Demonstration!!! The miracle of superior Teachers. All scientists,
enlightened beings, great leaders come in this group. They were
the early risers and for guiding the rest to their destination they
simply demonstrate. The way of expression changes according to
the state of Teacher. A Scientist expresses the power of mind and
passion. Leader reveals the best mix of knowledge and human
resource management. A Buddha displays simplicity, the perfect
nature of Life. All are the different shades of Life and their colours
are mesmerizing. They all are source of hope, the reserve of
possibilities untapped. They are the source of motivation for all
Multividuals. To become like one of them requires the harmony of
mind and body besides the willingness attitude to take a different
road. Hence, they are in few numbers. To put in few words--

―It is the supreme art of the Teacher to awaken joy in creative
expression and knowledge‖.
                                               Albert Einstein

Those who practice this art are the perfect channels of the Life
force, the passage through which space, time and knowledge
shrinks or expands. Long live these superior Teachers.

But who possesses the finest quality? Is it the superior ones who
rules the body and the mind or the good Teachers who help you
earn your bread or who pushes you for the first time towards the
world full of unknown faces of life? Who is that Teacher? Who
can become the source of Inspiration for you? It has to be one of
them no category is left, as all groups have been included in this
cluster of Teachers. Who can do this miracle?

―A Teacher who can arouse a feeling for one single good action,
for one single good poem, accomplishes more than he who fills our
memory with rows on rows of natural objects classified with name
and form‖.
                                  Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Who can become the Magician? I say, ‗anybody‘ who does his
assigned duty perfectly. Inspiration is just a happening which
happens immediately after the appearance of fertile environment
surrounding anyone. Who makes it fertile that is the only question
which remains unanswered. A beggar, a clown, a dying elephant or
even a love of a dog can push you across that line. This act of
creating environment is not the property of a chosen one. All are
equally eligible for it. Even a Buddha can fail to inspire a
struggling human where a small boy can do this magic. All
depends on the state of life you are standing. Motivation leads to
Inspiration is a fact. The direction of your movement searches
automatically the last Pebble for your Magical Bag before it starts
overflowing. There is no special one person who can Inspire you.
All depends on your way of looking at life, how you want to spend
it, where you would want to take it. The Oceans are bubbling with
pebbles every moment, the moment you are ready to fill your Bag,
the very same moment it can enter inside it. The Life is just
waiting for this moment of glance of yours when this sacred
communion can happen between your about-to-overflow Bag and
the ‗Last Pebble‘.

All qualities taken together have a purpose to serve, duty to
perform. A Teacher is born with a special purpose, which he only
doesn‘t knows. Every Teacher offers himself to a student
completely. All Teachers are here for the same ultimate purpose
but the ways of transforming an ordinary student to a genius are
different. A Teacher lives in a world full of wide range of duties,
different roles to be played. For this he uses numerous tools and
weapons according to the time. What duties Teachers have to
offer? How they make them into a reality? The framework of their
duties appears like this…

―Teachers open our eyes to the world.
 They give us curiosity and confidence.
 They teach us to ask questions.
 They connect us to our past and future.
 They are the guardians of our social heritage.
 Life without a Teacher is simply not a life‖.
                                                      Jonathan Sacks

‗Teachers should serve well‘ always remains the only expectation
from the whole world. But no one has ever heard their
expectations. It‘s high time to put our being attentive to their
requests without which they won‘t be able to serve well.

 What a Teacher expects from his student?

―There were 10,000 disciples, but only Mahakashyap got it
because he could understand Buddha‘s silence‖.

To make his mission, his purpose of life successful, a Teacher has
few humble requests, sincere expectations. It‘s the foremost duty
of all the students to listen to them very attentively and assist in the
fulfillment of his highest duty.

A fertile soil (Teacher) is capable of giving birth to hundreds of
flowers (disciples) from the seeds (students). If the seed doesn‘t
give its full support to the plant, then by doing so, the seed itself is
killing the chances of becoming a beautiful flowering plant. The
soil knows the process of developing and nurturing a seed. If the
seed doesn‘t understand this then it‘s the seed that is at the fault
and not the soil. The soil is ready, it‘s the duty of the seed to listen
very carefully to the voice of the soil‘s intelligence.

The soil says

―I can teach you what I know, but I can‘t learn it for you‖.

―Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself‖.
                                              A Chinese Proverb

These two requests direct you towards one‘s willingness. This is
the first and the foremost expectation of a Teacher without which
even an enlightened being will also fail in putting you on a right
track. Once on the track, next comes the outlines, the guidelines
which should be pegged in one‘s mind. These guidelines are
advising to hire six servants for the well being of the Mind. But
who are eligible for becoming servants? Someone has said about
them, let‘s listen---

―Keep six honest serving men. They are ‗what‘ and ‗why‘ and
‗when‘ and ‗how‘ and ‗where‘ and ‗who‘‖.

These servants are the only connecting link between the relative
and the absolute, between the good and the best and between them
and the Master. The reason for having this expectation is that the
Teacher wants you to understand that

―No matter how good teaching may be, each student must take the
responsibility for his own education.‖
                                             John Carolus S.J.

These servants live with their Master ‗Mind‘ every moment. They
dig deep into the mines of intellect, make the mind search
whiteness in the black holes. These are the weapons for increasing
the survival rate of the body of humanity. They serve and are also
served by the body without which an in-built contractual obligation
between them gets broken. Even if your servants are healthy, you
still have to be watchful on your willingness which is the real
‗YOU‘ because

―It is not enough to have a good mind.
The main thing is to use it well‖.
                                                    Rene Descartes

To employ the developed skills of your mind is the next
expectation of a Teacher. To ‗use the mind‘ should always mean
‗use in the right direction‘ but still this not happens. Why?

Because Teaching comes through the imperfect Teachers.

Very true. All Teachers accept this fact—―Believe nothing merely
because you have been told it. Do not believe what your Teacher
tells you merely out of false or true respect for the Teacher. But
whatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be
kind, conducive to the good, the benefit, the well being of all
beings cling to it as your guide‖. These imperfects accept their
imperfectness and so the great teachers always come to their rescue
by directing them to the wonders of the Nature from the ‗bodily-
teachings‘. In fine, he invites all of us to come along with him to
someone who can initiate you as his student. Who‘s that someone?
He says…

Where Teacher fails,
Nature teaches the perfect lesson.

The Teacher expects that every student should keep his eyes open
to other ways of knowing the truth. Nature is the best Teacher, the
purest source of Inspiration. With this sincere desire he wishes to
make you move towards the real nature of human. In this request
he subtly pushes a message to your subconscious

Not me but the Nature is to be respected;
Not mine but Nature‘s purpose is to be fulfilled.

Coming closer to Nature is like listening to the message of Life,
the humble request of Existence—―To look at it for a fraction of
second‖ which is always ignored by the busy servants. Servants are

disciplined, true, but the servant of servant, the Nature, the
Existence will soon die because of the ‗extra-labor of servants‘. So
the Teacher warns

―The future is in danger if man doesn‘t understand the methods
that can bring quick transformations. We don‘t have time for
evolution. We don‘t have time even for revolution. Only a quantum
leap can save humanity and the universe‖.

The danger is exponential growth of uncontrolled mind, and with
them accompanies their wizard personal purposes. To save nature,
the mere existence of the highest form of life, the only quantum
leap can be

Witnessing the ‗servants‘;
By becoming aware of our ownership over them.
To live humanly and allow others to flower, to blossom
By saving the ‗future‘,
In danger just because of few wishes of bodies,
Born out of and for fun, for building empires,
The first wish of naughty mind.

This is the last expectation of a Teacher, the last limits to which he
can take you. He is struck at the door of Mind and so he is helpless
at this junction. He can only beg from the students to hear this
noble expectation. Only Master can make them aware of this
super-conscious master within. The Master waits on the other side
of this dividing line for the student to be brought by the servants
seduced by the Teacher. No other alternative, no other way to
bridge this gap between human and love. Great Teacher has to
influence the few influentials of the whole world. He has to take
the charge of humanity before the cover of false teachers wraps the
future and shows the darkness as the only possible outcome of life.

Life needs space to dance in human form. Not because humans
can‘t dance but the servants produced in billions are busy in their

‗created duties‘ and the master within is still unconscious. To make
everyone conscious the hope lies in the influence of the Teacher on
students heart and mind.

 Teacher!!! The biggest Influencing personality on the Earth

―We have lots of heroes today; Sportsmen, supermodels, media
personalities. They come, they have their 15 minutes of fame, and
they go. But the influence of good Teachers stays with us. They are
the people who really shape our life‖.
                                                  Jonathan Sacks

There‘s no doubt about this sacred experience that Teachers are the
highest influencing personalities on the earth after the Master.
Nobody has touched the sky before touching the feet of a Teacher.
All earthly riches, which anyone possesses are because of the
blessings of a great Teacher. He shows the path and the tools to
generate all riches and thus making life sustainable. Those who
have experienced can remember that moment shared with him, that
moment when only words were floating in the air and the papers
on the table. Pen was not supporting our dreams, world was
appearing impossible to conquer but it was he, the hope, the vision,
the Teacher behind us who kept on pushing us saying---―Do it my
boy, you can do it‖. And once the results starts becoming visible it
is beyond words to look back in time those moments. Truly said,

―The dream begins, most of the time, with a Teacher who believes
in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau,
sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth‖.
                                                       Dan Rather

The future of humanity rests on this holy relation. The present is
always a struggle and past the stories of success. But the one who
has travelled from these two extremes unruffled is the Teacher, the
one walking with the vision of the Master. To walk under him was
a privilege for a student. He didn‘t knew then but cherishes those

memories now. Blessed are those students who have made their
Teachers proud. Blessed also is the Teacher who was given a
chance to transfer those pebbles of Life to the students. And once
this communion happens between them, Life takes a new form,
and humanity leaps forward through that relation nurtured with
love. The universal Mind is stretched to a new idea.

But looking at the present world the above expected truth about
Teachers gets a big jolt. They are slowly coming out of the list of
influencers. Increasing problems in every aspect of life has made
life itself unsustainable. Life seems to be short lived to the modern
day man. All hopes and promises of the rising sun seems to wither
away. And the only cause? Blind Teachers, dumb guides, deaf

Size of the world increasing.
Generations fast multiplying.
World controlled by few unloved students.
Breath becoming fearful of its own noise.
The vision of Life rottening and
Teachers falling short of their desired influence.

At this moment we all are in a dilemma that, if such can be the
power, influence of a Teacher, then why we are not being able to
find even few of them. Reason: New generation Teachers have
misunderstood the real meaning of a Teacher because of which
Respect fears to come to them. This failure to understand the
sacred meaning of Teacher has led to the downfall of the glorious
past of Teachers. Then they were highly respected and even kings
used to consult them before taking any important decisions. Their
words were like orders for them. So, one has to understand the
meaning of Teacher very clearly before entering into this sacred
service. All of the Teachers of this generation or of the coming
generation should make their sincere efforts in bringing back the
glory to this sacred service of Teachers who are born to bless the

The only way to make this dream true is by following just one
humble request that

―Don‘t preach what you don‘t practice‖.
                                                   The Holy Koran


―People don‘t care how much you know,
Until they know how much you yourself follow what you know!‖

Just because of this contradiction in the life of Teachers that we
have this crying and screaming humanity. Nature is preparing
grounds every moment to make them aware of this necessity, great
Masters keep coming on this earth to remind of this forgotten
message. Many have listened, many others are in a queue but the
rest are simply ignoring the truth. Truth is such a helpless entity
that the willful human can ignore it. Those who have understood
the love of Master are busy spreading them and those who aren‘t
are busy spreading their understandings. All are right in their

Such is the deadlock between both of these extremes. The only
way to open this deadlock is to give a sincere try to unzip the
unsaid meanings of the Master‘s simple words and simple living.
To force anyone to understand is a sheer waste of time. One‘s
willingness and ability to respond to this call for ‗trying another
way‘ while walking on one‘s chosen way is all that is needed.
Those who have experienced the truth in the wordless words of
Master can simply highlight the experiences, the real world to the
in-experienced ones. The members of that world can only invite
the dwellers of this world. They can only present the real picture to
those who are able to walk on this path. The rest depends solely on
the willingness of the listeners.

What‘s the way out? How to bring the world into the light? How to
make Life appear fresh and livable? How to bring the Teachers out
of their poisonous web? Why are the Teachers stuck?

Teachers should now walk towards the Light. The love of their
own Light only can direct them when persuasions fails. The future
Teachers need to be explained about this path starting from the
‗Gate‘ where the Master is waiting for them in the form of a dutiful
Gatekeeper. Someone has truly said…

―These great Teachers, Masters are the living Gods on this earth.
Whom else should we worship? I try to get an idea of god in my
mind, and I find what a false thing I conceive; it would be a sin to
worship that God. I open my eyes and look at the actual life of
these great ones (Masters) of the earth. They are higher than any
conception of god. What wonder that I should fall at the feet of
these men and worship them as God?‖

    What advice the Master gives to the Teacher which
     connects the mind of the latter to the being of the former?

―When you do not understand then you will know‖.
                                                    A Zen student

There occurs a continuous transference of experiential
understanding to the Teacher by the Master but the most important
of all which I suppose you all will say--Love. And that‘s true but

Love is not a science that one can teach.
It‘s just an outcome,
An unexplained, self-revealing, overpowering happening.

It‘s the result of all whatever you see, whatever you experience
with reference to some individual. If your seeing is pure, if your
experiences are understood correctly then it creates the

surrounding in which love can flower but not before that. If
something opposite happens then make it very sure that you have
sowed the seed of not a flowering tree but that of a cactus (hatred,
in negative sense only) which you can‘t touch. Flowers can be
developed in those cactus also but why to chose this difficult way
why not sow the seeds of love---Meditation?

The Master doesn‘t say this directly. What He says is something
else. He points to the means leading to love. I see the following
transfer of knowledge between the Master and the Teacher.

―Knowledge is not of much help. Only being can become the
vehicle for the other shore. You go on thinking, accumulating
information- but those are paper boats, they won‘t help in an
ocean voyage. And when we accumulate knowledge, what we do?
Nothing changes inside. The being remains absolutely unaffected.
Sooner or later your poverty will be revealed. Then you will be

Here is the key. Here lies the reason that why the Teachers become
dead too soon. Too much excitement for knowledge doesn‘t pay.
Mad rush for exploring the vision of mind won‘t lead us anywhere.
Men are more insane than women. All efforts are just because of
lack of one X-chromosome in men. The information is what is
getting copulated, rich wisdom dying of neglect. Teachers who
have contributed pebbles of wisdom are alive in the soil and the
fragrance of the earth. Those who have contributed towards the
information are cemented in black and white words.

The informative Teachers make histories;
The wise ones secure futures.
The former dies and the latter are crucified.

Before your richness reveals its real face, get connected with the
Master which is above all intellectual connections. All
expectations will never become a reality unless the multividual

strives to become an Angel, unless the Teacher attempts to become
a Master.

    Why is this connection of immense worth?

―As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence
is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being‖.
                                                   Carl Gustav Jung

This humanity needs a direction. The force, the life-force is
pushing persistently from behind but somehow no one is reaching
anywhere. Just making circles at the same place. Mind produces
and intellect is being roped in to serve it to the extremes. The more
the mind desires the more the intellect gets sharpened. But to what
extent this act of service of intellect is viable. One has to
understand this and only then use one intellect otherwise it‘s just a
game of hide and seek where the two players are the real object
and its shadow. And the object pretends to not to know about the
whereabouts of the shadow and he amuses himself and the others
about the excitement in this game of befooling oneself. The sole
importance of this connection is to prevent you from playing this
stupid game coming to its dead end.

―This is a human tendency, to try to show that you have which you
don‘t have. If you have it then what‘s the need for showing it. Just
be that. Sun never shows that it is a sun. It is just as it is, no show
off. So remember that whatsoever you want to show to people, that
is the thing you don‘t have.‖

Stop showing this false excitement and stop befooling others. This
connection is to help you start recalling your real nature which is
beyond all excitements. This is a pull which makes you aware to
return back to your source. Only the desire of one‘s source is
supreme, and only this desirable and this is what makes this
connection worth applying for. All other desires are just the tricks
of minds.

A holy man was once standing near a shop in the bazaar, looking at
the goods for sale. A thought came to him.

―O Mind,‖ he said to his mind, ― I have heard so much about you.,
Why not show me some of your tricks?‖

―Please wait a while and see,‖ the mind replied and said no more.

Sometime later, a merchant nearby dipped his finger in some
honey he was selling and wiped it on a cloth. The moment this
happened, dozens of flies swarmed over it. Then more and more
flies came and fought to get at the honey. ―Those flies are my
food,‖ a lizard said to itself when it saw the flies, ―I will eat them
all along with the honey.‖ This it did.

Now, the shopkeeper had a cat. When the cat saw the lizard, it
pounced upon it and ate it. A dog was standing nearby, and the
moment he saw the cat, he chased it and killed it. The shopkeeper
lost his temper and asked his servants to catch the dog and beat it,
And they beat it so hard, they killed it.

The dog happened to belong to a customer who was buying
something at the shop. When he saw what happened to his dog, he
was distraught and abused the shopkeeper. The result was that
both lost tempers and began beating each other.

The mind then asked the holy man:

― Are you satisfied, now that you have seen a sample of the kind of
tricks that I perform‖ I am an expert at duping people by creating
desires of every kind.

Who knows where these desires may lead?‖
                                                  Author Unknown

The efforts for producing false creations should be prevented. The
population explosion is the cause of such innovations and the

uncontrolled mind the brain behind this explosion. But there is
supreme Intelligence behind this human brain which requires
attention to transform this chaos into a harmony. Disorder was
there in the beginning and the present is a little less disorder.
Struggle to avoid this mayhem was always in-between the past and
the present, but no one listened to the ones who came to harmony
with the existence. The only limitation with wisdom is that they are
simple and they can present themselves as humble enlightened
beings. In this respect their enlightenment is of insignificant
importance because nothing seems visible to our senses and
nothing gets down into our mind as what they say is against the
sense pleasure and beyond mind. All our creations, all our
possessions stands neglected in their shining eyes. And this is very
painful to our sharpened skills and knowledge. There seems to be
no common point of contact between them and us. They make our
world appear confused and illusive. But somehow our being, our
experiences with them force us to attach with them forever.

This is what makes a mystery. This is still a question for humans.
Enlightenment remains an attraction for thousands of years. One
thing is sure. This world and that world is connected. Not even one
can stand on its own. The gate to that world starts from the body
and the means to keep this body alive is found in this world.
During the journey, at a great distance form this world one can
stop the use of the means for this body survival. Still one have to
make one‘s world clean and sustainable before entering into the
world of Light.

 Growth of a Teacher starts only in the presence of the Master

―Through the word, I got acquainted with the nectar of Guru‘s
teachings. My misery was over and egoism destroyed‖.
                                                  Guru Nanak

Once tied with the Master, the Teacher becomes his disciple. The
way of connection---‗Belief in Master‘. The Master takes control

over some of his karmas and gives him an opportunity to find his
visible wings. Inside every great Teacher, there is an even greater
one waiting to come out. The existence knows it but the existing
ones doesn‘t. The journey to the other world begins with the
readiness of the disciple and the state and ability of his world. Any
drastic mismatch can prevent this adventure.

A single step consciously taken on this road absorbs hundreds of
future unconscious lives. Pebbles keep becoming visible and the
Bag automatically picks them up from the floor. The growth of
awareness is the goal of Master and not the growth intellect or the
heart. To bring the restless mind to eternal peace is his only wish.
How he does it remain a mystery and also His mastery. What He
teaches is pure common sense but the way He relates those
information enslaves the mind of disciples. To restrict the mind to
any point is a great success without which wavering continues. But
to allow the mind to settle on its own due to its tiredness brought
by its unrestricted actions is even nobler than the previous way.
The way only carves the personality accordingly. The destination
remains the same for every way.

What one gets is more of right questions than the right answers.
Unrelated questions are of no use to one‘s growth. Only awareness
of what sustains us can help us knowing the real. Knowledge of
constituents of other elements remains only as an information
which remains eternally inside the memory. It never affects one‘s
being. Some questions are answered by the Master but

―Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art
of leaving things undone‖.
                                                       Lin Yu Tang

All free answers and no-priced answers make a disciple a dull boy.
Some tanks full of tears, some glass breaking screams, few years
of helplessness make a good price for answering the right question
left unanswered. This pushes the disciple to search his own
answers. There is no other alternative to get out of this haunted

dilemma. Truth has to be unearthed. Reality has to be experienced.
And Light is worth running for. This is what growth is all about.
One simply starts from the awakened ‗thirst‘ and ends up in
satiating the thirst of Existence, transforming oneself into the
source of bliss for others.

    How this subtle growth towards the light within finds its
     way through the dark bushes of Mind?

―If a true disciple sincerely goes to have the sight of the true Guru,
He must sincerely love and serve the true Guru from his heart‖.
                                                 Guru Granth Sahib

To tell you real, I have to give you the real. To give you
indications about this growth I take another way of expression. A
life size experience is probably right for this purpose. Mind is a
great artist and it has many faces and one comes to know about its
few faces one or the other day. Growth always finds a way where
mind is not. Since mind is all pervasive it becomes difficult to
cross until some way is made out through it by hitting it, by
hammering it hard or by exploding it using bigger pebbles. Let me
take you where the mind is hammered and the way becomes
visible. The process of clearing the way is something like this…

The pathis, or chanters, in Guru Arjan Dev‘s satsang sang so
beautifully that, with time, they started thinking it was their singing
that attracted the crowds. As pride overtook them, they became
greedy and decided they would tell the Guru that they were in need
of money.

―Guru Sahib, we are in great need,‖ they said , ― and a donation
of a rupee from each disciple would help us greatly.‖

The Guru replied that he would do so as they asked, and the pathis
were very pleased indeed. They thought that since the discipleship
of the Guru extended as far as Kabul, Kandhar, and beyond, they
would surely become very wealthy in a short while.

A whole month passed and the pathis had received not a single
donation. They again made the same request to the Guru,
reminding him that they were in very great need of money. The
Guru asked any of the disciples for a donation. The pathis then
approached the Satguru.

―Sir,‖ they said, ―you were gracious enough to promise us the
donation. We are truly in dire need and would be grateful if the
money could be paid without delay.‖

The Guru replied that it be taken care the next day.

The pathis reflected that whatever money came to the Satguru was
never hoarded, but was spent in serving sangat. How, then, would
the Guru be able to hand them the money the next day. Would he
take out a loan for them?

Early the next morning, the Guru handed over to them four and a

―We do not understand this,‖ they protested. ―There are so many
disciples, yet a total of only four and a half rupees, instead of one
rupees from each disciple!‖

―There are only four and half disciples, my friends,‖ he said. The
first disciple is Guru Nanak, the second is Guru Angad, the third is
Guru Amardas, and the fourth is Guru Ramdas. As for me, as yet I
am only half a disciple. So I am giving you exactly what you asked
for- one rupees for each disciple.

―Ah, brothers,‖ he continued, ―it is not an easy matter to become
a true disciple. You must give up your longings for worldly things,
such as your beloved rupees. Instead, you must give your hearts to
the Lord alone. For his love is beyond the value of all the rupees in
the world.‖
                                                Author Unknown

Wavering trust on the Master is the way. It gets weakened many
times and gets supreme power from everywhere thus pushing you
to move ahead few more steps. No plans are made by the Master
that such and such should happen. He is a witness to every event
with same intensity of love as he had loved the previous moment.
Not even one per cent of his outlook changes with circumstances.
He waits for the moment when the disciple pushes himself through
the mind-gate. He can‘t do much more than this. Trust comes from
respect and someone has said something about it. Let‘s pay heed to

―I feel that either you should give respect to everybody or don‘t
respect anybody. In these extremes, you are true to yourself, in
between these two extremes you are doing nothing but only fooling

To fall in the former category is very rare. To be a prestigious
member of the latter category is a layman‘s job, anybody can join
it and literally everyone joins without fail. How is it possible for a
mind-oriented man to give respect to everyone. Impossible!!!
Respect is the rarest jewel of a disciple. Only this matures you
from a multividual to an Angel. Trust simply reduces the time gap
between your two extremes, the real and the unreal. This is the
only bridge to travel. One travels quickly and some slowly. But
many others either holds the road or the signboard. Their journey
starts only when they dare to risk their false possessions. And
when they reach the other shore depends only on the degree of
respect you have within for the Master. But respect alone is not
sufficient. Few more lessons are required.

    What is that final lesson of Life on which only a Master
     can give an extempore?

―Some students are listening only with an attitude that someday
they will also teach. When you want to impress a Master, you are a

fool, you are a perfectly stupid man. You may want to impress the
whole world but don‘t try to impress a Master but be true to

A thirst for Life, the courage to jump, the trust on the invisibles.
This is what only a Master is capable to explain to the Teachers.
The Master himself is a living symbol of this magnanimous lesson.
Very rarely it happens. Not less than this and also not more than
this can be explained by him. This lesson is not explained through
words but is visible in his very presence, in his gestures. This
lesson gets decanted into the being of a Teacher the moment he is
watchful. No delay is being made on the part of the Master. This is
the lesson which a Master gives in the beginning itself but it is
absorbed in the last. The water gets evaporated only after 99
degrees of heat. The need was of steam but nothing seems to
happen till the last degree was supplied. All other discourses are an
effort to take you towards the real understanding of the source, the
reason for the possibility of the Master‘s presence. Meditation
simply carries it to the last moment, the last breath. It simply
cleans the dust gathered over this ‗weak reason‘ and protects its
existence from all other strong reasons.

Once this reason is saved, a Magic happens. And a magic is a
magic. When it happens, how it happens no-one knows but it
happens. Many have experienced it. Let‘s listen directly to one of

―YES, IT HAPPENS. It is not a metaphor, it is a fact- so don‘t take
metaphorically. It is literally true because the whole of existence
feels happy, blissful, when even one individual soul comes out in
its pure form after a deep stage of meditation. The blossoms that
showered for Buddha are still showering but you cannot see them.
Unless they shower for you, you cannot see them and once you see
them showering for you, you will see that they have been
showering for even Buddha. When God knocks at your door only
then do you know that God is, never before. All arguments are

futile, all discourses are worthless, unless God knocks at your
door. Unless it happens to you, nothing can become a conviction
because this is the beauty of experiencing and this can‘t be
exposed to any body. Only indications can be given but not more
than that can be said on this‖.

Magic can happen this very moment. Search the whole world
silently for one genuine interest and then drown yourself
‗holistically‘ into it. Integrate your field of interest with other
fields later on. Search for the true guidance, practice a lot, develop
true abilities, shuffle the informative-world for true guidance in
that field and then---WAIT.

Because, after the homework is done, one has to wait for the
experienced Teacher assigned to check it in his own ‗allotted‘ class
period. Don‘t loose your patience before that period comes and
class-Teacher greets you saying ―Hello Kids. Off with your
homework‖. And at that moment the Teacher can itself see from
the expression of faces itself who has done and who hasn‘t.
Relaxed faces will definitely attract the Teacher firstly to their seat.
That‘s for sure. And the moment she sees the homework being
done sincerely and completely, she will say ―Wonderful! I like it
my boy. Here is your one red star, a sign of motivation. Keep on
doing the ‗assigned‘ homework till you are ‗free‘ from this school.
Don‘t stop, till some ‗other‘ course of another type of school opens
its door for you and greets you with a warm smile. Be a good
student while in this or any other school else few good homeworks
in any school won‘t be sufficient to prevent you from the stick of
your principal to kiss your fair spirit. So, keep the same spirit of a
disciplined student till the last day of school‖.

Off goes the Teacher in a flash and the ‗starred‘ one dances on the
bench in the garden and in the principal-office and the class-
fellows remains silent seeing this tremendous act as in the ‗next
class‘ they will miss this great class fellow who was busy

celebrating (the first and the last) Teacher‘s Day on this
anonymous day with love…next the words.

Not aware of it, never felt a bit,
Someone slept within me, since ages.
A message there in the cosmos, saying,
That there is a ‗Force‘ within, for sure.
Now, since the words have lived through and through me,
I can Sing and pray for the ones,
Who made this worthless of some worth.
The genius intellects, the beautiful minds;
Mother you may call, Father you may address,
But I know them as Teacher
Who educated me the true meaning of ignorance
And motivated me to use the ways to get rid of
And attain Knowledge, not information.
And on this Teacher‘s Day
My gratitude to all Teachers,
That you made me and others,
A responsible student of Life.
A very Happy Teacher‘s Day, to Revered Teachers!!!

Great Individuals you may have heard of,
But never heard of the ‗substratum‘ of those Summits.
Thousands of colours make but one colour,
But a Teacher, millions.
A fact it is, and will remain,
As eternal truth never dies.
O Teachers! You are the fluidity
And I, the flow.
You the depression,
And I the Ocean within you.
Lot you have done, philosophers and your followers knows this
Blessed is the Earth by the ones,
Responsible for making it a better place, silently.

I wish you love and respect on this precious day
To the one, who made me stand in light, not with light.
Happy Happy Teacher‘s Day, to the Gods on the Earth!!!

Man has conquered spaces;
Planets will be owned very soon.
Guidance of yours will prevail, everyday,
As humbleness and lovingness is saved inside you.
They are the endangered qualities, you know it as well.
Philosophies are many, and have been;
The essence belongs to the Teacher.
You are my guide to the God,
For me the blind, cannot see.
A student can be a worse one;
A Teacher always knows the best.
God‘s guidance and knowledge is theirs,
But they keep it, to calm the greed of mind and heart.
And because of them, many deserving ones
Gain the only chance.
A selfish mind is parent to ignorance
Angels are those who save us from the clutches of Monster-
I wish you love and respect on this precious day for me,
To the one who made me aware of the final lesson
‗Spread the message of light, once I have it, within‘.
Happy Teacher‘s Day, Happy, happy Teacher‘s day!!!

A hand on my shoulder, a smile for my praise; the cause,
The blessings over the students in his whole life
Are the fruits (effects) of the sincere efforts of Teachers.
A leela it is of theirs, a Game that changes everything.
It is the nations that get rewarded, as they made us win The
‗Highest Play‘.
Those few words and directions were right for us to move,
The ages have moved by them for the Ultimate result.
I see now.

I wish you love and respect on this precious day,
Joyful Teacher‘s Day, O Heartful Teachers!!!

Rare are the gem called Teachers, now.
‗A spark I gifted in them‘, The God said in scriptures.
‗Make small efforts daily in the right direction.
Fall you may, once or thrice or for years.
But stand you can, as Teachers are the strongest of all students.‖
Can make us arise in a flash, the Teacher,
The moment he is awakened within
To raise the Humanity
With his thoughts full of love and a vision of respect.
Many merely made it, and many others did it to the top,
But those loved by the students made it to the Best.
‗Just give your best and hope for the best,‘
‗Without hope, visions may be of no use
Hope being itself the Vision of God‘,
Is their message. So, you Angels
May you persist in this Mission;
And may vision become true soon
As true vision is a part of His One Vision, the words

―That a Teacher may awake in every human,
Else the Nations will fall every moment;
And our mother-earth will bleed thereafter, for sure‖.

A Prayer it is, from me to all the Teachers here
In the form of a prayerful song.
I wish you again, with hands on my heart.
Happy Teacher‘s Day,
O the ‗MAKER of the futures‘ Teacher!!!.

This was the special class where Teacher mystically ‗appeared‘
from nowhere in the life-class to see who was ‗ready‘ with tools.
The Teacher comes and whispers in his ears the ‗usage‘, the art of
Free-Dance and disappears in a flash again in a mystically manner
after completing his ‗real duty of one fraction of second‘.

             After having understood the real mission, the Teacher
should be ready for an intensive search for a Master because no
flower grows on its own, it needs a fertile soil for its development.
After growing out of the soil it forms a plant body and from it
starts expressing itself in the form of the flower. Then it spreads its
fragrance but not before. Understand that very few flowering
plants of this capability are existing in this beautiful garden
(Earth). It means that only a true prayer of a seed for becoming a
flowering plant will be answered and not a false one.

Once the seed starts becoming a plant body then the chances of
blossoming of flowers becomes more. After the complete
development of flower, it is automatically endowed with the
capacity to give birth to many more seed with flowering ability,
which can then multiply manifolds. The soil (Teacher) should
know that no matter how much fertile (intellect) it is, how much
excellent quality of grains (skills and ability) it has but unless the
showers from the blue sky and the love of yellow light have
blessed it, nothing will happen. Soil should develop a healthy
relation (respectful) with the nature (Master) without whose
blessing everything is dead.

A Teacher is supposed to take refuge under the grace of a Master
to raise his fertility and also let the potential of all flowering seeds
be unleashed. If the Teacher misses this simple fundamental then
no amount of fertility (intellectual abilities) will bring him the
respect, which is due for him. If he somehow pass on the power of
nature (Master‘s words) to the seeds then the Teacher can go and
enjoy himself because he had done his duty and that too honestly.
The moment this power is passed the seeds immediately start
moving in the upward (towards the Master) direction.

This is what the duty of the soil is ‗to pass on the power of nature
to the seeds by acting as the intermediate between the Master and
the seed‘. On getting the power of nature the seeds put its great

efforts to show his gratitude to the nature by gifting the nature with
the fragrance of its flowers. And this is what nature wanted from
the seed---fragrance, bliss, happiness, dance of the flower. After
reaching to its potential the flower just drops on the ground to
show its final gratitude to the soil for raising it (seed) to its
potential (fragrance) with which it was born.

The dying flower says to the soil that, ―O soil! It was you who
made me flowered. It was you who made me believe that I can also
flower. It was you who guided me that I have to give fragrance to
the nature as a gift in return of his gift to me which is -Life. It was
because of you that all those beautiful butterflies (all people),
which were just flying here and there and the moment they saw me
they yelled, ―Hey! There‘s a beautiful flower. Let‘s go there and
make merry‖. All my happiness is because of your loving and
giving nature. Due to this I started loving myself. I am here on
your motherly lap to say you just three words-I love you‖. After
saying these words the soul of the flower disappears back into
‗Land of Fragrance‘.

There is an humble request from all budding seeds (students) to all
the Teachers that

 ―O Teacher! Please make us love ourselves so that we can feel
what love is so that we can love you and this whole existence and
the whole cosmos. Please Sir! Please Mam! Please make us learn-
how freedom looks, what is like of becoming a flower, how does
butterflies sound like when they approach any flower like us for
smelling the fragrance. We want all these experiences. And we
know that you can create those conditions around us, which can
lead us to an experiencing state---flowering state. We wish you
will help us to open our small and colourful petals (minds) over
which we can invite all beautiful butterflies to drink our nectar
(happiness, a gift for them from our side) and we can spread our
fragrance all around us so that it can bring happiness to a child
who is not happy. We want to do much more but this is only
possible when you complete the connection between the Master

and us. We wish that you understand whatever the Master says to
you. This can help us to listen to those words through you as an
intermediate. This can nourish us day and night‖.

The touched-teachers who are striving for beyond knows it. The
untouched-teachers should first strive for receiving the touch of the
Master and then give the divine love of that touch to others…

―Give willingly, serve willingly and the more you give, the more
you are enriched. You become a flood. And this is one of the
deepest meditation Buddha discovered‖.

…and this is all the more suitable to them because their real job is
to give willingly. Then only the newly touched teachers will know
what is meditation. Only then they will experience what it is like
having the first shower of flower on their barren soul.

Allow this gifted shower to penetrate inside yourself deeper and
deeper…and then you will understand the real meaning of

With this I say a prayer,

―O Teacher!
Let this love of nature (Master) pervades
In and around the earth
To transform this earth into a beautiful garden
Full of fertile soil (Teachers) for the seeds (disciples)
So as to spread your experiential messages.




―Who is an Angel?‖ enquired the Multividual.

―A white chalk,
 Which is partially aware of its idleness‖ the Master answered.

―What is God?‖ is my next question, said the Multividual.

―An all pervasive blackboard‖ the Master answered.

―What is Holy Koran, Holy Gita and the likes?‖ the Multividual

―It‘s the gratitude shown by the Angels towards the God
 Who dropped their idleness,
 Almost completely‖ the Master answered.

You     never know when you are about to cross the thin line
between a Multividual and an Angel. It happens suddenly and
without informing you. You may be busy counting your numbers,
or meditating beneath a tree or may be watching a marriage
procession when from nowhere a white flower of the Master
touches your being. And you find yourself suddenly across that
thin line. This jump is possible by one‘s initial meditative efforts
but it is always accompanied by the grace of the Master. After that
glimpse, one can walk in one‘s own direction. One has to walk
alone by holding the single ray (glimpse) of one‘s very own sun
(Individuality). The one who gains this glimpse is an Angel.

If we go by the general meaning of an Angel then we know that he
is a Godly-sent being sent to spread His message of Light but I call
them Enlightened beings. The Angels I am talking of are normal
human beings living in this world. In them a thirst has been
aroused to absorb the love of God. There is no extra-ordinary
transformation in their actions. Just an acceptance of the grace of
Master by them with a tinge of gratitude on the lips.

No Angel becomes an Angel without doing his homework of
collecting pebbles from the three sources accompanied with
Meditation and grace of Master. This calls for removing some dust
particles from his multividuality, filling the buckets full of tears,
and some bagful of laughters. He sees the blue vast sky for the first
time from his small window. He sees the white swans soaring and
thousands of Buddhas serving. A new vista opens suddenly and he
is puzzled. The Angel is just any other ordinary Multividual but the
difference is that he has been invited. The Master has sent an
invitation to him to come to the world of Buddhas.

It‘s just a new Beginning,
On another Road,
Having different Rules.

For regaining one‘s Individuality one has to travel in the arid
regions (world created by Mind) of bividuality, trividuality or
Multividualities. Multi-viduals are in billions but they all stay at
the ground floor. Their ‗false faces‘ keeps on dropping (step by
step) as they start walking upwards with the help of the staircase.
They may feel like flying in the initial moments of ground-level
journey (songs in praise for Master) but very soon their wings gets
tired. This forces them to land on the hot sandunes (the stairs
between the first floor and the ground floor). We very well know
that birds don‘t wear shoes (so sufferings will come to the birds
who are not used to walk on the hot Earth). Their energies are
sufficient for running. After a short race they will be again ‗forced‘
to ‗reduce‘ their speed in that ‗marathon‘ race. Thirst will intensify
but everywhere they will have only illusions and mirages. This
illusion will also motivate them for few more seconds. Mirages are
meant for initial motivations, thus building up one‘s will power. If
the testosterone level of their will-power is not high, they are
bound to faint. Only strong will powered ones can move ahead.

If you don‘t wish to regain your Individuality (waiting at the end of
this race), you can stop and turn back. A full fledged, brand new
shining truck is waiting for a special shuttle service. It was
continuously singing bluesy songs as if longing for your presence
desperately. (The materialistic-trucks are always jealous for those
truck drivers who dare to desire for luxurious and spiritual Rolls
Royce cars). No matter they (trucks) feel discarded but they are
always close to your past and old memories. And you see ―Old is
Gold‖. That‘s the mantra they are chanting every second in your
ears. The moment they saw you turning back they had a ‗satori‘.
All the ancestors of truck genus started arrowing flowers from the
top as if a moment of celebration. But the celebration and dance of
dead trucks (materialism) are insignificant in comparison to the
dance of Buddhas. Choice is yours. You may turn back or you may
continue with your journey. I have heard of many travellers turning
back and rushing back into the cozy laps of trucks. I am sure they
weren‘t strong enough to walk few more steps on the path for

 If you don‘t turn back then be aware. Loss of energy will surely
appear and it can extend to the limit of forcing you to wear bone-
tight kwashiorkor brown-skins. You may lose the power to even
stand and can possibly drop at the ‗middle of the staircase‘. But
even in those moments request the winds to give some strength to
you to crawl. The garden is full of fragrance and one may or may
not get another chance to even smell other‘s special dance on the
waves. Request the rain-gods to strengthen your will power even in
this pathetic, seemingly end-stage so that you can have atleast a
‗glimpse‘ of your vehicle standing majestically above the fire.

Dive into meditation and swim a little bit. Who knows, whether
this futile act can teach you something related. At this stage,
crawling on the knees is the only way to move ahead (because this
is how every human living for pleasing the Mind lives). The limit
of the body is reached and now some sort of miracle can only help
the crawler to make it kiss the ‗finish-line‘. (And miracles do
happen to those who are not affected with miracles happening to

On seeing such a helpless state of a ‗past-flyer‘ there comes a
‗helping-hand‘ from across the ‗dotted line‘ (first floor). This is
what I call the Grace of Master, the compassion coming from
beyond. Get hold of that hand and make your final efforts to reach
across that the ‗dotted-line‘. The baby plant of Meditation is to be
transplanted across this dotted junction. Master‘s love is like a
mother waiting for that moment for you to come and hug her.
Unless she sees you in an utter helpless state, she won‘t come to
your rescue. Since your state of non-movement after crawling has
proved your helpless nature and that your desperate final call,

―O Mother!
I am very tired.
Please come now‖

…will allow her to extend her loving hand to you. And this
‗Helping-Hand‘ is strong enough to drag you to cover the
remaining distance (if you don‘t drop this rare communion of
‗strengthless‘ and ‗Strength‘). The moment this dotted, line is
crossed, that the Multividual experiences the ‗touch‘ of the Master
for the ‗first time‘. This touch is the touch of Human with Love.
Pearl glands open up their hidden reserves for this special occasion
to express, that they both ‗missed‘ each other very much.

Mind can just be given a ‗spiritual-bait‘ like given to a fish. Since
mind can be deceived very easily whether materialistically or
spiritually. So, why not to deceive spiritually. Then only mind will
believe that ―Nothing is wrong in accepting this good-Idea‖. The
Mother telepathically listens to this talk becomes delighted because
her child has learnt the art-of-deceiving. As, only through
deception of Mind, her child can fly, again, beyond the ‗complete-
line‘. To deceive the mind, ‗sweet-poison‘ is its (mind‘s) cherished
drink and the moment poison enters inside, the mind starts dying.
This absence of Mind in some regions will start giving glimpses of
No Mind islands. Mind will resist the next time with triple or
thousand times the previous force but will fail to a large extent.

Once a ray of light (no-mind) enters a dark room, the darkness can
never disturb the watchfulness of light. At the most it (darkness)
can try to protect its own un-lightened streets. Light rays are like
those special check-posts which once established can never be
uprooted. Such is the power of duty and respect of the ‗light-cops‘
for their ‗raised-land‘. And slowly these ‗dark-spots‘ starts getting
belittled from the eternal-like standing and a special magic.

As the sun (that sends this first ray inside) starts moving, it causes
the direction of the first-ray to shift (sideways or above or below)
and thereby overpowering other dark planes. And during this
moment of shifting, another ray of light occupies the previous
position. Ad infinitum, the whole dark empire is occupied by the
light-cops in a short period of time. It all depends on the willful-
efforts of that Angel to enlarge the hole at his top and his acquired

skill of standing ‗head-still‘ like that of any Master. Sun will move
every second but if you also move opposite to its direction then it
will be difficult for the Sun to enter through and through the dark
regions. And the art of standing still (moving perfectly beneath the
sun) comes only from the degree of thirst bubbling inside.

The degree of thirst of Angel rises in leaps and bounds as his thirst
is same as that of the Well I know which sung beautifully...

‗Bucket-Meditation‘ frees the well from ‗Old water‘.
Fresh it may be for the ‗new-bucket-man‘,
But not for the Well, which always longs,
For water, directly from above, to dilute,
The earth-filtered, the concentrated-one, from below.

And, the Sun listened, somehow, that very day.
Lowered its long heat-straw, deep the Oceans, and sucked,
Storing safely in His (sun‘s creator) clustered Hair-sieves.
Dried He then His moist-hairs, immediately
(After patting the Sun for its all-pervasive and earth-sensitive
Through Black clouds and thunder sound,
To full-fill the Well-dweller‘s desire,
Intensified by Meditation
For the ‗Purest‘.

―Accept my Gratitude, O Bucket-Meditation!
Only you are to be lived, to be breathed, to be merged into,
As you, somehow, forced the sun to listen,
My Highest desire, only left,
To be flooded with the purest, to disappear,
In the unexplored depths of my supporting Mother Ocean‖,
Sung the moist-eyed-Well from inside.

The moment you are ahead of the dotted line, the Master is what
you get as a God-gift. Now you will walk under him in a
Meditative island (first floor). While walking on the Mind island

you have crawled a lot and you had lots of burns inside your heart
and mind. You will show all your blisters to him for healing. This
meditative land is the land of diseased Angels. Angels are not
healthy. Angels know this very clearly. Master will simply listen to
their tears while walking with them hand in hand towards the
‗complete‘ final-line. In Meditative region only diseases are
disclosed to the Master. It‘s a land of health. What is health, the
Angel is not aware of completely. With every disease being cured
he comes closer to absolute health. Diseases are infinite but what
type of disease it is, only an Angel can tell…

When I was a lad,
I sauntered about town as a gay blade,
Sporting a cloak of the softest down,
And mounted on a splendid chestnut-colored horse.
During the day, I galloped to the city;
At night, I got drunk on peach blossoms by the river.
I never cared about returning home,
Usually ending up, with a big smile on my face, at a pleasure


Master won‘t ask anything, only you have to open your heart and
show to him, the rubbish collections you made while you were
staying on the ground floor. He can heal your wounds but he won‘t
heal you without your willingness. The Master is sufficient to
make you a small child provided you share with her your immense
pains inside. Moreover, during the dilution (sharing), whatever will
be thrown to you from behind (from the land of Minds), will fail to
make a mark on your slippery like existence. Because…

Water-like is what is thrown
To someone who is enveloped by Oil.
Laugh he can only, the Oily one!
As water will go down

No matter, an ocean it was or a mug of water
And the oil spread, all over, again.

People from across the dotted line (evils to excellent ones) will be
doing this uncontrolled sleeping-act (of throwing water) over the
Meditative-island walkers but this shouldn‘t disturb them during
their ‗tortoisely‘ walk because

A sort of graceful walker you will become,
Who will respect the drop-curtains of clouds,
And the chandeliers of skies, from inside.

A sort of wall you will become,
Because of which you can feel, somehow,
The possible effects of any rejoinder,
Through your newly awakened inner seeing.

The Master knows very well that during this slow-walk, he had to
motivate the child to keep him walking. This is the only job of the
Master---―To help the Angel to unload his mind-residues (subtle-
diseases). During the walk in the Meditative Island (and towards
the second floor) these micrograms of residues will also evaporate.
He keeps on communicating with the Angel in one way or the
another. The best way is to communicate from within the Angel in
the form of thoughts which are His own. This is when the message
is perfectly delivered. The Master says

My dear Angel

You have only this one moment with you.
What lies ahead, you don‘t know.
You have to become Enlightened.
For this accept every situation and keep yourself above ‗Words‘.
Only small amount of effort is needed and I know you can put it.
I can see you dancing in the future with Me,
The Eternal, the Omnipresent, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient.
Attend to your meditation daily and keep yourself focused.

You have supreme Will Power within. Use it daily.
I am always with you.
You can feel me around yourself every moment.
I am also waiting for your Enlightenment that is much Awaited.
This moment is passing.
And your breath is trying hard to free itself from your body.
Before it finally leaves,
You have got everything in this new life,
That you have asked me in your Past life.
Every opportunity you have today, so keep on moving.
Few more steps and the Light will come to you.
That‘s a promise.
Light is also desperately waiting for you.
Just your final permission is needed.
Say YES!!!, Now, Give this permission to the God.
Are you listening?

My blessings to you
My peace to you.

The Angel is not Enlightened. The gap still remains between these
two states. How to bridge this gap is not known. But it can be
bridged is well known. How the journey gets ended is a mystery
but this journey has a destination is an open book. And the mystery
of this road is that it has no directions. One makes one‘s own road.
But to travel on it will always remain an alternative to other visible
roads. This is why the Master spends time with all his disciples.
May be in his presence they also receive what he had received in
presence of His Master. May, they also become full of awareness.
Discourses have only this significance that they keep reminding all
Angels of the Real. Else there is no need for the Master to repeat
the century old truth that

―You can also be a Buddha.‖

The Angel is at the apex of the model---Ellipsis of Life. The
multividual has travelled a long distance in vertical direction. His
vehicle is few steps behind the door of Existence. But he can‘t see
those steps. One can see in the model that after the peak nothing
connects the Multividual from the realm of time to that of
timelessness ellipsis. This is the biggest fear for the Angel. He is
standing at the point from where he can fall back to hell if he takes
steps unconsciously. And no one will be responsible for those silly
mistakes. One can stay at this apex for the rest of life or can gather
the courage to move into the unknown. The Master is surrounding
him for sure but he has to take the risk of his life completely.

No other journey is so dangerous than this one. One becomes
aware of the vicious web of mind in which one is woven from top
to bottom. During the journey false courage dash to ground within
seconds. Superficial confidence seems to be like a house of cards
which crumbles with few sneezes of dog‘s bark. Everything
appears to go out of one‘s control. The Mind shows up its best
defense to one‘s will power. This journey of Angel is the platform
where the superiority of one‘s will power over one‘s Mind gets
tested. Any moment one can willingly give up the journey. Many
have left it before as regaining one‘s ignored Individuality is an
upheaval task. This is what makes Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus,
Guru Nanak known as courageous beings. They travelled to the
last milestone thus displaying their tremendous will power and
love for His Love.

Being a traveller, the Angel is just a few strong decisions away
from his unique Individuality, his own Rolls Royce. Every
multividual deserves his unique Individuality but Angels are much
closer to it than others. This distance in-between is not to be taken
in literal terms but symbolically. It is just that it takes time to
unburden the non-essentials. One is born with one‘s own Rolls
Royce but the society reshapes it into a truck of special kind. But
due to the responsible attitude of Angel‘s family, friends and
Teachers remolds his vehicle approximately to the shape of car. By
the grace of the Master he has become aware that the car can be

driven. He is lucky to receive this information from the Master else
his private car would have been misused like a public carrier
vehicle by the society.

Angel‘s vehicle is not yet fit for driving. The car is not in its best
of its health. The shape is not exact, it is still approximate. It needs
to be sent to the garage of Master for repairing inner faults which
remained untouched by the previous three technicians---Family,
Friends and Teachers. What they repaired were the ill-doings of
the Multividual‘s Mind. What they healed were the wounds on his
body because of other uncontrolled minds. But the Master
technician heals his Mind, he makes him a bit more normal human.

As time progresses Angel experiences his vehicle travelling few
distances on a mirror road. It is not him who was the driver but the
Master. He is not completely conscious. He doesn‘t understands
why he is moving. He would be in utter confusion after
experiencing this miraculous movement. Only Master can
consciously enter inside his vehicle, his disheveled Rolls Royce car
to give it the finishing touches. The Master removes few subtle
dead particles from inside. He takes his car under a brilliant light
source that causes the subtle units of the car to sublimate. Then a
new test drive on the life road where the Angel experiences---few
jerks, few topples on a bumpy road, some deadly turns--- as the
Master wants to bring back to him his eternal consciousness state.
He keeps on creating conditions around him to let him experience
more and more thus making his sleep uncomfortable.

The more Angel stays in the presence of the Master, the more he
become aware of his suppressed evilness. The disturbed wild
beasts are not gentleman. They require daily watch, daily
meditation. Every day he has to walk one step. Meditation is all
about squeezing out the hidden world of mind completely. This act
of squeeze makes him almost mad, splitting his mind to two
pieces. Both tries to kill him on moment to moment basis. The
bubbling of saintliness from his being will not be as prominent as
the eruption of hidden evilness. The Master will help him let go all

those unfulfilled desires by making him experience their futile
nature during this rare expedition. This journey is fueled by the
experiences of previous travellers besides the honesty of the Angel
himself. With each step on the road a new decision has to be taken
by the traveller. The influence of three relations now have an ever
reducing effect on him while that of the guidance of Master have
an ascending effect. Precise words are sufficient for him to grow.
That will be sufficient to describe the growth of Angel. Each
phrase is capable of giving the thrust to his movement.

What I start presenting ahead are the voices heard by an Angel that
keeps on coming from inside. This is generally the voice of
consciousness which gets more and more dominant with every
passing day. The words may change but the message in all of them
remains the same. This revealed understanding pushes ahead the
vehicle of Angel, his Rolls Royce on this journey of a new kind.
Let us now listen to the voice of consciousness.


                  Man wants this---man wants that
                  And the man soon disappeared.

                        Sun came and went
                  Flowers blossomed and withered
                        You slept and died.
                        Awaken Now!!!

                    . Walk and the Earth rejoiced
                      Fly and the Air celebrated
                     Swim and the water floated
                      Thinking and hence alone.

           Eyes close,
       Existence Dancing.
           Eyes open,
Man accompanied this eternal Dance

      Moon thanked the Sun
     Ocean thanked the clouds
      Forest thanked the seed
        Man complained.

    Ocean welcomed the Drop
     And the drop listened.

  Eternity welcomed the moment
     And the moment listened

    Bliss welcomed the Human
       And human ignored.

    Sun said---I am the center,
   And the nine planets survived.
  Existence said---I am the center,
    And the Buddhas survived.

     Flying in the sky together
           High above.
      No one to show respect.

          Two words
   Most important for an Angel
         ―Try again‖

         One sound
Heard now and then by an Angel

          How to use
 The Bag of bones efficiently.
Multividual doesn‘t knows at all.
  The Master knows the best.

         Vision of Life
       ―Love itch to grow
      In every new show‖

       Man or a shingle
     Who is of more worth
      The Master knows

           An effort
          Done daily
      To perfect the Night.

                  Lion roared and
                  It was crowned.
                Jesus roared and lo!
                He was crucified.

               Dancing peacocks
            Two dolphins jumping
   Two humans---Copulating and overpopulating.

     Butterflies fluttered, Marigold blossomed
      Breeze breezed, and the Earth revolved
      And the man thought--Who is happy?

           You prayed and I answered
            You cried and I supported
      You called me and I came in the mirror
         But you missed Me everytime.

                Father said---Wait
               Mother said---Wait
     And the about-to-born Buddha died again.

     You wanted to cry and the tears supported
      You wanted to dance and the legs helped
  You wanted to sing and your chords responded.
Even then you didn‘t realized---Your body loves you.

         Do choose your way.

            Ocean in a drop
             God in Man
              Know this.

   Clothes, It‘s beautiful---wear it
 Clothes, it‘s artificial, Understand it.
You can also say this, experience it.

           In every moment
                Or lose.

             Come in.
              Go out.
         Immediately come in.
            Again go out.

       Pebbles are Mountains.
       Mountains were pebbles.
       Everything is precious.

         You are the Buddha.
            Prove it wrong.
               If you fail,
       Existence will be happy.
   No one failed, no matter who tried.

    Rivers know the art of surrender.
    Learn from them this final lesson.
    You will also become the Ocean.

          Poor---you can‘t be.
            Rich you aren‘t.
           You are beyond.

      Yesterday is Night dreaming.
      Tomorrow is day dreaming.
          Today is awakening.

           Dig your own well,
            Deep inside,
     To quench your awakened thirst.

           Man is just a wave.
              It just reacts.
       Consciousness is the cause.
        It makes everyone to act.

Awareness is dangerous and schizophrenic.
            You cannot rest.
         It keeps you running.

          You didn‘t said,
           I never opened.
When you started showing your blisters,
     I healed you immediately.

       The writings of Minds,
           Dulls the minds.
 The indications from Consciousness,
          Fires every mind.

             Mind says,
      ―Mind your own business‖.
             Heart says
        ―Ignore the business‖.
        Consciousness says
          ―Come to me‖.

        Humanity is my child.
           You can hit it;
         You can deceive it;
         Or you can love it.

        God always peeps,
      Through one‘s abilities,
  To make this earth full of wonders.

        The Mind perspired,
  And soon gets tired of aspiring.
            Heart bleeds
       But continues to beat.

          Homework of Life
         ―Listen to the Master
      Arise, awaken and spread‖.

          Remain awake,
             In the night.
       Light hidden in darkness.

         Pleasure and pain;
          The colourful ink,
          Of the mindly pen.

        Two streams splashes.
        Two extremes clashes.
Mind and heart evaporates without ashes.

              Life moves;
             Lives adjusts.
     Heart requests and Mind rules.
         Life still cares for all.

One home of worldly ones; One Dweller.
     The former, dappled sapphire;
      The latter Connected Wire.

            Who are you?
       An inconsiderable sample
        Of excess population.

             Sun, moon and star
                All loves you.
              I take you above,
        To make you see what they are.

                 God said,
               You never listened.

             One and one is two;
          Two and one makes three.
          One is Best and two better;
 For three and next, one should not bother.

        The Light has yet to descend,
   The darkness has yet to retrace its step.
           The smiles have to wait
   But tears can continue a little bit ahead.

              Truth has no tradition.
                    It is alone.
    It is the only seer in the world of blind.
It remains the same everytime it is witnessed.

          Darkness is momentarily.
             Light is eternal.
           The tools are helpful.
           The way is important.

             You are not the cause of your presence.
                      You can only beautify it.
          You can make this world a bit more colourful,
                      A bit more worth living.
                   Not more than this you can do.
          But still you will remain the slave of The Will.

               The means are the only way to jump
                 The road is the only Destination
              The ‗Good‘ Mind has already God in it
      Just some skills, some emphasis and interest is needed,
                To reshuffle the meaning of Mind,
               Which is nothing but an invocation
                           O God!

The voice of consciousness is very powerful. It keeps on
requesting you to continue your ever-broken journey. How much
this voice is right, an Angel does not know but it surely pushes him
few more steps ahead on this road. Hook or by crook. The answers
may be impure as they are just the means which convinces the
mind to continue his movement. Even if the answer is false it
really doesn‘t matter for the Master if the Angel is moving ahead.
Rather it has served His purpose much better than any right
answer. This journey is towards the truth so whatever one holds
before the truth is false. Only the Masters are the perfect symbols
of truth. They are truth. But…

―Truth cannot be transferred—that is one of the intrinsic qualities
of truth. My truth cannot become your truth.‖

Though they show authority over their truth, but still they are the
most humble beings. The Masters simply conveys their truth, they
have not more than this to say. They never take responsibility for

the Angels. Angels have to take care for their own enlightenment.
The Angel can become the Buddha or a schizophrenic or can
remain the same or can fall back. All is just the magic of one‘s
own efforts. From Master‘s side one can be assured of full support
but from one‘s own side one can definitely doubt. One obstructs
and blocks one‘s way. One have to get aside and one only have to
motivate oneself else one will get struck in the middle of the
journey full of songs.

This journey is small and yet ever increasing. The distance is very
short and yet it appears long. The Angel has to travel alone.
Mistakes and repentances will keep on happening. Mad or saint
one may become in between. The Master will keep on reminding
that every step has to be taken consciously. Every unconscious
decision may prove dangerous. One‘s belief on the Master keeps
on increasing but faith has yet not risen inside. One has to still
meditate to continue with the journey.

During the journey the Angel will go on singing. Tears will keep
on coming while dancing. He finds it difficult to stop, his thirst
will never let him sit idle. From every corner of the world he is
being invited by the truth. From every dark world of his, he will be
asked to beg for forgiveness. Days, weeks, months and years will
pass in a fraction of second. Sun, moons and stars all becomes the
means of his prayers. The existence becomes the thread in which
he finds himself entangled. He keeps on calling his Master to make
him free. The efforts continues. The road makes him experience
thousands of unique pebbles never ever heard before.

It is visible in the songs of the Angels and in his daily prayers. His
ears have succeeded to a large extent and now the very being of
Angel has become more determined. Now his being itself moves
ahead consciously than before. In every breath he has songs full of
love for his Master. He expresses as if he is the beloved of the
Master. These songs make the journey easy for an Angel and he
crosses many mountains and valleys quickly.

What he sings, how he prays, how he expresses love for his Master
let us listen attentively.

                   My day one was full of tears,
                       I was detached from you.
                   But nobody understood my tears,
                    As if I was different from you.
                     My parents were laughing,
                            But I was crying.

                           Crying for you.
                         Crying for you Osho!

                    My day two was full of tears,
                      I had found you in friends.
                But everybody misunderstood my tears,
                   As if I am trapped at a dead end.
                      My friends were dancing ,
                            But I was crying.

                           Crying for you.
                         Crying for you Osho!

                    My day three was full of tears,
                     I had seen you teaching in him
              But still nobody understood my tears,
                    As if I was not listening to him.
                        My Teacher was teaching,
                            But I was crying.

                           Crying for you.
                         Crying for you Osho!

          My day four was full of tears,
But this time …tears came after thousands of years.
             I was holding your hand ,
       As if you never left my -impure land.
        My dear ones were crying with you,
                But I was dancing.

               Dancing with you.
             Dancing with you Osho!

        Waiting since thousand years,
        Watering this garden by my tears.
             You sowed the seeds,
               Its time to flower,
        And butterflies are about to hover.

                 Pluck my flower.
                Pluck my Flower.
             Pluck my flower…Osho!

         Gardening since three seasons,
       Manuring it with only one reason.
    You gave the light and shade to the seeds,
               Its time to flower,
        And spring is waiting to shower.

                 Pluck my flower.
                 Pluck my flower.
             Pluck my flower…Osho!

             Watching the drill man,
            Drilling the earth for black oil,
            I remembered my own red oil.
               I also drilled a lot,
By Searching in my own blood clot but could not.
              Finally …I saw you behind,
                 My black beauty spot.

              Feeling deep inside for you.
              Feeling deep inside for you.
           Feeling deep inside for you Osho!

               Hearing the woodpecker,
          Hammering the trunk for white oil,
             I remembered my own red oil.
             I also hammered a lot,
By searching outside my green plot but could not.
                Finally …I saw you above
                  My beautiful lotus top.

              Feeling deep inside for you.
              Feeling deep inside for you.
           Feeling deep inside for you Osho!

               Riding on the big waves,
          Splashing the matter for black oil,
            I remembered my own red oil.
                  I also splashed a lot,
 By searching in the mud of a flowerpot but could not.
                   Finally…I saw you
          Bathing inside the sun feeling got.

              Feeling deep inside for you.
             Feeling deep inside for you .
           Feeling deep inside for you Osho!

            Birds were whispering,
            And trees were only listening.
            Message was short and sweet,
       But nobody else was on the grassy street.

              Trust is missing and still,
               The soul is searching.
             Surrender is the only way,
          To make one‘s life a beautiful day.

                 But humans thought,
           This message they already knew.
                As for them it was just

                     A rotten news.
                      Just a news.
                Ants were whispering
         And earth was carefully listening.
            Message was short and sweet,
But nobody else was travelling on the disciplined street.

        Persistent efforts are missing and still,
              The soul is still searching.
            Action in Inaction is the word,
        To transform our only beautiful world.

                 But humans thought,
           This message they already knew.
                As for them it was just

                  The Same old news.
                     Just a news!

                 Earth was revolving,
              And existence was watching.
              Message was short and sweet,
       But everybody was in a deep hypnotic sleep.

           Movements are missing and still,
              The soul is still searching.
           Light is the fundamental source,
          Which keeps on running every shows.

                  But humans thought,
            This message they already knew.
              As for them it was also just

                     A rotten news.
                   News---Just a News.
                      Just a News.

                Sitting beside you,
                Trying to hide my world.
     Only thinking it to be more important than you.

              Love wasn‘t visible to me,
               When you were giving.
I was somewhere else with my mind but was not listening.

          Drowned was I in my dreams when,
                  I heard you knocking.
     It was the first time I experienced you talking.

                 Listening to you now
                    Listening to you
                Listening to you…Osho.

            Days of mine are still in wine,
              Sun was always shining.
           Only I was missing the sunshine.

            Memories were still alive,
               Of listening you live.
   Words were indicating your overflowing silence.
              But I was still thinking,
             Forgetting your presence.

              Drowned was I in my head,
       When I heard the sun moving a bit ahead.
    It was the first time I experienced you moving,
         Never found anyone so loving.

                    Listening to you
                    Listening to you
                Listening to you…Osho

              Words are still breathing,
                 So is your presence in me.
               Always pushing me towards.
           My mind can‘t see there onwards.
                     Cool breeze was it,
              I floated a lot and lost my wit.
It was the first time I experienced you killing my mind;
                   Closing my accounts,
          Asking me to practice quick rewind.

              No more listening to you;
             Just disappearing into you.
            Disappearing into you…Osho!

   Filling my mind with papers having wings,
        Closed the way towards no-mind.
         Head was walking like a king,
         Eyes were looking proud as if
             A bird with one wing.

            Respectful was the image,
 As given to everyone whoever is inside a cage.
               Enjoyment was full,
But inner happiness doesn‘t have the magical Pull.
         Death was flying over my head,
Watching and enjoying this silly walk over bread.

            Respectful was the road,
       But death knows that it was wrong.
           Love is still to be crowned,
      The gates of heart, still to be opened.
        Message was clear and loud but
                    I was over,
              Still wishing I could,
               Fly a bit higher.

             Heart is now open and
    Only love is oozing out of the closed den.
        I will give now and not demand.
         Demanding was ignorance and
      Giving became my illuminescence.

           Celebrating in the dark,
   Friends were with me and lights were bright.
              Joy was in abundance
          When I saw its disappearance.

   I felt as if You are not happy with my mindly dance.
         Soon I found myself out of my deep trance.
                      Dreaming was me.
   My mind playing tricks on me to break trust on You.

             Broken being was me knowing that
           I didn‘t succeeded in killing my mind.
             But I know You playing this trick,
To trust You more and keep collecting Your Shining Bricks.

              Eyes were oozing out oceans,
   And heart was begging few more drowning moments.
                  I am happy but
                 Don‘t play tricks again.

              I am more towards you now.
              But Don‘t play tricks again.
             Don‘t play tricks again…Osho!

    Wearing a carroty clothe making a coloured sight,
      Saints were with me and colours were bright.
                   Silence was oceanic
      When I saw it moving out of my grip so manic.

  I felt as if You were not happy with my mindly silence.
       But soon I found myself out of my deep trance.
                 Befooling was me knowing that
             I didn‘t succeeded in killing my mind.
               But I know You playing this trick,
To trust You more and keep collecting Your Shining Bricks.

            Ears were made more clear again
            And heart was connected to them,
             Allowing the enlightened rain.
                    I am happy but
             Don‘t play tricks again.

                  Don‘t play tricks again.
               I am more towards you now.
               But Don‘t play tricks again.

         Watching a spectrum through a crystal,
               All colours were with me;
             All were very attached to me.
            Happiness was not on a run when
                 I saw the setting sun.
                   Eyes were restless,
             And crystal became helpless.

                            I felt as if
    You are not happy with my mindly panoramic view
     But soon I found myself sitting on the falling dew.
                    Ignorant was me and
         My mind was playing tricks on my eyes
             To develop trust on You wise.
           Broken crystal was me knowing that
             I still failed in breaking my mind.
            But I know You playing this trick,
To trust You more and keep collecting Your Shining Bricks.

              I am happy much more this time
                 But do play tricks sublime.
          Still some pieces of mind are breathing,
        I am coming more towards You singing.
           Now I understood the hidden gains,
        Oceanic love in all well designed pains.

             Don‘t stop playing these tricks
    Breaking it inch by inch unless nothing remains
          Not even Your illusive Bricks.

                  Break my mind again.
               Break my mind again…Osho
                  Do play tricks again.
              Do play tricks again…O Osho!

                  The day was warm,
                  Birds were flying and
               The roses were blossoming.
                   Love was in the air
               Joy was growing daily and
     The laughters were flowering slowly and slowly.

             Mind was thinking to hold when
          I became aware of my eyes blinking.
                   Message was clear,
                    Don‘t look outside
                      Come inside,
   For whatever is outside came from this ignored side.

              Eyes were continuously blinking
                    Only I was missing.
I never witnessed, but eyes were persistently blinking
           Blinking, blinking and blinking.

                 The flight was divine
            Angels were celebrating and the
               Existence was watching.
                  Joy was in the air,
            Freedom was growing daily and
     The bondages were breaking slowly and slowly.

             Mind was thinking to hold when,
           I became aware of my eyes blinking.
                   Message was clear.

                   Don‘t look outside.
                       Come inside,
         For whatever is outside came from inside.

              Eyes were continuously blinking
                    Only I was missing.
I never observed, but eyes were continuously blinking.
           Blinking, blinking and blinking.

                 The dew-drop was fresh
             Caterpillars were cocooning and
             The Butterflies were fluttering.
                 Family was in the mind,
            Friendship was growing daily and
      Your guidance was coming slowly and slowly.

     Heart was praying this time to hold still when
         I saw my heartless eyes blinking.
                   Message was clear.
                 Don‘t look outside, as
      Everything will go and nothing will remain.
          Come inside where nothing goes, and
     Which makes possible for everything to sustain.

               My heart alone, was beating,
                But eyes were not listening.
          It was mercilessly calling and inviting.
              Blinking, blinking and blinking.

                My mind failed yesterday,
                     Heart died today.
             Eyes are like an autocratic ruler,
            Nothing stops them from spreading,
             Their message through blinking.

    Message was clear…
    Don‘t look outside,
     Come inside, for
Whatever is outside came from inside.

  Eyes were continuously blinking
        Only I was missing
           Eyes are still
  Blinking, blinking and blinking

      You are in my Voice,
        You are in my eyes.
         I am your medium,
        You are the message.

             O my Osho
    I am listening you My Pal!!!

   You sing and I move the lips,
   You dance and I shake my hips.
          I am the dancer,
       You, my pious dance.

             O my Osho
      I am your dancing Ball!!!

       You are in the breeze,
         You are in the sea.
           I can‘t see you,
       But I can only feel you.

                O my Osho
         I am in your Waterfall!!!

         You are in the colours,
         You are in my prayers.
           I am your disciple,
        You my handsome Master.

               O my Osho
           I am grateful for all.

         Walking on the beach,
        With no words to speak.
             Eyes were closed,
           And ears were dead.
    The moment I got the next defeat,
     I felt the coolness on my feet.

            I was blissful again,
     As it was maximum for my being

           And I know it‘s you,
Who entered into the water and touched me.
          I know it‘s you Osho!

        Passing through the desert,
        With my body full of sweat.
             Hopes were closed,
           And all intentions dead.
        The moment I left the race,
     I felt the cool breeze on my face.

                  I was alive again,
          As it was sufficient for my being.
                 And I know, It‘s you,
       Who flew into the breeze and touched me.
                I know it‘s you Osho!

               Listening to the old song,
          With no direction to even go wrong.
                  Eyes were closed,
               And the mind was tired.
           The moment I listened the Call,
              Dance entered in my soul.

              I was in a state of druggist,
              As it was not in my being.

               And I know it‘s you,
       Who came as a dance and controlled me.
              I know it‘s you Osho!

                 I was walking alone,
        When I heard you singing in a low tone.
                 Seeing me coming,
         You started silencing your singing.

          Since then I am walking with You,
You playing the flute, and I getting drowned inside You.
              Your singing attracted me,
           But Your silence entrapped me.

           Since then I am walking with You.
           Since then I am walking with You.
        Since then I am walking with You Osho.

            . I was full of thorns,
   When you showed me the real flowers.
       I was seeing them from a distance,
  You pushed me ahead to smell their fragrance.

              Smelling the flower,
 I became one with its unexpected, unending rain,
               Over me so lower.

      Disappearing into Your Flower, Osho!
      You made me a lover of Your Flower.

    I was full of pain due to the thrown stones,
         When you showed me the pearls.
I was touching their beauty during the rainy season,
      When you showed me the Ocean in fun.

         Getting surrounded by the Ocean,
   I became one with its mountain-high solitude
           Overpowering me in motion.

      Disappearing into Your Ocean, Osho!
      You made me a lover of Your Ocean.

  I was full of stories experienced on this earth,
     When you showed me birds high above.
I was whistling to them, thinking how can they fly,
     When you showed me the vast blue Sky.

               Watching the Sky,
I became indebted to its limitless grace showering
                Over me so pie.

  Disappearing into Your Sky, Osho!
  You made me the lover of Your Sky.


       I was lonely yesterday,
         But I am alone today.
        You were there that day,
        But you are here this day.

      My heart is pumping for you
      My heart is for you…Osho

    I was singing a ballad yesterday,
   But ballerina appeared only today.
   You were dancing there that day,
       But you are here this day.

      My heart is dancing for you
      My heart is for you…Osho

   I was collecting pebbles yesterday,
 But this mountain appeared only today.
You were observing from there that day,
But you are inside this mountain this day.

       My heart is serving for you
       My heart is for you…Osho

          I was just inhaling the sun,
       When You called me, come My son.
           I was looking here and there
   But nobody could see except my falling ears.

            My eyes didn‘t believed it,
           But my ears couldn‘t ignore it.
            Ears believed your answer
             But I still can‘t believe it.

    Moon was explaining Sun how to be cool,
    When Your arrow pierced inside me fool.
          I was looking here and there
   But nobody could feel except my rising tears.

        My surroundings didn‘t believed it,
   But my tears were rejoicing itself of every bit.
           Tears understood Your call,
               But I can‘t believe it.

      Air was explaining storms how to turn,
When Your pearl-drop kissed my skin, getting worn.
          I was looking here and there
 But nobody could feel except my vanishing skin.

       My dead nails couldn‘t understand it
     But my lips were busy trying drinking it.
  I didn‘t have any reason to not to believe it,
     As I am witnessing, established inside it.
    Today I experienced this growing moment,
    What a life it is---a beautiful God‘s present.

        Revolving around You everyday,
 Increased my feelings even when You don‘t say.
           You became my center, as it
Usually happens in life of everyone having a Lover.

             I was a small moon,
            Who hides every noon.
        Sun was interfering between us,
    When my feelings were becoming obvious.
                Sun ignored it,
            And You only knew it.
         It was You who only knew it,
               My love for You,
         Which was becoming obvious.

        Hovering over You every spring,
        Touched my sleeping heart string.
          You were my attraction, as it
Usually happens in anyone‘s life full of distraction.

            I was a small butterfly,
       Who flies whenever it feels a dry.
      Winds were interfering between us,
    When my feelings were becoming obvious.

                Wind ignored it,
              And You only knew it.

          It was You who only knew it,
                My love for You,
          Which was becoming obvious.

        Sailing in the cruise above,
 Flying over the clouds, You my new love,
When my heart kite got entangled around You.
                I tried a lot,
          But You helped me not.

              Thread was strong,
              So was Your pull.
                 I was weak,
              But not Your hold.

              Birds were jealous,
       Watching me flying with no wings.
                But only I knew,
This thread was my sky and You my only wings.
        Journey was long…tired was me;
        No one near as I left all my dears.

          Silence is not known to me.
                 So talk to me.
                  Talk to me.
            Talk to me…O OSHO !

       Watching me from Your eyrie,
       When You saw my funky ferry.
              Small was mine,
       But very sharp was Your sight.

       Alone was not me on the earth,
      But original were my prayer notes.
           Your flight was strong,
              So were my notes.
             Snakes were jealous,
       Watching me alive in Your beak.

But only I knew the meaning of becoming the divine
       Journey was long, nest is high above.
                     Tired is me,
                  No one near me,
                 I left all my dears.

            Silence is not known to me,
                  So, Talk to me,
                    Talk to me.
              Talk to me…O OSHO !

          Mesmeric was Your fragrance,
          When You sprayed it inside me.
                 Stinking was me,
      But very intense was Your divine spray.

             Empty was not me inside,
        But melodious was my walk outside.
               Prayer appeared fresh,
                  So was my dance.
                Minds were puzzled,
            Still engrossed in thoughts,
                 About my red rose.
    But only I knew the feeling of deep remorse.

     Dance was century-long, ocean far ahead,
               Tired I am with my head.
                 No one is my partner,
As they still have the beautiful mind with which they
                      can chatter.

            Silence is not known to me.
                    Talk to me.
                Talk to me…Osho!

            Mind is still chattering,
        But someone inside is watching.
            One was me yesterday,
           Two I have become now.
               One was me, but
               Am I divided or
         Anybody had entered inside.

       What is happening I don‘t know.
    Someone inside is guiding and loving me.
             Unknown still, it is,
              I am still finding.

               If I am not wrong,

              Are You inside me?
              Are You inside me?
          Are You inside me…OSHO !

            The world is still visible,
Only my eyes are boasting of seeing the Invisible.
          Serious was me yesterday,
       Comedienne I have become now.
               Serious was me,
      But now who is cracking the jokes.

      What is happening, I don‘t know.
   Someone inside is laughing on everything.
                Caring he is, but
             Unknown still, he is
               I am still finding.
              If I am not wrong,

                            Are You inside me?
                            Are You inside me?
                        Are You inside me…OSHO !

                       Walking with grace,
                       Calm and cool face.
                       My beloved Master.

                       Words so beautifully arranged,
                         Gestures serenely caged.
                           My beloved Master.

                          Watches me straight,
                       Awaits inside the golden heart.
                           My beloved Master.

                              Wrong or right,
                             Only He is White.
                             My beloved Master.

                           Walking towards Him,
              He waiting for me, pointing towards the holy Inn.
                             My beloved Master.

These songs are real. These are the prayers of Angel. They signify
the right growth of the Angel. These songs are of immense help to
the Multividuals at all levels of growth. Even other Angels get a
push and they also start moving again their interrupted-journey. As
the journey progresses, the Angel finds words becoming an
obstacle between him and the Master. He immediately sheds the
clusters of words and starts praying without them. The non-
essential soon gets detached from him and he is left with the
essentials. And this happens with every mountaineer who wants to

climb the peak. He starts at the bottom with oxygen cylinders,
food, drinks and loads of luggage but as he progresses he keeps on
dropping the non-essentials. He wonders about his stupidity of
carrying the loads for days when he could have made it with few
essentials. Similarly, few words are sufficient in place of writing
thousands of books. Scriptures are written while travelling this
journey to the Truth. The praises for rain god, fire god, sky,
mountains, trees, earth are the songs of Angel. It gets shorter with
every passing day.

One‘s control on Mind should increase with efforts but the
possibility of getting out of control or leaving the efforts is still
present. One can still turn back and ignore the grace as nothing has
changed besides few losses in terms of time or relations. This will
always remain as an opportunity of a different kind. One is equally
free to take hold of it or leave it aside unattended. Rare is this
opportunity. It is better to take it up with firm determination
because nothing ever is achieved without it. And Enlightenment is
the toughest of all tough tasks.

Not because It is unattainable,
But It‘s an ideal state.
A different state of Perception.
More you feel It having possessed,
The more It moves ahead.
Making Itself, ad infinitum, unattainable,
And transforming ‗You‘ into a sincere, devoted, amazed,
Blind Follower for the rest of Life.
It requires determination and perseverance.

The guidance keeps coming to the Angel from the Master. How it
comes is not known, from where it comes is not worth considering
but it comes for sure. And this is worth giving attention and
respect. It is just another passing thought like any other wild
thought or beautiful imagination. It is prone to negligence and can
be easily ignored but with inner growth of awareness, thoughts
come in less numbers and every thought can be easily attended.

Each guidelines coming from beyond are mesmerizing and fresh
like a breeze. Whenever the Angel feels a sudden cool-breeze
brushing his being he would enquire to the Master that,

―O Master!
What‘s this that passed through me?‖

And the Master said,

―Dear Angel!
This is a breeze
An Ocean is approaching you.
And this cool breeze is only an Indication‖.

Angel further asked, ―What is an Ocean?‖. And he gets a very old
answer from him but in a different manner.

Beloved Angel!
Ocean is that
In which you can swim, sing and dance for eternity
Like a Dolphin
Without any residue of reason.

The Master tries to explain him in the familiar terminologies so
that it can be comprehended easily as he has no idea what Silence
really means. So, he uses the terms so as to emphasize ‗Celebration
of Life‘ as the real meaning of Silence. Master further said, ―This
cool-breeze which brushed your hairs signifies that the Ocean is
very close to you and you will be soon engulfed by the Ocean. So,
keep on walking‖. Listening to this the son becomes more aware
than before. At this point of time the position of the son on that
island is such that he won‘t be even approachable by the mind
‗distant‘ ones. And this helps him further to listen clearly the
super-golden words of his Master.

This is the time when the Angel can remain with the memories of
freshness of breeze forever. He can even stop walking and can
even leave the hand of Master. This is the hardest time for the
Angel to understand. The experience of freshness is so
overpowering that one starts ignoring the words of the Master. It is
as if the Angel starts thinking himself becoming enlightened. Here
it is where the Angel is in danger. His songs at this stage are so full
of love and words pouring truth in abundance that he wants
nothing more than this state. His pride has got the chance to raise
its serpent-hood. The evil forces are ready to spill the venom
inside, the moment the Angel forgets to take every step
consciously. The Master warned him that no step should be taken
unconsciously but because of his pride he had forgotten.

It is dark outside, very dark.
Wherever you see everyone pounces on you like a shark.
The light you see is just a false reflection on your false,
Short-lived intermediate glasses.
See the darkness;
See the reflection of light from outside,
And understand both are false,
And are worth ignoring.
Don‘t get stuck at these.
Growth means this much only---
To see the dark and to start walking on the path of light.

And lo! The boat has turned upside down. The Angel is back into
the clutches of evil desires. The rising energy starts falling. The
journey takes a reverse course. The previous efforts of covering
those retraced steps got wasted. It may have taken months or years
or much more by the Angel to cover that distance but the breeze
made him forget the important lessons of the Master. On seeing
this fall the Master keeps sending rescue boats to him to prevent
himself from the next fall.

―I warn you again.
You have lost a lot.
You may lost it altogether if you don‘t stop now.

It would be too late for you to hold,
If you commit even a single mistake.
The flowers of yours are becoming dull,
And are appearing illusory with every passing day.

I can‘t do much more than this,
Besides reminding you,
Of your possible next action, your mistakes.
May you gather the courage to prevent the hovering misfortune.

It won‘t be disappointing for me,
As I don‘t‘ rely on you alone.
I have millions like you of your category,
And thousands of much better category.
But yes it would be sad if you miss this as you can.

Better you listen to me,
And take a final pledge, a commitment to not to indulge,
In futile actions of passions.
It is better for your health and your mind.‖

But whether the Angel jumps on those rescue boats depends solely
on his firm determination. Energy is the base of growth and with
the fall, energy disappears in lots. Faith on the Master saves this
energy but few breezes keep on checking the Angel. Once the
Angel regain his conscious state partially he realizes his blunder.
The breeze was short-lived and it disappeared in no time and he is
again left with his old wretched state. The Angel recognizes his
mistake and asks for forgiveness

Your words were always ringing in my ears,
Only I was not listening to them for years.
Deaf was not me, but
Mind was interfering.
Control was not with me and,
Mind was overpowering.
Actions happened out of helplessness nature of mine,
As mind was the Boss and I a slave.

Lesson I have experienced now,
Learnings were many but real experiences are coming.
I wonder, how
Stupid was me, Ignorant was me;
Graceful you are and all pervasive is your love.
I am down on my knees,
See I am begging.

Please forgive me.
Please forgive me.
Please forgive me O my Master.

The guiding light was always shining,
You were walking with me, Only I was not looking.
Blind was not me, but
Mind was interfering.
Control was not with me and,
Mind was overpowering.
Actions happened out of helplessness nature of mine,
As Mind was the boss and I a slave.

Wounds I have seen, bleeding I am till now,
Fallings were many but real pains are coming.
I wonder, how
Stupid was me, ignorant was me.

Graceful you are and all pervasive is your love.
I am down on my knees,
See I am begging.

Please forgive me.
Please forgive me.
Please forgive me O my Master.

Your lovely smiles were always revolving around,
Only I was not feeling your love from beyond.
Evil was not me, but
Mind was interfering.
Control was not with me,
And mind was overpowering.
Actions happened out of helplessness nature of mine,
As Mind was the boss and I a slave.

Heart-aches I have experienced now,
Knowledge was abundant, but
Real ignorance is coming.
I wonder, how
Stupid was me, Ignorant was me,
Graceful you are and all pervasive is your love
I am down on my knees.
See I am begging.

Please forgive me.
Please forgive me.
Please forgive me O my Master.

It is these Masters (Enlightened beings) who out of their
compassion give indications about their true nature to the
Multividuals. One can easily see the freshness from their words
and walk which confirms that they have just arrived. It gives one
the idea of the taste, the smell, the nature of the Ocean and the Life
visible to them as a whole. They don‘t force anybody to
accompany them in the Ocean of Life. It is the Multividuals and

the Angels who have to listen to their gestures and accompany
them as their Master, whoever he may be, cannot go wrong.

Once the Master leaves, then it would be a bit difficult to start for
the attainment of one‘s Individuality, one‘s Divinity. But, it is true
that He will make us climb those stairs of our special staircase
which could take hundreds of lives to climb. For example, to know
what true tears taste like, it can easily take hundreds of years. So,
we can now think of the difficulty in rising above in the absence of
the Master. As the Masters keeps descending on the Earth, now
and then, it all depends on you whether you can recognize them or
not. They will be walking here and there without any work but on
seeing your desperate need of love he can be employed for sure.

Before Master comes and knocks your heart door, make sure to
accept in front of him what you are really, as it is. Evil, very bad,
bad, satisfactory, good, excellent or better. Once you know your
present state, it would be easy for you to understand the words of
the Master, who will simply spray freshness of Oceans to every
floor. No matter, you are on the first floor or on the ground floor. It
doesn‘t matter to him much. The Master keeps on ignoring the
blunders of all.

And listening to the song of forgiveness the Master raised his arms
and says compassionately

―It‘s good that you started again.
It‘s nice to see you back on the Road Main.
Don‘t look backwards,
You lost a lot, you idiot drunkard.
Time is short, listen to me,
Save your energy for the further Journey,
Don‘t destroy it for futile passions of minutes.
Walk ahead!!!‖

It is not the Master that makes other enlightened.
When your possibilities of becoming enlightened are high,
The Master comes and pushes you a bit.
This push is worth thousands of centuries of individual effort.

The Master is a beautiful excuse for your enlightenment
He is simply present, watching
Your immense efforts, striving for Light.

If He could have done it all alone,
He must have done it way back.
But no. He can‘t do anything for It.
No one deserves to be enlightened.
Enlightenment happens to them out of grace of God.
It certainly happens in the presence of the Master.
You have to be the witness.

It is the most precious Gift.

Yes!!! Enlightenment is a Gift.
No matter how much you strive for It,
It will happen to you on its own terms.
It is not controlled by your will rather you are controlled by It.

Enlightened beings are the human flowers--
Rose, marigold, lotus are less beautiful.
The Human flower is most fragrant, most colourful,
and the only compassionate flower of all flowers.
No flower comes to your door to make you smell its fragrance,
But these enlightened beings do this for you.
The garden-flowers can‘t indicate you in any way,
The hidden possibility in you of becoming a flower.

The Buddhas inform you about its beauty;
The Jesus fights the whole world for this duty;
Basho writes haikus to spread this Message of Purity.

Flowers are showered only over the statues of God.
This has become an old habit,
But when you will flower,
When you will awaken the sleeping flower within.
The Master can provide the environment,
Your will has to be activated by you alone.

Every flower is responsible,
For its own flowering in its provided environment.‖

…and listening to this the Angel recollects his strength and starts
his disturbed journey with more will power. The Angel is now
much more conscious than before. He returns to his meditation and
work which were ignored by his misinterpretation of the cool
breeze. Work and Meditation goes simultaneously. They can‘t be
separated from each other no matter how much the breeze is
relaxing. Work can be of any sort like becoming a musician, singer
or teaching in college, any known way of earning bread. This work
is for making a balance in one‘s journey. No Angel is on the right
path if he only chooses Meditation and ignoring the worldly duties.
These duties are to be performed till these lower duties free them
on their own. And the Angel has to do that in the best manner as he
is serving for his Master. The bondages are and still he is yet not
free from the chains of cause and effect.

Unconsciousness nature of Angel is now becoming more feeble as
consciousness is now being added in every act by him. In his walk,
in his sleep, in his talks, during his bath and in all acts he is more
watchful. He is more aware of every passing moment than before.
He is more alive in his actions. He is more in the present moment
unlike jumping from past to future and from future to past in the
past. He seems to become a more normal human. The world of
unconsciousness will not leave immediately rather it will die of
slow poison.

Consciousness is like a poison to unconsciousness. It is just a
matter of amounts, the degree of either of them that will decide the

dominating one. If one has been living unconsciously for
thousands of years then few moments of partial consciousness are
not sufficient for becoming fully conscious. One have to stay
attuned to partial consciousness for atleast few years to belittle the
devil unconsciousness. More the frequency and intensity of
disturbing it, the more the certainty for the devil to die in the hands
of pure consciousness. And this is possible. Human is pure
consciousness. And to return to one‘s true nature is more possible
than to stay with something false. Few moments in the lap of
meditation are more than necessary to give you your real nature.

Angel is living watchfully. He is acting watchfully. He is
becoming more and more humble, modest but innocence of child
has not flooded his being. He was very serious in the beginning but
his increasing levels of consciousness did not let it expand its aura
of time. He is now more jolly and is experiencing the rising tides
of laughters inside. Seriousness has opened up the possibility for
giving birth to the laughter. Love is overflowing from him on daily
basis in his laughters but his own world of compassion is still in
the formative stages.

To Love,
Is to make a modest effort.
To be Compassionate,
Is an effortless, innocent love affair.

As the Angel becomes rich in experiences, rich in innocence the
barriers between the wise and the amateur, between the dead and
the fresh, between the habits of old man and a child, between the
existence and himself keeps on breaking. He sees his true nature in
every child, in every being. He sees the world calling him mad and
he is also wondering. What he discovers the most amazing act of
his is desire to be in the presence of children. He feels himself
being one of them as he is also a child. He was near to the state of
a child before but he is now exactly like a child. The world is true
in calling the Angel as a madman as most of his acts are so
childish, his smiles so innocent, his anger so real, his voice so full

of truth, his dance so out of this world that on the basis of those
actions one can‘t make out any sense. He keeps on asking

…..from the flowers

  ―O flower! Why did you bloomed?‖

   Because you are not blissful‖ replied the flower.

….from the Moon

   ―Why don‘t you demand more light from the Sun.‖

  ―I am satisfied‖ the Moon replied

…..from the rivers,

  ―Why are you moving?‖

  ―We are the Oceans‖ and they moved further.

..…from the mirror

       ―What‘s your name?‖
        It remained silent.

       ―What do you have?‖ he asked again.
        It stood unmoved.

      ―Do you have something to say?‖ he desperately asked
       and the mirror then shattered to pieces.

  ……from the paper

     How do you fly?

   ―Remove your two wings
   And wait for winds‖ said the paper floating in the lap of wind.

……from the dust.

   How do you dance?

  ―First kill the dancer
   And wait for Music‖ said the dust in cyclone.

…..from the death

   How do you win everytime?

  ―First learn to lose everytime,
  And let everyone be aware of your incurable weakness‖
  Said the busy death.

….from the statue of Buddha

―How to become Enlightened?‖
―Become an Angel.
 Song and Music will support you.
 Dance will overtake your being,
And then God will descend‖ said the statue with eyes half closed.

..…from the Life

   ―What is the Best you have to offer?‖

        Silence…The Best‖

These seven words are sufficient to convey to you my essence. Life
is nothing but an opportunity to ‗rise‘,
To travel from Good through Better to the Best.
One can‘t expect anything more from the life.
Life has given all it has (the options), for you to choose.
You can enjoy Mind‘s givings,
or be established in a meditative state forever.
Life has done its homework,
By delivering you as a good child, from her (own) silent-womb.
You are already good, not bad, as many must have said to you. Life
never acts badly.
All of its actions starts from good and ends as Best‖

said the silent Life.

… if they all can understand his state. To his surprise He gets
an answer from them and that too mystical one as if the guidance
of Master came in another way. The world of minds will remain in
their minds and can‘t understand this state. Knowing this the Angel
keeps on repeating to all Multividuals about this magical state

Every one misses whenever wherever I act;
Those acts so energizing, let me again enact.
―The journey so long,
The songs coming nicely along.
Everyone behind tired of carrying the past,
Still running, causing the growth to tear apart.

Look!!! I am feeling alive,
Busy singing a new song during the drive.

―I am a child, hold me;
You are also a child, let me hold you, let me.
We will play day and night,
Over this cloud, beneath this mountain;
Up above this tree, around this fountain white.
Come now else birds will soon disappear,
Run fast, the dew pearls are about to fall from their dear.
Mother is about to hold, father gives my innocence a scare.
The day is short my friend,
Break all old habits you made then with care.
You will miss this play if night descends,
You will wait again for another day to ascend.
We all were child, we all have to become child again,
Understand me this time before you create a blood rain.

Innocence is not ignorance but wisdom;
Innocence is not arrogance but compassion,

Or someone else will remind you again,
Of your terrible inner pain.
Become playmates, respect each other;
Experience from the Master, only this prayer.

So many ways to indicate,
Look, I am standing at the last gate.

The Master inside outside helping me to open,
Waiting for it to finally happen.
I am made to act accordingly which I even don‘t understand,
As He acts through me,
Requesting me forever to never misunderstand.
It is not your fault that you miss, you see something illogical.
I also missed and I was surprised more than you.
Everything so Magical.

Forgive my acts,
Don‘t repeat my words as I never said.
See my acts,
Enjoy like me in those designed Sets.
Master doesn‘t want me to make any meanings out of them,
You also better stop muddling over those useless raw gems.
The journey is still not complete.
I may fail but I don‘t have to compete.
Let me move ahead,
And find a place,
Where my heavy head can drop.
Let me move ahead.
Master calling me to further tread.

―The journey so long,
The songs coming nicely along.
Look!!! I am feeling alive,
Busy singing a new song during the drive.

To others he will seem to be abnormal. But the Master is satisfied.
The dance has overtaken him almost completely and the acts
coming out of this state of losing control are enough to express the
beauty hidden in the Angel. The energy level has increased
tremendously. Free dance is more energetic, more exhausting than
a calculated dance. Free dance is more divine than the movements
according to the mathematics of dance. When in total control of
oneself nothing great can happen to anyone. Only when something
higher than you, something more conscious overpowers you that
something divine happens which you may not even imagine.

All songs, all symphonies created by you have a major portion of
your world, of your pains, your woes and your response to the
external world. Singers know this and musicians know this clearly.
Healthy musicians and singers are rare. But a dancer, a great
dancer is that who avoids himself completely in his dance. He
allows the dance to overpower him. He starts by throwing his
hands and legs in all directions. Initially the dance is controlled by

the dancer but soon the surrender allows the mighty dance to take
full control over the being of the dancer. And it is only in the
absence of dancer that the dance becomes divine.

The energy that comes along with dance is so great that it becomes
impossible for the dancer to control, to direct. It is then that it
becomes easier for the dancer to become the witness of this
magical dance, to become aware of his own true nature, his silent
and watchful nature. He separates himself from the dancing body
and the dance. He discovers that he is neither the dancer, the body
and nor he is the dance, the act. He is distinct from both of them.
But this awareness soon gets lost and he is again the dancer. This
shifting from one state to another may extend to years or many
next lives.

The child, the Angel soon gets tired as he finds no way to be
enlightened. His whole efforts, his whole journey seems false. He
had tried every possible way but the road does not seem to end. All
appears absurd as nothing seems to touch his being whenever the
wings of the birds fondled him. Everything remained outside, at
the periphery. Nothing seems to happen inside the core. The life
appears absurd. The desire of walking towards the path of Light
seems worthless.

Even the desire to consider whether the path is having a worth or
not dies slowly and slowly. Knowing this he leaves all as it is and
out of his dead tiredness of this and all, he falls on the ground like
a dead leaf gets detached from the tree. The dead tree is not
concerned at all about the tree with which it remained attached for
so many years. The dead leaf leaves the tree completely in every
sense. All questions are like waves rising in the ocean. All answers
are like the falling waves disturbing the ocean surface creating
many new rising waves. It‘s truly a tiring exercise. Now no more
bondages, no more desire for nourishment, no more desire to grow,
no more questions to the birds and sunlight, just accepting all as-it-

Beauty was attracting daily,
And for it I stole the beautiful green valley.
Flowers were very ugly,
So were their colours unsightly.
I searched outside,
Around the babes, Inside the Goddess.
Lips were dry, So were their eyes.
Nothing could satisfy me,
Like the revealed Beauty.

I was not tired then of this and all,
Continued to push in this nescience mall.
Everything was so real,
I never doubted,
Whether this search of a Multividual unreal?
Walked ahead with the doubt torch,
But didn‘t terminated my search.

Thirst was appearing real,
And for it I stopped the time wheel.
Oceans were dry,
So were the black clouds.
Thirst was still making the same hue and cry,
But I never left the mind full of proud.

I searched outside,
Around the stars, the moon inside.
Sun was also dry, so was the galaxy.
But nothing could satiate my thirst,
Like the revealed Host.

I was not tired then of this and all.
Continued hard to push the ball.
Everything became so unreal,
I never doubted.

  Whether this endless search of an Angel only a false one?
  Walked hand in hand with the doubt torch.
  But continued with my search.

  World was appearing my property.
  And for it I closed the doors and throwed the feather key.
  Noise was maddening.
  So were their heavy blows on the door.

  Heart was praying this time,
  As if asking for the innocent freedom of mine.

  I searched outside,
  Around the space, the eternity inside.
  Door was not so weak, so was the mindly lock.
  Nothing, No one can rule over this world, I heard.
  I‘m now dead tired, I observed
  Everything so real,
  Only my thoughts about God unreal.

  I‘m tired now of this and all.
  I‘m tired.
  Everything so real.
  Only my thoughts unreal.
  Let me relax.
  Let me be normal.
  Let me be what I am.

Suddenly, Angel finds himself off with his remainders of greed
and the Master disappears in a flash and appears floating in a
cosmo engulfing White-Ocean. That was the moment when time
also merged into the Eternity. When the subtle desire to become
enlightened leaves you completely that you are established in the
ultimate state of Relaxation. This is Freedom. Enlightenment
means freedom, it means utter relaxation.

Skylark on moor --
Sweet song
Of non-attachment

When nothing holds you, when no one bounds you then you are
free. And when no one bounds you, noting enslaves you are totally
relaxed. It is only in this state of freedom from every fear or love
of someone, in this state of relaxation that enlightenment happens.
It is not that when you are relaxed only after it enlightenment
happens but they both happen simultaneously. Relaxation and
enlightenment are two names of the same blissful state. All
becomes equal in one‘s eyes. Dance reached at its peak and the
steps seems to be of no use. No movement. Just surrender.

I tried a lot to make a sincere call,
But didn‘t know that His grace should finally fall.
My temple was still under construction,
And ego unaware of its own final destruction.
Now that the temple is complete, no one in,
The God came gracefully within.
Where should I go now,
What should I say, it happened how?
Nowhere to go,
Nothing to say.
I am not at all, this world an untrue mall
He pervades and His Grace radiates in all.

Now there is only celebration, bliss, peace. And this is the Best
which life can give to us---Ecstasy of Immortal Life. This is the
whole purpose of Pebbles, this is the only wish of all Masters that
you all should be enlightened. Let your family, Friends, Teachers
envelope you, and you experience them rightly with the Motherly
hand of Meditation. May a Multividual become an Angel, may the
Angel travel on the path to truth, may he know what he is really,
may he finishes his journey to innocence.

Once you are enlightened then what? What happens? What you
become? What remains?

 In my new robe
 This morning
 Someone else‖

The Life remains the same outside only you are changed. The
sights remains the same only the seer is transformed. The Magical
Bag starts overflowing. Dance of silence overtakes the dance of
sounds and Light. The disciple becomes the Master. All questions
commits suicide. Nothing remains to be questioned. Existence
opens itself for you to see what it has in its womb slowly and
slowly. All becomes one and one becomes all. Silence becomes the
celestial song. You witness celebration of the existence for the first
time. The child is born again. The flower has bloomed and the
fragrance is released. The communion of Teachers, Friends and
Family has carved lotus from the seed. The ultimate is being
unleashed. What more to say, the much awaited child has returned

With this I allow the Life-force to say the essential part in a
beautiful essay it created through the enlightened Angel…

What Life can gift you is ‗simple attraction‘,
In the form of something Higher,
In the form of God, The Master,
That we have glimpses of Beyond to enlighten our dark houses.
Words are insufficient to explain Life.
It is better to witness It,
Than sticking on some universal ‗truths‘ highlighted.

Life is waiting for you to relax.
It is watching you silently;

It doesn‘t say anything;
It doesn‘t seem to listen to anybody.

Life has its own meaning,
Which only it can understand.
It has given you a support, in many diverse strands;
It has given you many colours to play.
You can conquer mountains and space,
You can make garlands of flowers, or a new world of wood.
It is just a way of finding one answer,
Which will come by one deadly mistake,
After which you will understand,
Why Life is silent;
Why Buddha became silent;
Why roses don‘t preach where stars don‘t seem to reach.

Trees have their own message---
―Live through all seasons‖.

Mountains say it differently---
―Become Heightened,
Allow others to find their own ways,
Till one becomes silent like me.‖

The Soil says---
―Mountain is in me,
Trees grow through my womb,
Buddhas walk over me,
Man disappears in me.
Don‘t listen to them.
Become lighter and then wait---
For air to blow away your weight‖.

The Master has no other message.
He uses nature to express, unsaid words.
His walk silent, his look bright;
His dress fresh, his words just enlightened;

His discourses white, glances right.
He sits calmly,
With a perfect faith on Life, on God‘s Will.

Human has to grow like the spaces,
Vacancy is there for the upward movement.
Only Human has potential.
Light he has within,
Buddha he can be now.
All are one, see this beside,
What is within cannot be found outside.

Observe and get the message of Life hidden,
In the soil;
In the air;
In the trees;
In the mountains;
In the silent gesture of the Master---

             ―Life is a journey from darkness to Light.
                    Everybody has forgotten it‖.

            What I say is just a repeated version of all scriptures of
every religion. The message in all of them is the same---
―Remember Me‖. The message of Life is simple---Remember
Me. ‗Me‘ is the Ultimate, our real Self. Only action to be done is
just an act of Remembrance. Only remembrance. What the
message is pointing is the basic limitation, with which we, the
human beings are born with---Mind. Remembering means to recall
something which is forgotten as if it was very difficult to be
memorized by the ‗memorizer‘. It is as if you are being requested
to put your efforts to recall something very necessary and Mind is
not willing to do this act of remembrance. But why the Mind is not
willing? It doubts.

This situation is very similar to another situation involving a
desperate pleading of a father (Angel) to his ten year old child to
go to some other room because he (the father) wants to talk to its
mother. He entices his child with loads of gifts, the next early
morning. But the child (mind) is very intelligent to smell some
hidden motive in those sudden free-gifts. Something must be
wrong. And lo! the child keeps on disturbing their hidden talks
every now and then without understanding and that too
persistently. He will try to quiten his child in thousands of ways
but the child is so energetic that it can come with double the
energy it had during the first interruption. Now all the ways to
convince it has collapsed and the child is to be accepted, somehow,
for that remaining period before the Sunrise. And the moment
child is accepted, it goes into its usual deep, but satisfied and
different kind of sleep. Now, the awakened ones can easily slip
into the other room for further works. The moment the doubt is
given a shower of acceptance it no more disturbs you. It allows
you to do whatever you wish to do.

That‘s the way mind works. It will always sleep in-between no
matter how many rooms (Masters) for silent-discussions you have.
And after the barrier sleeps, you may conclude that it was better if

you would have, somehow, accepted the child before because in
this art of enticing you lost some useful time (because of lack of
awareness of this art of acceptance). But one thing is certain, the
room in which you are doesn‘t matters much. What matters is that
in which room the mind gets satisfied and goes to sleep. The non-
sleepers can stand up then and can easily walk into the other rooms
after this ‗magic‘ happens. Rooms are infinite.

Messengers always requests others to remember Him but it‘s just
beyond you because you are only good who tries only to become
at the most excellent and not striving for Better.

There are hundreds of states of Goodness,
From ‗Evil‘ to ‗Excellent‘ ones.
But ‗Better‘ doesn‘t have any, variations,
Besides synonyms like ‗Advanced‘, ‗Adept‘ etc.
It‘s just an intermediate stage, in-between, virtual,
Beyond which rests,
The ‗Best‘,
Of whose every other state is, simultaneously,
Somehow, a synonym and somehow, also a variation.
That‘s the wholesome beauty of ‗Best‘.

Excellent is also not Better, Not to talk of the Best.
Good, Very good, Very Very good and Excellent,
Are just the varying degrees of goodness,
And can cause them to move towards becoming Better,
With immediate effect.

And so are evil, very bad, bad and satisfactory,
The Para-waves rushing to give a soft-push to Good ones.
All movements are the results of exercising one‘s free will,
Motivating to accept the goodness of the higher ones.
But acceptance requires your Magical Bag to be blessed,
With at least one special pebble; a rare collection;
Out of the depths of the three white worlds.

Goodness is inherent in the floor-zero,
Where evils, etc. resides.
Evils to satisfactory, inside the different rooms,
Provided by chance but were made livable, somehow,
By the sleepers of the first-floor,
To enjoy the freedom of their will,
Which is absent above.

The Evils are against the flush,
Busy filling the cylinders with ever increasing smells,
And spraying the sample, outside, its uniqueness,
As if, an identified, well-researched, a latent-demand,
Of the bad to the excellent ones,
And few disheartened better ones.
The Very-Bad ones, the distributors of such reeks.
Bad ones, the consumers and biggest appreciators,
Of the evil-technology producing new varieties of pongs.
And the Satisfactory ones,
Sitting at the feet of the spiral staircase,
Shouting from the edge-of-rise, the words---
(Outside their closed, smell-and-sound-proof cabin)

―It‘s wrong, my friends, to purchase any inhuman smell,
As it is against the Humanity‖.

Themselves missing a rare-chance to climb the first floor,
Reaching where; instead of futile requests;
They can Motivate easily, the blind consumers.

Good ones dare to look above but are afraid to move;
Very-good ones, walks blindly into those uncertainties.
Very-Very-good ones prepares well to face any music
Before starting their proudly walk.
And the Excellent ones ,
They, the prepared-persistent-walkers, the mountaineers,
Till the stairs merges with the first-floor ‗Better‘,
And pride getting destroyed by the awakened humbleness.

Only He can give experiences, the pebbles, we are just the
pebble-collectors, not more than that. But try again, you may
succeed tomorrow if you fail in meditation today but never blame
the Master.

―You can blame me, you can blame the method if you want, but
that doesn't help you at all. It doesn't help you to get better. The
best is for you to be honest with yourself and always be watchful of
our deep rooted habits, and very undesirable affects that they have
upon us. Always be careful.‖

And if you succeed in witnessing your overflowing Magical Bag
then there is no need for praising the Master totally as

―What misses you could not possibly have reached you,
And what reaches you could not possibly have missed you‖.

                                         Traditional Arab saying

I may be totally wrong in what I shared but this should not stop
you for finding the truth in your unique way. Your search for truth
is the most important. Newton was disappointed at the time before
his death. He found his discoveries very small in comparison to
what can be discovered. Though he collected the pebbles but he
remained at the shore. He missed the jump into the ocean of truth.

One can always choose to stay at the shore or take a plunge. And it
is sure that to be at the shore is not highly satisfying. You have
millions of pebbles of different colours and shapes lying to be
collected. It is only a call from the world of ocean that makes you
aware of the Ocean. It is the Ocean which diverts your attention
from pebbles to the house of Mountains, from the noisy waves to
the silence of Womb. May you not keep yourself busy at the shore.
Let‘s Meditate. For every multi-vidual meditation should become
like food, water and air. It helps in revealing your very own,

forgotten Individuality. This will fill your soul with love. Love and
happiness will flow from you the moment, pebbles in the Magical
Bag starts Overflowing. There will be harmony in our world which
will make this earth, a Shelter of dancing Individuals. Let‘s
Meditate now! Let‘s Meditate. Let us listen, to the Angel‘s
mysterious song. As understanding is the only hidden spiritual
injection and help us in our awakening for the betterment of the
Humanity. Listen to the song which surely kills a bit more whoever
listens to it attentively. The Angel of angel is waiting and singing--

Listen O Peeper! Listen O Angel!

―Open the Gate first slowly.
The freshness is coming from the luggage outside,
Can you feel it?
And coming, from behind your never-opened fragile door,
Its fragrance,
Can you smell it?
Feel its Royalness which is radiating outside;
Can you enjoy it?
Dance in gratitude (in and out) to the love-giving Father;
Can you prove it?
Share its incense with enthusiasm to known or unknown,
Can you spot it?
Never feel jealous with loaded carts with cargos leaving;
Irritate you through windows every now and then,
They are early-knockers.
Can you identify them?
As they have their own friends to greet and meet.
Can you wave at them, my friend?
Our specially made wheels are wise.
They know when, why and whom to reach,
As they are steered by our Heavenly father watching us;
Knocking, silently.
Can you direct them?

If Yes,

Then widen the entrance a bit more,
And let the luggage roll inside,
Without your single pull or push.
But be aware O Demandee!
Is your Inner-Cottage peaceful or not…completely?
Make it before you untie the second chord first.
It could put me, and my father into difficulty,
As we, (to tell you a secret) too, don‘t know
How to untie in noisy surroundings.
Only Silence prevails above, not screams or shrieks.
Inner articles are numerous, heavy and un-controllable;
Make no mistake lest you block or start a chain-reaction
Which can but increase your miseries and woes.

If No,

Then keep on exploring,
Keep on searching,
Keep on unearthing,
Till you are ‗experienced‘---not before.
Don‘t open the gate till you have silence inside.
You can cheat
You can push them easily,
As I am helpless and you are not, O Powerful Man!
I may rush back from where I am, to report to my Father,
Not your deceitful act to my elder cousin
But some immediate solutions
Which only He has.
You are not self-reliant in cases of tragedies
Which will follow in times;
When the effects of your act of cheatings will appear
No body can help you then.
Besides another demand from Him, watching you;
With a sincere promise,
To not to cheat again anyone barring the messenger of God,

Whom you can‘t, it won‘t be of any utility.
All His reserves are for yours to enjoy.
He confided me before I left the Paradise.
But I request you again
Not to cheat any of my relatives
As you may lose,
When you were, on the verge of an astounding win;
Which could have brought more love and blessings,
From all known, and unknown spiritual planes.
So, open the door if you have listened
Or should I wait outside the Gate?
As I can wait for rest of your life;
Like thousand ones gone with the past;
Till you grow silent inside,
And have understood the art of riding the ‗mountains‘.
Open now or else I wait outside and shout,
Till you welcome me
With love and respect
After completing your Homework, inside
To unfold its Magical contents‖.

The Master

                THE HOLY THREAD

                          Meditation is,
                         The Holy thread;
                   The compassion of the Master.

Only Meditation is the ladder leading towards the ‗First-Is‘. Only
Meditation is the way for all I-oriented multividuals. This thread
signifies the true meaning of the word thread—joining some
joinable entities. Only this signifies that the joinable entities are
somehow separated and needs to be joined. Only the thread gives
an indication of the common nature between the two entities. And
the one, which gives such indications to even one of the two
separated entities, is worth respecting. Hence, Meditation is Holy,
the Holy thread.

                        Monkeys are touching
                      the reflection of the moon
                        paws wet and shining.

The thread by itself has inherent abilities and characteristics but it
is actually dead if left to itself. It is of no significance in the hands
of the Multividual. Monkeys don‘t know the significance of
Buddha‘s Love. What a donkey will do if a spaceship is given to it
to go for a ride to the moon. Monkeys will remain monkey and
donkeys will remain donkey. The villagers can only use a rocket as
a bullock cart. The illiterate men can only use a pen for removing
their ear-waxes. Hence, it requires the compassion of the Master
that He says something about the properties and potentialities of
Meditation to the potential users. Monkeys may become Humans.
Donkeys may become useful. Hence, Meditation is another

meaning of the invisible compassion of the Master showered over
the endarkened multividuals.

Multividuals can‘t appreciate the incomprehensible. They can
simply ignore it as if it is a junk. Rubbish, idiocy, noble intentions,
the divine touch they may say to the ones who talks about these but
then they remain the same. Nothing changes. Nothing grows. No
sound of existence inside becomes audible. Only courageous,
outrageous, gamblers, drunkards, scientific communities can dare
to listen and practice. To be a gambler requires a great heart. To be
courageous one should have faith over oneself. Outrageous ones
try something new, fashionable. Drunkards take it as a new wine.
Scientific communities, the intellectual ones carry a research on
the statements given by the enlightened beings. They start by
taking those statements as a hypothesis, selecting their sampling
methods, research process and finally moving to the end result. But
the journey because of intellect, courage, fashionable trends, and
great heart is not sufficient. They are essential but not sufficient
even if all together.

                   Meditation is an orphan;
                 The Master is the real Parent,
            The Multividuals being the true inheritors,
               The Angels being the appreciators.

The Master makes synergy possible otherwise God is not the
addition of body, mind, intellect, and heart. It is more than the sum
of parts. You may have a matchstick and the matchbox. You may
have the courage to play with fire. You may have the knowledge of
lighting the matchstick. You may play gamble with the explosives
by rubbing both against each other. But you have no idea of the
grace by which the flame comes over the top of the matchstick.
How you will control the shape of flame? Hence, multividuals can
only make efforts. The beautiful things will only happen to him by
the grace of someone Higher. And we all know that everything,
every happening is beautiful. The birth of human, the flowering of
buds, the songs of birds, the shadow of the sun on the water all is

beautiful. All is beautiful. Some happenings we may appreciate as
beautiful and some we can‘t. This latter observation indicates the
stunted growth of universal consciousness, the personal
consciousness. This indicates the ignorance of the meaning, need,
nature and the significance of the practice of Meditation.

Meditation ‗Means‘ making efforts to know what is unknown.

It is ‗Needed‘ to satisfy the doubts of the growing intellect
That asks questions about its own miraculous existence
On this land of miracles,
The insignificant part of Significantly Vast Universe.

Its ‗Nature‘ is Universal,
A combination of all known and unknown, of alive or dead,
Seen and unseen, heard or unheard, felt or unfelt natures.

Its ‗Significance‘ is that it gives you the right Answer,
The answer which is received
When your last question dies with the rising thousand suns.

Its ‗Practice‘ deploys means to shoot the Mind without any
Its practice requires doubting the difference between
Certain and uncertain, right and wrong, You and I.

Its practice means adopting the Law of farms--
Sow, toil, and wait for the right time, cut and then spread the

Its practice demands to be
More and more aware, moment by moment,
About the collected garbages
As indicated by the sages.

Its practice requires more courage, trust than ever before
In the coming next moment, for reaching the unknown shore.

Its practice requires to be a true disciple
Who eats only the given one apple
When asked to eat without any babble.

Meditation leads you to the unknown,
Without making it known,
To you, now forever in wonder,
Whether the Unknown is known or is still unknown.

Meditation heals the ruler, the darkness,
Enveloping you in the form of your small mind,
Firstly by knocking, rubbing and scratching,
Drilling holes later and exploding it finally.

Meditation heals the ruler, the darkness,
Enveloping you in the form of your small mind,
Firstly by knocking, rubbing and scratching,
Drilling holes later and exploding it finally.

Meditation is the thread of death. The part of the infinite is also
infinite. So, meditation is the way to die. It is to be one with the
super-death. It is the outlet through which one can witness what
can die and what cannot die. It makes us aware what is mortal and
what is immortal. It is the key to be re-united with one‘s only He,
only Thee, only She.

―Death is a bridge whereby the lover is joined to the beloved‖.

It means…

                        Where will you go?

                  You are being driven by death.
                Your death is leading you swiftly,
                You cannot direct but only follow.
                  You can only see the sceneries.
                You can only see what is outside.
                    You cannot stop anywhere.
You can‘t wait at one station for long else you miss the relaxation.
You‘ll be dragged like anything useless with the fast moving train.
           Whatever you can do you can do only when
              Inside or outside standing peacefully.

                  Whenever you are disturbed;
                 Whenever you out of the world,
              You will be no better than a dead man.

                     Death is in front of you,
                    Your future is on its heels.
                      But can you avoid it?
                        Can you face it?

                       You cannot avoid it.
                    You have to face it as it is.
                         Man has to die.
                    This planet has to vanish.
                           Not for this,
                       Not for that reason,
                   But death is the destination,
                   As Birth was its beginning.

                      It will come for sure.
                           Not very far,
                   Just a distance of one hand.

          This death being false and not at all bothering,
                  Die another way while rising.
                       The death of lovers;
                       The death of Angels.
              The false ones die under white covers;
            The real ones die from every black angles.

                  The real death is the real birth,
       The false death being the consequence of false birth.
                To die in the hands of one‘s beloved
       Is far sweeter than feeling satisfied and hallucinated.
                    The Master kills the Angels
      Whenever He sees his willingness to die from all angles

The Angel, the invited disciple has only few desires. The most
prominent among them is to be with the radiant form of the
Master, to be in the House of the Master. The anguish of separation
is unbearable. And meditation is like a ray of hope to the one who
is hopeless. Hence, Meditation is the hope, the first and last hope
for the disciple.

Nature loves to hide and Meditation loves to reveal. It‘s a
mysterious game being played between the God and God‘s nature.
God first steals all hopes and then give an embodied Hope. He first
makes us fearful and then makes us fearless. He makes us run from
Himself and then pulls towards Himself. Meditation, what it is,
how it works is like magic. Meditation is not for things but for the
Real Thing. It is for the thing of things, for the inside of outside,
for the eye of eyes, for the ear of ears, for the taste of tastes. It is
for the love of Love, the god of Gods.

                          My finger also
                   Pointing at the mirrored moon
                        Shows on the water!

Every Master says so. Every Master points towards it. He
compassionately indicates towards the closest moon. He directs
towards the only moon. He does His best. Still His disciples see the
image of moon and gets satisfied. He says…

―What is important is to keep mind high in the world of true
understanding then, returning to the daily experience, seek therein
the true and the beautiful‖

But the disciples understand…

―Tell the truth and run‖.
                                             Yugoslavian proverb

Mind still perceives. Still the Mind is. The Master further

―He who truly fears a thing flees from it, but he who truly fears
god, flees unto Him‖
But the disciple understands…

―The crisis of yesterday is the joke of tomorrow‖.
                                                H. G. Wells

The Master explains further…

―The Satguru (Master) makes of the beast, a man;
The man becomes a Saint, the Saint a God,
And the God, the Supreme Being himself‖.
                                                    Dadu Dayal

Those who can‘t understand, they can also appreciate the Masters
at a different level. They will see the world according to their own

perceptual ability. They will find their own meanings. They will
see their own light.

―Only scientists can foresee the dangers, for example, of
population increase, or of the increase in the consumption of oil
products, or of the dangers inherent in atomic waste. But do they
know enough about it? Are they conscious of their responsibilities?
Some of them are, but it seems to me that often they are not. Some,
perhaps, are too busy. Others, perhaps, are too thoughtless‖.
                                                    Karl R. Popper


―Master is never surprised? Why because he never expects
anything. To him everything is possible and he is not closed to any
possibility. He has no plan to meet reality, no protection‖.

And so, the Master is so relaxed. He knows nothing can be done
with such stones. Only time can make them understand. Only with
time they can start appreciating. Stones, rocks will dissolve one
day or the other if the drops of time-water keep on falling on them
continuously. Let the silent blue drops fell for some more moments
on the remaining pebbles.

Come see real
of this painful world.

He who knows others is wise;
He who knows himself is enlightened.
                                                          Lao Tzu

―Music is His food and the colours of life are His raiment‖.
                                                      Guru Nanak

                     The Way!
                  The Right Way
             The Brightest, Sunfull Way.

               The Master is the Way,
            Also the only One who sways.

     The Master is the ever rising Divine Plane,
 Also the only One who falls in every attractive lane.

               The Master is the Way,
The only One who teaches us to fly every night and day.

         The Master is the Supreme-Death,
The only One that mesmerizes every ambitious breath.

   The Master is the invisible current flowing all around,
  The only One that creates forms, Light and Sound.

               The Master is the Way,
        The only One who has nothing to Say.

                The Master is the Way,
                  The absolute Way,
                      The only

The One who is the Master is the One who is the Master of death.
The Angel is the one who is preparing to die on this way. The
Master is relaxed. The meditative Angel is frightened while
walking on this journey. The Great Master is Silent. The Angel is
witnessing the noises going lesser day by day and moment by
moment. The Master is humble while the Angel is swinging from
arrogancy to love to sensitive to insensitive to passivity. The
Master knows the similarity between Silence, celebration,
absurdity and Life. The Angel is still divided. The Master is
Enlightened. The Angel is caged.

The Master is free of body and mind. Rather He is aware of the
inherent freedom of human from body and mind. He is the Master
of All. He is the slave of All. He is unaffected by Everything. Also
He is affected by everything big or small. He is in the Light and He
is the darkness. He is the one who never dies the daily death.
Rather death is the never ending exercise of an Angel.

The Master can‘t be contained in few duties, forms or sounds. He
is simultaneously everything and also nothing. He can‘t be
described alone. He can be either understood in reference to
everything and everyone or nothing and no one. He is ever-
expanding vast sky and also ever disappearing entities. He is zero
and also infinite. He is in the two extremes and also in the golden
middle. He is God-Man, the Superman of Aurobindo. He is also an
ordinary man of Osho. Whatever you say, howsoever you describe
Him is perfectly complete and still incomplete. He is a frictionless
road over which the Angel can‘t stand and describe about the
nature of road. Angel is always in motion due to the nature of road
on which he is walking or running. This Road will never give him
a second to think. Whatever comes to him, whatever becomes
visible is being said by the Angel as-it-is. Since Angel is not yet
the Master, he has no control over himself. He is still learning by
falling every moment, now or then. The Master is helpless since
He is what He is. He can at the most watch Angel making efforts

to take full control of his being. He says to every Angel and
Multividual that…

                    The butterfly will emerge;
                       To soar high above.
        The mesmerism of its flight will be divine, a surge
                Filled with compassion and love.
                 If one butterfly becomes visible
                   Millions are surely possible.
       Drop the past, the caterpillar, the man should dare
         A rare feat would it be---A Man saying ‗I care‘
               Machine, a mean for Man to express
        The noble act of bringing joy to others in distress.
      Nothing else needed, No need for any other obsession;
       We all have seen the result for too much possession.
             Peace, harmony, Love are too valuable
           No argument against this seems plausible.
         Control population, consume less, pollute less;
        Meditate more, love more, Share more and more.
                   Behave responsibly, no less;
  Act Humanly, don‘t forget, you have a Heart, the Divine core.

The Master is the Way, the only Way, the right Way. The way is
that which leads to some destination. If by walking on some way
one never reaches anywhere then that way is not a way. It can be
an adventurous climbing, pleasurable time-pass, exotic
exploration. But with this act of movement one never finishes.
Two always remains. You and your way. Hence that way is not a
way. The way should take one from one place to another place,
from one time to another time, from one dimension to another
dimension. It should actually change you because you are what
your surroundings are. If your surrounding changes then only you
can change. And…

―The greatest miracle of a mystic is that they changed the very
attitude of our life, the way of our life. They turned everything
upside down in our life. That is the greatest miracle the saints
come to perform in our life‖
                                  Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh

Miracle means that some event which was possible is being
catalyzed by a catalyst. Hence on the face value the catalyst has no
value and still at the same time it is highly valuable. The dormant
seed doesn‘t know the hidden tree inside itself. The gardener
knows about this possibility. And he just makes arrangement for
this possibility to actualize. He knows that it is the seed that will be
growing and will be laden with fruits and flowers in the near
future. The seed has no idea about this. Nobody has told to it about
this possibility. And lo!

                            The moment
          The Master discloses this possibility to the seed
             The Master witnesses the rising serpent
             Within the seed, leaving its state of weed.
                  The serpent is the hidden pride,
           That takes the immature seed for a rocky ride.

The compassionate Master feels sorry for disturbing the seed. The
seed was much safer in the dormant state but it is now highly
unsafe. It has to burst open. It has to drop the shell completely. No
other way is possible. Healing comes to the seed in the form of
rising deep feelings of seed for the gardener, the Master. Mind is
the safe shell. Heart is the ointment when mind is disturbed. The
spirit is the one who uses this ointment to remain focused towards
the growth. The spirit is the hidden Master inside every seed, every
multividual and every Angel. Hence the Master is the grown, the
grower and the growth simultaneously. The grown seed can only
know the past love or cruelty of the grower, the gardener. It has no
idea what will come after the next moment or the next day. It is
like climbing a rock when with every rise a new horizon becomes

visible. This keeps on motivating the seed to try for few more
moments. And because of this…

―The perfect Master does not reveal all that he is on the first day ,
and as the ability of the disciple increases, Master also reveals
more and more.‖
The Master knows that the dormant seed is of no use.
Authentically speaking simply useless if left to itself and in
isolation to the surroundings. But this attracts the attention of the
Master immediately as He is the only One who can see. He comes
and helps him.

―Observing this person is so dumb, God will protect him, let him
understand something. Otherwise, what will happen if he remains
a dumb person all his whole life?‖

To every deaf and dumb the Master is the second thumb. To every
deaf and dumb the mere presence of the Master is self-fulfilling.
The one having working ears can‘t hear what a deaf can hear. The
one having the efficiently working tongue can‘t say what can be
said by the dumb. The one who knows that one is deaf and dumb is
an Angel. They have more intense desire to know the secret
working inside the Master. They have a yearning to be with the
Master. And truly, there is a secret inside a Master. There is
something super-magnetic that can attracts the un-attractable. This
Magic is wonderful. This Magic is what He received from His
Master. A sort of inheritance.

This treasure of the Master never gets over. Rather, the Master
spends It to the fullest on the people living in the desert and still It
remains full. It is said that the creatures living in deserts have
many ways to walk. The successful ones always minimize the
degree of contact between their body and the hot sand. This
minimization helps in movement for few more steps. Here comes
the Master who is giving gifts that He has received. The more an

Angel utilizes these gifts, the more he minimizes the contact with
the hot sand of mind-desert. Mind is ever hot and the heart guides
the Angels about those minimum contacts which are must for their
upward movement. The desert is horizontal while the mind is
vertical. Further…

                      The journey on the desert,
                 Is like walking on the same plane.
                   While the journey on the mind,
        Is like moving from lower planes to higher planes.

                         The desert never dies,
               It is unaffected by number of travellers.
       While the mind is highly sensitive of numbers on dice,
    It starts dying with every dip taken in the ambrosial rivers.
   The mind dies with the successful completion of the journey,
      Thanks to the heart, the famous and seductive attorney.

The journey is of the spirit. The Master shows the path to it. The
spirit remains watchful to touch the suggested points so as to avoid
the wrong plane. Any step taken without awareness brings the
pain. Every step taken with full awareness pushes the Angel
upward. The movement happens on its own with every touch with
the ambrosial points. Growth is always there no matter the Angel
touches the right or the wrong point. The next step to be taken after
every wrong step will bring more awareness inside automatically.
Just like desert seems infinite, never ending to a tired traveller or
the thirsty traveller, similarly, mind seems to be never coming
under control. Both seems like a mystery. But to the Master a
mystery can be solved by another mysterious happening.

The Master has fire and snow inside. He is cruel and
compassionate simultaneously. And still He is beyond both fire
and snow, cruelty and compassion. There is no relevance of wrong
or right points. The transcendence can happen from either from the
wrong extreme or the right extreme. It is suggested that it is easy to
follow the golden mean, the middle path. One should avoid being

associated with the extremes. Meditation is the middle path.
Devotion, karmayoga and knowledge are yet another middle paths.
And the Master is in a hurry and so He suggests the easiest path or
the shortcuts to all the multividuals.

                      :The First Shortcut:

      The wind has settled, the blossoms have fallen;
          Birds sing, the mountains grow dark --
        This is the wondrous power of Buddhism.


                  The Master further suggests:

                  I have seen you many times,
          Every time you are crying for the same limes.
                       Time is not to say,
                      You must make hay.
                      Don‘t stop anywhere,
              No matter who comes, from where?

Eyes are the same; the seer changes, the seer dies, the seer arises;
Tongue is the same; the words changes, the words become birds.
                  What do I say, what can I do
                      He knows it, He does it.
               He hears it, He suffers because of it.
            He jumps with joy, He falls on the bed with tears;
                          He spreads it,
      He receives it in His hundreds and thousands of ears.

               He loves you, hence He hears you.
            He care for you, hence He does it Himself.
               He knows you, hence He loves you.
              He sees you, hence He is simply you.
               KNOW THIS AND BE UNKNOWN.

                    :The Second Shortcut:

                       ―Yes, brief is life;
           So be not vain of thy small worldly works,
                  But sing, sing, and ever sing
                   Nam, the Name divine!‖
                                                        Mira Bai

      The Disciple further sings the songs of devotion:

      Counted the number one, Painted the colour ‗Blue‘;
Jingled the sound of three, and the smelled the innocence of dew.
           The only other way I can celebrate this day,
                Is by drinking the ‗taste‘ of God,
                           O my Lord!
            This is such a memorable day to express,
                   The only way to you, atleast.
                   May you listen to this Osho,
               That I forgot to say in the midnight.
                       Happy B‘day to you;
                       Happy B‘day to you;
                  Happy B‘day to you O Osho!
                       Happy B‘day to you.

            Given the life, Sung along the ‗Rivers‘;
     Rested in the sea, and danced in the volcanic craters.
         The only other way I can celebrate this day,
          Is by listening to the Silence of ‗Godman‘,
                        O my Superman!
         This is such a memorable evening to express,
                  The only way to you, atleast.
            May my whisper be heard to you Osho,
              That I forgot to say in the morning.
                      Happy B‘day to you;
                      Happy B‘day to you;
                  Happy B‘day to you O Osho!

   Jumped with the frog, barked better than the ‗Dog‘;
Cried more than a human and danced more than an Angel.
       The only other way I can celebrate this day,
      Is by working for the purpose of ‗New-Song‘,
                  O my Right-And-Wrong!
        This is such a memorable night to express,
                The only way to you, atleast
          May your work be gifted to you Osho,
         That I forgot to give in the late evening.
                   Happy B‘day to you;
                   Happy B‘day to you;
               Happy B‘day to you O Osho!
                   Happy B‘day to you.

                 :The Third Shortcut:

             Know this: through homage,
             Repeated inquiry and service,
                The men of knowledge
             Who have experienced Reality
              Will teach you knowledge.
                                             Lord Krishna

               Ignite the fire inside you,
             Say to Knowledge, I love you;
      Say to Meditation, I am coming towards you.

 Welcome the appreciation for wisdom in your Intellect;
     Invite the wise being to flow in your every act.
            Let doubt prevail, day and night;
    But beg from Him, the Master, His divine Light,
 Without which veil of ignorance couldn‘t be removed;
            The doubt, un-pushed, un-moved.

              Knowledge is for you only to Discover;
    It removes all sins hiding behind the appealing, attractive,
                 Making you fresh, innocent, Light;
      Transforming in one flash, all your good or bad plight,
             Into wonder, mesmeric, a world of Truth;
           A blessing showered only to the human birth.
                       Avail this noble Offer,
                Lest you lose this divine Chauffeur,
       Given to you to help-fly, preventing your crawl, creep;
                Presented to you to take a big Leap.

                        Ignore you can‘t;
  God sends some indications, always, through messengers that
                       consistently haunts.
                Information is worth analyzing,
                 Pleasure is worth desiring, but
      Only to motivate you to regain love for Knowledge;
  Only to push you to search the secret of growth, your missing

                        What else to be desired,
     By a man who ever since perspired and only perspired.
          Solve all the mysteries, possess the secret key;
        Make yourself free, have this only immortal Plea,
                   From the Creator of this Puzzle
  Highly visible and yet simultaneously mysteriously Invisible.
                Who is the only source of Knowledge
Waiting for you to receive by walking over the infinitely long sharp
                              Razor Edge.
                             Reach you can
             If you just remove all self-imposed bans---
            ‗Pride, superiority, sense of being the king‘
          Then only can you wear the Knowledge Wing
                       Pray for it, Meditate for it
               It will be yours, as it was always yours,
                  Just out of the reach of human Wit.

                     :The Fourth Shortcut:

               ―One who is in Union with the Divine
              And who knows the Truth will maintain
                        ‗I do not act at all‘.
      In seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, walking,
          Sleeping, breathing, speaking, letting go, seizing
             And even in opening and closing the eyes,
  He holds simply that the senses act among the object of sense.‖
                                                      Lord Krishna

         The Disciple continues to work accordingly…

               Create and then Spread, lovefully.
        Listen and help others to listen, sympathetically.
       Dance and let others teach others to shake, joyfully.
 Sing and guide others about the source of Singer inside, silently.

                    :An Important Shortcut:
                       (Becoming United)

             ―Together we can and together we will.‖

This is the message of Life. Every act is only possible in sets but
where are the diamond relations. It is absent. One can see it
absolutely. No one is blind, everyone can see this lonely planet.
Smiles, love, encouragement, support, revolutions and
enlightenment all depend on the supreme power of togetherness.
Your smile is of no value if you have no one to appreciate about it.
Your love will die of loneliness if no one walks along with you.
Enlightenment is the last supreme act of humans and that‘s for
what purpose? Just for maintaining communal harmony and

Family, friends, teachers, society and the world rest only on this
spirit of togetherness. Whatever peace is left on the earth is just
because of the presence of humans with similar state of thought.
The moment this loses, the moment this spirit is lost, that very
moment this earth will disappear into eternity. The Life force has
to start again, a new big bang has to happen again, apes will still
precede human form. But this time the humans will be more
intelligent and life a bit more conscious. And they will be known
as ‗conscions‘ whose origin is from consciousness unlike humans
whose origin is from humus.

                    Not just dolphins say this,
             But every form of life pray for this state.
              What they say let me repeat for you.

        ―This is the time to rise above Individual identity,
               This time realize the purpose of God.
      Creativity means the togetherness in unique objects.
                  We are joined with each other
                      Not with thoughts alone
                       But with the life force.
                         The force is God,
                          And God is one.
                         Together we are,
                        Separate is no one.
                 One knows it other strives for it;
                    One spreads the knowledge,
     Other strives to discover the same through another way.

The Master can only request you to discover your true nature. He
can just inspire you to be one with the Life. The Life is more than
the sum of shortcuts and long-cuts. It has many possibilities and
probabilities. Hence the Master interacts with the multividuals
within this evolving Life. Life opens up slowly and slowly to the
evolving disciple. It has an open invitation for everyone to discuss
in full length and breadth. The Masters besides Life itself are
always there to answer the questions of Angels and Multividuals.

One should always take up this opportunity to remove all the
possible rising and relevant doubts. Time is precious and so is
amount of breath exhaled while asking questions. So, one should
be highly conscious of basic principles of life if one wants to know
the mystery of life, the message of the Masters. Questions simply
show that you are intelligent and that you are concerned about
yourself or others or the overall environment.

The Master is always successful in creating doubts in everyone‘s
mind about His own self-created magnanimous figure. A dull boy
who has no inquiry doesn‘t grow. A dull boy with one question
grows better and faster. A boy with questioning attitude grows the
fastest rather he learns the art of flying. And Meditation is such a
magical wand that inserts the seed of questioning attitude inside
the multividual. As this seed becomes a tree the Angel becomes
fearful and then the Master pushes him from the tree full of words
and he starts flying in Silence.

―Words are not just wind. Words have something to say. But if
what they have to say is not fixed, then do they really say
something? Or do they say nothing?‖
                                               Chuang Tzu

Since what can be said is not fixed, not real, the only way to say is
by Meditation. Only Meditation can say the truth what cannot be
said. Only meditation can dare to say what the Master should not
say. Some compassionate Masters dare and then we know what
happened with them. Jesus Christ, Mansoor and Socrates were
killed. The arrogant ones also tried to disturb our Master Osho.
Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira remained silent about those
questions. They learnt it is better to not to answer just one
question. This gives them few more years, few months and days to
answer millions of other questions. Hence Meditation is superior to
enlightened beings due to this aspect. This points that…

                  God, the only ‗Active-Actor‘,
             In the past, present and future of Time
                   Besides the only Spectator
             Of yesterday, today and for tomorrow.
         He worked, works and will be working intensely
          And also enjoyed, enjoys and will be enjoying
              The ‗Supreme-Rest‘, simultaneously.

Meditation? What it is? An Angel can say something about it.

                      From where it comes
                        To where it takes
  What is the source of this mesmeric Rhythm, which Aperture
                       I can‘t understand
               Let us call this---Rhythm of Nature

But he can‘t say what it is. An angel is like a blind that can say
something about the light but he has no idea what light is actually.
He may keep on saying about the light for years and centuries to
the other blinds but nothing he knows what Light is. He is a
disciple and he can just say something what is being disclosed to
him by the Master during his journey towards the light. If the
Master says-- don‘t do this, then he can say something about only
that act---one shouldn‘t do that. There is no reason for his actions
besides the command of the Master which he obeys almost
everytime. If his Master is a Zen Master then he can only
appreciate or relate the happenings of that zen path. He has no clue
about other paths of Devotion, Knowledge and Karmayoga. He is
simply a mule who is walking with his loads on his back on the
path as suggested by his Master.

He follows Him because …

The Master is,
And only the Master IS.

The Master can only appreciate the efforts of angels and
multividuals on all, seemingly different, paths. Only He can
motivate all at the same time with the same types of words as

He is a Great Magician.
The MESSAGE never changes,
Only the way of ITS expression changes.

He can say the same thing just by lifting his hands or by giving a
momentarily glance into the disciple‘s eyes or by saying a joke or
by behaving as an intellectual giant. He can give because He has
IT with Him. He is IT. He is Him. Sun can give light not because
the sun has the power to give but it is the source of light. Source is
more significant than the thing of which it is the source. Source is
the container and the sourced is the contained. The sourced is the
guest and the source is the host. Similarly, the Master is the host of
love, He is the host of Light. The Master is the source.

In other words…
                     The Master is the Way,
                         In the Jungle.
                  The Master is the Golden Ray,
                  Audible in the time of fumble.

                    The Master is the Ruler,
                          In this Jungle.
                    The Master is the Killer,
              Disguising in the form of a pied-piper.

The Angel can only sing Prayers for Him. The growing
multividual can only ask for forgiveness. The Master is simply the
Master for the Angel cum slave. The Angel can‘t talk about the
Master. The Master can only describe Himself. He only can reveal
Himself. He only can talk about the coming springs to a barren
tree. The Master further says…

                      Sky is there to be seen,
                       The sea is beautiful.
                 The Mountains are appealing,
               But I am looking at a barren tree!!!

                        Yes, a Barren tree.
                 This is a spring season and still
             No flowers, no green leaves, no birds.
        This is miserable, the unnatural state of Human.

          Every season is a spring season for humans
                  No autumn, no winter, no fall.
      Every seed is capable of bearing fruits and flowers.
Every cluster of cloud is waiting to see the hidden tree inside the
                       But who is listening.
          Every seed is fighting with the environment.
  Every seed is running from every shower. This will not help.
                     Seed cannot do it alone.

            And see the result of this defiant attitude.

                    ―A Tree without shadow.
                   A support on life-support‖.
                            Even then…
                        What else to look,
 The One that created this I am looking at that with open eyes.
    Where else to look, one has to look what It has created.
           There is no reason to not to love this life,
             As with disappearance of human form,
               Will disappear all godly feelings.
                  Only Nature will prevail then.
                     Enjoy your cup of Tea;
                     Sip it slowly and slowly
                Lest you spill out unconsciously,
                The gift, the chance, the reward;
   To taste the true variety, the unheard Rhythms of Nature.

The reason why Master looks at you with love is that you all are
the seeds and flower is in the time-queue. Some unconscious
messages are to be read, some conscious actions are to be done,
some super-conscious directions are to be followed. Growth will
happen automatically. The Master goes on and on…

                        What else can I say
                         ―Become flowers
        As you are the seed and the fragrance is needed.
                       It will come for sure.
             Whenever I look at the human flowers
                            I try my best
            To rope you on this journey of becoming
             Colourful and fragrant Human flower.
                       I am always with you
 Never for one second think that I don‘t know what you are into.
                      Help will reach to you
          Whenever needed in any of the possible way.
              It‘s a promise of a spring to the seed.
            The environment you are into is perfect.
    You can‘t have more perfect environment than this one.
      Stop what you shouldn‘t do, do what you should do.
             Time is no problem. It‘s in abundance.

                      The garden is the life
      The family, friends and Teachers your environment.
          And I am the law if you believe me perfectly
                   Else you are the ruled one.
                     Nothing more is needed
      Meditate and remind yourself of your flowering state.
                     I can hear your dance,
                    I have seen your silence.
                       So work for it now.

Meditation is same as the Master. You can never touch the Master.
It is the Master who touches you through Meditation. It is He who
fills you with love. It is He who teaches you the art of Love. It is
He who gives you the peanuts in the form of new intellectual ideas
while living a worldly life so that your efforts towards the Higher
don‘t stop. Hence, if you say Meditation or the Master, it is one
and the same. Master has no meaning for you if you are not
meditating. Meditation can‘t happen to you if you don‘t have a
Master. When you talk of Meditation it is that you are talking of
the meditating with the Master. And when you are talking to the
Master it is that you are meditating. Master and Meditation can‘t
be separate for the Angels, for the disciples. Whatever is the way
of Meditation it is just a way of merging with the radiant form of
the Master. Whosoever is the Master, He is the Master for those
who had received initiation from Him. For the others He is just
another crackpot. But for the Angels, the disciples He is God.

―Actually, we don‘t have a Master in a sense. Only until the
disciple is able to recognise his own mastership, then a so-called
Master is necessary to guide him until then only. But we don‘t have
a contract or anything. Of course, you have a contract with
yourself that you should stick to the end, and this is for your own
benefit. And initiation just means the moment of first recognition of
your greater spirit, that‘s it.‖


―A Master is in the world to help those who need help. But then, he
is not in the world, he is not attracted to the world, he is not
attached to the world, nor is he attached to his failure or success in
this world. A disciple must remember God at all times, and God
will be everywhere. We take some karma from people around us,
by looking at them, by thinking about them, when sharing a book
or a meal, etc. This is how we bless people and reduce their karma.
This is why we practice, to spread the light and dispel the

darkness. Blessed are those who give us some of their karma and
we are happy to help them. We do not practice only for ourselves
but for anyone crossing our path. This is why our progress is slow.
Otherwise, we would go immediately to heaven, and who would
bless the world after our departure! So we must stay here to pay
our debt and bless the world. We are, after all, connected to each
other. The people making roads, planes or our house, everyone
receives some blessing from us. Just like the amount automatically
deducted from your pay check for insurance, social security, etc.
No way to escape! You can think of it another way. If you want to
have a comfortable lifestyle, you will have to spend a lot of money
to buy the new inventions and services society offers. So when we
practice, people are automatically entitled to take a part of the
result, of the merit. That is how five or six generations can be
liberated, how your friends and your family members will be
blessed when they die. These people are connected to you because
they helped you, because you love them and they love you.‖

The Master is such a great personality that it is foolish to talk of
the position of His stars and planets. He is thousand suns. He is
much above the calculations. He wants you to be one with the
Calculator!!! He tries to divert your attention from petty
calculations to the beauty of the running Program. Who can
understand the compassion of these Master besides the realized
Angels. Truly…

             Only these real saints, the Real Angels,
                      Are our Best-Friends.
                           O Humans!
                 Dance, laugh, Jump with joy,
                      Because life is a bliss.
             No amount of circumstances can snatch
              Your blissful state from your hands,
               As it was never different from you;
                Unless you don‘t see life as-it-is.
                    It depends totally on you.

Let me take you to a Master who is saying the importance of your
participation in your enlightenment to Her disciples.

―Do you know how I attained the Tao? It is because I have always
been doing everything for others. Your spiritual practice is still
blocked at the stage of keeping all the beautiful things to yourself
and grabbing all the delicious food for yourself to eat. You are
reluctant to give things to others, and that is why you don‘t have
plenty. The truth is, the more we give the more we will have. You
see I have given so much, so I have plenty of food - more than I
can eat. Therefore, I have stopped rendering aid recently, fearing
that the blessed rewards will keep coming until I cannot take any
more! (Master and everyone laugh). There are several secrets of
how I attained the Tao. First, I am very considerate towards
others. Second, I greatly respected my teachers. From primary
school to high school, many teachers liked me. Perhaps it is
because I respected them very much, and they felt it within. Maybe
I have something, I don't know. Perhaps I have affinities with them.
After growing up, I followed many masters. Although they were not
very enlightened, I still followed their instructions completely.
There was not the least bit of disrespect in me - no resistance. Do
you think my masters treated me very well? No! They would
sometimes scold me. Compared to our level now, they were just
like primary school teachers, but then I was a primary school
student! They were not particularly nice to me. I helped and
offered a lot to them, yet sometimes they would scold me, or hurt
me greatly with their words, saying that I was nothing.

For instance, after I was married, the first words that my female
master said were: ―You do not deserve to marry him.‖ (Master
laughs.) She said I didn‘t deserve to marry my husband. She said,
―Only your girlfriend deserves to marry him.‖ We had already
married, but she still said these things. I told my master, ―My
girlfriend is a married woman. She got married before me.
Otherwise, I would listen to you and let them get together, as they
deserve each other more.‖ From then on she ceased to comment

further. However, I was not angry at all. I didn‘t say, ―Master,
how can you speak like this?‖ I feel you are different in this
respect. I am not blaming you, I just want you to know the secret.‖

                 To the resident disciples, Hsihu Center, Formosa
                                                December 3, 1995.

It depends on you to the extent you have the thirst for God. It
depends on you to the degree of your search for the Truth. It
depends on you to the level of your pebbles in your Magical Bag.
It depends on you but to the extent of insignificance. There is no
growth in the level of pebbles without the grace of the Master.
There is no thirst for God inside anyone without the will of the
Master. There is no beginning of your journey unless the Master
gives the green signal. The Angel is just a drop. A drop can‘t
search oceans. A drop has no such capability. A drop has no such
levels of energy. The ocean has to be compassionate to end the
search of the meditative drop. The Ocean has to be loveful to
bestow gifts free of costs to the calculating drop. And the Ocean is
loveful. No other way is possible by which the drop can give love
to others. It has to first receive from the source ands then only it
can spread to others. And for finishing the homework of the

―The Master takes on this human form for man‘s guidance, to talk
to him, to sympathize with him, to make friends with him, to
develop confidence and faith in him, to induce him to seek peace
and happiness within himself, to show the way to it, to teach him
by becoming an example, to develop in him godlike attributes, and
to pull up out of his physical form to his astral form‖.

―As a mother gives birth to a son, brings him up, always keeping
her eyes on him, inside the home and out, putting morsels into his
mouth, caressing him every moment; similarly the Satguru keeps
his disciple with love and endearment.‖
                                                   Guru Ramdas

Love is positive. Giving love to someone is to pull him up. Solving
difficulties is a negative way to pull up. Give the person something
by which the person can himself solve the difficulties on his own
and can rise on his own. Give him Love. Give him respect. Put
absolute trust on his abilities. And the Master is the greatest
motivator. They know this subtle trick of motivation. It is not the
trick, which is important, but they have intense and unique faith in
themselves, and we cannot understand it. But still the truth is truth.
No matter one can appreciate it or not. It can‘t be appreciated by
the multividuals. The Angels can appreciate it to some extent. But
it can only be fully appreciated by the Masters alone. Only truth
and truthfuls can differentiate.

―God resides in the hearts of the Gurus- on their tongues, in His
own Names, in the person of the Guru, in His own glance of grace
and from these seats He draws the individual spirits towards
                                                    Guru Nanak

―Like the elixir of life, The Master by his glance turns the stone to
a ruby. This is a fact, my friend, for such is the divine power of his
                                                      Maulana Rum

And those who had a glimpse they can‘t remain silent to that
corresponding extent. They become fearless to that extent.
Compassion overtakes them to that extent. God uses them as a
mechanical shovel to that extent. They will come on the streets to
that extent. They will declare the truth in the market to that extent.

               Make the Master as your only Beloved,
        Serve Him from deep, Meditate like never ever Heard.
        Gather patience, wait for eternity, and drop all Fetters,
           Doors of Knowledge opens for you to only then Enter.‖


―People run after salvation, heavens and paradise- ceaseless is
their yearning. But lovers of the Lord ask not for salvation; they
are only satisfied with His presence.‖
                                                   Guru Ramdas

―Blessed are the parents whose sons are dyed in such divine
colour! They bring salvation even to their parents.‖
                                                     Bulleh Shah

Meditation does only one job. It makes you aware what is known
and what is unknown. The unknown remains unknown and the
known was already known. It makes you awareful. It satisfies your
intellect to whatever level it is developed so that you can jump
over it. It only helps in transcendence of the mind. It transforms
you from an ordinary man to extra-ordinary man and back to an
ordinary man. It heals you. It gives you eyes to see. It destroys all
certainties and leaves you to remain with only possibilities and
probabilities. It makes you courageous. It makes you prayerful. It
frees you from bodily and mindly chains. It is must. It is the
essential of essentials. It pushes you in the zone of Bliss. It gives
you suddenly a new birth.

                    It gives you ears to listen.
           Listen To your Master, God will be listened.
       Allow the Master to touch you - whoever He may be,
           You cannot go wrong, You will be touched.
                        The touch is Godly,
      The touch makes you mad for the Master immediately.
                         The Master teases
               He does that by which God pleases.

                      It gives you eyes to see
                See your Master, God will be seen.

   Allow the Master to see you-whoever He may be,
       Nothing will go wrong, you will be seen.
                  The sight is lovely,
The sight makes you mad for the Master spontaneously.
      The Master continuously teases and teases.
  He does that by which God sends His cool breezes.

                 It gives you Truth.
               It makes you truthful.
      It makes you trustworthy and beautiful.
         The Master sows, The Master toils.
           He waits and sends the rains.
             He only cuts the produce,
   And only He spreads the inherent pebblic juice.

                 Respect to the Lord.
                Respect to the Master.

               The Master is the Lord,
               His wish only Manifests.

      We pray for that through this soil cord,
  We pray that we all clear His daily surprise Tests.

      We are lucky that He loves this stiff rod,
 We don‘t know still, what He sees in us that unrests.

                He says to Meditate,
              He says to contemplate.
                 He says to vacate,
             He says to not to be so late.

    He says so much, still we don‘t pay attention,
              He comes every moment,
    And we don‘t receive Him at the Holy Station.

                              It‘s time,
           We listen to this and the only eternal rhyme.

                       ―Meditation is a tool,
                For becoming the witness in series
                      To the Life‘s mysteries,
       That unfolds every moment making us appear fool.
              ―The Life is the real Master, the Lord,
           Meditation is only for becoming one with It.
                    The Life is the only Answer,
   Meditation is the only question that only receives an Answer.

The ways are hundreds and thousands and millions. The way
means that it will surely lead you to the destination. When and how
he will reach there depends on the traveller‘s intention and
capacity. One thing is sure--- Life is bigger than Meditation. It is
Life that gives space and time for meditation to happen. It is the
compassion of the Life that it makes us aware of Meditation, the
missing link between Itself and us. Life can teach some lesson
which can take years of meditation. The lessons like listening to
the discourse of the Master….

―Sometimes, we think our spiritual practice is very good already,
because occasionally I send you out to give lectures. After coming
back, you feel: ―I have graduated. Master graduated in six months,
I can make it in six years at the most!‖ You become different after
coming back! Consequently, you hurt yourself. You think you are
very good, but you are not that good! I also think that you are very
good, and this is the strange thing! I am the greatest fool in the
world, therefore I am often hurt, frustrated, and disappointed. It is
because I also think you are very good, so I cannot figure out the
difference between you and me.

Sometimes I know. When I stay or work together with you, then I
realize there is really a big difference. Otherwise, I am not aware.
If there is no work, I totally forget that you are disciples. We look
alike and are of a similar age; some people are even older than I

am. I cannot imagine the differences between you and me. I think
you are just like me, and we can understand each other; so I keep
on talking. In the end, no one understands, so I really cannot stand
it. I sit there feeling very frustrated. It seems that I am the only one
in the whole world who can understand myself, and I really feel

Since ancient times, it seems that the enlightened masters can
hardly communicate with people. I feel I am also one of them. It
can only be done with great effort. You don‘t understand even very
simple things; not until I have talked for a long time. You obstruct
yourselves too much! You‘re too complicated - still thinking that it
should be like this or that. Very complicated, very complicated.

You don‘t understand, yet you don‘t want to learn from others. You
don‘t want to learn from the teacher for fear of losing face: ―I can
do it alone! Let me do it myself!‖, just like that, and then you make
many mistakes. With introspection, you will find many
shortcomings in yourself. I also check myself everyday, but I do not
find any faults. (Master and everyone laugh.)
                To the resident disciples, Hsihu Center, Formosa

Life is supreme. Meditation makes us aware of this supremacy.
Life makes the journey of meditators more balanced. Life forces us
to create. It could be of minimum value or maximum value. It
keeps the body, senses, mind and intellect busy. Meditation makes
us aware of someone who values these minimum and maximum

If Meditation transforms us into more intelligent beings,
     Life is the hidden subtle intelligence inside us.
       If Meditation is the staircase of a Temple,
            Life is the idol inside the Temple.
          If Meditation is individualistic, finite,
               Life is universal and Infinite.
                  If Meditation is disciple,
                Life is the Ultimate Master.
                If Meditation is something,
                     Life is Everything.
                 If Meditation is complex,
                        Life is simple.
                    If Meditation is this,
                          Life is All.


                          If Life,
                    Then Meditation.
                      If Life is yes,
                    Meditation is no.
                     If Life is Light,
            Meditation makes enlightened.
                     If Life is Love,
         Meditation makes us feel being loved.
                    If Life is eternal,
       Meditation shows the way of immortality.
                   If Life is freedom,
  Meditation is the awareness of self-responsibility.
               If Life is so full of variety,
Meditation gives eyes to see the rich prayers of each one.

And the only bridge between the Angel and the Life, the Silence,

the Celebration is the Master who will help him to meditate in the

uncertain, jungle-nature of Life.

         The Life is like an enforced Mountain-climbing,

               Where the Master comes as a guide

              To a Multividual always found crying.

                     Meditation consoles him,

    Love of the Master motivates him up to his highest brim.

                   Climbing happens on its own,

    The climber becomes full of wonder, returns to his Home.

                    The shepherd now returns,

   Teaching the last lesson to the stumbling lamb till it learns,

                        The art of climbing,

               Instead of just moaning and crying.

              A Dialogue With Life

                         What is Life?
                  Who knows it approximately?
                   Who can judge it perfectly?

Life is above few relations. It is above love and hatred, question
and answers, doubt and confidence of Angels. It includes songs,
dance, birth, death, humans, pebbles, planets, stars, meteors and
even UFO‘s. It is the cradle in which we all spend small time. Let
me hand over the responsibility to the one who can judge Life the
best and who can invite few souls who know everything to share
something about the purpose of Life which is if some use to
humans. I invite ‗Life‘ itself to take charge. Let Angel listen,
enquire from the ones who are knowing Life moment by moment.

Welcome Life.

Life:- Dear perfect Actors. I welcome you Buddha. I welcome you
Osho. Also I welcome Angel. You all are here to discuss
something which is of great concern to the humanity. The topic is
Life. Discuss Me.


Osho:- ………..

(Osho slaps the Angel and takes him by surprise)

Angel:- (cried and said) Life is a paradox. To whom you love so
much and whom you consider as your Master, if he slaps you for
no fault of yours then I can only say…Life is a paradox. It is
beyond comprehension of ordinary conscious minds.

Life:- What a beginning!!! I am impressed. I didn‘t expected such
a great start. Buddha was expected to remain silent. He fulfilled
mine. Angel was expected to utter words. But about Osho I was
wondering, what he will do since he can neither copy Buddha nor
he can utter a word. By slapping Angel he proved the truth in a
beautiful manner.

Buddha:- Angel. That‘s true. But you have to look above this
paradox. You will remain entrapped if your focus remained only
on distinguishing what is right and wrong.

Osho:- I cannot start from anything else besides slapping Angel.
Buddha has to be silent and Angel has to be provoked to start the
discussion. But even in this small act Life is expressed in its
totality if looked through chains.

Silence, Non-movement leads to Sound and actions which leads to
disturbance of mind.

Angel:- I guessed this action of yours so I was open. I was
practicing crying for last so many lives. Now that I have gone deep
in experiencing this unknown art, that I had dared to sit and discuss
Life with super conscious beings. Life was kind enough for
inviting me to have an understanding of Life from the messengers
of Life itself.

Buddha:- No one can ever understand the meaning of tears just by
crying. Tears have a number of varieties.

Crocodile tears.

Tears that come
      On loss of materialistic things.

     On loss of unknown human.

      On loss of known human.

      On loss of animals or nature.

      While hugging Mother, father, friend or Teachers.

      On receiving the Love of one‘s Master in his presence.

      On asking forgiveness to Master for one‘s sin.

      On receiving love of one‘s Master in his absence.

Osho:- Angel. Crocodile tears are not useless. They come by
practice. For this, one has to become materialistic in whole sense.
Tears are not everyone‘s possessions. There are millions of
humans who can‘t produce even these false tears. Tears are also
expression of extreme joyfulness.

Angel:- Very true Master. During my initial years, I was aloof and
was dumb. Tears of my childhood, which you both rightly ignored
were not basically tears. That was the blood of humanity. I didn‘t
suffered pain as humanity beared that pain for me. Then as I grew,
my consciousness level developed daily. And when in the middle
of the competitive world I cried for the first time but definitely in
the crocodile style.

Buddha:- Whatever you said is fine. But it was not just your
materialistic desires that made you cry in that latest fashion. You
were destined for that first stage on the path to God. If you were
not 100 per cent true for those materialistic things the path would

have remained closed for you for some more time. Tears of an
about-to-be-enlightened man are not different from the crocodile
tears in one sense. They have the same origin. The difference
between these two persons is just the expansion of their
consciousness level. The more it is the more you will understand
the meaning of the tears. Since you were not fully conscious at that
time so you missed completely.

Osho:-Angel you were not happy when you oozed crocodile tears.
You were actually in a state of pleasure which never ends and is
ever increasing. Happiness is static. It‘s measure is in contentment.
Whatever you receive is what is your happiness. One never can
have increasing happiness. It is fixed for everyone. Mirabai, Kabir,
Nanak, were happy beings but still they were not same. That‘s the
beauty of happiness which makes you unique and yet equal.

Angel:- But who knows what my destiny is or what is the
difference between the pleasure and happiness. No body seems to
be bothered about it.

Buddha:- That‘s what the duty of Life is. To make you aware of in
one or the other way. Life never forgets its duty. And so it is
impossible for humans to not to be aware to even a small extent
about the destiny and the difference between the two. Pleasure is
short lived. Happiness joins you to bliss if supported with

Osho:-Further, Life is not self-luminous. It has woven a cobweb
around everyone. Those who listens to the soft message of Life and
moves towards that direction becomes free from that slavery.

Angel:- But why is it so that every person who follows you doesn‘t
become free. Why the percentage of enlightened beings is

Buddha:- Followers become suddenly intelligent on just listening
to the do‘s and don‘t of this journey. They missed what I said.

Be your own light.

And they are still walking under my light. My Light is personal.
Those who are alive can be my followers or my opponents. It
doesn‘t matter much. They all are stuck somewhere or the other
with their newly acquired habits or powers. Whoever understands
me can‘t withhold himself from appreciating my truth, my
Knowledge which is very simple.

―The enlightened men will come and go after giving something
new to the world. The great men will spend some time to find who
were enlightened and will then analyze him in a new way. The
ordinary men will blindly follow the analyzed results without
realizing that they can also be enlightened‖.

Osho:-Knowledge requires space to expand. Space requires time to
open the channels which are blocked. Time is a reminder, it‘s a
motivator, it‘s a deceiver, it‘s a supporter of Mind. Time is a
condition which for its fulfillment depends only on Divine‘s Will.
To whom knowledge should come and in how much amount
depends on Him. Grace happens on its own. It doesn‘t needs
anyone‘s surrender if time is right as it will force you to surrender
anyhow. To increase the level of consciousness, knowledge should
expand. One can try to one‘s full capacity to earn enlightenment
but it happens only by Grace of God. Human efforts are small to
make him enlightened as efforts reminds you of your existence but
to forget oneself is the first and last word to anyone walking on
this path.

Angel:- Senses are the first obstacle. How to control them?


Horses cannot fly, They can only run. So is with senses. They
cannot relax. Wherever you allow them to go, they will never say
no. They will enjoy every act. In doing so the only problem will be

that this act will make you forget your real nature. You are born to
fly. You are a bird. You don‘t have a tail. Only the actions done by
senses have a long tail. You have wars, you have religions, you
have long tradition of hypocrisy.

The truth has no tradition. It is one and only one. It is alone. It is
the only seer in the world of blind. Truth does not require any
tradition. It remains the same everytime it is experienced. It is not
to be believed. It is to be experienced everytime by everyone who
wants to know the truth. The one who wants to know the truth
without experiencing is telling a lie. He is interested in
information. He is memory oriented. He enjoys with dead words
and figures.

There are different types of horses. One horse needs a whip
everytime to move. Without a whip it remains at the same place.
The second type of horse needs few whips on its back and the
memory of one whip lasts longer and that makes it to move
continuously till the memory is lost. The third type is on a run even
if it sees the shadow of the stick. The fourth one needs few words
of love. This is a rare type of horse. This should be the normal state
of a disciple. Generally you all belong to the first three categories
of horses. This makes us to understand life as a Painful way of

White horse is the horse of Master. It is free, it is uncontrolled and
yet controlled. The Master utilizes his senses most efficiently. The
reach of his words, his songs, his dance, his silence, his glimpse,
his gestures is eternal. It never looses its freshness. The one who is
reading the words of a Buddha even after thousands of years is
capable of same transformation as the disciple of that time.

Osho:- Master never stops. He is always on a run. He is free from
all controls and is now Self-controlled. He can never stop. The
moment he stops the world will come to an end. He will always
keep the world on its heels. The activity is life and life is eternal. It

requires the speed and ability of a disciple to catch hold of Master
cloak. With every passing moment spend without action the
disciple looses an opportunity of getting along with the Master.

In Mahabharata, Arjuna was riding on a chariot having seven white
horses. Lord Krishna was the charioteer. It signified to me that
once intentions are absolutely clear the God himself directs the
senses. You just keep doing your assigned duty. It doesn‘t matter
how many alive horses you have, whatever the duty is given to
you, do it. The game is for you to play.
This world--- the garden;
The horses---the manure;
The life---the opportunity;
The awakened song---
The new flower in the garden full of dying seeds.
Angel:-Sense organs are the best imitators. Can‘t they imitate the
joy of enlightenment?

Buddha:- Every rose brings with it a new dance. I am a rose and I
am dancing. The blue sky, the blue sea, all are celebrating with me.
They knew the truth, they have seen many other roses in the past
and now that they have seen me blossoming that they have
welcomed me with a thunder sound. I never knew this kind of
event but it happened and I can say that it can happen to you. The
body was unaware of it but the air surrounding me knew it. I
myself was in a doubt but the sky was confident.

The Meditation continued, the words of Master kept on pouring
inside. The doubt kept on dying everyday, the assurance kept rising

The Master was the gardener who was daily watering my small
plant. The first flower has flowered and now I can say…

―Dance, let me dance.
A chance to celebrate has knocked,
I didn‘t expected this early.

Now that this has happened,
Let me spread with joy,
This dance.
Let me dance.

There is no other way to express. Senses will definitely fail to
imitate this joy. The whole temple has to be involved for giving the
gratitude. Just ringing few bells and flute won‘t suffice at this
moment. The God is inside the temple and so the temple needs to
dance. Mira danced, Muhammad cried, Jesus roared. The way of
expressing differs but the temple, the body will be grateful for
being taken as a host.


Yesterday I was the seed;
Today I am the rose.
And senses don‘t have any idea about this state.
No one can imitate this joy.
Even if he tries he will fail the next moment.
There is no way to carry the joy with grace by false peoples.

Angel:- How to distinguish between the true Master and the false


I welcome you all.
I, with my open arms invite you to the world which is the cause
and effect of this world. See that there is a message of the
existence for you all through me. I am ready to take you up. The
existence overflowing through me is ready to give you a hug.

Don‘t think now. Come running as it‘s a rare event in human
kingdom when a human being is overpowered by existence and is
used as a medium to invite others. I am amazed on watching all
these actions happening through me.

I am the wooden flute and He is the song.
I am the medium, He is the message.

Every human can invite you all with open arms and you have
always hugged him dearly. And you would be surprised that you
remain still outside. You never reached anywhere. The point from
where you started and the point you reached were the same. No
difference at all. But whenever the Master invites you with open
arms it‘s having a different meaning altogether. He is giving an
authentic invitation.

An invitation means that the host is ready to take the invitees to his
Residence, his own world. The ordinary man cannot do this. He
doesn‘t know about his Home. He can take you at the most to the
region of his understanding. He can give you external pleasures,
sensual satisfactions but all are just false invitations. The Master is
the one who is authentic, whose invitation has real significance. He
knows absolutely where He belongs to and He is prepared to take
you along.

The mere presence of Master is sufficient to remove thousands of
doubts concerning His abilities. The way He dresses, the way He
smiles looking at you is more than thousands of promises. One
simply doesn‘t bother whether one is eligible or not for his grace,
for his mercy. His call is for all irrespective of sins and follies.

The ones who distinguishes between the sinner and saint is not a
genuine Master. Keep away from them. They might mislead you.
All the more, the more the sinner you are at the moment of first
appearance in front of the Master, the more the easier the job is for
Him to transform you.

The sinners are much more sensitive as compared to the saints. The
saints are busy in their own world of saintly thoughts but are not
capable of something great. The sinners have a great will power,
and a fine mind. It is just a matter of seconds to transform the
sinners while it may take many lives to transform a saint to a
Buddha. Sinners need a shadow of whip to work ahead while the
saints need a continuous whip for giving them even a slight push.

Don‘t stop on thinking over your past activities. The Master is not
bothered about it at all. The seed is not destroyed if cow dung
adsorbs on it, or any one spits over it. It was just a matter of
circumstance that the seed was called stinking and dirty. The
Master is perfect in the art of cleaning the mind and the body. The
soul, the seed is ever white and pure as ever.

Every human being just considers himself as a mind and the body.
He never comes to point of realization of the force hidden inside
which controls the mind and the body. It is the duty of the Master
to make you aware of this simple fact. He helps you to discover the
truth, the ignored truth. All your life you have clinged to the false
images, you never came across something real.


Look who I am!!!
Am I or I amn‘t?
Look who is the Master!!!
Am I or I amn‘t?
Look who is Big!!!
Am I or I amn‘t?
Look who is more blissful!!!
I or the background?

Listen now!!! Don‘t go by what I say. I am a drop in the Ocean.
Drop can‘t do much, Besides attracting other drops, to make a
cluster. Drop attracts but a glass of water quenches. Landscapes

makes your appearance good But this is of no use If you don‘t see
the goodness in it, the cause of beauty.

I wont‘ beg any support from you, I am self-sufficient. I don‘t have
any possibility within for receiving your good hearted help. But
you surely have rooms for huge donations. To come to me either
clog it or show your misery to me. Either I fill up the empty bags
with papers, or I myself come inside your bag of bones. One makes
you rich, other makes you free of misery. I don‘t force you to
choose. I leave it to you. Intelligence needs the first option; Love
needs the other one. Mind needs to be sharpened on materials;
Heart relaxes only when in love.

I am sitting at the side of the whole picture of Life. It has one
significance. Don‘t stop at me. I am the gate, Existence is the
residence. Lot of work has to be done for it. I am doing it. You
are needed. The work you are doing now is fine. The work I am
doing is subtle. What you expect is small, what I expect is highest.
Your hopes are bounded by small time frame, Mine has a bigger
frame. You raise your family, I am employed to raise Life as a

You can set aside my role, I will be happy if you can forget me. I
am not at all needed to be remembered. I should be the first person
to be forgotten. Existence is a far bigger truth than me. What has
happened before me, I was not involved in that. So you can
understand my insignificance till date. But from the day of
enlightenment I started contributing as per the duty assigned to me.

Understand this perfectly. You gave no great duties to be
performed as compared to the duties of the Enlightened ones. You
cannot even imagine the scale and range of their duties. Do you
think that the Master has only one duty to give discourses. No it is
not so. It is just one of the billions of other services. Body has
sense organs so it has to be utilized accordingly. But beyond body
there are many other dimensions, many planes on which work has
to be done and that are much more time and knowledge

consuming. The time frame within which the Enlightened beings
work is of the order of ten thousands years. Human life is very
small as compared to this time frame.

Contribute whatever you can using your gifted mind and body.
Every action out of you brings the bigger plan closer to actuality.
No master is a scientist, nor an engineer, nor a geologist, nor a
radiologist. He just cannot be at least in this last life. He has
already contributed in previous lives. Now it‘s not needed. Life has
got sufficient momentum. Few more positions are empty in near
future. So the Master appears to invite you for that divine duty.

You will be perfectly stupid to misjudge the Master‘s simple living
and high thinking. He just doesn‘t appear doing great acts, He
simply says you the words of wisdom, which every one knows,
almost every word.

So what makes him special?

―Overflowing love oozing from his eyes‖.

Anyone of his age and knowledge will die of overwork but
somehow we see the Master walking with calm and cool face
every moment. Something of this sort doesn‘t seem to penetrate in
our faculty of understanding. A higher law definitely operates
inside a Master.


Take it all what I have brought for you.
I give it absolutely for free.
I never charge for laughter, love and light.
For everything else I ask for a price.
The price---Life!!!
Your one life, your only breath.

This gesture is more than necessary to spread my message. Words
are not needed actually. Only directions. Few marks, few
indications. A slight gentle hold of my finger is all you need. Don‘t
cling to it. Napolean went empty handed and many promising
beings went the same way. You don‘t repeat that silly mistake.
There is no need to hold anything. Hands are for giving after
creating, Create and then spread.

Look at the beautiful hand of a Buddha. So expressive and yet
emanating silence through it. Your hands are very criminal. They
are very aggressive. You can‘t keep your hands at ease every
moment. They are always upto some mischief now or then. All the
problems will go down the drain if men was born without hands.
But with that the possibility of a Buddha would also disappear. The
craftsmanship of the God would have ended without hands. They
make the human more humble. Without hands you can‘t express
your gratitude to the Master, your love to your children, your
support to your friend. The proverb of ―giving a helping hand‖
would have no meaning thereafter.

After eyes the other medium through which a Master spreads his
love is through hands. The way through which God does his duty
is through the hands. Without hands, God would have been a
handicap. With hands you can direct, you can guide the drunkard


The finest expression of presenting oneself completely to other
can‘t be done by any other sense organ. The expression of giving
respect by bowing down your head remains incomplete if hands
are kept in the pocket or are kept indisciplined. The dictator uses
hands to show his aggression. His salute is the only way of
distinguishing a man having links with weapons. Else a warm
welcome with hands on the heart is their best use.

Many games would have disappeared if hands would have been
absent. Love-making remains sensual only in the presence of
hands. The satisfaction of father‘s or mother‘s authority would
have been a worthless if they can‘t slap their children. Creations
would have been minimal and with that growth would have been

And the growth of Buddha depends on the complete growth of
human as a whole. A Buddha cannot be a half figure. He is
complete in all respects.

In His presence the humanity will take a great leap and the
progress will happen in leaps and bounds. Meditation will be in the
air and love will radiate in the hearts. Light will be on the way to
millions of dark lives. But He will be the center of hatred of all
non-involutionaries. He will be on the target of hit list. Osho was
poisoned, Buddha was stoned many times, Mansoor was cut to
pieces. Muhammad, Jesus all know the price they have to pay for
this free holy service.

The hand is just a collective name of ten fingers. Hand is not real it
is the individual fingers which makes the hand visible. So is with
finger…the skin, the dead cells of nails, the bones, the nerves, the
blood, the living cells, the DNA‘s and so on. Infinite subtle units
make one finger. Ten fingers makes two hands. Number is of no
concern. It is the unity which is of importance. One Buddha is just
a representative that a good percentage of unity on the right
mission of existence is achieved.

Good going. To achieve more, that one enlightened being will try.
No matter what comes on the way, He will definitely give a sincere
try. One can see the unity in fingers of a Buddha. An ordinary man
would not have such complete and balanced hands. Not just hands
his every gesture and every organ comes to harmony with
existence. He himself is the door of existence. Existence speaks,
peeps, dances through Him.

When these hands of Buddha are not in motion it means that the
whole body is taking a short break. When they move side ways the
Master is approaching the disciples for a next love affair. The
Master will try again to give what the disciples didn‘t got in the
previous knock of light. When these hands rises above the head, it
means a message to disciples---Rise now, Laugh now. The sky is
the limit, you have to reach that height, you have to become a
human flower. You have to go there empty handed. You can‘t take
anything there, you have to be disciplined, there is no easy path, no
relaxing moments in between, just a straight cliff. He invites you to
rise over his shoulder to reach there.

His shoulders are strong enough to push you up there. You have to
take the first step of climbing up to His shoulders. He will give a
platform, a rare chance to practice the art of living. No one is so
compassionate to take your responsibility in your journey to
enlightenment. Be grateful at least for that to your Master.

Hand speaks the truth. The hands of a Buddha speak the most. The
disciple has to be attentive to read all those channels of guidance.
Master speaks through every organ and who knows from where the
disciple reads it and becomes enlightened. Master never stops
emanating directions and messages. He is ever ready. He simply
waits when the disciple is receptive to get that old message.

―Wake up. Now!!!‖

Angel:- I am not pure. I am still afraid that Master won‘t accept
me as His disciple.


Everyone is afraid of Light.
Everyone is afraid of God.

Why they are afraid they themselves know perfectly what they are
afraid of. They know that god knows perfectly, absolutely, and all
about their evilness, their real face in dark. God is light. God is the
white Mirror. And if God comes then the problem that arises is that
everyone will see their real face for the first time and this is what
horrifies them. There is no single exception to this rule. If God
comes then he won‘t make your world more technologically
strong, he won‘t make a poor man rich, he won‘t feed the dying
ones. He will simply show to you a mirror looking into which you
will be ashamed of yourself.

God will never come. Only Masters will come. Remember this or
know this. And God will be in His eyes. The eyes of the Master are
the mirrors. It is God who looks through Him. In His eyes you can
see your real nature, your true character, your strength and
weakness. You are so weak that you even don‘t have enough
courage to see your real face. You need someone to show you your
own character. You have always avoided that event.

Master is an opportunity to take the courage and see your real face.
If you miss this then you are just another multividual, a coward
multividual. Go and hide your face inside some room. Master
doesn‘t require cowards. He wants real brave people who can play
with their life, who can dare stare into the eyes of death. If you are
in this category then listen to Him else you would be just another
member of the crowd which forms just because of fun, get
together, for time pass, an outing.

Master knows about your fear, your evilness. It doesn‘t matter
much what you did as you cannot avoid not doing it. It all depends
just on the scale of doings. Some do more some do less. But
everyone does it. And this is what makes him so compassionate
that knowing this that you are evil, he accepts you totally. And you
see, this makes the relation between evil and god, the darkness and
light. And who does this magic. The Master!!!.

Come towards the Light,
Come towards the Master.
His voice is very bright,
His hit pounces like a panther.

His hut, your palace,
His songs, your cries;
His flights, your creepy pace,
His mercy, your evils touching skies.
Just a silken thread connects you and Him,
Only one invitation.
Don‘t let this lighted opportunity become dim.
Meditate further, save your energy from evils,
And reduce the gap,
Between the land and the Sky.


Become like a container. Become an empty receptacle. It is always
inside a container that something can be poured. Whoever is in
receptive state always attracts the love from beyond. The mother is
the best example. She always receive and look what she does. She
becomes the channel for a new life. There is such a power in this
state. All positive powers support to its fullest whoever is in
receptive state. Man can never understand this magic. He is always
on the active side and so he is incomplete. Female has her own
roundness, a completeness, a wholesome nature which is so
fulfilling that she remains in that state without doing much,
without bothering about the outer world.

It is the man who because of his incompleteness thinks to conquer
the world, thinks to climb the mountains, to create a new humanity.
Look at the woman, she is so much calm and composed. Whatever
beautifulness is in this world is the shadow of the females of this

In the world of enlightened beings one can find thousands of man
Buddhas but why don‘t we have equal number of female
enlightened beings. They are very few, insignificant numbers.
Truly enlightenment is the way of sanity for men. Women don‘t
need this way. They are almost enlightened. They are satisfied in
their small world. It is man who keeps on increasing his world and
so it is difficult for him to become detached. The women was
never attached with this world. She lives in love and gives only
love. It is man who is incapable of giving love. So he finds a way,
he creates god from whom he can get eternal love. Really it is the
same source from which the women gets love. The source is the
same but just because of the wrong actions of men of increasing
their world that they forget their enlightened nature.

Man used his intellect, women used her heart to live in this world.
It is sad to see the number of hearts going down with every passing
day. In the world of minds no one can act without intellect. One
needs cunningness but the heart knows nothing about this. It is
simple. It doesn‘t know how to cheat and how to manipulate.
Business doesn‘t happen according to the rules of heart but of
intellect. If done according to heart the businessman will soon go

It is better to mend the mind and also keep the heart healthy and
fit. One doesn‘t need to leave the business. Just start meditating. If
the existence needs you, it will inform you and will force you to
act accordingly. It will happen by itself. Just give some room to the
existence to do its work more easily.

Become a container.

Angel:- Who is the best student of the Master till now?

Buddha:- Mind is the best student which a Master can ever have.
But Mind should question. It should be intelligent. It should be

able to formulate a better question once it gets an answer to its
previous question in the form of his own experience. If he is not
experienced he should not ask further questions. One answer of the
Master is sufficient to clarify all possible questions in that plane
from where the Mind has asked. But there will always remain an
infinite loop which can bind the Mind in the web of questions and
answers. And to bring the disciple out from this web is the only
task of the Master. Master never commands. He requests firstly
from a distance. Then He waits for your response. If you respond
in a positive note, He enters inside your awareness and then entices
you for the whole life-time.

Angel:- What you want to teach?

Osho:- We don‘t teach. Enlightened men are away from this small
job of teaching. We Invite. We invite all to a new world where Life
itself opens up all its mysterious education.

I am allowing creation to create a new song.
The song is beautiful, full of respect, full of colours,
The song is eternal, the colours infinite.
I have my one colour and my respect,
To finish the rest I need somebody.
Who can fill in the gap in the song of Life,
Somebody like a child who is fresh;
Somebody who lives for his own;
Those who live for others soon grow old;
Those who live for oneself,
Remains eternally young in the same mould.

Vision of Life is simple---
Give Love and Live in Love;
Listen to Supreme Intelligence,
And come out from supreme ignorance.
Human Mind is small,
Just like a galaxy having a jolly dimple.

Life needs you all.
I just spread this message, this a call.
Your Mind is needed, your ears are required;
Your heart should support, even if,
Your legs behave like a drunkard.

This time is momentous and divine,
You can listen to me and I can convey to you.
May be the next moment separates you from me.
Before that, come voluntarily,
Jump happily as you are being invited to the only,
Beautiful Valley---Life!!!

Angel:- So do we have to leave our work for learning this lesson
from Life for which you have invited?


―Performance of duty selflessly,
Results in happiness certainly‖
                                            Srimad Bhagwad Gita

No man can sit idle. It is impossible for him to remain sane and to
sit idle simultaneously. He has to work to sustain sanity else the
devil within will overpower him completely. And if this happens
then he is worth considering. He deserves true sympathy. He
deserves utmost attention. One must have heard the value of talk-
time but you couldn‘t have calculated the value of life-time. Life is
precious and so is life-time.

Duty is the inherent part of life for every living being. One cannot
avoid it. How we perform the duties is the only difference that we
individuals create in comparison to others. There are many ways of
its performance.

One can be dutiful towards the money and can hence orient
themselves accordingly to please one‘s senses. His all actions will
be of lowest nature.

One can be dutiful towards the intellect. He can become scholar
and an intellectual person. His interest towards the senses will be
accordingly reduced.

One can be dutiful towards one‘s pains and bitter experiences. And
we can have many inventors, singers, musicians. They would be
the those persons who will try to alleviate some miseries from this
world or even from streets.

One can be dutiful towards one‘s Master. He is a disciple. He
meditates and tries to attain enlightenment. This is the most noble
duty of all duties. This adherence to this special kind of duty
happens very rarely. The ones who enter into this category comes
from every other category known or unknown. No other duty
allows oneself to be free of duties besides this one. No other duty
promises freedom and relaxation. No other act aims for rest and
inaction. No other duty promises you to flood your being with love
and happiness. It is only this duty that promises you to disclose to
you your real nature, your true faceless face. No other duty
exclaims that it will kill you completely. No other duty trusts you
completely. No other Master is as compassionate and merciful as
the Master in this category.

Performance of duty selflessly indicates towards these categories.
Duty is must for everyone. But to be dutiful selflessly is not
possible in any of the categories. Not even a disciple acts
selflessly. He is desiring his own enlightenment, his name and
fame like any other scientist and scholar. But it is only in the last
kind of duty that the desires keep on dying with accumulation of
experiences. In all other cases the desires keep on increasing.
Happiness means eternal joy, infinite peace and this results only in
the last category of duties. It is not that you perform the duties
selflessly but that you are no more to perform. You have been

overtaken by the God within. Your surrender takes place
absolutely. In all other categories you always lead but in this you
are the servant.


Only true servants are happy not false masters.
The servants just follows the orders,
While the false masters die,
because of their false sense of mastery.

Angel:- Are you visible?


Watching the sky,
I became one with sky.
I Disappeared into the sky.

If you can watch alike,
You can disappear too.
The sky is for all.
All are welcome whoever wishes for it.
I am not special. I am just like you.
I know this but you don‘t.

Light is the same within,
Life force is the same within.
I am over with my exploration,
You have to start.
Vehicle you have afresh,
Direction I have shown;
Momentum you have to give.
Guidelines I can give,
You have to take the risks.
I can answer all,
You have to question.

I can be with you all the way,
Rather I am always with you,
It is only you who run away from me.
Stop running and start walking.
The walk distinguishes between the kings and the thieves.
Kings don‘t run and thieves are always on a run.

Who you are is highlighted in your walk. What you will become is
visible in your today‘s walk.

No one reaches anywhere while running. Earth is staying alone in
this galaxy. Only man is afraid of loneliness and that‘s why he is
running. Stop running and get killed by me. May be you can have a
taste of Rest. May be you ask for more. May be you one day get
established in that state forever.

Angel:-What is………….

An experience strikes Angel and he listens

(Welcome the Light
You have invited It and see It has listened
Your prayer was a true one and lo,
Your wait is over.
You can now give charge to the Master Light.
Since you are not and so from now onward you are not needed.
You can simply wait and watch the work of Light.

What more you could have asked for?
What else remained to be asked?
You got everything.
You are fulfilled.

You are the new Emperor,
You have the old message.

You are the new servant
You have the old duty.

It‘s worth striving for Light

Nothing else is so satisfying as knowing your real Self. Every other
knowledge is incomplete. Only this knowledge is complete. All
knowledge emerges from this source. All knowledge disappears
into this. This knowledge was in the past This knowledge is ever
fresh in the present and will remain the same in the future.

It‘s time to move.
Enough of rest has been taken.
Work of Mind is ever multiplying.
Servants are not available proportionately.
This duty attracts few mad peoples.
Intelligent ones are tied to mind shore.
Mad ones can break the rope.
Madness can become free more easily than intelligence.

Mad but not stupid;
Mad but not insensitive;
Mad but not sophisticated;
Mad but not inactive;
Mad but not masked personality;
Mad but not drunkard.

In addition…

Original madness, authentic dedication;
True spirit, Courageous and fearless;
Healthy, strong and wise;
Unnerved, poised and unconcerned.

All this makes a true being,
Without this, just an animal being.
With this a sun arises and the lion roars,

Without this, the same sun, the same untouched core.
If not missed, the wonders kissed,
If missed, the horrors only hissed.)

And after this Godly Voice, Angel drops questions and sings….

                     Feeling your loving hand
                     Getting drowned into you,
                    I am melting in your heart,
                   I am melting in your silence.

                 Quenching my thirst from you
                Extinguishing my thirst from you
                     Disappearing into you
                  I am Melting into your love.

                     Dancing in your light
                     Disappearing into you
              My heart is melting in your brightness
                 I am melting in your presence.

                  Celebrating myself with you,
                 Relaxing myself in front of you.
                     Disappearing into you.
                     Melting into your love.


I am delighted,
I am happy;
Looking at you, progressing so wonderfully.
Keep it to yourself,
Don‘t let it out of your mouth.

Keep walking, keep meditating,
And it will happen.
The night is about to disappear;
The sun has started rising in the sky.
Trust me.
You cannot see the new sun but I am seeing.
So just informing you about it.
A few more steps and then,
You can stop talking to me.
The God will take care of you totally.
He is the incharge of you at this moment also.
I am just helping you to open your flower.
He cares for all.
Just remove the final laziness.
It will help you.

Take care.
My Blessings to you.
My peace to you.

Angel:-- I am indebted to you my Master for all you gave me. Why
did you take so pains for a small person like me? How can I be
useful to you?


                           Wake Butterfly
                       It‘s late, we‘ve miles
                           To go together

No other message, no other discourse, no other intention of the
Master is there except this. Basho said this in few words. He was
the great Master. To say what cannot be said was just a matter of
few words for him. This haiku is of great significance for any
ready disciple.

‗Wake‘, wake up. This is like saying wake up from a sleep. An
ordinary sleep of yours. Not more than this is our unconsciousness.
Wake up is what he is saying. But to whom? To a butterfly. Not to
a larva or a pupae. Now this is worth pondering. This mention of
butterfly signifies an attained state before awakening.

A wake up call to a larva is useless.

An awakened larva is of no benefit to humanity as a butterfly.
Larva has no colours like multividual. All the more it has no
wings, no possibility of flight, no possibility of sucking nectar
from flowers. The flower is of the God.

To become a butterfly a natural, world living process has to be
cleared. It cannot transform itself immediately into a butterfly. It
will die the moment it imagined having wings. It will fall without
fail and will be soon an unfortunate event in the books of history.
So Basho is very careful and yet simple in his message.

He is giving a wake up call to all those sleeping butterflies, Angels
who can jump at this moment, who can take the final step. It is the
duty of the Master to take care of every disciple no matter what is
the state of the disciple. He is more concerned about those who are
stuck at the end stages. He keeps on reminding them about the way

‗It‘s late‘. Yes it‘s late for those disciples. For the beginners it‘s
just a new morning. There is no hurry for them. It‘s a new road for
them. But for the adepts it‘s very late.

‗We‘ve miles‘. Yes the life has flowered on this planet and it has to
be protected and saved. So a long journey is in front of us. A lot of
work has to be done. ‗We‘ve miles to go together‘. Yes, this work
is not to be done alone. All have to work together. Some have
different roles and some have other duties. The ones who have
completed the journey are doing consciously and perfectly and the

ones who are travelling are doing the duties unconsciously and

May you listen.
May you pay attention.
In the darkness I am the Light.
In the confusion, I am the trust.
In the question, I am the answer.
May you see it.
May you hear it.
May you walk towards it.

Angel:- I understood your intention. I am at your service.


I don‘t want to lose you.
I am inside you dear.
Everything you choose,
Is what I sent you near.
Don‘t worry,
Nothing will happen wrong ahead.
I am inside your car.
All your problems are mine.
All your faults are mine.
From today my strengths are yours,
But use them wisely else you will be in trouble,
As you won‘t be able to control them.
Just take in small amount from my infinite reserves.
All your actions on the boundaries,
Will go high and will go better.
It‘s not difficult.
Just employ your dumb body to the work given,
Rest will be taken care by the life force.
The existence needs you.
I need you.
You are special to me.

You are very dear to me.
Just wait and watch.
Everything will go wonderfully.
And I promise to you now.
You will also enjoy a lot.

So give me the promise now.
You are mine.
I take you from you.
Give me what I want.
I want you, only you.
Give me.


Black and white!!!
These are the two options you have.
You are born in the world of gray.
You have to move in this world.
There is no other option.

In which direction you move depends only on you, on your choice.
It would be better if you move upward instead of downward. To
travel down would be of not much help. Else in the next life you
have to start from the bottom region.

The white dress is just a reminder of that highest state, that white
shimmering light which is the original colour of all colours of life.

Gray is the intermediate colour. It has sufficient momentum within
to make you aware of the force in that state. It is very painful to be
born in the black state. It‘s a great blockage in front of that person.
Starting from the body to many other areas of concern you will be
prevented to rise above. But with grace of god many have realized
the White.

But nothing is complete. Just a helping hand.

The journey is yet to be started. Only a bag full of food is given to
you which will help you on the way to Light. Will power is yet to
be tested, the mind is still to be controlled, and the intention is still
to be made rock stiff. A beginning is still to happen. But it‘s for
sure that this journey is worth travelling. It‘s so mind-boggling. It‘s
irresistible. You cannot take any chances now.
During the movement in gray regions the choice of destination is
marked by in-born intentions or grace of Master which
subconsciously pushes to the higher region. Event then just starts
happening all around you inviting you to the higher world, the
white world. Songs suddenly reminds you of the unity, dance about
love and silence of God. Every entity becomes a reminder
something higher. You may not understand it till you see yourself a
rare opportunity being presented to you from beyond providing
you a way to pass through. It is not pre-planned but just a rare

Just as gray colour become white, the colour starts disappearing in
between the two destinations of gray and white. So is with this
journey. Everything will start appearing running away from you.
You would be helpless to see this. But is white colourless? No!!! It
is the having all colours in right proportions.

But while travelling from gray to black one can have direct
appearances of gathering more and more but actually black is just
the state of absence of all colours. You may be happy in that state
but actually you possessed nothing. You became a far great beggar
than before.

                           Close your eyes.
                              Stop now.

Make your choices correct else it will be too late for you to choose.
Master is ever around you. Make a call. A call just attracts a
special attention of the Master towards you. The Master always
wishes you all to travel from black to white and to stop traversing
in the gray regions.

                       Black is resistant.
                      Gray is competitive.
                   White is Life is Abundance.


                        The Happy old man
                   With light shining on his head
                    Glides down the pathway


No other haiku would have done justification to the role of Master
as this one.

‗The happy old man‘. Happiness is of the realization of the truth.
For what a human was born has been realized, has been
experienced. Now the man has white hairs. The God has happened.
It is great. Happiness solely belongs to him. It cannot be shared at
all by any means. Towards it, Master invites everyone to have his
or her own share of reserves.

‗With light shining on his head‘. The old man is an enlightened
being. The Light has descended on him. He has completed the
circle and is now out of it. He is in the sky. He is no more a
bondage to rules. He is enjoying his freedom. He is a white swan.

‗Glides down the pathway‘. He is a Master. He is answer to all
possible questions. He glides, the comeback is smooth, with ease
from the sky to the ground where other birds are learning to fly.

Their wings are tied. The Master glides down their pathway and

                   The path is towards the sky.
                       The way is courage.
                      The way is meditation.
                     The way is of surrender.
                  The way is trust on one‘s wings.

The Master swan glides back on the ground just for helping other
circling birds, to guide them about the meaning of freedom, the
meaning of sky and the dangers of chains. He explains about the
richness of one‘s individuality and the poverty of multividuality, of
enslavement. The Master is here to teach freedom, the art of flying.

The ones who are willing to learn from the free swan are accepted
whole-heartedly and to the others daily demonstrations of flight are
being made through words and songs. The utilization of return to
ground is made in the best manner by a swan as the swan loves to
fly at great heights and it‘s a privilege for new baby birds for
having their training being conducted by such a sky loving bird.

Angel:-- Master I am losing patience? What should I do?


                       This symbolizes patience.
                      Night has not disappeared;
                         Day has still to come.
          Hopes of billions are accompanied with a new day,

   But neither sun is bothered neither the night is aware of it.
                For them everything is beautiful.

                         Sun never rises;
                        Moon never sets.
          It is the earth, which rotates and revolves,
     Along with rises and sets the wishes of earth dwellers.

               The life of human is of few years,
                   That of the sun in millions.
                  Many planets came and went,
 This earth, the lonely plant with life flowering in abundance.

           Sun is not waiting for anything to happen,
                       Only humans are.
                   Not because they have to,
       But they have no other option, as life is priceless.
    Priceless yet comes at a cheap price and often misused.

          Sun is the hope and darkness the problem.
          Mountains the size and rivers the comfort.
               Air the time and world the prison.
                   The New day is the solution;
             The gone day the undone homework.
                   Promises yet to be fulfilled,
                    Stomach still fresh as ever.
        Eyes still searching and hands still multiplying.

         What are we doing, where we have to stop?
  When will the solution come and when we will come to rest?
          Is there any real solution to all problems?
       Or do we just live for the ballooning stomach?

                 The light has yet to envelope,
            The darkness has yet to retrace its step.
The smiles have to wait and tears can continue a little bit ahead.

                     This is all about patience
                      It has in its womb all;
                      The hopes, the misery;
                       The activity, the rest;
                        The fight, the love;
                      The Master, the slave;
                     The darkness, the Light;
                   The Eternity and the moment.


This is Hope.
This is the thread to another world.
It is the helping hand of God to Human.
This is a boat,
This is the ship;
This is Meditation.

It has already transported few,
From here to there;
From darkness to light;
From this shore to that shore.

The Master is waiting near the boat for you to board.
He is the servant of Existence. He is here for a short time.
Many of his class also came before,
And have helped many to discover,
The real purpose of Human form.

One boat is sufficient for all humans.

One living Master is sufficient for one earth at one time.
All that is needed is surrender to the will of the Master.

The grass you have seen on your ground extends to a little distance
on this journey. But only for a little distance. Thereafter you have
to stay surrounded with water. You might have dealt with one
bucket full of water, or have seen gallons of water flowing from a
distance. But when the Ocean surrounds you, then it is something
new. This has never happened to you before. You have not
imagined this before. You cannot imagine. You can imagine
anything not God.

For the first time you are knowing this kind of state. Sometimes it
is maddening and sometimes soothing. But this is not the end. It is
the beginning. The ocean is big. The journey is long. You may
have to face a high tides or a storm on the way. Not everyone
reaches to that shining shore.

The Master is busy telling you the experiences of past travellers,
how they faced the storms, why they died and why some of them
returned back. He warns you of some dangerous elements of
oceans which gets attracted to your inner elements. His words are
both motivating and demotivating. But his continuous downpour of
love keeps the will alive. Nothing else pushes the disciple ahead
besides His love.

The beginning starts from the point of despair. It will never start
from the point of happiness. One wishes for God only when one
fails in the interesting game which was one‘s once a favourite
sport. Buddha started in despair. But not every one is despair can
reach where Buddha has reached. It always require a strong will
power and the grace of Master.

Angel:- So why is this boat empty.


It is very rare that one gets an opportunity. The presence of a
Master is a rare event in the life of humans. The teachings are
eternal but the misunderstandings are infinite in His absence.
Misunderstandings are always there even while the Master is
present. But the growth of a disciple is tremendous while He is
alive physically.

You never cried. You never danced. You were always busy doing
something or the other. You never took time to check the worth of
the truth of Masters. And so the boat remained empty. And that‘s
why we have a boat and not a ship. Ship is not needed. It is one to
one love affair between the Master and the disciple. It is very rare
that one in million or billion listens to the song of the Master
waiting on this shore.

The Master keeps on waiting. His songs never dies. He had
reached and had come back from that shore just for you. He is so
compassionate but you never understood Him right.

It‘s time that we listen to the song of the Master, to the message of
the boat---

                           Come rushing. !!!
                           Time is leaking!!!

Angel:-- Is it easy to travel on this razor sharp path?


          To be watching like this is not everyone‘s cup of tea.
           To be a part of a garden is not everyone‘s dream.
                       To be silent is not a joke.

The voice was there inside, somewhere since ages, the direction
was clear, the message was given a hundred times, in hundreds of
ways. The messengers were always coming on time so that you

don‘t get late. And what you did. You crossed Jesus. You poisoned
Osho. You sentenced Socrates. What else you will do with these
noble souls having simple message.

You never tasted the tea, you never heard of downpour, you never
saw a garden. You never liked the real flower. You are after the
paper roses. You are after artificial light; you are surrounded by
dead flavours. So from where you will have the movement. The
moment you get the real taste you were shaken to your roots. You
have no answer to this miracle. You were found dead, sleeping
when the God appeared in front of you in the form of a Master.

He can‘t force you. He can only push you if you listen to Him for a
while. The way to the light will always remain as just another
alternative as you have while going to a market for purchase of
vegetables. It is just an option.

There are no attractions for this path as you have on the other
external path. But yes, you have the past having few enlightened
souls who can only invite you with open arms on this path to
explore it on your own. There is no need for them to beg from you
to walk on this path. This path is not for beggars but for kings. If
one is rich enough inside then only he is able to walk on this path.

Sitting from here, one can only admire the creation of existence in
its most beautiful forms.

What else to look, the one that created this I am looking at that
with open eyes. Where else to look, one has to look what it has
created. There is no reason to not to love this life as with human
form will disappear all godly feelings. Only duties will prevail.

Enjoy your cup of Tea.
Sip it slowly and slowly.
Lest you spill out unconsciously,
The gift, the chance, the reward,
To taste the true variety of nature.


(Few years spent in Meditation. One night, Angel going to his bed

―Be ready!!!

The moon has come. The last sign of day has finally arrived. The
stars are shining brilliantly. They are making your preparations
twinkling. They don‘t want you to sleep. They want you to remain
awake just for one more night. This night is important. This can be
your last night. This can be your last try. You can get this night
also. Don‘t lose. Just one more step and you are finally there.

Look I am dressed up for you to receive. I am prepared. Are you
also ready? There is nothing to lose. You have what to lose. Before
you kings and queens were dashed to ashes. You are not so lucky
as they were. They are now worth lullabies. But you have the same
chance as they had. They ignored it but you can take your chances.
It is worth taking a risk.

Clouds are nowhere. I am presenting myself to you in my true

I am the sky. I am the ocean.
I am your gate, I am your way.
I am your friend, I am your God.

Can‘t you see my hands are not pointing towards any one
particular person. I have opened the doors of my heart for you all.
Look there is no obstruction between you and me. There is nothing
that can prevent you from me beside you. You have to come.

I can only knock at your closed door.
You have to open yourself.

I can only wait at your doorstep.
You have to unbolt the lock yourself.
I am keeping an eye towards your rising sun.
Look, It has started rising in the east.
Look, the first ray has started travelling at the speed of light.
Open your eyes now. Moon has started losing it borrowed light.
The clouds are soon disappearing from the sight.
The blue sky is ready to surround you.

                         Don‘t sleep.
                    Remain awake this night.
                     The sun is on its way.

Dance with me,
The night has come to say good bye.
Stand by me,
The flood has come to say final lullaby.

Listen to me,
The song divine has come to invite you.
The moon is the sole listener,
The sun has missed, so you did O hearer!!!
the journey will be over in a flash,
No need to rush.
Just listen to me,
Dance with me,
Stand by me.‖

Angel:-- Who are you? Who am I ?


When you see me, you see the half.

You see me from outside but I am inside.
I am pure consciousness.
I am pure awareness.
I am neither the body nor the mind.
I am neither intelligence nor ignorance.
I am God. I am the Light.
I know this but you have yet to witness this seeing.
I am here to guide you.

Everyone deserves this seeing.
All are equally invited to the world of God.
All comes from within.
All are just the different forms of consciousness.
You call flower, you call birds, animals,
You call table, you call pen.
In all I am present.
The difference is in degrees.
In human I am the highest of all amounts.

Give respect to this body,
As this is the door to Existence.
This is the Real Temple,
This is the only Living Temple.
All others are dead.

Stay with me for a more time,
As, before you see your Temple.
Let me prepare it for you, it‘s dirty inside,
Let me use your body for cleaning.
I hope you don‘t mind,
Support me, come along with me.
My peace to you.

Angel:-What you can do?


Let me erase some of your karmas. Let me help you to reach your
salvation point. Only I can do it. No one else can do this miracle. I
know the way. I know the secret. Just do what I say and you can
sense the opening of the flower, your own colourful flower which
was lying uncared for centuries.

Since you are partially awakened that you can see the possibility of
this holy act. It doesn‘t matter what you have done and what you
can do in the near future.

Even if you make the life of the whole world hell then also you are
as equally eligible for the Master‘s grace as the one who is busy
making the whole world more beautiful.

Towards the sinner the Master is more considerate not because he
is a sinner but that he progresses faster than any other who comes
under Him.

Cry before me as loud as you can and I will remove few of your
karmas proportionately. Sing in my absence and the Existence will
remove your karmas more than the deserving proportion. Dance
without bothering about me and your salvation, the Existence will
immediately welcome you with open heart and fragrant flowers.
It doesn‘t matter whether you can see me or not. I can see you
clearly. You can even feel my presence without any doubt. Isn‘t

I am watching you from a distance at this moment but I can enter
inside you if you become totally silent from inside. If you achieve
this rare feat then you deserve infinite such rare gifts and blessings.

Angel:-- These words, these discourses always confuse me. I am
not so intelligent to understand them as it is. Help me O Lord!!!

Osho:-- What you want is words. But when you will compare
them with me they will appear dull, hazy. I am the clearest of all
figures that you can ever have. There is no need to listen to me, to
read me. Just walk according to me and you can experience that
words are like paper boats. They will one day or the other bring
you pain. It is better to get the pain of God from them. It is the holy
pain. It is a divine wound. You cannot afford to lose this pain. It is
the sweetest of all deadly blows. It is the best of all mysteries.

I wish that you see what you should really see.
I wish that you hear what you should really.
May you taste the tasteless experience of being Godliness.
This is enlightenment. This is freedom. This is relaxation.
This is the real sacrifice.
This is the noble love affair of you with God.

The only difference between this love affair and the ordinary affair
is that in having a love affair with God both of the lovers have to
be absolutely absent. But in the other one, both of you have to be
there with your desires, with your feelings, with your unfulfilled
dreams and have to get them satisfied through your beloved. A
crowd has to be present.

The former one is the true love where you surrender yourself to the
other. It is not that you surrender but the other whom you love so
much kills you and takes control of you totally. In the later one,
you start possessing the other like any other property, like a table,
chair. Here you miss the truth. Even if you would have loved your
beloved by accepting him or her as it is, it is for sure that God
would have peeped from his or her eyes and would have invited
you to the other world. But your dominant presence is the biggest
hurdle between you and the God.

You need words to express your love. You need poetry to express
your unfulfilled love affair. You need memories to be happy, to
retain sanity. But all this is rubbish. You can have higher love. You
can be wordless and still receive love of God and also love Him.

You don‘t need memories to be happy, as you never lose His
presence. He simply comes like a King and sits inside you. He
cares. He loves. He makes you sing. He makes you dance and cry.

You words are limited by time. Your love is bounded by physical
barriers like society, relations and also mental barriers like caste
system, rich and poor family background. But His love crosses
these small obstacles in one go and God jumps in your lap forever.
He is so heavy that you don‘t have time to save yourself from that
unexpected jump. You can be only witness to that divine leap.

Angel:--What is that which acts through humans, through me?


                       This is the borderline,
                    Between the Man and God;
                   Between the senses and spirit;
          Between the actions and the Actor and the Acting.

There is so much intermingling between them that the Actor
forgets himself and superimposes himself with the actions. The
lighthouse symbolizes consciousness, the real Self, the awareness.
The land symbolizes actions, the worldly actions, the doings of
human. The ocean signifies the Life force, the Actor, the divine

The whole view is Life in totality. The horizontal view is the plane
of human, the life of humans which they lead through a human
body. The Lighthouse is very much present but very far away
always pointing upwards, to the sky, to the flying birds, to the blue
vast sky. The human thinks that he is the life force and that he is
the doer. But he is not the doer. It is the Life, the Existence which
is acting through his body.

The Lighthouse can only invite the land dwellers to the shore. It
can only make the amphibians aware of the vast ocean adjoining it.
It can witness the ocean approaching the shore with a sound of
splash. The moment this happens, the moment the ocean listens to
the readiness of the amphibians, the Lighthouse starts sending light
to the surroundings, to distant place up and down, left and right
indicating the rare meeting of ocean and the amphibians. The
Lighthouse was never emitting Light as no one was aware of this,
as everyone was busy with the cool memories of sea breezes. No
one was bothered about the real nature of oneself. Human is
neither the cause of experience and nor the effect of experience. He
is the experiencee, the observer.

The Higher Mind acts, the lower mind is the aperture through
which it acts. How much the manifestation takes place depends on
the harmony between the lower mind and the Higher Mind. If it is
perfect then the song appears, the act is noble, the self-fulfillment
happens. If it is imperfect then death happens, birth happens and
again a new trial, a new effort of Higher Mind takes place. This
whole world is just an experiment, adjusting the focal length of the
lens, the human Mind to capture the true image, beautiful world,
peaceful world, loving atmosphere of the Object, the Life force,
the Existence, the God. The Object is multi-dimensional, the
human are infinite, their expressions are numerous and so to
capture the true image, the lens has to be shifted sideways many
times till every lens is at the right place and that the
multidimensional image reflect the true Object

Angel:- I am afraid of loneliness.


Everyone wants to talk.
Everyone is not mature enough to be alone.
Everyone, regardless of age,
Is still immature, unintelligent, unwise, unacceptable.
No one is complete.
No one feels complete without others comments about oneself.
If someone doesn‘t says positive about oneself it means negative.
How stupid.
People are considering words,
These false alphabets as their lives, as their existence.

No. This is not correct. To be associated only with words life
cannot survive. This sacrifice cannot be given by intelligent life.
Life is supreme, it has infinite intelligence, it is the source of
wisdom. Words can‘t capture it. it is beyond their power. Words
are powerless. It is just because life give power to them that it feels
powerful else without life the words are dead like a corpse.

Whenever you invite words to your world, you are spinning a web,
a spider like web around your existence, around your small free
space. Prevent that. It‘s dangerous for your health, your mind, your
body. Words will look good from outside like a well spun web of
spider but the moment you are inside this web the real creator of
web, the spider, the illusions will prevent you from going out.
Have the courage, have the discriminating ability to see the futility
of this web from a distance by attending to your meditation, by
following what your Master says and you will easily cross the path,
the dangerous curve ahead.

May you see the curve
May you see the one inside the Master
May you see the God
May you experience the God within

Angel:--what is freedom?


          This is what only a Master can Demostrate.
The Lesson of Freedom by letting you feel the joy of bodilessness.
         The joy of flight. The state like that of a bird.
 No one can explain this except the disciple in the truth of this

The child is walking on the ground. He falls, he cries, he laughs, he
sings, he bleeds. The suddenly the Father, the Master comes and
carries him in his own hands and loves him. He wipes the tears of
the child but not the causes of tears.

He tells that the moon is the only friend of earth without which the
earth can fall. He tells that the butterfly on this flower is from
California. He diverts the attention completely from the cause of
tears. Causes can‘t be removed only attention can be diverted. This
prepares the will power of the child to face the next unconcerned-

Cause is just for producing the effects and if you are weak then
you have hindered the power of cause. Have you been strong then
the real purpose of cause could have been fulfilled.

The cause wants you to become strong, become enlightened. But
your attention never turned towards the Cause of cause, the First
Cause. So the Master comes and simply throws you into the air
while still holding your hand just to make you experience the false

relation between you and the effects. You and tears are not at all
related. But you are related with the cause. The cause is Free Will.
The true effect of this is Freedom.

But by your misunderstanding of the relation that you feel the
effect of bondages, the fetters on your feet. The clouds don‘t touch
you. The sky is vast. It is all pervading. Smile and the clouds will
go away. Cry and they will terrify you.

It is just a daily experience of a disciple that the Master throws him
upwards but due to his bodily attitude he falls down. Master never
gets tired of his single duty. He goes on throwing the disciple at
higher and higher altitudes. Angel is stupid. He imagines a lot
many things. He even imagines about God. He is full of fears. He
is not enlightened. He can talk beautifully about friends, family,
Teachers. He can sing, write, dance. He can laugh. But he is not
silent. He can relate the experiences of great Masters in his word
but he is not the Master He can give a convincing model for
becoming God but he himself is a slave of senses.

But actually he is blind. He doesn‘t know anything about
Meditation. He hasn‘t seen the radiant form of the Master. He can‘t
talk of the Master‘s magnanimous nature. For him, He is just
another guide but he has no clue about Him. He hasn‘t listened the
eternal music. He appears convincing to millions from outside but
he himself is confused. He is not reliable. He can‘t take anyone
anywhere higher rather he will make other fall. He has so many
questions. He answers those questions by his own understandings
and from some borrowed answers of the Masters. He never stops.
Unless the Master feels pity on his disease the Angel will keep on
asking questions. Master will keep on motivating him to do his
illusive work unless he gets tired with it once and for all. Unless
this happens, no progress happens. He presumes that he is the only
God but he has no clue to recognize Him in others. All the more,
he keeps on saying with all his incompleteness intact.

Still, all these misunderstandings unknowingly hasten his progress.
And this constant going up and going down soon establishes him
in the root. He discovers his freedom. He was never a slave but he
witnesses this freedom just now.

                     Life is full of ups and down.
        The more one rises the more one goes deep inside.
                 And this creates a beautiful cycle.
 But there is something more magnificent, something more joyful,
                     Something more respectful,
                  Something is more worth doing,
                      Something is invaluable.
                That is discovering one‘s absence;
                        That is being nothing;
                      That is being everything;
            That is inside every moment of rise and fall;
  That becomes possible only when God makes his Silent Call.

                 That increases the true death Toll;
                   That picks us up from this Mall;
           That forces us to leave every Prince and Doll;
               That calls for an insignificant sacrifice;
           That requests and overpowers simultaneously;
    That kills you and gives you a second birth instantaneously;
          That takes you far without moving a single step;
         That prays for eternity without uttering one word.

                           May you rise.
                        May you fall again.
                   That increases the possibility,
         Of regaining your ignored conscious eternal state.

Angel:- Is this is all? Is this is it?


This is it.
This is Life.
This is the fruit of Meditation.
This is the dance which can overtake you
Only this can overtake you absolutely
No other act can overpower totally
You can be free of them one day or the other
Be watchful and Life will drown you into Itself
Be watchful and you won‘t be taken care of
Walk like you walk
Talk like you should
And fragrance will be released from inside
The hidden song will be sung
The lost lamb would be discovered
The freshness of eyes will be regained
But be here and now

Don‘t rush. Go slowly as you are.
I am with you forever
Hold my finger and take the desired Leap
It is possible
You are capable of. Everyone is destined for That.
Do it daily. Do it meditatively. Do it consciously.
And you can cross the divide, the Gap.

Listen to me clearly. It will open your heart flower.
I am inside you, inside your mind.
I have cleared the bushes inside.
The path is now a little bit bright.
You can also experience it. You can also feel it.

Dance and Sing till you become the song of Life
Be happy till you become the happiness of others.
Be my beloved till someone calls you his love.
 It‘s so fulfilling to be loved by Life, by Master.
It‘s only self-fulfillment that makes one Enlightened.

May you also taste this tasteless taste.
May you also be free.
Blessings and Love. !!!!

Angel:- Master, what about the significance of Pebbles?


Pebbles are outside you,
You are not the pebbles.
Pebbles should be collected and should be put in the museum.
They are of this worth only, for display.
But you are beyond these small pebbles.
Pebbles are always small, God is the mountain of mountain.
They don‘t come even a bit close to God.
Try to observe the pebbles you collected in your lifetime.
They are the most precious for your daily routine work.
For the journey high above they are of some help.
The most important is the Master and Meditation.
Meditation is the art of getting out from the prison of pebbles.


You are not the Pebbles but the Magical Bag,
Where you put the pebbles,
You are collector, the observer, the distributor, the sharer.
The Bag is your human body, the bag of bones,
And the Magic is inside this body, hence the Magical Bag.
The Master gives an indication, the signal about this magic.
The Magician is hidden inside,
but the magic is happening every moment and everywhere.
It is suggested to give sometime to observe this magic
And to find the whereabouts of the Magician.
Bag can disappear, the Magic can stop,
But the Magician will surely survive.

Life:-- (interrupts in between)

…and the discussion continues as I continue, forever…Questions
have no ends. Progress is to be made. Angels should know this. He
should stop befooling others and himself. He should meditate
instead of talking about it. Talking won‘t bring any help to him. He
is just wasting his time. So, I interrupt and bring an abrupt end to
this discussion which can continue forever. Gautam Buddha and
Osho can understand.

   Few Words

My Precious Stars And Moons

                         Such fragrance--
                           From where,
                           Which tree.


Let me share with you the most precious stars and moons of my
life. This intention to share my stars and moons was in my Heart
but I was unable to generate enough motivation to write them out.
There was not enough fire inside me to convert my effervescent
feelings into concrete words, thereby bringing down to pages.

As it has been said, a single increased degree of heat will bring
more vigor to the water. So, it was with me. My thirst and my
experiences had brought me to a particular degree of motivation
level, but the next three degrees of heat was gifted to me by my
family members, Friends and the Professor. My revered Mother,
my revered father and my sweet younger sister Lovely are the
brightest stars and moons of my small world. Old friends like
Radhika are treasure and all my friends are true stars. Then comes
the wisest of all stars, my Teacher, Respected Professor Raj K.
Agarwala. He taught me Business Ethics when I was doing my
business management program at Indore.

They all took me out from a bamboozled state at different states of
time and this infused in me more vigor and enthusiasm to bring
transformation in my past sleeping state. I won‘t say I am Inspired
by them but I am happy with whatever level of motivational fire
they have ignited inside me. I am feeling the beauty of the increase
in the numbers of magical pebbles in my yellow coloured bag.

This entire effort is just a small act through which I can show my
learning‘s gained from them. I can‘t repay them in any
materialistic means, but at least I can say to them…few words.

To my sweet family I can say only prayers, O Mother! O Father!,
O Sister! Your unconditional love and acceptance of my good and
bad nature and habits had helped me to kill myself. Now I can‘t
think of any other petty things besides bringing happiness in your
lap. You gave me so much throughout my life now it‘s my turn to
generate clouds full of love to drench your loving lap. Thousands
of lives will be small to return even 1 per cent of your
unconditional love in this life. I am down on my mind and will
now let heart to act from now. Mind was stupid but your love was
busy in awakening my heart. Now the Master is ready. What more
I can do in such a small life besides giving love to you all.

I love you Mummy, Papa and my chulbuli lovely.

To the loving beings of all my Friends I can say, in your presence
I have learnt duties of a friend and the extremes of forgiveness
nature for strangers. You all opened up my blocked channels
through which love can flow outside. Only time can prove worth of
my learnings from you all.

May your love and forgiving nature, transform other near and
dear ones of yours.

To the dancing soul of my professor, I can simply say, Sir, you are
the best of all Teachers I have experienced throughout my short
span of life. You taught me the real meaning of Enthusiasm,
commitment, power of strong principles and above all
presenting oneself as an Angel who has healthy and optimistic
attitude towards life. You have exposed to me the purest form of
God‘s creation which always radiated from your sincere efforts
and gestures. By teaching me these fundamental issues of life, you
opened my eyes towards the real and natural beauty of life, which I
kept missing for past 23 years of my life. Now, it‘s a promise from

my side to you that I will stick only to those principles and values
which are capable of spreading values that won‘t just modify one‘s
self but will bring a radical transformation of one‘s sleeping Self.

O Sir! you gave me new life and this new life will always be
emanating fragrances of your teachings daily, every second.

To express my gratitude to someone is very difficult who doesn‘t
need it at all. My Master, Osho is the one who is behind me and
these Pebbles. He kept on reminding me of the importance of all
small pebbles lying on the shore.

O Master! I am listening to you.

I bow my small head towards the brilliance and coolness of all
long-lasting stars and moons and at this moment I have only three
words– I love you! This small effort of mine is dedicated to you
all for every unique fragrance you sprayed over me lovingly which
didn‘t came from any other tree or place but from you all.

At this auspicious moment I wish to elaborate the message of
Super Rich Zen Master Osho---

Let‘s love
For our Family sake,
Which brings out the best from our noisy lake.

Let‘s spread hope
For our friend‘s sake,
Who pushes us in our worst time that now and then overtakes.

Let‘s utter words with Love
For our Teacher‘s sake,
Who links us with the Master, the Love gate.
Let‘s be in love
With our Master,
Who blesses us daily with the message updated ---

―Inhale my fragrance deeply inside,
And you will know the bliss I am into.
Become a rose,
Get in touch with the source of colours and fragrance.
If in touch then you and me are one.
Form doesn‘t matter much,
We will be then finally united.

―Become flowers,
As you are the seed and the fragrance is only needed.
It will come for sure.
Close your eyes.
Stop now.

―May you listen;
May you pay attention;
In the darkness, I am the Light,
In the confusion, I am the trust,
In the question, I am the answer.

“Silence is the Mightiest Ocean of all oceans.
Enveloping it is, to all,
Yet not make its essence reveal,
But can make only feel to whoever calls.
May you see it;
May you hear it;
May you walk towards it.
Light you can say;
Divine Love you may say;
Existence you may see;
To God you may hear through me.
I am the channel;
God is the only flow.
I am the effect;
God is the holy reason which operates absolutely inside me.

And I know it.
This is the only difference.
Between the Master and others,
I allow, other obstructs;
I follow, others want to lead;
I serve, others want to master all.
Look at me. I am the real.
Talk to me. I am the truth.
Come to me. I am the door.
I am the sky. I am the ocean.
I am your friend, I am your God
Trust me completely.
I am your gate, I am your way.
I am the only way.‖

Let‘s love
For love sake,
Which never asks but only gives more than it takes.

Let‘s Love, Let‘s Rewind;
Love has eyes, everything else is blind.
Love is right, everything without it going wrong;
Love is the hidden truth, Love is the most beautiful Song.
Love is the revealed Way, all of them in love told;
Love is gentle, Love is God.

Together we can and together we will. This is the message of Life.
Smiles, love, encouragement, support, all depends on the supreme
power of togetherness. Our smile is of no value if we have no one
to appreciate. Our love will die of loneliness if no one walks along
with us. Enlightenment is the supreme journey of humans and
that‘s for what purpose? Just for sustaining communal harmony
and fraternity. Family, friends, Teachers, society, world rests only
on this spirit of togetherness. Whatever peace is left on the earth is
just because of the presence of humans with similar state of
thought. The moment this loses, the moment this spirit is lost, that
very moment this earth will disappear into eternity. The Life force

will start again, a new big bang will happen again, apes will still
precede human form. But this time the new human will be more
aware, and more conscious of their past consequences of ignoring
the spirit of togetherness.

This message is sufficient, it is more than necessary for sustaining
Life in its totality. Its essence is in just three relations---Family,
Friends and Teachers. Everything else can wait for their perfection.
This is above all duties and the religious of all services. The
moment there is perfect harmony in them the Master will never
appear. He is just a reminder to all of us to strike this right note.
What other message does the Master delivers whenever he glides
down, just one---

― Since you are not a prophet, follow the Way! One day you may
come out of this pit and reach a high station. Since you are not a
captain, take not the helm; since you have not become God‘s
tongue, be an ear.‖
                                                   Maulana Rum

May we make Masters free from their small duty of reminding us
the way of love and may we start moving above to experience our
own overflowing Magical Bag.

With this I say

What more can I put in your Magical Bag,
Besides Pebbles.
For which only child can cry, not you,
The grown ups.
Use it if you can.
I can‘t suggest, only you have to seek your own right path,
Lights or darkness can be the only obstacles.
Jump, if you can;
Bend, if you can‘t;
Stand, if can‘t do either,
And the obstacle will then become the way,

Which you can confess,
With your hands pressing hearts,
As your own.
And feelings say that all creations are not ours;
Only experiences are our own.
Learn the art of finding meanings, from them,
Which can lift your spiritual-vehicle, high above the clouds.

Arise, rise, and keep arising,
Till you become aware of your Angelic wings.
And then, you can fly at your own, real Will
Which is the only Divine Will.

Fly, O greatest flyer!
Fly, O favourite bird of God!
Fly Today, Now and every moment.
Sky is for you to fly!
Dance, sing or fly;
Express yourself, in the finest of all your expressions,
Till the God-of-Expression himself comes and say,

―Ask me the ways to express yourself; and I will give.
Able you are to express, and I am for those who can.
True you are, to be eligible for the finest of all expressions.
Express, O potential expresser! Express.
Off you are with your homework,
Now you can relax and let me serve, if you are tired‖

And the blessed one goes into hiding with the final word

―Yes! I am tired- O God-of-Expressions.‖

And from since then, the God-of-Expression is working,
And the blessed one witnessing.
Beautiful is this state,
And prayerful is to watch the God, expressing

In one‘s absence.
To become absent like him,
Is the only art of knowing to be learned.
I may be completely wrong,
And happy I‘ll be if you can learn a new art.
As art should never repeat;
And this is the only finest quality of art.
It never duplicates;
Understand the message of art.
And start then,
Else time and space will become one again,
And you will miss
An opportunity;
In this highest bridge, that was ever there
Between nothingness to nothingness
Known as…Somethingness.
Life you may call;
‗Absurdity‘ you may address.
But a stage it is for one
To express what one best can, in one‘s best way.
So, dance! Celebrate and express
Before the curtain falls and the time to perform gets over.
Actors are numerous
But can you become the best of the best?
Prove it now, here and here itself,
As one life is more than sufficient
Else false was your past life commitment to search truth
Become true to express the best
And then you will understand
Finest of all expressions
Outer Dance!
Inner Dance!
Silent Dance!!!
Dance, Dance and Dance
With air, leaves, Master and Godly Existence
Till breath goes out and says,


Early morning, see the Master,
The new messenger of God is the beloved Master.

So loving and compassionate is this divine Letter;
Makes happiness deepen into everyone‘s matter.
In every breath, remember all this just another old game;
While doing daily work in favour for your new name.

Early morning…

Meditate on Master‘s form, move towards this shining Light;
Beg from him just-eyes that makes everything new and bright.
Make your life light, you never read, heard or experienced;
Do not hesitate, come, see in him the only Word engraved.

Early morning…

Chant prayers in praise of this humble Servant;
He ignores all your debts, truly he is the mysterious accountant.
Pour your awakened love over his lotus flower high above;
By dancing madly on this Floor where Life showers its love.

Early morning…

God speaks through him; Godly is this melodious Voice;
Oceanic reserves of bliss inside him, surely he is in infinite

Welcome his silent words, Invite him in your ignored heart;
Before you forget and appear again in this beating soil-cart.

Early morning…

He cares for all, God‘s Will is visible inside this white Fuel;
He awakens love and respect, even for dumb mules.
Keep on singing, keep on wondering in this world full of Kites;
Never stop after twinkling, pray to him nights after nights.

Early morning…

A thirst quencher is He, a new Buddha is this Master;
Bend down; Drink from his pitcher the overflowing holy water.
Don‘t sleep, Remain awake just this night;
God is within,
Experience this truth, don‘t let Him become extinct.

Early morning, see the Master,
The new messenger of God is the beloved Master.

          Pebbles can I only give, not Mountains,
              As my giving hands are small
                    And mountains big.
          Spray can I some morning dew-pearls,
                 For refreshing your eyes.
               To drown you, is the miracle
                Of the One, sitting beyond.
       Feel, Let it be this special spray and shower,
         Not only on the body but on the soul too,
Else, you will miss it, in the dead words He had made alive.
           (This is a call from pebbles, not me.)
     “My pebbles are puppets, and He is the Player”.
   Pebble is just a web, woven around something false.
               False it is not, just a diction.
              A different form of expression
       Of the Higher Mind, through the lower mind.


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